decem (Let It Go Trap Remix)
decem (Let It Go Trap Remix)

I’m trying to drop a track every Sunday (Last Sunday’s track is here)
Till it ends, you can look forward to a new song every D.A.F.T Day
A deed accomplished for this day is just my way of continuing to create while I live my everyday life and not taking a large amount of time off
I’m mostly picking instrumentals that are fun and idk maybe something you would enjoy jamming too

YourDaftHero - decem (Let It Go Trap Remix) 

Young, daft and arrogant
Late on what on the errand is
Heroine sick heretic
Fluent talking terrorist

Past lip tremble kissing
Succubus, Medusa hissing
Crusades with the crew made
For a good summer and a long day

Im drowing out the drone noise
With a bruised lip and a slouched poise
Poison puffing, this nic nothing
Burn a whole pack with the wolf boys

And your whole clique is irrelavent
Erradication is imminent
Fuck with me if you into this
Like we fucking when you reminisce


21st century tyrant and I’m applying plenty pressure
Thrashing lessons when I let it go, weave these words into a lecture
Hock a lougie music bumping while looting bodies of copies
Carbon carcass dead walking fluent Florida fiendish zombies

Two skullys, girl youre too chummy
Chucking back vomit cause being ills yummy
In the digital, these gits fools
Whisper lines and this dopes fuel

Cop a seat, till it loads complete
My manners messy and my life neet
Devil desired bum for hire
Plucking out gold grills with a pair of pliers


Heir bred from the hollow
Speaking as though all this story origin aint hard swallow
Bit confident, and well within
Feeling like I belong on the premisis
The Con Crew crude, five fools
You and me make the KG malicious

Words from Judas are pretty, and the message is potent
Precious symphonies sing and all stigmata wounds reopen
Gutting gangs of second borns thirsty for a golden crown
Say its now or never, but never now since you came around


Villainous daft reminisce of past acquired accolades
Linger where the will o wisps whisper and where their stories stay
Priests to pray, clutching crosses, heads low, amen away
Lids low watching decades of doomed dynasties slowly decay

Favorite weathers when the clouds are grey and come together
Rains mellow, sing whenever, hell or high water caused Helios to melt the lever
Overflowing, overflowing, drowning from a daily dose
Thunder cracking, serpent kraken, in this sea youll drown alone

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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YDH x AM // 11.12.14

YourDaftHero - Paradiso (Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know REMIX)

In paradise, pair of dice rolling
Snake eyes, 20/20, sight all knowing
Stow away amongst the bodies, nobody went and taught me
Spit to keep the gears oiled for this is no longer a hobby

You’re in my lobby, lax and leasuiring
Easy circling for my brutes to give you a ceasaring
Cease your settle in, take that throne seating
The blood aesthetic drips from the floor to the ceiling

I’m centered from the synergy
Finding myself inside of third eye conspiracies 
Shit, maybe that’s the Hennessy
But the God I knows between her legs and she’s calling me

Grimey ghost kid with witches brewing potions
Robbing kids so they gotta reach under cades for tokens
You can light the trees, go take the tokes in
When sober I’m way over the bullet dodging motions

“YourDaft? Who the fuck is that?”
Last words from an artist you love who just passed
More shins to skim, and lock bodies and holdings
My flows know no foes cause I fuck with theories low end

Molten brain waves, I do it flashlike
Right before you black out, girl, grab a flash light
Peer through my peers sight, chakra stream real nice
Skim on my mats and you’ll get served like a fresh slice

Melt ice on chains and notice you don’t change
Cause your skill is thin and mine’s skimmed so there’s no change
Do you get it? 
Sad what we gotta do to fit in, so I’m killing shit

Back to pipe lighting, as I melt down the Midas
Much ado to ya, know I aspire to be the highest
Lounge with liars, so I know how to conspire
Empty at heart doesn’t mean I cant build a fucking empire

Foundation found dated when Jesus nailed the name
Crucifix, cruising for crews to fix
Cause we fixed on pole positions
Pillars we putting up summon sirens so tempting

Temptress in a temple, like “Damn, what that head do?”
Need that Medusa like she need a neck wound
Dope since the womb until I need a tomb
Is needed to let people know I was who and whom

Then its off to hail deep where hail rains and we reign
Untamed, how you like it now? Hell hounds howling with no reins
Off the leash, voted least likely to succeed, now look at me now

I know exactly where I wanna be
And you can’t read my lyrics once and understand all these roots deep
Leak money and power, so I wield words and slice the shit
Meanwhile you’re powerless like fucking Tumblr activist

“Who are you and what is this?”
I’m Daft and the calm after you get to slitting wrists
Near miss, so how about you rewind?
Ascended on the incline, don’t tell me to be kind loser

Beats over hyping but euphoria’s heightening
Vice grip for that Vice doc, my grip will get to tightening
All my lyrics lick like lightning
Zeus fucking, check Earth for my children

Insight and outsight comes from channeling
Barreling all arms on deck to get to landing
New and improved ruses coming soon to thee
Maybe when I’m gone they won’t say they barely knew me

Quit to stalling, lets get right down to it
Write down this fluid and expel the nuisance
Two cents spending, living day to day
Daft days are over but I still have much to convey like

Slay monsters, mobsters in the way
No pay, means no way, you get sent under the pave
So after each and every fucking step I take
I can remind myself I do more than spit on your grave

Yeah, dead daft dios
Disciples get no denying when twisting up the trio
Fuck you like CeeLo, puking punk till its fineto
Whole crew are neato neets and all our diamonds come from Sinnoh

Hero rogue renegade, here to slay with hentai maids making cocaine filled hand grenades
It’s gonna be a good day
Lighten up kid, get lit, boy light it up

Sly and stuck, on one, don’t give a fuck, someones 
Long con thieving seeking the wrong conundrum
So, let the drums beat on
Yeah, let the drums beat on

God, I’m more tired then I’ve ever been
But spewing frigid poems better than you and those winter winds
Begin again in spring
Welcome to paradise, where the songs are sung for thee

Welcome to paradise (2x)

Isn’t this paradise? (2x)

Welcome to paradise (5x)


Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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I’ve started waking up and writing. Writing whatever comes to mind no matter the subject or tone. Just to let it out. To start practicing and being easier on myself. Not holding onto pieces until every line was good enough. They’re all good enough. So I’m just writing it all out, simple or not.
(plus some repeating visuals never hurt)

Flowers for ‘15


If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?

Heaven is empty all I see are familiar faces
IIl will only speaks through the teeth of traitors in traces
Flipping paces, but what’s a queen to all these aces?
Lacking in looking glasses I can’t stand to wait with patience

Daft fluent behavior is slipping in current saviors
I’m just the flame to the cig not the nicotine trying to save her
So just savor the bit that you can quench on
Holding on to this bottle for life with nothing to clench on

Now two shades nasty clouds raining over tops of them
Throwing it was nothing, bluffing only I’m when writing hymns
Pulse pounding, steady punting lions out the den
Counting every second cause these minutes won’t come round again

A flake father made me who I am
Wired with no integrity I intigrate among the land
Rum in hand singing, “Make it rain on these hoes.”
99 problems and they’re questions on where to go

So I slow up
Blessed to have the Sunshine State let me grow up
Glo’d up, poured up, lit and ecchi porn up
Black and milds murmur few whispers in the summer

Cause man it’s so immaculate
Immune to doing bad cause all of this right here is passionate
I’m pummeling the peasants you can’t manage all the hits
I bury rivals in rowdy pits after lighting ‘em up like arsonists

Those crit hits, digits reading trip 6
Mandle ‘em barehanded if the glove doesn’t fit
I slice and slick, que lyrical sludge and ick
Behead a succubus trick after she finish sucking my dick

Now tell me are you really into this?
Speaking on the issues but drawing blanks when you reminisces
Leave no remnants, wipe out all the subtle shit
Fuck a bitch like fuck boys wearing ‘preme meninist

Now I walk along with the violets
Taking the higher road is paved with vivid violence
Hue so fucking vibrant, blinding eyes are hiding
Mining for gold in the minds of those who don’t mind it

Let it emanate, ether egos either way
Looking at my wrist bitch, Lil B taught me to bake
You can really get it, watch the paradigm is shifting
All my peaks come in twins and my lodge is soaked in crimson

YDH, oh for hell’s sake
Stomaching the current meta rappers serpents and drakes
Hold on, hold on, 813 to so on
Watch me get more on, talking shop with morons

At my core I’m fucking Korra with the shit
Elements are elementary I mold mortals at will with this, bitch

Never once

Never once did I say I wasn’t gonna come back for you

Never once did I say that you didn’t matter

Well, I’m right here

I’m right here and I’m doing work for you, I hope that you see it

I never left, 
I was, I was just two step away, two steps behind 

But I’m right here

Go on, go on grab my hand

I’m right here

And I’ve always been right here




Waiting for the right time

Well, the right time is now

The right time is now

The right time is now

It’s right


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More coming soon!


one track now
maybe a few more later on

Mm.. like a fresh glass of water
Have to do some evil cause the good never prosper
In between the lines just to keep this looking proper
Maybe if I lied to you then I’ld be a little more popular

This new poetry in motion
French inhales coasting bumping beats into the low end
Low in that bracket, fingers stretched for higher seats
Bruising knees from praying on the pavement with weakened knees

Weaken these weekend dreams, its everything or not it seems
Murals marked and pinned in all to sell after I reap the seeds
In the end by any means, by the grace of God it seethes
Into me, endlessly, on till the death of me

Whats having this with no havoc?
Paint splits and it splatters, canvas spits out the chatter
Excuse me, how you finesse on the platter
But when it comes executing you excuse all the matters

Daft patterned out and glued in
Grouping sets of simpletons to simple sit and tune in
Who in this bracket is back cracking and cackling
Of the few who knew you I’m the liar least lacking

No action comes without the proper price
We’re all hive mind reaching for the same slice
Qualities dwindling, so I settle in
Zero room for failure when I zero in to be precise

Mm.. like a fresh glass of water
Have to do some evil cause the good never prosper
In between the lines just to keep this looking proper
Maybe if I lied to you then I’ld be a little more popular

Now etched in the new neural
Haunted by the heeding of a warning when I hurl
All screams in all caps, I’m looped in on relapse
From this point on it’s all suspicion when they want daps

With two popped veins and blurred vision
They seek heartache and aesthetic without a listen
I promise this all here is with little mistake
Notions left running through the years breaking out the flood gates

But what you really you want from me?
Pursuing power’s pressuring, depression seems it’s settling
Down in the evergreen, oh my is this bliss
Devil offers me the fruit, but from Lilith I’ve stole a kiss

I won’t have it, I’m fluent in temp habits
For the hell of it I’m hellish when when wanting a dios status
Kill the fucking head and the body will surely follow
Mended from the grace of sins, birthed out from that sleeping hollow

A modern mutant
Can’t you see my pull is where the proofs in?
If you didn’t know that through subliminals you knew this
Note it, I’m who is closest to that where cool is

I’m sorry, for a moment I must’ve gone and lost myself
All in this game of being someone else, faking wealth with a flock of sheep riddled in designer pelts


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music for those moments when you realize that several hours have passed and you’ve done nothing
staying idle / sitting / watching
buying your time until another event surfaces to distract you from everything else raining down upon your shoulders
cause boy when it rains, it pours

Sleepless ‘09 (prod by. TMB)
Flowers for ‘15

I’m wishing all along the shooting stars
Using up this energy the inner me pursues in bars
And I’m building, see I’m building even further
From the tops of the stoves, the fire and the burner

To illustrate, this trip to pearly gates
Lit along a dragon’s pace, dragging cigs with self hate
Being human is humor, I don’t know what I’m doing
Moving syllables to signify the ground I’m proving

Who knew? We were the young come through
Pushing past last pages, the credits and be continues
Fucking up venues, my view’s still same
Put your money where your mouth is and I’ll show you where I came

From, the FL, as well that ends well
Right here with the humid hours clocked to prove I excel
Then exit stage left after the scene that die in
And if I need a eulogy I pray that Nil writes it

but let me sleep for moment
my eyes are so heavy (2x)

And I’m faced with twin faces
Speaking tall tales that drip lies and are laced with
Gatsby complexes strung out in places
Im blind to speed to and end in car chases

They say no rest for the wicked
So I whip up a picket and fortify till you listen
The list is a hit or miss for the mentions
Towards lunacy if I continue said mission

No periodic, I periodically peel back the hidden strip
Spew stench and piss
Oh little bitch, I’ll die a cowards death?
But your lost in loops conforming with those cow herds yet

Slim patience, no down time for maintenance
To maintain face when bodying a case with
Proper trigger discipline when dissing ‘em
Sentence ‘em to perish with their parish cause we aren’t synonyms

but let me sleep for a moment
my eyes are so heavy (4x)

My bad, lets get back on the right track
Righteous when writing this might slip into a relapse
Relax, you have a lot of anger for a kid
Slick swish shoot ‘em might make your sleep permanent

Daft covenant, serving up the fundaments
Know you never heard of moi, begotten acting supplicant
Supplying plenty, never take on pity
Acting ironic, the villain to my city

Now leading further where they don’t seem to listen
Licking wounds from these bruises forming out through the fissions
Kicking back at it, Daft where you been though?
Solo, sick of any types but proto

Photo finish, I seem to diminish
Seek euphoria in forms to deplete and replenish
Plenty water in my bottle, I’m hydrated for the heat to come
Busting hydrants to fight hydras till my arms are tiresome

but let me sleep for a moment
my eyes are so heavy (4x)


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(also s/o to T.H.U.G - the greatest of all times)

the Tyrannical
the Tyrannical


the Tyrannical - YourDaftHero (prod. by Blue Jones) 

Delinquent, 60 billion double dollar problem
Squander seconds with the filthiest of Florida’s squadrons 
Trench running rascals, young dads and sandwiches 
Piff blowing paralysis, bitches know what the business is

Tactical and tentative, lighting twin towers up
Heightened sense from pheromones, circles getting to squaring up 
Pair a bunch of paranormal ghosts gutting any bum
You barely breathing, smoke lingers out of every lung

Transmitting, my persona es drifting
Second plane existence, won’t exist till lifted
Mow meditating, third eye visions excoriating 
Execute an OD on these addicts all waiting

No sleep while slaying serpents with their own crack pipes 
Reading off these documents to you like some last rights
Ripe off that tree from Eden, eating like I’m gluttony
You see I’m holy for you, so I amen, graciously

At the head of the altar, breaking bread with your daughter, sipping God from grails cause I’m FUCKING TYRANNICAL

In black balaclavas with alchemists circles, for certain you know I raise the dead cause I’m FUCKING TYRANNICAL

Cut throat vagrant afflicted with grimy ailments tasked to bring your head back cause I’m FUCKING TYRANNICAL

A few rad ruffians making deals with the devil to embezzle the bastard 

Reign of terror terrorist, France is where the lair is
Layers top of layers, but I’m lost between her legs and it’s
Sedating, lids lows when lights are changing 
And the trip will end in ashes long as you’re rabbit chasing

Mingle with the Masons, mind your manners with contagions
Can’t contained this patient, sickly spitting these debates and
Staying at the Bates Motel, all is calm, all is well
Howls from every room, who even dares to dwell

Wolves howling for a fortnight, Con Crew killing shit
On crusade to crucify for Christ at a rapid rate
No debate, ride white lightning till my nose bleed 
Whole coven swearing sanguine on the trinity

Over sleeping finding nightmares are never what the seem
Covered dreams where curb stomps drop via guillotines 
Pressure points appointed easily, put on the scene
With illicit production of tyrant rap amphetamines

Happy 4/20/2k14
Not weed related but maybe if you smoke and listen it might sound better

YourDaftHero - Wadi (prod. by CHVLLY)

Daily drone dropping bombs over head steadily
Bass dead drop spot spitting notes in therapy
The dead march merrily with mother Mary and a gold cross
Speakers speak heavenly through gold chains and designer cloth

Watch, watch, time ticking timidly
Roses withering on the balcony’s of Italy
Either way this Slytherin’s slipping tongue in silver
With pots of gold heated down for heathens to pilfer

Fatter fingers fucking plunging flicking through the data
Bloodshot eyes, blistered manos, yo I’m lying like it matters
Dank drifter, but I don’t alchemize the herb
See heights after crashing down from telling you to put your teeth up on the curb

Bitch, who you think you’re fucking with?
Eradicate radicals, yo I’m rad as fuck and living it
Punks seeing punctures punching hard through the hearts
This the pen the martyr chose and the brush creating art

Counterpart flawless, maneuver gear harness
Strapped up, blades out, the weak will depart us
The sea will part and lead homeless to the motherland
Bet again, system systematically better than

You bandwagon bitches and your lack of the upper crust 
Follow that illogical money strategizing with lust 
Luckily I’m ten deep, angels moan, sirens cream
Pinnacle of penniless yet my penis is in between

Your waifu, short and dangerous, Heichou
Survey says the Survey Corp is where you go to die too
Ride through, spewing dirty linguistics at my leisure 
Nosebleed while I’m thinking of fucking her causing seizures 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no x4

Only rap to counteract these thoughts that surely would detach
My reality of having me be a drone and sapped
Sleeping while all these empires are empowered
Speakers play it louder to remind you muggles a la howlers

This venin spit, split like a potent spliff
I’m not one for trips but this is where the rabbit is
Service Games Genesis, top of the tiered list
Reside inside castles where bastards can hear this

I’m daft automatic trigger happy breaking helping hands
While Mikey beats bronys with hentai dakis via holograms
Say it man, YDH, young dumb heretic
Commonly found using lyrics to fuck your larynx with

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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Thanks for listening!

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D.A.F.T Day aka Deed Accomplished For This Day #8
Hey tumblr gang, what’s good?
Another week and another new track dropping down on your dash
This week marks two months of D.A.F.T Day season and unfortunately the last
For those who keep up with me though worry not for I’m gonna take the next month to focus on material for the rest of the tape
Which will be available mid July at the latest.
Super psyched to wrap up another mixtape and then move on to whatever is next.
This weeks song is over Capital STEEZ’s “Vibe Ratings” ( Atmosphere’s “Vibrations”). For it I took time aside to listen to STEEZ’s discography, watch videos and read as much as I could about him more so than I had ever done previously. I would just like to note what a fucking gnarly ass artist he was and after spending time submerged in his world he created through music, it hurts knowing such a creative mind is no longer with us. I encourage you to search him up and listen to a few tracks. He was light years ahead of me and most artists. I promise you won’t disappointed.
So, that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you? What are you doing today? If nothing, that’s okay. In someway you are accomplishing something.
Enjoy the track and I’ll see you next month with the mixtape drop

6+7+20+14 = 47

YourDaftHero - FLuidity 

Ranged with prearranged requisites never executed
Daft acute to cuffing loot while leaving many manics muted
Rooted in that forest with that Horus hovering over us
Undeniably dying to dye the canvas with some guts and stuff

Lust and luck, nothing too it, if theres land I will rule it
Heretics daring to do dirt will surely rue it
Plan to plaster plain attacks, force you pitchforks to adapt
If you dont know your place by now, then I’ll doodle it on a map

Bomb timings on internet maskings
Sabotage, blast barrage, pink bandana force tasking
Yes, my student, better go get to asking
No passing this prophet for my prospects ever lasting

And passionate, stoners hit the blunt and pass the shit
I want every single thing the light the touches doubled then more of it
Pouring it, grails clink together when heir is honoring
Con Crew x Kawaii Gang forever squad slaughtering

Oh, whats my stance on existance?
I might just exist to be another rapping neusance
Or I might be manufactured methimphetimine
Feeding open minds around me cause cash rules everything

Drown in serotonin, my speech is never slurring
Sling a slew of shovels, verses get to zombie unearthing
Unnerving nerd nerfing any nemesis who speaks
The mouth from which I teach produces the produce Eve would eat

Means I’m in the garden and I’m destined to do evil
Messing with your sons and daughters cause their minds might be feeble
Through the eye of a needle and you can witness oblivion
Digging deep this trench leaving limbs from you obliterating

Bitter men know not my success comes in sessions
Fiend for more fortunes scheming with hackers and felons
Word weapon with the safe off, I’m firing off to save all
Not talking monatary profit then we not talking at all

Top the pedastal with a peace sign, rising above a piece whos ego’s a plundered penny but her looks a dime
Though whats that treasure to a traitor, not mine
Hooked and you still sunk cause I cut the fucking line

Thats all your shine, now revert to canal rooting
Dafts back with Cadillacs strapped to the teeth for armed boomin’
Arm pulling, Florida’s Tetsuo, didnt you know?
Exterminate versing vermins from here to Tokyo

Rolling thunder, leave my thoughts asunder
Dwell in the deep with the elite in Rapture, 8th wonder
No wondering, I gaurentee for turncloaks the gullitine
Drop necks, the end is nigh for those who cease to dream

Regime redeeming rap, few high end aristocrats
Wrists to snap, skulls to crack, its our throne we taking back
With no relapse, twin tower tracks
Kneel down, kiss the metal as the 1train comes to pass

Burning trash in french fashionable hazmats
On corners cutting concrete under those who try to outlast
Longer than denizens who lack supply and demands
So YDH is here with the purest of verbal contrabands

Current command countering, climbing tartarus towering
Power in pens writing down lines for nose powdering
God devouring, day to day devil encountering
Count those in bracket to hear this and get cowering

Not enough, emit diety on sight and touch
Chuch, right after I pray for this gutter lunch
Go and list me on the next one, “Who daft, think he the best one?”
Fucking right, every sinner sings it in confession

Fluidity flowing through my veins
Its strange to look back and see how far Ive came
But its Daft Day season, senseis should believe it
If you need a sign telling you to follow me then heres your season

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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D.A.F.T Day aka Deed Accomplished For This Day #7
Hey tumblr gang! Another week and another track on your timeline.
What are you up to today? Just relaxing? Working?
No matter what you’re up to I hope you’re having a good one.
This week me and artist/producer AVG teamed up to tear apart a classic T.I. instrumental with a few pure bars and narcotic lines
i hope you enjoy it! See you next week.

check out AVG's soundcloud and follow

YourDaftHero - Aegon ft. AVG (prod. by AVG)



Go let the saint’s in, I’m serving sanctions aimed at skeptics
Please these peasents with a plethora of played out anaesthetics
Pure perceptive ‘cept when sinners seek to pawn off any relic
Rarely aware of the wears we’ve looted from a few angelics

Prophet words are blazed unleaded, be it harmful, then I let it
So while you smoke in hobbit tokes, I’m mastering the method
Modern meth heads drooling, scooping up the verses we muling
While you’re vibing whip riding we’re writing what gets these quims mewling

The talley’s pulled in, who’s the heir? Say it then
There and back and you dont know it’s your daft sayian spitting hymns?
Fit to split shins, these sharp shivs shining and shoved in
No weaping, your weak clan is cannon fodder for the reaping

Rest in pieces, now it’s back to holy teachings
Open up, absorb the proper preaching when messiahs get to meeting
This is art and we’re orchestrating vile orders
Food for the starving and a purpose for the loiters

While AVG’s in Cali avidly acting as active captain
I’m the 813’s squad leader, Florida’s foremost rad rapscallion
Sniping on outer rims, offing limbs with just these lines
You’ll learn sooner or later, but sooner since you lack time

Via hive mind, ours, taking what’s yours, making it mine
Dollars come and go so she don’t leave but she do arrive
Hot as hell, matter of fact, that is where these lords dine
Peep the paper, lores mine, I write what humans call divine

Often enough you caughing up, yo compared to us, we spittin’ up
Hitting just, the right amount, dead center targets splittin’ up
Appear nice but we simply slice any artist like a slick scythe
Come around, the whole pack hounds and we packed up for a noxious night

So, can you feel it? Can you feel it? Yes it is an overdose
You wouldn’t know the difference when dissing these pros presenting prose
Little known but soon they’ll know we’re the ones top a grassy knoll
LHO, YDH, AVG let 'em know!


If you wanna speed it up no needled needed
Rappers ain’t hard their more like a broken penis
I’ll choke a fetus with a couple lego peices
if you baby’s think I’m not the dopest genius
youre so beneath us your souls beneath us
cause I put you in the dirt like a hidden secret
me and daft running the game in some old adidas
If that don’t sound right you’ve got old speakers
When I say capital your thinking uppercase
I’m thinking profits as in thoughts of money gain
Jealous cause all you make is pocket change
But now back to future tellin profit game
Ahead of my time so I’m curious what year it is
Haven’t peered in a mirror in a year its cause
I never gave a fuck about appearances
Whats happenin here? my raps cure ear infects
My music makes a deaf man wanna hear again
You ignorant idiots aren’t listening
if your wishing for an intermission
the only instant I’m missing
is when I revisit my scripts for revision
I’m ripping petitions to stop me
You are not in a position to top me
You thinking we’re tied neck and neck?
The only time you’ll be tied is when your neck is tied
Sorry let me correct that and rectify
I meant to tag my trigger just let it fly
Gonna have to break out the pesticide
To move you pest aside I leave the best alive
Hold up what he say press rewind
You’ve been getting school, were at lesson 5
Live in a glass room and I still scatter gravel
I’m pass you and I ain’t meanin time travel
But I ain’t passin your ass in this classroom
Cause all I give is D’s nuts cause I’m that rude
And you were thinking we couldn’t murder the track when you saw us
We put your mouth in a body bag gotta get the body back
Incredible heavy metal speed I be chopping like saw dust
When your ready for the bigs leagues go ahead, call us
Any motherfucker that drinks to the bottom of the bottle
He can waddle and follow me
Cause I got enough bars to lose sobriety
Poverty nevers been a problem for me
so I guess that makes me an oddity 
well the next best thing is probably
an apology for all of these awful things
if you’re mocking me
fuck your bull like sodomy
cause I was always taught to be an anomaly
god is he gonna finish hop off the beat
and if you ain’t in it for the full ride
then don’t talk to me you can just hop off of me

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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I wrote and recorded this today
It’s not from any project I just wanted to drop something

YourDaftHero - rap_ture


No false manufacture
Bred from the depths that cause the skulls to fracture
Through rabbit holes you’ll find me moving timely
Ask you folks to follow like, “Would You Kindly?”

Kind you never seen before, conniving with brutes and whores
Wars with words webbed together leaving my whole city torn
No touring, the allure is local
Daft getting in with the lost boys is the focal

Focused, Kawaii Gang but you don’t know us
Chest open to treasures low and behold it chose us
Chosen, slick streams on the tongue flow in
Holding on that edge better let it go, Frozen

Oh, no he didn’t, deal that extra dose
On to the next one like, awww there he goes
So pro, from FL, my fire needs a hydrant
High tyrant killing white haired eva pilots

I’m wildin’, you hiding, psalm shit im providing
Rolls out your mouth like speaking in tongues style and
You worried, you worried? Cause I’m a little bit nerdy
Think I won’t fuck your girl while you there laying on a gurney?

Shit, I’m just playing
But when it comes down to your debating
Put YDH in bold so to enounce what you’re saying
I do all of this without speaking of payments

The root of all evil, coated in pure diesel
Throwing verses affiliated with signs lethal
Illigal chit chat inside the booths of cathedrals
Cathartic Illuminati to hide from the people

These words a paintbrush and the mic is an easel
Easy on the throttle or come face with the regal
Decapitate any wraith or wrongdoer
And leave the rest of you rats for level ones in the sewer

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D.A.F.T Day aka Deed Accomplished For This Day #6
May 25th, 2k14
Hey tumblr gang, what’s good?
Late night track dropping on your dash.
What are you gonna be doing today? Any special plans? Just gonna chill?
It’s weird that this is the sixth consecutive song I’ve released. It feels pretty awesome. I think I might end it at 10 or 11 and then group them together in a tape with some side stuff I’ve been writing.
As far as this week’s song goes I hope it inspires you a least a little.
I don’t know. I was feeling pretty emotional and certainly if you read last weeks entry you know what I mean.
Nothing wrong with that though! Can’t keep everything bottled up.
Anyway, let me know if you like it! And don’t forget to check out the previous week tracks.
See you next week!
- YDH 

YourDaftHero - Her Interlude (prod. by Jae Flow)

I’m a liar and as a wordsmith you should know this
All these sounds filtered for finding bits of info never noticed
Let the levy overfloweth, find your God in these sins spoken
Bend the rulers till they’re broken, I’m a tyrant terror toting

I mean every word with every breath, never get it twisted
Heat that core up out my dragon chest, the fire’s quite exquisite
Lay your sword and honor sworn, no need for mothers to mourn
When you’re ready find me meditating in the fog on Monday morn

Most gratifying whens it comes down to do or dying
So do it now my love, or there will be no denying
What makes me, me, and what you’ve all come to see
I swear, I’m Poseidon residing miles from away from the sea

And now we hardly know each other
And Im collecting doubt
Just trying to be another thing that lets you zone out

Roll out the cigarettes
I’m speaking life and blowing death
No braging see
I’m disposable and tomorrow wont remember me

It’s harmony, the hallway lights are following
My friends, you ever reach out for those things you’ll never be?
I mean, theres words are nothing if I don’t take ‘em to the grave
And lately I’ve been thinking well, maybe just today’s the day

But all musics musings and I hold it like a last breath
Even made that corny metaphor to fortify the depths
Of all the deeds that proceed even if the work is useless
I have to do this cause its the only thing that makes me feel human

I won’t stop until my mother’s in a mansion 
And all my friends from here to Cali never again feel abandoned
Is it stupid? Now this kid is feeling stoopless
No matter how deep depression goes this hero’s gotta keep it moving

See I just want a small percent of what drives you
Inspires you, for life can be cruel no matter the hue
They say that she’s a bitch, but I dont think it’s true
I fucking broke her heart in a pass life and this one too

For I relate to ending thoughts with little to no hesitation
Not to be forgotten, its too sweet to lose the taste in
You can go back months ago and when I was making XXII
Nightly wished to put that .22 to my temple and pull

But no, Daft’s here to pressure pents from every rapping orifice
Gunning at ya favorite rapper, Rapunzel hair trigger splits
Purely talking verbal spliffs, every verse a druggy’s dream
Better believe, I’m the second coming after your girl creams

It’s radical, running HFIL on sabbatical
The work is worth the hunt and hurt for me to be infallible
Heat wave woven aesthetic, grimey grit spewed is splenetic
Poetic for poets who see binary in genetics

Hero here with sought after science that’s craddled in the craft
Throats in hand to make you feel every wave as you hear 'em crash
Cannons blast, streaming as, fires scream across the sky
With this oath I do this and I’ll do it til I fucking die

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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All Jeagers
All Jeagers

All Jeagers - YourDaftHero


Crew of six triple digits drinking for the right fix
Pack of wolves posted to scratch you off the hit list
Mismanaged mischief caused from these misfits
Clenched fists steady swinging, 3hunna, never miss

Boasting bliss, gang of X arm bandits in bandage
The deeds are done and the proof’s in the brain damage
Dip quick before you lose your other eye Slick Rick
Vanquish vermin in the smoke, no rabbits or cheap tricks

Fluent in this easy speak, poetry easily 
Reached that God Tier in SBURB all too recently
Dr.Daft, therapist, go and grab a number 
Kill your favorite actor and post it up on tumblr

Can’t defeat this, a foe for the fiendish
Never roll green, Joe I’ll will show ya what mean is
Winchester, headshot, pile up the demons
Cruise in that Impala then impale those unredeeming

Linguistic skills set to simply lacerate 
Finger gun to my temple, pow! Langdon, Tate
Fuck in fear and faith, the sisters all foretold my fate
Excel at the highest rate via sonic like accelerated rate

Hey, mate, watch who you talking to
Cause who you confiding in might be who I’m talking through
Top notch slew of sinners might’ve coined a con two
Roll through on my Kudo, cased closed kid, super sleuth

Yeah, all jaegers over here
Intention is killer with my rendezvous maneuver gear
Tell your girl bail unless she’s cool with me whispering “I’m so fucked up” right into her ear

Sugoi squad snuffing many sinners
Rolling over pros and this kawaii kid’s no beginner
Brass monkey in a grail and crown top the dome
With baseball bats and skates, ya paranoid we by ya home?

Whiff and top the cancer off in the ashtray 
Skip to the point, no foreplays my forte
Daft the Killer, well known to what foes say
Though I fall further into death from this forty

But don’t I do it often but when I jump out the coffin
My skin wraps the spliff, I light it and get to coughing
And damn these Yeezys so steezy on my dead ass bony feet
Fly to death but came back cause I’m nowhere near obsolete

Lamb Of
Lamb Of


Lamb Of - YourDaftHero

Yes Lord, crimson splatter on my double edged sword
Swing swift, head lift, I’m resting where the mothers mourn
Who do you adore? Why you asking for more?
I can show you the way but I can not open every the door

Spliff spitting, head splitting, Dahlia Llama sitting
Felon with a rabid habit, do or die as chances have it
That trigger spark quick, cig flick automatic
Slow burning, kiss yearning, echelon aristocratic

Fist busted bloody mural, hurl punches pillage shit
Pummel broken knuckles to make sandwiches for all the kids
All for kicks, converse with chuck, busted lips
Do what must done and never let these lessons be omit

The points punctual, I hustle where these punks go
Graffiti sig signed on the dotted line if you must know
A sold soul, two dollars and some chump change
Chances are you only stutter when you wish to say my name

In nomine God, an overdose of novacaine
Never the same since I went and overthrew the terror’s reign
More and more immoral as I become more immortal
But when I pass lay me to rest with the crown atop the floral

Not even an epilogue to prove how far this stories come
You can tell from the few behind me how far I’ve really run
Reverend rubbing palms, reading psalms with some hymns to hum
Never give in to sin? nah, fuck it give me some

Weaving words to read these stories hope I make your lips numb
Numbered days and hours, when you find me come and hear some
Put to rest these wicked wishes I’ve always been harboring
From all those devils you dealt with before I am the farthest thing

enjoyed Drake’s Charged Up
wrote to an instrumental version last night for fun
mixtape in the fall

Eyes Up


Daft coming out the void again
Coining cunning lingo then cutting it for lent again
Litter this with energy my aura’s attuned to
And to whom ask for substance I reply and prove to

In the summer slinging single shots out the panhandle
Thieves making wrong wishes, lighting up the wrong candles
My circle tight and tedious drawn on floors
For a legacy I’ll sacrifice an arm or more

Few temptations my sins slipping through the reverb
And who knows with a few woes I might get back and revert
Unearth the uncanny kid clinging for a better life
Cause no martyr was forged without a lick of strife

See all nights are heinous, riddled with lack of patience
I’m only being honest cause I don’t know where to take this
Maker mend me slowly, I’m all but right and holy
For everything I do here I do on my lonely

And shout out to saint Speaker Knockerz
Please rest in peace
Nothings every perfect, bigger pictures hold a crease
Can’t settle for settling down for Daft’ll never cease

Ooh, I’m the Stampede of the East
Inflicting lethal damage while pulling cards out my sleeve
Heart torn and tattered, leave the canvas with patterns
I’m swooping in from both peaks to that black lodge tavern

Yup, still uncertain and learning
The time we spend is crucial searching for others yearning
Wolf howling underling about to swoop in boxing rings
Watch me get your eyes right, align once, bow twice

Yup, ain’t it nice?
Everything’s achievable if you pay the right price (2x)

Yup, eyes up

Aint no work gonna tire moi

Yup, eyes up

Unit813 fired up

Yup, eyes up (2x)

Eyes up (2x)

Don’t you know no work is gonna tire us?

Eyes up (2x)

Created as this creature, creeping for the moment
Too forward in my attempts, but I’m tempted to always focus
The focal on redeeming the meaning of my devotion
You know I’m quick to react when the potion’s this potent

Twitch for perfect vision, just itching to hit the holster
These four walls a prison so I hide the fact with posters
No imposter, it’s possible this was done before
But how will I know if I don’t run this predetermined floor

So to describe it, I just scribe it, in the, in the tongue I was taught in
Thought provoking without toking, maybe, maybe I’m Tolkien the with the plottin’
Yup, yup, guardian, eyes up
I’ll give you all of me till my times up
Yup, yup, keep them eyes up
I got something for you when the summer drops off

Yup, eyes up (2x)

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Summer Kisses
Summer Kisses

Another track from my upcoming mixtape
You can find the previous song here
Give a listen and let me know what you think

YourDaftHero - Summer Kisses (Prod. by Canis Major)

[Verse 1]
I write like Virgil and venture like Dante.
Find me walking through these circles any given Sunday
Setting fire to the house and your party
Partly cause I like to burn the feathers off harpies

Terror’s heir and rap’s Robesppiere
I was born from the hollow but raised in dragon’s lairs
Thought provoking paragon, daft loyal legionnaire
On cut throat corners looking for a maiden fair

Rad and rare, hidden young phenom
Venin in my system, I spit sick venom
Heavy sessions simulating God given freedom
I’m alchemizing gold from coal, now here on

Full metal martyr murking rivals on arrival
Extinquish all pheonixs, cease the revival
A reminder of ink and pens clashing
Feelings fleeting off this meduim like morphine

Summer heat a blazing, all apes are bathing
Ingediants we need to start are here interlacing
Lately, I fall asleep feeling hazy
Just sancitfy me when I wake feeling saintly

Appreciate it greatly, with some tea and pastries 
Right before dinner I pray to BasedGod, mainly
Summer kisses kicking, intoxication itching
Bringing down you low class acts from the beginning

[Verse 2]
This is the moment, to hone this, I own it
Now revoke those past rats who gnaw at your concious
Those foxes so novice, they sip from my goblet
Bend backs and break noses, no sweat, I got it

Save the queen and send the wolves for the king
Keep the crown safe under your raven wing
Wash away the sins of all the orphaned kids
And safely send them home just before the end begins

Quench my thirst with a “drink me” brew
Who knew a part of me was a Kudo slueth
True old age crew, con the youth if we choose
Cruise past enemies bumping those bebop blues

With a league of loyalists
Full of brass knuckle fists
Fox and hound friendship
Foster feelings, fuck this

Never the cool kid
Now crashing cars, spilling spit
Hottest in the devil’s pit
Coolin’ as the sweat drips

Symphonic melodies playing until the death of me
Righting wrongs like ashes gracing streets with martyr deeds.
Dreams reshuffling and mad hatters mumbling
While in this cathedral the earth around me is crumbling.

I croon a song, numb my mind and my mental
Feed on the free substance provided continental
Constantly cruising with the con comradery
While I’m laughing at you losers posting lyrical mockery

Summer heats a blazing, all apes are bathing
Ingredients we need to start are here interlacing
Lately, I fall asleep feeling hazy
Just sanctify me when I wake feeling saintly

Appreciate it greatly, with some tea and pastries 
Right before dinner I pray to BasedGod, mainly
Summer kisses kicking, intoxication itching
Bringing down you low class acts from the beginning

For Those Whom (Prod. by The Cloud Lounger)
For Those Whom (Prod. by The Cloud Lounger)

changes in life equal changes in the production of music
but all in all
everything will be done in due time
just wait on it

YourDaftHero - For Those Whom


For all my kind who feel like they don’t fit in with the world’s design
Go and put your hands up

One time, one time
One time, one time

For all those who are scared of the choices that must be chose
Go and put your hands up

One time, one time
One time, one time

And relax…

Peer back those eyelids lost in ya subconscious
Do what you have to do to knockout the nonsense
Let this be every second spent
Spilling water on your soul, a refreshing refreshment

Elaquent deliquent, YDH esteemed with
Established passions and my wealth ammasing
Sike, nothing that drastic, only need the beat to become everlasting

Mastering tasks to get back on track, now the only thing I love to do is write poetry and rap it
Glad father didn’t wrap it, cause now I’m farther than he ever was you can’t map it

Not tragic, only mother mattered enough to say, “Son, you need to do what you gotta do,
Like death walks beside you and you got a legion of unloyalists ahead you gotta conquer and prove.”

So I tune to words spilling out these breathes
Like I was born to pull the sword out but it’s in my chest
Yes, I confess I havent done enough yet
So I’m here so peers chill out and lets see whats next

For all my night keepers and hard working day sleepers
Go and put your hands up

One time, one time
One time, one time

For all those mastering crafts from this day to ya last
Go and put your hands up

One time, one time
One time, one time

I’m from the internet era, glitch wave loaded lair
Unit-0 type heroine pipe burning players
Angels beware, pasta hair, on plates to eat
That means your food for the thoughts, for the fiends and the neets

Neatly deleting demons with priests
As I preach whatever I please while doing these deeds
Florida’s the crypt and I hold all the keys
Whipping kilos in keynotes this verse is a breeze

Warnings to heed, Daft breeds new thieves
Pick locking with friends pig watching for me
Grab loot and dash, throw the empty bags in trash
And melt the gold down so the cops dont suspect nothing

I’m upfront with the word fucking
On a good day I write sick, all barfing
Nose bleeder over girls martyring
Plenty pieces at the crib when they come over for partying

You already know who’s wack
So I’m just here to remind you where cools at
After a drift trip with jeagers, and a few shots of jeager
Its back to ‘85 to vote Goldie Wilson for mayor

So if you contemplate where you’re headed from date to date
Go and put your hands up

One time, one time
One time, one time

And if you feel like…