Don't Miss your Cue! || Kuniko & _____________

“I got this!”

Camera out? Check. 

…Camera turned on? Oh thank God, check.

Aaaand film commence!

“Greetings everyone! This is your film club president Kuniko Hirota here, coming to you live from Saint PigeoNations Academy! Do you think it’ll be possible for me to get something of worth this time around?”

Since, you know…Last time was a bust. And the time before that….And the time befo– Well you get the idea. Kuniko certainly did, and the little robin gave a short chirp of determination before turning her camera on the nearest (cute) guy.

“Hey hey! You! Interview time, let’s do it!" 

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Ren blinked up at the tall bird…the…really tall bird. He was obviously taller than most of the birds the gnatcatcher had met and, honestly, it was a little intimidating. The small bird made a small pwee sound and adjusted the bat on his back and the box of gloves he was carrying so it wouldn’t fall over.

“Uh….Hi?” He started, a bit hesitantly. His normal hyperness was quickly dissipating and he felt himself wilting a bit.

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Mac in a super hero style AU. What would his powers be/how did he get them/what is his prime motivation?

[Ohohoho! Yes good.]

[Secret Agent Mac, Agent of SHIELD.

His parents were SHIELD agents who were killed during a mission, and Mac was raised in secret by Nick Fury, along with a group of other super-powered/super-skilled beings. Rumors throughout the halls of SHIELD relate to a “Team D,” though nobody besides Fury and a few other people are certain if it’s the same group. One of them aside from Mac being a young man who’s only known name is Hawthorne who’s supposedly the son of a fairly well known X-man. Mac and Hawthorne are almost always paired up together on secret missions for SHIELD, Mac’s alias is The Muscle while Hawthorne’s is The Raven.

Mac is a mutant with the power of kinetic energy absorption. Basically the more you hit him the stronger he gets. Hawthorne is also a mutant with sonic vibration powers. At his most destructive he can use a sonic scream that can shatter just about anything, but Hawthorne’s must adept use of his powers is the way he can alter tones in his speaking to get people to do just about anything he wants them to do. He can literally talk, or in his favorite case, sing you to death.

There are other’s in their little group, though for protection nobody knows the others real names. Only the two-man partnerships even know anything about their companions. The rest are just known by aliases.

Known members besides Mac and Hawthorne are:
The Artist
The Queen
The Pink Dragon
The Poet
The Angel

There are believed to be more, but again nobody outside of Fury really knows for sure just who or what this group even is, or if it even exists. 

Akane was exhausted, and that’s not all there was to say on the matter. Being on the mainland was exhausting! Every so often she would get homesick; no matter how one looked at it, Okinawa’s dialect and culture was different from the rest of Japan’s. For a century, her language had been endangered and she was still over-proud of her island’s culture.

The Okinawa woodpecker perked up as she faintly heard a bird speaking with an accent reminiscent of her native dialect. Disregarding everybirdie around her, she pushed her way through the crowd until she found the source of the voice, a Hyacinth Macaw. Roughly elbowing away the bird he was speaking with, she chirped in the Okinawan language, “Yer an Uchinanchu, ain'tcha? You don’t hit me as the type of boid, but ya sound like no outside-boid I heard!” Ah, meeting an Okinawan in the outside land? How refreshing!

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Draw Kuma-tan in an outfit that she'd normally wear when not masquerading as a boy. In the color palette that most closely resembles her bird. (I really like that color palette)

haha oh gosh this is actually really tiny compared to what I drew, but normally, I can’t imagine her dressing up very much, hahah, she was almost put into shorts, but I don’t know… She’d probably dress up more girly, wearing more skirts and dresses and junk after Rei told her that he liked it when she dressed as a girl more though. I also really like the idea of her wearing lots of sweaters (especially in the winter), and a lot of sweaters with shorts… gaah, I tried

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☄ ((WALKING DEAD YEAH)) ♒ ((Headcanon if Mac had to kill someone to keep Sullivan alive, could/would he do it?))


Mac would probably be a lot like Carl. He would start off kind of innocent, but as time went by and he was around more and more violence he would have to adapt and learn how to fend for himself, no matter how hard Sullivan tries to keep him from having to go down that route. Because of his good heart and strength he becomes a good fighter and second or third-in-command to Sullivan and Samishi, but he sometimes clashes with Samishi and some of the other more battle-hardened members of the group in whether to do morally ambiguous things or not. 

♒ ((Headcanon if Mac had to kill someone to keep Sullivan alive, could/would he do it?))

skdfjksdfg why this? Just rip my fucking heart why don’t you?

No but uh, if Mac HAD to do it? …I think he would. He wouldn’t like it, in fact he’d likely hate himself afterwards but he means it when he says Sullivan is his brother and he’d do anything for him.

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Yup I definitely see sullivan as a black color theme. And it would probably be an outfit themed super goffic wit alot of buckelz and bletz and sduts. and u would get it from hot topick. No but seriously his outfit would probably really sleek and formfitting. His weapon would be an .48 caliber pistol.

[Hehee. Me gusta the first idea. But yeah, he’d probably have a form fitting shirt and his pants would probably be less formfitting.]

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In which Sullivan willingly works for the Hawk Party and lures one of his Route RP partners into the infirmary to be experimented on.

There should be remorse. 

Remorse for bringing her in. For letting them do what they wished. He can still hear her crying, her angered words slipping into pleas, begging for him to take mercy on her. That this wasn’t him. The thought amuses him, that she really believed the lie he put forth. She’d argued against it, as she argues against everything, telling him it couldn’t have been an act if she believed it.

The only way to believe a lie was for some of it to be true, right?

And to an extent, he cared for her. But that’s why he brought her in. He had to rectify his infatuation. He didn’t need weakness to hold him back, not after he’s gotten so close to taking over the whole Hawk party for himself. He wouldn’t have his chances dashed for a fleeting romance.

Still, the cries become too bothersome, and he finds himself leaving the room with a frown.

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sounds hot

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the secret is youre the star of an otome game and were the hot boys

dokidoki I’ve always wanted my own harem

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[oh my fucking god that is soo cute kfjdhglsk.]

Yeah.. and then I do something like that, right? kehehe
But actual not cute nothing over here. Yep. 

Rationalizing with the bully

“…Go away,” he murmured, speeding up to a brisk walk. Louder, he repeated, “Go away.” A conversationalist he was not. How did one talk to others?

Ah, this was too much to handle! Maybe he could find somewhere other than the infirmary to lock himself in and be alone for a while and definitely not cry. Crying was for babies and girls and he supposed that made him everything he never wanted to be.