okayophelia: “loki loves the power of violence. becoming thor’s dog of war is a return to that pure delight and glee - like a weapon you just unleash in the right direction.”

oh ok. so kanye west really compared kim kardashian’s relevance to michelle obama’s? so kanye west really thinks if this world exist in 100 years that people will still be talking about kim kardashian and not michelle obama? so kanye west really said that a picture of kim kardashian’s ass on instagram is more proof that she deserves to be on the cover of vogue instead of the first african-american first lady of the united states?


Charlie, Monroe & Miles | 2.09 | I’m Batman

Sherlock Holmes never imagined he’d be in love; in fact, he downright made sure he could never be put into the position to do so. All that changed however when Molly Hooper made her way into his life- well it didn’t change at first, but with time, and a lot of patience on Molly’s part they eventually got together. 

It was strange really, being in love. What was really strange was the fact that Sherlock didn’t hate it in the least, just like how he didn’t hate how often times he would catch Molly and himself doing cliched things that one might see other couples doing. They danced in the living room, snuggled during rainstorms, laughed in between their kisses, and so much more. No, Sherlock reveled in all of those things, because while they sometimes would do cliched things, they also were not normal. They were both still odd people, both still themselves, but now they just had one another to share that oddness with. 

And now as Sherlock holds Molly while she sleeps, he can’t help but think that ‘Caring is most certainly an advantage.' He sticks his nose in her hair, smelling her sweet scent, and listens as soft sounds escape her lips- sounds he would almost deem to be…cute. 

Yes, Sherlock Holmes was in love, and even proud of this fact. The woman in his arms had saved his life more than he could count, and he held her little closer to his body, knowing that if he were to remain just like this for the rest of his life, then he would be very happy indeed. 

Go Blue For Blue-Throated Macaws

You might have seen it on Tumblr–a new campaign to help the critically endangered blue-throated macaws. 

In her video, Barbara Heidenreich of Good Bird Inc., says, “Dye your hair blue to help raise awareness for blue-throated macaw conservation. If you accept the challenge, you get to challenge more people. If you choose not to dye your hair, please donate to The Bird Endowment, an organization working to save blue-throated macaws in the wild. There are less than 300 blue-throated macaws left in the wild. I am starting this campaign to help raise funds and awareness for parrot conservation.”

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