“y/n where are you?” Jimin’s voice said from the other end of the phone. He tried catching his breath, it was evident that he had just gotten back from practice, surprisingly early. 

“My apartment.” you said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because Jimin.. I can’t do this anymore..” you said.

“what do you mean? y/n you’re scaring me.. I’m on my way” he said, before hanging up. Your stomach formed into knots. You couldn’t face him. Not now.. you weren’t ready.. 

he didn’t have time for you. ever.

Sitting alone in an empty form, began taking it’s toll on you. It wasn’t just a few days. It was weeks, months. Always alone. Your door shutting snapped you out of your thoughts. It was either practice. or studio time. or a shoot. or SOMETHING. He was NEVER around anymore.

“y/n?” Jimin asked, walking onto your balcony.

“Jimin.. please go..” you whispered. 

“jagi.. what do you mean.. talk to me..” he whispered. You stared at your hands, avoiding his gaze. 

“Jimin.. you don’t have time for me…” you whispered, tears forming in your eyed. his heart dropped. 

“y/n.. I’m sorry..” he whispered. 

“I don’t wanna burden you.. please just go..” you whispered, tears streaming down your cheek. 

“you’re not a burden.. please don’t leave me..” he whispered, making you look at him. Tears formed in his own eyes. 

“please..” he whispered. You broke, collapsing into his arms, sobbing into his chest.

“please don’t do that again..” he whispered.

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WHY ARE YOU UPSET WITH ME!!!” Tae yelled. You ignored him, continuing to pack your duffle bag. It was the first time Tae was actually home, and you were deterined to set him free of the burden that is you. You NEVER got to see him. 

“Because I can’t do this anymore!” you yelled.

“Do what!! I didn’t do anything!” he yelled, tears forming in his eyes.

“This!! I don’t see you! Ever! You’re around beautiful girls all day! You’re never around! Ever! Tae I can’t take this anymore!” you yelled. His heart broke, and he took your hand.

“baby.. please.. I’m sorry.. please don’t leave me..” he whispered. You looked up at him, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. 

“tae.. I can’t take not seeing you..” you whispered. 

“I promise.. I’ll make a change.. don’t go..” he whispered. A lump formed in your throat. 

“Don’t promise stuff you can’t keep…” you whispered.

“now when have I ever broken a promise?” he asked, taking you in his arms.

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You had enough. The constant fighting had all lead to one thing that Jungkook was too blind to realize.

You missed him.

He was never around. Constantly working, and when he would come home, you two would argue, so he’d leave. It broke you every time. You missed him with everything in you. But you couldn’t sit around and wait for him anymore. You left a note on his table, just so he knew it was over. Hearing a knock on your front door, you assumed it was your food. You opened it, wiping the tears from your  cheeks only to see Jungkook standing there with tears on his cheek. He had a dozen roses in his hands.

“please don’t leave me..” he choked. You stared at him silently.

“I see your point.. you’re right..I swear.. I swear I’ll change.. I’m sorry.. I love you.. I miss you… please.. please don’t leave me..” he cried. You broke, taking him into your arms.

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misscarriaged  asked:

What would it be like to have a reptile bf that loves your human warmth? like scenarios where you gotta finish work but hes at your constant side, or hugging you close, itd probably be impossible to get away.


“Baaaabe, come on,” he pulls at your shirt, his claws catching the fabric. “I just want to cuddle for a bit; it’s cold,” he whines.

You carefully dislodge his huge talons before they tear your shirt. You give him a stern look, and he subsides, looking unhappy. You sigh.

“Look, I have to finish this report or I’m going to get in serious trouble; I’m already running tight on the deadline as it is,” you explain, and his eyes slide away. He knows well and good that he’s the reason you’re behind. You reach over and caress his scaly face, only able to do so when he crouches like this. He pushes into your touch, eyes closed, and croons softly. You can’t help but smile.

“Look, it’s not going to take much longer, okay? I’ve got a couple more paragraphs and the source page to do, and then you get your cuddles, alright?” He nods, but you can tell he’s still not happy. You can’t really blame him; the recent storms had left a damp coolness that seemed to permeate the house. You look into his golden-grey eyes for a moment before sighing in defeat.

“Okay, here’s the deal: you go and grab the big blanket and sit behind me on the floor. We’ll drape it around both of us and you can cuddle against my back. It’s the best I can do until my work is done-” but he’s already scrambling into the other room for the blanket, his heavy pounding steps shaking the floor. You giggle quietly at his excitement. He was so cute for such a big reptile beast.

He comes out with it already draped around him, the king-sized comforter just barely having enough size to surround his massive shoulders, looking more like an oversized shawl. You giggle at the sight; he looked like a lizard grandma. His head tilts at your amusement, but you just shake your head and wave him over.

He seats himself behind you at the desk, his legs crossed. He’s still taller than you seated: his shoulders level with your head. As you pull the blanket over your shoulders, you feel him press closer, his arms circling your waist around the chair. He softly plops his big square chin on top of your head and sighs.

“Better?” you ask him, and he rumbles in his throat in affirmation. You go to begin typing again, but realize that you can’t quite reach the computer anymore. You wiggle and stretch, but your big boyfriend’s arms hold you fast. You’re pretty sure he’s tightening his hold.

“Hey.” He rumbles in response. “HEY.” More rumbling, but this time it sounded more like a question. “I can’t reach the computer.” He rumbles again, but you’re not sure what the meaning is. You sigh and reach up, patting his chin on your head. “Look, I know you want the cuddles, but part of the agreement was that I could keep working,” you stress, and he rumbles again. “Look, you don’t have to let me go, but could you at least pull the desk closer?” He rumbles affirmation, and his huge arm releases you and stretches forward to grab the desk. With what seems like the gentlest tug on his part, the desk is now up close and within reach. He puts his arm back around you and nuzzles your head, rumbling again.

“Thank you, you big goof,” you say with a pat on his arm, and he rumbles happily. As you get back to work, you make a mental note to set aside a large chunk of time to snuggle this massive beast into submission.

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"What the fuck? I didn't order this!" The costumer yells at you. "But sir you did," you whisper. "No I didn't," he barks. "Sir you really did," you argue. "I want to speak to the manager!" He demands. "Alright," you mumble and wander to the back looking for the manager and your boyfriend, Bucky. "Buck there's a guy out there asking for you," you mutter. "You okay?" He asks, taking in your tears eyes. "I'm fine," you lie. "I'll handle it," he says leading you back into the dining room. Cont.

“Sir was there a problem?” Bucky asks. “Yes your waitress brought me the wrong food. I didn’t order this,” the man states. “Are you sure you didn’t order this?” Bucky asks, his face darkening. “Yes. I specifically ordered a salad,” the man lies. “Sir I firmly believe my girlfriend and business partner knows what she’s doing. Are you sure you didn’t order this?” Bucky asks once more. “Yes,” the man says. Well this ticket says that you ordered the chicken,“ Bucky says holding out ticket. Cont.

"Well she’s lying,” the man insists. “Sir I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” Bucky says pointing to the door. “Fine but know that I will not be back,” the man bites. “Good didn’t want rude people in my restaurant anyway,” Bucky states and the man leaves. “Thanks Buck,” you mumble when you two are alone. “No problem doll. I love you,” he whispers kissing the top of your head. “I love you too,” you mumble. End.

oh you’d definitely see the plates in his arm shift - Gen

Everything Day™

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Writing maybe, if one of them had a nightmare about the future or something and they needed comfort.

how about a nightmare about the past??


He doesn’t know where he is. He can smell smoke, and sense the crippling weight of being alone, but there is no light. No inkling of familiarity. The heave of exhaustion in his lungs, the burn of his breath, comes quick as a heartbeat; he’s running, he realizes.

He runs for minutes or days or hours, he doesn’t know. The smoke gets stronger; he can hear Rosemary crying for him. A memory. The scream that tears from his mother’s throat punctures the air like an arrow, straight through his heart. Oliver tries to speak but his words are just fire in his throat; he chokes on the smoke as it grows thicker, the darkness as it becomes darker.

The realization that he cannot save them slams into his chest and then his eyes are opening and he’s gasping for air like a drowning man, struggling to sit up. Pain sears across his chest like he’s being branded by hot metal and he cries out in surprise.

“Hey! Don’t sit up!”

He looks around wildly in the dark, his eyes adjusting. The smell of smoke is gone, and the only voice he can hear is…He ignores the pain in his chest and continues to rise up.

“I said, don’t sit up, idiot! You’re going to tear open your wound!” 

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This is Part 2, Part 1 found here

Without warning you felt a hard contact with the side of your skull. The blow flung you to the floor as the sharp pain wracked through your skull. You cried out as the tears flooded your eyes.

“Stupid bitch,” the man chastised, “shut up. Your wailing will do nothing.”

You heard movement and immediately thought he was coming closer to beat you again, until you heard it.

“Touch her again and I swear I will kill you,” Bucky’s voice boomed through the warehouse. You looked up long enough to see Bucky standing ready to fight.

“I’m here, Doll, it’s me,” he addressed you before turning back to the captor.

Thank God, it work, you cheered inside your head.

“Back away now, if you know what’s good for you.”

The world was still a blur as your head reeled in agony, but you were able to make out the unmistakable sound of a gun cocking.

“Take one step closer, Mr. Barnes, and she gets blown away,” the man threatened before you felt him roughly pulling you to your feet.

If only Bucky had a gun or a knife or anything to attack him fast enough with, but he had been stripped of everything before you both were lead in here. All he could do was stand down.

“You’re coming with me,” the man whispered to you.

Your sight was starting to clear and you were able to stare back into Bucky’s eyes. There were already tears lingering at the edges, ready to spill over. This was the last thing he ever wanted to see happen to you.

“It’s okay,” you tried to sound calm for him. “I’m going to be okay.”

You felt your hair being sharply pulled back in the direction he wanted you to go. “Move,” you heard him order.

“Stop,” Bucky bellowed.

He made to move forward and you felt the cold metal of the gun being pressed into your shoulder blades. The man gave an order loudly in Russian that you couldn’t understand and suddenly the warehouse was being flooded with soldiers storming in and heading straight for Bucky.

Enough was enough. Bucky moved forward and began to engage the men one by one, taking them down quick, but not quick enough. There were too many.

Looking up, he caught the fleeting glimpse​ of you still being dragged away. You heard him roar in anger as you were pulled out of the building and into a waiting chopper, going God knows where.

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Akashi + Himuro saying something very sweet to their gfs, like a very heartfelt compliment or a particular appreciation of their attitude, that they (the girls) start crying cause they're so moved by that. (Character and Reader are 20+)

Himuro: When you start crying, Himuro’s eyes widen by the smallest of fractions. He’s surprised by your reaction, thinking that he must’ve said something wrong. Finding himself by your side in mere moments, he has a single hand rubbing gentle circles on your back while he whispers apologies into your ear. When you confess that your tears are from positive emotions, he’s relieved. He never wanted to make you cry, but he really did appreciate everything you did for him.

Akashi: Giving you a gentle, sympathetic smile, Akashi pulls you into a hug that has you completely wrapped up in his arms. He starts whispering into your ear, telling you that all the compliments he ever gives you are true; even if there were people who disagreed, it would always be true to him. He uses the soft pad of his thumbs to wipe away the tears you have shed, bending low to kiss the remnants away afterward. He stays there holding you until even your soft hiccups have subsided.

20. Zero

There is nothing here
No heartbeats that you hold dear
Just uncertainty and fear

This is the aftermath
I’m too tired to release my wrath
Just go, clear from my path

Oh, don’t you remember?
This is the court, you’re a player
The star athlete of the heartbreakers

You volleyed my heart over the net
Spiking my feelings with no regrets
When the pieces fell, you’re not done yet

You picked them up from the floor
Blocking the happiness that I seek for
Injecting more pain to the core

My tears are your trophy
My agony, your victory
You even laughed at my injury

Don’t bother with an apology
Even when you say it sincerely
One thing is I know clearly

There is nothing here
Even when the end is near
I’d still want you to disappear

Strength doesn’t always look like ‘winning’

Sometimes, strength is quiet or covered with tears

Your strength isn’t always recognized by others. But you are, in fact, a champion

You’ve come so far and handled so much in your life, and that makes you both strong and successful in my eyes

I see your strength come out in small ways; in your struggles and in your Tumblr posts. Thank you for giving this life all you’ve got. It’s not easy, but you are strong enough!

Word Count: 959

Triggers: Abuse

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Requested by Anonymous

“Look, Eliot, I could have gotten my jacket myself, I just…needed a minute.” Eliot gave you a look.

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study of crack in drywall

I was born through a fist
fixed jagged point
crooked crawling line
growing wider
taking over the house
one room at a time

my thin arms branch out
clutching at paint and drywall and molding
I spread like a hopeless cause
never noticed or mentioned
in the back of your mind
my crooked sin buried

cover me fill me tape over me
I’m still there
an unscratched itch
unspoken thought
tearing through your house
one room at a time

Help, Cas

Pairing: SamxReader, CrowleyxDaughter!Reader, Dean, Lori (OC)
Word count: 3,609
Co-Authored with : @reigningqueenofwords
Warnings: Swearing, smut, angst, violence, NSFW gifs
Original Post Date :  April 20th, 2016

Chapter 10 of ‘She’s Leaving, Dean’.

You sat outside the door while waiting for Sam. The fact that he didn’t even want you around hurt beyond belief. Your head was resting on Dean’s shoulder. “Does he even know if it’s his?” Dean whispered. You shook your head, fighting tears. “Wait…Cas!” He smiled.

Sitting up, you furrowed your brows. “What?”

“You go in there and make him open the damn door. I’ll go page Cas. He can tell us. He’s an angel, right?”

It took you a second, but a grin spread across your face as you hugged him. “I love you, Dean, thank you.” With that, you snapped your fingers and were in your shared bedroom. “We think Dean found a way to figure this out, Sammy. And don’t you dare tell me to leave, either. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be your wife, and I won’t let you shut me out.”

He was sitting on the edge of the bed his face buried in his hands. You knelt down in front of him. “Sam. If this doesn’t work, and you want to go on a rampage that’s fine.. But Dean might have figured this out.”

His eyes shifted from the floor to you, “How?”

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