Just because you let someone off with a small reminder of what shit they got themselves into, doesn’t mean their life is safe. When you join a gang, you take an oath stating that you’ll never snitch on your gang and breaking any oath made to your gang will result in serious consequences. Ezekiel grabbed his handgun, his handy pocket knife and a pair of black latex gloves from his desk draws, placing the gun in his waistband and slipping his hands into the latex gloves before exiting the warehouse, making sure they close the door after him.

“Movies can be anything. They can be escape or they can be confrontation. It’s an incredibly malleable art form, which takes the best of every other art form — writing, music, performance, visual imagery. It’s such a complete art at it’s best. In terms of being on film sets, what I love about it is for anywhere between 20 and 260 days a band of complete strangers will come together and form a family, and will bring something beautiful and ordered out of that chaos.” - Daniel Radcliffe, What I Love About Movies Vol. 1

The Signs As Fall Out Boy Songs

Aries: Dance, Dance

Taurus: You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave

Gemini: Beat It

Cancer: What A Catch Donnie

Leo: The Pro’s And Con’s of Breathing

Virgo: 20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Libra: Grand Theft Autumn / Where is Your Boy Tonight

Scorpio: Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers

Sagittarius: I Don’t Care

Capricorn: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Aquarius: Favorite Record

Pisces: Sugar We’re Going Down

I know yall love the cutesy and lovable younger shimada brothers headcanons but consider: kid hanzo accidently hitting kid genji too hard, who then starts crying, and hanzo is just begging him like “oh my god, it’s okay, shh just hit me back, pls don’t tell mom, oh my god”

zerrie shippers out here saying ‘of course shes gonna flash off her ring and wear it all the time, shes engaged!’ but the minute theres a picture/video of her not wearing it all of a sudden its 'she was at zayns house, she doesnt need to wear it 24/7. she probably didnt wanna have it fall off while filming!' 

Fall out boy lyrics that makes me want to roll them under a blanket and never let them go

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‘If you snitch, your career is done’: Former Baltimore cop says he was harassed, labeled a 'rat' after attempt to root out police brutality

(NY Daily News) Det. Joseph Crystal witnessed a handcuffed drug suspect beaten and his ankle broken by a fellow Baltimore police officer. When he was compelled to report it to his superiors, the nightmare started. Crystal, now a police officer in Florida, is suing the department over the backlash.

This is what a good cop looks like. You know what you call one bad cop and 99 other cops who know about him, but don’t say anything?

100 bad cops.

Fandom police

Late to the party, I know. But I’ve been catching up today and had to say this.

Even putting aside any feelings I have about shipping, the thought that some fans and pseudo-fans think they are not only entitled, but almost God-anointed, to the holy task of policing other people, is something that makes me extremely uncomfortable.

I live in a country that once upon a time had a political police during a fascist regime, whose sole existence was based in “snitching-your-next”. You couldn’t voice your thoughts and believes even amongst friends, because you could easily end up in jail and stripped of everything you loved. Freedom of thought is an ideal that I hold very dear to my heart, and that I would fight with every inch of my strength to keep.

These ideas blossoming tell me that the world hasn’t learned from the past. And history tends to repeat itself when we forget. Today fandom police, tomorrow…

On the surface, being a mystery shopper shouldn’t be any more dangerous than being an obvious shopper. But once the job is done, some mystery shoppers have to reveal their identity to the tested business. That’s like if Batman ended every fight by taking off his mask and handing it to the Joker.

“I just finished an assignment that required me to observe if I had been carded for a mixed drink,” Betty recalls. “I hadn’t been carded. When this happens, it’s always a weird moment for me, because deep down, I know that the employee is most likely to be let go … On this visit, the manager lacked tact and fired the employee on the spot in front of me.”

Imagine that you’re a psychotic asshole, and someone snitches to your boss and costs you your job. How likely is it, on a scale from “berating the barista” to “voting for Trump,” that you, a psychotic asshole, won’t handle it well? In Betty’s case, it was very likely: “When I left the restaurant, I had an angry employee who was wielding a baseball bat waiting for me in the parking lot. The employee then started to swing the bat while yelling obscenities. I calmly removed myself from the situation by going back into the restaurant and asking someone to call the police … This was the last time I did that type of assignment for that company.”

I Spy On You At Work: 4 Mystery Shopper Realities

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Good Cop Files Lawsuit Against Corrupt Department That Told Him ‘If you snitch, your career is done’

“If you snitch, your career is done,” one officer told him. He eventually became public enemy No. 1 inside the Baltimore Police Department. But before that, he was considered a rising star in law enforcement. Crystal was the son of two NYPD cops, and was in charge of his police academy cadet class from the start. With only two years on the force, he was promoted to detective. “Being a cop was all I ever wanted to do,” he explains. “A dream come true.” But all of that changed after he came forward to report the 2011 beating of a drug suspect by another officer