Shut Up

Richard x Reader One-Shot

Warnings: Fluff. Severe flirting. Make him stop.

Today had been tiring, but tonight was proving to be incredibly boring. You had half a mind to go straight to bed at 9 pm. You sat on the sofa watching a reality programme on your TV, not really paying attention to anything happening. As you went to change the channel the table next to you buzzed quietly. It was your phone. You picked it up and clicking the home button you found two new messages. You unlocked your phone to read them in full, seeing they were from Richard when you did.

The first one read. This was a little odd considering Richard literally never messaged you a hello.

The second one said. You wondered what he wanted from you and the idea of him texting you first made the butterflies in your stomach do somersaults.

You decided to reply three minutes later. The problem was you were stubborn. You loved rich to pieces but god forbid he ever found out of your feelings for him. So waiting a while to text him was a common occurrence in your life.

Sure it wasn’t a romantic line but it was to the point, you answered his question. You placed your phone back down on the table and went to grab the remote. Before your touch grasped the end of it your phone began to buzz once more. You picked it up and read the next message.

Your butterflies were doing nose dives now. Come over wasn’t a question, it was almost a demand. You didn’t want to seem eager so you replied to him instead.

You couldn’t think of anything else to say but asking why he wanted you there seemed fair to you.

Rich had replied with the simple word “movie”;. You had no idea what movie you’d be watching with him tonight and as much as you wanted to be subtle with your feelings you really wanted to spend time with the man. You replied to him quickly and picked up your car keys to leave.

You were in your pajamas but you were too cozy to change, so you slipped a hoodie on with some trainers before hopping into your tiny car. You were nervous to spend time with the guy, which you knew was darn right stupid because you were fine if more people were around. You hung out with him a lot, but never alone and never at his place. You knew where he lived from where you borrowed certain things from him and the drive there was quick and quiet. It was almost 10 pm so the city had settled down and there wasn’t as much traffic as in the day.

When you pulled up into Richard’s driveway you picked up your phone once more to send him another text. He had already responded with two very typically Richard emoticons. You smiled to yourself and replied. You waited in the car where it was warm for him to come and let you into the house, but he instead texted you back again.

That lazy asshole couldn’t even be bothered to come and let you in. You locked your car and made your way over to his house, letting yourself into his house. You took off your trainers in the hallway and announced yourself.

“Richie? Where you at?” You called out towards the ceiling, for some reason expecting the roof to have answers for you. You heard that southern accent echo down the stairs to you.

“Im up here!” He called out. “First door on the left!” He called out once more. Trust you to fall for a lazy man. You chuckled to yourself and began making your way upstairs. The stairs were dark as were the hallway,only being illuminated slightly by a warm lamp on the wall.

“Rich?” You asked quietly, poking your head through the door. You weren’t expecting to see the man in sweatpants and nothing else and you definitely weren’t expecting him to be laying in bed.

“Hey, Y/N….” The man said, still looking at the television he had mounted on the wall. He finally put the remote down and turned to look at you, immediately bursting into a fit of laughter, probably because of your outfit choice. “…You’re wearing Disney pajamas, seriously?” He was cackling to himself and causing you to blush severely. You couldn’t help but smile back though, the more you tried hard not to the bigger your smile got. “…You look adorable!” Richard exclaimed. As you were about to walk across his bedroom to a chair on the side of the bed, the man got out of his bed and waltzed on over to you, grabbing you and pulling you flush to his bare chest. You thanked god for the low lights in this room right now, because beetroots had nothing on your face.

“Honestly when you say ‘movie’, a girl assumes you’re downstairs with popcorn. Not in bed, half naked.” You began to make conversation with him, trying not to think about how good it felt to feel his bare back as he hugged you. His skin was hot to the touch, and boy was it soft on your fingers. Stop it. You mentally scolded yourself. Richard laughed at you, breaking away from your body now.

“Well if you look behind me….” He pointed behind himself at a table he had that had plenty of snacks. Popcorn, chips, a little bit of candy and some beer.

“Holy shit, you outdid yourself tonight, Rich.”

“My lady needs feeding if she’s gonna watch a movie.” Your heart jumped in your chest at the phrase ‘my lady’. You swallowed hard, trying to smile and not appear as awkward as you were certainly feeling. You walked over to sit on the chair by the side of the bed, but Richard turned around and gave you one hell of a glare.

“The fuck you doing?” He walked over to you and grabbed your hand, pulling you up from the chair with one pull. He pulled you so hard that you ended up stumbling into his chest again, somewhere you really didn’t want to be right now. He grabbed you, chuckling. “Get in the bed.” He commanded, alarmingly.

“S-sorry?” You asked, barely a whisper leaving your mouth.

“I didn’t invite you over to my house, late at night, to sit on an old wooden seat next to my bed. I wanted a cuddle buddy for a movie. Now get in the bed.”

Wh- okay!- okay! I’m moving!” He pushed you towards the bed and eventually you climbed up and sat down against the headboard, waiting nervously for him to climb in too and turn the movie on. You vauegly saw the dvd he was holding and you could just make out that it was some kind of war film, very typical of him. But it didn’t matter much to you as you enjoyed spending time with him. Tonight you were on red alert however as the man was shirtless and in bed next to you.

You were silent as you began watching the film, two dim lamps illuminating the bedroom walls. You were very aware of Richard’s chest heaving up and down slowly as he breathed heavily. He seemed very tired already. You wanted to do something, to look less awkward and feel less but you didn’t know what to do. You placed your hands on your lap and played with the materials of your pajama bottoms. Rich was eating his way through an entire bag of pretzels, offering you one every two minutes. Every time you shook your head, too scared to go near him. 

About half an hour into the film the table next to you began to vibrate. You looked to your left and noticed a phone going off. 

“Oh I left my phone on that side…” Richard realised. 

“That’s alright I’ll pass it over…” You replied, reaching to grab it. Before your fingers touched the metal gadget, Richard had leaned completely over you. You shrieked to yourself as you hadn’t expected the man to be virtually on top of you.

“Richard!” You shouted. He simply let out a throaty cackle. The bastard knew full well what he was doing, teasing you and mocking you. “Get back over there, you big idiot.” 

“You calling me fat?” Richard sounded serious now, though you knew he was teasing again. He sat back against the headboard and looked back at the tv.

“I wish you wouldn’t say things like that.”

“What do you mean? I’m joking.”

“I know it’s a joke, but I know that there’s bits of that joke that you believe now and again.” You hated Richard’s self esteem problems, even though he didn’t show them very often. 

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.” Richard shrugged and pretended to be distracted by the movie. You didn’t mean to, but you snapped.

“It’s not fine! You’re gorgeous!”  You yelled.

You instantly realised that you’d just screamed your attraction at him, but you remained calm and pretended you didn’t care. Rich sat there silent for a few moments, you assumed he was thinking about having you sectioned under the mental health act for your outburst. 

“You think im gorgeous, huh?” Rich said softly, breaking the silence. You sighed loudly at his response. Richard chuckled. “I’ll never be on your level of gorgeousness. You’re like…..a goddess or something.”

“What?” You furrowed your brows and squinted his way. “Im sat in a god damn hoodie and pajamas, I’m not agoddess. You need new glasses.” You turned your attention back to the movie. 

“Y/N…..a blind man would know you’re a goddess. A straight women or a gay man would. Pajamas don’t take away that, they just make you god damn adorable along with it. I just wanna scoop you up into a blanket.” Richard giggled to himself at the image of you wrapped up in a blanket like a tiny animal. He’d finished his pretzels and disposed of the rubbish. 

“That why you wanted me to be a cuddle-buddy?” You asked. You were trying to remain normal and maybe even sane. 

“Nah. Called you over to get in your pants, obviously.” He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you covered your face in shame and embarrassment. 

“You’re so not funny.” You winced at his teasing but continued trying to watch the film. 

“Ah. Shut up.” Rich retorted. 

“Make me” You shot back quickly without thinking any further. Before you could think about what you’d said the man was leaning heavily over your legs, his right hand planted onto the pillow next to you and his lips attached to yours. 

It was….bliss. It felt like somebody had taken every little anecdote, every happy story, every funny memory and smile you’d ever made. Like they’d put all of that happiness into this kiss. The kiss lasted all but three seconds, but it felt like it lasted a lifetime. When you finally opened your eyes, auspicious looking eyes were staring back into them, long eyelashes brushes across the bottom of his eyes as he looked down to your lips once more. Then he kissed you again, for two seconds longer than before. And you felt the same buzz and energy. 

You spoke when he broke away for a second time. 

“That was a figure of speech…….I didn’t mean it.” You said quietly. He chuckled lightly. His face was so close you could almost feel his laugh against the skin of your face.

“I meant it. Shut up.” Richard repeated, and he dove back in to kiss you once more. You moaned into the kiss this time and Richard took it as an ‘ok’ to kiss you deeper and for longer. After several breathless moments he broke away, resting his forehead against your head and closing his eyes.

“Stay with me.” He whispered.

“What?” You asked.

“Stay here tonight. Sleep next to me. Please?” He asked you very sweetly, and who were you to deny the man of his cuddle buddy?. You switched off the lamp on your side, as he switched off the television and his lamp. He then lifted the covers for you to slip in with him, then snuggled up an inch away from you. For about twenty minutes all he did was watch you, as you peacefully fell asleep next to him.


Pairing: Cisco x Reader

Warnings: Evil!Barry :O

Words: 2029

A/N: Sorry for the delay! I’m just… I… I don’t know. ):

Translations: Literally everything in Italics is translated into “I love you”

You walked into the bedroom in your pajamas, huffing as you went to your side of the bed, pulling down the covers and sliding into it. Cisco looked at you from the bathroom, a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth as he furrowed his eyebrows. As he spit into the sink, he called out for you, but was only left with more confusion when you clearly ignored him. He wiped his mouth and rinsed his toothbrush before joining you.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he asked as he loaded onto his side of the bed, but you spun around quickly to stop him.

“You’re sleeping on the couch,” you told him and he scoffed.

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If your in the mood for writing something with Law, could I get him and his S/O finally getting to relax together after a long week and his S/O and for the first time in their relationship his S/O smiles at him and says "I love you"

Hope you like it ~ I feel really proud ~~

“I love you”

?? What ? He was completely shocked by your words. Of course he knew you loved him. But hearing you say that. With your adorable smile. Looking at him with sincerity.

He felt his heart skip a beat or two. And could sense his blood rushing in his face as he started to feel flustered. You could see how red and burning his ears were.
He didn’t except you would say these words. He didn’t thought about it as he was just getting comfortable with you.

Of course before dating you he thought about what “relationship” meant. What it involve. Be he didn’t thought about all the real meaning. About all the weird things you can feel inside you body.

Rushing blood. Racing heart beats. Stomach full of butterflies. Over thinking brain. And another type of heart squeeze. Instead of the hurting one, telling to the rest of the body that he feel sad, it’s another kind. A gentle and tickling squeeze. Almost like a soft caress.

He completely forgot “feelings” is not something you study in medicinal books.
As he put his head in your neck, with a happy smile he answer back.

“I love you too”


Totally Worth It

Tonight is your first date with Bart, who had no hesitations about asking you out. He really likes you and was confident that you liked him too. So before someone else snatched you up, he asked you out and was over the moon when you said yes. From the moment you met, you have had the biggest crush on him. His eyes make your heart melt, you have always had a thing about green eyes and god when he smiles it is like the whole room lights up. 

The two of you arrive at the cinema, taking a seat in the middle row. Bart sits the popcorn in between the two of you and takes hold of your hand. You have no idea why you are feeling so nervous, maybe it’s because you don’t want to mess things up so soon. Bart flashes you a smile, sensing your nerves and it helps to put you at ease. There’s nothing you could possibly do to put Bart off at this point, he is completely taken with you. 

“Don’t be so shy.” He whispers softly, trying to encourage you to be yourself. 

“Sorry, I’m just not used to all this.” You admit to him and you feel his thumb rub your hand. 

“That’s okay. I’m going to make this a date you won’t forget.” He makes you a promise and the two of you smile at each other. 

The film starts and the two of you fall silent for the courtesy of everyone else around you. Bart puts his arm behind your back and sits closer and you are pleasantly surprised, smiling to yourself as you keep your eyes on the screen. He can’t help but get distracted by your smile, you look so adorable. You turn to face him as you could feel him staring. His eyes lock with yours and there is only one thing on his mind at this moment, you can tell by the way he is looking at you. 

Bart’s face slowly comes closer to yours, his lips ghost over yours, adding to the suspension. You close your eyes and welcome the kiss that he presses against your lips. Bart refuses to pull away anytime soon, sliding his tongue in and kissing you with all he has got. You haven’t had many kisses but this is by far the best you have ever had and it actually means something. It wasn’t forced either, it just feels right. Bart puts one of his hands behind your head so that he can take more control. The pair of you forgetting that you are in a movie theatre just making out in front of other people, not giving a damn. 

The pair of you are interrupted when someone clears their throat. You pull your lips away from Bart’s and look to the Usher who is flashing their light on the two of you. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” 

“Aww, c’mon man. The movie has just started.” Bart tries to reason with him so that you can stay. 

“Get out.” He says firmly and you can’t help but laugh whilst feeling slightly embarrassed about getting caught. 

“Alright, alright. We’re going.” Bart stands up holding your hand and the popcorn in the other, guiding you out of the cinema. 

Once you are outside the two of you burst out laughing, unable to stand upright. Instead of feeling extremely embarrassed the two of you find it hilarious. The usher looked so serious as if you committed some sort of crime against humanity. 

“You’re right, that is a date I will never forget!” You chuckle as you link arms with Bart, who seems rather proud of himself. 

“Aww man, did you see his face? He looked so disgusted. I will never forget that either. I couldn’t help it, you just looked so cute.” Bart laughs with you. “It was totally worth it though, right?” There’s a cheeky look on his face as he asks you that.

“Definitely worth it.” You have the biggest smile on your face. 

Imagine Dean getting jealous when you and Cas work a case together

“Do we look enough like a couple?” you asked, linking arms with Cas and giving the boys your best girly smile.

“You look adorable,” Sam assured you.

Dean clenched his jaw and looked away, “I don’t get why it has to be the two of you.”

Castiel looked at him plainly, “It will be useful for me to go. I will be able to ‘read’ people better.”

You looked at Dean, trying to figure out why he had such a weird reaction.

“Do you have a better plan?” you asked him, “Because we really could do with getting a move on if we want to be there on time.”

“No,” he said, and you swore you could see him pout a little, “No, you go ahead.”

Cas nodded, and before you knew it, you were outside the party.

Back at the bunker, Sam smirked at his brother.

“You’re going to have to tell her, sooner or later.”

Dean shot him a glare, “Shut your mouth.”

Thanks to the-bitch-to-your-jerk (as always)

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SO PROUD OF YOU PHIL!!!!! Also, your beaming smile is adorable - look up the word "happiness" in the dictionary and you'll find that picture.

jgdkxgchhwxkcghv Hello my dear Anon !! 

Thank you very very much, this is extremely sweet and kind you sweet summer child !! Oo Really proud of myself as well right now ! I’ve survived the first big step of my life ! lol =D 

So thank you again for popping by with this heartwarming ask you sweet summer child !! Lots of love and I hope you will have a lovely Day Anon ! <33

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EXO reaction - You being curvy and short

“Can i have an exo reaction to you/reader being curvy and short thank you”

Xiumin: *”wait do that smile again, your cheeks look adorable!”, tries to imitates you*

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Luhan: *gif*

Originally posted by bunny-lu

Kris: *would rlly enjoy watching your hips move when you walked tbh*

Originally posted by zeore

Suho: *”it’s alright, I’ve got enough abs for the both of us”*

Originally posted by dragqueenyixing

Yixing: *this would be him if u ever mentioned your weight tbh, bc you’re perfect to him*

Originally posted by laygion

Baekhyun: *would be the “aaah, you’re so cute I could just eat u up!” type*

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Chen: *would always wanna cuddle, enjoys sleeping on your thighs*

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Chanyeol: *always play fighting “haaa, you’re too short to beat me, you lose!”*

Originally posted by smolchen

Kyungsoo: *would love cooking your favourite foods for you, stares intently while u eat, also enjoys having a gf shorter than him, makes him feel manly af*

Originally posted by dohkyungcutie

Tao: *you’re smol to him so he wants to protect you, would fight alL THE GUYS*

Originally posted by zitaoa

Jongin: *likes having someone smol he can hold easily, ur sehun here*

Originally posted by parkchny

Sehun: *ends up telling the other guys how fkin unbearably cute he actually finds you bc he wants to keep his manly exterior around you*

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could you do a john murphy imagine where hes super cute and boyfriendy but also beats up some guy for saying vulgar things to the reader

this is the first john murphy one ive ever done forgive me if it sucks

You roll over, smacking your face into someone’s back. You groan, and shove at the body. Murphy snakes his arm around you, pulling you back into him. He tucks his face into your neck, planting a soft kiss at the base of your collarbone.

“You’re a bed hog.” You murmur. He lifts his head, lips curling up in a smirk.

“You love it.”

“Have I said that? I don’t recall…” He presses his lips against yours, cutting you off. You melt into him for a few seconds, before pulling back, narrowing your eyes.

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