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So when squish and sans finally switch back what is their first reaction

i’m assuming you’re talking about the bodyswap au lmao

okay hm


  • feels much better with her own sense of gravity and not feeling like she’s gonna topple in the wind
  • pinches her squish skin to ensure that she’s not dreaming
  • goes to shower because sans has not been taking the best care of her body lol


  • teleports a meter because hOLY shit he didn’t realize how much he actually used his magic until he had no magic
  • tells a skeleton pun
  • unlaces his sneakers 

You know that feeling when you’ve been walking for about 4 hours and your whole body hurts and you’re completely sure that there’s a tiny little pebble in your boot but you’re too lazy to get all the way down and untie your shoe laces to take out the rock so you keep on suffering in pain and anguish and you’re pretty much the most miserable person on planet earth and you’re definitely not a happy camper….then you step in poop and not just normal poop. It’s probably like mountain lion poo so you know it’s extra potent and stinky and you just want to punch a wall but you try to calm yourself by trying to take a drink of water from your bottle but you already drank it all centuries ago…….. And then you come around the corner to this view. All your problems seem to evaporate. Everything seems to be worth it. You take off your backpack and imagine what it would have been like to be the first person to discover this tiny little slice of heaven. I’ll step in mountain lion poo everyday of my life if I got to wake up to this view to be honest…….. 

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

To see the view i’m talking about CLICK HERE