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Your voltron headcannons cured my cancer and added 12 years to my lifespan

if i applied to med school could i like. cite this as a reference

  • *something happens* lance: “hashtag yikes” 
    • keith: “how about you never say the word ‘hashtag’ out loud again” lance: “um hashtag salty much?”
  • allura and keith will judge each other for making bad decisions while in the process of making the exact same bad decisions
  • *hunk voice* “justice…… is served”
  • shiro mentally refers to every voltron mission as Operation FUBAR
  • [allura decks lotor] “your princess is in another castle”
  • hunk introduces keith to people as Galra Keith. it’s his full title now
  • one time pidge didn’t wanna go to the kitchen for a glass of water so she spent an hour programming a robot to do it for her instead
    • robot: “what is my purpose” pidge: “you get me water” robot: “……..oh my god” pidge: “yeah welcome to the club, pal”
  • coran, holding out his fist for a fist bump: “hunk!! fist me!!!” hunk: “oh man this is really not a conversation i wanna have”
Feminist hypocrisy, explained by real-life examples

Ever notice how feminists say that if you have a fucking video game about rescuing a damsel in distress, a romantic ending (or in this case, the actual lack of one) is somehow entitlement and misogyny?

The real bullshit here is that video games for the most part have men risking their lives to save some woman who doesn’t even know the protagonist from Adam. Winning a woman’s love is not worth that cost no matter how pretty she is. Women don’t exactly fantasize about rescuing some dude in distress that they don’t even know. What the hell is so messed up about men that they’d even consider such foolish nonsense to be entertainment?

Then there’s the fact that few if any nerds at all, feel like they will get the “hot chick” if they work hard. But hey, that means nothing to feminists because they just won’t listen to facts, they only care about their bullshit fear-mongering narrative.

So, going along with their insane narrative:

Well lookie here. Women’s literature, aka the romance novel genre. Adult. Female. Literature. ADULT. Let that sink in.

Notice something wrong here?

The romance book genre is absolutely dominated by stories of men saving women, usually women they don’t even know beforehand (sometimes they do), but what always happens? Romance.

Because women rarely if ever not fantasize about going on a long quest to rescue men that they don’t even know and are in serious distress like this. Which is romance stories based on such themes are, though certainly not nonexistent, very rarely popular. 

Let me make this clear before I go on: no one should expect romance with someone after rescuing them from danger. But let me also make something else clear: expecting men to put their ass on the line to save people they don’t even fucking know, is the lowest level of douchebaggery ever.

Yet as you can clearly see, women expect men to rescue women. Men are expected in real life to not actually want anything after putting their lives on the line for someone. This is the most popular theme in romance: women are entitled to being saved by men. If he’s not saving her, then he’s not shit. This gets worse in real life: men are expected not to want anything in return.

And once again, for you frothing feminist zombies drooling in the intellectual cheap seats way the fuck up in the back, no one is entitled to romance with someone after saving them. Savvy? You come back accusing me of preaching entitlement here, you will burn

In closing - it’s pointless to ask why feminists never call out the romance genre for all its damsel in distress nonsense, nor do they self-reflect and ask why this theme sells so damned well among female readers. Feminists have always wanted men to put their lives on the line for women. They just want men to do it quietly, then go away, like expendable tools. This is why they rail against battered men and male rape victims, and ignore the plight of homeless men.

Okay, not all feminists are like that. Fine, that is true. So why aren’t the ones who aren’t like this telling the ones who are to get some self-awareness and check their hypocrisy?

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Team gets cornered by Lotor, at some point they get separated and Lance is with Allura wearing her suit + a helmet. Everyone see when Lotor finds their hiding spot and when they run in opposite directions. Lotor goes after Allura and when Lance tries to run to then, being the closest, gets a (non-fatal) shot. Allura is taken and everyone gets to Lance… 1of3

But that’s actually Allura in the blue paladin suit. She assumed Lotor would go after a paladin and made Lance change suits w/ her in the hopes she would be the one taken and Lance and cia could still form voltron and fight. She couldn’t know about Lotor being obsessed about her 2of3

In captivity Lotor is allowing the “princess” to keep her visor full black for now, being the graceful host he is, while Lance silently freaks out. Lotor thinks Allura is very though, by refusing to talk in his presence. (Lance is weighting the worth of dying for a “your princess is in another castle” joke) 3of3

Im pretty sure there is a fic of this

Okay, but then Imagine Lotor finds out, and is super pissed- but then he actually looks at Lance. Allura who? Suddenly he is all over Lance, because Lance is super pretty. Lance is disgusted at this, and trying to let himself be saved, but Lotor treats him really well and lets him know how many days have been there. After a month, he starts wondering if they’re ever coming. He honestly thinks that maybe Allura replaced him with Blue and they’ve forgotten all about him. It doesn’t help that Lotor is adding too those thoughts by you know, being Lotor. 

Eventually they do come for Lance and they all wanna fight Lotor but Keith gets there first, sees Lance in a skimpy outfit because the boys skin is better than anything in this life, and fucking loses it. He ends up with a sword to Lotor’s throat, the only thing stopping him is Lance telling him to stop. So he takes Lotor captive, and he goes to talk to Lance. 

Lance tells Keith about how he thought they weren’t coming, how he thought they probably replaced him. Cue big emotional scene. 

The Honeymoon - Sebastian x Reader - Full Version

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Sebastian Stan x Reader - After getting married and a few months after Isabella being born, you and Seb finally get the well deserved honeymoon.

Warnings: Fluff and some smut. But nice smut.

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Life Advice with Blake

• If someone hurts you, don’t retaliate until you get blackmail.
• Ass is life. Respect it. No matter the Colour
• Don’t be a sore loser, long as you ain’t dead, you winning.
• Respect ya woman, lord knows that Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.
• Men aren’t all assholes, despite what tumblr has you believe, some men are pretty chill.
• Be nice to animals, they’re the purest thing on this planet.
• If you aren’t feeling well, take care of yourself, nothing is more important in this works than your personal safety, and mental health.
• Never trust anyone that doesn’t like Perseus Jackson.
• You’ll always regret what you didn’t do, rather than what you did do.
• If, to the other sex (or same sex you do you) you look hungry, you’ll starve.
• Never try to outrun the Dutch, their bodies are built on Leg Muscles.
• If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.- Sirius Black
• Lust does not Equal Love.
• If you treat your lover like a Queen/King, and they treat you like a bitch, then your princess is in another castle mate.
• If you trust Zeus, you going to have a bad time.
• Thank Nike for every little victory, she’s lonely and appreciates it.
• If your partner refuses to wear a condom, refuse to sleep with them.

• If you don’t learn from history, you probably had a boring teacher and slept through it because same.

• If you have an art/writers block, don’t feel bad, take time to yourself, do your own thing, you don’t owe anyone that next chapter, don’t owe anyone that next piece of work, we’ll always wait. Focus on yourself before your art.

• Don’t confuse love for lust.

• I cannot stress this enough. Mental Health, takes precedence over everything.

Surround yourself with people who care, who will take time for you, not deal with you when they want to.

• The system might fail you, but do not fail yourself.

Reactions MCL boys if a new male student flirt with Candy....

Nathaniel: “And what are you doing, may I ask?”

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Castiel: “Get away from her three meters away, Casanova”

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Lysander: *just silent, but his whole appearance suggests horror*

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Kentin: “Shall I use force?”

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Armin: “Your Princess is in another castle, and now fuck you, buddy”

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I'M SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR ART, YOU'RE AMAZING, MY GOD <3 :D Well, I am searching for good creek fics and I was wondering if you have any recomendation c:

aawww<3 <3 <3 THANKS !!! (^^;).  YAS !  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) 👌 
Craig, Leader of the Lawn Gnomes
How To Defeat Underpants Gnomes

Happily Whatever After    Fuck You, Love Craig     ✿ Gum                        ✿   Give me a synonym    ✿ Thank Goodness for the Rain      Quintessential

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Non-Refundable  ♥ The Strange Attraction Syndrome  ♥ Breaking Up Sucks
Why do you stare at me?  ☆ Feeling Strange and Looking Rotten Some Boys Are MonstersAisle 10  ☆  If I Had a GunAutomaton                  your  princess in another castle

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