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RFA reacting to MC cutting their hair rlly short?

Omg MY hair is short! Thanks for the ask~

Yoosung LOVES it! He thinks it’s a cute new look and he’ll brag about you in his LOLOL guild SO much like omg he’s so precious~

Zen totally digs the new look and points out that his love bites would be so visible and he’d comment how beautiful his princess looks. Plus, MANY MANY pictures of you and he’d pick a favorite to put as his phone lockscreen~

Jaehee is SO enthralled with your new haircut like, FUCK she’s so cute. She compliments you a lot and whenever Jumin decides to give this woman a damn break, she’ll spend the day with you figuring the many ways to style your short hair~

Jumin literally almost thought you were Jaehee at first thinks the short cut suits you. He likes to run his hand through it and lightly blushes at the soft volume. He’ll definitely look into outfits that would compliment the hairstyle and treat you to them. (SUGAR DADDY CONFIRMED)

Seven think you’re as cUTE AS EVER AND OMFG HE’S BLUSHING SO HARD RN. After rambling incomprehensible jargon, he’d play with your hair and make prints of his glasses design to have you match him like GOALSSSS