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just imagine Tae finding your tumblr. imagine him as he looks at your selca tag photos with opened mouth and a little smile, glancing at your beautiful eyes. imagine as he runs trough one of the rooms with a childish smile, asking Namjoon to translate what you write in the tags. "she called you super cute" answering Namjoon. imagine him scrolling trough it under the blankets, the phone's screen being the only light as he screennshotting the post where you wrote how handsome he is on that picture


Calum’s favorite things

Calum running his fingertips over your stomach as you two rest in bed, the TV playing in the background. The calluses on his fingers cause you to giggle because it tickles a bit. And when the sound comes out of your mouth Calum turns to look at you and he smiles down at you so wide you’re afraid that his cheeks might split in two.

“I love that sound, more than anything in the world.” He whispers.

“Really? More than the sound of a beautiful bass line?”

“More than a beautiful bass line.” He conforms.

“More than the sound of your favorite artist singing?” You challenge.

“More than that, baby girl.” Calum runs his lips against your cheek and down your neck, “You’re my favorite sound. When you wake up and yawn, when you’re tired and make those little whines until I pick you up and carry you to our room. And when you’re singing and nail a note and then you twirl around and yelp a little bit because you’re so happy. You are my favorite. And I just love you so much.”

You turn over and kiss him deeply and when you pull back Calum still has a wide grin on his face and you couldn’t be more in love if you tried.

michael would come home with his new freshly-cut, dyed blue hair without telling you beforehand that he was changing it up, so a laugh easily escaped from his mouth the second he walked through the front door and immediately saw your jaw drop to the floor. “you like it?” michael asked with a smirk playing across his lips as you walked up to him and desperately pressed your lips against his in a heated kiss, your hands slowly running through his hair as he instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer. michael just laughed as you pulled away to get another glimpse of his new hair before the sight of him was causing you to crash your lips against his once again, but judging by the smile you felt against your mouth, you knew that he wasn’t about to complain. 

things i associate with the signs
  • aries:warm fire places, headphones always plugged in, chocolate chip cookies, chipped nail polish, shaky legs, covering your mouth when you smile, inside jokes in sneaky eye glances, graffiti art
  • taurus:stubborn smiles, bashful gazes, cuddling under a blanket, teeth chattering in the cold, lovely eyes, chocolate bars
  • gemini:untied shoe laces, longful stares, old denim jacket, baby kittens, braces, skirts with converse, ripped tights, broken nails, bruised knuckles
  • cancer:big smiles, soft hair, comforting glances, kindness, tears, strength, bubble baths, scented candles, sunny weather, swings
  • leo:living in the moment, music turned up way too loud, charm bracelets, fiery eyes, popping open a soda, smoke
  • virgo:thinking too loud, braids, tired eyes, silly jokes, trying to eat healthy, vintage journals, writing down song lyrics, piano, flowers
  • libra:taxi cabs, mood rings, bangs, finding a good song, strawberry lemonade, sibling hugs, magnets on the refrigerator door, volleyball practice
  • scorpio:beautiful long hair, a bunch of lil' crushes, red lips, thrift shops, butterflies, staying up past midnight, acoustic guitars, jogging, outside concerts on rainy days, smirks
  • sagittarius:vintage cars, maple syrup, roadtrips, walking barefoot, carving your name on a tree, finding a coin on the ground, waffles with nutella
  • capricorn:throwing your head back with laughter, heels, empowerment, buying new clothes, feeling confident, pulling allnighters with your friends, mangoes
  • aquarius:visiting the zoo, losing bobby pins, strawberry flavored gum, playing with marbles, free food samples, ice skating, watching christmas movies in the middle of the year, ballet
  • pisces:getting a tattoo for the first time, going to the pet store, iced tea, moans, emotional and intellectual conversations, star gazing, feeling loved
Imagine making up drinking games with Dean in the bar when you're bored...

“You got the rules, right?” Dean grinned.

“You’re an ass,” you muttered before your mouth twitched into a smile, “but yeah. A sip everytime Sam runs a hand through his hair or Cas makes an awkward comment, big gulp everytime that creepy drunk makes a move on a girl and down it if you see a couple kissing.” Through the crowded bar, you could see Sam starting to make his way back to your table and you grimaced, “you sure about this?”

Dean winked before speaking in a low voice, “to be honest, if I took a shot for every time you made bedroom eyes at Sam, I’d be in hospital within the hour.”

You gave him a solid elbow to the stomach and he winced as he doubled over with laughter.

“It’s too easy to make you blush, Y/N, that’s a sip for me,” he smirked, “now are we playing, or what?”

“Like I said, an ass,” you mumbled, trying to busy yourself with the pool game again.


“Yeah, I know.” You have to place a hand over your mouth to hide a smile. “But you don’t feel any pain, so that’s good.”

Dean frowns at you. “I can’t feel my arms.” He lifts them up anyway.

“You’re fine. That’ll wear off.”

“And who are you again?”

“Y/N, Dean. Your girlfriend?”

“Really? Huh, how’d I manage that?”

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tattoo artist paired with single dad are my weakness pls write something with that!!

In the time you’d known your friends, you’d heard plenty of stories about Luke, the mysterious tattoo artist and owner of the store your friends worked in. You’d never met him, but tales of his extracurricular activities traveled in circles, suggesting that maybe it was better that way.

The little girl sitting beside you on your friends couch, however, had other ideas. She’d been talking non stop about her father for an hour now; grinning through stories about him singing songs to her on his guitar, and describing in depth the pictures that roamed across his body - her favourite was the rose on his shoulder, she always told him it was the prettiest and he always countered that it wasn’t as pretty as her. You listened thoughtfully as she spoke, 4 years worth of memories with her father spilling rapidly from her mouth, encouraged by your gasps and smiles.

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The stars were shining down brightly as the two of you waled side by side on the beach. The midnight breeze was the only thing keeping you and your tanned boyfriend from freezing. Calum had taken you out for dinner at a nice restaurant and now you two were walking in the sand on a beach under the moonlight.

“I like the way your hand fits in mine” your boyfriend stated quietly, to not disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Your mouth arched up into a smile as you leaned closer to the boy you love with everything you have.

“I like holding your hand” you whispered back. The beach was deserted of people and even though no one could hear your conversation, you still enjoyed keeping it quiet because no one really need to know anything about your relationship. As long as you had your boyfriend, every thing would be aright.

After a while, you and Calum had walked up a short hill and were now standing on top of a small cliff, overlooking the ocean crashing under you. Calums arm were around your shoulders and his head was leaned down on yours.

“This is all I ever wanted” Calum started, “just you and me, the moonlight on a beach, I dream about it when I´m away. You´re my everything. Everything about you is so captivating, from the way your hair looks in the morning to how you look going to bed at night. From the way you hum quietly when you´re making breakfast, to the way you look when we give each other everything we got in hopes of letting the other person know how much we mean to each other. You´re my person. I don´t ever want someone else to replace you in my life.”

By now you could see where this was going, and your heart was racing a million miles per second. Calum took your hands in his and slowly lowered himself to the dirt covered ground beneath you. One of his hand let go of your hand to get a tiny wooden box from his jacket pocket.

Inside the box were a beautiful ring, shining up at you. Tears welled up in your eyes as Calum continued his beautiful speech. “I don’t ever want to imagine waking up to someone else next to me. I don’t ever want to imagine life without you stealing my shirts, with you singing loudly and off-key in the shower, I don’t ever want to imagine doing anything without knowing you will be there supporting me. You´re my whole world, baby, my future.

So I just wanted to know, if you would do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

The tears were steaming down your face as you nodded lightly, Calum sliding the ring onto your finger and admiring it. This was it, everything you wanted, standing right in front of you. Your knight in shining armour, Calum Hood. You were soon to become Mrs. Hood. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

concept: we dream of the endless texan highway. cross country road trips and shady diners, seedy hotels, good food and pretty trees that change colors with the seasons. stargazing laying in the bed of my black truck, the cold reddening our cheeks. talking about everything under the sun. the searing arizonan heat burning my skin, laughing so much there are fine smile lines etched at the corners of your mouth. god we’re together and we’re so happy.

alright but imagine being at the bar on karaoke night and no one really gives a shit except this one table of boys, all close to your age.  They’re singing and dancing around and having a great time, seemingly completely oblivious to the fact that no one in the room is paying attention to them - no one but you, that is.  And when the one with the bright blue hair gets up and puts on one of your favourite songs you can’t help but let out a little squeal, bouncing up and down in your seat excitedly.  Half of his mouth pulls up into a little smile as he fiddles with the microphone before the lyrics appear on the screen and you feel your face heat up with embarrassment.  Then suddenly he’s facing you, pointing dramatically and waggling his eyebrows as he dances across the tiny stage.  When the song ends you laugh, giving him an enthusiastic round of applause and he gives a little bow, walking off the stage and straight over to your table, declaring that it’s your turn to get onstage, and “good luck topping that,”

Inhale, Exhale, Smile.


Requested by Anonymous:“Hi! Could you write a BuckyxReader imagine based on the song Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran?”

(A/N: This was more exciting than it should have been. Ed Sheeran is an amazing singer , Bucky is an amazing character. It’s the perfect combo. Both also give me feels, so. I hope you like it!)

Warning: Panic attack, slight bruising, harassment. And a little swearing.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

“Mr. Barnes, the doctor will see you now,” called the nurse from the front of the waiting room. He nodded, and hauled himself up. He shared a glance in Steve’s direction, who sat beside him. He nodded in encouragement.

As Bucky followed the nurse down the dimly lit hallway, he felt the familiar itch of paranoia. He glanced into every room they passed to make sure he wasn’t about to be ambushed, and looked over his shoulder too many times for the short walk.

He heard a commotion behind him. Someone was complaining loudly. He glanced back. He bumped into somebody. There was a crash.

He returned his gaze to you, papers floating down all around you. He had knocked them out of your arms, and now they were falling to the ground like giant snowflakes, the gentle sound of crinkling paper not failing to mask your gasp of surprise.

Before he could apologize, you started crying. He took a step back.

“I- I’m sorry, I just…” you muttered then sniffed, and bent down to pick up the papers. He stood awkwardly, the nurse ahead of him waiting patiently, glancing between you and him. He stooped down as well.

“No, I’m sorry,” he surprised himself by saying, helping you gather the snowflakes, as well as your pen and binder. You looked up at him with dismal eyes. Your tears threatened to fall from your lashes, making your eyes glisten beautifully.

“This – this isn’t you, I’m sorry,” you rambled, “You’re not responsible, don’t feel responsible. I’ve just been having a really crap day.”

Bucky smiled.

“I know how those feel,” he assured you. You smiled, and got up as you gathered the last of your papers, stuffing them unceremoniously into the file. A file with his name.

“Thanks. And sorry, again,” you muttered. A tear was hanging from your right eye’s outer corner. You hugged the binder to your chest.

“No problem,” he said, in a slight daze, “and… hang in there.”

Your smile grew wider. You inhaled.

“I’ll try, sir. For your sake,” you said cheekily, moving past him, looking over your shoulder with sparkling eyes.

He exhaled. Paranoia had become nonexistent.

And, darling, I will be loving you ‘til we’re 70

And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

You cursed when you realized that you had left your keys in the pub. Stumbling a bit from the alcohol buzz, you ran back in and walked towards the bar. Your eyes perused the surface a bit before spotting them behind the counter. You attracted the attention of the bartender, who recognized you, fetched them, and tossed the keys back to you. You tapped the bar in thanks, and turned to leave again. Your way was blocked.

“Hey, lovely,” a handsome man slurred, closing in on your space until you were pressed against the bar.

“Um, no thank you,” you said instinctively, trying to push past him. He laughed, blowing his shotty breath into your face. You gagged.

“Didn’t even make an offer, darling. It’s rather presumptuous of you.”

Great, a douche with a vocabulary, you thought to yourself sarcastically, trying once again to swerve under his arm. He blocked you again.

“Whadaya say you give me a bit of sugar to go with those doe eyes of yours, eh?”

“Please, sir, I just want to go home.”

“I’ll drop you,” he said, pulling your hand. You cursed your stupidity and engrained politeness, then looked around to shoot a meaningful look at the bartender. He was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly the man was gone. You realized he had been pushed to the ground by the surly drinker to your right, and was now being pulled back up by the collar. Words were snarled through clenched teeth. The disgustingly handsome man backed off, muttering something about suing someone or other.

“Thank you,” you breathed, looking to your saviour. It was the man from the hospital.

“Having another bad day?” he asked you. He was wearing an overlarge beige jacket and a baseball cap that concealed his face a bit, but you recognized the eyes and the strong jaw line. Your heart fluttered a little.

“I collect bad days like bottle caps,” you joked, trying a smile for size.

“Is that why you’re in a pub at two in the morning?” he asked you without regard. You blushed deeply, as you both moved to make your way to the door.

“What can I say? I’m an adrenaline addict and persistent insomniac. What about you?”

“We suffer the same predicament.”

“Oh,” your smile faded a bit, as you opened the door and you both stepped outside, “well, I’m sorry to hear it.”

He shrugged, and said, “I like the city at night. Everything almost seems to shut up for a second.”

You laughed, and said, “I get that. Except the police sirens.”

He smirked, and said, “…Yeah.”

Silence fell, both of you looking up at the light polluted sky. You inhaled. He exhaled.

“What’s your name?” you asked him suddenly. His gaze shifted from the sky to your face.

“How come?”

“I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot of you. It was your file I dropped, that day, the nurse told me,” you confessed as was your habit when you were flustered. To your surprise, he laughed.

“Then you would already know my name.”

“I prefer the old fashioned way of learning someone’s name.”

He chuckled, and said “I agree. I’m the same way.”


“The name’s Bucky.”


You shook hands. Your fingers lingered.

You could have sworn you saw something flicker behind his glassy eyes. You felt warmth spread from your chest to your cheeks and your hands. You smiled faintly. Something just clicked.

Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day.

And I just wanna tell you I am

So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are

It was a gloomy day. Raindrops fell from the sky and left trails on your window, making it seem like the blurry city line was hanging by thousands of wobbly strings. You were wearing a big comfy sweater and staring past the horizon, incoherent thoughts drifting through your mind in a lazy haze. You wrapped your arms around yourself and gave yourself the squeeze you were craving. You wanted his arms around you, though you would blush to admit it. Your own arms would do for now.

There was a knock at the door.

You whipped your head around and padded across your small apartment. You weren’t wearing much else but your sweater so you were hesitant to open the door. You pulled at the edges which were already frayed, trying to make it reach past your booty shorts. You looked through the peephole. Your breathing hitched.

You opened the door quickly, revealing Bucky worn to the bone and soaking wet. His head was bowed but you could spy a frown under his long mop of brown hair. His eyes didn’t twinkle. They always twinkled. Something happened. Something is going to happen.

“Bucky?” you called softly. He raised his head a bit more, his eyes meeting yours. He exhaled.

“Y/N,” he greeted with a thin voice.

“What’s– ”

“I need to tell you something,” he said suddenly, his metal fist clenching. You gulped, hoping to calm your beating heart.

“What is it, Buck?” you prompted after a long pause. You had been skirting around each other for a long time. Something was there, but the both of you had avoidance issues. And now here he was looking like he had just escaped death by a fraction of a second. You knew that he was an Avenger by now.

He exhaled again. He stepped forward.

“I don’t know how to say it,” he finally said, clearly frustrated. You smiled the same slight smile he couldn’t stop thinking about, the smile that reminded him that nightmares were only temporary but that smile would live in his memory forever.

“It’s okay. I don’t either.”

That was good enough of a confession, for the both of you. Your midnight walks together had brought you close enough to understand each other and the hidden meaning of your exchanged words. Your glances at each other at the doctor’s office when he came for weekly therapy was enough to convey your unspoken agreement. This is something. This is something unfamiliar.

And you both liked it.

He moved forward, as you did. He was dripping and smelled faintly of the city, of your midnight walks in Central Park.

He was cold. You shivered when he caressed your cheek, wet strands of his hair framing his face and tickling yours. You were nervous, butterflies turning to piranhas, eating your insides up and burning away at the edges of your heart. His eyebrows furrowed, the expression so familiar to you that you swore you could feel it engraving on the insides of your eyelids.

“I feel… I feel…”

“I’m not your doctor. You don’t have to spit out feelings to me until they don’t even feel real anymore. We’re not that.”

“What are we then?”

You inhaled. He exhaled.

“Together,” you whispered, and your lips met.


‘Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen

And, baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe it’s all part of a plan

Well, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes

Hoping that you’ll understand


“I can’t take this,” you screamed across the room, where he stood stiffly, “I can’t worry about you like this so much!”

“It’s my job, Y/N! I owe it to the people I destroyed!”

“You owe no one!” you yelled, flinging an already broken photograph frame at the wall, “what they did to you is not your fucking fault, Barnes! You and I, it was all forced on us!”

“I have to make it up,” he yelled back anyway, ignoring your words. That was your problem. You two only ever shouted at each other.

“What if Sam didn’t save your ass at the last minute, Bucky? What then? I can’t – I can’t lose you!”

“We had it under control, Y/N. And even if something happened to me –”

“Don’t even say it, Bucky. Just don’t.”

Your breaths were coming out in short bursts. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t breathe.

“You know it’s true.”

“It’s not! I need you just as much as you think you need me! We’re in this together, Bucky, I told you that from the beginning!” you yelled, your voice cracking, rasping. You felt small, non-existent, dwarfed. Your chest was tightening as you looked at his face, his black and blue face.

Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, can’t breathe.

You stumbled over the spoils of your fight and fell. He caught you.

“I can’t do it, Bucky,” you sobbed, as he held you close, “it’s eating me up. I’m so afraid for you, and this was just too close, Buck. It was too close.”

“Breathe,” he instructed you gently.

You inhaled. He exhaled. You exhaled. He sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered into your hair as you rested your head to his chest trying to calm down, “I’m sorry, but this is something I have to do.”

Silence. Inhale. Exhale.

“I know.”


Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

Thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are.


I love you.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

It repeated like mantra in his head, over and over. He couldn’t drive it out of his mind, as he looked at your face which was smiling back up at him. He placed a loose strand of hair behind your ear. He stared at you some more.

“Is something on my face?”


I love you, I love you, I love you.

“You know that day you bumped into me and knocked those papers all over the place?” you asked languidly, playing with his metal hand and leaned into his chest.

He had grown accustomed to your tendency to play with hands by now, even his metal one. You made it seem so ordinary, so trivial, so… whatever.


“I cried.”

He grinned.


“Now that I think back to that day, I don’t even remember what I was crying about. Funny how something can seem so insignificant later, though it may have meant the world then.”

“I know the feeling.”

You looked back up at him with wide eyes.

I love you, I love you.

“The opposite can happen too,” you whispered, raising your other hand and tracing the line of his jaw with your forefinger. Your eyes never left each other. He exhaled.


You smile faintly, and inhaled.


“What?” he asked, something in his chest fluttering. What the hell was always fluttering in his chest when he was around you? He never figured it out.

You paused, before saying, “I don’t know how to say it.”

He smiled again.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to.”

You smiled as well.

“I know.”

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I touch your mouth, with the tip of my fingers I touch the edge of your mouth, I am sketching it as if it were coming out of my drawing hand, as if your mouth opened for the first time, and all I have to do is close my eyes to undo it all and start over; every time I conjure up the mouth I desire, the mouth that my hand chooses and draws on your face, a mouth chosen among all mouths, with supreme liberty chosen by me to draw it with my hands on your face, and which by some chance I do not seek to understand coincides exactly with your mouth that smiles beneath the one my hand is drawing on you.
You look at me, up close you look at me, closer now, and then we play cyclops, we look at each other closer and closer each time and our eyes grow larger, they overlap, they merge into one, and the cyclopses look at each other, breathing in confusion, the mouths meet and struggle in gentle warmth, biting each other with their lips, the tongues barely touching the teeth, playing in their recesses where a heavy air comes and goes with an old perfume and a silence. And then my hands sink into your hair, slowly caress the depth of your hair while we kiss as if we had our mouths full of flowers, of living movements, of dark fragrance. And if we bite each other the pain is sweet; and if we smother each other in a brief and terrible simultaneous sucking in of our breaths, that momentary death is beautiful. And there is but one and the same saliva and one and the same taste of ripe fruit, and I feel you tremble against me like a moon on the water.
—  Julio Cortázar, Hopscotch 

Requested by: Anon

Imagine taking Fred to London for Christmas Eve, but a snow storm catches you off guard and you end up staying at the leaky cauldron for the night. Reader is really disappointed that they aren’t at the burrow for Christmas Eve, but Fred tries to cheer her up and they end up kissing under the mistletoe.


“Fred, I just thought it would be really nice to be at the Burrow for Christmas.” You mumbled, looking out the frosted window with disappointment. “Now look what happened.”

“Stop being just a pessimist.” Fred stood up from the small couch and he walked over to you. “Come on, let’s see that smile.” He gently poked the edge of your mouth with a grin on his face.

You turned your head to try and evade his hand, but he somehow managed to continue trying to get you to smile. “Fred, please stop it.” You smacked his hand away, but a smile still formed.

“Ha, there she is!” Fred exclaimed as he pumped his fist into the air in success. “I got you to smile!”

“You’re such a loser.” You laughed as you crossed your arms and gave him an amused look.

“But you love me.” He replied, leaning against the wall besides you. “Don’t even try to deny it.”

“Really now?” You rose an eyebrow, leaning against the wall as well. “And what makes you say that?”

“Well… I can think of many things.” A sly smile formed on Freds face as he noticeably moved closer to you. “Maybe like the fact that I’m gonna kiss you, and you’re gonna kiss me back.”

Your eyebrows shot up at the statement, and you gave Fred a confused look. “What’re you talking about?”

The only thing Fred did in reply was lift one finger and point it to the ceiling. When you titled your head back to look up, you saw a small plant with creme colored berries hanging from the door frame.

“Oh that’s just great.” You mumbled, letting out a sigh and lowering your head again.

You opened your mouth again to speak, but Fred had already pressed his lips to your in a warm kiss. His hands gently cupped your face, and your back lightly pressed against the frame as he moved forward.

You quickly snapped out of your shock and gladly returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. A hand went to his shoulder while the other rest smoothly on his cheek.

Once the two of you pulled away, Fred stared down at you with a smile gracing his face and he took in your disheveled appearance. Your face burned as he looked at you with an intense gaze, so you turned your head to the side.

“See, I told you.”

That Was Beautiful (Spencer Reid)

Based off a Criminal Minds Imagine by vividimagines

That Was Beautiful
Criminal Minds | Spencer Reid + Penelope Garcia | SFW + FLUFF & ROMANCE | Female Reader

“Garcia let me just-”

“Hello beautiful,” you were greeted as the door opened and a smiling boyfriend bundle named Spencer Reid came through and closed it quietly behind him.

You had the decency to blush for the moment before smiling back and opened your mouth. “Hi, love. I actually got-”

“I know, I just came back from Hotch’s office. Debrief is in ten minutes counting,” he glanced at the clock quickly to check,“… now. Just wanted to take this time to say how much I love you like everyday.”

It was sweet, this tradition he’d started by taking you off to the side and saying these romantic things that made your heart flutter before every new case. He just wanted to remind you how he cared, that’d he’d miss you the moments you were separated from his side and that even in the cruelest most crucial seconds of the case you were in his thoughts.

He wrapped you in a hug, pressing a kiss on your head. “Is that new shampoo? You always smell so good.” Spencer took a big sniff, inhaling your scent like he was trying to catalog it away in his memory cabinet. “How do you always smell so good?”

You laughed lightly, hugging him back while smoothing a hand down his neck. “By showering every day and picking good hygiene products?”

Spencer pressed another kiss to your nose as he pulled back, opening his mouth to say something but Garcia’s voice over the computer speaker cut off any further romantic and teasing words. “Oh my god, that was super cute you two. I could just bottle you two up and keep you on my dresser draw. Do the other know of these little stolen moments? Because I think I have all the evidence I need to show off to them that Spencer Reid is a die hard romantic over here!”

“Garcia?” Reid asked in rhetorical surprise.

“Yes, sweetie. And I’m sorry, call it blackmail or whatever but the team is so going to hear about this. Sending the recording now. I’ll talk to you both later!”

The call ended and Reid was let gaping at you in mild shock. You shrugged,“ I tried to warn you.”

The moment you two walked into the plane, the whole team turned their heads with beaming grins. Morgan was the first to speak,“ Hey Romeo. Always knew you had it in you.” You both may have been blushing up to your hairlines but the smile you both shared showed no regrets.

You know what?
Romanticize yourself.
Say your eyes are beautiful, your messy hair is artistic. Those strech marks? They’re beautiful too.
Romanticize those moments you spend alone.
Your own voice, the lines on the corners of your mouth when you smile. Every mole is a star, every freckle an angel’s kiss. You’re amazing.
Say that you’re beautiful, because once you believe it, you’re unstoppable. Don’t depend on the opinions of others to determine your worth. Create it yourself.

Romanticize the hell out of yourself.

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Can you do one when they find out you are pregnant

PJ: You and PJ weren’t exactly planning on having kids, but when the test came out positive there was nothing to be said. A tiny combination of you and the man you loved would be running around soon enough, but you didn’t know how to tell him. You get invited to a party and he comes over to you and offers you a drink. You laugh nervously and say your just prefer a soda. He laughs and gets you soda. A little while later, he gets you another drink and you refuse. “What’s wrong?” He asks. You were usually a casual drinker and he knew how much he liked the drink he got you. You shrug not knowing what to say. He laughs “God, it’s not like you’re pregnant!” He smiles at you. You feel your face go red. His mouth drops open. “Wait, what?” He whispers. You smile and shrug “We’re having a baby!” You confess. He grins and rubs his face. “Are you kidding?” He asks. You shake your head and hug him tightly.

Phil: Phil loved kids. He was always pointing out kids in public and saying how cute they were. One day, you kept talking about how nauseous you felt and how your period was late. A bit nervously, Phil suggests a pregnancy test. You run to the store and try to not run into any fans on the way. You get home and take the pregnancy test. Two lines. Suddenly, you feel a little dizzy. You were going to have a baby. “Phil!” You yell and he runs in. “What?” He asks anxiously. You show him the test and he covers his mouth and his eyes start watering. He pulls you into the crushing hug and rocks back and forth for a while. Then, he finds his phone, calls his mother and Dan while crying a little the entire time. He had never seen him more excited and you know he will be an amazing father.

Dan: Dan always made subtle comment about kids. About how “one day maybe we’ll have kids like that.” Or “I bet our child would be cuter.” So when you found out that you were pregnant, you knew he would be ecstatic. The only think that you worried about was how you were going to tell him. A song? Write it in food? You’re walking down the street, hand and hand with your husband when he sees a baby and it smiles at him. He looks at you and whispers “Don’t you think our baby would be cuter?” You smile and decided that now is the time. “Yeah. It will be.” You say and swing your hands around. “Mmm. Wait..” He says and stops walking. “Will be?” He asks getting a little pale. “Surprise!” You say and do jazz hands. “Oh. My. God.” He says and pulls you into a kiss. “Oh. My. God.” He keeps repeating and even when you get home he’s still smiling. You pray the baby would have his dimple.

Chris: You and Chris had been trying for kids for months. Time after time the test came out negative you were both very disappointed. So, when it was positive you started jumping down a little. “Chris!” You yell and run out to the lounge where he was sitting. “Chris!” You call. “What?” He asks and stands up. “I’m pregnant.” You whisper excitedly. His eyes go wide and then he narrows his eyes. “You’re kidding.” He accuses. You shake your head and show him the test. He takes the test out of your hands and looks at it intensely. He grins and crushes you in a huge hug and jumps up and down with you in his arms. He puts his hand on your cheeks and kisses you passionately.

Nightmare Scenario

You slowly wake up in bed with the foggy image of a dream slowly fading away in your head. Your thoughts are occupied by attempting to remember it, to remember this fleeting dream. You look around, trying to gauge what time it is based on the lighting. It appears to be early morning as dim sunbeams of a new dawn creep through the floral curtains. Still in bed, you turn over. Against all logic, and to your utter glee, you see precious Asriel laying in bed beside you. You reach out and gently touch his paw, feeling how real he is. It’s finally happened, and he’s finally here. His big eyes slowly open to meet yours. His mouth turns into a little smile and he whispers to you, “do you vape”

I Got It?

Imagine you are Sam and Dean’s little sister and you have to tell them something you really wanted to say for very long.

Today is the day you finally decided yourself. Well, you’ve been saying this to yourself for weeks now, it’s only you don’t know how to tell your brothers. You’ve been thinking of something, and you really want it to come true, it’s something you really want to do.

You enter the main room of the bunker, both of your brothers sitting at the table, Sam on his laptop and Dean reading the newspaper. They are in the Zen mode, so the best moment to ask.

“Hey, (Y/N)” Dean greeted.

You look up at him, confused, you’ve been frozen there without moving thinking about what words will come out of your mouth.

“Hey” you gave him a small smile and sit beside Sam.

“Hey” Sam smiled at you “slept well?”

“Yeah, thanks…”

You look down at your bouncing feet’s. The thought that maybe it’s a bad idea asking them comes into your mind, again. You know that they will be pissed, even if they always wanted this for you, time has changed.

“Something wrong?” Dean asked frowning “something is wrong”.

“What is it?” Sam asked seeing I wasn’t answering.

“Uh… I need to ask you guys something and I don’t want you to freak out or be mad at me”.

“Wait, you’re not pregnant are you?” Dean asked, suddenly freighting.

“No!” You exclaimed “why would you think that!”

“Well, you’ve been spending a lot of time with Brandon” Sam said.

You smile at his name, your boyfriends name, he is actually the one who gave you the idea and he is going there too.

“Uh… we… didn’t do it… uh… yet…” you said almost in a whisper.

“Phew… don’t ever come and say that to me” Dean sighed relieved “so what is more important?”

“Uh… you know I’m graduating, in not too long and…”

“(Y/N), is it what I think?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I hope that you won’t be mad at me”.

“What? I don’t get it” Dean stated confused.


“What?” Dean asked “that was way too fast”.

“You want to go to college?” Sam clarified, though, it was more of a question to you.

“Yes, I already know which one, actually, Brandon already sent his letter”.

 “Where?” Dean asked, his face calm and a little scary, he is too calm.

“Stanford” you chuckle “I think I have a good chance to get there”.

Sam smiles and puts a hand on your shoulder “I always wanted you to be normal and happy, if this what you want, I’m up to it”.

“Me too” Dean agreed.

“You guys aren’t angry that I’m leaving the family business? And without forgetting every piece of shit happening with the Darkness?”

“We will take care of it” Sam assured you “we also told you to stay out of it, it’s too dangerous for you”.

“Yeah, yeah…” you sigh “I never thought you would agree”.

“Well, I’m not happy you’ll be away from us, and we won’t be able to check on you” Dean said.

“You guys trained me, I’ll be okay, and I’ll always have my gun and my gear close somewhere. Brandon will be here too”.

Your boyfriend is actually a hunter too, a family friend you could say. You met and kept talking and feel in love. It’s been four years you’ve been with him, you’ve never been this happy. A lot of things weren’t said to your brothers about you two though, a lot because you want to keep him alive, like the part of doing nothing in bed.

“I’ll help you make your admission letter” Sam said.

You smile and take him in your arms.

“(Y/N)!” Dean yelled at you.

You get up from your bed where you’ve been reading your book and walk sleepily to the main room.


“I got a letter for you”.


Suddenly you are full awake and you lunge to him, grabbing the letter and opening it. Your eyes read the letters and your face freezes.

“You got the letter?” Sam asked entering the room “what does it say?”

“I’m… I’m accepted” you laugh feeling the tears buildup “I did it”.

You worked so hard to make your grades go up, and here you are with the product of your hard work.

“That’s great” Dean takes you in his arms laughing “this is really great, I’m so proud of you”.

“Me too” Sam said “I knew you could do it”.

“I got it” you laughed.

Finally you could finally be normal, something you’ve been searching for all your life, and you’ve wanted this all your life.

Though, you are still scared of something like Sam could happen, but having Brandon knowing the hunter’s life and being one, makes you feel better.