interviewer: connor, if you could collaborate with someone you have not collaborated with on a video yet, who would it be?

audience: *screams troye*

connor: laughs ummmmm


omg it’s so absurd that that jackass actually calls himself king of the cloti fandom? and then his little minion says , , “you better not talk bad about the king! it’s like asking for a death wish”

you really think any of us are scared of his wuss ass? girl you trippin’ i just busted a lung laughing at this

Chapter 32: If It Aint One Thing, It’s Another.


“Can pregnant people get tatts?” I asked Alisha as I was finished up her new tattoo. She chuckled and playfully pushed me. We been laughing this whole time.

“You’re fucking dumb. How’s your little one, though?” Alisha laughed as she asked me about Amarie. I was about to speak until her fuck ass baby daddy started laughing to himself. This nigga was weird and he was pissing me off. He seemed like a snake ass mf. And he looked too damn familiar. If he took this black ass hoodie off, I’d probably be able to tell.

“She ain’t doing too good..” I mumbled, ignoring him cause if I said something it would’ve led to me getting mad which would’ve let to me fucking up Alisha’s arm.

“I feel so bad for her.” Alisha frowned, patting my back with her other hand. Damn, you could tell her bd ain’t give a fuck about her cause if bliss did that shit, she wouldn’t be allowed out the house anymore. That goes for any girlfriend of mines.

“You? I do. I’m just ready for Raye to come back from this lifetime ass vacation she taking. I should be petty and get custody of Ri but nah I ain’t gone do that cause I know how much of a strong bond they have. Raye could come back in 5 years and Ri would still be happy to see her.” I chuckled, thinking about all the times I seen Raye react with Ri. They were so close, I don’t understand how Raye is going this long without her. Once again, Alisha’s baby daddy started laughing, breaking me out of my thoughts. She sucked her teeth and looked at him like he was dumb. He was pissing me off too. “What is your problem?” She asked him as he stood up to stretch and grab his keys.

“Ay, I’m bout to go do somethin-” His keys and phone falling out of his pocket cut him off. I looked at his lock screen and saw his hand locked in with a female hand. The tattoo on the female’s wrist let me know exactly who it was. What the fuck?

“What? So how am I supposed to get home?” I heard Alisha ask him as he shrugged before leaving. This nigga really ain’t shit. He probably wasn’t even going to go do something important. I know I’m mean, but I’m not that damn mean. I got a heart.

“Chris can you ple-” Alisha started to ask me, but I had cut her off. I can’t believe she asked me like I was gone say no or something. She’s pregnant, who wouldn’t take her home? Besides her ain’t shit ass baby daddy.

“Yea, you know I got you. Don’t even gotta ask.” I told her as I gave her an assuring smile.


I’m so fucking ready to get home. I been out at the shop all damn day, and it’s been busy as hell there. I just wanna go home to a nice hot meal and chill with my 2 favorite girls. Is that too much to ask for?

Once I got in the Raye’s house( Ri always asks us to spend a night over here like once every week) it was mad quiet causing me to suck my teeth. I ain’t smell no food either, where the hell Bliss at? I know she ain’t sleep, a nigga is starving. Thought I was gonna come home to a nice dinner, what kind of girlfriend is she?

Jogging upstairs to the guest room, the first thing I spotted was half naked body sprawled out across the bed. “Bliss, go cook.” I said in her ear as I roughly shook her because she was a hard sleeper. Sucking her teeth, she pushed me away from her and turned the opposite direction. “I cook every damn day, I’m tired.” She mumbled causing me to suck my teeth. She bout to be left in this bitch by herself then cause Ri and I are about to go get something to eat.

Before I went to Ri’s room, some ultrasound pictures on the dresser caught my eye. Rushing over to them, I picked them up in excitement and tried to study what I could see. That head though. I wonder how many months along is Bliss. Chuckling to myself, I sat them back down and made a mental note to check them again later. I gotta go check on Ri first.

Once I got to Ri’s room, she was sitting on the floor just looking off into space, shaking. She been doing this shit a lot lately and it’s scaring me. Sitting down next to her, I tried to hold her hands but the red and purple bruises on her arms caught my eye. I started to notice some on her neck too.

“Who did this?” I asked out of disbelief. By now, my blood was boiling. Who the fuck would do such a thing to a nice, innocent 3 year old? Where the fuck is Bliss at? She was supposed to be watching her.

“Amarie, I need you to tell me who did this.” I said calmly as I rose her chin up to look at me. Her face was towards me, but her eyes were looking at the ground while she shook her head no. Sighing, I got up and stormed back into the guest room. A nigga wasn’t even hungry anymore.

“BLISS WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO RI?” My voice boomed throughout the room as I threw a pillow at her. Sucking her teeth, she sat up threw it back at me with a confused face.

“What are you talking about? Don’t come in here cursing me out. Do you not remember calling August to watch her because I told you that I was sleepy? Go yell at August!” Bliss yelled back at me as I thought about what happened earlier. Oh shit, I sure did call August.

“I’m sorry, I forgot. I’m bout to kill this nigga.” I mumbled to myself.

“What happened to her?” Bliss asked, looking concerned as she got out of the bed. I wish I knew what happened. “I don’t know, she won’t tell me. She got bruises and shit every where and she looks traumatized.” I explained to Bliss as she gasped and rushed to Ri’s room, with me following behind her.

“Amarie, baby what happened?” Bliss asked in an assuring tone as she looked at Ri with a frown on her face. Shockingly, Ri fell into Bliss arms and started crying. Shit made me wanna cry. “Go call August, I got this. I’m gonna go take her a bath.” Bliss told me as she picked Amarie and took her into her bathroom.

Sighing, I pulled my phone out my pocket and immediately dialed August’ number. It rang like 5 times until he answered. “What’s poppin’?” He said in a raspy voice, letting me know he was smoking.

“Why the fuck does Ri got bruises everywhere?” I asked, getting straight to the point as he started choking his life away. Don’t tell me this nigga don’t know what happened either.

“Swear? Dude, I told you I had to leave to go to a meeting so I had put her in the room with Bliss. She must’ve been all around the house. Shit, I should’ve told Bliss she was in there, you know she a hard ass sleeper. Damn brodie’, I’m on my way. I’m so sorry.” August explained before quickly hanging up. I need some fucking answers.

While I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, Raye’s username caught my eye. What in the actual fuck? Scrolling back up to the picture, I noticed that it was a picture of Ri smiling. 

rayeisbae: pretty just like her mama 😍😏💘😛😋

She looked like she was laying on somebody but they just cropped theirselves out. Wait, hold up. I put her that EXACT black shirt on today and I remember her hair being all over the place. Raye went to see her? Nah, she would’ve called me all excited to see her mom. Who the fuck.. Then those emojis started adding up. Wouldn’t nobody but a pedophile ass nigga leave those emojis for a little girl. I’m gonna fucking kill Raye.

“Uh Chris..” I heard Bliss say in a shaky voice, sounding like she was about to cry. Damn, what is it now? Shit has been happening left and right. Every time I blink, BOOM! Some tragic shit has happened. Kind of reminds me of that dubsmash.. 

“Wassup?” I called out, loud enough for her to hear.

“I think we need to go to the h-hospital..” She said as her voice cracked, indicating that she was crying. Quickly tossing my phone on the bed, I rushed into the bathroom to see Bliss crying while Amarie was sitting in the tub. Starting to ask her whatwas wrong, that’s when I seen a little blood in the water and that’s when everything went black. 

Why does iKON rip their shirts off in every program I watch like PLEASE HAVE SOME MERCY ON ME I CAN’T HANDLE YOU ALL SHOVING YOUR ABS AT MY FACE

Aphrodite was sitting happily with her crab Niwa in her hands talking to him and seeming to have a good conversation. But it was suddenly stopped as someone mad a disgusted noise. “Again? No wonder you have no friends.” A neighbor girl that has always given her problems said to her. They moved in about a month ago. Looking up at the other girl for a second she then looked at Niwa her fingers curling a bit. 

Suddenly though Niwa was out of her hands in in the hands of the girl her fingers squeezing near his head. “No!” Aphrodite yells standing making the other laugh. “What scared for your little friend?” She laughs squeezing hand enough she crushes the crab in her hands dropping it onto the ground. Aphrodite scrambles and picks up her small friend in tears and as the girl went into the water she looked up with a sinister look on her face. Soon a swam of reef sharks surrounded the girl picking her apart slowly causing Aphrodite to smile. Ignoring her screams she got up and went to bury Niwa in the sand.


I think older people claim music is better from their generation because they have so many memories attached to those songs.

Like I know I am gonna hear a Drake/Nicki/whoever current rn song on the classic radio station one day and I am gonna be like “damn, remember when” and no song they are playing in 2040 on the radio could ever replace the memories/feelings I had when I was a teenager in 2015 driving around with friends singing those songs.

liamsen asked:

Assuming post: I assume that you are, as far as I noticed from some tumblr conversations, a very appreciative, esteeming person. You are always respectful and kind but not in a boring way at all! I think you have a lot of backbone and yo're on a good way. ahhhh I really don't know you (just a tiny tiny bit and a little form mirasen?), these are just guessings. But i don't know, I just wanted to write you this


Wait actually can I just call real quick because I can’t wait that long to hear your voice. I know I’m in pain but I just really want to hear you when you say hello and when you say I love you and goodbye and you do your cute little smile laugh thing that I don’t think you notice you do but you do and God I fucking love it.
—  My tummy was hurting too much to talk tonight but I just really wanted to at least hear him say these things.

When you’re making your little laugh so much that her mommys phone lens couldn’t capture the moment fast enough.

Little Update from the Stay Fearless Khloe Facebook page–
Thank you so much for all the prayers and support for our girl yesterday!
Our little did awesome at her checkup! While under, her Doctor noticed that her tumor has flattened out a little but there has been an increase in the fluid in her eye. He preformed cryotherapy and lasering so Khlo’s eye was a little swollen. She will have a month break and will return to CHLA for another checkup under anesthesia with the chance of cryotherapy and lasering. She is recovering great and is back to just enjoying her summer break!
Thank you again for all the well wishes, love and prayers! They don’t go unnoticed and they are so appreciated. We hope you all have an incredible weekend! Take care!
#StayFearlessKhloe #MoreThan4 #NeverEverGiveUpLikeEver #FaithFamilyandTaylorSwift

so I went to Manchester Comic Con today (I was the girl in the BTS Jimin shirt and leather skirt) and I’m so happy because I bought a 10 pack of BTS posters, BTS and 2NE1 badges, Homura and Charlotte badges, a GD mask and BTS’ MINI ALBUM I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT I’M CRYING