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One of the biggest moments in a pregnancy is finding whether your baby is a little girl or a little boy, and Marco and Madison Cavaliere were no exceptions to that stigma. Ever since they found out they were pregnant they each had their own ideas of what their baby would be. Marco had the instinctive thought that since his family was full of boys that the trait would carry and another baby boy would be brought into their lives. Madison however, by mother’s intuition, just knew that the baby would be a perfect little princess. The debate between them never ended, both nagging at each other for their own reasons why they thought the baby would be what they figured it would be.

One day would finally bring all of the wondering and guessing to an end: the day of their highly anticipated gender reveal. The parties and announcements had gone viral for years online, and Marco and Madison had already made their own plans as to how they would find out the gender of their baby. Still, in order to have the small family party they had planned, the ultrasound had to come first. Marco could feel knots forming in his stomach as they waited in the lobby of their midwife’s office, his hand clamped tightly around Madison’s. “I wonder what the baby will look like,” he finally uttered to his wife, cutting through the silence in the room. The ultrasound was 4D after all, so they could see their little baby’s features at its stage in development. “I hope that she can get a clear enough picture of everything.”


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Can please I get a link to all your dad bucky fics?

Okay from the order that I published them:

Радость моя - My Joy

Bucky begins to act like the protective Dad he is

Super Mom 

You’re baby is sick and Bucky is just trying is best but your baby is stubborn

моя любовь - My Love

Bucky comes home after a mission and needs to make sure his girls are alright

не происходит - Not Happening

Your daughter isn’t even in school yet and she’s got boys lining up. Bucky says it’s not happening though.

с днем ​​рождения - Happy Birthday

Bucky is going to make sure his little girl has the best birthday party ever.

I’ll Protect You

Your daughter is afraid of the monsters lurking in her room so Bucky decides to take matters in his own hands.

малышка - Baby

It’s your daughters first sleepover and Bucky is freaking out.

The great thing about all of them is that you don’t actually have to read them in order. They’re just Bucky being a dad and I hope you’ll like them.

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I feel really dumb saying this, but yesterday after a match of OW i got hate mail saying i should kms. I shouldn't let it get to me but this is the first time I've ever received hate mail and I'm still a bit shaken. Could i have some ratjunk? -Relateablepicturesofjunkrat

ratjunk is here for you *thumbs up*

Dino: Ice Cream (Soulmate!AU)

anonymous asked: i loved your soulmate dream AU with hoshi!!! i was wondering if you could do the same thing with chan :^)) thank you!

-Admin Syrup

  • no one ever told you about “soulmates” so you never knew that was an actual thing…
  • but you had your first dream about your soulmate when you were 7
  • in your first dream, you find yourself walking through a forest—it’s morning so the forest is well-lit, and it’s peaceful and comforting; there’s no other sound other than your own footsteps  
  • and then you feel a tap on your shoulder and you jump probably about 5 feet in the air because you’re like wHAT I THOUGht I was ALONE??? and you’re ready to fight with your little fists tbh
  • but when you turn around there’s a boy around your age, and he’s wearing a sky blue t-shirt and khaki shorts and he just has this big smile on his face…and he’s like “hi you wanna play in my treehouse?” and you’re like “…”
  • but he whips out his ULTIMATE SECRET WEAPON and says, “come on, i’ll give you ice cream after” and you kind of look at him suspiciously like…seems fake but…okay

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M boys for the bath thing?

Ruki - *smirks at you, watching you* “Help? Oh… I do believe you are doing fine on your own livestock.”

Yuma - *snorts, shaking his head* “The little piglet sure has a lot of energy.” *kneels down, helping you* “Now, don’t be stupid and let me get the mud off you.”

Kou - *giggles* “Look at that, both of my little kitties are wet~” *winks* “Although one in a different way than the other~” *winks, humming at your flustered expression*

Azusa - *tilts his head at the both of you smiling* “Hm… How cute… You want… help?” 

From one Pretty Boy to the next, you will love this shirt. Get yours from @flavntstreetwear & help @seethestarsablaze raise money for his top surgery because who doesn’t wanna see more of that boy shirtless? 🙋🏽‍♂️ I mean, I know I wouldn’t mind. Don’t forget to use my name as a discount code to even put a little back in your own pocket.

fingertips tugged at the hem, which was lacing the bottom of his shirt, as he occupied a bench that was minutes from the apartment complex, in which he resided in — little did the passerby’s know that he’d managed to get himself locked out… surely, if they did, judgemental glares would be burning into his flesh, by now. contemplating, as hues fixated themselves on his torn jeans, the boy was lost in his own head space, until he felt the presence of another stood before him, “am— am i in your spot?” he clumsily spluttered out, not daring to look up at the body that was adjacent his own.

pocket spotlight: Namjoon

HappyRMday!!! Here is a sample of my favorite RM-centric scenarios that I’ve written. Enjoy! ♥︎Admin K

Originally posted by wreckitrapmon

An inside look (Namjoon ver): Namjoon’s clumsiness reaches life-threatening proportions when a pocket-sized you begins living at the Bangtan dorm.

Mission impossible: The boys have a hard time sleeping through Rap Monster’s snoring, so for a pocket-sized person, this mission is damn near impossible.

A very special kim daily: ARMYs never saw this KimDaily coming…

The icing on the cake: When Namjoon takes his teasing too far, you get to have your cake and eat it too

Cool me down: When it comes to you, Kim Namjoon is pretty smooth

A little word of advice: You just wanted to help the leader out in your own little way…

Not for the faint of heart: Namjoon is just Too Much sometimes…

Revenge is sweet (it tastes like apples): Kim Namjoon must have kept the entire dorm awake with his snores last night - everyone seems to have it in for the poor guy today.

And I wished to be that star for you: Namjoon is the brilliant Ravenclaw with eyes filled with stars and hair that shines as silver as the moon he seems to love so much. (Hogwarts au)

Forever we are young: What would Bangtan be without their leader? (What would the leader be without ARMY?)

Other spotlight compilations:

Snuggles // Cringe // Cheeky Brat // Jealousy // Comfort // Yoongi

“Fist bump,” Chat murmurs to Ladybug, holding out his hand.

“Huh?” she asks. She stares at his fist, blinking slowly. “Oh! Oh, right. Right.” She stifles a yawn and gently presses her knuckles against his. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine, I feel the same.” He holds back his own yawn as Ladybug turns to the akuma victim.

“The paramedics will help you,” she promises, helping the little boy to his feet.

His eyes go wide. “Did I—”

“It’s not your fault,” Ladybug says firmly. Chat is surprised she can manages the tone. “It’s not your fault at all.” She gently moves him towards the EMTs who are running over.

im digging through my drive trying to find snips to post so here’s the beginning of a little thing that i finished but can’t post yet bc Reasons

Ask Meme

I was tagged by the lovely @songofanothersummer, I always tag her. I assume she is getting me back. ;)

countries i’ve lived in: The US

favorite fandom: Star Wars, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy 8 and 10, Firefly.

languages you speak: English, and a little ASL. I need to start practicing again!

fav film of 2015: S W T F A (Same)

last article you read: About training your German Shepherd, he is headed to obedience school.

put your music on shuffle and list the first three songs here:

- “Silent All These Years” Tori Amos
- “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” Brand New
- “Life for Rent” Dido

last thing you bought online: Presents for a good friend, his wife and two kids. His daughter is in and out of the hospital right now. Send positive thoughts, please.

any phobias or fears: I am a bit claustrophobic, probably from my childhood and PTSD. And I do have a mild fear of spiders which I have been sensitive to lately. 

how would your friends describe you: Silly, loving and a dork.

how would your enemies describe you: I really don’t care what they have to say. To be completely honest.

who would you take a bullet for: My dog, my adopted sisters and my best friend.

if you had any money to spare what would you buy first: A car. I really need a car. Like now.

I’m tagging : @a-better-ghost , @giggletoday@theglycoprotein , @phoenixheartsongrising , @wednesdayshambles 

Only ladies today. :)


Artwork inspired by Nyxelestia’s wonderful fics on AO3:

Frost Bite (Part 2 of Winter Wolves)

The last living relative of Bucky Barnes seems to be a normal teenager in a quiet and weird little town in California.

 The keyword being ‘seems’.

 “You’re Captain America!” the boy shouted in disbelief.

 Steve smiled and nodded sheepishly. He glanced at the sheriff, whose eyebrows were also going up as he looked Steve over, and then looked back at the boy.

 “Yeah, I…I am. The original one,” Steve added, focusing on the boy. “Your grand-uncle…Bucky Barnes was my best friend growing up, and his family practically adopted me when my own died. I…I always planned to come back to his family, even after he died. When I…woke up, a few months ago, I looked for his family. And that’s…well, you.”

 Stiles’ mouth opened and closed as he gaped in shock.

Talking Cure (Part 3 of Winter Wolves)

Stiles’ uncle is Captain America, his father is the town Sheriff, and now his best friend is a werewolf. With threats coming from three different directions, it’s no wonder Stiles is so used to danger.

He hadn’t expected getting too used to it.

  That was probably why he was so blindsided when he found Captain America #1 in one of the boxes of old books. He traced the bowdlerized Bucky on the cover, and snorted at the cheesy cover with Steve punching Hitler in the face.

 Stiles remembered Steve talking about the shows and how the act included punching Hitler in the face. Mostly from Steve talking about the actor who played Hitler. As the only two men in a show otherwise made up of USO chorus girls, they’d been tight.

  Most of the time, Steve was just Steve Rogers, Stiles’ adoptive grand-uncle, the extended family Stiles never even knew he wanted. It always felt like a punch to the gut every time the universe reminded him that his uncle was also Captain America, the First Avenger and a Hero of New York.

Trust the Instinct (Part 1 of Everyone Has a Story)

Scott and Derek don’t like each other, their packs even less so. The last thing they want is to cooperate with each other. But between Gerard, the Kanima, and whoever its master is, they don’t really have a choice.

 Scott tries to keep everyone alive. Stiles tries to keep his friends and family from dying. Allison tries not to wish she was dead. Jackson and Lydia are desperately not admitting they’re losing their minds, Derek is a failure of an alpha, and his betas don’t even notice because of how upside-down their worlds have become. Chris wants to know what’s happening to his family, the Sheriff wants to know what’s going on in this weird town, and Danny wants to know what it is that no one is telling him.

 This is Beacon Hills. Everyone Has a Story.

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Hi i would like to request a scenario of a s/o who loves pervy jokes or puns??(also would like to know if you got my match-up ask) GOOD LUCK WITH THE BLOG!!!👍👌👏😁


Oh man, if it’s pervy jokes/puns then this is the one Matsu that’s more than ready to back you up on that! At first he’d be surprised by how dirty your jokes can get, but sure enough it easily becomes one of his favorite things about you. He’d constantly try to play “dirty joke chicken” with you and see how far either of you can take it before the other backs down.


Karamatsu’s never been one for dirty jokes or even sly innuendos. He tries to be as much of a gentleman as possible but with you he’d try to budge on that a little bit. He would oh so desperately try to get used to your humor and attempt to dish out some pervy jokes of his own, but the poor boy can’t so much as manage even a simple 3rd-grade curse word.


He’s had to grow up with someone like Osomatsu so he’s already survived the worst jokes possible. That doesn’t mean he likes them though and would get super flustered when he hears such language come out of your mouth. He’d ask you to stop and sure, you would tone it down, but it’s still super fun to drop in a joke like that if only to make him blush like that.


He’s not one for super obvious dirty jokes but if you happen to murmur some on the down low to him he’d really get a kick out of that. While his humor is mostly dark, he can manage to share some dirty jokes of his own with you. In time he would really REALLY enjoy these jokes, treating them like a dirty little secret that you two share.


Whenever he tries to say a dirty joke it doesn’t really come off as humor but rather as… observation. You find that you can’t be too subtle with your jokes otherwise he wouldn’t understand them, but if you’re a lot more open about it he would laugh endlessly at your jokes. Of course he’d be so happy he’d repeat them to his brothers so…. just be wary about that.


Oh he’d be absolutely horrified at the filth coming out of your mouth and ask you to please not say jokes like that. At least, not out loud. While he sees most blatant dirty jokes as something vile and unfunny, he can get a kick of of small, sly jokes quietly whispered between you two. After all, he wants to preserve this image of a cute, sweet couple.

russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

That white friend your momma warned you about!Bucky talks back to his own momma all the damn time and Sam can not believe his eyes/ears as this little boy tells his mother who bore him to get out of his room during a visit. Bucky literally does that thing yt kids in movies do where they just respond "Out" when they parents ask where they going late at night. Bucky gets his car keys confiscated then goes right into her room, into her dessert and takes them back like it's nothing

sam when he realised the kind of life bucky’s living:

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♥ She smiled ruefully and shook her head. 'Where do I even begin? I love your looks, and your charm, and the little furrow in between your eyebrows. I love your quirky sense of humour and your nose and the way you look after our boys. I love how you smell and the pure sexiness you exude. I love your eyes and I love your soul. I just loved me half as much in return...'

“What are you talking about?” He pressed his forehead to her own. “I love you more than you love macchiatos.”

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Ties a bandage around the hilt of his sword and tries to swing it around the way you do, but can't get it to stop hitting the floor. "How do you do this, Uncle Shiro?" - strawberryssun

Honestly it’s probably for the best that the kid hasn’t figured that one out yet. There would be no mistaking where he got it from when he destroyed something or hurt someone. But he’ll indulge the question anyway: someone’s gotta teach the boy how to fight.

“You gotta have more control over your sword first.” Pulling his own sword free, he holds it out straight in front of him, clean above little Kazui’s head, to show a strong and steady stance and grip. “Don’t think of it as a sword, think of it as part of you that you can manipulate at will just like you do your own body.” Of course that’s only part of it and he glances down with a smirk, “Might help ta wait ‘till you grow a few more inches too.”

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Hello! I'd like to ask for a writing prompt where FroBin are mom and dad taking the straw-hat 'kids' trick or treating~ thank you and have a lovely day~

🎊 100 Word Prompt 🎊


“Yes, Nami?” Robin asked as she held her little girl’s hand, leading her around the neighborhood on a cool Halloween night.

Her feline-dressed daughter glanced back and wondered aloud, “How come we aren’t walking with everyone else?”

“Because they are upsetting me.” Stated Robin with such a bright smile on her face towards her favourite child.

The ‘docking’ costume that her husband had convinced his sons to participate in was an absolute embarrassment.

“Pirate Docking 6! Giant Robot Warrior! BIG EMPEROR!” The boys screamed in unison.

Robin felt a part of her die inside, knowing that was her family.

If you’d like your own 100-word story, send me an ask with your request!

It’s okay ::: Closed ::: Aidan & Ben

“Aidan, my love, come here.” Ben called from the kitchen. When his boy was there he took a deep breath and let it out. “We need to talk about Bryce. And before you get into your head, I’ll force you two to talk, I’ll make things clear. I’m not asking you anything, especially not to forgive him, that’s on your own terms, my love. He’ll be in the guestroom with Kadyn, when Kadyn isn’t sleeping in my bedroom. I don’t want him to feel rejected no matter what is between you and him. But don’t think I’m punishing you. You’re the one who still share my bed every night. But if it gets too much, you can sleep once a week at the loft.” the guard explained calmly.


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I came across a post the other day on accident. It said that "Hook has a habit of mistreating young boys because he orphaned and abandoned his own little brother after he orphaned and abandoned his step-son (even if him and Milah's relationship wasn't legal) and therefore should not be allowed alone with Henry". I can't say anything because it infuriates me, but I often look to others (like you) for rational words to counteract this nonsensical crap.

Well, you’ve answered your own question. It’s nonsensical crap. By that definition Regina shouldn’t be allowed near Henry either because she sent hundreds of children to their deaths at the hands of the Blind Witch. Not to mention the villages she murdered. And she was gonna kill baby Emma. And she DID poison Henry! 

That idiotic argument also forgets that Mini Bagel forced Killian’s hand in Neverland. When Bae found out Killian was the pirate who “killed” his mother, he didn’t want to listen to Killian’s explanation of what really happened. Or how Milah wanted to come back for him. He threw a tantrum, brandished a sword and demanded to leave the ship. Killian would have fought Pan’s minions to the death to protect Bae but when faced with the choice between a bratty teenager who clearly didn’t want to be there and the safety of his crew, he chose his crew. I would have too. BAE MADE A CHOICE. It’s past time his stand accept that his choices are almost uniformly shitty.

As for Liam 2.0, I have my doubts that that kid is even really Brennan’s son. His BS story about the TLK makes zero sense and I wouldn’t be shocked if he just paid some kid to pretend to be his to garner sympathy. The man is a dick. And if he was Brennan’s, I agree with Killian. He would have found a way to abandon that kid too.

Bottom line, ignore all that garbage.

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Have you seen/heard of the anime Fruits Basket? ( definitely recommend) Curious, how would the Matsu boys react if their female s/o being a member of the zodiac curse?

I have! I absolutely love that show–it’s a nostalgic comfort anime for me and I always enjoy rewatching it when I have excessive free time~!

Of course upon initially finding out, the boys would be undoubtedly surprised, so I decided to skip that part and get into how they’d really feel about it. I hope that’s cool!

Osomatsu would be a little bummed that he couldn’t really get close to you, but would quickly find his own ways around it. He would think your ability to transform into your designated zodiac was really cool, even though it technically was a curse, and would always be there to cheer you up about it anytime you began to feel trapped or frustrated because of it.

Karamatsu would also feel a little saddened that he wouldn’t be able to embrace you in his arms, but would easily switch gears to put more emphasis on other means of affection to make up for it instead. He would never fail to tell you how amazed he was with your existence and would always offer a shoulder to cry on or ear to vent to should you ever need it.

Choromatsu, being the worrywart that he is, would always fret over you and the possibilities of people accidentally causing you to transform in public, but at the end of the day he just really cares about your safety and wants you to always be happy~ He’d also of course be really wary showing his affections, in case he’d be overcome with eagerness and forget, but at least he’s trying! 

Ichimatsu really wouldn’t feel that much differently about his s/o, only taking their curse as another important trait of their character. He’d do his best to take in and understand everything you had to tell him about it, but would ultimately treat you the same as always, just wanting you to always feel normal and comfortable. Of course it wouldn’t dawn upon him until later that he couldn’t cuddle with you, but that was hardly something he couldn’t work around.

Jyushimatsu would have the hardest time with the curse, seeing as hugging his s/o is his absolute favorite thing to do, but he’d easily accept this part of you and would think it absolutely amazing that you could shape shift upon intimate contact with the opposite sex! He’d happily find alternatives to show his affections, though he might accidentally forget sometimes out of excitement!

Todomatsu wouldn’t really have a struggle adjusting around the whole hugging thing, but sometimes he’d find himself really wishing he could, like when you did something exceptionally cute or when he needed some cheering up. Other than that though, he’d think it was pretty neat that you could turn into an animal, but he may have some trouble keeping that kind of bragging from his friends!