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Look. I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED OKAY. I feel like I got hit by a Danish freight train. One minute I’m all “that Hannibal dude looks weird and creepy” and the next minute I’m all “goddamn he looks good in a sewer covered in goo, I’d do him.”


All I know is he does that wicked little smile and my knees turn to jelly.

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hey nissi! do you know of any recent fics what are 20k+ in word count?? :) any pairing ofc! ilyy thank you for the laughs your blog gives me<3

ok most of these are gonna be 10k+ bc.. i havent read many 20k+ recently sry
- switch by rosiex; yoonkook
- inc. by minverse; yoonjin
you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece) by kafeuka; jikook
for you, anything. by kadotas; vmin
- burn it up by pornographicpenguin; yoonmin
- the good doctor by snarcsics; jikook
- look it up by indifferentyoongi; yoonmin
- fool me once by bazooka; yoonkook
- wanderer’s teahouse by skeleton_soups; vhope
- like the dawn by deuxoiseaux; yoonseok
- knight by junglecore; yoonmin
- once upon a timeshare by namakemono; jikook
call me (whenever you want me) by jhopeg; vmin
call it magic, call it true by pjmin; yoonmin

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Supercorp + Highschool

“I can’t just- just!” Kara waved her hands around for a second.

“Use your words, Kara!” Winn laughed, watching Kara flail around for a few more seconds.

“I can’t just talk to her!”

“Kara! Yes you can!” Winn lowered his voice. “Don’t you see her staring at you all the time?” He glanced over at Lena who was looking at Kara with interest.

“Winn! She’s the most popular, not to mention more beautiful, girl in school! A-and I’m me…”

“Aw Kara, you’re great! She’s totally into you don’t worry!” Winn got up and grabbed Kara’s hand. He marched her over to where Lena was sitting. Lena looked up, surprised to see Kara in front of her. “Well, see ya later Kara!” Winn said loudly and then fast walked towards the vending machines and hid behind one. Kara looked back at him helplessly and he threw her an encouraging thumbs up.

“Hello, Kara.” Lena said while smiling amusedly.

“H-hi.” Kara stared at Lena, amazed that she was this close to the girl.

“Did you want something, Kara?” Lena chuckled.

“Oh! Oh yeah! Um- I, well I was wondering if you wanted to get coffee after school today…”

Lena looked at her, surprised. “You want to go out for coffee? With me?”

“Y-yeah! Of course.” Kara beamed but then faltered. “Unless you don’t want to…”

“Oh no! I do!” Lena smiled. “I’ll see you after school today, then.”

“C-cool.” Kara stuttered, and then ran to Winn, high fiving him. Lena just shook her head, laughing.

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Me: even though it’s Christmas, you shouldn’t erase Jewish characters, or other non-white, non-Christian character traditions.

tumblr user jony130: what kind of sjw bullshit is this there’s no such thing as anybody in the world being different from my privileged white self

Seriously! I need to leave the bed!!!

I haven’t spent this much time on my back since college.”
Sloane laughed. “It’s a good look for you, Rookie.”
“You asking me out on a date? Because I don’t date assholes,” Dex grumbled, sitting up.
“I may be an asshole, but even I’ve got standards.
—  Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet

also I really don’t know why anyone is surprised/shocked by anything Negan says or does. it’s Negan. he’s the biggest villain this show will probably ever see. he is NOT a good person. and it’s very easy to fall into this love/hate thing with him. he’s gross and creepy and murderous, but then he says something that makes you laugh your ass off. plus he’s very attractive. it doesn’t make you bad or weird if you have conflicting feelings about him.

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(1/2) dear m, you're the entire universe. your eyes are galaxies, your face is a sun, your laugh is the birth of stars. i am the satellite orbiting you — caught in your gravity but never close enough to touch you. i wish we could go back to the start of it all, when we were an inseparable binary star system at the beginning of creation and i felt whole. now there's just a tiny black hole in my heart where you used to be. - l

(2/2) i still love you, you know. you’re so fucking beautiful that it takes my breath away, and i would do anything to make you smile. but i guess some galaxies aren’t meant to collide. - l

(return to sender.)

You wake up to the prints of his bedsheets on your skin and you break a little at how well you fit together when you’re both asleep and quiet. These skin maps tell you not everything you give each other has to be born out of anger. You love him so much, you’ll never admit you love the idea of what you could be even more. You’ll never be that with him and he knows.

You spoke with your sister. You asked, “Why did we cry so much at the end?” You’re talking about a film you watched. She says, “We’re like that. We feel things all at once.”

It rained last night on your way home. You laughed in secret. I think you spend too much time traveling alone. You’re waiting for someone, something to take your heart. God, but the earth almost circled the Sun. You’d think she would’ve confessed by now.

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I feel the need to send this every single time you stream league, but your voice is cute, your laugh is cute, and you're cute. I love that you're so nice to your followers and your viewers, and I love that I have the chance to interact with you, even if it is only through twitch chat.

Well you’re welcome to add me on Discord! If you use it that is.

Thank you though, although I still reject the concept of cuteness.

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that feel when you're completely alone when you're mixed and you just see your best friend laughing and having fun without you on social media and you just feel the paranoia kick in and the hopelessness washes over you and you feel like you're never gonna be good enough for anyone ever and you're so bored you want to just sleep but you can't

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Could I get some advice? Ok so I've been off tumblr for a bit, 'cause reasons and anyway now I'm back and looking at my feed and realised that I don't really beling here/am needed here... do you think I should get off here all together? Thanks :)

Hey anon,

First off I’m really happy you sent me a message :) and second, I’m not great at advice but I’m gunna do my best because I really wanna help you.

The thing you need to know about this website is you belong no matter who you are or where you’re from.

You reblogged a supernatural gif? You’ve been adopted into the SPN family.

You reblogged a teen wolf post? You’re part of the fandom.

Your laugh at a joke from a shitpost? You’re a member of the Tumblr community.

As for being needed, hon I don’t exactly contribute much to this website aside form the occasional rant and some videos now and then. Mostly all I do is reblog and comment on other peoples work. That by itself can be contributing, sometimes writers and artists need validation and ego boosts and they need someone to comment and tell them how fantastic they are. If you’re like me then that’s how you can be needed, hell I know I often need to hear the things people say about my singing.

I can’t tell you if you should stay or go but I can tell you that there are probably more people who would miss having you on their dash. If you’re ever in doubt and feeling down you could probably call for the @cookie–anon to make you feel better too.

In the meantime have a hug my dear anon because you are fabulous.

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