evgeni malkin // taking your son to practice

warnings: none

who: geno x reader

premise: geno decides to take your son to practice with him


The first sign that something was up was the silence. In your house, with a four year old and a husband as loud as yours, silence was as rare as Sidney Crosby skipping practice: it never happened. Still, you managed to collect your nerves and allow yourself to look around before jumping to any conclusions. You figured Geno was already at practice, but you were surprised that your son hadn’t already woken you up to eat cheerios and watch cartoons.

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the signs as nice things
  • aries: cute tipsy girls giggling as they help each other walk home; relaxing on a sofa after a long day; when a friend remembers a favorite thing of yours
  • taurus: discovering a new band or artist that you quickly come to love; a thoughtful thank-you note; finding just what you wanted at the mall for half-off
  • gemini: taking the perfect selfie; the excitement of waiting for your favorite band's album to be released; a friend texting you silly puns to make you laugh
  • cancer: the crunch of leaves under your feet; your friend's dog remembering who you are and being delighted to see you; forehead kisses
  • leo: a nostalgic scent that takes you back to old soft memories; slowly waking up from a restful nap; smiling at a baby and them smiling back
  • virgo: seeing a rare animal in person and holding your breath, hoping it won't run away; meeting someone who has the same embarrassing fannish interest; finding a $5 bill on the floor
  • libra: sharing candy with friends; the sound of your mother's laugh; curling under blankets on a cold night
  • scorpio: the sound of wind chimes; perfect hair days; videos of tiny baby animals
  • sagittarius: finding something you thought you'd lost; praise from a teacher you admire; the smell of cookies baking
  • capricorn: warm soup on cold days; the quiet hour before dawn, feeling peace seep into your bones; the glow of accomplishment after doing well
  • aquarius: a friend falling asleep on your shoulder; the excited buzz after watching an amazing movie; watching your favorite flower bloom
  • pisces: a content cat purring in your lap; laughing so hard your abs hurt; a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee; a smell that reminds you of home; when your panties and bra match perfectly; winning an argument and watching the other person sulk about it; inside jokes that make you smile even years later
  • Me: I hope your cat runs away
  • Friend: I hope you step on a lego
  • Me: I hope you get burned in a fire
  • Friend: I hope the Vegas Video will never be uploaded
  • Me: ....
  • Friend: I am so sorry
  • Me: *starts crying* its okay
  • Friends: *hugs and pats back* its okay just let it out
  • Me: I really want to see it
  • Friend: its okay we all do