fanart of TEW fic A Nail Through a Star by croik

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve really been enjoying croik’s story! There were a bunch of scenes that really stuck with me, but upon rereading, I had to draw this from chapter 2. This is one of my fav TEW fics, I just wanted to show my support and say that I’m excited for more :)

the signs as nice things
  • aries: cute tipsy girls giggling as they help each other walk home; relaxing on a sofa after a long day; when a friend remembers a favorite thing of yours
  • taurus: discovering a new band or artist that you quickly come to love; a thoughtful thank-you note; finding just what you wanted at the mall for half-off
  • gemini: taking the perfect selfie; the excitement of waiting for your favorite band's album to be released; a friend texting you silly puns to make you laugh
  • cancer: the crunch of leaves under your feet; your friend's dog remembering who you are and being delighted to see you; forehead kisses
  • leo: a nostalgic scent that takes you back to old soft memories; slowly waking up from a restful nap; smiling at a baby and them smiling back
  • virgo: seeing a rare animal in person and holding your breath, hoping it won't run away; meeting someone who has the same embarrassing fannish interest; finding a $5 bill on the floor
  • libra: sharing candy with friends; the sound of your mother's laugh; curling under blankets on a cold night
  • scorpio: the sound of wind chimes; perfect hair days; videos of tiny baby animals
  • sagittarius: finding something you thought you'd lost; praise from a teacher you admire; the smell of cookies baking
  • capricorn: warm soup on cold days; the quiet hour before dawn, feeling peace seep into your bones; the glow of accomplishment after doing well
  • aquarius: a friend falling asleep on your shoulder; the excited buzz after watching an amazing movie; watching your favorite flower bloom
  • pisces: a content cat purring in your lap; laughing so hard your abs hurt; a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee; a smell that reminds you of home; when your panties and bra match perfectly; winning an argument and watching the other person sulk about it; inside jokes that make you smile even years later
The right words

„I love you“, Dean says, staring blankly at an invisible point on the wall behind his angel’s head who is sitting on the couch while he himself is standing at the door.

Maybe he will have to run away. Oh, approximately he will have to run away. Really, really fast. Don’t get your hopes up, boy.

Dean can feel Cas’ gaze on him and as he finally gathers his courage to sneak a peek, Cas has already looked up from the magazine in his hands. Knitting his brows. Frowning. Then looking back down.

“I don’t know, Dean”, he murmurs after a few seconds of silence, “these words don’t seem to fit.”

So much for Yes, Dean. I’m sure that Cas likes you the same way. No, he won’t let you down. It’s Cas, Dean. He adores you. After nearly a decade you have to act like a grown-up man, Dean. Cas waits for you to make the first step.

Thanks, Sammy.

Now his feelings are out in the open, waiting to be rejected and shoved back to Dean who wants nothing more than to kick himself. And Sammy for making him even think about it.

He shouldn’t have listened to Sammy’s speech. Shouldn’t have even considered the possibility of being loved in return by the former angel who had witnessed the creation of universes, the raise and fall of empires, the birth of stars or the evolution of mankind. He shouldn’t have brought his hopes up.

Stupid, Dean.

With that Dean puts his best poker face on – the one with whom he knows he is able to fool everyone. But when he’s just about to smile, his disguise trembles and falls down like a straw hut hit by a hurricane because Cas is right there like he always is. Right in front of him. Just an arm’s length away. Analyzing him. Studying. And Dean is thinking: how the hell can he move so fast?


And there it is! The moment when he’s letting me down. Dean is thinking and definitely not panicking because he’s about to lose his other half.

“Dean, look at me.” Cas demands and just fuck it since Dean will possibly never be able of saying no to Cas. Especially not, if he’s not sure how this talk is going to end. Maybe that’s the last time Dean will ever be able to dive into his favourite shade of blue.

So he looks up, trying to memorize every feature of the black-haired man’s face while waiting for the inevitable truth that he’s not good enough for Cas.

“You never listen.” Cas sighs and Dean admits that sometimes that statement is true. Because when is there no hunt? Or when is Cas not looking adorable? So he may be a little preoccupied from time to time. With work. Or his angel. Or both. Not a lot of time for thinking-work if you ask Dean.

So it’s entirely possible that he has missed a sign from Cas that would have told Dean that his feelings are unrequited.

“You are aware of the fact that I have been working on a crossword puzzle the last few minutes, aren’t you?”

One blink. Two blinks.

What the fuck?

“You aren’t.” Cas says, smiling a little as he’s watching Dean’s reaction and moving closer to Dean and taking his hands.

“No.” Dean confirms and tries to swallow down the hope that is making his way towards his heart again.

“I was asking you about a famous quote from the movie The English Patient. And your words don’t fit in the crossword puzzle. But…”

Now Cas blushes and looks down at their joined hands because yes that stupid hope has won against Dean’s fears and has brought him to catch the other man’s hands.

“But?” Dean wants to know, catching Cas’ gaze and smiling like the smitten boy he is right frigging now.

“But they fit in my life.”

Halloween with BTS

V - 

“Wow you look so cool Jagi. Can i be your Joker like this?”

Jin - 

“Jagi you are so pretty! Didn’t you forget the scars or something? I don’t want anyone else to see you like this though.”

 Suga - 

“I Like that. Good choice”

Jungkook - 

“Why are so cute babe? I wanna pinch your cheeks not run away from you”

J-Hope - 

“Gyaaah! No No Nop! I’m out! Not here for this! Not even for you Jagi”

Jimin - 

“It’s just like a comic, you have talent Jagi. What about do mine too?”

Rap Monster - 

“Let’s go get some candies Jagi”

Run Away With Your Footsteps Part 2 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request: After the events of The Winter Soldier, the reader (an avenger) goes out to find Bucky for Steve. When she finds him, he has his own apartment and trying to live a normal life. He begs her not to tell the captain. She stays to watch over him and they kind of fall in love. Later, Steve finally finds them looking angry because she went MIA

Warning/s: None.

Author’s note: Finally, I have uploaded the second part of this. Phew. I am so sorry for not uploading this sooner. The reason why is that I have a lot of requests to do and wanted to finish some of them first. Another reason is that I got writer’s block and didn’t want to force my brain to think of an idea for this part because it may not turn out good or something lol hahaha. But here you guys go, part 2 of Run Away With Your Footsteps. I hope you all like it!

When Steve and Sam returned to their apartment that night, they found the place quiet and dark. Both of them figured out that maybe (Y/N) went to bed early. Sam went to his room while Steve entered the kitchen to grab a glass of water. As usual, they didn’t find Bucky. Steve was losing hope but Sam has able to bring the hope back with his reassuring words. 

Steve glanced at the counter and saw a paper on it. It was folded close. He picked it up and saw his and Sam’s name written on it. Curious, he opened it and began reading: 

Guys, by the time you are reading this, I am gone. But for a good reason, so don’t freak out. 

I found him, Steve. I found Bucky. 

Earlier today, I was heading to the local market to buy milk because somebody has forgotten to leave a little bit for me (I’m talking to you, Sam). After buying the milk and fruits, I headed back. But an asshat pushed me to an alley and attempted to rob me. Of course I had to defend myself and kick his ass. The thief was about to shoot me when a guy had pushed him off me. 

Turns out, my savior was Bucky. 

I told him that you are looking for him. He walked away from me when I said that. Rude. Anyway, I tried to persuade him a couple of times to come with me and wait for you and Sam in the apartment but he didn’t want to. I won’t tell you the reason because he should be the one to tell you. 

I didn’t want him to be all alone, Steve. So I gave him one condition. And that is to stay with him and watch over him. I’m so sorry, Steve. I know you’re gonna be pretty pissed when you read this but I know that you will understand why I did this, I know you will. 

Don’t worry, guys. I’m safe. Bucky’s safe. We’ll be alright. 

Till we meet again,


“Hey Steve, (Y/N) is not in her room.” Sam said as he jogged to the kitchen. 

Steve sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I know.” he said and handed Sam the paper. 

(Y/N) has been staying with Bucky for half a month now. It was awkward at first because she honestly didn’t think this through. She stayed out of his way during the early days but still kept an eye on him. That was until one night, she was about to drift off to sleep when she heard whimpering and mumbles of words coming from Bucky’s room. Curiosity got the best of her so she headed to his room. 

There she found him lying on his bed, tossing and turning with his face scrunched up in pain. She wondered what was happening so she went to take a seat on his bed, cautiously. He was mumbling words in foreign language, sweating and breathing heavily, and shaking his head. When she realized he was having a nightmare, she decided to wake him up. 

But when her hand made contact with his bare arm, his eyes flew open and he pounced on her. (Y/N) let out a shriek as he pushed her back and wrap his metal hand on her neck. She felt her heartbeat intensify as she tried to snap him out of his thoughts. When Bucky regained his senses, he realized what he had done and immediately released her and scoot back to the head-board of his bed. (Y/N) had sat up and caught her breath. She met his eyes and she saw how afraid he was. She tried reaching out for him but he only scooted away, shaking his head, weakly telling her to not come closer. She obeyed him and did her best to calm him down. 

When he calmed down, (Y/N) asked what he had dreamed of. At first, he was silent. She waited patiently for an answer. Then, he told her. In the middle of his story, (Y/N) could’ve sworn she heard his voice crack slightly. He didn’t finish telling her the story. He just hung his head low and let it rest on his knees. (Y/N) felt sorry for the guy and scooted closer to him, hesitantly. She reached out slowly to place a hand on his arm. He visibly tensed up at this but didn’t do anything. 

“Those are just nightmares, Bucky. They aren’t real. I won’t let them hurt you. I’ll kick their asses first before they even try to get to you.” She told him that night. This, of course, earned her a snort of amusement from him onto which she smiled at.

Ever since that night, a friendship slowly bloomed over them. (Y/N) would teach him how to adjust to the modern times and would tell him stories about her life and what she does for a living. He didn’t open up to her, at first. Only let her do the talking (to which she didn’t mind). But as they spend a lot of time together, he soon started opening up to her about what he remembers. One time, (Y/N) had brought him to a nearby amusement park and spent the day there with him. He was skeptical about the whole idea, she knew that. But she reassured him that no one is going to recognize them here. The day turns out to be the best day of his life ever since the 1940s. But he wouldn’t fully admit this to her. 

As they gotten closer, romantic feelings bloomed inside them. They didn’t know how they started feeling that way for each other, but they knew that it suddenly hit them. Bucky was wondering if it started when he woke up one morning and found (Y/N) dancing and singing in the kitchen while making pancakes. She was listening to a song in her phone. He found himself leaning against the door-frame of his room and watch with a small genuine smile on his face as she swayed and sing along the song. 

As for (Y/N), she wondered if she started seeing him in a different light when he took care of her when she had her period. Boy, he had no idea what to do that time. He was fuzzing everywhere and slightly panicking when she was moaning in pain as she clutched her stomach, curling into a ball. He went out to buy some stuff for her that she needed. And even added a few products to make her feel better. He bought her her favorite drink, favorite snack, favorite candy, etc. When he got back, he found her asleep on the sofa bed lying straight with her feet up on the outside back of the furniture. She had her right hand on her stomach and her face was slightly grimacing. Bucky woke her up gently and showed her what he had bought her. (Y/N) gave him a smile and thanked him for all that. He saw her face change expression as she slowly sat up, groaning slightly in pain. Out of nowhere, Bucky offered to massage her hips to suppress the pain. She was surprised at this and declined his offer but he didn’t listen to her. He sat on the empty space behind her and pull her to him, letting her back rest on his chest. He placed his hands on each of her sides and began massaging the spot. As he did so, she felt her cheeks burning up while her heartbeat intensifying. 

One of them finally cracked and admitted what they felt for the other. And it was (Y/N) who had first confessed. It happened accidentally. They were both in the kitchen trying to bake cookies. Bucky volunteered to help her. In the middle of their baking, Bucky had attempted to make a pun about the cookie dough he was mixing. (Y/N) found his joke really corny and couldn’t help but let out a snort and accidentally told him, “You’re glad you’re adorable. Or otherwise I would’ve whacked you on the head, already." 

When she realized what she just did, her eyes grew wide and her mouth fall open. She looked at Bucky whose eyes were wide, too. And had a small tingle of pink on his cheeks. Her cheeks immediately flushed red and tried to take it back, which turned to a full rambling of words that didn’t make any sense anymore. 

Her rambling was cut off by him placing his mouth on hers, shutting her up. Her eyes grew wide at this and stood frozen on her spot. Bucky placed his hands on her waist and walked her back until her lower back hit the sink. (Y/N) slowly melted onto the kiss and kissed him back, standing up on her toes to wrap her arms around his neck. When they pulled back, Bucky leaned his forehead against hers and let out a breathless chuckle, saying, "You’re adorable, too." 

Since that day, there was now a bright glint in his eyes every time she would look at him. She would constantly tease him about it, onto which he countered back with a smooth line and giving her that smirk of his that always seems to get her every time. 

The two of them were on the couch one afternoon, watching a random TV show when a knock on the door echoed in the room. 

"It’s probably the pizza guy. Go get our pizza while I get the money from my wallet.” (Y/N) told Bucky as she stood up and head to her room. 

When she exited her room, her eyes grew wide as she froze on her spot. Standing by the door were Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson looking at them with their jaws clenched. 

“Steve….” she whispered as Bucky came to stand next to her. “Sam….”

Steve and Sam entered the room and stood before them. Steve looked at both of them before settling his eyes on (Y/N). 

“Steve, look, I know you’re angry but—" 

"Save it, (Y/N).” Steve said, coldly. She closed her mouth at this and glanced on the floor. “You suddenly disappeared with no traces. Sam and I were worried sick. You could’ve gotten hurt!” he said, raising his voice slightly. 

(Y/N) tensed up at this and looked up at him with an apologetic look on her face. “I know that, Steve. But I had no other choice. It was either let him go and disappear again, or come with him to make sure that he is alright and not alone.”  she explained.

“You could’ve done a better job in persuading him to come back with you in our apartment and wait for Sam and I to return!" 

"Bucky didn’t want to see you yet. He wasn’t ready, man! I couldn’t just force him to do something that he doesn’t like. He has the right to make decisions for himself. I think he had enough of being forced to do something.” (Y/N) argued, glaring at Steve. “I’ve wanted to try and contact you that he’s here with me and that he’s alright and recovering but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to put pressure on the poor guy. He’s been through a lot and I can’t do that to him.”

Steve didn’t say anything. His face slowly softened when (Y/N) shook her head and sniffled. “I thought you’d understand. I guess I was wrong.” she said before leaving the room. 

(Y/N) watched the busy streets of the city from the rooftop. She hugged her knees and sniffed. The events that had happened earlier danced around her mind. She wondered if she had over-reacted or not. She exhaled deeply and rested her head on her knees. 

She felt someone place a gentle tap on her shoulder. She looked back and saw Bucky standing there. She sniffed and stood up. “Oh hey Buck,” she said, clearing her throat. “What are you doing here?” she asked. 

“I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He told her, giving her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze. 

She gave him a small grateful smile. “Thank you, Bucky. And yes, I am okay.” she told him, honestly. “Just slightly overwhelmed about what had happened earlier." 

Bucky nodded. "I know that.” he said. 

“How’s Steve and Sam?” She asked. 

“Steve’s pretty down after what happened. Sam comforted him, telling him to give you space for a while to take it all in. He even slightly scolded him for getting angry at you." 

(Y/N) groaned and placed her head on his neck. "I feel so guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at him.”

Bucky rubbed her back comfortingly, and dropped a kiss on top of her head. "Shh, it’s okay. Steve knows that. And he feels guilty, too. So you two are kind of in the same boat.” he murmured. “Why don’t we go back down there and talk?" 

(Y/N) nodded and followed him downstairs. When she entered the room, Steve and Sam looked up and stood up. Steve had an apologetic look on his face as he looked at her. 

"Listen, (Y/N). I’m sorry. Buck told me everything and you have every right to be angry at me because I’m a complete jerk and—" 

His apology was cut off when (Y/N) walked up to him and engulfed him in a hug. Steve returned the hug and buried his face onto her hair. "It’s alright. I forgive you, you big dork.” she said, chuckling. 

Steve chuckled at this and they pulled back. Sam and Steve decided to stay for a while. The four of them talked about what happened in DC, etc. (Y/N) would hold Bucky’s hand under the table and give it a squeeze to let him know that she’s there and there’s nothing to be nervous about. Sam and (Y/N) decided to leave Bucky and Steve alone for them to talk. 

Some time during the late afternoon, Sam and Steve decided to head back to their apartment. (Y/N) bid them goodbyes and they were about to exit the room when Bucky had told them to wait. 

The three of them looked at Bucky with confused looks. Bucky looked at the two guys before settling his eyes on (Y/N). “We’re coming with you.” he said, clearly. 

(Y/N) and Sam’s eyes grew wide as they glanced at Steve who had a small smile on his face. She stepped forward, looking confused and surprised. “Bucky?” she asked. 

“I think it’s about time for me to grab the opportunity to be actually one of the good guys.” Bucky said, looking over to Steve whose smile grew big. He looked back to her and took a step forward, grabbing her hands. 

He looked onto her eyes and gave her a soft smile. “I’m ready now.” he murmured. “Just as long as you are with me.”

(Y/N)’s eyes grew wide before a grin appeared on her face. She chuckled and stood up on her toes to engulf him in a hug, onto which he happily returned. 

Steve watched them with awe and gratefulness. Bucky finally found home.

*starts sweating* (╯▽╰)  so yeah, i made this drawing for eicinic ‘s amazing AU.Just to let you know, you really inspire me; i love your style and the characters stories, you are truly wonderful! i hope you like it.  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ *throws love in your face and runs away* 

21. “Hey.”

Mark: “Hey!” he yelled as he was chasing your around the park. “Give me back my snapback!” You turned around and stuck your tongue out at him as you taunted him by throwing his snapback in the air. “Don’t do that! You’re going to make it dirty if you drop it!” You placed the hat on your head as you continued running away from him, hoping he wouldn’t catch you. “When I catch you, you’re dead!” he energetically screamed as he continued to chase you.

JB:  “Hey,” he whispered as he nudged you. You tried to open your eyes as you looked up at him. He snickered. “We’re only a few stops away, so get ready.” You nodded, but put your head back on his shoulder, closing your eyes. He tried not to laugh and nudged you again. “Fine, you can stay like this, just make sure you get off at the same bus stop as me.” You agreed, as you continued to dose off while trying to catch up on some well-needed sleep.

Jackson: “Hey,” you heard a whisper on your left. You looked up and turned your head to see him leaning over. You pulled your test sheet away from him, making him groan. “C’mon, just this one time,” he whispered. Shaking your head, you covered the document with your arm, making sure that he couldn’t see it. “Please,” he quietly begged as he looked up to see that nobody was looking. “Just number twelve!” You sighed and gave in, tilting your paper.

Jr: “Hey,” he said as he sat next to you. You were shocked to see him at the art gallery, so you asked what he was doing here. “Me? Oh, I love going to art galleries,” he said. What luck, you thought. Something else you had in common with him. “Are you here by yourself?” he asked. You nodded, saying that your friends didn’t bother going with you. “Well, may I accompany you? If you don’t mind.” You smiled and accepted his offer, making your heart beat fast.

Youngjae: “Hey, wait a minute,” he began. “You said that my drama is on at six tonight.” You froze as you stopped chewing the food in your mouth. Looking over, you tried to force a smile with your cheeks full of food. “The only thing playing at six is that variety show you– Hey! That’s not fair! We watched your show last week, it’s my turn!” he exclaimed as you tried to contain your laughter. He grabbed the remote from you and changed the channel. “Meanie.”

Bam Bam: “Hey!” he called out. Your attention was drawn to him as he was waving in your direction. You smiled, waving back at him in response. You were about to walk over to him when somebody from behind you ran up to him. He opened his arms as she hugged him. Excitedly, he picked her up and spun her around. That’s right, you thought. He wasn’t yours anymore, nor was he ever. Your heart sank, knowing that your past with him was truly erased.

Yoogyeom: “Hey,” he waved as you sat down with the group. You smiled and waved back cheerfully. He continued on with his story and you noticed how all of your friends were fully engaged. However, your mind wandered as you longingly stared at him. You tried to avoid showing a smile so you nodded, acting as if you’re listening. He made eye contact with you and smiled, pulling you in even more, making that smile on your face appear.

Who Are You?

“Who Are You?”

Not everything in our lives,
Will be handed to us on plates.
I can tell you once we’re alive,
We have such undecided fates.

There are those who like to strive,
And always question themselves,
Like the bees that buzz in hives,
Honey doesn’t make itself.

Some of us are leaders.
We grab the bull by the rope.
If you fall into this category,
You will never lose your hope.

But some hide and cower,
Running away from their fears.
This prolongs the inevitable,
When they finally break down after years.

Others are just so lazy.
They don’t even want to try.
They reside in rooms so hazy.
They stare with bloodshot eyes.

There are those who keep on trying,
Even though they never win.
After some time spent crying,
They get back out there again.

Some will always have,
Their heads up in the clouds.
Whether that makes them glad,
Their conscious fails them now.

Others desire to get away,
Through the shiny edge of a knife.
They just can’t face another day,
They’d rather endanger their life.

There are those who force their hands,
By taking the wheel and steer.
They’ve crashed before they began,
In the looming puddles near.

There are the meek; the humble.
The boisterous and proud.
Those who always stumble.
Those who are always loud.
There are the quiet; the shameful.
Those like porcelain glass.
Those with taste so disadainful,
In reality they’d never last.

And then there are always those,
Who blindly remain open.
Taking how life goes,
Emotionally they are broken.
But they are the ones who realize,
How destructive we can be.
They see beyond such cryptic eyes.
They see what most can’t see.
And they remain the strongest ones,
Battling through everything.
To them the shots of a gun,
Is nothing to what they’ve seen.
They exhibit such empathy,
Understanding how others feel.
They put others before them endlessly,
While their own problems are concealed.

So next time you complain,
About how life is just so tough,
Rather than point the blame,
Realize we all have it rough.

imagine waking up to the smell of roses and vanilla candles. you rolled over trying to find calum but he wasn’t there. your eyes snapped open fast, hoping that he didn’t run away. As you regained sight, you saw a trail of roses on the floor and a circle of vanilla candles over your room. you saw calum sitting in your desk chair with his guitar slumped over his lap. you giggled as you heard small snores coming from the other side of the room and that was all it took to wake him up. calum scrambled to get himself reorganized, not noticing that he fell asleep in the chair. he got out his lyric notebook and started singing a song to you. he got off the chair and went over to your place on the bed as he pulled out a rose and put his guitar down besides him. he gave you a cheeky smile as he handed you the rose. “screw you. I thought you left or ran away or something.” you said, giggling again. “i would never ever leave you.” you slowly leaned in to kiss him as you saw your alarm clock signaling that your boyfriend woke you up at four in the morning to sing you a love song.