People give me advice like I’m an idiot with no self awareness, but the truth is, I know what I need to do. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Art by @anxiouspineapples

Character: Phoebe Locksley

“You’re The Hood,” he said to me. He sounded starstruck.

I sighed. Everyone was so original with names these days. Can you tell I’m being sarcastic? But beggars can’t be choosers. Or rather, thieves can’t be choosers. “At your service.”

A look crossed his face. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?”

“Not if you don’t make this easy for us. Besides, that’s not really our business model.”

Hurt (Bucky x Reader) (5/6)

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Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: Reader and Bucky were best friend, even more, but their relationship changes after something horrible happens to the Reader.

Warning:  mentions of rape, cursing, blood, violence, suicide….

The ride was quiet, Tony hasn’t said anything, but he was holding your hand.

After what seemed thirty minutes of driving, Tony parked in front of the new house. In the completely new neighbourhood, half of the houses weren’t even built yet, for you it was a smart place to have privacy.

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"What the fuck happened to your face?" "Oh God, you're hurt!" // Dallas Winston

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The gang had warned me not to come to tonight’s rumble, but I didn’t listen. I should have. I wished I did. I went and stayed as far away from them as I could so they wouldn’t see me. I was fighting a bigger Soc, maybe a football player, and he had beaten me up pretty badly. I walked home and was now tending to my wounds, hardly even able to stand up. God, I was so stupid. There were obvious wounds on my face and body, and they would eventually find out that I went to the rumble anyways.
I heard the door of my house slam open and Dallas’ loud yelling and laughter down the hallway. This couldn’t be happening.
He ran into the bathroom and pulled me into him, laughing and saying, “We showed them Socs, baby! We won!”
“That’s great, babe,” I said turning away from him.
“What, you’re just gonna turn your back on me now? This doesn’t even matter to you?” He said, and I could tell he was getting angry.
I stifled a sob and finally willed myself enough to turn around and face him. His angered expression softened into a concerned, maybe even scared, one.
“What the fuck happened to your face?” He said, cocking an eyebrow.
“Oh, God, you’re hurt! Your wise ass went to the rumble, didn’t you?” He practically screamed at me.
I felt the tears sting behind my eyes, knowing I did this to myself. I deserved to be yelled at, I was in the wrong.
“Yes, I did. I’m sorry baby, I just wanted to be there to help! I didn’t want to just sit around at home, wondering if-” I was cut off by him, yelling, “DON’T EVER PULL SHIT LIKE THAT AGAIN, YOU HEAR?”
Tears were streaming down his face now, and he never cried.
“I couldn’t live with myself if something ever happened to you. Knowing that something we did got you hurt? It would kill me, doll. You know why? Because I love you, a lot,” he said, through sobs.
“Just, promise me you’ll listen to us next time?” He said.
I nodded and kissed him on the lips.

10 Days of EOS 10

Day 6: Best line of dialogue

I could quote the entire podcast tbh.

  • Anytime someone says “I dislike you”
  • Anytime someone says “Shut up, Levi”
  • “My eyes are up here”
  • “Aren’t you forgetting something?” “What? He’s a good looking man!” “and you’re not.” “Good looking?” “A man.”
  • “Ooooh what a bitch”
  • “Arrggh god I HATE you!” “Oh that hurts my feelings” “I’m going to hurt your face in a minute”
  • “Gee, sorry, let me tell you how much I don’t care.”
  • “Do you see them running a cult in 10 years?” “I give them 5″
  • Everything the Interface says once she has gain sentience “Are you deaf? I said stand-by!”
  • “You can’t have that it’d require you to have a brain” “I don’t understand” “My point exactly.” 
  • “Now here you are, as I’m stepping out of the airlo-Oh my god who died now?”

Day 7: Favorite scene

Ugh it’s so hard to choose.  

Probably Levi and Jane trying to negotiate with Akmazian to get Ryan a pet in 203 - The Caper. “These are not negotiation tactics!”

And every scene between Levi and the Interface. Especially when she’s like ”Shut up I’m thinking!” when they talk about feelings.

OOH and the first scene between Urvidian and Levi in 206 - Crash and Burn. “Hello” “No. No Hello.”

The first scene in 207 - I’ve Got a Feeling between Ryan and Urvidian. “Dating.” “Carbon dating? What are talking about here?” “Personal dating.” “With you?” 


Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) part11

“I met a boy once… in Kyoto… under a blossoming cherry tree,” you said, remembering your childhood yet again. You knew Saizo was listening, even though his eyes were closed and he was laying on the veranda, “He looked so sad. So, I thought I should make him feel better and gave him some dango I had made…”

“Why are we telling this now, kitsune?” Saizo was suddenly standing next to you grasping a hold of your jaw, turning your face towards him.

“Y-you’re hurting me…!” you tried to push him away, but he took your wrist in his hand, gripping his fingers tightly around it,

“What do we think we’ll gain by telling lies like that? Hmm?” his face was inches from yours and you looked into his eyes that weren’t their usual coppery red colour, but the colour of crimson.

“I-it’s not a lie! Please… let go!” you didn’t try to fight back, you just stood passively still, in hope you wouldn’t aggravate his aggression any further. Finally, Saizo let his hands fall down. You hastily took few steps backwards to gain distance between you, tumbling on the long kimono you were wearing. Something about what you had said had clearly disturbed him, but you had no idea what it was. You lifted your hand to your face to massage your jaw, hoping you wouldn’t get bruises. When you looked up, the ninja was gone from your sight.


After the cherry blossoms your relationship with Saizo had been awkward for a while, but little by little things had gotten back the way they had been. You thought you even had grown a little closer to the ninja, that or he just took some enjoyment in teasing you. In a weird way, you might have been a bit fond of him as well, but you weren’t sure if it was just because he was actually talking to you unlike all the other people in the shrine. It was already past midsummer. For some reason, you hadn’t seen Sasuke that much recently. You had tried to ask Saizo about it, but it didn’t surprise you that he didn’t give you a proper answer.

The urgency of lord Moritane to know what you wanted had become apparent by his recent messages. When before they had come maybe once a week, now you got a message every other day, demanding to know what you wanted as a reward for your services. Still, all you answered him was that you wanted to be returned to lord Masamune as soon as possible.

“You need to leave.” You were once again startled by Saizo’s sudden appearance but didn’t have time to say anything, before he pushed something into your hands. You looked at the bundle of cloth surprised.

“Wait- what…?” you stuttered, lifting your gaze at Saizo who looked at you dead serious,

“The war will be here soon. Change clothes and leave. Hide. Survive. I’ll come for you.” Saizo kissed your lips softly, trailing his fingers along your cheek. You felt bewildered and when he took a step back you lifted your fingers to your lips and looked at Saizo eyes wide, your heart pounding a little bit faster. He had a gentle smile on his lips, but before you could ask anything further he was gone.

You looked at the clothes in your hands unfolding them carefully. Something hard fell from the bundle with a thud and rolled to the floor. You lifted it and it felt like your heart would stop. It was the tessen lord Masamune had given you. You had no idea Saizo even had it, let alone would give it back to you. You pressed the fan to your chest, tears forming in your eyes. Maybe… if you managed to escape and survive this war you could return to him. You missed him so much…

Suddenly you heard panicky voices and yelling from the hallway. You slid your door open carefully and saw people running around, trying to hide things. You didn’t have time to hesitate. If you wanted to escape without anybody noticing, now was your chance. You removed your heavy five layered kimono and dressed in the plain one Saizo had given you, strapping the wakizashi, that had been in the bundle as well, to your waist and hid the tessen you in your obi. You climbed the shelves of your closet to get all of the money you had managed to steal from the temple and grabbed all the food in your room to a napkin, stuffing them in the pocket in your sleeve.

You looked carefully into the hallway, and when nobody was in sight, you made a dash to the to the entrance. You slipped on the shoes Saizo had brought you and ran as fast as you could to the surrounding forest, trying to get as far as you could from the temple.

You could hear the nearing army and realised how close it really was. If Saizo had arrived an hour later, the temple might have already been in ruins. There was no way you could have escaped properly in heavy kimono wearing no shoes and you send your prayers to gods thanking Saizo and hoping he was safe.

You had no idea of your surroundings as the only times you had been outside of the temple was when you had been brought there and when you had been carried around in the palanquin during the festival. So… where were you supposed to go? You had no idea whose army was nearing the temple, nor what direction might Oshu be. You stood still, shifting your weight from one foot to another before you decided your best option would be to hide in the forest, not too far away from the temple but away from all the roads the army might use. That way you would know where you were and Saizo had a chance of finding you.

But would Saizo really come for you? If he didn’t what should you do? Could you find your way away from the mountains by yourself? You had food only for a day, but you could make it last for two days, maybe three if you only ate to keep the worst hunger away.


It had already been a whole day and there was still no sign of Saizo. The ground around the temple had become a battlefield and you had no idea how you would make it to the nearby village. The village was the only change you had on getting food and some directions to Oshu. You thought you could somehow make your way around the battling armies while you still had some food left. You had no plans on starving to death just waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

You made your way near the armies, making sure you were far enough so you wouldn’t be seen. The banners caught your eye and you stopped dead on your tracks, just staring at them. The Date emblem was clearly visible. There had to be someone you knew! You quickly made your way to the edge of the army, trying to get a glimpse of the generals giving orders.

“A spy!” you heard a shout near you and you were tackled to the ground, somebody lying on top of you.

“No! You got it wrong, I’m not a spy!” you tried to defend yourself.

“She has a wakizashi with the Date emblem, bring her in for questioning,” someone said and you were pulled up from the ground.

“No! Please! I’m not a spy! Lord Masamune knows who I am! Or lord Kojuro! Or lord Shigezane!” you tried to plead.

“Shut up!” the man holding you snapped dragging you along to the middle of the camp, ignoring your continued pleads. You were thrown in front of a samurai you didn’t remember seeing before. The men who had brought you explained themselves quickly, but the samurai looked irritated,

“Why did you drag her here, I don’t have time for this, just kill her.” The samurai said turning around.

“N-no!” you screamed as one of the men grabbed you again, “Lord Masamune! Lord Kojuro! Lord Shigezane! Help me!” you yelled as loud as you could.

“Shut up! Stop screaming!” the man holding you shouted, but you just shouted louder,

“Lord Masamune! Help! Lord Kojuro! Help! Lord Shigezane! Help!”

“What’s the ruckus?” you heard a familiar voice and turned towards it.

“Lord Masamune! Help me!” you pleaded. The look on lord Masamune’s face was an utter shock. He stood there silent, staring at you, eyes wide until lord Kojuro appeared by his side,

“What’s going on in here? ____!?” he looked at you as shocked as lord Masamune, but he managed to get his composure back faster, fixing a stern expression on his face,

“You, let go of her this instant!” he commanded and the man who had been holding you let go of you, sending you stumbling to the ground. You stood up quickly running straight to lord Masamune, grasping the jacket of his armour tears in your eyes, sobs shaking your body,

“L-lord M-Masamune! I’m s-so glad I f-found you-u!” you cried to his chest, relief filling you. Everything was going to be alright now, you were safe here with lord Masamune. He eased you off his chest and spoke to lord Kojuro, his voice cold and emotionless,

“Escort her to my tent and see that she gets food. I’ll deal with this later,” he commanded and turned around leaving. You were left there standing the shock of it all trembling you. You could feel your legs giving in underneath you, but before you could fall to the ground lord Kojuro managed to get hold of your arm, holding you up. 

“Come on, ____. You can do this,” lord Kojuro said quietly leading you towards a large tent a short distance away.


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I laid with him tonight, just looking at his face. Studying all of the little scars along his cheeks. I remembered back to when he told me to look at the ‘little glimmering cuts on his knuckles.’ “These are all teeth.” he added. Then I had wondered if as many fists had hit his face. It hurt me to know that he’d ever been filled with so much anger and pain that his release was bloody knuckles and bruised eyes. “We all have our battle scars.” He then mentioned as he noticed the worry flood my face.

Now, I know that I can’t just go back and take that pain from him. I also know that without his battle scars, he wouldn’t be who he is. But I can promise him that from here, he’s no longer a one man army.

—  fna

“SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME Y/N!” Bucky yells at you as he grabs your wrists and pushes you against the wall. “Ow! Bucky stop your hurting me!” You cry. Bucky’s face goes blank as he looks down at your hands, he immediately let go of you and backs away. “Oh my god” he whispers to himself “Y/N I’m so sorry, I… I don’t know what I was thinking”. “Bucky it’s ok you didn’t mean it” you say looking at the floor. “It doesn’t matter I shouldn’t have done it, I’m so sorry. I have to go.” You don’t know what to say to him so you just let him go.

‘…need to go do the shopping… mom and dad need their time alone…’



‘Man… i’d forgotten about this…’

‘Heh…it’s kind of funny, isn’t it, Karamatsu nii-san?…’

‘…i kind of wish it had your face instead….’

Choro. Tell me which one makes you hurt the most… just curious…

so like u know in the second toby maguire spiderman movie that scene on the train where he got his mask taken off and he’s unconscious and the people on the train all go like “hes just a kid…” and crowd around him to defend him from doc oc? okay u probably dont but that description is literally all u need 2 know about it lets go

Basically imagine that but like. Either marinette’s miraculous gets taken away completely or her transformation wears off and shes too weak to hide while she’s changing back (maybe the villain of the week is actually *surprise!* competent, maybe its hawkmoth idk) but anyway so she changes back at her school in the process of defending the kids? and the kids are like “holy,,, shit shes. i know her. shes in my english class. thats marinette. holy. holy cannoli. jesus christ.”

and the baddie is demanding that they hand her over but theyre like …no. They crowd around her and protect her and even somehow manage to fend them off until chat noir shows up. 

imagine even chloe standing up for her. 

imagine like, one scenario where shes not the biggest bitch possible.


you don’t even care how your words are equivalent to a slap in the face. or how your constant telling me I’m not good enough, hurts me. you don’t even notice my almost tear-filled eyes. you don’t notice how I’m actually feeling and you have no clue how bad that hurts.
—  it hurts worse than a slap in the face

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things to distract you? -ben platt giggling think abt it it's PRECIOUS -squeeze a pillow really hard -stretch and make really loud noises as you go it's fun -buzzfeed has a "which deh character are you" quiz take it!! i got heidi tell me what you got -do an eyebrow dance -act out Sincerely, Me by yourself -watch a new musical! (HEATHERS GOT PUT BACK UP ON YOUTUBE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) -drink some water and wash your face please don't hurt yourself, someone (me) cares too much about you

I took the deh quiz 20/30 times I got mostly Jared and Evan and hidi with a few Zoe I was really surprised I didn’t get Connor.

I seen heathers omg to love that show


“(y/n), stop! Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“Bobby, I’m too dangerous! If somehow I slipped up or lost it, everything could go wrong. And I’ll never be able to fully be with you if I’m always worried that–”

“No, no, no, no,” he softly interrupted, cupping your face. “You’re not going to hurt me, not as long as you keep doing what you’re doing and try to control your powers, not get rid of them. You’re mutation is special and tons of people would kill to have something like that. You just need to embrace it, not fight it; you and your mutation are completely perfect the way they are.”

I have always been that black hole friend
the one that would just pull everything from you
to ease the burden from your shoulders 

So, let me take the weight from you
Give me your lonely.
Give me your heartbreak.
Give me the anxious tremor
that shakes your hands in a crowd.
Give me the tears you shed
alone at night in your bed.
Give me the kisses that felt
like they were sucking the life from you.
Give me the old endearments
that stung like hits across your face.
Give me every ounce of your hurt
because I am the void
waiting to be filled.
No one realizes
that the reason I am so good at taking
all of that suffering in
is because my own pain
pulled everything out of me,
leaving me empty.

People forget that black holes
were once bright stars
that collapsed in on themselves.

—  I can’t remember a time when I was ever a star || O.L.

I remember when you were five. They swarmed around you. My uncle held onto you. I was confused. I was only three years older. I couldn’t understand. What’s happened since then? Now everyone’s holding on. I remember when I flew for you. Three thousand miles for you. You were thirteen. I was sixteen. Struggling to hold you down. Pain on your face. It hurt me. They stared. I remember when you were sat on the sofa next to me. Your favourite spot with me. Elbow after elbow. Annoyed, I squeezed you. Your signature grunts erupted. Everyone laughed. It was cute. Grandmother reacted. He’s just like you. All went silent. Each to our own prison. I remember when you held my hand. You loved holding hands. The outside glares didn’t matter. To me they did. I remember the way you were when your mother visited. Shy. I remember the way you were when she left. Unbalanced. I remember seeing this repeat. I was angry. I remember seeing others. Like you but not like you. I had hope when there was none. I remember when I decided I would stop praying for time. I remember when I realised I was you. You were me. I cried. I remember he said, it’s all because of your love. I thought. It’s because of his love.