5 Best Setting Powders

When it comes to setting powders, not all are created equally. Although using the correct techniques to set your face and apply powder are essential to help your makeup look great, using a powder of high quality is just as important.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Setting Powder

A tried, true and tested favourite, the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Loose Setting Powder has been an essential in my collection for many years. The formula is extremely finely milled which means it never looks cakey and is great for setting concealer under the eyes.

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Blogmas 5; Never Too Old.

Harry is squealing in the morning of a Christmas bc he is so excited to open presents but missus is tired and just rolls around

Because the Christmas smut is taking me some time to finish, here’s a little and very small (and very bad?) something for Blogmas; about an excited Harry on Christmas morning because one of my favourite Harry is when he’s got such a gorgeous grin on his face and such a melodic giggle leaving his mouth. xx

“Wake up,” you heard from beside you, a deep and raspy and still sleep-filled voice speaking softly and breaking the silence of the quiet bedroom, your sleeping figure bring roused from its slumber with a poke to your cheek and a puff of hot air being blown into your face between puckered lips, “wake up, Gorgeous. S’Christmas mornin’ and it’s just the two of us today. Wan’a squeeze in as much as possible.”

“Harry, it’s early,” you grumbled, giving his shin a gentle kick with your heel, “get some more sleep.”

You’d intended on having a lovely, late morning in bed, beside Harry as you cuddled up and spent Christmas morning in the best fashion known to the two of you; exchanging kisses, sharing discrete glances to one another, and, trading sweet and loving touches to one another and insinuating a little something more than horny touches. 

You had no-where to be. 

It was just you and Harry celebrating Christmas together, uninterrupted by friends and undisturbed by family members who’d insisted they celebrate your first married Christmas together, partaking in Christmas traditions that had been passed through generations from both families. Creating more along the way to pass on to your own children. 

Lie-ins in the morning to squeeze in the extra cuddles and warmth, to spend the minimal time you had available before you were torn apart to endure different activities.

Opening Christmas presents with cups of tea and hot chocolates steaming away with festive music playing in the background, humming and singing filling the room as photos were taken to share with family members.

Cooking the big dinner as your children played with their new gifts in the living room, and then eating the food you’d slaved hard over with laughter and love and praise at how gorgeous delicious the cooking was, cracking crackers and slipping on the paper hats to get the festive feel rolling.

Before settling down for the night and reigning in Christmas Day with a cuddle on the sofa with cheese and crackers and sharing a bottle of mulled wine together whilst the children slept after a chaotic day, in new pyjamas and cuddling teddies that had been gifted to them by family members that adored them to bits.

You wanted to catch up on as much sleep as you could, relaxing as much as you could in bed on a day that required hard-work and an exceptional amount of love to be shared, before you were whisked away with the rush of getting dinner cooked and dished up at a specific time.

But, your husband had a different idea.

“I went downstairs,” he said with a grin in his words, “Santa came last night, Gorgeous.”

“We put the presents down there last night,” you sighed, rolling onto your back and turning away from his figure, giving yourself space between the both of you as you tried to refrain from waking completely, “you know we put them there. You insisted that I put them under the tree all wrong and you took over and stacked them up all nicely.”

A chuckle left Harry’s mouth as he turned his face to you, his cheek pressed against his pillow as he came face-to-face with the white material of his t-shirt adorning and swallowing your figure.

“Keep up with the Christmas spirit, you Grinch,” you heard him mutter beneath his breath.

The mattress creaked and dipped under his shuffling weight, his arm settling across your waist as he rolled onto his side to spoon you against him, his upper-arm muscle tensing as he pulled you closer to his front.

“And keep festive for the kids, please. ”

“We don’t have any kids, you moron,” you groaned, his palm flattening as his fingers stretched out over your t-shirt covered belly, “and, m’not a Grinch either. You can’t go round callin’ people that when they’re grumpy.”

“The Grinch was always grumpy,” he mumbled into your neck, his lips brushing over your skin and peppering soft kisses when his lips formed a pucker, “why are you grumpy anyway? You love Christmas Day.”

You loved celebrating with him.

You’d only ever celebrated Christmas with him once, out of the 5 years of your relationship, but it was enough for him to realise that the day was something that had you giggling from the beginning to the end. 

You’d woken up early to help his mother cook up a buffet of foods to eat whilst opening presents, you’d made sure to give him extra marshmallows when he craved for a hot chocolate and you’d given him endless cuddles on the sofa as Gemma and Anne and Robin slaved away in the kitchen to cook up a delicious dinner set for more than 5 hungry people. The house filling with all kinds of smells and noises, chatter being heard over the loud music blasting from the kitchen, resulting in Harry and yourself having a little dance around the living room as he belted out the classics his mum was playing; ranging from John Lennon, to Wizzard, to Wham, and topping off everyone’s festive mood with the Slade classic. 

He’d spent the day watching you intently, as you laughed and expressed your excitement towards aspects of the day, captured by how beautiful you looked in a sweater his mother had made you wear. A reindeer print scattered over the thick woollen material, that somewhat matched his own red jumper with a white and generic looking reindeer stuck to the stomach, but you were too polite to turn down wearing it; because it seemed a tradition and you didn’t want to stand out amongst them.

And, it was when he found you lounged on the sofa with your legs over Gemma’s lap, that it settled into his mind that he couldn’t wait to share many more Christmases with you in the future.

“I’m jus’ tired,” you sighed, cracking an eye open and taking a look over your shoulder, “s’your fault though.”

“It is not,” he retorted.

“You insisted we stayed up to watch the whole of Elf and then you wanted to watch National Lampoon,” you reminded him, reaching a hand behind you and giving his thigh a few soft pats, “so, really, it was your fault.”


But, really it was.

He’d moaned from dinner and right through the evening about how tired he felt, how his day was busy because of the Christmas Eve rush, admitting that all he wanted to do was cosy up in bed with some wine and share a cuddle to pass the time.

You’d poured two glasses of wine, cosied under the covers and settled back for the night, following his orders of watching a movie before he caught himself some shut-eye because he knew by the end of the film, he’d be droopy-eyed and almost snoring away beside you. 

However, that changed after his second glass of wine.

When he became ever so slightly more wide-awake and insisted you both watch another Crimbo film because he wasn’t feeling festive enough for the following day. His eyes set on one of his favourite movies, immediately playing it before you had the chance to inform him that he’d be tired during Christmas Day and before you could warn him that you weren’t willing to look after and tend to a grumpy and tired Harry.

“And, we had a little sex before we fell asleep, too. I can see, and feel, that you’re still naked.”

“I am,” he whispered, bringing his lips to your ear, “why’d do you put a t-shirt on afterwards? Would’a made waking up this morning a whole lot more nicer,” he mumbled softly, nibbling upon your ear lobe and suckling on the flesh, “tis’ the season for squeezin’, am I right?”

You scoffed out, pushing at his body. Your foot pushed at his leg and your arm bending back to push his figure away from yours.

“You’re so awful,” you muttered, “please, go back to sleep. Give me some peace before I have to put up with your god-awful Christmas cracker jokes all day.”

“You love them,” he sighed, all warmth radiating from his body disappearing as he rolled onto his side, all contact being lost except the occasional brush of his toe catching your ankle, “don’t lie about that.”

365 days a year you were a victim to his endless and repetitive jokes.

And, the one day of the year you were prisoner to them, was Christmas Day. When he cracked every cracker in the box to store the cheesy and the most common jokes into his mind, when he brought them out more often than ever before after a couple of beers and ounces of alcohol became induced into his insides.

And as much as you loved him, you just wanted to tear his tongue from his throat when the words Knock Knock or What Did The.. left his mouth.

“Please, let me sleep a little more,” you begged.

“I’m going to put my pyjamas on, okay? And when I finish, I expect you to be awake and up and ready to come downstairs with me to open our presents,” he warned, pressing his lips to the back of your head, and nudging his nose into your hair, “I want to be opening presents soon, because, I’m getting rather curious to know what you’ve brought for me.”

“Don’t get too excited,” you grumbled, “jus’ pants and socks for you this year, I’m afraid.”

“Hmm,” he grunted softly, pushing himself up from the bed and allowing his nude figure to stand to his height, “not from the heavy box I picked up last night, labelled Peaches, and stuck beneath a whole lot of other boxes.”

“You’re unbelievable,” you muttered, “dress in silence, please. Let me have a couple more minutes to shut my eyes and rest.”

“You’ve had your eyes shut for 7 hours,” he retorted, bending over to reach for his pyjama trousers pooled into a heap on the floor. His fingers curling around the material as he hooked his feet into the legs, “you need to sleep more?”

“To be able to put up with a child during all of today? Yes, I do.”

“M’not a child,” he mumbled under his breath, his hands pulling up the flannel pyjama trousers up his legs, going commando beneath the cotton as he sat on the edge of the bed, “right, m’dressed now, Gorgeous. Time to get up and spend Christmas day with your very gorgeous, very festive husband.”

“I hate you,” you hissed playfully, kicking the duvet from your body and instantaneously feeling goosebumps rise upon your skin in retaliation to the cold air attacking your exposed flesh, “I’m up. I’m awake, are you happy now?”

A grin lifted up Harry’s cheeks, popping his infatuating and every so adoring dimple, as he nodded his head in response to you and confirmed to your question with a wordless answer.

“You’re too excitable for 9 in the morning,” you sighed, sitting yourself up and setting your feet to the floor, your toes brushing over the carpet, “tone it down a little. You’re almost 24-years old, Peaches. Not 4.”

“Never too old to get excited about today,” he stated matter-of-factly, his bare feet carrying him at a quickened pace around the bed to where you were sat upright, his arms held out ahead of him with his fingers wiggling and ready for you to take in your hold, “Merry Christmas, my Gorgeous.”

“Merry Christmas, Peaches.”

Songs and Cigarettes (Part2)

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: 70′s pub owner Bucky and singer reader

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I’m exhausted bc of school.

A bright smile made its way to your tired features. You lifted your head from the mirror to see Bucky leaning against the threshold of your changing room. With a slight chuckle, you turned to face the attractive man.

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EXO Scenario: Seeing you in a swimsuit


Kai: Your new one piece red swimsuit is sexy as hell. The cleavage goes down until your bellybutton. As you walk into the room, his eyes can’t stop staring at you. In a matter of seconds you could see him turned on. 
“You knew red was my favourite colour. But… You.. in red.. Is a huge different thing.”

Originally posted by jongthirst

Kris: When you take off your dress in front of everyone in the beach, in a matter of seconds his faced changed to a confused/horny/happy face.

“What are you trying to do here?”

Originally posted by oppa-smiles

Chanyeol: You go running to pool and jump in. He follows you. As he hugs you, both of you wet, your lips touching softly as you hear the drops of water falling from your bodies. Slowly his hands go to your back unbuttoning your bikini top. He smiles:

“I think you look better without it”

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Sehun: The fitting room is cold as f*ck. You’re trying this new swimsuits and the ac can’t be any lower. 
Y/N: Sehunniiie, can you come here for second
When he enters the room, he licks his lips and pushes you against the wall. One hand strongly holds your hips, and the other your face.

Damn girl”

Originally posted by blondejongin

Tao: Just when you finished shopping, you arrived home and asked Tao to wait in your bedroom with his eyes covered. As soon as he went there, you put your new sexy black swimsuit on. When you enter the room, he stares at you for more than a minute without moving. Suddenly he stands up. He walks towards you, grabs your arms and flips you towards the door to take a better look at your ass.

“This is all, every piece of you, mine”

Originally posted by babypandaztao

Baekhyun:  While you’re practising your new routine, you put your new swimsuit with a tiny short you bought some days ago to watch yourself working out. When Baek sees you all covered in sweat, he grabs you with his arms like a princess and puts you on your bed. 
When he takes your shorts off, he takes a good look at your new swimsuit. 
“If you want… we can take this to the shower”

Originally posted by parkchny

Zhang Yixing: 
Y/N: “I’m going to look so fat ” - You take your bikini out of the plastic bag and show him.
Lay: “Why do you say that? I bet you’ll look sexy as you always do.”

When you go to your bedroom with the swimsuit, as you try it on, you start again with the self esteem thoughts. Why couldn’t you look at yourself and think, i look good, sexy or just something positive?

“Baby?” - You heard Lay whispering as he opened the door.  When he looked at you, he could see your eyes almost crying. 
With his strong arms he hugged you, and look at you once more. 
“You do understand that I couldn’t possibly love you more? Stop thinking about those stupid standards, you are the one I want. Every single part of you.”

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Minseok: When you walk towards the beach, Xiumin looks at you and realises that the fine silk you are wearing is see through. 
“Baby, i don’t want to worry you but, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”

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Suho: “Jagiya, can you please show me?” 
While he asked you to go to the room to show him the new bikini you bought, you tried to fix the bottom part. It was way too small and wedgy. 
Out of nowhere, Suho enters the bathroom. 
“Let me fix this”

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

He grabs your ass, then your bottom bikini part and tears it apart while he kisses you roughly.
You look at him worried since it was brand new.
“Daddy will buy a new one”

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Kyungsoo: You were waiting for DO to arrive home after a few hours in the pool with your new beautiful swimsuit. When you heard the door closing, you walked out of the pool all wet to welcome him. 
DO: “Where are you baby? I’ve misse- He looked at you amazed. -“
He takes off his shirt and pants as fast as possible and jumps to the pool with you.  

Originally posted by heatherxseong

Y/N: Can you help me tying this up babe? 
Chen: On my way!
He looks at you from behind from the top to the very bottom. When you hear him walking towards you he ties your swimsuit up as he whispers in your ear:
“It’ll be kinda hard to contain myself in front of everyone…”  You could feel his hard d*ck from behind, while he kissed your neck softly.

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Luhan: When he first looks at you he thinks about tearing it off and lick every single part of your wet body. After a few minutes looking, you realise he is staring with his mouth kinda open.
Y/N: Babe, are you ok? - He closes his mouth and looks back as if everything was alright.

Luhan: I’m perfect. Why? 
You discretely point his bulge and his face blushes 

Originally posted by parkchny

OH YAS. I’m back for more. Love you a lot, seriously, thank you all for the beautiful messages.

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I was tagged by the ridiculously beautiful @thenightmarebeforebucky to post my 4 favourite selfies. I don’t usually take pictures of myself because I have a lot of insecurities, so these are the 4 most recent ones. (As a bonus, the bottom two don’t have filters! lmao) 

Again, I’m not going to tag anybody, but please share your beautiful faces!! xo

Exo’s Reaction - When You’re Sick

Xiumin - *Puts you in a frame using his hands and gives you the thumbs up* Everything is going to be okay my beautiful jagi 

Lay - *Lay always likes seeing you smile so he sits in front of you and becomes your own personal comedian*

Kai - *Being the adorable one he is, he buys you gifts to make you smile, one of the gifts is his face on a t-shirt, you put it on and grins like a bitch*

Suho - *He hates seeing you ill and never knows what to do, so instead he puts your favourite film on and watches it with you*

Kyungsoo - *He just sits there and pulls funny faces and not knowing what he’s doing. You laugh then he realizes he made you laugh and carries on*

Tao - *He doesn’t care if you’re ill and just gives you a hug out of the blue* (You’re Xiumin) You need panda hugs jagi!

Chen - *He comes in from rehearsing and immediately blows you a kiss as he walks in* 

Kris - *Kris orders food for you both, he got you a salad and chips to see how you go, he gets a large pizza to himself and ain’t afraid of you seeing him completing it*

Chanyeol - *He loves spending time with you alot, but he, himself got ill also and Sehun ordered him to go to bed so everyone else can catch the illness and he goes in a little mood about it* But…..Sehun….. jagi!!

Baekhyun - *You can’t get to sleep because the you are kept up by the annoying bad stomachs you have, so Baekhyun decides to be an angel and stay up with you and your dog also even though he is exhausted from the rehearsals and the performance that night*

Sehun - *Stays in the house with you and doesn’t care if he is going to get ill, aslong as you are with him and you are okay he don’t want anything else* You’re important than anything else at the moment

Luhan - *He plays with your hair and blows on your cheek, sending you to sleep because it is so relaxing. He carries on until he gets tired and then cuddles up to you while gently rubbing your stomach* Sleep well gorgeous jagi

Tell Everyone That There’s Hope In Your Heart | Bill/Fleur

title | ffnet | AO3

“Heads up, breakfast!”

Fleur groaned loudly, covering her head with a pillow. Her husband responded by pulling the duvet off the bed, and she shrieked in horror. “Wakey wakey,” Bill said cheerfully, opening the curtains as she rearranged the duvet back around her, fluffing up the pillows with a scowl on her face.

“It’s the weekend! I deserve a lie-in,” she grumped.

“You definitely need your beauty sleep,” agreed Bill, and she pulled a face, taking the tray he’d been levitating and pouring herself a large mug of coffee. “You have a letter from your mother,” he added, as she buttered toast for him.

He climbed back into the bed, taking the Prophet as she opened her letter. They ate breakfast in silence, each immersed in their own thoughts, but she hooked her ankle over his, and he occasionally reached over to brush her hair out of the way of her mouth. After a few moments, she folded the parchment in half and placed it back on the tray, sipping her coffee thoughtfully.

“Any exciting news?” Bill asked.

“Much gossip,” Fleur said, “and Gabrielle finishes at Beauxbatons for Christmas next week.”

“Early, this year,” he said.

“It ees,” Fleur sighed. “Maman wondered if she might come to visit for a little while, as we shall not be there until the New Year.”

“She could come and stay,” Bill said, “we’ve got the room, and we could book some extra holiday from work and go—”

“No,” Fleur said firmly, “no. It would be nice, but…maybe next year. It ees too…much, still.” 

Bill nodded slowly. She was right. It was all too much. Still.

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NT Levels of Arrogance
  • ENTJ: 80/100, they kind of fail at hiding it although they try hard to come across as humble
  • INTJ: the 500,000/100-kind-of-overlord with a knack of sneaking in bratty comments or frowns here and there
  • ENTP: 1,000,000,000/100, surprise surprise. google "king louis" - yep, they got that royal resting face
  • INTP: 200,000/100, ask them what they think about politics and they will argue like they should be the ones in charge
Skincare Basics: Benefits of a Face Mask

You cleanse, you tone, you use a serum and an oil and you moisturise morning and night. Oh and lets not forget about how you use an eye cream, wear sunscreen every day and exfoliate weekly so surely you’ve got all bases covered  by now, right? Wrong. It’s time to add another item to your weekly agenda, and that’s a face mask.

For oily, congested skin try: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. For dry, sensitive skin try: *Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. For all skin types, environmental damage and unbalanced skin try: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

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damnhitsuzen replied to your post “GUYS I READ WISH.  GUESS WHO MY FAVOURITES WERE? GO ON GUESS.  WOOPS…”

And now return mentaly to Legal Drug. Any familiar faces? ;) But I have to remind you that Drug&Drop is heavy on xxxholic spoilers right from the start, so do not read it. They are easy to confuse, but only one will give you spoiler too massive to survive.

Not to worry! I own physical copies of Legal Drug, but none of Drug and Drop, so it’s easy to know when to stop. I will remain spoiler free!

And, re: familiar faces, I’ll be making a post about this in the days to come so JUST YOU WAIT. 

AU: Lexa had to meet the Queen of Ice Nation face to face again, but this time with Clarke by her side. 

The Queen smiled at her, but her eyes remained as cold as snow her nation lived in.  

- Who is your lovely friend, Leksa? She looks as good as the last one

Cruel smirk touched full lips.

Lexa felt rage was building up inside of her, her hand clenched tighter around her sword. 

P.S. Yes, Olga Kurilenko from Centurion (2010) is my favourite version of Azgeda Queen 


I grew up watching things like Indiana Jones, having a crush on ‘young Indiana’,  watching Stand By Me with my mum and being absolutely heart broken when Gordie says Chris got stabbed. Seeing films like My Own Private Idaho and feeling an unknown connection towards Mike and feeling sorrow towards the character. River, you created truly amazing characters and I can’t thank you enough for blessing this world with your talent. Not just acting either, you were a passionate musician and the songs you wrote and performed with Aleka’s Attic were works of art. You once said in an interview that you weren’t trying to get a message across with your music, you were just speaking your mind and hoped that someone would maybe listen. I listened. Blue Period speaks to me in a way I can’t describe. I am so utterly grateful that you can speak to so many of us without actually being face to face. Lots of us love you more than we can say. One of my favourite things about you is how much you loved life. All kinds of life from dogs, birds and human life, you loved all of it. You were such a careful, beautiful, soft and mysterious human being and maybe that’s why it’s still a massive shock that you’re no longer with us. Personally, I’m not a great believer in 'if it’s your time to go then there’s nothing you can do about it’ and maybe that’s why this is so hard for me. I suppose if you have a faith then it’s easier to know that someone you love is in a happier place. I’m sure lots of people will be at The Viper Room right now, holding your memory close to their hearts. I will hold many memories of you close to my heart today. I wasn’t alive when you died but it still hurts me deeply and makes me sit in my room and cry for hours when I think of it. Your work and memory has been passed on through to the next generation and I sincerely hope that carries on. You are a true angel, River, and although it’s a hugely solemn occasion, lots of us will be respecting you with happy thoughts and I know for sure that blasting Aleka’s Attic, spouting quotes, watching interviews and watching some of your greatest works on film will be enough for me. Right now my keyboard is getting dangerously wet with tears but I’ll have you know that they aren’t just tears of sadness they’re also happy tears. I am so happy that you existed because you’ve brought a lot of light into so many people’s lives; young and old. Only true legends can do that and you are no doubt, and will always remain, one colossal legend.

I love you, River Phoenix.

Rest In Peace x

(1970-1993…22 years today)

voltagemarveliceprincess  asked:

Hey baba, have I ever told you you're a good person? *tries to hide her I-did-something-wrong face*

“You have, but I never tire of hearing such words from your pretty lips. Now, have I ever told you how adorable your guilty face is? It’s one of my favourite expressions on you. So, do you want to tell me exactly what it is you’re trying to hide from me?”

gabriellaclaire  asked:

“What are your favourite brushes for creating a flawless and well blended face? (like foundation, blush, highlighter etc)”

Without the right tools your makeup isn’t going to look the best that it can possibly be. Good quality brushes are essential for creating a flawless face and the right ones should help make your makeup application process quicker and easier. Now good quality brushes don’t necessarily have to be expensive ones, in-fact some of my all-time favourite brushes come from the very affordable Beau-Make brand.

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i just wanna be best friends with my favourite celebrity, you know? like, not lovers, not significant others, but just plain, genuine, friends

being able to text them to tell them about your day, about your crush, about their new song you heard on the radio this morning

knowing their favourite food, favourite movie, favourite place to hang out

surprising them on their birthday, the look on their face when they realise that you planned everything out, a surprise party with their so

staying up till 4am talking about life, love, dreams, fears

yeah, i’d love that.

affadilla  asked:

Hello sweet human, may I please have a Star Wars ship and a Marvel ship if you are up for it? <3 I'm terribly sarcastic but full of love and I'm very sensitive and can't help but please people.. i give into temptation easily but am stubborn when it comes to my morals. I have a face/about page if you need more of a reference. <3 thank you

I went to see your face page and giiirl, you’re gorgeous! Also, I’ll be adding in some stuff from your “about me” page. x 

Your Star Wars ship is Finn

Originally posted by myrish-lace-love

Finn is different. Not a bad different, but he’s different. He doesn’t really understand how people work sometimes, but he gets you immediately. You’ve never clicked that way with anyone else. One of his favourite things is when you start dancing as if no one is there even though he’s there to see it. And the thing about Finn is that he sees right through you when it comes to working under pressure. He knows you don’t do it well, even though you protest. but most importantly he just really loves you. 

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Things you can say to compliment Mark Fischbach:

- I was introduced to you on pornhub and can I just say *bites fist* dam.

- Your ankles are neat.

- I’d bake a cake out of your delicious face.

- Your pinky toe reminds me of my favourite uncle.

- Great thumb(nail). ~u can use this to compliment both his video and his thumb~

- Your eyes are like eyes.

- Nice.

- Your arm veins remind me of elegant Stilton.

- *finger guns* CheckYouOutIplier. ~compliment won’t work without ‘iplier’~

- Your videos.

- Stare stare at ur facial hair.

- Your dick jokes are testiCOOL.

- 10/10 sock choice. ~only one sock, don’t compliment both bc that’s rude~

- Your beautiful red hair burns my retinas with decency.

- I’d clone you.

- Clickity clack I like your back.

- I saw your face on a piece of toast and sold it on eBay.

- My bag of doritos smell like you and that’s beautiful.

- I wish your Adam’s Apple was a real apple.