You know it’s going to be a good day when it starts with facials and puppies!
Thank you @stackedskincare for clearing my skin! You always make it so enjoyable.
LA: hit Kerry up! Your face will thank you 🙌

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Dianite doing everything he can to help Alyssa. Once he sent her lots of money. And she responded with; "You can't pay off Mot Dianite. That's not how it works. He was my only family. And you took him away from me!" Then slammed the door in his face



Pearl: im drowning in salt Garnet: very stronk Amethyst: heat sucks walking sucks ugh Just some pictures I took while walking around in California, decided to filter and post them for your enjoyment! yeah I know I have a face shut up about it

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Send “💖” and my muse will admit something they find cute about yours.

“Oh, I can name a few things that I find cute about you. I like your enjoyment you get on your face when I play with your hair. You have this boyish charm which most times manages to get me to smile. I like how we understand one another, like we have our own secret language, then we laugh as others don’t understand it. We’re cute. Quite frankly I want to punch us in the face.” 

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In Depth Headcanon >>> 

✖ :Describe a way to make them uneasy or apprehensive.

       Taking a step too close is a sure way to have a blade pushed against your skin, enjoyment taken in the surprise on another’s face that this silent fighter would dare act out in such a way. The one thing to make him uneasy is for there to be no reaction to this, for there to be indifference–
                               it gives him a lot of confused signals about a person who seems not to fear and it plays upon his mind in a way that causes him to overthink a person. It’s also a sure way to get him to dislike you and to be wary around you.

       There is something strangely comforting about fear,
especially if others are the ones to fear you, it brings safety as if you can’t be touched. But then if he is touched, you can always bet on another to be not too far away that will punch your face in.

       You’ve been warned!

Examining The Facts For Speedy Plans For Telomeres

Solid Tips And Advice For Growing Older Gracefully

It sounds very easy to age with style and grace, but the process is more difficult when you are actually going through it. Getting old can be a tough job, and it is one you do not get a vacation from. As you do start to grow older, though, you can do a lot to make the rest of your life healthier and more enjoyable.

When you contort your face, you use muscles and increase the appearance of wrinkles. While this may be silly, it is a fact. Do your best to stop frowning. If you feel a frown coming on, give yourself a quick pinch. Stick with it, and you can train yourself away from wrinkle-inducing frowns.

Increase the amount of time you spend working out. When you get older you will need to be more active to stay strong. You should at least take 5 days out of every week to go on a thirty minute walk. Mix it up with some strength exercises twice per week. This will help you stay fit, which will keep you young and lively.

Try to spread cheer wherever you go. The happier you make others feel, the happier you will Longevity feel. Happiness is free, yet priceless. Share it whenever possible.

Instead of using foundation and powder, use a tinted moisturizer. As you age, your skin requires even more hydration than when you were young, making this effect even more apparent. Consider how simple cosmetics, such as lip gloss, mascara, and eye liner can fit into your lifestyle.

One of the main contributing factors to a shorter life is the amount of sugar we eat. The getting older process is accelerated and your lifespan reduced with excessive sugar consumption. Studies have proven that refined sugar shortens lifespan in all mammals, not just humans.

Replace red meat with fish to reduce the risks of heart disease. Some of the ingredients of red meat can clog your arteries, leading to heart conditions. Fish is known to have the opposite affect. So, to help you live a better and longer life, you may want to eat fewer meals containing red meat, and replace those with fish.

Use caution to avoid falling. Falls can cause damage to your body which sometimes cannot be repaired. They are especially dangerous when a senior is involved. You can improve your balance and become more physically fit by making an effort to take 30-minute walks, three days per week. The density of your bones can be increased by combining calcium, vitamin D, and weight training; this will lessen the possibility of fractures.

As retirement approaches you should consider starting a new hobby. When work is no longer in your life, and your family is not as dependent on you for their care, you can focus more on things that you enjoy. Hobbies are a way of keeping busy and interested in things outside of everyday household tasks.

Aging well isn’t solely based on great looks, good luck, or strong genetic codes. It is not an easy process, either. It can be hard work to stay healthy and fit, and it will get a little harder as time goes on. The tips you have just read will help you make the best choices to achieve graceful aging.

Updates To Consider On Realistic Plans In Telomeres

Try improving the quality of your daily diet to battle aging. Make sure that you eat a wide variety of vegetables, meats, dairy products and sugars during the day to get all of the nutrients that you need. Avoid sugary snacks and sodas, and eat three balanced meals a day.