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Imagine sitting on your bed, cross-legged, hunched down over The Iron King, your eyes scanning eagerly back and forth across the pages. Sighing, you pause over a particular passage, rereading it just for the enjoyment of it, feeling a smile on your face. Of course, as with most of the passages you reread, Puck is up to his usual shenanigans as he crashes Shard’s club.

As you giggle over his snarky lines and humor, you feel a warm, rather heavy weight on the top of your head, and a strange vibration as someone says,

“That’s my favorite part.”

You go still, eyes wide, then slowly tilt your head backwards until you’re looking up into a pair of bright green eyes peering down in amusement at you from a lightly freckled face as a red-headed boy with long, tapered ears raises his eyebrow at you. 

“Evening,” he greets you with a very blatant smirk. “Good book?”

You mouth wordlessly, the book falling limply from your hands. Puck deftly catches it and manages to mark the page with a little flourish before setting it aside. 

“So,” he says idly, linking his hands behind his head and falling backwards to land among your pillows, “Do you want to scream for help or scream for joy? Either way, I’ll have to gag you, so answer carefully.”