anonymous asked:

I'm sorry warped want gr9 friend is your face okay I've never passed out before it sounds scary

I fell onto my side i think cuz my right hip& knee hurt really bad so yeah my head/face is fine. I’m probably never gonna go to warped again tho cause it sucked ass and i forgot half the sws set after a came to :/ passing out isnt that scary just confusing

5amseasidecircuswheel  asked:

I can't wait to touch your face that's the first thing I'm gonna do I'm not gonna hug you at first I'm just really creepily gonna stroke your face

And then when I meet you dog im just going to slowly raise him into the air whilst rhythmically chanting

Guys it’ll be gr9

My face awaits this encounter ;)

            Does anyone else have a cat that grabs your face with both paws and licks the shit out of your face if you don’t pay attention to them? Because my Dahlia does and I literally want to just be like, “Oh… I was in the middle of an important assignment for class but I can do it next year. It’s no big deal.” when she does this. It’s so fucking cute. Like… MOM PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!11!!