a/n: smut was supposed to be endgame but it didn’t seem quite right so i removed it ,, don’t kill me and i hope this meets or exceeds the expectations of whoever requested it !

The plush material of Kendall’s comforter kisses your bruising feet, the pain subsiding significantly at the touch. The culprits are sitting haphazardly by the entryway, Louboutin‘s trademark red soles peeking at the bottom. Chantel’s drunken steps, made heavy by the alcohol, can be heard outside the bedroom door, her voice muffled by the phone she keeps pressing to her mouth, thinking the proximity will increase volume to her voice and aid her in the ongoing screaming match with her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend.

“She’s so loud,” Hailey groans, reaching beneath you to grab two small embroidered pillows. “I can barely hear myself think!” Directing her words toward the door, she presses the pillows to her ears, the depiction of a spoiled child on the verge of a tantrum so spot on, she must have some practice under her belt.

Kendall, the sole one in the group who can somehow hold her liquor, despite her thinner frame, has her phone angled above her, head tilted to the side, lips jutting out. You thank the Gods above she’s far too inebriated to be selfless and include anyone else in her Snapchat stories, because though you haven’t glanced at your reflection since your departure from the club (that was a half hour ago), the thick strands of hair matted to your forehead and the heaviness of your eyelashes hint you’re in need of a touch-up. Pronto.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do headcannons with the RFA + saeran if you write for him because I forget reacting to MC being really short? Like 5"?

Aw ya cute! And I’ll always do Saeran/V ones because they’re precious babies

  • Zen (5′9″): YOU ARE SO SHORT HOLY SHIT he loves it, he immediately wants to scoop you up into his arms and cuddle you!!! That’s probably not the best first course of action but he almost doesn’t care. He loves giving you hugs and sitting you in his lap, is ten times as protective of you. Constantly wants to hold your hand and adore you. 
  • Yoosung (5′6″): Ah yes the shortest, cutest girl he’s ever met. He loves how short you are and will fight anybody who tries to hurt you. Loves resting his head on yours and playing with your hair while you’re standing together. Kisses you on the head a lot
  • Jaehee (5′4″): She’s not the shortest person in the room anymore >:3c Likes to ruffle your hair and touch your arm a lot. Resists the urge to brush/touch your cheeks. Likes to bury her face in your hair. This time you’re at a pretty good height to put YOUR face in HER boobs and it’s gr9 (my HC is that Jaehee is big booberd)
  • Jumin 6′: Jesus christ you’re an entire foot shorter than him and he adores it. You’re his little princess. Constantly wants to dress you up real cutesy like. Will randomly pick you up and take you to his desk in his penthouse so he can work while you’re on his lap. Will also pick you up to go sit on the couch and cuddle with you while watching Tv. Will also pick you up to take you to bed with him. Will also pick you up-
  • Seven (5′7″): Constantly teases you for being so short and loves every minute of it. Stacks things on top of your head to see if he can “make you my height” with the additional items. Will give you piggy back rides for fun. Loves it when you wear his clothes bc they’re so baggy on you!! <3 Playfully attempts to wear your clothes but they’re super tight on him and it’s a little sexy
  • Saeran (5′6″): He finds it very amusing that you’re so short and will tease you about it. He’ll sit on you wherever you are to squash you playfully. Sitting on the couch? He sits on you. Sitting in a chair? He’ll sit on you. Loves being your big spoon and thinks it’s hilarious when you try to be the big spoon. He’ll put things up high on purpose and watch you smugly until you give in and ask for his help. Also secretly likes it when you wear his clothing and it’s baggy on you.

Post about MC being super tall for those who missed it