The signs in unrequited love
  • Aries:*punches a wall* "whyyyyyyyy"
  • Taurus:eating their fave foods and crying forever
  • Gemini:"honestly fuck everything"
  • Cancer:" me pls...I'll sell my soul to satan me"
  • Leo:*aggressively flirting* "WHY ISNT IT WORKING EVERYBODY LOVES ME UGHHH"
  • Virgo:plotting a thousand ways to make them fall for you, researching the psychology of love and attraction and that shit man you dedicated
  • Libra:*buries face in pillow* "why u no like me"
  • Scorpio:probs makes out with their love's bff just to be noticed
  • Sagittarius:all your friends know everything about this person because you can't stop talking about them
  • Capricorn:what they say) fuck you man; what they mean) I wanna fuck you man
  • Aquarius:follows crush around like a lost puppy and cries on the inside
  • Pisces:"why does the universe hate me" *sees pic of crush* "oh my gOD YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS KILL ME NOW" *runs off sobbing*

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When I first joined your fandom I saw your kawaii as s face and I was like "Oh shit, that's a boy." Then I watched you play FNaF[don't kill me for saying it plz] and I was like "Oh shit, that's a girl." Then I watched A Message To Yall and I was like... "Fuck." Then I saw your tumblr and I was like "Oh shit, that's a they." Now I get mad when people give you a gender .-.


Wow how fucking disgusting and low can you get naughty boy? You’ve personally attacked our fandom multiple times, attacked MY SON, rubbed it in that you have Zayn with you, i mean, are you five years old? Do you need someone to come rub all the drool off your face from all your pointless blabbering? Fuck you. One Direction are going to be, and continue to be the worlds biggest boyband with or without Zayn. So stop acting like youre some big hot-shot producer just because you have him and two other well known artists on your label. I can almost guarantee Zayn isnt going to end up making it on his own, not because he’s a bad singer or anything, because lets face it, he has the voice and face of an actual angel, but because he has some shit faced prick like you producing his music for him. You couldn’t even properly drop his demo for god sake, it sounded like it was recorded with a cereal box and a toothpick. But go ahead and keep trying to drag us down, try and break us by telling us we’re pathetic people and what not. Keep acting like you’re the best thing to happen to this world. But know something; Louis is always going to be there to smack the shit eating grin off your mug and throw your ass right back down to the dirt. He wont stand for your shit. Especially when you’re attacking us and making his best friend look like an asshole.

soo I got tagged by incblackbird and queer-sansa for the twenty beautiful people selfie thing. hi, sorry for showing you how exactly not tidy my room is, my robb stark funko guest stars because I decided he should. also the lightening is shit sorry it’s not a good time to take pictures in this damned room.

also idk everyone I wanted to tag has already been tagged so idk if you feel like taking selfies and showing off because your hair looks a+++ today show me and consider yourself tagged ;)

I’m getting no small amount of amusement out of how vindictive Francis has become. In every scene he’s in with Mary he’s like “Yeah, everything that is going wrong right now is your fault. Everything that happens from this point on is because of you and your affair. Good job, dumbass.”

Mary apologists have a problem with it, but personally I like that he’s not even trying to hide his hatred of her. He’s just so done with her shit that it’s fun to watch. I think he’s enjoying seeing the guilty look on her face, and to be perfectly honest so am I.

I miss the old Mary.

Guys that are trying to find out my marital status are honestly the funniest

I’m like “oh it is such a nice day out”
They’re like “yeah, when will you be out of here to enjoy it?”
And then I’m like “in about an hour”
AND THEN THEY’RE LIKE “that’s good so you can go for a walk with your husband… boyfriend… fwb???… gal pal???? and yeah well enjoy, beautiful ;)”
And I’m left there with a bizarro expression on my face wondering wtf just happened holy shit

like I mean I always got kinda :/ vibes from zayn but I loved him so much I gave him the benefit of the doubt but his friendship with shahid aka the Biggest Piece of Shit ™ who has said grossly sexist things and I’m p sure racist stuff too is just making me ://// like why is literally poo face your best friend zayn ://// why do you connect with an asshole ://///


“Our relationship may not be perfect
It may have its own flaws
but love has its own mysterious way to make two different individuals perfect for each other.”

Jemma who would have thought we would have lasted this long with all the shit we have gone though it is truly a pleasure to say it’s in the past and I’m going to have you forever. We have been though so many tough times in our relationship but we have also have had so many good times like the time we spent a week at the cottage, or every Wednesday when we go to your parents to watch survivor, or every time I stepped on the ice this season I could look up into the stands and see your face smiling like you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. But I also can’t forget the funny times we had like the time you lost your Harry Potter necklace and I lost my phone at a fair and we found them both all in the span of an hour, or that time we couldn’t get off those swings that night and we were ridding them for about 3 hours because in the air our minds were so clear and we had no worries. But lastly we also can’t forget our first kiss, the night were I picked you up from your house around 8:30 and we drove around to kanata rec and we laid on that hill for hours talking about our life and we had no worries in the word, and it lasted till about 2 am because you nor I wanted to say goodbye and then around 2 when we had to we had the most perfect first kiss and that’s when I knew you were the one and I couldn’t stay away from you ever again and I picked you up from work every day that week and we have been by each other’s side ever since. Anyways babe I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything you have taught me in this past year and I adore you so much and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else then in your arms every night. Happy one year Jemma and here’s to a million more 💕👭👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

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I do think the twitter fight was a stunt that got a bit heated/emotional. It will benefit both parties involved as in your post about them with the same label etc etc BUT zayn leaving is real. That is not a stunt. That part is a bit far fetched because of the fact that profit is their #1 and they lost a lot of revenue by Zayn leaving. Also the signs of him wanting to leave have been since September/October last year which precedes the NB-Simon tweets that were side eye emoji.

A few things:

They def didn’t lose profit over Zayn leaving. Not only did album/song sales increase, I will also offer anecdotal (read: not to be taken as seriously) proof in the form of myself rushing out and buying, like, a hundred dollars worth of shit with his face on it, for fear that it was now all limited edition and 1D’s days were themselves limited. A bit extreme? Maybe, but it’s 1D. If I did it, you can bet your ass a lot of others did, too. 

I talk about the profit bump they experienced in this here post. Because they definitely, definitely did experience one. And since OTRA sales had been flagging behind previous tour sales, I can see why they timed this the way they did. I mean, we learned from the Sony leak that they were expected to take a hit to profits this year, right? Boybands have burnouts. So a more proactive team (say, the as-yet-unclear New Team) had an incentive to combat that burnout, since they’re inheriting 1D and all the potential revenue therein.

And what better than a dramatic split? It’s gotten such intense media coverage–largely sympathetic to Zayn, by the way, which is new–that I feel comfortable calling it the entertainment story of the year (though Bruce J’s transition is def up there). 

Finally, the idea that Zayn wanted to leave is…I guess I don’t understand where that idea came from, really. What makes you think that? Is it how smiley-happy he was around that time? Is it how involved and engaged he was on-stage and in the fandom (using fan art as pictures on his Twitter, etc) right before he left? Is it how he talked about enjoying a more involved role in the album writing process during the NBC special? Or is it a bit of historical revisionism you picked up from a blog you trust who told you that was how it was?

I’ve offered you some thoughts, and I’ve offered you evidence to back up those thoughts. Hopefully that helps.

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you come across as so self assured and confident but like not in a cocky way but like you're also so sweet and it's so endearing. I want to be like you when I grow up.

Thank you!! I think there’s a huge difference between thinking you’re worth something and thinking you’re the best. It’s important to know your own strengths and good qualities and to be proud of them, but to not think of them as better than other other people’s and rub it in their faces. Being kind is crucial, to both yourself and others. Love your pretty handwriting, but don’t tell someone else that theirs is shit and yours is better.
Thank you again, this message was really sweet :)

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Fine why don't you wish more of your OC's have cancer using your logic that should be perfectly fine and reasonable for someone to do. But why would you wish cancer on anyone. Why would you wish cerebral palsy or depressing on someone.

Holy shit how is making a character face real world issues like having cancer “”“"wishing people had cancer”“” like legit fuck off & eat ass ur ridiculous

God I forgot ur not allowed to write stories about people with cancer! Dang! ???

R u hearing urself

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I think Louis putting that tweet in the first place was just bitchy but you've got to be a little pissed that Zayns tweeting in defence of Naughty Boy after staying so silent when Naughty Boy insulted the band and the fans for weeks? I don't care if Zayn punches Louis in the face and shits on his unconscious body but I do think like, you can't say you love your fans then let your friend insult them, when you're so quick to fire back when someone insults the filter on a photo? Like, what?

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I high key find what zayn said so fucking disrespectful (I unfollowed him which is something I'd never thought I'd do) but I'm not gonna talk shit since o don't really know the whole story, but it's just like Louis was standing up for us while NB keeps throwing it out faces that zayn left and then zayns gonna come in and act like Louis was in the wrong, I don't know i just find it crazy disrespectful

It’s a fucking asshole move. Dude, a week ago you were thanking them, saying they are all your brothers and then you tweet that? That’s the definition of fake. He did not only hurt Louis and the lads. He hurt us too and that shows he doesn’t give a fuck about us, he only cares about the money.

everyone at work today was saying how theyre gonna vote conservative or not at all bc “labour made a recession and they wont help us anyway because we work and have mid range paying jobs” (as though labour/conservative are your only options) and they all think theyre really rough bc theyre from rotherham even though they have pools and ipads n shit - not from their jobs, from their parents - and im sat there on my apprenticeship wage trying not to pull my face off thinking about my shit house and my dad being made redundant and everything awful but i said nothing because i dont like confrontation and they can do as they please. shout out to the one guy considering lib dems, you made me laugh for a sec

the naruto fandom is utter shit

I remember before Naruto ended there were so many posts I saw that said things like “No matter what becomes canon, we have to respect Kishimoto-sensei’s decisions!!!” 

And now the same people who were quick to reminded others of that, are now saying they want to punch Kishimoto in the face at NYCC. They want to punch him in the face over a pairing in a non romantic manga. They want to punch him in the face because of fiction specifically made for twelve year little old boys. They want to punch him in the face because they think they’re all special fucking snowflakes and the world revolves around them. 

Honestly who the fuck says that?? What kind of person says that?? This is why that section of the fandom is delusional shit. They act like wild animals because they didn’t get their way. I understand why people may not have liked the ending but not to take their hate so far to this nonsensical degree. Nothing even remotely shocking happened in the ending to cause this much riot and uproar. It’s all about the pairings to them because they’re notp  became canon and there’s nothing more sad nor pathetic than that.

Not only do they emit constant negativity on a daily fucking basis like they have nothing else to do, but now they want to actually become violent over something that was never even made for them in the first place. If I wasn’t convinced half of them were living in a dirty basement starring at a computer screen wasting their time and energy being mad about NARUTO all day and night, now I am.

Like…they literally disgust me. I am revolted by actual human beings I have never met and thankfully will never meet. No reason they give will ever ever justify their wanting to harm anyone (the creator of all people) over children’s fiction. And quite honestly I’m glad they were not happy with the ending. Fans like this don’t deserve to have what they want, they’re ungrateful little shits who are absolutely atrocious.



Hellooo Kpop peeps!

I swear I mean no harm, I’m just sharing the video  vidragon kwon so kindly posted on Youtube… 

So if anything happens to your face, if you displace your jaw from laughing, if you choke, if you cry because you are laughing to hard and you spoil your make up…ending up looking like a Panda… I’m not to blame!!!! Blame Seungri…if you will..hahaha..I did… 

Oh I forgot.… WARNING…. Do not watch this if you need to go to the bathroom… yep…It’s a Holy Shit… I almost peed myself kinda of video…

Enjoy…. hopefully you’ll just laugh…

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actually it doesn’t even have anything to do with their personality it’s more based on if they’re attractive or not like the stoic sociopath is going to get a freepass if they be lookin’ fine

Man how the hell do you have jason vorhees and his billion fans nobody has seen his face

unconventionaluniverse replied to your post:really this community has taught me a lot about…

there’s a lot that makes a character likable even if they’re a shitty person. a person who’s shitty just for shit’s sake is usually uninteresting from a dynamic view. people look for the sympathetic side naturally


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god, okay so in sophomore year of high school we had a super lax english teacher yea? we had to write an essay abt how a myth originated or whatever, and my friend had such lines as "macdonald's jr rubbed contemplatively at his chest, 'i'm freezing my nips' he said, 'well, that's not out problem now is it?' said patty penguin in a douchey condescending tone" and like.. our poor english teacher put ?????? everywhere

Holy fucking shit that’s hilarious. I love that so much holy shit im laughing. I would have loved to see your teachers face as they read that