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Sorry, I'm new in all this soccer world, what is McMasar?

It’s these nerds

aka erin mcleod and ella masar (now masar mcleod and post soccer just mcleod). they got married july of last year. and are absolutely adorable and wonderful individually.

wildest part about this shit is ella was very jesus (still is but not in-your-face jesus anymore) and in 2011 she wrote this thing for fca about homosexuality and how people were living ‘ungodly lifestyles’ and basically was one of those christians but like late 2013 these too nerds got together and ella’s written a few things about it such as this

and the kids are cute

Imagine Wade hearing you swear for the first time....

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“MotherFucker!” You screamed as you stepped on a lego, “Wade for the love of Everything pick up your shit!”

His head poked out from behind the lego tower he was building, a look of wonder on his face as he looked at you standing on one foot. “Well I never, did you, [Y/N] [Y/M\n] [Y/L/N], just swear not once but twice." 

"Wade! Pick Up Your Shit, before I smash that precious tower you spend so much time with." 

 "I think I like this new side of you." 

"Suck it, asshole.” You hissed before limbing away, leaving a smile on Wade’s face

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Congrats on 300 followers! Um...headcanon for Armada Jetfire with a cybertronian s/o?

Thanks! Wow it took me awhile to get to this one, oops

Jetfire TF Armada 

He’s the kind of person who still uses the ‘I’m gonna pretend to yawn to get my arm over your shoulder’ move (even though he’s a robot, which means yawning isn’t a thing?) 

He’s really clingy, he loves leaning on his partners shoulder, holding their hand, hugging them from behind or vise versa. He just really likes physical contact 

‘Hey you have something on your face’ ‘what’ -kiss- ‘my mouth ;)’ 

He would also do really cheesy shit like leaving a trail of rose petals to the berth, and him doing the draw me like your french girls pose on it, covered in petals. Immediately followed smoothly up with ‘I have no idea why I covered myself in these things’ 

He wants to try combining with you one time, like he does with Optimus 

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For frat!harry what era of Harry is he? Do you picture him as 2013 Harry or current?

The 2013 harry vibes with the mature face of current harry.

He’s 21 in the fic so it’s kind of hard to find a photo that matches what i have going on in this crazy mind of mine (ayyy shout out to zayn) because in some tmh photos he looks a little too senior in high school and not enough senior in college and then when our cuddly teddy bear Harry in real life was 21 he had long locks and frat boy harry doesn’t have shoulder length hair.   BUT what I’ve been picturing him as so far (this may change, I’ll update you guys if I find a better photo) is this:

2013 hair, handsome face (like when is it not), ALMOST boy next door but in that holy shit he’s the hottest boy next door i’ve ever SEEN, muscly, toned, down to steal your girl ;)

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1. Favourite animal?

Wolves and Lions. I can’t choose between the two.

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2. Go-to snack?

Whatever is yummy and in the house. Mainly sweets.

3. Describe your hometown in five words?

Mining, Mountains, valley, boring, wildlife (What? There’s a group of deer outside? Whatever it’s not like it’s a bear or a cougar. xD)

4. Movie(s) you never get sick of watching?

Ummm… Any and all movies that I love.

5. A sound that always makes you laugh?

My puppy growling. It’s just so damn cute. 

6. What expression in your native language do you relate to most? (i.e. “you’d cut off your nose to spite your face” would be my answer because i am the queen of spite honestly ^^”)

Shits about to get real with this question.

“Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” 

You wish to call me names go ahead watch me laugh. If you’re so broken that you need to hurt others to feel better I suggest you work on healing yourself and end the the cycle of hatred.

“You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself?” 

Think about it. Think about all the terrible things you say about yourself. How you put yourself down. Now think of someone you care about saying those things about themselves. How much it hurts that someone you love hates themselves. How no matter what you say they don’t seem to listen to you. Now tell me why do you do it? Why do you not only be self destructive but also in doing so hurt those that care about you?

7. What colour is your room?

Red walls (I have one white wall because I was going to paint a mural but now we are trying to move.), Dark blue bedding, Black curtains, grey floor. I like dark colours.

8. Which Pokemon best represents you? If you don’t know anything about Pokemon then which animal best represents you?

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I don’t know… I’ve had people say Pikachu so I’ll go with that.

9. Something you pretend to hate but you actually love?

The sun. I will say I hate it but I don’t really. The heat and me just don’t get along and I like the dark. My friends and family have jokingly called me a vampire for this reason.

10. If you could own any breed of dog what would it be?


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11. If there were one person or fictional character you wish you could be more like who would it be?

No one, I am happy with myself thanks.

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plus anything about fleas or bed bugs makes me panic because i had lice several times as a kid and ive always flipped out when people touch my face or my hair. so being in 2nd grade, my mom had to handle that shit and clean the house but that whole experience definitely made me more afraid of people touching my head at all and made me super afraid of bugs. but specifically lice and fleas and generally bugs that like… live on you and your furniture. like spiders are assholes but at least they go fuck off in their spiderweb and leave me alone so i can just hope they go away