I’m shoving fat candles into dirt,
blowtorching the wicks and tooting

I couldn’t render enough tallow
to properly honor over 4 billion years,

you have so many hills. On one hill
two horses graze. You can’t tell me

I’m dumb in the ear of your plateaus,
the elbows of your trees, the eye of

springs. Though, I’m part of you,
I think. Science tells me I’m 60%

The Bible claims I come from dust
and shall return. Have you ever read

Did we get anything right? I mean, you
keep turning your cheek, letting us

even though we harvest your tears
of oil, melt your glacial heart. One

gallops down the hill, hooves massaging
your back. I trust when you’re ready my

will prove useful. I trust that your stupid
beauty will keep whispering our dust is the

- Matthew Schmidt, “B(Earth)Day”

GOT7  SCENARIO : It’s not only a dream

Summary : You made a strange dream but don’t really mind it, it’s just a dream. How can it’s be real when it’s seems related to Vampire ? They do not exist ! So yeah life goes on BUT You accidently met Him and the dream you had seems to be more real than ever.

Member : Mark

A/N : please, don’t mention the mistakes :3

Second scenario so tell me what do you think of it ^^


                                           « Moon is my sun
                                              Nigh is my day
- Well, that’s part is not exactly the truth
                                              Blood is my life
                                         And you are my prey »
- But this part is and I’ll devour you forever. A voice whisper while you feel a hand on your neck.

   You suddenly open your eyes, sweating and your heart beating faster.  You straighten in your bed and observe your room.

“Wow ok it was only a dream.” You mumble touching your neck feeling a bit uncomfortable. You take your phone and take a look at the time. 2 minutes before your alarm ring.

You sight before leaving your bed and your room for your bathroom and take a shower to really wake you up.  After showering you leave for your dressing and choose an outfit for today.

It’s mid-summer and the middle of your semester of your third year. The weather is really good today so you opt for a light and summery outfit. ( )
You choose to let your hair free but still takes something to tie them, you never know. You choose to put a light make up on your face and then leave for your kitchen in which you prepare two toast and a glass of orange juice. Perfect to start your day! let’s go!

“Hey! Y/N! Come next to us!” Call you Jung, your best friend, sitting with the other in the shade of a tree.
So you take their direction but when you’re just steps from them, you stop, someone in front of you. You look up and lock your eyes in the other eyes, you shiver, a strange feeling taking hold of you.

“Sorry. You say bowing
- No it’s me.” Smirk the guy before leaving you. Your eyes open wide, you hallucinate? This voice? The one of your dream? You turn back and look at the guy a little lost in your mind.
“Hey Y/N, did he do something to you? ask one of your friend who’s coming to you.
- Hum? no nothing, let’s go.” You say with a smile to reassure him. He smiles and you two join the other.

Jung calls you, tapping the sit next to her, you join her with a smile and all of you start eating and chatting about nothing and everything. You see that she wants to talk about what just happen with the guy but you don’t want to talk about that here, later you’ll tell her.

The rest of the day is busy, running between two courses, writing, listening, learning so a normal student day, right?
Now it’s 6PM and you’re leaving your last class, Jung and two of your friends are waiting for you. You join them and the four of you take the direction of your next place: your dance school.
Dancing is more than just a hobby for you and your friend, it’s a passion and you work every day from 6.30 PM to near midnight and tonight is not an exception to the rule.

“Y/N! be careful on your way back ok? say your friend with a smile.
- Don’t worry I’ll be fine. You answer with a smile too.
- Y/N, let’s talk by message ok?
- Yes Jung, I’ll tell you.
You say with a wink.
- Ok see you tomorrow then.
- See you.” You wave before going down to the metro station.

                                       « Moon is my sun
                                          Nigh is my day

“ Well, that’s part is not exactly the truth
                                           Blood is my life
                                      And you are my prey »

- But this part is and I’ll devour you forever. A voice whisper while you feel a hand on your neck.
- Why me? Why? you ask still feeling the hand on your neck.
- You and I are related since your birth. You cannot be escaped, which is the counterpart of your survival.” Say the voice when you feel a breath in your neck.

Again you wake up sweating and your heart beating faster. You turn on your bedside light before taking a long breath.

“This dream again … the same voice … Related? Survive? I don’t understand … who’s that guy?!” you whisper to you when leaving your bed to the bathroom. Today the weather is still good so you choose again a light outfit (

On your way to the university you chat with Jung about your dream and as always your friend become excited.
“A vampire? that’s amazing! You have to meet him again!” that’s what she tells you over messages. Jung is the type of girl to think that vampires and werewolf exist but you’re not one of them so you’re a little dubious about their existence.
But still, Jung is right you have to meet him again and ask about everything, you need some explanation.
You ’re just in time and go quickly to your first class.

It’s lunch break and you join as always your friends under the shade of the tree, yes is one of your friends group favorite spot ahaha. you barely have time to sit you that Jung show you someone entering one of the old buildings of the University.

“I’m going back. Don’t worry. You say, jumping on your foot and taking the direction of the old building.
- Wait! Y/N, are you going to follow this guy, like this?
- Yes I am, I have something to ask him don’t worry too much ok?
scream all of your older friend surprising you and Jung.
- We don’t really know what’s the matter? Jung ask first
- His nickname is “Black prince” everybody in the university know him like this and there a lot of rumors about him and his friends. Says one of your friend.
- Like what? you ask, intrigued.
- Like he and his friend are vampires and he’s the leader.
You and Jung Look at each other understanding that your dream has part of reality, and it pricks your curiosity in lively.

“Ok I’m going! you say firmly to show to your friend that none of their talk will stop you.
- Please … Y/N be careful ok?
- I promise.” You say and leave them quickly.

You approach the entry not totally confident. But the curiosity growing more and more you finally enter the building. Inside, little light and a lot of dust, broken furniture or damaged … The crowding allows only one path up the stairs on the other side. You cross the corridor up to the stairs, feeling your heart beat going faster. Where could the boy have gone?

Suddenly you hear a sound coming from upstairs, you look toward the stairs somewhat reassured.

“What are you looking for? ask a voice on your back. You jump sharply. You turn around, trying to calm the frantic pace of your poor heart.
- Hum … for … I …
- You’re here for him right? the boys ask with a small smile.
- For who? you ask back.
- For the “famous” dark prince. You want to confess your love, right sweetheart? say the boy while approaching you.
- HUH?! No! I just have some questions for him! You answer putting back some steps.
- Oh, so it’s just curiosity? Ok then I’ll guide you to him. I hope for you that he’s already full and not thirsty otherwise I cannot help you.

You gulp at what the boy says, thirsty? He will not help you?

“By the way, what’s your name? say the boy while you two go upstairs.
- I’m Y/N and you?
- I’m Jackson. Here we are, ready?
He says in front of the last door of the corridor.
You simply nod, no words wanting to leave your mouth.
He opens the door and you two penetrate a large living room in a quite good state in comparison to the other part of the building.
There are six boys in the room but your eyes only stop on one of them, HIM, sitting in the sofa chatting with an other boy.

“Jackson hyung? Who she is? why she’s here? she’s tempting but her blood? it’s strange! say a cute boy coming to you two.
- Really BamBam? I didn’t notice it but now you’re telling it … that right. Answer Jackson checking you from head to toes.
- Why she’s here Jackson? ask a boy sitting near the windows
- Jaebom hyung, she’s here because she have some question for hyung.” Say the boy smirking.

You listen to them chatting like nothing but their conversation is quite strange and you feel a little bit insecure right now. Why are they talking about your blood? Are they really vampires? You close your eyes a little bit scared and bite your lips, you stupid! why do you have to be so curious? Why!

“Holy sh** stop it right now! scream suddenly Jackson surprising you, you look at him letting your lips.
- What?” You say passing your hand on your lips, feeling something.

You look back at your hand. You have a hiccup before watching the boys in the room. All of their eyes gets suddenly red. You really are stupid! They seem to be vampires and you find nothing better that to let your blood flow in their presence! You freeze, even your breath don’t want to leave you for few second.

“Boys! get out , now !” say a low voice. All the boys leave the room expect him. Your eyes lock with his and he leave his spot on the sofa and in a second you feel an hand on your neck. You Know he’s in your back, it’s the same feeling as it’s in your dream! You try to relax and find something on the wall in front of you: a quote. It’s unbelievable but it’s exactly the same as your dream, you don’t know why but you start reading it.

                                          “The moon is my sun
                                            The night is my day …

- Well that not exactly the truth. He whispers and you shiver as his low voice and warm breath is going through your ear skin. You feel the same sensation as it was in your dream and you think that your heart will stop in few minutes.

                                                Blood is my life
                                             And you are my prey.”

- But this part is and I’ll devour you forever. He continues whispering while you feel his other hand catching your waist and pulling you against his body.
- Why me? Why? you ask panic winning over you.  
- You and I are related since your birth. You cannot be escaped, which is the counterpart of your survival.” He says his breath going through your neck now.
You feel the tears coming but you holding back. You try to escape his grip but he’s really strong and the words he says are even stronger.

“You were a really weak baby when you born and your parents were scared that you may die so they ask us for some help. My parents agreed but they wanted something in exchange … they want you for me as my prey but also as my futur…” he says living a little kiss on your pale skin.

You have nothing to answer because you’re so shocked you just want this to be a dream but no … it’s real this time …

“W… Will you kill me? you say scared.
- Did you listen to what I said? He laughs.
- It’s just … that …
- When I’ll bite you it will not kill you because of the vampire blood you already have in your veins but it will make us as mate forever.
He says as he makes ​​you turn around to face him.

Seeing him so close for the first time make your heart stop totally. He is really beautiful you have to concede this to the girls that are already “in love” with the boy.

“ Ready Y/N? He asks slowly.
- I guess I have no choice … You whisper closing your eyes.
- That’s true you don’t really have choice, if you had not come today, dreams would have continued.
- Until I come to you?
- Until you come to me.
He answers before you feel his lips on your neck skin.
- Please just do it slowly, I’m scared of the pain …
- Even if I go slowly you’ll be in pain, when you feel that you can’t hold it anymore say my name ok ?
- But I…
- I’m Mark … ready?
- Ye… yes …
you practically say in silence.

You feel his teeth penetrate your neck and your veins, your blood living you. You cannot hold back your tears and they get down through your face for minutes. You start to feel dizzy and need to cross your arm around his neck to support you.

“Mark … stop please! you cry as you start to see some stars behind your eyelids.
He leaves your neck and catch you stronger than before because your legs can’t support you anymore.
- Now … it’s you and me … forever Y/N. Sleep and I’ll see you when you wake up.” He says before lifting you like a princess and settle down you on the sofa.
You just nod slowly and close your eyes. You feel him putting a blanket on your body.

“ Thanks you …
-That’s me who should be thankful.”
You hear before the door open and close behind him.

You deeply fell asleep, your mind empty but your heart filling with butterfly…….

I guess what makes me different from most girls is that I’m not the type to squeal all over you and I don’t ask for your attention at all times. I know what I want and I know how to get it but I don’t hurt people along the way. I can be a bitch but I’m also a weird obnoxious loser, but hey that’s the truth in me. I guess you can say I’m complicated, but I’d rather be difficult than easy any day. I can be hard to figure out sometimes, but if you know me, I’m not that much of a confusing person. So, why don’t you actually open up your heart instead of just your eyes and take a look at me, and then tell me if you’re still in love with her.

- Gonna rock this town tonight

And I love that marijuana | It makes me feel so high | Tell all your troubles good bye | Somehow escape the lie | of the Hollywood whore

Standing on the waters casting your bread | While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing | Distant ships sailing into the mist | You were born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing | Freedom just around the corner for you | But with the truth so far off, what good will it do?

Manipulator of crowds, you’re a dream twister | You’re going to Sodom and Gomorrah | But what do you care ? Ain’t nobody there would want marry your sister

I twirl on them haters, albino alligators

“You and I are some of the strangest beans this town has ever seen, Dipper” I told him.
“Ebony” he blurted out. He seemed shocked by what had come out of his mouth, and then deliberately repeated it. “My real name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (thats how i got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee. Dipper is just a nickname. But everyone got used to it, and now it feels too late to tell everyone the truth. And its kind of a dumb name anyway. Don’t tell anyone.”
I tussled his hair and smiled at him. “Your secret is safe with me, Ebony” I said.

the fine line between dream and memory

tell me, have you ever lied to me? 
i can’t see your eyes. you always shield them and 
i don’t love you that way. i know i don’t. and if i could, 
i don’t think i would;

i am too dangerous to touch things made of love and
i feel too fragile to risk falling apart. 
i stumble over the stairway i have made
which leads to nowhere, 

it was only a dream. 
and i know you don’t care like you say you do 
and if i’m wrong, i am too afraid to face it
and if you’ve been telling the truth all along i know
you are too proud to lower your head and 
face me, eye to eye, 

and burn it all into 

this broken heart 

of mine. 

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bruised wrists and teary eyes

send me a fragment or a thought or just a handful of words, and i’ll try to finish it

will never make up for our goodbyes 
will never fill the gaping wounds 
made by all your little white lies 
mistakes, even when unwittingly made, 
sting like they were my own mistakes 
i guess that’s how the chips may fall 
it doesn’t really surprise me at all 
you never knew me like i knew you 
didn’t know my lies from truths 
didn’t care to figure them out 

so don’t tell me it wasn’t your fault 
when i disappeared and you never called 

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Girl who cried wolf -- 5sos

“The truth is spelled out in your eyes, why don’t you just reach out and make it clear to me? what are you telling me?”

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Can you please do one where Tsuna, Gokudera, and Reborn where they found out that their SO is a human Djinni??


“I — I can explain!” Your voice was panicky, high with fright as he stared at you, stunned at the spectacle he just witnessed.

“…Did you just appear out of thin air?” He managed after a long moment, eyes narrowing in not quite suspicion but something close to it. As a sky coupled with his hyper-intuition, Tsuna had a good sense of when someone was using illusions and when they weren’t, and right now, his intuition was telling him than absolutely no mist flames were involved in that little feat. Originally, he was just going to dismiss it as seeing things, but your reaction had prevented any chance of that happening.

“I, uh—“

“Tell me, the truth, Y/n,” Tsuna commanded, arms crossing and making him look like the very picture of a stern leader.

“I’m a djinni!” You blurted. “But I’m not dangerous, I swear! It’s just, you caught my interest, because you’re different from the other Mafia Bosses and I had to know why. So I turned into a human and got to know you better, and, well, things got complicated because I actually really like you, even if you are a human. But I didn’t mean for you to find out like this! Please don’t out me to the others or be mad or be scared or—“

“Y/n,” he interrupted.


“This doesn’t change anything between us,” Tsuna reassured you with a speculative look on his face. “But I fully expect you to explain everything to me now that I know that you’re a… What did you call it?”

“A djinni!” You answered eagerly, relief at how well he was taking everything overwhelming you.


A person could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed the declaration, “I know you’re an UMA, Y/n.”

“Wh-What?” You finally asked shakily, hoping that playing ignorant would either show that you had misunderstood what your boyfriend was saying or that he would change his mind about you being in anyway supernatural. Even though you were.

“An UMA! I saw you disappear and reappear, and then there was that one time you turned into a dog, and I know you’re not a mist,” Gokudera rambled excitedly. “This is so cool, and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!” He paused to take a breath and then amended, “Well, except for Tenth.”

“Tsuna?” You asked, feeling a little weak.

“Yes, of course, this is really important, Y/n! This explains exactly how you’re as good of a spy as you are and this could open so many more doors for you, although we’ll have to pretend that you’re a mist flame user to explain a lot of the things you can do away. But he’s our boss and closest friend, Y/n. We can’t just not tell him!”

It had went better than expected in some ways, but in others you wished that you had been just a bit more careful.


“H-How…?” You choked out, fear strangling the rest of the question before it could be uttered.

“I’m the World’s Greatest Hitman, Y/n, it was only a matter of time before I found out something that big,” Reborn answer, his tone almost gentle as he stepped a little closer, hands out in a non-threatening display although you knew that it could change in an instant.

“Really, it’s fine. It surprised me at first and I was suspicious of you having ulterior motives to create chaos within the Vongola famiglia when I caught wind of your kind’s notorious reputation… But you don’t strike as the kind of person who generally does any planning in the long-term.”


He smirked, “It’s the truth. You couldn’t pull on over me if you tried. Which you did in trying to keep something this big a secret.”

You sighed long-sufferingly, but truthfully you were glad that he had taken the discovery as well as he did. You wondered just when you would ever learn to stop underestimating your boyfriend.


Hephaestion Stylianos Vaxevaneris composed this stunning musical version of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. The album covers the entire hymn, the dialogues of the goddesses and gods are sung, meanwhile the narrator is read with background music. If you can please buy the album, is absolutely worth it! I bought mine in Apple Music :)

Obviously, the entire hymn is spoken in greek and features traditional greek music. Here you can learn how to pronounce Persephone’s name correctly :) I want to thank my beloved friend @m-s-harris who sent me this song!

Lyrics(verses 54-59):

Potnia Demeter, bringer of seasons and giver of splendid gifts
who among the celestial gods or mortal humans
seized Persephone… seized Persephone
and saddened your beloved heart?
cause I heard a voice but I didn’t see her with my eyes
who he was, so briefly I came tell you all the truth
(chorus repeats)

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I did a thing that I'm not too proud of but it definitely shed some light on the situation I'm in. I went though My boyfriend of almost 6 months old phone to see texts from his ex girlfriend. The thing is that he treats me SO SO different than he treated her. He treated her nice like he couldn't be away from her. And with me it's like he almost doesn't care that much. Like he's not trying. I don't know how to approach the situation. I don't know if I should tell him I did it or not.

People change darling. Heartbreak can make people behave differently. If he doesn’t treat you right in your eyes then tell him. Be honest, only if you tell him the truth things can change. 

The Causes of Eye Swelling
  • Mom:You need to take allergy medicine, your eyes are really swollen.
  • Brother:I bet I know why.
  • Mom:Oh I know why. Moving that firewood around.
  • Dad:I bet it's from is beating the dust out of that rug yesterday.
  • Me:*sits silently*
  • Why are my eyes swollen? Crying. I cried from 2-5am last night and have been crying again for the last half hour or so until dinner. But I can't tell them that, because then they would ask why, and wouldn't take any answer but the "truth".

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Can I have #15 for Kiba?

“Oh, jeez,” you exclaimed, peering into a cupboard in you and Kiba’s kitchen.

“What is it, Y/N?” Kiba asked whilst digging around in the fridge in search for a can of soda.

“Akamaru only has, like…” you counted, “Four packets of kibble left.”

“Yeah? We’ll have to go stock up on some more,” Kiba said, popping open his can.

“No, that’s not the problem.”

“Huh?” Kiba questioned.

“There was two more packets just last week. Usually it’d take him at least three weeks to eat that much,” you deduced thoughtfully.

Kiba let out a bark-like laugh. “Now that you mention it, he is looking a little on the chubby side.”

You rolled your eyes. “Tell me the truth.”

“Say what? The truth? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N,” Kiba flustered.

“Did Akamaru really eat all that kibble?” you tested him.

“Well who else would’ve eaten it?” he said, nervous at the implied accusation.

“You, Kiba. You ate Akamaru’s kibble,” you stated.

“Me?” Kiba almost screeched.

You let out an exasperated sigh, muttering, “Why do I have to deal with this?” while Kiba continued trying to defend himself beside you.

-Admin Will

Unwanted Love Poems

Fall in love with me
Then hypnotise me
With love. Wear the
Mask of a movie star,
But be more than you are
When you hypnotise me.
I am not free, because you
Hypnotise me. I see into
The pearl heart of the globe
And there I see you, with
Hypnotic eyes. Your words
Are axes, angers, threats.
And yet you hypnotise me.
I wear your clothes. I become.
I run at the sun and arrive
Where you hypnotise me.
Tell me seven truths then
Send me into the loose ease
Of teased hypnosis. Make me
Do what you want me to do.
I wish to be in your power.
Flower me in the summer;
Send me messages. Make me
A message you wish to read.
Seed my heart with freedom.
I ask only of your art: hypnotise
Us until we are part of each other.
I will uncover my true self when
You hypnotise me.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc… on shuffle and list the first 25 songs then tag people. No skipping songs. I was tagged by @rhymeslayers

1. Last Dayz - Onyx

2. Leave Me Alone Pt. 2 - Cam'ron

3. I Against I - Massive Attack x Mos Def

4. Men Of Honour - Timeless Truth Feat. Roc Marciano

5. Bully Rap - Sean Price Feat. Realm Reality

6. Clientele - GFK Feat. Raekwon & Fat Joe

7. Breath Of Fresh - The Dynospectrum

8. Lazy Eye - Aesop Rock

9. Iron Age - KA Feat. Roc Marciano

10. Lune TNS - Company Flow

11. Crime Saga - Shabazz The Disciple

12. Air -  Sadevillain

13. Worldwide - Royal Flush

14. Tom Thum - R.A The Rugged Man

15. The Full Retard - El-P

16. Take Me Home - Terror Squad

17. Respect - The Notorious B.I.G

18. Auditorium - Mos Def Feat. Slick Rick

19. Re-Animators - Azaia Feat. Dirt Platoon

20. Powaful Impak! - Black Moon

21. Win Or Lose - Mobb Deep

22. Vowel Movement - Atmosphere

23. Bring Forth Spirits - Spit Gemz Feat. Eff Yoo & G.S. Advance

24. Blind Threats - ScHoolboy Q Feat. Raekwon

25. Flexxin - Meyhem Lauren

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