Call Me By Your Name (2017) dir. Luca Guadagnino

Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American-Italian is enamored by an American student who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.


                   “What the hell are you talking about?”                                                                                                                                                “I’m dying, Murphy.”

I literally cannot relate to these pet posts where people talk about their calm, quiet, low energy cats. Catch my cat at any time of day and night doing fuckin parkour across my entire apartment. I can’t take pictures of him unless he’s dead asleep and even then there’s somehow a motion blur. “Where’s Hiccup”, you ask? that fucker’s probably hanging upside down on a god damn ceiling light or robbing the nearest bank. CALM??? MY CAT DOESN’T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD