Exo’s Reaction - You (An Idol) Singing ‘Closer’ On Your Anniversary

Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin - *After the performance, he’d pull you close to him, as he’d tell you how much he loves you and how perfect you were, especially after that*

Lay - *He’d find this amazing, though he’d be just smiling and staring at you while you sung the lyrics, knowing that this is going to mean so much for the both of you*

Kai - *He’d be so admired in you as you’d sing and would be so happy to call you his. He’d still be amazed that you sang this song for your anniversary*

Suho - *He’d be so touched and speechless, he’d thank you so much and would then spoil the shit out of you as payback for that*

Kyungsoo - *He would be so embarrassed that he had teary eyes but wouldn’t care about it more than how much this means to him that you’re singing this specificity song to him, he’d also blush like mad*

Tao - *Wouldn’t help but get a little emotional and have tears of happiness in his eyes*

Chen - *He’d be unable to to stop grinning and would be so glad that he had you, though he’d pout after you’ve finished singing as he’d feel like his gift looks bad*

 Kris - *He’d be surprised when you announce that it was towards a special someone and as you’d start singing, he’d have the biggest smirk on his face ever*

Chanyeol - *He’d pick you up and swing you about when you come off stage, bringing you close as he’d kiss you sweetly, singing to you afterwards*

Baekhyun - *Gets very giggly as he’d get so shy while you’re singing and would have big heart eyes on you*

Sehun - *At first he’d roll his eyes to tease you but once you got straight into the song properly, he’d get so shy, he’d make eye contact with you and show his biggest smile*

Luhan - *He’d be so shy and would try to avoid eye contact with you while your singing otherwise he’d break into tears from how beautiful and unexpected this was*


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consulting-percussionist  asked:

Alright, so I was scrolling through your blog the other day and with all your lesbian posts/reblogs and girls everywhere, I'm just kind of sitting there like "??? Do males ever seen this cute and sweet and attractive??? Are there actually males I would actually date ever???" And then I realized. Wait. No. Girls. They're perfect. So um. Your amazing gay blogging and aura made me realize that I'm a lesbian so thank you! :>

this is fantastic, congratulations on realizing you’re a lesbian!!!! 👭💕

anonymous asked:

Do you have any other overwatch imagine blogs you love to read and recommend? Your blog is awesome and I love your content!

ahhh thank you darling~
indeed i do! a lot of them had inspired me to create this blog aside from just wanting to write again, so i can’t list them all~ ;u; and there are some that i just like reading from~

@luvleekaotix-imagines - ok, this blog was the very first blog that i had stumbled upon on reading headcanons/fics/all the good stuff~ she’s an amazing writer and omg so creative too~~~ why can’t I be like that? ;7;

@thatoverwatchgirl-imagines - i love their headcanons, like wow??? they’re so perfect and- ???? like really, holy fuck. aheh.

@anotheroverwatchwriter - honestly i just love everyone’s work that it’s all i can say, like really, nothing else aheh. ^^’’

@tick-tock-little-pig - their writing is perfect, like wow?? i love reading their stuff~

@notonour-watch - just… i love. i still love their werewolf mccree headcanons aheh. c:

that’s it for now~ aheh.

anonymous asked:

I'm so sad. I've been watching spn from it first started and only this year have I made a tumblr. And it's only been since I've had tumblr where I've been made aware of all the hate in this fandom. It really is so toxic. Yeah all the actors get hate but Misha hate is by far the worst. These people really are delusional and so fucking dangerous. People actually have blogs dedicated to that shit. It's messed up. Anyway, I love your blog and hope you feel much better about this whole situation💙


It’s very scary how obsessive and dangerous some people seem to be. The best thing is just to keep far away from them and if you can’t, block them. You want this tumblr experience to be positive and fun, this is your space to escape and enjoy the things you like. No one deserves hate. Misha is a good person, not perfect (non of us are), but he tries his best to be kind and apply that kindness and the things he encourages with RA & GISHWHES to his life/actions/words.

Thank you and take care 💕

dazaiihs  asked:

i would never know tachuu exists if not for your blog, your art is such a blessing it's really amazing; and i'll try writing a tachuu(mostly mixed with skk) when i get the time just as a thanks for you hahaha thank you!!

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Remember this day my skk followers

It will forever go down on history

As the day

Dazai offers to write Tachuu fanfictions

bokutodani  asked:

3, 7, & 20 for the asks !!

3: (truth) What are your three favorite things about your appearance? (dare) List all nine of your tumblr crushes, and describe each blog/blogger in one word.

HMm well my hair is a really nice natural color? and my eyes change color a lot it’s lit!!! and well i guess people comment on how they like my eyelashes because theyre long so ther e u go !!!

ScreAMS im so terrified of all non-mutuals though

@shitminyoongisays - PERFECTIOn

@illuminakis - reported

@memeufacturing - bye

@pinkc0bra - bLESS

@iuniversefingers - screaming

@kkaags - ily

@yumikoflare - blocked

@jeondiary - Best,,,,

@btsdadd - (,: sigh

7: (truth) How many hours did you sleep last night? (dare) Send an anonymous compliment to the last person who followed you.

10 minutes dont you dare tell nighty omg 4:50 - 5:00am bc school

+++ i dID OK

20: (truth) What does your bedroom look like? (dare) Take one selfie and post it. You only get one shot! (No old selfies or retrying, even if you think you look bad)

It’s pretty clean atm?? im organized sometimes i dunno but it’S GOOD RIGHT NOW

ALSO id prefer not to dear sorry (,:

thank you for asking <3

Are you passionate about The Raven Cycle? Do you just love the characters with all your heart and want them to be happy in life? If so, than this is the perfect vine group for you! This is a group collaboration of fans in which we roleplay the characters via vine accounts, commenting on each other’s videos and posting the vines to this tumblr blog. This is also a great chance to branch out with other people in the fandom, and talk about what makes the novels so great!

We are officially accepting applications for the roles of Ronan, Orla, and Henry! If you’d like to rp as your favorite trc character via regular vining, submit your application and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

The Deadline is September 3rd.


mom0mi  asked:

Hey your art is just perfect! I really like it, it's so cute!! I just found your blog and fell in love, btw sorry for my bad english. I don't know if you accept requests or support the ship but I was wondering if you could submit some Jaspis? I think your human versions of the gems are amazing and I would like to see some of them in a healthy relationship! Thank you <3

Thank you so much I’m really happy you like it !! Well I don’t ship Jaspis but I have no problem with drawing pairings I don’t ship and TBH I‘VE NEVER DRAWN JASPER IN MY WHOLE LIFE……….. TIME TO FIX THIS.

Here ya go, a Jaspis-human-healthy-relationship AU ! This was really fun to do ~ ESPECIALLY JASPER’S HAIR (Lapis read Pretty Hairstylist quite carefully ❤ )

(I need to practice my bara drawing tho) (don’t tell me otherwise)(i NEED to)

hey guys!! so i recently hit 5k which is so crazy because i’m a relatively new studyblr, so i thought i would do some blog rates to find more studyblrs to follow and celebrate! :D

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anonymous asked:

For your fancast considerations: Shawnacy Barber (Canadian pole vaulter) as Dex.


The physique is like perfect, Shawnacy is 6′2″ , just like Dex, and look at those arms and thighs man, and the FRECKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And his cute lil smile!!! Perfect Dex!!! 

mindless--spineless  asked:

K dood,doody dood dood. Your blog is perfection. In a world of Jarley hate, you are the light. Your head canons are definitely the best. Now I got a question, seeing as we have no idea what happened during the time period between the chemical wedding and when the movie was set, what do you think J did to kinda introduce Harley as his? Like how do you think Harley's debut to the joker's world went?

Thank you ^.^

Good question. Considering Joker’s love of theatrics and attention, I want to say he’d probably introduce Harley by having her commit some kind of horrible crime. Possibly murdering a mob boss and them taking over that territory would be a very big way to show not only Joker’s power but now their power as partners in crime.

Overall, I feel like having Harley do something really twisted and evil would be the way Joker would want to introduce her. Sort of show off what she’s capable of and really make it clear that they’re not to be messed with.

here you have a little drawing of modern Rapunzel for your comic!


“You okay?”

The question was asked innocently, with a light touch on your knee and a sincere expression. Luke, your boyfriend of seven months, had been nothing short of perfect. You would never trade him for anything, but sometimes he didn’t really notice when you just wanted to be by yourself for a while.

“Y/N?” he said when you didn’t answer right away.

You blinked, bringing yourself back from your thoughts. “Yeah, sorry, I’m fine. Just one of those days, I guess.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

You shook your head slightly, hoping he would take the hint and just go somewhere else for a couple hours. “I’m good.”

“Okay,” Luke said quietly, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear. “Just let me know if you need anything, all right?”

You nodded; suddenly, you were so strangely distanced from everything that the simple gesture took extreme amounts of energy.

He didn’t leave the room, like you’d wanted, but instead lie down on the bed beside you and scrolled through something on his phone. As long as he’s quiet … you thought.

Five minutes passed before you realized that Luke had darkened the screen of his phone a good thirty seconds ago and was now watching you intently, with a worried arch to his eyebrows that you’d been seeing far too much lately.

“Y/N,” he said slowly, softly, like you were such a fragile thing that his words might break you, “what’s wrong?”

And that was it. Everything wrong in your life, all of it at the same time, came crashing down, fast and blinding and red red red.

You stood up, head spinning slightly from how quickly you’d changed positions. “Maybe there is nothing wrong, Luke!” you yelled. “Maybe I’m just not happy one hundred percent of the time, and maybe sometimes I have nothing to talk about because nothing’s wrong, it’s just that nothing is right, either, and I’m just going through the motions and you jumping all over me every thirty seconds is not helping!”

“I just wanted to make sure that–”

“That what, that I was okay? That I wasn’t planning to get up and leave you anytime soon? That I wasn’t depressed? What, Luke, what made you think I needed to be fixed?! I don’t need your pity!”

Now he was standing, too, and there was anger burning in his eyes. “Fine! You know, I’m so sorry I just wanted you to be happy, and since you looked like you were about to cry, I figured I would make sure that my girlfriend was feeling okay! I’m obviously in the wrong here–” and his tone had changed, now he was being sarcastic– “so I should just go cool off!”

“Yeah, maybe you should!” you shouted back, blinking back the burn in the backs of your eyes. I will not cry in front of him. Not now.

“If that’s what you want, fine. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but don’t wait up,” he said in a low voice, and then he snatched his phone off of the bed and shrugged on a jacket and then he left, slamming the door closed behind him. You heard the front door shut in the same way, and when you heard no more footsteps, you figured he’d gone.

This would be when you could finally cry, let all the frustration and hurt go, but you suddenly found that you couldn’t. You didn’t feel angry anymore, not really–you weren’t sure why you’d been so harsh with Luke. You knew you’d said things that you didn’t mean, but so had he, and at least you were alone now.

You picked up your phone, wanting to at least text and make sure he wouldn’t stay mad at you or do anything stupid, but decided against it. He could make his own decisions and you’d just fought abouthim being on your case all the time.

You lay back down and sighed, listening to the quiet patter of the rain on your roof. Now that you were actually, truly alone, you couldn’t help but feel selfish for wanting him to leave so badly. He hadn’t really been doing anything wrong; you’d been annoyed for no reason, and he’d been caught in the crossfire.

Why didn’t I make you stay? you thought, closing your eyes and waiting, waiting for him to come home.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say, that i read your posts/answers about Shumdario. I love them so much and they are just perfect and adorable(as a brotp and our Malec of course). I specially loved all your talk about body language and details. So, so cool. It made me smile. Thank you :) I need more shumdario in my life :D Have nice day and keep up this amazing blog :)

Thank you! I’m glad you like it! I love dissecting body language because it tells you a lot about who a person is and how they feel toward others.

More Shumdario you say? Well, let’s take it back to NYCC 2015, where Harry and Matt were requested to hug a fan. This gif doesn’t give you the whole thing, but Matt reached for Harry first and slid his hand along his shoulder before the hug clinched, and Harry let his hand slide briefly across Matt’s back when the whole thing was over. That tells us they have been physically familiar with each other for some time, which is developed through the exchange of hugs and general closeness - let’s not forget that they had filmed the entire season by this stage, so the Malec kiss was already done and dusted.

Matt was nervous throughout this entire event because it was the first he’d ever been to, and he was seen looking to Harry for his cues several times over the course of the day. During this hug, they are flank to flank close, no gaps, Harry’s head is leaned toward Matt’s, and if you watch their outreached hands closely, they are holding loosely onto each other more than the fan herself. Comfort in familiarity - hugging a stranger can be weird, and intimidating no matter how innocent, so it was just another way of staying grounded and comfortable in what could have been an uncomfortable situation. Harry guided Matt through many moments at NYCC, and this just happened to be one of them.

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BTS Reaction - You Being Not Skinny But Not Big

Thanks for the request @xfavorite-recordx! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *To him, you’d be just perfect the way you are and wouldn’t even change you for anyone else*

Rap Monster - *He’d keep reminding you that size doesn’t matter and that even if you were tiny or big, he’d still love you no matter what*

Suga - *He wouldn’t even notice anything about your size that would be a huge deal to him*

Jimin - *He’d probably prefer you the way you are than being skinny, as he’d probably love you with a little meat to you which he’d find hot, adorable and just perfect*

Jin - *He’d always remind you that theres no such thing as a perfect body but in his eyes, yours would the that perfect body*

Jungkook - *He’d adore your size and to him, he wouldn’t be able to imagine any different from the way you are*

V - *He’d be a huge sweetheart and would make sure that you knew that he loved your body the way it was and your weight was nothing at all*

//I do not own gifs - credit to the owners//


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anonymous asked:

prompt: andriel and who cooks the best? love your blog!

ty so much <3 <3

  • all in all the short answer is: andrew
  • does he usually want to cook? no
  • do they usually eat takeout or something easy like microwave dinners? yes
  • has andrew solely had a tub of ice cream for dinner before and neil just three apples and half a banana? yes 
  • (did neil only eat half of the banana bc “reasons”? yes.)
  • andrew is the only who actually knows how to cook and has somewhat the patience for it
  • he’s not the kind to pull out measuring cups to be perfect, he’s more of a guesstimate person and tbh the only other person eating his food is fucking neil and neil is used to eating beans out of a can or smthn plus andrew made it so it’s obvs that he has no room to complain (not that he would) and usually is making heart eyes over his helpings to care abt what it’s supposed to taste like
  • neil on the other hand has only perfected one dish: buttered noodles
  • omg.. can you imagine neil being like “andrew, i’m cooking dinner tonight, leave me alone so i wont be tempted to make out with you” 
  • and andrew rolls his eyes so hard neil is kinda scared they’ll fly out of his head but he follows his orders after scooping a cat up in each arm to go sit on the couch
  • and neil is making such a racket in the kitchen and andrew is like ??? wtf?? is he doing?? why did he just turn on the garbage disposal?? wait that’s not the garbage disposal.. that’s him making that noise???
  • bc neil is S T R E S S E D bc its gotta be perfect!!
  • and so after nearly 30 mins of grunting and pulling out all their pans bc he was unsure of which noodles would cook best in what pot shape (neil.. smh u need to chill) he finally calls out “it’s ready”
  • and andrew is trying to be chill but he’s curious about what neil was so worked up about
  • imagine.. andrew walking into the kitchen prepared to see something crazy complicated.. something spectacular.. something that could make neil sound like the fucking garbage disposal.. just to see two plates heaped high with fucking.. buttered noodles..
  • and neil.. fucking neil.. is literally vibrating with excitement and andrew sits down so frigidly bc.. fucking.. buttered noodles and NEIL OMG GRABS THE SALK SHAKER AND IS LIKE “TELL ME WHEN”
  • andrew is so exasperated.. so angry.. but he eats every noodle without a complaint bc.. fucking neil.. 
  • i’m so sorry.. that’s all i have.. im crying though neil what a nerd

symbolone  asked:

You're perfect you're literally like one of my favorite blogs and your webcomic is amazing and your art is cute and you just keep being you honestly you're so adorable and great 👌 the world needs more people like you

this is rly kind…..o wow….thank you so much………. ;;;A;;;

anonymous asked:

Who are your fav blogs

Ok I only follow 94 blogs and I honestly absolutely adore all of them so these blogs are just a few of my favorites (don’t feel bad if you’re not included I made this list in like 5 minutes). If you want I can change the setting so you can see everyone I follow.


Like or reblog

I need some new blogs to follow. You don’t have to follow back. But yeah if your blog mirrors mine then I say you’re the perfect blog for me

Blogs with: anime, video games, animals, funny text posts, current rap music or just good music, aesthetickyy type stuff (lol), cartoons,MEEMES, ummmmmmm idk but check out my blog and if you reblog the same type of content I do than were a match made in heaven. Also I like active blogs so I’ll be checking for that as well.

My personal is ryo-hazuki-san so if you see it then I chose ya lol

- Gabriel