This totally sums up my thoughts on some fans reaction on ERIC’s wedding announcement.

seriously guys, don’t be a disappointment. be happy he found someone.

He protected Shinhwa, Shinhwa Changjo and the color Orange for almost 20 years. Are you really going to turn your back on him now? After everything he did? unbelievable.

we always prided ourselves to be a part of a mature fandom. this totally proves how mature we are. such a shame.

ERIC OPPA, get married. make beautiful babies and just be happy. TRUE FANS WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU.

as for the other members, it’s time to get married so we can also get married. hahaha. but seriously, be happy. you 6 deserve it.

to all SHCJs dont look at this in a negsative way. ERIC will never abandon shinhwa and shcj. he loves us too much. trust him.

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(intro on the tweet: ely buendia is one of the most popular and respected musicians in the Philippines. he is also one of my musical inspirations.)


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Imagine LaSalle taking you on a late night drive in his truck? 💕💕 

Requested by Anon~

LaSalle glanced over your way, giving a smile when he saw the awed look on your face before turning back to concentrate on the road. “Like what ya see?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“The city is beautiful at night.” You replied, the smile only getting wider. “No wonder you guys love it here so much.”

Christopher gave a shrug, as if it were no big deal. But honesty, he was very happy to live here. And he was happy to show it off. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” LaSalle piped up, throwing over a mischievous smirk before suddenly taking a right.

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Could we have more starscream pitying the sad human (in that human pet scenario)?

Starscream (Transformers: Prime)

Starscream had been watching you whenever he was in the same room. It was subtle- a simple glance out of the corner of the eye, a head slightly turned- but enough for you to notice. You had all the time in the world to scrutinize the area, while you hold back shivers as Megatron stroked across your back.

The Seeker sneered, turning his gaze back to the monitor. He couldn’t stand seeing your dead stare anymore. It’s simply disturbing.

The more he watched you, the more he actually /pitied/ you- this weak creature that only deserved to be killed. He didn’t feel the need to help you. He valued his own life more than his morals- what little he had left, anyway.

He hated the feeling in his chest plate, hated how your monotone voice haunted him. He can still hear your dry, cracking chuckle. He despised it. He despised /you/.

And yet… he finds himself coming to your cage, when Megatron is away.

He loathed you- the novelty that his leader obsesses over. He can’t stand the feeling in his spark when you’re around.

But, when you finally speak to him… he realizes how alike you two are- trapped with Megatron against your will. Used for his own gain, abused and neglected.

Perhaps… that’s why he despises you so much. You remind him too much of himself, and he hates it.

Cruel Intentions meme 

  • “You amaze me.”
  • “Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady?”
  • “God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”
  • “But unfortunately, I don’t fuck losers.”
  • “Well, I’m in love.”
  • “You spend all your time preaching about waiting for love. Well here it is. Right in front of you, and you’re going to turn your back on it.”
  • “Most people are sheep. Who are you to criticize something you’ve never experienced?”
  • “I didn’t mean to offend you. I just picked up on a little bit of that lesbian vibe.”
  • “If I win, then that hot little car of yours is mine.”
  • “In English? I’ll fuck your brains out.”
  • “I’m the only person you can’t have, and it kills you.”
  • “We’ve done some pretty fucked up shit in our time.”
  • “My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.”
  • “How do you do it? Where do you get your strength?”
  • “Please give me another chance. I’m a wreck without you.”
  • “I have a reputation to uphold.”
  • “This isn’t working out for me anymore.”
  • “I thought I was in love with you but it was just a lie.I wanted it to work but unfortunately, I feel nothing.”
  • “You know nothing. You don’t even know me!The fact of the matter is, there is someone I love. You don’t even compare to ___.”
  • “Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way.”
  • “I don’t trust myself with you.”
  • “I can’t stand that holier-than-thou bullshit, and yet, I’m completely infatuated with her/him. He/She made me laugh.”
  • “The only thing you’ll be riding is me.”
  • “You’re in love with ____, you don’t love me anymore.”
  • “You know what your problem is? You take yourself way too seriously.”
  • “Its okay you can laugh, I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
  • “He took down my pants and he started writing the alphabet but he was writing it with his tongue.”
  • “How can someone so charming be so manipulative?”
  • “Relationships seem too distracting. I’d rather concentrate on my studies.”

All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]


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Give me a break.

Hii! I know it’s been forever since I wrote something and I’m very sorry. There’s been so much on my mind lately and so many things that made me feel overwhelmed and I just needed to sort it out. This is kind of very loosely based on ‘Love me or leave me’ by Little Mix because someone requested it. I hope you like it. I plan on writing a second

“Well, maybe I don’t fucking care anymore!”
It seemed like his booming voice made the whole house vibrate. It seemed like it cut right through Y/N. His words felt like he took a knife and rammed it into her heart and to top it all off he twisted it slowly so the pain had time to spread.
These last weeks felt like nothing but pain for her. He was never home and even when he was he somehow wasn’t. She let him in and he pushed her away. He pushed her so far away she couldn’t feel him anymore.
“Why are you still here then!?”
She had had enough. If he didn’t care anymore he could walk out the door and never come back.
Harry scoffed, turned around and walked up the stairs. When he slammed the bedroom door shut Y/N could feel the last bit of connection between them slipping away completely.
It’s never been this harsh. They slammed doors and yelled hurtful things before but it’s never been like this. Somehow this felt final.
She didn’t know how it happened, how everything between them began to crumble. But it did.
She didn’t feel his loving touch in at least three months. She didn’t hear his loving words in at least three months.
They fought almost every day and when they didn’t fight they didn’t talk to each other at all. Mornings were spent alone and cold, both waking up at their own times without a good morning kiss or a cuddle or anything at all. Nights were even worse. They went to sleep in the same bed but facing away from each other. They never solved their problems before bed. They broke their rule every single night and went to bed angry.
And even though right now Y/N might think it would be better if their paths would part she also knew she wouldn’t recover from it. Harry was the love of her life. She knew she could never be happy without him.
And so she broke down. Ugly sobs and fat tears. The whole weight of the last few months finally got too much and she couldn’t take it anymore. She was sure she’s never cried this much in her entire life. She was sure she never felt so hurt but numb at the same time before.
She didn’t know what the hell went wrong. What she did to push him away. What she did that made him stop loving her.
He doesn’t love you anymore.
Those were the words that constantly replayed in her head, after every fight.
He hates me.
She couldn’t find another explanation. That was the only reason she could think of as to why he wasn’t interested in fixing things between them.

When she met him she was sure he was the most wonderful person she’s ever met. He looked at her as if she was the most important thing on earth. He cooked the most delicious dinner for her. He held doors for her. He made her laugh and feel appreciated.
When she really got to know him she was knocked off her feet. He was the most gentle and loving man she could have ever imagined. He was there for her. He was the place she ran to when the world overwhelmed her. He was her happy place. Her home.
When things got a bit rough they stuck together. They were a team. They faced everything together and fought through it.
Y/N was the happiest girl ever. She thought she found her forever. Her happily ever after.
Until the perfect relationship began to change into great, then good, then normal and then…
Into whatever they had now.
She couldn’t take it anymore. And the worst thing was that there was no way out of this hell. They can’t go back to where they’ve once been. And parting ways? No fucking way could she survive without him.

It was three hours and twenty tissues later when Harry finally exited the bedroom and came down the stairs. Y/N was standing in front of the big living room window which had a view over what seemed like half of London. Her back was turned to Harry, her hair messy and her frame slightly shaking.
She knew that whatever would come now would change everything. She knew that they reached a point were something had to happen. Anything.
Harry took a deep breath and took the last few step towards her. Y/N closed her eyes when she felt his warmth. She hadn’t felt it in so long.
When he reached his hand out thread his fingers through hers she flinched. Harry could feel his heart breaking at her reaction to his touch. He closed the gap between them and pressed his chest flush against her back. That’s when Y/N started to cry again. Her whole body shook with the force of her tears and the whimpers and sobs seemed to get louder with every passing second.
“Shhh.” Harry tried to calm her and finally wrapped his arms around her from behind.
He nuzzled his face into her neck where she always smelled so good and that’s when he realized how long he hasn’t done that.
Y/N moved her arms so she could intertwine both her hands with his. She didn’t remember the last time she held his hand. She used to love his hands so much, always playing with his fingers and kissing his knuckles.
Harry kept pressing tiny kisses to her shoulder and squeezed her tighter to him every time a whimper left her lips.
They stood like that for at least ten minutes before Y/N turned around in his arms and hugged him again. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, his hands stroking softly over her back while her hands were fisting his shirt. She couldn’t get close enough. She needed him closer. Her hands wandered down underneath his shirt to touch his skin. Harry shuddered when her cold hands touched his skin but he knew she needed this. She hasn’t felt his skin in forever. It almost felt foreign.

When they finally pulled away from each other both of them were scared to let go. This couldn’t be it. They needed each other.
“We have to talk, Harry.” she whispered and pressed her forehead against his.
“I know, my love.”
My love. Was she still his love?
She thought he hated her.
They sat down at the kitchen table across from each other. Both of them couldn’t be fast enough to reach out for each other again and when their hands bumped against each other they both laughed softly. For the first time in months.
None of them wanted to be the first to say anything. Until Harry finally couldn’t take the silence anymore.
“I didn’t mean anything that I said earlier. Or… in the last few weeks. God, what is happening with us?”
“I don’t know, Harry. But it can’t keep going like this. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Me neither, love. I know I didn’t show how much it was affecting me but I want you to know that I feel just as broken as you do.”
Broken. Is that what they’ve become?
“I… I thought you hated me. During all these times you pulled away or turned your back towards me, I thought you hated me.”
Harry’s free hand reached out to hers so he could clasp her hand in both of his.
“I never ever hated you. Not for a second. And I never will.”
Y/N felt like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders and she felt like she could breath again.
“I love you so much, darling.” Harry whimpered.
Her head snapped up so she could look at him and when she saw tears running down his cheek she reached over the table to wipe them away.
“I love you too, Harry. So much.”
Harry removed her hand from his face and pressed gentle kiss to ever knuckle.
“What are we going to do, love? I want to fix this. I want to go back to being the happiest couple ever. I want to go back to being happy with each other.”
“Me too, Harry. God, I’d do everything to get back to what we once had.”
They stared into each other’s eyes until Y/N cleared her throat and diverted her eyes to the table.
“I-I think we need a break.”
Harry’s whole world stopped in that moment. His mouth fell open and his brows furrowed. He pulled his hands from hers and a breathless ‘no’ left his lips.
“No.” He repeated after a moment.
“No way.”
“Harry, listen. I-”
“No!” he shouted.
Y/N flinched and her ears began to ring like every time he raised his voice at her. Her eyes closed and tears began to dribble down her cheeks.
“Do you think I’m stupid? I know exactly what’s going to happen when we do that. You’re going to realize just how unhappy I make you and that you are so sick and tired of me and you’ll never come back. Or you’ll find someone else who makes you laugh more than I ever did. God, I’m going to be gone for two weeks for promo. Is that not enough distance and space for you?!“
“Harry, I need time okay? I need time to take care of myself. I need time for sorting things out. I need time so that this all can work again and if you’re honest, you need it too.”
He laughed humorlessly and crossed his arms over his chest.
“You will have that time when I’m gone.”
“I-I don’t think two weeks are going to be enough.”
His eyes caught hers and she swore she’s never seen him look at her like that. So sad but angry at the same time.
“Two weeks are nothing, Harry.”
“There’s been times when you couldn’t go a single day without me. There’s been times where two weeks without each other seemed like the end of the world.”
She closed her eyes and tried to control the tears which constantly blurred her sight.
“I don’t think we can sort anything out in two weeks.”
“I don’t think we can sort anything out when we’re away from each other.”
“Harry, please.”
He closed his eyes briefly and sighed.
“How long?”
“T-Two months?”
“No fucking way!”
This time it was Y/N’s turn to sigh.
“Harry, I-”
“One month. And not a single day longer.”
She caught his eyes for a moment before she nodded.
They sat in silence for several minutes, both didn’t know what to say.
“I-I thought I’d stay in a hotel for the two weeks before you’re gone and then I’ll come back.”
“No. Please, I-… I want to know you’re safe. You’ll stay here and I’ll stay with Gemma.”
“If that’s okay with you.”
“No, it’s actually not.”
She looked at him with the saddest eyes he ever saw and he shook his head and and sighed.
“I’m gonna go pack some stuff and then you won’t have to deal with me anymore.”
“Harry, I did not suggest a break because I want to get away from you as quickly as possible. I want to fix this. And I feel like some distance is the only way to sort things out. Or at least make the first step.”
He didn’t say anything but just left the kitchen and went upstairs to pack a few things. For some reason Y/N couldn’t help but feel guilty. Of course she knew he wouldn’t be happy with taking a break, she wasn’t either. But she hoped he could at least understand where she came from.

When he came down the stairs half an hour later with two big duffle bags Y/N almost felt like crying again. She watched him, how he placed them beside the front door, wiped his tears away, took a deep breath and turned around to make his way to the kitchen so he could say goodbye but she was already standing in the foyer. They stared at each other for a few moments before Harry cleared his throat and removed a greasy strand of hair from his face.
“I’ll go now, I guess.”
“Yeah.” Y/N nodded and sniffled.
He looked at her for another few seconds before he let out a frustrated sigh.
“Can I at least get a hug?”
He saw the surprise on her face but she nodded anyway and took the last few steps towards him. She slung her arms tightly around his neck and pressed her body tightly to his and Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her to his chest. He pressed kisses to her shoulder and neck and stroked over her back in gentle patterns.
When they pulled away a bit Y/N reached up to cup his cheeks and stroke over his skin.
“I love you. Nothing changed about that and nothing is going to change. I don’t want you to worry about me breaking up with you. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”
Harry pressed his forehead to hers and pulled her body even closer.
“Will you say goodbye when I’ll leave for New York? Don’t think I could leave without seeing you before.”
“I’ll think about it, okay?”
Harry sighed but nodded.
“C-Can I kiss you?” he asked her in a whisper.
She leaned in and connected her lips to his as an answer, his bottom lip slipping between hers. She kissed him four times before she pulled away a bit to look up at him again.
“I love you. You know that, right?”
She nodded and smiled softly at him.
“I love you, too.”
Harry gazed into her eyes for another few seconds before he pressed a few gentle kisses against her lips again. He pulled away from her then and took his duffle bags.
“I’ll let you know when I’ll leave for New York. You can call me or come over anytime you need, okay?”
“Okay. You can come over or call as well. Even if it’s the middle of the night.”
He nodded and opened the door.
“Take care, yeah?”
“You too, love.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
And just like that he left.

A Little Something About The Tangy and The Tart

I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted and I’m sorry, truly, that it’s taken me forever and a day to get my ass in gear. But due to recent events, I felt inspired to write something and I’m actually really, really happy with how this turned out!

Also, I owe a huge thank you to @permanentcross for giving me advice and reassuring me this wasn’t crap and to @canistay-haz for being her wonderful, loving self and telling me I don’t suck. You both are so, so lovely and I’m lucky that I can ask you for advice when I’m not confident in my writing.

That being said, enjoy!

Warning: NSFW


Normally, Saturday mornings would be reserved for sleeping in, lazy kisses, and barely audible gasps filling your ears. Today however, you and Harry had to be somewhat functioning adults. You were having one last get together with Harry’s closest friends and family before his life was sent into the spotlight for who knows how long, and he didn’t get to be as free and open with his time as he had been. 

You woke up about half an hour after Harry did, knowing you had things to do and people to see but you were having none of it. All you could think about was the slight yet very-much-still-there tingling sensation between your legs thanks to yours and Harry’s late night rendezvous. You smiled to yourself, rolling over and letting your face collide into Harry’s pillow, inhaling his lingering scent that made you want him all over again… 

You made your way downstairs to your boyfriend, legs bare and torso covered in his ridiculously baggy pink shirt that was littered with the white polka dots, your rear just barely peeking out at the bottom hem. Harry was sporting only a pair of grey joggers that hung much too low on his hips, not that you were complaining. 

“Morning, sunshine.” You wrapped your arms around his waist, peppering his back with tiny pecks.

“G’morning, poppet. Sleep okay?” Every morning after, without fail, he asks how you slept. He asks because he knows when you’re both in the heat of the moment, sex isn’t gentle. Not that it’s animalistic, but you and Harry like what you like and making sure you’re comfortable and properly taken care of after is an essential part of his aftercare routine; he’ll be damned if he doesn’t take care of you and pamper any part that might be slightly bruised or extra loved on. He does love a routine after all…

“Mhm,” you purr into his back, pecking his skin once more before he spins around in your grasp, your arms falling to your sides while he places one hand on your cheek and encloses your mouth with his.

“Good,” he smiles down at you, pecking your cheek before turning back to the countertop where you can see he’s been preparing a dessert for the get together later that night. 

“Whatcha makin’?” you ask, hopping upon the countertop, legs swinging back and forth while eyeing the bowl of plain raspberries and the graham cracker crust that was still sitting in the tart pan Harry insisted he needed.

“How does a raspberry tart for tonight sound? Bought the pan, figured there was no use in letting it sit in the cupboard.”

You couldn’t help but stifle a giggle. There was nothing comical about the dessert in and of itself, but you were feeling some type of way this morning and you couldn’t help but think of it in a provocative way.

Harry rolled his eyes, trying not to grin, “Why is that funny?”

You just giggled again and reached to kiss him on the cheek, “Maybe I wanna be your little raspberry tart. I already have the perfect shirt on.” Although you’d been sitting on the countertop for a good minute already, Harry had just noticed how his shirt had ridden up your thighs and he swallowed hard, also taking in how you had only the bottom two buttons fastened and there was little, if anything, left to the imagination. What Harry didn’t know was that you didn’t have anything covering the part of you that wanted him the most; he figured you’d just thrown on something skimpy just to torture him but no, you were completely bare, apart from the bottom of the hem under your bum, and sitting on your boyfriend’s counter. Harry didn’t have a prayer. 

You smirked at him cheekily and even though you’d had him not even eight hours before, he could tell you still had an appetite for something else, something that filled you in a different way. 

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I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 

Original Twins

Summary: Reader is Nik’s twin sister. She arrives in New Orleans just as Nik is being attacked by Marcel’s Vamp Gang.

Character: Reader, Niklaus Mikaelson, Marcel Gerard, Rebekah Mikaelson, Marcel’s Vamp Gang, mention of Elijah Mikaelson and Mikael

Fandom: The Originals

AN: I wasn’t going to post this today but I thought what the hell right? So I’m posting it and I really want to know what you guys think about this one.

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Y’all’ve gotta stop acting like you love Louis or could do more for Louis than Harry has/can. You’ve gotta stop acting like you know more about them or what they’ve been through or how that’s affected them than they do. You all are tearing yourselves apart and stressing yourselves out and being angry at Harry when you know nothing about the past few months, past year since hiatus, since things ramped up. You’ve gotta stop assuming. I’m mad about a lot of things pertaining to 1D and Louis and I will not stop screaming about them. My boy deserves better and I can’t wait for him to get it. But Harry? He ain’t do anything wrong. And you’ve gotta stop treating him like the villain. At the end of the day, Louis’s /his/ boy, you know? He’s got him. They’ve got each other. And it’s hard to watch but all we can do is sit back and be there, supporting him. Loudly. But turning your back on Harry in the name of Louis?? That’s not being there. That’s just making things worse I might even say. If they don’t see their professional lives as a competition, why should you? I get being mad and disappointed and sad at all Louis has been though and is going through – God knows I am too – but you’ve gotta stop directing all your hatred at that boy when there are /plenty/ of people it should be directed to. Just. When’s enough gonna be enough for you?
(Never) Turn Your Back to the Sea - DiscordantWords - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

::deep breath::

It’s done! It’s done! Chapter 7 is up.

Written for @thetimemoves, who bid on me in the @fandomtrumpshate charity auction.

Jupiter Retrograde
Not many are familiar with a Jupiter retrograde since it doesn’t occur as often as the infamous Mercury retrograde does. But Jupiter stays retrograde for much, much longer (about 120 days). Jupiter represents wisdom, luck, higher learning, optimism and expansion.

Seek your inner wisdom during this time. This is a perfect time to really think about the decisions you’re going to make that lead you towards success. Remember to remain humble as luck could be approaching you often during this time.
Some may not feel optimistic at all and some may. Do not overindulge or push your luck too far. Life-changing or even life-ending events can happen during this planetary retrograde. Don’t push yourself way too far and do not go over your limits.

Saturn Retrograde
Saturn stays retrograde for a longer period of time. Unlike faster moving planets, slower moving planets like Saturn can help us step back and see things clearly. Saturn is the Planet of Karma so you will face a lot of realizations that you may have ignored in the past. Anything can come back to you and Saturn will make sure of that.

Take a look back at all the failures you’ve experienced and all of the let-downs you’ve been through. Learn from it and grow from it. Come face to face with your fears during this time. Work on whatever you believe is holding you back. Face your fears and learn to accept life for what it is.
Do not ignore the reality you’ve been faced with. Learn to take responsibility for yourself! Avoid starting any new business projects or continuing something else. This is a time to analyze and reassess so use it wisely.

Uranus Retrograde
Uranus stays retrograde for about 5 months, but it’s effects are strongly felt. You should expect the unexpected during a Uranus retrograde. You may start to feel like you want to risk it all and become rebellious. Life-changing things can happen during this time.

Free yourself and learn to accept change. This is a time for new beginnings that seem to appear out of nowhere. Expect yourself to go through some changes as well whether it be communicating or even in your personality. Your way of thought and perceiving things can change, so use it for the best.
You might feel like the world is out to get you. You may feel isolated and alone during this time. You could feel like you are far different from anyone else.

Neptune Retrograde
Things aren’t always what they seem when Neptune goes retrograde. During this time, the truth begins to surface, but deception follows. The fog begins to surface to the ground during this retrograde.

During this time, you should dig deep. Your dreams become larger than life and you should follow them and listen to your intuition. Strongly listen to your intuition during this time.
Remember to keep a good, realistic view. Keep in mind that things aren’t what they seem during this time so avoid confusion and drifting out of reality.

Pluto Retrograde
Pluto retrograde means constant wrestling with inner conflicts. It is important to trust your instincts during this time because they never lie and you know what’s best for yourself. Be prepared to get rid of the old and ring in the new.

Trust your instincts during this time. Not everyone is out to get you and most importantly you have to trust yourself. Learn how to forgive yourself and others as well because through this you will find peace and resolution.
Avoid convincing yourself that everyone is bad news. Avoid holding grudges and learn to let go. You’re going to be faced with your own realities during this time and you shouldn’t turn your back on yourself.

This post is a continuation from this post: Retrograde in Astrology.