Dating Kylo Ren Would Include

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Dating Kylo Ren Would Include: 

  • Late-morning cuddles.
  • Being found useless and unimportant by every other Starkiller Base personnel, especially by General Hux.
  • But Kylo Ren would tell you that you were the most important person in the galaxy.
  • Long embraces, where neither of you say anything for a while. When it came to love, Kylo wasn’t very verbal with it. He often wouldn’t know what to say, besides the usual “I love you” and less-than-three-words compliments. So the two of you would show your affection through gestures and actions, such as hand holding, leaving each other notes, or small kisses.
  • Kylo being on the low of PDA. He had a reputation to keep up (that reputation being a stern Sith with no strings attached), and feared that any signs of affection to anyone could ruin that. The most he’ll do is keep a hand on your back whenever you’re close enough.
  • Always keeping you in sight. Always. He may not engage in any physical contact in front of his employees, but he wants to know where you are at all times. Not because he’s controlling over you - he just can’t afford to lose you on the base. If he doesn’t know where you are, he gets worried, which leads to panic, which leads to anger. Safe to say, it’s better if you just stay within his sight.
  • Temple kisses.
  • Neck kisses.
  • Giving each other massages when they really needed it.
  • Jealousy getting the best of him. Whether someone was flirting with you or not, if they were simply talking to you, he would feel a dull hint of anger in the back of his mind. If they were offering to help you with anything - most of the time you wouldn’t need it, since you weren’t exactly doing anything - he would send them a threat through his mind, and they would wander away from you, a bit frightened. 
  • Finding dead employees here and there throughout the base, assuming they had died at the hands of Kylo’s wrath.
  • Being the one person he complains and rants to about work - and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  • “That fool believes that everything he does is right. He still believes it, even though his ‘ingenious Stormtrooper program’ proved to be not-so-ingenious. I mean, one of the Stormtroopers just helped a prisoner escape! How good can the program be if it causes our army to turn on us?”
  • “It can’t.”
  • Exactly!! I’m glad to know that someone on this base has a brain. I should discuss this with Supreme Leader Snoke, maybe we should go back to clones- ”
  • “Kylo, you shouldn’t worry about it right now. You just need to let some steam out and wait until tomorrow. Plus, you just clocked out - why don’t you relax for a bit?”
  • “It’s impossible to relax when that idiot just ruined the rest of my day.”
  • Giving up when he’s brooding, seeing as though it could be hours until he decides to drop the matter. 
  • Kylo hogging all of the blankets at night. 
  • Often waking up unable to breathe because he’s rolled over onto you, crushing your chest. 
  • Kylo watching you dream. If he can’t sleep in the early hours of the morning, he’ll place a gentle finger on your temple and watch your dreams.
  • Kylo vowing to never play any mind tricks on you. He’ll communicate with you through your head, either sharing his opinions of an annoying coworker or asking if you’re feeling alright. However, he never uses the Force to make you do anything.
  • General Hux holding a grudge on you. He considered you a waste of space, and a distraction to Kylo. You knew he would make derogatory remarks about you to his coworkers, saying that there was no use for you, other than for Kylo Ren to dump his emotions onto. You didn’t mind anything he said, because you knew that the main focus of your relationship with Kylo was to be there for him, as he needed more support than he would admit. And you knew that he loved having you beside him. 
  • Bringing his lightsaber to him if he’d forgotten it on when he left your shared quarters. 
  • Being able to wander throughout the base, only if you tell Kylo first. Otherwise, he’ll think you’re lost and go on a murderous rampage to find you. 
  • Lots of petting each other’s hair. When you need him to simply be there, he’ll lie down with you and hold you close, running his fingers through your hair. When he’s having a feeling conflicted about something, you’ll let him rest his head in your lap and run your fingers through his wavy hair. 
  • Make out sessions when he’s angry.
  • Occasional mornings where Kylo will shower your face in feather-light kisses, and then watch you slowly wake up. 
  • Making breakfast for him most of the time, so that the two of you have more time to spend together.
  • General Hux running to you as the planet is falling apart, explaining how Kylo Ren had been injured and that he needed help finding him. 
  • Running frantically through the woods, searching for Kylo amidst the snow. General Hux would be with you, muttering curses under his breath, as you screamed Kylo’s name. You’d worry if he was even still alive, or if he was bleeding too much - tears would start spilling down your face at those thoughts, and you’d trudge through the snow even faster than before.
  • Finding him slumped against a tree, unconscious and bleeding. You’d try to stop the blood flow by pressing the sleeve of your shirt to his wound. 
  • Hux would shove you aside from Kylo, trying to lift him up on his shoulders. You’d ignore the rude act and follow close behind, wringing your hands anxiously as there was nothing you could do.
  • Once he had been rushed to the Medbay, you wouldn’t leave his side. You’d sit in a chair next to his bed, either reading a book or pretending to talk to him. It kept you from going insane as you waited for him to wake up. Sometimes you would trace your fingers over his scar, other times you would hold his hand as you slumped into sleep in your chair.
  • Trying to hold back the tears and emotions when he wakes up. He’d simply stare at you for a few seconds, before gesturing for you to lie next to him. You’d immediately crawl into his embrace, and the rest of the day would be spent trading “I love you’s” and fervent kisses.

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So I've recently been transitioning to veganism (it's a slow transition because I really wanna make sure I stick with it) and my dad told me to "get over this" and I've been told by a few people that "You're too young to be vegan". My mom is supportive which is great but until I began to go vegan I never realized how opposed to it people are. Can someone please explain to me why people hate vegans and veganism so much????

Bc it’s cramps their living in a bubble style…. It’s a lot more convenient to never think about how your actions affect others, animals or our planet.

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Hey! I have a HUGE problem with passive aggressive apologizing. I know I manipulated people before, but I want to sincerely apologize. If I just say what I feel, my words will twist and it will go in favor with my side, but I want to accept my fault. And I just don't know how to? Is it as simple as "I am sorry, it was my fault" Because usually I say "I am sorry, but we both made mistakes"

Passive aggressive behavior stems from an inability to acknowledge personal feelings, emotions, insecurities, intentions and motivations. Sounds like you are not clear about what “responsibility” means and how your actions affect and impact others. The purpose of a sincere apology is to show people that you are taking responsibility for how you contributed to a problem, not to convince people of anything, not to put forth an “interpretation” or an agenda. There should be no sign of ego or personal defense because these things are an obvious sign to other people that you are trying to deny or hide your real self. When apologizing, you must make it clear that you have understood what you did and exactly why it was wrong, explain the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of why you did it with zero excuses no matter how ugly it makes you seem, and give a detailed plan for how you will avoid doing such a thing again in the future. Only then can people feel confident that you are responsible and trustworthy. Personal growth cannot happen if you cannot or will not acknowledge the facts about yourself.

ffs surak wasn’t like “no fun allowed” he was like “have fun. responsibly. and be mindful of how your actions affect others, and do not have fun at others’ expense” etc…

and then later on spock was like “y’all have sapped the fun out of everything because u took yourselves and that surak dude way too seriously and now you’re cramping everyone’s style okay you’re all vulcans your lifespan is two or more centuries you can live a little dammit”

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Pt.1 Tbh Idk where to write it so I figured why no in an ask haha; k, so my thoughts are that there's a bit some of beauty in self unaware placements, see when you're self unaware, it basically means you're not aware of yourself you're not thinking

Pt.2 of yourself not self centered, you’re basically comitting your whole self to another, you don’t think of oh omg what other people are going to think of me, lmao because you’re UNAWARE. Idk if I am making any sense it just a thought I had in my and I thought I’d share it, does that makes any sense? Do you agree? 

I kind of agree, self-unaware placements have a certain selfless charm to them. Pisces, Cancer, and Libra really come to mind…. however being self-unaware can also make one extremely self-centered, which is kind of paradoxical. being unaware of how your actions affect others is selfish, even if they don’t mean to be so. does that make sense?

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hi i just started a blog against the pedophillic ship reimob from mob psycho 100, @anti-reimob!! if u could promo me it would v very appreciated, thank you for your time!

“Who’d be sad enough to run an anti shipping blog?”

1) Minors. They’re affected by your actions the most, other than

2) Survivors. They’ve lived through these things you find cute and have been traumatized from it. Having people display it as cute is a huge slap in the face to them.

3) Decent people who know that pedophilia, incest, and abuse is disgusting and isn’t something to be fetishized for the sake of your ~hawt forbidden love~

When pedophilic and other abusive content is portrayed as positive, it sends a message. It doesn’t matter what you personally think about these actions in real life. Abusers will use this content to groom children anyway. Abusers will feel safer thinking their behaviors are more acceptable. If you don’t shut it down immediately, you’re part of the problem and defending people that contribute to this cycle of abuse makes you just as bad. Hope you’re proud of yourself