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What do you think of business majors? I know someone who wants to major in business when we get to college and from what little I know, it seems like it would be hard for it to avoid presenting capitalism as a good thing.

I don’t really think anything of them? Major in whatever you want, I considered being a business major at some point. Just be aware of how your actions affect others.

oh man, I said this before but I’ll say it again, I missed this show something fierce and I love it so dang much. It makes me happy every time, even with tense or sad episodes. It’s great and I love it. I hope the next hiatus isn’t nearly as long as this one was.

Okey doke, here are a few thoughts on this block of episodes. I’m just gonna sum up a few thoughts since I’m talking about all 6 rather than each episode separately, but I’ll discuss each ep later if I feel the need to.

1) “Dewey Wins” - this episode sets up the main conflict of the block, which is Steven and Connie’s fight. It’s also the first in a string of upheavals this arc sets up in that Mayor Dewey ends up stepping down and Nanafua is the new mayor. Very curious on how that change is going to play in the plot, ‘cause I reckon Nanafua will be the better mayor to have when the Diamonds figure out Steven is back on Earth (she’s very good at rallying people)

2) “Gemcation” - I reeeeally loved this one! I’ve been dying for a Gem Family-centered episode (in the vein of “Steven Floats”) for a while and this was just what I was looking for. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg all had excellent moments (Garnet awkwardly following a script, Amethyst trying to comfort Steven, “It’s not the pain, it’s the surprise,” and sweet supportive Dad Universe, just as a few examples) in this episode. And I just love when everyone comes together to try and support Steven.

And do not think I didn’t notice that Pearl, like, physically cannot talk about things. As I’m sure a lot of other folks have pointed out by now, this isn’t the first time she’s clapped her hand over her mouth during intense Homeworld talk. The fact that they’re pointing out that it’s more of something preventing her from talking about it (“impossible to describe” in a more literal sense) rather than just her being overcome with emotion tells me we’re getting pretty close to when she will be talking about it.

3) “Raising the Barn” - This was another great episode which I feel very evenly portrayed Lapis and Peridot’s perspectives on what was going on. I like how Peridot has sort of become this Gem advocate for Earth and I think it kind of gives a picture of what early Crystal Gems were like, just discovering Earth and the idea of infinite potential. Peridot is such a goofy, often comedy relief-centered character but she has such genuine heart when she talks about the idea of the Earth and I feel like that aspect really balances out her character.

I do totally get where Lapis is coming from, having lived through a terrible war and been prisoner for so long. She hasn’t quite yet felt part of Earth or the Crystal Gems, she just knows she’s not part of Homeworld anymore. She remembers what happened the last time, how even after such a long fight the Diamond’s corrupted the Gems on Earth rather than let them get away with their revolt. It really does seem like a hopeless fight and without feeling like she belongs on Earth it doesn’t make sense for her to fight a battle she believes they’ll definitely lose and be severely punished for. She does have a connection to Earth, though, and we know she will be back. I look forward to seeing how that happens

4) “Back to the Kindergarten” - This was a nice episode and it was sweet to see Steven and Amethyst trying to cheer Peridot up. I also loved how excited Amethyst is about the Famethyst and how it reframed her context for the Kindergarten from the difficult and depressing place it was for her for so long to more of an optimistic and positive place of “this is where me and my family are from!” sort of thing. I’m glad it could be like that for her.

I like the conclusion in the end, that some things aren’t fixable but that doesn’t mean everything is bad and hopeless. Sometimes you just gotta move on to something that you can work with.

5) “Sadie Killer” - This was another upheaval in that it ends with Sadie quitting the Big Donut, which is a big change for her character. I’m super curious where they end up going with this and how it’s going to play into everything. I also really enjoyed the song!

It’s so fun to see the Cool Kids interact and hang out (with Steven!). They’re all sweet kids and I definitely think it’s good for Steven to have them in his life

6) “Kevin Party” - This was such a Stevonnie episode even though Stevonnie never actually shows up (like, physically, I mean). Kevin was very Keviny in this ep but in such an entertaining way. He had his own interest at heart but he did still help Steven out (I mean, not with the best advice but)
But also I can’t not hear Janja now when Kevin talks, haha

I did like the conclusion to Steven and Connie’s conflict. I like when stuff like this looks at both sides, and that the problem isn’t so much a black and white right or wrong thing, but the idea that you have to think more about how your actions affect others but also that it’s okay to be hurt even if you understand? I dunno, it’s a complicated thing but I think about it a lot. 

I’m curious how this will affect Steven’s matyr complex going forward. He has a real problem with guilt and feeling like he has to atone for stuff his mother did but also has an issue with understanding Rose’s actions and motivations, he just sees that people are upset by it and being caught in the crossfire and he wants to fix it. But, like, a few episodes back he says something like “Homeworld is only attacking Earth because of what Rose did” which is true, but he doesn’t take into account how if Rose didn’t start the Rebellion, there straight up would not be an Earth for Homeworld to be attacking. Something isn’t quite connecting there for him (I do kind of wonder if part of that is from Rose’s own guilt about everything and it’s just kind of leeching into him and preventing him from thinking objectively about it)

I dunno, it’s interesting. I definitely feel like it’ll come into play and be confronted in the episodes to come. I think this incident with Connie, and Connie in general, will play a big part in helping Steven stop punishing himself for the imagines sins of his mother.

Anywho, those are just some quick thoughts on these episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed them, though they could be pretty heavy at times (it’s tough to see Steven so somber for so long!)

critiquing the signs (leo perspective)
  • aries: do you EVER think before you act? you're not the only person in the world! think about how your actions and words can affect others before you do something stupid
  • taurus: stop being so stubborn! you don't always have to have the last word! just because you don't WANT to hear something doesn't mean you don't NEED to hear it
  • gemini: nobody wants to be you, so stop acting like it. be truthful and trustworthy! your loud mouth will get you into trouble if you're not careful
  • cancer: don't be so hard on yourself and don't bottle up your emotions.. it's okay to let it out and it's okay to have feelings! sadness doesn't make you weak!
  • leo: stop looking for assurance from other people and stop pretending to be somebody you're not! it's okay to be sensitive and insecure but don't lash out at people who don't deserve it!
  • virgo: not everything has to be your way! not everybody can be what you want them to be! flaws and imperfections are normal and nothing to get upset about
  • libra: be more considerate of other people's feelings and make up your mind about things! not everyone can handle how back and forth you go
  • scorpio: learn to let go of things and accept the fact that people can change.. your lack of trust can ruin a good thing
  • sagittarius: you don't have to please anybody but yourself.. you will find more joy in doing your own thing.. but that doesn't mean you should shut everyone out
  • capricorn: trust your own judgment and do things under your OWN influence.. but not everything you say or do is the right thing
  • aquarius: you need to learn how to handle criticism and understand that perceiving something negatively doesn't mean it's actually a bad thing
  • pisces: not everyone can handle the depth and strength of your emotions! be careful when it comes to oversharing
  • Elphaba: Maybe because you're pretty, you're used to getting away with things. But I want you to know that your actions have an affect on others, and I hate you. And you're a horrible person. And you not understanding that you're a horrible person doesn't make you less of a horrible person.
  • Galinda: You think I'm pretty?

No offense but why are some of you on this site so opposed to the idea that your words and actions affect other people and that you need to take responsibility for it if you hurt someone

Like this is basic human decency. If you don’t understand why someone was hurt, you can ask or do some online research, it’s not that fucking hard. Stop whining about ‘censorship’ or 'people being too offended’ or whatever, I guarantee if you ASK or RESEARCH it then it will make much better sense to you. Trust me, I used to BE a person who complained about 'censorship’ when it came to slurs and such, but once I EDUCATED myself it all made sense and now I’m a better person for it.

It looks to me like some of you just want to do whatever you want and not take responsibility for your actions, which makes you sound like fucking babies. It’s so thoughtless and lazy and it infuriates me. Get up off your ass, take a look around the world, realize that it and the people around you are affected by everything you do, and make an effort to do better. It’s really not that fucking hard.

I want to tell you everything. I want you to know you’re the reason why I keep people at a distance. I’m afraid they’ll suck me in to their misery and let me rot there like you did. I want to tell you how awful I felt about myself when I was around you. I want to tell you how scared I am that you still might come back and take everything from me out of revenge. I want you to know how many excuses I made for you. I want you to know how many people hated you because they loved me and they saw how you hurt me. I want to tell you that I was never who you thought I was; I’m so much more than that. I want to tell you I’m not angry with you at all but I’m angry at myself for letting you do this to me for years. But if I ever saw you I wouldn’t say a word. Because you would never understand. You’re always the victim and you can’t see how your actions affect others. You don’t want to recognize that you take advantage of people who love you. I was once one of those people, but never again.
I want to talk a bit about mental illness in relationships.

Recently I’ve seen a ton of posts about how it’s not your fault if your mental illness makes you act really shitty! And listen… it sort of is.
I know that mental illness sucks and that it can make navigating the world confusing and scary and really, really slow.
But mental illness is not a get-out-of-jail-free card to be abusive.
Your actions still affect other people. And while your partner should absolutely do their best to understand your mental illness (and encourage you to seek treatment if that’s what you want) it’s not their sole responsibility. You need to do your part in making sure that you aren’t being abusive as well.
Your mental illness does not give you the right to try to control your partner.
Your mental illness does not give you the right to be mad at your partner for telling you that you did something that made them uncomfortable.
Your mental illness does not give you the right to pressure your partner into conversations or actions that they are uncomfortable with.

You do not get to use your mental illness to make your partner look like/feel like the villian when YOU were treating them in an abusive manner.

Dear Papa
I’ve been hurting-
But I refuse to let you see me cry,
I refuse to let you see valleys and warm streams flow from my face- so I’ve been collecting jars of tears over the years and saving them just for you. Hoping that one day you’ll get thirsty enough to find me where no words would be exchanged. I’ll offer you a glass of tears hoping it not only quench your thirst but fill you with the parts of me that I’ve purged.
The implications of your actions have affected others beyond the means of your reach like half thought out plans never to be executed- like solitary confinement with steel bars, it was you who was the key to me…..and you still chose to leave, and now a mother lost her baby but found a man who was only 8years old. you stole his chance to be because from early he was always told to be a man but had no idea of what that concept meant but fought to live this form of identity because papa like a thief in the night you stole more than an innocent girls virginity, you stole her joy and left her empty to raise a man who resembled you, a man who never got a chance to be a child
You stole all she had and left nothing for me, not even the touch of a mothers love because all she knew of love laid ideally between her legs and you her mathematician divided them and multiplied and then subtracted yourself from the equation leaving her with no answer and she would go over the problem each time while staring at me wondering why things didn’t added up and now you left me with a mother and grandmother playing mommy and daddy,
And now at 28 I still feel the hold you have on her after three kids as if she was trying to find you in other men and even though I was forced to be a man, I was never man enough to fill her the way you did. all that you left for me was the scraps after you had your fill and that little taste never filled me, I had to die daily to myself, As I watched you live and there wasn’t any mourning or tears aside from the bellowing sound of my own voice as I laid myself to rest, I was forced to live with a stranger in a haunted house as the ghost of you plagued me and the stranger was me, I had to carry the burden of humanity which was to feel and not feel at the same time and I waited between both praying for direction, praying for you papa but you couldn’t hear me, You couldn’t hear me through long distances that disconnected us, you could hear me over the sound of your own pride that you somehow couldn’t put to the side so another man had to be my teacher, It was he who taught me the birds and the bees, but I still reserved a few duties for you. But all I got were empty seats and vacant memories of me standing there..
Am i not flesh of your own flesh and blood of your own blood, then why have you allowed unspoken words to form sharp nails that pin me down at night, why have you allowed me to bear another man’s name in the absence of yours, why, did you not think of what would happen when young girls laid down and became young woman? Did you not know a boy would seek the love of his father like he seeks the love of himself but both nowhere to be found, I remember how much I would ingest heavy blows meant for you papa, some punches were mine and others were hers but both tasted the same… and I still went to bout for you, I gave hard jabs and stiff right hooks not noticing I was fighting myself, You set sail and left me ashore so papa why do I feel I like I’m the one drowning?

Dear Papa, I miss you but I think she misses you more..

By: Leon T.

  • Wednesday: Maybe cause you're pretty, you're used to getting away with things. But I want you to know that your actions have an affect on others, and I hate you! And you're a horrible person! And you not understanding that you're a horrible person doesn't make you less of a horrible person!
  • Amanda:
  • Amanda: You think I'm pretty?
The Key to success in Relationships

1. Pay attention to the way you react to others. Are you quick to form judgments before hearing all the facts? Do you tend to stereotype people? Try and stand back and analyse your interactions with other people. Is there anything you should change, or do differently? Try putting yourself in their place, and thinking about their outlooks, opinions and needs.

2. What are you like at work or school? Do you try to get attention and be noticed for your successes? It is possible to be humble and self-confident at the same time. When you are humble, you focus on the successes of others. However, you’re also aware of your gifts and strengths, and are quietly confident about your abilities to work well, do a good job, and achieve success.

3. Be open to admitting you may have some weaknesses! All of us have areas we could work on, and improve. Admitting you’re not perfect is not the same as feeling as if you’re a failure. Do an honest self-evaluation and try to turn your weaknesses into strengths?

4. Look at the way your deal with stress, and how you react to stressful situations. Do you get annoyed and upset every time there’s a delay or your plans get frustrated? Do you take the role of victim and start blaming others? Being able to regulate your emotions and stay calm and composed in tough situations is a mark of high emotional intelligence. This is key for succeeding in relationships, at school and in the business world.

5. Be willing to accept responsibility for your actions. If you’ve hurt or upset someone, then admit it to yourself and apologise. Don’t just ignore or avoid the situation. Most people will respect you if you apologise – but you’ll lose respect if you act like nothing`s wrong.

6. Finally, always think about how your actions and words will affect other people. Is it going to make life easy or difficult for them? How would you feel if you were in their place? Then adapt and compromise so that everybody wins.

I would like for Roxanne and Megamind to dance together. I would like for them to wear fancy clothes, and I would like for them to dance. Twirls, dips, and lifts should definitely be involved. We know from the movie that Megamind can definitely lift her without trouble. I would like for this to happen, please.

I would like for Minion to have some time off as well, possibly while they are dancing. I would like for him to be eating his favorite snacks, swimming in his own private pool (it’s under the Evil Lair; it’s absolutely huge , and it is awesome), and I would also like for him to listen to his music (the kind Megamind dislikes) and watch some of his favorite shows.

I would like for Metro Man to get a very strong talking to about responsibilities and caring about the welfare of others and how your actions or inaction can affect other people. I would also like for him to learn about setting boundaries, setting limits, and knowing that it’s okay to say no to people. I think that he has it in his head that he has to help everyone all of the time and be on the job and camera-ready and willing to put the welfare of others above his own All The Time… or else he might as well quit and not do anything or help anyone at all. Neither of these attitudes are good or healthy, and I would like for Metro Man to learn some balance.

I would like for Bernard to have a good day. I would like for him to get out of the Evil Lair, and be okay. I would like for him to have just compensation for the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing (something along the lines of money, replacement for housing and property that may have been seized in his absence, etc.), and I would like for him to write a very popular and lucrative book having to do with Megamind, with reference to the whole kidnapping-and-identity-theft thing, because it’s only fair.

I would like for there to be dancing with Megamind and Roxanne. I would also like for them to go bike-riding, and for them to go on picnics together with him wearing his real face, and I would like for other people to be okay with that. I would like for there to be picnics. I would like for them to go to the Fair together, as themselves, and for him to win her many prizes because he has very good aim, and because he can recognize and compensate for how the games are rigged. I would like for them to eat cotton-candy and corn-dogs. I would like for Megamind and Roxanne to go on the rides together, and cling to eachother– not because they are scared but because they like one another.

I would very much like for everyone to just live happily ever after together already. Please? Pretty Please? Just give them a happy ending. That’s all I ask.

the entire social justice conversation seems to be more or less:
B. we’re not. we’re just suggesting that you should be more sensitive about how your words/actions affect others and the cultural norms behind those behaviors.

A. …


The Sharon Carter tag

If you’re reading this, you’re either on my blog (hi!) or in the Sharon Carter tag (hi!). Or, heck, I might tag a couple other things just to get the word out.

There’s something you should know.

There’s a hate blog that isn’t just hating Sharon Carter and posting in her tags, it’s also tagging individual fans to make sure they see the hate. They’ve been tagging my username. I don’t know how long it’s been going on, because I blocked them AGES ago (shortly after the blog first appeared, actually), and I don’t know what reason they would have to tag me except that I suggested we use my username as a new safe tag since surely they wouldn’t tag an INDIVIDUAL PERSON ON THE SITE WITH THEIR HATE (this was after we used a number of other safe tags that the hate blog soon started using, too), and I’m a Sharon Carter fan who organizes appreciation events.

But it’s become increasingly evident that the hate blog and its few followers are stalking not only the tag, but also people who post in the tags. Within two weeks of me talking about how I was diagnosed with depression, the hate blog posted that all Sharon Carter fans have mental illness. I offered to discuss any evidence of Sharon being abusive (their latest claim) but made it clear I had turned off anon because I don’t want to get anon hate. Within a couple days, the hate blog announced that someone was trying to get blogs deleted by drawing people into debate. At the time, I was the only person inviting people to talk to me about this supposed evidence they had that Sharon Carter was abusive. Oh, and of course, I mentioned in one post the possibility - just the possibility - of using my username as a safe tag. I don’t think I even put it in the Sharon Carter tag, because there was no reason to do so.

The thing is, I blocked the blog, so they shouldn’t be able to see my posts in the tags. They’re finding ways around that 

So if you’re in the Sharon tag, be warned - someone is not only stalking the tag and the people who post in the tag. They’re CERTAINLY harassing people in the tag and people who post in the tag. Please continue posting, because we don’t want their hate to win, but please keep things as positive as possible because they’ll use any excuse to harass Sharon Carter fans.

And if you’re in the rest of fandom, this is what some of us are dealing with. So please consider what it’s like to have the things you love and that inspire you be used as the reason to harass you and stalk you, and consider how your words and actions affect others in fandom. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody, but I’m hoping we can use it as a learning experience, with the takeaway being be nicer to each other. If someone’s a fan of a character, let them be a fan of that character.

Edit: It turns out I did tag the post about using my username as a safe tag “sharon carter.” It was so long ago I couldn’t remember. Still, they shouldn’t have been able to see that, since I’d blocked them for constantly tagging their hate.

‘There’s so much drama in the Voltron fandom! Why can’t we all get along 😤’

Shut up!! Shut up y'all are so!! Obnoxious!! People calling out things that cause harm to fans isn’t 'drama’ it’s just what needs to happen!! When you say you’re tired of the drama what you mean is you’re tired of recognizing your own shit behavior and you are tired of having to think about how your own harmful actions affect others! Also? Who the fuck really sees those 'no more drama’ posts and thinks 'yeah maybe we shouldn’t say anything about this toxic behavior let’s all get along and be miserable’

Stop being dense just stay in your own lane if you don’t wanna speak out on harmful behavior! You aren’t stopping those of us who do lol ✌️


They both went inside to see and upon noticing Grace’s absence Emma turned to leave but Ibis stopped her. “Why don’t you stay and wait? My bed’s available.” He winked.

“Shove it.” She huffed.

“Why are you still so mad at me?” He said with complete seriousness.

She looked at him, incredulous. “You hurt my sister.”

“I apologized.” He defended.

She countered with, “You can shove your apology right up your ass.”

“I don’t like shoving things in my ass.”

“Is everything a joke to you? Don’t you even care how your words and actions affect other people?” Her voice was clearly raised now, the anger evident in every syllable.

“No. Of course not everything’s a joke. I really am sorry I hurt her.” He expressed as sincerely as he could.

“It’s always easy to ask for forgiveness after the fact. Be better. Don’t hurt people in the first place.”

Shea : Maybe because you’re pretty, you’re used to getting away with things. But I want you to know that your actions have an affect on others, and I hate you. And you’re a horrible person. And you not understanding that you’re a horrible person doesn’t make you less of a horrible person.

Valentina : You think I’m pretty?

I think I figured it out

So if we go with the theory that the short films depicted how your actions affect other people, in Serendipity when Jimin pricked himself, this person in some other universe was somehow suddenly aware that Jimin was hurt and woke up.

-Then you’ll notice when Jimin flicked the yellow ball away (symbolising happiness) the yellow ball in the room of that other universe, moved too.

-Then when the person in that universe was falling, Jimin’s world was shaking and everything was falling; thus signifying the weight of our actions.