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Awww I'm sure you are good at acting though! Who knows, maybe one day your awesome acting skills will come in handy :) Do you have any advice on making friends? I'm starting at a new school and I'll be an awkward smol bean... <3

Pssshh I’m really not haha, but yes, one day maybe…

And sure! I’m sure you’ll be fine at your new school! Just talk to people, find common interests, smile, you never know, you might find a new best friend!

If you like something, tell people, they might love it too! Find people who you can trust and who you can rely on and stay away from those who treat you badly, also, remember to never judge a book by its cover, that bitchy looking person you see on your first day might actually be very nice and you might share some interests!

I’m starting my third year at my secondary school in September and when I first joined I had only 1 friend going to the same school as me but now I’ve got a whole group of amazing people

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