Honestly, I’ve been super obsessed with Hamilton as of late and Jamilton fanfictions seem to take over my life at this point BUT REGARDLESS this is my favorite song from the musical and so I did an animatic 


“why do trans people have to go to a consultation before they can be given surgery?!?!?!?” because you have to have a consultation before literally any kind of surgery? it’s not transphobia? unless you’re rolling in cash and can easily afford a private doctor you have to be assessed before you can undergo any kind of surgery? it took them like 2 years to get me a consultation for a potential implant in my jaw it’s literally how the system works lol


SuperCorp + Text Posts from the Amazing SuperCorp Fandom (pt 1) 

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// *stares at chips/seagull post* I-I think they were talking about potato chips not French fries...

OK now hold up. 

to me… chips are these things: 

HOT chips are these: 

And Fries are these: 

Is that the same or is it different for you?? kjsdhfksdh

Hosoya Yoshimasa is taking a break from seiyuu related work (2017.04.24)

Due to poor throat conditions, Hosoyan has been recommended by the doctors to take a break from seiyuu related work. He plans on returning before the end of this year. 

Ono Kensho: “I’m looking forward to the return of a well rested, stronger than ever Hosoya san”  

Sugita Tomokazu: “prayer” (*referring to Hosoyan’s character song in Prince of Tennis*)

omg hosoyan noooooo you’ve worked way too hard ;—–; please take a good long break… we’ll support you always. come back soon!!! (。•ㅅ•。)♡

I’m not the same person you fell in love with, nor will I ever be that same person again. My heads gotten a tad darker, and my hearts’ gotten a tad colder, but I still know who I am. There’s a lot that’s changed about me, yes, but the way I look at you and want to grab your hand every time you’re around has never changed. My love for you has never changed darling.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#58)

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idk borderlands 2 but your undying hate for this guy is simultaneously hilarious and incredible.

I actually love Handsome Jack, he’s a great and complex character and an excellent antagonist, but people just fucking stan him and go “he can do no wrong he’s the hero of the story let’s ship him with the protags uwu” and it drives me crazy. I can make a list of shitty things he’s done right off the top of my head.

  • enslaved his daughter and turned her into an instrument of destruction
  • guilt trips your ass about you being a “child killer” when you saved his daughter from him
    • yeah, you ended up killing Angel, but she said so herself that she died a long time ago because of him
  • tries to kill you in the fucking intro of borderlands 2
    • and will continue to do so until and even after he’s fucking dead
  • gives you a quest to jump off a cliff for money, says if you do it, you’ll forever be his bitch, no matter what happens
    • if you call the suicide hotline, he calls you a weak pussy or smthn i don’t remember
    • it’s one of his funnier moments but he literally pays you to off yourself
  • tries to “bring order” to pandora (the planet ur on) by killing all the bandits
    • which is the majority of the planet
    • he wants to mass genocide the planet
  • he kills innocent civilians all the fucking time, either by guns or by not giving them any fucking medicine
  • hates when people swears, but swears constantly
  • fucking kills roland, the badass black dude that was the leader of the resistance against handsome jack
    • it’s always the fuckign black dude that dies, isn’t it
  • kills bloodwing (mordecai’s [a cool dude] bird) after enslaving it, mutating it, and making it kill you. it dies from the bombs handsome jack put into it’s fucking neck
    • he does inhumane experiments on animals on a daily basis
  • has you kill the bandits he hired to kill his grandma so he doesn’t have to pay them
  • enslaves roland’s gf lilith after angel dies, right after he kills roland.
    • he then tries to make lilith fucking kill you
  • boasts about killing roland, the leader of the resistance that had so much experience in battle
    • handsome jack killed roland by shooting him in the back while roland was talking to you.
    • that was a bitch kill jack and u know it
  • literally the only reason why borderlands 2 exists is because handsome jack is a fucking fascist asshole

and that’s just the shit he’s done in borderlands 2, that’s not even talking about tales from the borderlands where he fucking abuses and tries to kill the person he’s most shipped with.

but yeah sure let’s ship rhack and put it in every tag relating to borderlands because yeah, let’s spread this abuse love story around.

so yeah i’m a little pissed off about handsome jack. which is a shame because he’s such a funny character.

and to anyone jack sympathizers that tell me to stop hating: some people??? hate on handsome jack??? to cope???

In regards of my artwork Black & Gold:

#wait HOLY SHIT#IS THIS JUST COINCIDENCE OR IN REFERENCE TO THE SONG BY SAM SPARRO#because this song gets a whole new level in connection with Solas#like… religion in general in that universe#I think my mind is being blown right now

@medeadea No, it’s actually not hahah

But! You did piqued my interest in the said song so I searched for it on Youtube and instantly fell in love! I love the whole black tie costume used for the music video so I drew Solas in it.

I hope it’s an appropriate appreciation to Black & Gold by Sam Sparro!