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“Productivity is about making smart choices (continuously) with your energy, focus and time in order to maximise your potential and achieve beneficial results.” – Mohammed Faris

1. Find your energy hours.

Everyone has a specific time in the day where their energy levels are much higher than usual. Use that time to your advantage. Take that energy and get the majority of your work done and out of the way.

For me, the mornings are usually when I feel the most energised, so I get to work straight away. To find your energy hours, try working at different times during the day. See which time of the day allows you to work at your very best.

2. Establish routines.

Once you have found your energy hours, base your day around this. Create a routine for each day of the week.

When do you study? When do you go to school? Do you relax for an hour after coming back from school? Do you tidy your room on Sunday?

Establish a schedule and you’re less likely to get side-tracked and much more likely to maximise your productivity.

3. Ditch the to-do lists.

Yes, it’s good to write lists of things you need to do, but you’re never going to get around to doing them if you don’t plan time for it. So instead of relying on a to-do list, add the task to your routine. Will you be able to work on this task on a Saturday afternoon? Great! Put it into your schedule. This will ensure the task is completed.

4. Don’t multi-task.

You can’t do multiple things at once. It seems like you’re able to, but what you’re really doing is constantly switching your attention from one task to another. Don’t do that. Focus on one thing at a time. That way, you’re putting all of your attention on a task and are likely to get it completed faster and at a higher standard.

5. Complete similar tasks together.

If you’re studying, instead of switching from subject to subject throughout the day, try to stick to one subject. On Monday, create flashcards for a Biology topic, then revise the topic and then do a Biology past paper. This will ensure your mind is concentrated on one thing at a time and not constantly switching gears.

So get your chores done together. Study one subject at a time. Send your e-mails and messages at one time. Dedicate today to your English essay. Don’t interrupt tasks with an unrelated task.

6. Finish quick and easy tasks first.

If you need to make a dentist appointment, do it. Do you need to write a quick e-mail to your teacher? Get it out of the way.

Finishing the quick and easy tasks right away will leave you with ample time to tackle the more challenging ones you’ve got up ahead. It will also give you peace of mind that you’ve gotten something done today.

7. Take breaks.

You’re not a machine. Productivity is not working 24/7.

“Being productive is about knowing when to have fun and when to work hard; when to relax and when to be serious. It’s about making smart choices.”

Allow your mind and body to take a break every now and then and relax. Scheduling these breaks can be beneficial so that you’re not constantly taking a break when you don’t need to.

8. Prioritise.

Yes, that idea you had on the train was appealing, but is it really that beneficial? Is it important enough for you to spend your valuable time and energy on it? Will it get you where you want to go? Probably not.

So prioritise projects and tasks. Ensure important tasks are completed first and well before any upcoming deadlines. Make sure that your time is better spent doing things that will actually benefit you and bring you closer to your goals.

9. Become accountable to someone.

It’s super easy to make promises to yourself, saying that you will do this and do that. Likewise, it’s also extremely easy to break those promises.

However, this is different when you have someone you are accountable to. Perhaps, at the end of every week, you can report to a parent or a trusted friend on your progress so far. It’s extremely difficult to tell someone that you haven’t accomplished your goals for the week. This will make it far more likely for you to get your work done.

10. Review your progress.

At the end of each day, you should evaluate your progress. What did you accomplish today? What did you do well? What did you not complete today? Why? How could you improve? When will you complete it?

Asking yourself these questions and being honest will help you see where you’re going right and where you’re not doing so well.

I hope this is useful to some of you and that you put your time and energy into good use. 😊

June 24th/25th, 2017 Horoscope
  • Aries: The home bustles with more than busy bodies, Aries. You're likely at odds with the head of the household, letting ego rule over the mind, body and soul, and at this especially sensitive time, it can wreck havoc.
  • Taurus: The current is slow and steady, and the foreboding feeling of something being just beyond the horizon gnaws at you. What awaits?
  • Gemini: Materialism gnaws at you more than usual. The feeling of having to own everything goes against your more minimalistic nature. However, these consumerist craves won't die down until you've made a crazy impulse buy. Just remember - the experiences soon to be knocking on your doorstep are much more valuable than the item that'll sit on your nightstand collecting dust.
  • Cancer: I can sum up your day in a single word: Overwhelming. Try to refrain from letting the busyness of life and the dramas that await bog you down.
  • Leo: You, too, are overwhelmed. Feelings of confusion and deceit are at prime time, let alone obsession. Unhealthy partners, especially in sex-based relationships, are seeking you out as prey - don't fall victim to their nasty tricks, and always use protection (and/or contraception, depending on personal beliefs).
  • Virgo: Your love life has been shaken up, however, it's quite dreamy. You're finding more than friends at parties, and the people in your life seem to just... bring benefits. But, dear Virgo, remember: not all of those who promise will deliver.
  • Libra: Your emotions bring up feelings of pain and worthlessness, pushing against reality and bringing you down when it comes to the fun that happens around you. Feelings of lonliness may strive today, and sadly, may have been for a while.
  • Scorpio: You finally feel like committing and staying committed, and this is a big deal for you. However, with so much going on in your life bringing attention to politics, religion, and other metaphysical desires, you may want to use some of that introspection to think about who you're involved with, how they'll help you grow, and most importantly: is this person going to help you by supporting you, or by teaching you a lesson?
  • Sagittarius: The movements you make, despite them being against what you typically dabble in, will prove to be more useful that you have thought, Sag. Your efforts aren't going unnoticed, but don't forget - not all attention is positive, and not all good news benefits you in the end - especially when dealing with people, contacts, and legality.
  • Capricorn: Love, lust and pixie dust. Commitment is on the mind, but with the confusion twirling around your head, you may make some negligent romantic choices. Before getting involved with someone, really assess their character, because without such thought, it's almost promised it'll hurt you.
  • Aquarius: Anxiety has been eating away at you, and it isn't about to ease up. The news you got recently will finally hit you, or you'll get yours today. Feelings of confusion, loss, and worry are all common, and quite detrimental. Taking the day to do something relaxing, and avoiding others may be in your best interest, despite how unlikely it is you'll do so.
  • Pisces: You're having fun! This weekend is all about the best and the brightest star, and you want to be there and be involved. You'll meet new people, take up new passions, and find new pleasures. However, there may be feelings of paranoia that you aren't dealing with, and thoughts of doubt. You're especially flirty, which, while beneficial, may come off a little stronger than intended, and land you in some not-so-savory situations.
Post Apocalyptic Prompts

So, fair warning, while I have read some post apocalyptic novels I am not widely read so if all of these have been done before I do apologize. But, as requested, some post apocalyptic story prompts:

1) I had seen nobody, heard nobody, for 452 days. I hadn’t heard music since before the world went to shit. So the tinny blare of Dolly Parton’s “Son of a Preacher Man” had me more than a little startled. 

2) “If you’re the Anti-Christ, why are the zombies attacking us still!?” 
“It wasn’t a Christian apocalpyse was it? Radiation stole my life purpose.”

3) Jack was a famous post-apocalyptic writer. Cannibalism, grey skies falling, deep undertones of existentialism, the quintessential lot. He reveled in the misery of the worlds he created and the tears of his readers. It was all well and good until he ended up trapped in his latest bestseller - Husk. Surviving the wasteland was bad enough without letting anyone know it was his fault. 

4) “You’re a girl. She’s - she’s an actual girl.” 
“And who the fuck are you then, Peter and the end of the world lost boys?”

5) The androids sat in a solemn circle around the conference table, human faces flickering in the hologram between them. 
“I believe the ship that landed contained the survivors of a violent species called homo-sapiens. They will need to be managed, we are only just beginning to clear up their mess.” 

6) “You know, when I said I was literally going to hell for this, nobody was supposed to actually take that literally.” 
“I just got my head sliced off by one of the four horseman, I don’t care about you being a grammar nerd.”
“So what now, we Dante Inferno our way up to Heaven?” 
“You want to break into Heaven? This is why you’re literally in Hell.”
“Well, I don’t want to be tortured for all eternity, do I? And it’s not like going back to earth is in an option is it?”

7) The cannibal sprinted through the dead forest after his prey, eyes gleaming, hunger tugging at his bones. Tonight, was the night of the wild hunt. His favourite night of the new year.

8) They were supposed to leave together. Or maybe she was supposed to die. But she survived, and she was waiting when the ship came back.

9) They slept under the earth like corpses ready to rise for judgment day, waiting for the air to be clean and for the sky to change from purple to yellow like a healing bruise. Everyone knew not to wake the dreamers at all costs.

10) Money was a story of an old world, now, if you needed a new oxygen tank or food, you sold your body parts. Bones were handy, eyeballs could do a month’s rent, clean lungs were worth a small fortune. But hearts, oh a strong heart was the most valuable currency of all.

11) Those who still remembered the world before were considered blasphemers and madmen. The punishment for liars was swift.

12) The radiation kept their minds alive forever, even when their bodies were no longer whole. Trapped in the dust and the rock, like fossils as the world changed and began to grow again. Nobody knew they were still conscious as they began to mine.

Last few months I was dealing with some serious health issues, my health seemed to be giving up on me, again. I was in a really bad place.
I try so hard not to appear as weak or a victim to myself on life often playing cruel on me, instead I keep fighting. The struggle is hard and real, but it keeps gifting me with tons of valuable lessons. In my malady, this has allowed me to grow spiritually, emotionally, and relationally learning to appreciate life every day more and more. Personally, I am not very fond of selfies, but I am posting this as a reminder that you can heal yourself using the incredible power of the human mind even in your darkest, bleeding hours. I also want to encourage people dealing with challenging, hard times, the body has natural self-repair mechanisms based on beliefs and feelings that originate in the mind. Every time you have positive thoughts, you release healing hormones. The right food, the right exercise, the right medications, the right relationships - all these can help support your healing process but your conscious, intentional mind (which is separate from, though connected to, your subconscious mind and nervous system) is the key. It is the force from which the universe is made and it is also the basic substance of which we are made. Using the positive elements is a call to the healing power, asking that the doors be opened to release pure and radiant energy into our life.

Cullen Family Imagine #2: Protection of the Dark

anonymous asked:

Can I get a whole Cullen family imagine with 357 and 349 and it’s set in the time where the Voltori meet Renesmee and the Cullen family see the reader on the Voltoris side and they worry about her because she used to be a Cullen, but what they don’t know is that she left to protect Renesmee and Bella she made a deal with Aro sorry if this is confusing and P.S. I love your blog❤️❤️

349. “You can’t protect me.”

357. “You don’t need to protect me.”

It’s funny actually, how we all ended up here. Me on the side against my family. It started when the human my “brother” fell in love with decided to throw herself off a freaking cliff to see a hallucination of him. Even if I don’t like her, my brother meant more than her life. My family means more to me than her, but she became a part of it, so I have to force myself to care for her. 

It really started when the four of us: Alice, Edward, Bella, and I were being seen by the Volturi. Aro took an interest to Alice but when he held my hand, I knew the gig was up for me. Alice, Edward, and even Bella left Italy without me in confusion. Even with mind-reading, Edward didn’t know what had transpired. I became a part of the Volturi guard and I never got to say goodbye to my real family. My power was far more valuable to Aro than Alice’s.

I have an ancient power that goes from vampire to human to vampire. It’s not inherited, it possesses you and becomes your until you are killed. My power captures the souls of people by the masses and disintegrates their bodies. Ever heard of mysterious disappearances of colonies or civilizations….yeah……..that’s my ancient power. I don’t know who had it before me or how I got it, but I’ve kept it secret for over a century till Edward got his mate. 

Now, here we are. Me, standing beside Jane and Alec. My family across from me, gazing upon me with worry in their faces. It was difficult to keep my emotionless expression. I missed them horribly. As Edward, Bella, a shapshifter named Jacob I learned, and the hybrid child that is my niece approached, I felt a stir within me. While Aro inquired the child, Edward sent me a look to which I responded,

You don’t need to protect me.

He looked unfazed, his big brother nature was unbending. Bella refused to make eye contact with me. I looked at the child. She did resemble them both. But you did not feel much for the girl but pity. I found her name to be already cringeworthy, no offense to Esme. But when the final decision was being made, my family tried to reach out to me. There pleading looks were too hard to bare. My heart was aching and my power was just below the surface from my anxiety. No matter what they did, I knew what the decision would be. 

That’s when I saw Alice and Jasper break the treeline and make their way towards Aro. But I was on verge of snapping, I coudn’t withold my plan any longer, my power would take my mind if I did. I sent a blast of air to my brother and sister, sennding them to our family as a misty black cloud with silver lightning covered the field where I stood. Aro thought it was me preparing to kill my family’s side of the field, he was wrong. With a scream of agony as my power transfigured my body into a black shadowy figure, all the vampires around me were killed. There souls taken through bolts of glittery lightning. Their bodies dissolved and becoming part of the mass force above me. Thunder could be heard and my power was still raging. I didn’t know how to stop it. I never had to use it to this mass before. 

That’s when I heard the voice of Carlisle and Jasper. They were calling my name. I realized that I was still screaming. They were trying to find a way to get to me. But if they came too close, I didn’t think that I could stop my power from consuming them. 

“Don’t come any closer. You can’t protect me. I have to figure this out on my own. Just go, before it gets worse! ALL OF YOU!!!”

I was screaming again. It felt like my brain was being ripped apart. The storm seemed to grow louder. My eyes were closed and I was no longer on the ground. I felt suspended. But something kept me from going further. I felt it then, a hand in mine. My eyes peaked open and I saw Bella was holding my hand. A fierce determination in her eyes. I saw strength in her I had never thought could come for her.

“You did this for us…you had a plan the moment they took you. You could hide your thought’s from Aro and Edward. You planned this so you could come home. You are home, just let go of your power. It’s destroying you. We all miss you, even me though you never liked me. You’re Edward’s baby sister. You’re the baby sibling that everyone loves and wish they really had, even me. You did what you planned, come back to us.”

My breathing hitched unexpectedly, and I felt my power reach my heart. I felt it beat for the first time in decades and I screamed as I felt every liquid in my body move. My voice came out in a whisper,

You can’t protect me. Not from this. I still blame you for all of it Bella, but I’m starting to think that you just may deserve my brother after all.”

Then I left go of her hand and she tried to grab me again, but it was too late. The darkness had me and souls came to take me in it.

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Interview With A Vampire - (M)

A/n; Should I continue this and my little Vampire!Yoongi drabble? Leave me some comments angels~

Genre; Mature - I guess??????????

Length; 800+ words

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Tension filled the air as you sat there, your journal and recorder in your lap as you tried your very hardest not to make eye contact with the intense man that sat before you. 
You were supposed to be there an interview, one that took you ages to land due to his social status, but now that you had it the only thing you wanted to do was run and hide. 

He, Choi Youngjae, was part of the most prestigious family known to man. He was royalty, in fact, a prince but he was not human. He was a vampire- one of the most flamboyant and open about his kind, which in turn made getting an interview with him that much more valuable to you and anyone else you desired to dig around in his mind. 

“So, Miss Y/n..” The vampire smoothly purred, your name leaving his lips like silk. “Why were you so adamant about this interview, yet now that you’re here you’re as quiet as a mouse?” 
Slowly, he rose from his seat, moving closer to your timid form. “Are you scared of me?” He asked, licking his lips as his sharp eyes loomed over you- following your curves up and down your body. “Or perhaps, you’re attracted to me.” 

The low chuckle the escaped him had your nerves on edge. Truth is, you had no idea why he had you so anxious, sure he was handsome- well more like godly, but there was just something else about him that skyrocketed your anxiety. 

“I- I’m sorry.” You mousily stuttered out, frantically opening your journal, searching for the question you had jotted down. 

Youngjae watched from behind with a tilted head, smirking as you fumbled with the pages in the small book. 
“It’s fine, sweet girl.” He jeered, reaching down- snatching your journal from you. “I think your timidness is quite cute actually.” He added as he examined the books cover before prying it open, that smirk taking a permanent place on his face as he effortlessly found the page you had been searching for. 

“May I have that back, Sir?” You shyly asked, rising from your spot as he made his way back to the front of you. “I- I…” 

Your voice trailed off as a throaty giggle emanated from him, “How does the rest of your kind feel about your openness about what you are?” He read off one of your less adorably ridiculous questions. 
“Is this what you’re really interested in?” He retorted, waving the journal in front of you- feeling the need to tease you grow as soon as he heard the dominant petname leave your luscious lips. “Because I don’t think it is.” 

His words had your usually rational, calm mind all jumbled up and your words caught in your throat. 
That smirk of his stayed as he scanned over you, sensing every feeling you felt- nervousness, confusion…attraction. Making he way over to you, he crouched down in front of you; gently placing your book onto your lap as your eyes locked with his. 

“Tell me what you want, little Y/n.” He purred, making sure to open his mouth the slightest bit more when he speaks just to show off his dagger-like fangs before allowing his long tongue to swipe against them and his lips. 
“Because, like I said, I don’t believe you came here just to interview me. Maybe you’re less curious about my life and a bit more curious about something else, hm?” He said, cocking his brow.

Truthfully, before you stepped foot into his office, your mind was set on this interview. You thought you had just about everything worked out- your questions, how you’d get him to dwell deeper into the life of a vampire, but the second you saw him everything seemed to escape you. 
Now, his current implications and the way his voice was so sinfully smooth had the coil in your tummy tightening. Instead of your work, your mind began conjuring up images of him fucking your brains out as his fangs pierced your skin and sank into you; draining you in every way possible. 

Despite your less than appropriate thoughts, you shook your head, chewing ony our lower lip as your rapidly broke eye contact with him. 

Youngjae’s pompous grin turned huge as he watched and felt your inner struggle with your urges. Grasping your chin, the vampire turned your gaze back to his, “Now, now, darling-” He hummed in a playful yet warning tone.
“You shouldn’t lie to me. I already know how you feel-” His tone turning from playful to pure lust. “I can sense how badly you want me. I can smell it from here…” He chuckled, rising from his spot as he gradually closed the space between the two of you. 

“Tell me how you feel, sweet girl. What exactly do you want- or should I say- crave?” 

“I’ll give it to you, but I want to hear it leave that pretty little mouth of yours first.” 

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How do you keep your animated forms so solid and regular looking as they are turning in space?

Great question! It comes from a lot of solid drawing practice and thinking about your drawing as a structure of shapes and form rather than a structure of lines.

In terms of animation techniques, flipping is a great way to make sure your drawing is maintaining volume. Produce the first drawing, and constantly flip from that drawing to the new pose as you’re building it so that you’re constantly comparing volumes without lingering on either one for too long. Brevity is the key here–you want your minds eye to absorb the information without obsessing too much on it. This works for both straight ahead and pose-to-pose approaches.

Another technique is to keep a reference drawing of the character you’re animating close beside your animation so that you can quickly look back and forth from the reference to your work and compare. I typically draw turn around   drawings and attitude poses of the characters I’m working on so that I can use them for this purpose.

Finally, the most archaic method that can still be super valuable in tricky situations is to use your thumb and end of pen as a measuring tool. This is done by placing the tip of your pen at a top of your subject and placing your thumb along the body of the pen to act as the bottom of your subject. Now you can compare the measurement you’ve made on one drawing to the next one.

A good thing to keep in mind is that volume between your drawings does not have to be mathematically perfect in order for it to be good. I’d argue that the lack of mathematical perfection is what makes it feel natural and organic. A rule of thumb I live by is a variation on a quote by Duke Ellington: If it feels good, it is good.

Hope that helps!

About a month ago, I found out that my tumours back…

Before you ask, it’s benign, but the size of it, it’s location and the rate at which it’s growing is very slowly killing me and it’s scary as fuck.. but I’m back on my meds and fighting this thing.

With me being sick again on top of everything else going on in my life, I think that’s why my anxieties have come back at full force, and which is why I put myself back in counselling and yoga.

I say all this to say, your physical and mental health are your most valuable possessions. Take care of yourselves guys. Like honestly, fuck everything else. Your relationship with YOU, your mind and your body is the most important relationship you’ll ever have in this lifetime. It’s the only one you have full control over. Make your health a priority. Your peace and happiness is essential. Your self care is a necessity.

Eat healthier, think healthier, speak healthier, and more positively over your life. When you do so, you will soon begin to conquer your life and your health through new found empowerment.

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Tomura and kai having "complicated" feelings for the same woman headcanons please, not poly. She risked her life for them and has proven to be trustworthy and a valuable asset because of her abilities. Nothing is official between them because of work issues. So there's more than a feeling of possessiveness in wanting her on their side. She's neutral and gray when it comes to heroes and villains.

Anon. Anon, hon. You are a gift. I needed this, we all needed this. Bless. ENJOY YOUR SINFUL TRIANGLE, ANON!!!

Tomura Shigaraki/Tenko Shimura

  • At first you were just a body to him, another person littering the world with your presence. You weren’t special, you weren’t part of The League, so you didn’t matter in his mind. That is, until he saw you risk yourself selflessly, for both him and his ideals.
  • You’re useful, he realizes. Useful, secretive and over time he comes to understand that he can trust you- and trust is something that it hard to earn from this man.
  • Your check-ins with valuable information after tasks given to you become more and more frequent, and Tomura eagerly awaits you in his private room for you to debrief him. He watches your body language relax over time, how you seem to consider him a friend instead of an acquaintance or some terrifying authority figure. He likes this. He wants more, though.
  • The first time you touch him its just a brush against his shoulder with your finger tips, a barely physical touch, but one he couldn’t stop thinking about even after you left his room.
  • He started wondering where you went after to left the base, who were you going home to. Were you going home to any one else? Was there going to competition for your affections, the one thing he craved more than your touch?
  • Tomura, because he’s a bit of an obsessive man, begins to slip out and follow after you. Because, of course he fucking does. You’re his, in his mind. His and only his.
  • So maybe that was why he was seething with rage when he found you stepping into a cafe and sitting in a booth with a certain amber eyed yakuza, meeting the fucker for dinner or something just as infuriatingly stupid.
  • He doesn’t stick around to see you slip the yakuza boss a folder, taking to storming off down the street and slumping low in his hoodie, grinding his teeth.
  • You never mentioned Chisaki of all people before. We’re you seeing him romantically? Sexually? Was he a partner of yours, did you provide him with your abilities like you did Tomura? This bothers him, it sticks with him even as he makes it back home and locks himself in his room.
  • Its then he realizes that you often come to him in expensive and fashionable clothing, with new phones or talking about extravagant dinners you had partaken in the day before. Were these given to you by Chisaki? Had he been showing off his wealth in attempt to win you over? Had he already won you over? Were you lovers?
  • The next time he sees you, he demands you join The League, he wont take no for an answer, not when he knows who else lurks in your life.
  • It is up to you to decide if you join, but know that if you decline, Tomura will keep you as an asset, but will be more hostile than normal, and will overload you with work for him to keep you from Chisaki (all while never mentioning he ever saw you with him).

Kai Chisaki/Overhaul

  • Chisaki is a business man. He’s a leader, the leader, of a yakuza family. He wants nothing but perfection and smooth operation in his life… And you’re just that. Perfection.
  • You’re punctual, your abilities are beyond useful, you don’t argue, you are respectful. You risk your life for his gang and he over time has found you to be an irreplaceable part of his and his families life.
  • He needs you to be his- whether as a member of the Eight Precepts or as his lover he still doesn’t know.
  • Romance is fleeting, he always though. nothing is stronger than blood, blood and family. Chisaki was struck with the reality that for once, he could have been totally and utterly wrong.
  • He begins to request you more and more often, scheduling you weekly and convincing you to meet at both his home and out to eat. Are these dates? In his mind, yes. He is courting you, in some form or another. Will he admit this? No.
  • Work is almost always in the way, he cant see you every moment of the day what with his experiments and attempts to advance the yakuza’s hold on Tokyo. But he finds trying to call or text you would be both too obvious and a bit too sudden, so you cant always speak. 
  • He would have needed to ease into this relationship, build it slowly and have to come to him of your own accord- he didn’t want to scare you off. No, not you. Never you.
  • He knows you’re working with others, but trusts you not to speak aout his work. Chisaki has made is clear that he will not hesitate to snuff out the lights of those who let his secrets loose, and despite his budding feelings for you, you are no different.
  • What he was not expecting, however, was for Tomura Shigaraki’s name to fall from your lips.
  • He watched you texting away on your phone, speaking to him about how you needed to leave from your date-but-not-a-date with Chisaki to meet with Tomura about a task you preformed for him.
  • Chisaki starts throwing money at you, left and right. Expensive necklaces, a new phone (with his number on speed dial, ha.), coats and shoes. He offers you all these things under the guise of a potential lover, a friend maybe. But in reality, he is branding you. He wants Tomura to ask where you got that diamond bracelet, and he wants you to mention its from him, and that you love it.
  • This boy is possessive as all hell, and once he feels he has made it clear to Tomura just who you belong too, he proposes you become a member of the Eight Precepts. By proposes, I mean that he ambushes you over dinner.
  • Again, it is up to you to agree. However, know that if you agree, you will NOT be able to see Tomura. not in private for sure, but not in public, not with Chisaki at your side. The yakuza boss is making it clear and simple, when you join his family, you become his.

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373. "You make me feel like I'm not good enough"

It’s not that you’re anything but surprised at this moment, not at all. You expected something of the sorts to arise, it was inevitable these days. It was normal, sadly.

“She can’t even think for herself. She was only good because HYDRA ordered her around. She has no abilities unless she’s so numbed up that she’s not even a functioning person.”

“Buck, calm down.” Steve sighs, dropping the manilla folder in front of you, placing a hand on your shoulder for support. Bucky scoffs, shaking his head angrily.

“I’m calm, Steve.” He snaps before looking at you. “She’s not strong enough, she’s going to get herself killed, or worse, compromise us. If you send her in you’re putting us all in danger.”

Bucky’s demeaning voice pierces you, your eyes meeting his for a moment before you nod. “He’s right. Send Nat, she’ll take care of this much better. Thank you, Bucky. Steve, please excuse me.”

You stand, brushing by Steve when he tries to grab you. Your reflexes kick in, your body moving effortlessly under his hand, swinging away from him before swooping out the door.

“Y/N–” You rush from the room, ignoring Steve’s calls. “God dammit, Bucky!”

You walk to nowhere in particular, but nonetheless you keep walking. Tears are rapidly forming in your eyes as you think about the latest detest Bucky had shown for your solo-missions.

You can’t shake the thought that he’s right out of your mind, that Bucky was right to say compromising the group was worse than your meaningless life being ended.

How could you ever think you were anything but a mistake? You were HYDRA’s most valuable asset, you never had to think for yourself, they did all the thinking and planning. You were nothing more than a shell of a person back then, and now you’re nothing.

You open the window from the common room, sliding both legs out before dropping. You catch the rusted metal bar that sits a few feet under the window, swinging over the side to land your feet on the forgotten ladder on the side of the tower.

You climb, feeling more and more upset with every passing moment that you should be studying the case file. Placing your feet on the concrete, you rest on the small perch above the city. It’s quieter up high, the traffic drowns out about 50 feet below.

Your feet dangle loosely from the side, the wind blowing through your canvas sneakers. You tap your fingernails on the edge, inspecting the muddled colors of the cars below.

“What are you doing?” You look up, seeing Bucky leaning out the window you exited from. He waits, looking at you with his eyes wide and his brows arched. You ignore him, looking back over the city.

There’s a few moments of silence and you think he might have left, until the metal bar creaks. In a second his combat boots are placed strategically on the slat of concrete you’re seated on.

“Y/N.” He says more as a statement, watching you with confusion. “I think you should go back inside, it’s not safe on the ledge. You could fall or something.”

You watch the city cabs rush to pick up pedestrians as the clouds roll in above, the threat of rain imminent to civilians just wanting to get home from work without the added stress of rain.

“I don’t know why you’re ignoring me but you need to go back inside. Steve couldn’t find you, he’s worried sick. You shouldn’t just run off like that, it’s not fair to the people who worry about you.” Bucky scolds, crossing his arms.

The clouds crack overhead, grey coloring the usual bright blue sky. The sin gets blocked out, turning the city darker, the way it is before a big, much needed rainstorm.

“Would you just answer me? I don’t know what you think I did to you that made you mad but you need to–”

You look up, shaking your head as tears flow down your cheeks. "You make me feel like I’m not good enough.

Bucky pauses, confusion and concern flashing over his face quickly. “What?”

“You make me feel like I’m a mistake, like I’m only worth something when HYDRA messes with my head. I already hate myself for the things I did under their orders, I don’t need you to give me even more reasons as to why I should hate myself too.”


“No, I’m done. I might be a shitty agent and my life might mean nothing–”

“I never said that.” Bucky barks, his arms outstretching only slightly to show his infatuation with not being held accountable.

You close your eyes, wiping your cheeks with your sleeve. “You said that I could die, or worse, I could put us at risk. You said that, nobody else. So yeah, I might be useless but that wasn’t something I ever wanted to hear. And I’m sorry that you think I’d ever do anything to put you guys in danger. You’re all worth so much more than me, I’d sacrifice myself if it meant saving you all.”

Bucky stares at you, the rain falling lightly overhead. You look back down at the street, shaking your head softly. “You’re more than good enough.” Bucky’s voice is in a soft whisper.

“What?” You ask, looking up through the rain.

“I said, you’re more than good enough. I argue day and night for you not to go on missions because I’m terrified of Steve coming in and saying you got injured, or killed or captured. I can’t think of anything bad happening to you because if I do then killing the piece of shit that touched you would be the only thing on my mind. I would never forgive myself if I let you go on a mission alone and you got hurt, I wouldn’t be able to live with that.”

You pout your bottom lip, rain catching in your eyelashes. 

“I’m in love with you, and I never meant to make you feel anything less than perfect. God, you’re so much more than anything I could ever imagine being. I’m mean to you so I don’t hurt you by getting close, I’d die if my past caught up with me and you got hurt because of it. Fuck, I just love you, okay?”

women’s mysteries

There were a few things I didn’t get about a lot of language about wombynhood moon yoni vulvic creation etc. when I was trans-identified, and even soon after, when I wasn’t. One is that it’s intentionally opaque and repulsive to outsiders for reasons you can very easily think of if you can name who the outsiders are. The other is that it only strikes you as inherently ridiculous if you view female needs and experience through a male-inclusive lens that splits female bodies from minds. There’s nothing ridiculous about meditating about or on your vagina when you take seriously a female person’s absolute right over her reproductive capacities, or if you see the project of learning to relate to your entire body, alongside your mind, as a living whole as valuable.

I don’t personally buy into the spiritual aspects of this thinking for reasons I’ve discussed elsewhere, and I don’t think any particular concept or practice is beyond criticism. But I no longer see this stuff as laughable, even though it can be deeply funny. When people make fun of men for raising massive phallic constructions as testaments to great male achievements, they do it with a wry wink that doesn’t mean we ban American school kids from visiting the Washington Monument by the millions every year, nor prevent boys from being so fascinated with their own genitals that they scribble depictions of them on the undersides of their desks and bathroom-stall doors countrywide. But mocking vulva art, claiming it is too obscene or ridiculous to be seen, is part of a system where girls routinely grow up not knowing they have a clitoris or perhaps even where they urinate from, that supposes that a vagina is only a mysterious dirty hole that penises go in and filth and sometimes babies come out of, that a menstrual period only comes monthly because your body wants to be pregnant and you got in its way by having a mind of your own.

What does it mean when a young female person rejects that they are female, when they’ve never seen a diagram of their reproductive system beyond the classic sheep’s head of a uterus and ovaries, when they don’t know what a cervix is and couldn’t bear to touch or see it if they did, nonetheless ever learned that their body has dozens of functions to protect itself from unwanted advances and dangerous pregnancies, and that their mind is one of these things, continuous with being a full and autonomous human being?

I learned when I was young that my body was dangerous territory, that it was inherently predisposed to sin, that the role of my thinking being was to protect my body from corruption and preserve it for proper use by men. Identifying with my body too closely was a moral betrayal; identifying with my mind too closely was unbecoming of a young lady, but I chose “unbecoming” over the option that I thought meant succumbing to flattening out in soft, pornographic focus, a paused videotape, becoming a vessel, empty, waiting. If I had agency, I would use it to show everyone that “female” wasn’t all I was, I was elsewhere, I was else-who.

It took me almost three decades of being alive to know that I am allowed to occupy my body, that I can recognize I have a vagina and a uterus and that I menstruate, that I have cellulite, breasts, peach fuzz and not-so-peach fuzz, and that the recognition doesn’t mean I’m here waiting for them to be “used” nor that I have to go “use” them at all. I can sit on my female-fat-distributed ass and type unbecoming thoughts on the internet and then go eat potato chips. I can use my fish-belly-flab arms to haul around a pallet’s worth of shit at work and then wrap them around my girlfriend when I get back home.

You can laugh at pictures of vaginas as much as you want, but I’m not going to laugh at my own, except when… well, I don’t have to tell you, but it’s not a women’s mystery. I’m not going to believe that women attempting to make sense of their experiences are ludicrous, even if sometimes they can’t draw or use some goofy spelling choices sometimes. James Joyce had whole books full of goofy spelling choices, and he talked about his dick way too goddamn much. If people literally can make pilgrimages to honor how many reams of a tweedy man’s words they’ve choked down on a date he chose as significant because it’s the first time his wife gave him a handjob, I don’t think it’s too weird that a woman might have public feelings about her period, even if they include lots of red glitter.

After all this, I think I can handle looking at a picture of a vulva without having to tell everyone how stupid it is that someone bothered making it. Is it stupid that I have a vulva, too? Is it stupid that I have feelings about it? These days, I would rather reject that idea than reject my own body, but I don’t know what you’re up to.

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Yandere Pratt? After the dep saves him hes not gonna let them outta his sight

He’d had enough of being pushed around and manipulated by Jacob so after you saved him he was thankful
He was a veteran of the police department compared to you but you ended up saving him
You showed him that you were strong
You showed him that you cared about him
That he was important to you
It also showed that you weren’t afraid of what could possibly happen to you while out fighting
You’d end up dead at some point and Pratt couldn’t let that happen to you
Yes he knew something needed to be done about those Seed siblings and their cult but he didn’t want you hurt
He didn’t want the one who cared about him hurt
He realized something after you saved him
That he should be strong to protect those he cares about
And he cares about you
Probably more than he should
But you care about him to
Maybe even love him
Like he loves you
Yes he realized he loved you
He has to be strong to protect the ones he loves
He ended up drugging you with Bliss… sadly
He took you back to the veterans center where nobody would look to find you
He found an old bedroom there along with some rope and tied you to the bed
He of course told the Resistance that you got killed and your body was unobtainable
Let them send someone else yo play the hero
He’s got to protect his
He isn’t ashamed of having to use some tactics Jacob taught him to get you to comply
He’s got to be the strong one now to protect you from those that try and do you harm
He worships you
He worships your body
He worships everything about you
Pratt learned some valuable lessons from Jacob which he uses on you and himself
How can he be worthy of your love if he’s weak in both body and mind

A Wolf Spy

Based on this request:  Could you write a Jaime x Reader fic where the reader was supposed to be a spy for the Starks to sniff around and see if the Lannisters have any dirt going on but one night Jaime kinda catches her and confronts her about it? And you know, his sweet ways kinda make her forget about her task and she’s getting kind of involved with him/getting a crush on him :) if you don’t feel like writing this, it’s okay too!  from @faith-in-dean

Here you are, lovely! I do not own Jaime. He belongs to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: Angst, violence, death, a teeny bit of fluff and it’s long. 

Pairings/Characters: Jaime Lannister x fem!reader

Originally posted by everythingis-connected

“Damn him,” you cursed under your breath. Robb had sent you out yet again to spy on the Lannisters only this time, you’d been caught. By none other than Jaime Lannister himself. “Well, well. A wolf spy? You’re very bold,” his sweet and calming voice was more frightening to you than if he were yelling or threatening. “I did as I was ordered,” you said. You cursed your voice for wavering.

           "The Young Wolf sends a lady to do his dirty work? Now that doesn’t seem right. You’re so vulnerable out here on your own. So defenseless.“ That sickly sweet voice was starting to get on your nerves. And you hated it when men thought you weak and vulnerable just because you were a woman. That was one thing Robb never did. Jaime Lannister was about to find out just how not vulnerable you were.

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I think the reason people keep cutting until the scars stay is because they want to see their pain and know that it’s real. So when the cuts fade away they think the evidence of their pain isn’t there anymore and they have to put it back so it’s real again. This is true for any marking self harm like burning, pinching, scratching, etc. Does that make sense to you?

Trigger warning

This makes a lot of sense. Of course you have several reasons why people keep cutting and self harming. 
- For the reason they started in the first place, examples are to have control, because physical pain is less painful than mental pain, etc. That is a big reason why people keep self harming.
- Addiction. A lot of people can’t stop self harming because they get addicted to feeling it gives to them.
- And then the reason you gave. I made a post about that some time ago. 
“We turned our invisible disorders into something visible through the cuts and burns on our bodies. Just so we could see that it’s not all in our head. - Aletta S.“
I think that reflects why we panic when our scars start fading, because the pain of the past disappears from our skin but not our memory. And some other people start to assume we are okay because our pain isn’t visible. 

But i think it’s very important for everyone to keep in mind.

Everyone is fighting their own battle and no matter how you express it or which methods you use to deal with it. You matter and your health does too. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s less important or real. Stay safe beautifuls.  

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How do you stay positive about your body?

Its your body. It is magical, it is uniquely outstanding, it redefines beauty, it is so specially created. It’s something so valuable. You have to take care of it. You live in it. Let your body express your mind. Use it and show it in the way you want to. It really isn’t all about confidence. Its your damn body, confidence shouldn’t get in the way at all. Just stick with that mindset <3

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hey sorry im pro ana but fasting over 72 hours causes your body to start breaking down muscle, this will cripple your future weight loss as muscle automatically breaking down fat to maintain itself

You are most likely referring to water fasting (which I’m not doing) - but even then the claims are erroneous. Of course, a prolonged fasting of water or juice under a certain caloric intake will reduce some muscle tissue but the benefits (outside of weight loss) are often deemed more valuable than some muscle loss (both physiological and psychological, treating certain chronic illnesses, regeneration of new cells - including stem cells, boosting your immune system, ridding toxic cells and waste through ketosis, breaking through food addiction or self-control barriers, etc). Or in the way of spirituality, fasting is done with the other self, the spiritual self in mind. AND when you are fasting, your body is smart enough to realize that it’s a lot quicker and beneficial to use the fat stores as a source of energy - which it does. Your body goes into ketosis, which is another reason some people fast; to jumpstart a ketosis diet or intermittent fasting.

This makes fat by far a preferential energy source, so after a few days, your body turns to its stored fat reserves for energy (ketosis). Since fat is more energy-dense per pound than protein, weight loss during this phase slows down to a more reasonable but still rapid pace of a little over 1 pound every 2 days.

There are risks to everything when it’s not balanced, including fasting - which is why I’m under the guidance of a health professional who tests my stats throughout. If you have health issues or limitations, please seek medical advice and please go under the care of a medical professional who will run medical tests before, during, and after. Also, to anyone reading this: Please stop telling people they are going to have a heart-attack if they fast for 3 days. 

“When you [fast], the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged,” Dr. Longo explains.

In their study, published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, the team found that repeated cycles of 2-4 days without food over a 6-month period destroyed the old and damaged immune cells in mice and generated new ones.

What is more, the team found that cancer patients who fasted for 3 days prior to chemotherapy were protected against immune system damage that can be caused by the treatment, which they attribute to immune cell regeneration.

As many are aware, not only does fasting (temporarily) help you lose weight. This tool is used for more reasons, one of which is cleaning out toxins from your body. Personally, I have a terrible digestion system and so fast a few times a week anyway - but prolonged fasting allows for a reset to cut/expel the toxins (done in many cases by some sort of herbal laxative, enema, salt water flush, etc). Think of it like peeling off the layers of an onion. If you don’t eat for a few days and flush out your system, you’d be surprised to see all the gunk sticking to your intestinal walls. 

“We know that the body is unable to rid itself of toxins when we eat a diet low in nutrients,” and that applies to most Americans, even those who think they are healthy, he says.

“Americans eat 51% of their diet from processed foods and foods low in phytochemicals and antioxidants,” he says. “So you see a buildup of waste products in the cells – AGE, advanced glycation end products – that build up in cellular tissues and lead to atherosclerosis, aging, diabetes, nerve damage, and the deterioration of organs. This is basic science and physiology every doctor learns in medical school.”

Along with improving your overall diet, fasting is one solution to that buildup of AGE, according to advocates like Fuhrman.

“Fasting allows the body to most effectively remove these waste products,” he says. “The body is designed to fast; we do it every night.”

How does fasting remove toxins from the body? When you go without eating for more than a day or two, the body enters into ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body runs out of carbohydrates to burn for energy, so it burns fat.

“And the fat is where the body stores many of the toxins it absorbs from the environment,” Fuhrman says.

Also, note: There is medical evidence to suggest that prolonged fasting treats certain chronic diseases, including auto-immune (one of the things my doctor is looking at with me). Fasting may yield psychological benefits as well. For me, since I have a food addiction it’s helping me take control of my life and not reach for food whenever the “addiction/urge” is strong. I’m learning how to balance the thoughts in my mind and cope with life better. 

In his practice, Fuhrman tells WebMD, he has seen fasting – combined with improving the diet before and afterward – eliminate lupus, arthritis and chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. He says he has also seen fasting heal the digestive tracts of those with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, and lower blood pressure.

“Fasting followed by a vegetarian diet interferes with the immune system’s activities, especially if the immune system is overreacting, as it does with ,” and other auto-immune diseases, he says. He cites half a dozen studies published in medical journals ranging from the American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism to the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology.

Studies published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and The Journal of Nutrition in 2003 showed that mice forced to fast every other day, while eating twice the normal amount of food on non-fasting days, had better insulin control, neuronal resistance to injury, and other health indicators than mice fed calorie-restricted diets.

Fasting Benefits (and risks):

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and more. 

Scars - Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

this one is a little touchy but I love it so much y’all don’t even know. Gif is not mine :)


warnings: underweight reader/scars

word count:  1,180

Slowly, and painfully, you climbed out of the now cool bath water you had been soaking in and took a deep breath. Your body hurt everywhere from the mission you just got back from with Tony and Natasha, and your body hated you for it. Thanks to being a lab rat for people you were unable to remember, you were able to control others with your mind and you were able to control your powers much safer than Wanda, and this made you a valuable member of the Avengers. But, it had many downfalls. You were not necessarily physically fit, despite your low weight, and this abused you to be an easy target if anything went wrong. You were not too good with hand to hand combat, and that was why your body was now littered with bruises and cuts, along with the despicable scars that ran the length of your back over and over again. These were the scars that reminded you of the people who stole you from your family, whoever they may be, because they were the product of your power.

You hated your scarring. It was atrocious and rather unsightly to the eye, and you kept it covered, usually under many layers.  Even though it was out of your power to prevent,  you still felt so ashamed of what you were and what you looked like.  No one had ever seen the scarring down your back, at least not until today. 

Quickly, you dried yourself off with a towel before pulling on the pale pink robe you loved so much, and walking into your attached bedroom with it wrapped tightly around you,  looking all around the room, even to the closed door before you walked to your dresser, pulling panties on and beginning to drop your robe.  

As soon as your robe hit the floor, there was a swift knock on the door.  Before you could say anything, or even turn your head, your close friend Pietro Maximoff flung the door open and began to step in, but stopped in his tracks upon sight of your back.  

“(Y/N),” he whispered and stepped inside as you yanked the robe back onto your shoulders.  

“Pietro!”  You cried out, embarrassed and simply humiliated that he saw you the way he did.  You covered your face as Pietro shut the door behind him, and locking it, enclosing the two of you in the room alone.  

He approached you, without a word being able to fall from his lips, and put his hands on either side of your shoulders.  “My sweet, (Y/N), what happened?”  He whispered and pulled you against his hard, muscled chest.

You choked out a hurt sob, and pulled away.  “Do not feel different about me, Pietro, I did not do this to myself.”  You choked out and wiped at your face as the tears fell.  Your wet hair from the bath tickled your face and you felt so very vulnerable.  You pushed your hair from your face, stressed and miserable.  “I know it is so ugly, but I did not ask for it.  The people who took me did this to me, and it made me who I am.”  You ranted hysterically and let your shoulders slump forward sadly.  

Carefully, and incredibly slowly, Pietro walked behind you, and took the top of your robe, removing it from your shoulders.  A breath caught in your throat as you let him do this, and it fell to the floor as you covered your breasts quickly.  Lightly, and so very carefully, Pietro ran his fingers along each individual scar, tracing the deepest parts slower than the rest.  Your body tingled where ever he touched.  No one has ever touched you in this way and it felt so foreign as you stood there, breathing slowly and weakly.  Once Pietro finished tracing your scars, his fingers moved to trace each individual rib he was able to see, tracing it to the front of your body, right under your breasts.  

“This is not your fault, my sweet friend.”  He whispered to you, and bent down to pick your robe up once more, and wrapping it around you.  He turned you around, once you were covered, and you were able to see the worry and hurt on his face.  “This is not something you could have prevented.  Your weight,” he started, wrapping his arms around you and picking you up as if you were a paperweight, “However, is something in your control.  Tell me, please, why is it you are so small?”  He asked, and walked to your bed with you in his arms, setting you down in a sitting position.  

You looked away, embarrassed and shy.  “Actually, you are wrong.”  You told him slowly.  “My metabolism tears through what I consume as if it is a game.  I burn more calories than I intake.”  You explained quietly.  

Pietro furrowed his eyebrows.  “You will die if you get much smaller.”  He whispered out, and your chest ached.  

Slowly, you nodded.  “Tony thinks I have perhaps another month or so before it catches up fatally.  He has been working so hard on a supplement, or anything, really, that can stop my metabolism.  So far, there is nothing.”  You explained to Pietro quietly, and stared down at your hands.  

“A month?”  Pietro squeaked out.  He swallowed hard, staring at you, and lost in thought.  You could see in the way his eyes moved that he was having an internal debate with himself.  Then, before you could ever see it coming, Pietro pushed you onto your bed, on your back, with his body pressed to yours.  His eyes searched your wide ones, before he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours urgently.  

You were shocked, to say the least, and it was something you never thought of, but it felt so right.  Slowly, and shyly, your hands moved up his arms, to his shoulders, and into his hair, tugging lightly.  Pietro responded by moaning lightly into your mouth, pressing his body harder against yours.  You hummed as he pulled away with wide eyes, searching yours.  

“What was that for?”  You whispered, untangling your hands from his hair.  

With a red face, Pietro smiled lightly.  “You are not going to leave me in a month, but it shows me that I need to act now, while in the moment.”  He told you quietly, stroking your face.  “You are beautiful, even with your back the way it is.  Especially,” he fixed, pressing another soft kiss to your forehead.  “I like you very much, (Y/N).”  He finished and his head ducked low once more, resting his forehead against yours.  

Slowly, and carefully, you ran your thumb along his jawline.  “I like you, too, Pietro.”  You whispered and a grin rose on his face like you have never seen.  

“Wonderful!  We’ve got so much to do in this upcoming month, and the months aftr, of course.”  Pietro told you, and stroked your face lightly.  

You smiled softly as a feeling foreign to you set in.  You felt accepted and loved.

Dating Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman Headcanons

Dating Diana Prince Headcanons requested by anon!

- Diana is so protective. She wint let anyone come close to you.

- shes a princess she doesn’t cook. Good luck with cooking

- even if shes really busy with Wonder Woman duties, she somehow manages to find countless of hours to spend with you.

- you miss her so much when she’s away in Themiscyra

- eventually she takes you there to meet her mother, Queen Hippolyta

- she ends up adoring you, even if, at first, you didn’t think she ever would

- Diana decides to move in with you

- you teach her how to cook and she becomes a better cook than you

- You get her to watch your favorite movies and TV series with you

- she’s actually hooked with FRIENDS, although you say you enjoy How I Met Your Mother better.

- she tries to get you to work out with her but one day you give up, because her training is too demanding.

- she won’t let you feel insecure about your body or mind ever!

- you two hug and kiss and cuddle a lot. You’re both cuddle maniacs

- you finally arrange a family dinner to meet her to your family.

- they love her.

- Diana refuses to let you change your religion due to her.

- sometimes you’ve found her crying (which has made you feel so valuable knowing she is too) because as she said; one day you’ll die and she’d be left alone.

- the though of dying causes you panic attacks actually so once she figures she stops. You just comfort each other cuddled in your bed.

- she’ll always be there for you and you’ll be with her for as much time you have on this earth!