your hair is so good bb

Happy birthday to one of the greatest dancers and one of my brightest sunshines! 생일축하해요!!! B2UTYs will always love your weirdness and everything about you. Thank you for loving us as your fans (and -of course- we appreciate every bit of you). I love you from your wonderful hair to your random shouts and antics! (So cheesy, gosh) We all wish you happiness, good health and rest! ㅋㅋㅋ 사랑해요! ♥︎

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Melissa, I'm starting from scratch with makeup, like I currently wear none on a daily basis. I already own some mascara and one black eyeliner pencil and some eyeshadow. What do you think the first five things I should buy are? I'm really pale with dark hair and a shit ton of freckles and I have pretty good skin? I would say it's kind of dry though in case those change your recs. thanks you're the best!

  1. bb cream or tinted moisturizer (nars and garnier have good ones); they dont have a ton of coverage but will even out your skin
  2. something to do bros with (try the eyelure brow kit to start). you have no idea how important brows are like they change your whole look
  3. bronzer/blush duo so you dont have to buy two separate products but i think it’s always good to wear a little bit of both to bring back life and dimension to your skin because while foundation/bb cream evens out your skin it can make it look at little flat
  4. lipgloss! cant live without it. i like the ones by revlon, calvin klein, and mac
  5. powder. this will help set your face and make your makeup last a lot longer. a translucent one won’t add any coverage but a powder with color in it will. the ones by maybelline, nars and tarte are my faves

good luck and have fun playing around!

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Hi Izzy! Do you know any good hair product for not curly but super rebel hair?😊 please I really need it

Hi love! My hair is pretty wavy and gets kind of frizzy (wispy central) when it’s humid so I feel your pain. I use BedHead After Party all the time I think it’s awesome. Also I love using Organix Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use Moroccan oil (they have lots of good products). Garnier fructis has this spray called “Silky Straight 24/7” it’s good too. I also think BB curl products and BB defrizz are good for preventing fly aways. Hope this helps!! 💙

ltsarahkerrigan replied to your post: “OK i’m just gonna dye my hair, bc the way i see it, like a) it’s not a…”

You do you bb! Good luck :)

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White hair looks awesome! also many people have white hair or really light blonde so it probably shouldn’t be a problem inside work if this what you are thinking about! C:

yeah i think i’m definitely gonna do it! im still gonna ask, bc we work with a lot of seniors (and i’m on the probation… period? i think that’s what it’s called, idk) and I don’t want to have customers complain/be fired suddenly.

n the colour i want is like this:
but fades to this: 

but yeah i hope it’s not a problem :OO

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you really suit your hair short :) i wish i did, my face is too obnoxious but your like a lil pixie hehe

Thank you bb

Lol the selfies were so difficult cos I couldnt hide anywhere and my nose looked so huge and the frame of my face so weird, the pictures are just good angles Wah