your hair is so good bb

anonymous asked:

hi just wanted to let you know your hair looks so good i mean SO good. you mentioned on snapchat that you were given many expensive (hair?) products from bumble and bumble. which did you get, if you don't mind me asking?

hey! yeah well i just said i could noooot afford all the product they gave me on my own! i would never pay $35 for conditioner haha. i was given their entire new sublime line which is their like summer/heat protection line (invisible oil shampoo, invisible oil conditioner, pre-shampoo shea hair masque, UV protective dry oil finishing spray) and their bb curl line (bb curl conditioner (you can use as a co-wash) + shampoo, pre-style primer, defining creme & anti-humidity gel) they also were so so kind enough to give me GHD blow dryer (!!!) which was so cool. they gave me all that so i can kind of figure out what i like best and make my own routine, i can share with you what i do with it in a couple weeks!