your hair is so good bb


Back to School Series #3

Good LORD lets talk about Bridget Bardot. She is beautiful, talented, and embraces messy hair like a queen! Her signature big hair bouffant, exaggerated black cat-eye, sun-kissed skin and caramel lips are super easy on those mornings when you just wanna be a knock-out! 

-A good thick cat-eye with lined and smudged lower lid is classic but add a few individual lashes to the outer end of your lid with a coat of mascara and BAM bombshell like Bardot. Best of all, individual lashes are so so easy to apply it literally takes 40 seconds.

- Bypass all the heavy foundations today and go for a bb cream, bronzer and highlighter. Give your cheeks bones a “just off the beach” glow. Make sure to blend in fully and get that jaw bone area cause’ you don’t want a golden face and miss-matched neck. Add a caramel or “muddy” red lip and you are good to go! 

- Her big hair look is best with second day hair. Give it some life with volume or baby powder and add a little texture with a curling wand, and blast in some dry shampoo. Tease the crown with a teasing comb and pin back half for the bouffant. Tease the crown and under side with teasing comb and pull into a messy bun X - good video for inspired up do with diy temporary bangs  X - another good one especially if you don’t have a hair donut. Another Bridget signature was a big bow or ribbon. Get a volume look you like and place it right on top! Very french!  X- good tutorial on that look. skip the curlers if needed :)

Dating Jackson Would Include

“hey! for you “dating would include post” could you please do Rap monster and Tae or Jackson please thank you so much”

“I’m late , sorry , but do you still take ‘dating would include’ ? If yes , could you eventually do it with TOP and Jackson? ( they are my fav ) Your previous ones were so good *_* thanks ! <3″

Wangpuppy is a popular boy! <3 I combined them, but I will get to your other one Anon no.2 since y’all know how much I fucking love T.O.P bb, ANYWAY.

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skatearoo  asked:

Say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)!

aww thank u so much bb!  @dizzycat2000 sent me this too, u guys are so sweet!

um let’s see how this goes.

1. i like that i can sing and pick up music very easily
2. i like my eyes - they’re big and blue and pretty
3. i like my hair when it’s long enough for me to do cool stuff to it
4. i like that i’m good with kids
5. i like that when i went to the animal shelter i picked the best cat aka prim idk if this counts but i’m having trouble here…

i’m sending this to some people but i want all my followers to do this ur all my favorite tbh