your face is so dumb you are so dumb

1 with Nat

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“Natasha Romanoff, you get your ass back here!” You stormed after your girlfriend through your apartment. She was grabbing her jacket and her bag, trying to escape before you could get to her. “We didn’t finish talking! You just walked away! Some adult you are!” 

“Well excuse me for trying to leave a dumb conversation that i had no interest in being a part of!” Nat spat back at you, tuning to face you. “This is a dumb argument and if you can’t see why it’s so stupid then i’ll just leave so it doesn’t continue!” 

She turned back around to grab at the door knob but you yanked her backwards by her wrist, causing her to drop her back. “Would you just talk to me? Why are you so pissed off?” 

“Why are you being such a bitch?” She snapped. 

That stopped you. The two of you never cursed at each other like that. You never fought like this. What is going on? 

“Why are you leaving? Are you afraid that-?”

Don’t you dare say another word,” Nat said, and the seriousness of her tone stopped you mid sentence, your mouth agape, “Don’t talk to me about afraid because you don’t know what i’m afraid of. You don’t think that i’m not afraid of you getting hurt because of me? You don’t think-?”

“Would you shut up? Could you stop making this seem like you don’t deserve me? I love you! I’m not going to-!” 

You were cut off by her lips on yours, her jacket falling to the floor as her hands grabbed your cheeks. One of your hand held the back of her neck tenderly and the other rested at her side. 

Natasha broke the kiss and leaded her forehead on yours as the both of you closed your eyes. 

“I told you not to say anything else.” 

When people say things like “Haha pokemon Go is so dumb I hope those kids get hit by a car” or “if I see you trying to catch pokemon I hope you trip and break your phone.”

I also hear

“haha watching football on tv is so dumb. I hope you stand up to cheer and accidentally punch your friend in the face.”

“haha reading is lame! i hope you get like twenty papercuts and one gets infected.” 

“haha cooking is ridiculous. i hope your shirt catches on fire lol.” 

“knitting is so stupid. I hope you accidentally stab yourself in the eye with your knitting needly thing.” 

“lol going to baseball is so dumb. I hope a ball gives you a concussion”

“having a pet is insanely stupid. I hope it bites you.”