your at your friends house late

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4, 14, 23, and 97!

4: how do you take your coffee/tea?

coffee must always be with milk and sugar or just condensed milk be it hot or cold. for tea, with sugar or condensed milk, be it hot or cold. 

14: if you were to live with your best friend in an old flat in a big city, what would it look like? 

(nearly every house over here’s a flat and singapore is a city country so this question is weird lol but i know what it’s referring to) ok here’s the thing, I wouldn’t live with my bestie/ besties. I got pretty annoyed when I shared a hotel room with one, like I was literally going crazy over her living habits. so because of that, nope this ain’t gonna happen.

23: what’s your favorite thing to do on lazy days where you have 0 obligations?

answered here

97: myer briggs type, zodiac sign, and hogwarts house?  

answered here

Standing Ovation

Corner of your room.
Tired eyes.
Week legs.
Tear-stained face.
In the middle of the street.
Pouring rain.
Busy schedule.
Running late.
On the floor.
Painful feet.
Messy hair.
Heavy breathing.
At work.
Night shift.
Dirty hands.
Fake promises.
In your child’s arms.
Hard headache.
Chapped hands.
White lies.


Pounding heart.
Proud look on your face.
Tears of joy.
Standing ovation.
New house.
Your child’s first step.
First word.

Never stop reaching.
It’s where you belong.

by dancer. lucy

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how was your first kiss?: This one’s kind of a fun story– i snuck out of my house through my bedroom window late one night to hang out with this girl i liked at her friend’s house. it was a total set up, like her friend put on a movie for us and then went to bed. we kept getting closer to each other and it just sort of happened.

what do you love about yourself?: i am always trying to be better.

when’s the last time you warmed your hands in front of a fire?: saturday night

would you rather watch a sunrise or sunset? sunset.

what’s the best thing about summer?: honestly my favorite summer feeling is driving with the window down, arm resting out the window, in perfect t-shirt weather listening to music

Who did you last have over your house, why were they there?
My aunt, cousin, and uncle for Thanksgiving dinner.

What was the last thing to piss you off?
Constantly being lectured about things I already know. I don’t need to hear it everyday.

Recently, who in your house has gotten on your nerves the most?
Because of everything going on with me lately, I’ve been extra irritable and moody. It’s not their fault, I just get that way over every little thing and I get snippy. I feel so bad, I just can’t control it.

What all has pissed you off today, if anything at all?
Nothing today. I was upset about something, but not pissed off. It’s different.

Out of all of your friends who have you gotten in the worst fight with?
One of my friends and I had a falling out for like three years over stupid stuff that happened in middle school.

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It was the beginning of November, the air was crisp, and your friends were hosting a bonfire at their house. Michael was picking you up at around 9:30… it was now 10:15… You paced yourself around your kitchen for a good 10 minutes. “Where is he? Should I call him? Did he forget?” You thought to yourself long and hard. All of a sudden. You heard a knock on your door. You steadily ran over to answer it. It was Michael huffing and puffing with his hands on his knees. “Y/N, I’M SO SORRY I’M LATE!” You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Just get in the car.” You patted him on the shoulder and proceeded to walk past him to get in the car. When you got to the bonfire, the only ones there so far were Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Jack Barakat of All Time Low. You greeted every single person and sat down on a log. Michael went to get a drink and then sat down next to you. He flung an arm around you to keep you snug next to the fire. “YO Y/N, IS MICHAEL WARM ENOUGH FOR YA OR DO U NEED PAPA BARAKAT TO KEEP YOU COMPANY?” Jack screamed. You laughed and looked at Michael. He shook his head and smiled with wide eyes. “Uh no Jack I’m afraid that won’t be necessary.” Michael said back. You guys were cuddled up by the fire pit and you couldn’t think of anything else better than this. Friends, marshmallows, and the best boy friend ever.😊
New Holiday Tradition?

For the holidays this year, I have two suggestions for you. You can take it as you will, but at least think about it, okay?

1. Instead of buying into the capitalistic exploitation of the holiday season, invest in yourself. Have you been thinking about learning the guitar? Trying out kick-boxing? Getting a fit-bit to help you stay active? Thinking of knitting? Instead of saving up money and then wracking your brain trying to think of gift ideas for something your family/friend might like, invest in your own growth. Or have you been working hard lately and you’re stressed? Book a weekend retreat away in a cabin for the weekend via airbnb. Spend that money on something you’ve been denying yourself as the treat for the holiday season.

2. Clean your room/house and gather everything that you haven’t been using/need/want. Then have a get together where you can recycle your goods amongst yourselves. You’ll get that rush of obtaining something new - without having to actually purchase anything. Afterwards, all the goodies that you have leftover, donate them to a local shelter or organization. Bring food and booze and some board games. It’s a good get-together with the potential for a good cause at the end. :)


Imagine your walking down the road when your suddenly pulled into an alleyway. It’s late, dark, and you are an unsuspecting innocent girl going back to her house late night on a Friday. Instinctively, you begin to scream and flail and kick, until your pushed against the building’s wall, and see a familiar face staring up at you. Your brother Wonho’s friend, I.m.
You can feel his breath against your neck, and you gulp.
He leans in closer, looking not at all dominate or frightening, more like a lost puppy, and you close your eyes and let him.

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whats your fave thing about people from each house?

The warm vibe which comes from them when they’re your friends.

Their willingness to share what they know with others.

Their fierce loyalty for anyone they care about.

The way they’d happily stay behind and end up late with you if it meant you didn’t have to be alone.

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I have a younger sister really close to me in age and I don't know how to deal with her really. She's jokes around a lot but then she gets loud and intimidating and it doesn't help that's she's physically bigger than me now and I'm scare to fight back because I used to be really rough with her when we were smaller. My mom treats initiation if violience difference with her than me. She isn't one I confide to but I have at least 2 more years of this daily because I flunked out of boarding and I'm.

sorry for late reply i was sleeping! but im sorry that this is happening!!! have you told your sister how you feel about her? its ok if you dont feel comfortable to, but if you do it might help! and i know 2 years seems like a long time but i promise it will go by fast! do you have any friends you can like hang out with to get away from your house often?

One of our first selfies together.

The other firsts were snapchats sent to my friends, so who knows if this was the actual first or not.

We were in your living room, something was probably on tv but we were too busy getting to know each other to watch. This soon became a ritual for us; to hang out at your house late at night, talking with the tv on in the background, not paying attention to anything else but each other. We never really have to do much to have a good time together because our company is enough.

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Hiii can i have a got7 shipp? Please ^^ i'm 5'75 (1,71), brown long hair, brown eyes, im Brazilian, I love read and listen music. I love to write, im better writing than talking. I'm very shy, but when you meet me im very fun ^^ I love cook and try new things, love make people smile and laugh.
im Taurus, and im very loyal and the best friend you could wish to have ^^

I ship you with Mark!

Originally posted by yugyeom

Tonight you were preparing one of Marks favorite meals. He’d been struggling a little bit lately, and you hoped this would raise his spirits. Now the table was set, dinner was ready, and Mark was walking through the door.

“Mmm, the house smells amazing.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him. He kissed your temple. “Did you make what I think you made?”

You nodded, “I did.”

“You’re the best, you know that?”

“I try. I will warn you, this is my first time making this. So don’t praise me yet.”

“Ha, babe, you’re probably the best cook I know. If you made it, I know it will be good.”

Have I mentioned how much I miss the old days? Yeah. I didn’t live too much during them but my mom used to describe them to me. The way you had to call your friends from your home phone to see them. Or, if you weren’t lucky enough, how you had to go over to their house maybe to see if they were even home because you couldn’t call. I miss how everyone got along with most everyone. I actually miss the fashion! I miss the music! The old diners and late night hangouts with friends…the old days were safer and more memory producing than these days are.

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❛ Oh, sure. Just come in my house and eat all of my pizza. ❜

‘Shit my friend & I have said’  || ACCEPTING

“Was that an invitation Moony?” James asked, words muffled through a mouthful of pizza. “Because if so, your invite is about an hour too late.” He swallowed, placing his hand on his heart for dramatic emphasis. “I’m offended by your lack of propriety. You’re supposed to issue an invitation before the invitee arrives Moony. I thought you were good at following the rules?” 

rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better.

tagged by the lovely @house-arya

how old are you? 16

what’s your current job? i’m currently lead hostess at mr.mikes

what are you talented at? i’ve been told i’m brilliant at tear-jerking (be it through writing or dancing) and i have a knack for nature photography

what is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? finishing my novel

what’s your aesthetic? late night drives, sitting mcdonalds after 11pm with a big group of friends, deep conversations at 1am, a t-shirt and knee high socks, sitting around the campfire, looking out over a cliff in the middle of nowhere, playful kissing when one person is sitting on the counter, noses coated with flour, sitting on an empty stage in and empty theater, leaving the theater late at night, leatherbound journals filled with feelings and receipts and ticket stubs, dancing alone on stage to a full house, talking in low voices while curled up in bed at 2am with only fairy lights

do you collect anything? i don’t particularly mean to, but i do have an extensive collection of knick knacks, specifically fairies

what’s a topic you always talk about? really depends. i don’t particularly stick to one subject…

what’s a pet peeve of yours? people who walk extrememly slow, bu won’t let you pass them, like i don’t care of you want to walk at a snail’s pace barb, but at least let me pass you. or people who take long to reply/dissappear in the middle of a conversation, like okay brennan unless you were abducted by aliens or a shark ate your phone i don’t want to hear it

good advice to give? let go or be dragged

what are three songs you’d recommend? crossfire by stephen, battlefield by svrcina, & don’t wanna be your girl by wet

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(space anon) :0 good luck with midterms and your ap enviro exam !!!! i bet you'll do great !!!!!! aah wow it must be different without your brother there. and does that mean you'll be moving house soon, if yours is going on the market? that's exciting!! this is off topic but my friend gave me a pillow as an early christmas present and on one side is the northern horizon circle constellations. it's rly cool and it made me think of you bc it seemed like the kind of thing you would like !!!!

aah im so sorry for the late reply !!! i try to avoid using my phone a lot during school and i forgot my phone charger at home today >.< !! its definitely weird, and yeah !!! my mom wants to move us into an apartment, since it’ll only be me and her soon…. my sisters (hopefully) leaving for college in august !! 

thank you for the good luck on my exams !!! i know im gonna be okay in math and history, im just a bit worried about english and enviro…… and my creative writing final : p

aah thats so cool !!!!! i have these red pillows that are really pretty in my room, but i would love that pillow !!!! i hope you like it !!!!!!!!!!!

Bad day (Sherlock x reader)

You wake up every morning and follow your same morning routine.
Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, and go to work. It’s always been like that, most of your days weren’t the best but you go through them with a smile even if it wasn’t real.

But today, today was just straight up the worst of the worst. First you woke up late and hurried through your morning once you got to work your boss yelled at you for being late and gave you a bunch of paper work. Then one of your coworkers accidentally spilled coffee of over the files you need to finish. The male apologized you held in all your anger and told him it was ok and started everything over.

Once you were finished you were the last to leave the office. You need someone to talk to so you went to you best friends house. To find her making out with you 3 year boyfriend. You wanted to scream and cry but you held it all in. So here you are running down the cold streets of London.

You didn’t know where you were going you just ran. Then all of a sudden you bumped into someone and fell to the floor. “watch we’re your going.” The person yelled not even helping you up. You finally broke and tears streamed down you cheek “sorry.” You whispered even though the person was gone. “Here.” You looked up and meet blue eyes. The male reached out his hand and helped you stand up. “Thank you.” You mumbled.

You looked at the male again he had curly hair and like I said before blue eyes. You looked at his face and you could tell he was having a bad day just like you. “Thank you.” You said again the man nodded and you were going to start walking again when he called out to you.

“I know we just meet and I’m not really one for emotions, but would you like to join me on getting tea.” You stared at the male and smiled “I’d love too.” The male grinned

“Sherlock Holmes.”

“(Y/n) (L/n)”

You said with a smile Sherlock smiled back. ‘maybe this isn’t such a bad day.’ You thought and you and Sherlock walked to get tea.

(This is my first images sorry it’s so short but I hope you enjoy)

itsadrizzt replied to your post: Bruce Wayne is the mom that won’t allow candy in…

Bruce Wayne is the mom that won’t let you eat at your friends house by he hasn’t personally met them (he creeped on them on the computer in the batcave and knows everything from the buggers they ate in 3rd grade to their preference in recipe sites but that’s not the point Dick). He’s the mom that won’t let you play on the playground if your not in his sight

Bruce Wayne is the mom that only provides celery sticks and juice and no pizza or snacks because you shouldnt be staying up late anyway it isnt good for a growing child to not get the proper amounts of sleep and eventually decides the sleepover was too rowdy and sends everyone to bed at like 9pm

miss missing you || theo raeken

prompt: based off miss missing you by fall out boy

warnings: none

a/n: im trash for theo and i hope you like this imagine , feedback is appreciated and requests are open :) + also if it so sounds weird , i quoted lyrics from the song and i actually looked up the meaning for this song for this imagine and so dont hate me

You and Theo had been dating for a while, the high school sweethearts that nobody thought would break up. But sometimes the flame blows out, you and Theo had began to have many ups and downs, leading to a fight that caused you to end it all. It was a shock to your best friend Scott when you came to his house late at night with tears running down your face. Scott immediately pulled you into a hug, stroking your back, and asking what was wrong.

You explained everything to Scott, him feeling angry, adding onto his dislike for Theo. “I miss him.” You whisper, wiping your puffy eyes. “I know Y/N, you’re gonna get through this. I know how much you loved, but before things can get better the darkness can get bigger Y/N.“ Scott said, pulling you closer to him. You sighed, wiping away your tears, "Thanks Scott. I think I’ll go home now.” You laughed softly. Scott gave you another hug, before you walked back home, going straight to your room and staring at your ceiling.

You felt horrible for the past couple of weeks, you still saw Theo at school, him ignoring you, knowing that he wanted to forget you. You really did love Theo, he was your picket fence, the one person you could imagine your future with. You really did miss Theo, but now that he was gone, you knew you were gonna be okay sooner or later. But the one thought that killed you was that you would take a bullet for Theo but he was the one behind the trigger. You sighed, hoping your senior year would just end, as you passed by Theo walking to your 1st period.

Months went by, and it was your graduation day, you and Theo had broken up 4 months ago, and you were somewhat glad, you sat with your class, wearing your gown and cap. You looked over and saw Theo looking over at you. You smile to yourself, you missed missing Theo, but in all honestly, you felt more confident about yourself. After the graduation ceremony, you were exiting the building when Theo walked in front of you. “Hey Y/N.” he smiled, you gave him a polite smile. “Theo.”

“Look, I’m sorry about everything. I regret breaking up with you.” He pleaded, you were shocked. “Theo, I’m sorry, but I can’t,” You started. “you were the one person I could imagine my future with. But you broke my heart, and I spent so long grieving over you.” You stopped, Theo looked at you as you stared at him. “Y/N, please. I want to get back together.” He begged once more. “I can’t Theo. I’ve also heard that you got it really bad ‘cause I am the best you’ll never have.”

the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” is such shit lol. other people have said it better than i have but like rich people have never had 2 deal with the embarrassment of inviting ur friends over and having them see how tiny your house is. never had to deal with your mom losing her job again and watching her cry because she doesn’t know how she’s gonna pay the bills. your dad’s check is a day late so you spend a day in the dark. telling your friends “no, sorry, i can’t hang out” because you don’t have enough money for gas and a movie. not being old enough to have a job so you feel guilty and useless as your parents struggle.

idk. i don’t like rich people.