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anonymous asked:

Hey! What're your thoughts on Agents of SHIELD moving to Fridays at 9pm? I'm worried about the future of the show...

Hey, anon! So I apologise in advance if this gets really in depth, but I’m actually a television scheduler myself, so I’m really into how other channels put their schedule together and why they do it.

Anyway, without further ado! Here are my thoughts on the matter. Under the cut for length.

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Fem!Lucien/Elain ACOWAR Exchange Fic

This doesn’t have a title bc I’m lame, but here is my week-late ACOWAR Exchange fic, by @squaddreamcourt for @squaddreamcourt. Thank you to @abookandacoffee for betaing!!

fem!Lucien/Elain; sex pollen. NSFW. 2k. A lil bit of angst, a lil bit of fluff, a lil bit of smut. 

Enjoy darling!!

Elain was only just awake when she stretched an arm across the bed, searching for warmth more than the linens could provide. When she didn’t find it, she cracked open an eye.

Luciana was not beside her.

She sighed and rolled back over, burying herself under the covers again with a grumble. She knew this would happen, knew her mate wouldn’t have returned from her latest diplomatic trip to Dawn yet, had discussed it and planned for it, but it was their anniversary. Elain wanted only to celebrate with her mate’s beef stew and her own apple crisp with apples she had ordered specially from Autumn for the occasion, and lots of time spent in their bed.

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Hαppy Bιrтнdαy Ellιe || 12.27.16

Destined Encounter


 The first time I met you, I hated your guts.

 “Good job, sweetie!” Her praises felt like acid dripping into his ears.

 “I can’t believe we’ve won our first battle!” Her statement felt like fire scorching in his heart.

 He only stood there a few steps away, hands roughly clenched into fists and toes curled inside his shoes. The crimson bangs of his hair shielded the pure fury that had long seared in a pair of silver irises. In and out he tried to breathe properly. In and out each attempt ended in seething, uneven failure.

 “Hey, you!”

 White teeth gritted madly once her voice rang at him.

Dull nails dug deep into the skin of his palms, he finally shot his head up and glared at the disgusting excuse of a trainer.

 …Or was about to, until shock widened his eyes at the sight of an outstretched hand and a sweet smile.

 “That was a great battle!”

 It was sickening. Her enthusiasm was utterly, completely sickening.

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May the Coran bless your soul (UwU)/

She loved him too deep, too fast, so he decided to leave. Now after all this time he still finds himself searching for her at the bottom of empty bottles and strangers. But it never works, no one ever loved him like she did.
—  | Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #86
fic: you were never mine (just a dream)

short nick pov future fic which has been sitting in my head for a few months. h/l, pg, ~2k.

nick hasn’t seen harry in years. the last place he expects to find him is in a tesco’s.

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Sassy Heroes Are Sassy

A Very Merry Christmas to the crazy awesome vablatsky for the Marvel Gift Exchange!!!  Imagine if you will, HOW MUCH FUN it would be to recreate OK GO’s Here It Goes Again video with you + all these men (drunk on Jägermeister)!!!  Just remember to invite me ;)