your worth something

here’s an acknowledgment to autistics who just aren’t that great at doing things! and have trouble remembering things and trip over nothing or accidentally hit yourself because you forgot where your body was in relation to your hand

you’re still worth something as a human being even if you’re not a talented super genius

you still have value as a human being even if you need help with certain things and can’t remember names or numbers, and needed to be taken aside to have concepts explained to you in school

you’re still good and okay and worth something if you have a lf of weird allergies or can’t eat certain foods or touch certain textures because they hurt

you’re a worthwhile person just for being alive!

On pricing your artwork:

I wrote this originally for Artist Alley Network International, but it struck a chord with a lot of people, so re-posting here!


Your artwork, and your merchandise, is WORTH SOMETHING!

1. You are producing something no one else can.  Even if there are a hundred other similar items, only you are making artwork like you.  That is worth something even if you don’t immediately see it.

2. You aren’t walmart.  You are a small business owner and need to charge what you’re worth rather than race to the bottom to see who’s the cheapest.   This ties into #1… so what if someone else has acrylic charms for $3. You are the only one selling YOUR art, so price it at it’s worth.

3. Shipping, storage, packaging, presentation, and protection are all worth extra.  Your item may only cost $1.50 to produce, but you also spent .10 to upgrade the quality.  You spent .50 cents to ship it.  You spent another $1 on packaging, and you spent $30 on the display it’s on.  You rent your apartment or garage for $500-1500/mo.  Your table cost you $300 to rent.  Your online store charges you .20 cents per sale plus a transaction fee. Your item will sell at a loss if you sell it for $2 or $3, even if production was less than that.  Factor in all these costs when you sell your item.  PLUS, your worth.  If you spent hours making the design, you deserve some of that in compensation!

4. Perceived value is actual value.  Customers who see an artist where everything is $2-3 probably will perceive it as less valuable than the artist who sells everything from $20-30, even if the artist selling cheaper actually puts more time into their work.  Perceived value also will change the way a customer approaches your artwork.  Will they cherish it and save it and frame it, or will they punch holes through it with a thumbtack, or will they forget it’s in their bag and find it bent up hours later?  Sometimes pricing your art higher actually creates DEMAND, because it now looks like it’s worth something.

5. fast sketch does not necessarily = cheap price.  Did you spend money on your art education?  Are you experienced in your field?  Is there a lot of demand for your artwork?  Do you work professionally with many clients? Did it take you years and hours to develop your style and speed?  All of these are separate from how long it takes you to draw.  Which is why a 10 minute sketch might be worth $40 rather than minimum wage x time spent drawing.

6. We are all in this together.  If you fight with your neighbors on who can price art the cheapest to get the fastest sales, you are fighting a downhill battle which will ultimately make ALL of your artwork worth far less.  Instead, look at an artist and go “Wait a minute? They charge HOW MUCH?  That means I can charge that much, too”  When I sit in a row of artists charging what they’re worth, I notice that ALL of us make far more sales than if we underprice one another.
This also reflects in the market, too.  If a client who wants to charge $1000 for 24 illustrations is turned down by countless artists they’ll realize they have unrealistic expectations.  When people start seeing the $ sign, instead of factoring in their time and energy and take these low paying jobs, these clients will become upset when they see the artist they really wanted turning them down.  Obviously artists from different countries will price differently, BUT, if you’re selling to someone in a different country with a higher dollar value, ask for that higher value!  You’re competing against THEIR dollar rather than your country’s dollar at that point.  Same goes for pricing commissions online.


Good luck everyone.  We’re all in this together!

Oh, to be ravaged by loneliness.
By its soft, malleable teeth.
A slow death. A slow ravaging.
More like being pulled apart
than eaten.

You used to beg God for this
at night, used to beg him to make
you small enough to get
picked up in something’s
mouth and then swallowed.

You used to bend your
shadow into something
worth slicing through,
into something that deserved
to be pried open.

What you didn’t know
was that nothing that
wanted you
had claws.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, “Nothing That Wanted You”

Love turns to ashes
With all that I wish I could say

i think i would commit  murder, or at least homicide, to know what ginny says to mike after he says, “never said i was,” at the end of the break

  • Wright: Hey Edgeworth, you should really drop the 'edge' part in your name
  • Edgeworth: Wright, what are you going on a--
  • Wright: Because there's no edge to the amount of worth you have.

I also think if you want to be successful in “sugaring” it’s good to have a bit of sex work background (escorting, stripping, camming and so on) or at least not be whorephobic. So many girls are so whorephobic and just don’t want to ask for things (money, gift etc) because they don’t want to be seen as prostitutes and these men are totally playing along (trust me these guys don’t care wether you’re a whore or not most of the online crowd are escort rejects or are looking for one at a discounted price). Some of y'all need to get over themselves and stop thinking you’re better than sex workers.
Plus men with actually money aren’t going to be on SA, sorry to break it down to you.

Freestyling is hard and scary but it’s also much more lucrative. And I think “sugaring” is a mindset (hate the word sugaring btw haha), it’s a lifestyle: you have to choose to ONLY date men of a certain calibre (aka wealthy), set your expectations: you want to be taking care of, wether it’s with money and gifts or whatever you need. You’ve got to be ready and look the part at anytime of the day (walking your dog, at the grocery store etc), go where the wealthy hangout (bars, restaurants, stores, gyms, cafés, the list goes on) to catch a sponsor.

For example I decided to be (what men who can’t afford me qualify as) a HIGH MAINTENANCE HOE. I’m not talking, not hanging out, not breathing with any man who isn’t FINANCING me period. When I started I was the dumb and naive girl who was too scared to mention an allowance before end and would wasted so many hours on lunches and dinners for NOTHING. Your company is WORTH something, not even talking about SEX (y'all need to realise that some of us escorts even offer diner and lunch dates and other social outings, just not for free ;) ). If you don’t talk money, we aren’t talking at all. And men are NEVER afraid to ask for what they want (sex, nudes, flood you with messages etc) CLOSE MOUTHS DON’T GET FED. I’ll be subtile and finess these guys for sure but I’m sure in hell not going to give them any attention if I’m not getting anything from them. Can you imagine spending thousands on your hair, make up, clothes just for a free diner and to gass up some random man’s ego (young, old,hot fat, idc)? And go home with nada, not even taxi money? Haha not today, it’s 2017: WAKE UP.

And also get OFFLINE and go places where you’ll find actual wealthy and worthy men. It’s easier said than done but if you want that cash you’ve got to get out of your confort zone and put in the work.

Don’t get me wrong, you can make a bit of money online but your chances are slim and you might as well put on an escorting ad somewhere or stick to p4p, the rest is just a waste of time. Some escort and stripper clients will become regulars than sponsors for example so stop looking down on us thank you ;)

Being a SB, kept woman, trophy wife, what have you, is a state of mind, a concept, un art de vivre. Either you’re about that life and can make gold, or you’re just not cut out for it and you’ll still face the same struggles (which is fine btw no shades). Are you willing to put in the work?

anonymous asked:

What pisses you off about each sign?

Aries: Hypocritical, impatient and annoying tbh

Taurus: Sooo possessive, wants everyone to bend to their will and when they don’t they throw a fit

Gemini: Stubborn, super stubborn, will argue just for the sake of it and never caring about other people's feelings, always in drama

Cancer: Wants everyone to cater to their feelings yet never wants to cater to anyone else’s, never accepts responsibility for their mistakes

Leo: Suuuchhh fragile ego’s, like, learn to base your self-worth off of something other than people’s opinions of you

Virgo: Ego’s so huge its not even a good thing anymore, they think their sooo superior, so immune to everything, when in fact, your not boo

Libra: They’re words mean nothing. NOTHING. A Libra will say something and then do the complete opposite. You really can’t rely on them cause all their words are empty

Scorpio: They feel so deeply yet have no problem going out of their way to hurt others, or just hurting others by accident and not examining it. So sensitive yet love to be so mean to others.

Sagittarius: So, reckless with others, never think of anyone. Think they can just toss people aside like they ain’t nothing, it’s shitty and it’s gonna bite them in the ass

Capricorn: They’re need to build walls. Not everyone is out to get you, blocking yourself out from everyone and pretending you don’t have feelings is only hurting yourself

Aquarius: Just cause you can’t relate to something doesn’t mean it’s not true or intellectual, you’re friends are gonna feel things for more than five minutes, your bf might cry over something you think is stupid, that doesn’t make you above them or more mature. And going out of your way to say such things makes you a dick

Pisces: You are not a lamb to be sacrificed, you are a person. Do not let people walk over you, you are not suffering for the greater good, you are hurting yourself

A fruit frenzy

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Do you do commissions? I would love to commission you since your art is amazing!

I wish I did!! but I don’t seem to emotionally handle it very well?? so I’m looking for some simpler ways of doing similar things, because I love drawing things for people and I certainly wouldn’t mind the income!

I just currently overthink everything and secondguess things too much and doing commissions ends up being an invitation for me to beat myself up, you know hehhh


Request for:


(+ original inks)

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you only relpied like that because you dont have an actual answer

bitch???? i have been answering anons like you since i created this blog and i am tired of it

you’re looking for an argument that has been given answers a hundred times by a hundred different people

and that response and rant was me being civil…so i would not advise assholes like you to start shit with me