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I'm just starting out conlanging with limited knowledge of construction of languages and linguistics. I'm hoping to make one of the primary languages in a province on my planet. The hardest thing about constructing a language for an imaginary place seems to be generating a completely unique language seeing as it's hard to disassociate from the languages I already know, at least for me.. do you have any tips for this?

Read about languages. Read more. Then read more.

Also, don’t worry about making a unique language. I very much disagree with the idea that has become prevalent in the conlang community that your language is only worth something if it’s some kind of unique snowflake of a language. Some of the best conlangs I have encountered have been based upon existing languages. What you need to be wary of is creating a copy of a language (unless that’s your intention, kind of what I’m doing with Nevarran). Otherwise, creating a language that sounds like a real-world language is nothing to be ashamed of. 

What’s important is to understand how languages work. You don’t need to have knowledge of linguistics (although it helps) and you don’t need to be really knowledgeable about grammar (although it helps). What you need to know if how language works, which is rather simple when you break it down to its bare basics. You really just need to know about the basics of case and declension. Get those down and you can create anything, really. 

Think about what your people would sound like. Instead of thinking about language at this point, think about what their mouths look like. How do they create sound? Do they incorporate body language into their communcation? Do they use pheromones to communicate? What about tonal shifts? Can one word change meaning completely depending on the tones in which it is spoken? Think about how these people would sound. Speak to yourself in some sort of gibberish that sound like what you imagine they would sound like. Then take some of those words from that gibberish and assign meanings to them. Congratulations, you just started a conlang.

As for making the language unique, think about the sounds that would be included in this language. Using this handy-dandy online IPA chart will help. What sounds do you regard as ‘unique’? Search through the chart, try and figure out a phonology for your language based upon the gibberish you were practicing.

If you’re interested in really delving into the meat and potatoes of it all, I would suggest you check out these resources:

The Language Construction Kit, by Mark Rosenfelder

The Conlang Wiki Book 

Hope that helps.


Love turns to ashes
With all that I wish I could say

  • Wright: Hey Edgeworth, you should really drop the 'edge' part in your name
  • Edgeworth: Wright, what are you going on a--
  • Wright: Because there's no edge to the amount of worth you have.

A fruit frenzy


❝ Don’t try and be like me; try and be like you. I always wanted to be Priyanka when I grew up — I still don’t know who that is, but it’ll take you a lifetime to figure out who you are, you know? You just have to every single day identify what you like and what you don’t, who you are and what your opinion is. And don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are not worth something, or you can’t be a certain way. Because you can be whatever you decide to be, and there are too many girls in the world who are always told that they should behave a certain way or be a certain way and that’s not right. We should all try and be how we want. 

You just have to every single day identify what you like and what you don’t, who you are and what your opinion is. And don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are not worth something, or you can’t be a certain way. Because you can be whatever you decide to be, and there are too many girls in the world who are always told that they should behave a certain way or be a certain way and that’s not right. We should all try and be how we want.

The trees sit still in darkness,
and glisten in the rain,
The rain that’s clears our
clogged up minds and takes
away the pain.

You think about the future,
then think about the past.
But holding onto your broken
past can tear your future apart.

You need to know your worth,
there’s something inside of you,
There’s something that you’re
meant to be a purpose
you’re called to do.

You might not know it yet,
but you’re stronger than you think.
When you travel on uncharted waters-
Jesus won’t let you sink.

He’s with you on the journey,
in fact he is the boat,
the boat that keeps you moving forward
the boat that stays afloat.

He wins against the waves,
he wins against the sea,
he wins against the major storms
that make you want to flee.

He calls to you to come,
to come and take his hand,
to trust in him with all your heart
and see what he has planned.

His plans for you are great,
much greater than you think.
And If you just take hold of Jesus-
he won’t let you sink.

You are his precious daughter,
you are his precious son.
When you’re afraid and need a friend
to Jesus you can run.

Run with all you have,
just run with all your might.
And when you reach his open arms
the enemy he’ll fight.

He’ll fight off all your fears,
and fight off all your doubts.
He’ll show you that you’re not alone
just let your tears come out.

If you just keep on trusting him
then you my dear will see.
That Jesus is our victory
and he is all we need.

- The-writer-mel

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what's happened with seungkwan?

It’s explained well right over here; the entire situation just doesn’t make sense to me. The response itself could be interpreted negatively but, that’s honestly such a stretch of a route to take. It’s not something that deserved the attention it got and the fact that it could affect Seungkwan and Seventeen negatively is annoying. I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feelings but it’s something that could be reasoned out of easily.

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This may just be me, idk, but the download thing for all of M*aya's work isn't working?


this one a) has a table of contents in the actual PDF, how novel, and b) contains a download for a PDF of JUST THE DRARRY FICS. big love 2 whichever enterprising little Drarry fan threw this together. doin’ God’s work. 

CS Oneshot: Love Is A Battlefield

Out of my writing funk just in time for this to work with the Neverland Renaissance. Thanks to belovedcreation for being my beta. 

Emma learns sword fighting from Killian Jones: falling in love is what happens between their sparing sessions. A long one-shot. On

          Heartache to heartache we stand; No promises, no demands.

Emma Swan, mother, savior, leader, and lost girl, sits on a boulder in a small clearing and stares into the dirt. She has an empty basket beside her and a cutlass in her hand. Admitting who she really was–an orphan–had left her emotionally drained, and she fled the crowded camp with the excuse of picking berries. Now she is alone with her own thoughts, away from her parents’ concern, Hook’s prying, and Regina’s frustration.

She looks at the way her steel blade glints in the starlight. That this is her life—magic and swords and children’s stories brought to life—is still something of a marvel.

When she’d imagined Neverland as a child in a foster home, it had been a bright and happy place, not dark, dirty and oppressively hot. But then again, she had also thought Peter Pan to be a courageous hero and Captain Hook a curly-haired, villainous coward. In reality, Pan is an arrogant, murderous teenager, and Captain Hook—well, she isn’t sure exactly, but he isn’t quite a villain and he certainly isn’t a coward. The pirate had changed since he’d handed her that bean on the Storybrooke dock; his leers and innuendoes had slowly been replaced by earnest looks and supportive statements. The look of pride when she unlocked the map and the quiet insistence that he wants to know her better weren’t what she had come to expect. With a sigh, she closes her eyes.

“It’s unwise to stray from the group.” Hook’s deep voice sounds much too near and she jumps. Her adrenaline spikes and she covers her pounding heart with annoyance.

“Shit! Hook. Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

He gives her a small smirk and she rolls her eyes.

“I don’t need you to babysit me. I’m fine. Pan has had his fun and I have protection.” She lifts her sword and waves it for emphasis. “So just go drink your rum somewhere else.” It’s not the most charitable thing to say, but she wants to be alone and being rude has always been the quickest way to achieve that.

His jaw clenches but he transitions it quickly to a half smile.

“Pardon me, Savior.” He emphasizes the newly learned title and she colors. “I merely thought that given your limited ability with a sword, it would be best not to tempt fate.”

“Limited ability…are you saying I can’t fight?” she pushes off from the boulder in indignation.

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Cheating Pt. 1 || Luke Hemmings


You were calmly in your apartment, browsing your social medias on your laptop. You didn’t want to be on necessarily, but you wanted to pass time since you were expecting a call from Luke. He promised to call you at 8 p.m. your time and it was 7:51. Just 9 more minutes, you thought with a wide smile. To just hear Lukes voice gave you butterflies. But your eye spotted something worth reading. 

“’Luke Hemmings is a Cheater?’” You spoke out loud, clicking at the link that many fans kept sending you on all your social medias. Clicking on the link, you found yourself on an unknown Twitter account owned by a girl. But it was specifically a tweet on her accountant that took your breath away. 

A picture of the girl, covering her body with bed sheets, with Luke, also naked, on the bed behind her.  

You were shaking, reading all these sympathetic tweets being sent to you by fans. There were also a few people happy that this is spiting you. Pushing away the laptop, you stood up from the couch and instantly crashed onto the ground. Tears were running out your eyes uncontrollably, causing rapid sniffles and your face to go scarlet. Your heart was crinkling up, its love for this boy oozing and seeping out. At the same time, it was breaking, the entirety of you, physically and mentally, was feeling numb. All your sniffling was eventually transformed into shock. That’s when your phone began to ring. Grabbing it from the table, you saw that it was Luke, with his contact name full of heart emojis. You scoffed and picked up.

“Leave me alone, Luke,” you said immediately. sitting up from the floor to talk properly. Luke was taken aback by your attitude, but understood why. He saw the photo and immediately wanted to talk to you to try and fix it. He needed to, because he needs you more than anything in this world, this lifetime. 

“No, (Y/N), please, you have to listen to me!” Luke blurted out quickly. You couldn’t help but cry even more because you loved his voice and his accent so much. Fuck, you really couldn’t handle the pain right now. Especially when you love everything about him, even during this bad time. “That girl means nothing to me! I was drunk and we picked her up from a bar and she was drunk, too, and it was just… a complete blur.”

“Luke, you promised you wouldn’t drink so much on tour, your liver… nevermind,” you cut yourself off. You didn’t want to show him how much you cared. You wanted to show off the anger you have right now for what he did to you. “You cheated on me, Luke. We just… we’re over, I’m sorry.”

“No!” Luke said sharply on the line. He couldn’t lose her, he really couldn’t. “I just… I know I fucked up and that’s hard to recover from, but (Y/N), I don’t love her. Like, at all. I love you and only you and it’ll always be you.” More tears were rolling down your cheeks. You couldn’t stop shaking, too. And Luke had to listen to you hurt, giving the both of you pain. You for showing vulnerability, and him for causing you this pain. 

“Luke, I can’t do this right now,” you forced out through the tears and your now croaky voice. You needed some time to cry and pick yourself up. Just like you did before you met Luke. Pick up your pieces on your own. “Have a good life, Luke. Goodbye.”

And with that, you hung up before Luke can even say another word.

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Part 2 Part 3


listen to me when i tell you this.
your life is worth something, everything.
your life is precious, you matter so much,
as much as the stars and the mountains,
as much as any other human in the world,
so never ever, ever, devalue your life and
your existence is this world because you
are so so beautiful and happiness will come
your way and everything is going to work
out and you’ll smile and soon you won’t
feel like ending your life but if you do feel
like it because life is breaking you down,
remember that there are people here who
love and care for you, that you are here for
a reason and you are going through all your
hardships for a reason and soon happiness
would resonate from your smile and you’ll
forget every sadness which made tears drop,
i’ll always try my best to be here for you.
—  thesmilingakh