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"All hail the Rarepair God", I'd say, cursing and worshiping your name simultaneously, except I don't even care who he's paired with anymore, I just want #Actual Human Train Wreck Madara to be a standard fanon tag so I can find more; I'm so weak for his high-pitched tea-kettle noise of rage.


SAME. Madara as a human disaster is my jam, and I refuse to write him any other way. 

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Do you worship any specific gods/goddesses?

I’ve been battling this question for years.

Do I worship an actual God or Goddess?

Originally, I worshiped the Wiccan Goddess and God. But I don’t really believe in Gods of any kind. I don’t think there is some lady wandering around the cosmos calling herself “the Goddess”. I guess I’m more agnostic. I believe there is divine energy in all of us. I don’t feel any god or goddesses individual presence. I feel one all powerful beautiful presence; Nature. As I traveled down my spiritual path, I discovered I worshiped nature and had divided nature’s many characteristics into two or more personifications. 

I worship nature but still use the Goddess and God in spells and on my altar to make things easier.

Here’s why:

When casting a spell, I can simply ask nature’s energies to aid me. But what if I’m doing a fertility spell? I find the spell works better if I draw upon the feminine energy found in nature. I find it a bit awkward and unpoetic to say “I call upon nature’s feminine energies!” Instead I say “the Goddess” as a substitute. 

On my altar I have a Goddess and God side for traditional reasons and to celebrate the feminine and masculine energies that are present in nature.

So, do I worship or believe there are actual breathing, living Gods? No

Do I believe and worship divine energy? Yes 

Do I use various Gods and Goddesses to represent different parts of nature in my craft? Most definitely.

Happy posting. 😘

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The whole "musicians are putting backwards messages in their songs to get your teen to worship Satan" moral panic was just completely insane. I can't believe that was an actual thing that was widely believed and talked about.

It’s insane how things like that happen and just keep on happening, whether it be films, music, video games, or anything else. In the 1950s, it was comic books. People were convinced (thanks to the help of a miserable-yet-fascinating book called Seduction of the Innocent) that in addition to warping kids’ minds, comics caused asthma because they kept kids indoors instead of being outside in the fresh air. 

It’s truly amazing the depths people will go to in order to blame virtually everything else for their problems or their own inability to deal with things that they don’t understand. 


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

This is my Seattle woman, Kate McKnight. I just wish I could figure out a way to tell her that I am ready to drop everything I know in order to follow her into the oncoming storm.  

Or something. 

This piece is kind of about Hades and Persephone (almost all of her pieces are) but its also kind of a perfect C/E love song.  

She says: Hades became the King of the Underworld because he drew the short stick, and he isn’t always happy about it. Persephone sings him a lullaby to remind him that bad luck and the negative thoughts of others have no affect on how deeply she loves him.
Dedicated to lovers who support each other through the dark times <3
All of Paris is burning
And you’re eyes are on fire
Though it’s dark in this cavern
To your dreams I aspire
I see it in your heart
I see it in your mind
It’s not a question of love and loss
It’s a matter of desire I am here of my own free will
My arms can keep you from Tartarus’ chill
Cling to me on your blackest days
Don’t listen to their lies, I know the truth of your ways Your wealth is not in riches alone
And I will never leave you alone When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep I know you are feared
Lamented and reviled
But your judgements are righteous
And they’ve never seen you smile
I live for that smile
Just for that smile
So take off your heavy crown, my love
And rest for awhile I don’t feel ugly around you
I hope I make you feel that too When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep