your wife has a beautiful neck


Requested Anonymously (by someone who loves Classic Who SO MUCH. I love it too, flubble. Make as many Classic Who requests as you want.)

“I know the child’s a mathematic genius,” you sighed as you flopped face-down onto the Doctor’s bed, “but for a genius, he’s really stupid.”

The Doctor, who was already tucked into bed and had been reading avidly, looked at you over the tops of his half-moon glasses.

“Adric being troublesome again?” he guessed, giving you a sympathetic look. Although, you couldn’t see it, what with your face being completely immersed in the fluff of a down comforter.

“Yessss,” you hissed, your voice muffled by thick fabric. You lifted your head to look at the Doctor. “He’s- he’s supposed to be a genius, and I know he is because he can recite the digits of pi to the whatevereth decimal, but he’s such a teenager. So he’s a genius teenager, which makes him ten times as difficult because he’s rebellious and smug about it because he knows he’s smarter than me.”

The Doctor chuckled and reached out to tap your nose teasingly. “Only at maths, my darling. You are wiser by far.”

You only frowned at him. The Doctor shut his book, set it on his nightstand along with his spectacles, and pulled back the covers on the bed.

“Come on,” he said, offering you a beckoning smile. “Might as well get in bed so you can complain and be warm at the same time.”

“I’m not complaining,” you grumbled. “I’m venting. There’s a difference.”

“Yes, dearest.”

You crawled under the covers and the Doctor immediately pulled you close to him. He placed a kiss on your neck, the traced his lips against the line of your jaw.

“You’re cute when you’re venting,” he murmured.

“Oh?” You scoffed. “And here, I was wondering why you put up with me.”

“Being married to you has its perks,” the Doctor admitted.

“Does it, really?” you deadpanned.

“Mm-hmm.” He kissed and pulled back so quickly that you didn’t even get the chance to catch his lips. “Yes, in fact, married to you, I have-” kiss “-an absolutely beautiful-” kiss “-kind-” kiss “-clever wife, who’s cute when she vents, and who wears the most adorable pajamas, have I ever said that?”

“That you think my pajamas are adorable? No.”

The Doctor let out a burst of giggles against your skin and you smiled to yourself. You reached up and threaded your fingers through his cornsilk hair, wondering at its softness. He shook with mirth even as he dotted your shoulder with kisses.

“You’re not half bad yourself,” you told him, and the Doctor laughed again, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

“Glad to know I’m an acceptable husband.”


Ripples - Part 6

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Warnings: Language, Angst… a little 18+ love so if you’re younger turn away…

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A/N: Finally a chapter! Sorry for my absence, it was also my baby Ben Barnes birthday today so I did a week of fiction and honestly didn’t have it in me to write for both because adulting. Hope you like this and this helps for those of you who are Team Bucky! More to come very soon.

Previous Part 5B

Bucky POV

You couldn’t have known that Bucky had gone up to the 7th floor balcony to finish dinner, to allow the cool autumn air to distract him from the way you had looked when you walked into the compound in your jeans and t-shirt. Couldn’t have known that he had heard every last painful detail of what had really happened that night with you and Steve.

He wanted to be mad at you and in a way he was. You had agreed to all of those things, under the influence or not. But he also knew that you were right when you fought a week ago - he had no right to demand that you choose. At the time, you were a free woman.

Besides, you knew about all the women he had brought into his bedroom the moment you had started working for Tony. Thought he had been very clever in hiding it but had known. Didn’t know that he did it every night to erase the image of you from his mind, not wanting to get attached and ruin your life. Using someone else to help him remember he didn’t deserve you.

So he couldn’t be mad at you because essentially you were doing what he had been doing to you for months.

Steve; however, was another thing.

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My daughter

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“Diana is there something wrong?” You ask. She was holding your adopted child, a wonderful and beautiful girl with dark brunette hair and chocolate skin, she looked a lot like Diana which you thought was funny. Diana, ever since you adopted your daughter two weeks ago, she’s been very protective of her.

“Diana, you have an iron grip on Ella.” You looked at the small girl who was smiling happily in her mother’s arms as Diana possessively snuggled up to the young one.

“we are on a boat, (Y/N), she could fall out.”

“she’s meta human, last time I checked she’s three and can swim, I think she is alright.” You weren’t too worried as you grew up with younger siblings and took care of them a lot, on the other hand, the large brunette only dealt with adults, even when she was little so she barely had any experience.

“we are almost there,” she mumbled. You chuckle and run a hand through Ella’s hair, making her giggle.

“mama, I want to play in water!” She exclaimed, trying to get out of her mother’s grip.

“we will my love, once we get to the island,” Diana sighed. At your wife’s voice, you see the fog disappear and your eyes adjust to the golden sun rays and the blue skies that replaced the gloomy waters. You saw some people waiting for your boat and you grinned happily.

“I see your mother, Diana.” The Amazon poked her head up and a little gasp came from her throat.

“Gods, it’s been so long!” You finally made it to shore and you grabbed Ella so Diana could run to her mother and hug you.

“Diana,” Hippolyta whispered into her hair. “It’s been so long.” They both held each other for a long minute, breathing in each other’s scent and smiling.

The queen pulled back from her daughter and looked at you and Ella and you could see tears swell in her eyes. “So you are my daughter’s wife? And this is my grandchild?” Hippolyta swiftly walked to you and Ella and hugged you as well, finally hearing her sob a little.

Ella giggled, tugging on Hippolyta’s fur coat. “Why do you have animal on you?” Ella asks and the Amazonian couldn’t help but laugh.

“it’s not an animal my sweet, it’s just a fur coat.” You let the woman take your daughter out of your hands and lift her up, playing with her.

“she’s beautiful Diana.” Your wife walked up and soon enough the other Amazonians circled around and cooed at the young child. Ella hid her face in Hippolyta’s neck and the woman laughed.

“I think she has warmed up to you already,” you chuckle, stroking Ella’s hair gently. Soon enough, after a week on the island, everybody knew Ella. She knew everyone to. Even Artemis had a soft spot for the daughter of Diana.

“I have to agree, she is prettier than any other human I’ve ever seen.” Ella kept poking Artemis’s face, giggling at how squishy her cheeks were. Artemis laughed as well, playfully sticking her tongue out at Ella.

Diana watched closely at her daughter played with the women around her as you just talked about fruits with an Amazon that was happening to sell them.

“I’ve never seen these fruits before!”

“Zeus gave them as a gift, they are quite delicious.”

You felt someone run to your legs and you laugh, grabbing Ella and playfully nipping at her skin everywhere.

“I’m gonna get you Munchkin!” You growl and she laughs hysterically.

“Mommy it tickles!” She squealed as you kept grabbing at her sides, making her squirm. You throw her onto your shoulders and she grips your hair for reassurance. 

“I wanna be as tall as mama!” She points at Diana and you didn’t even realize that your wife was staring the whole time, smiling warmly. Your heart fluttered and it felt like you were seeing her for the first time. She looked at you like you were a fantasy, that you weren’t real and it took your breath away. You felt tears form in your eyes and she frowns, quickly walking up to you.

“Is something wrong, agápi mou?” She wrapped herself tightly around you as Ella giggled once again. “It’s just, I’m so grateful to have you and Ella in my life.” You pick your daughter up and set her down, seeing her run off out of the corner of your eye, but you weren’t too worried.

Diana kissed you deeply and you sighed until she pulled back and gasped.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“Ella! She is gone from my sight!”

“Diana, don’t be worried-”

“Oh, gods I have to find her!” In a blink of an eye, she went running, looking for said daughter and you hear Hippolyta laugh in the distance. You turn and smile.

“I can already tell she will be like me, and Ella will be like Diana.” She walks to your side and you chuckle.

“What makes you say that?”

“When she was just a youngling, she would run around from her teachers, constantly wanting to watch the other Amazons fight. Usually, I’d always have to save her from near death situations.”

You suddenly go wide eyed and she laughed. “But that was just Diana, Ella isn’t going to jump off cliffs and barriers.” You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and laughed as well.

You saw your wife now running back with your daughter in her arms bridal style and you burst out laughing. Diana glares at you and sticks her tongue out.

“Now that isn’t very nice!” You exclaim, scoffing playfully. You see Diana roll her eyes as she gives Ella back to you.

“She is faster than I thought, (Y/N), she almost out beat me.”

“Well, she isn’t an ordinary human, D.”

A/N: Hope that wasn’t too long, and it was just really fluffy. (also I hope it was okay I named her Ella)

White Flowers (Minghao Smut)

*Advanced Warning Contains SMUT! Beware!*

“Congratulations!” Scoups said as he admired you and Minghao together. It’s August 8th, and apparently to the Chinese calendar, an auspicious day to be married. Just kidding. Your…husband just wanted to be married on this day. It’s still hard for you to believe that you got married to your long time boyfriend, Xu Minghao. You glance up at him, and seeing him in a white tuxedo,makes you blush a bright red.  He steals a glance at you, and flashes a smile. You look down at what you are wearing, a white dress adorned with white beads, lace, the normal works. “I hope the two of you stay happy” Scoups continues, before going off. Minghao side steps quickly and wraps one arm around your waist.

He bends down and whispers something in your ear. “I don’t know if I can handle myself” You look up at him surprised. He bends down again and continues. “You looks so pretty in that dress, I can’t wait to take it off” You blush, and hit him playfully on his chest. He laughs, before looking forward again to greet the next person. 

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“Charoix family au” fanfiction

I wrote this one shot based on @akilice au just for fun. I enjoy writing and I should do that more often, because I need to practice ^^’’ In this fanfic Akko is 6 more or less (just imagine baby Akko with her shoulder-lenght hair). Croix comes back after a long day at work, but she can’t relax yet…

“I’m home!” Croix said, opening the door and taking her shoes off. The witch took a sigh of relief, the temperature inside was way cooler than the one outside: summer had arrived and so the warm sun rays.

“Welcome back!” Chariot answered from the kitchen. Croix stretched her shoulders: after a long and hard day at work, entering in her house and hearing Chariot’s voice felt like paradise…and her wife was her angel. Croix was used to spend more time in her laboratory at Luna Nova, but her back started to hurt after all those hours of research. The violet haired woman walked in the kitchen and smiled lovingly, when she saw Chariot preparing dinner, with an apron on and her red hair tied in a ponytail.

“How was your day? I hope you’re hungry, I’m cooking your favorite dish!” Chariot said cheerfully, turning around to meet her wife’s eyes. “Well…your second favorite dish, actually. It’s not ramen.” The red headed stated in humorous tone. Croix felt her heart jumping with happiness: Chariot’s chuckle was like a melody and her gentle red eyes made her melt and feel relaxed at the same time, it could make her forget all the stress and hardship she had to deal with every day, and especially Finneran’s gaze of disapproval and strict voice.

Holbrooke told her not to mind her too much, the professor had just a severe character. It didn’t bother Croix that much anymore, but sometimes Finneran’s complaining about her classes put even more pressure on her. “I get she doesn’t like my subject, but before judging something, she could at least try to understand what new technology could discover!” The violet headed thought. She always tried her best to create new kinds of magic tools and solutions to help witches and mankind, as well, but the professor continued to describe it as “useless waste of time” and “untraditional”. Croix shook her head: work day was over and she was finally at home with her beautiful family.

Croix approached her wife and hugged her from behind, resting her chin on her left shoulder. The shiny witch smiled gently and caressed her lover’s cheek with her free hand. “You’re very tired, aren’t you, dear?” Chariot asked and Croix hummed in response, nodding, while putting her hand on Chariot’s and kissing her palm. “It smells really good.” Croix stated, looking at the pan on the stove. “I’m glad. I want to prepare a really tasty dinner! You need to recover energy. All that work is not good for your health, Croix. Please, don’t push yourself too hard.” The red headed said, her tone turning serious. Croix was so touched: what a beautiful and kind wife she has!

Suddenly, Croix started to leave soft pecks on Chariot’s shoulder, then moved her lips from her neck to her earlobe, enjoying her wife’s adorable giggles. “Croix..not now, I’m cooking. It’s dangerous.” The shiny witch stated, blushing, feeling Croix’s breath on her ear. “Oh, please chérie…just for a little bit.” Croix said, in a soft and almost begging voice: she needed Chariot’s attention in that moment. The violet headed took the other witch’s hand and pulled her in a tight hug, letting her warmth comfort her and inhaling the sweet scent of Chariot’s hair. The shiny witch was surprised at first, but immediately wrapped her arms around Croix, caressing her back. Then, Croix cupped Chariot’s cheeks in her hands and stared in her eyes. “You’re so gorgeous, Chariot…I must be the luckiest witc-“ Chariot shut her wife’s mouth with her lips, laughing at Croix’s wide opened eyes. “You’re still such a flirt, looking at me with that gaze.” Chariot stated. “Seems like I’m that charming.” Croix winked, making the other witch chuckle; Croix rested her forehead against her wife’s and they both smiled, before joining in another kiss, and this time it was more passionate. Chariot’s sweet lips were driving the other witch crazy, she had to stop herself from using a spell to stop time. After a few minutes, the red headed pushed Croix away, gently. “Food is going to get burnt!…Stop with that look, I’m not going to kiss you again..” Chariot said, whereas Croix kept smirking at her. Chariot sighed and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “Now, go call Akko. Dinner should be ready soon.” “Yes ma'am!” Croix said, standing at attention like a soldier, then turned around, heading towards the stairs.

Akko’s room was upstairs, it was pretty simple and not too big. However, what made it special were the sticker album and the posters of shiny Chariot on the white walls. Croix thought it was a little odd for Akko to have posters of her own mother, but it made her happy at the same time. The little witch loved her mother’s shows and she was so proud of her. Chariot was still suffering a bit of depression that hit her when she had to stop being the shiny witch everyone knew and admired. Her wife needed all the support and love she could get; Croix and Akko knew that and they would never stop giving her affection. The violet headed smiled: their daughter was so altruist, kind-hearted and with her stubbornness she would face anyone who dared to say something mean to her mom. When she arrived in front of the brunette’s bedroom, the door was open. “Akko, dinner is almost ready.” Croix stated, knocking on the door frame, but the young witch didn’t answer. “Akko?” She entered in the room, but her child wasn’t there. “Akko!” Croix quickly walked towards the bathroom, knocked on the door, calling her daughter again. She opened the door…empty. This time she shouted the brunette’s name, making the other witch jump. Croix ran downstairs and looked outside the patio door: the white wooden garden gate on the back of the house was slightly opened.

“What happened?” Chariot approached Croix, her gaze concerned. The violet haired woman didn’t respond and checked in the tight wardrobe near the entrance, where they placed their brooms and one of Croix’s roombas . “…Oh no.” Croix said, almost whispering. “Croix…where is Akko?” Chariot’s voice showed how worried she was. As soon as the latter noticed that the brunette’s room wasn’t there, her eyes widened and she turned to Croix, whose gaze was blank. Then, the red headed notice a gleam in her eyes. The taller witch put her hands on her wife’s shoulders and looked at her with a determined, but still concerned gaze. “I think I know where she has gone. You stay here in case she comes back.” Croix told her, trying to reassure her, even though her voice was shaking a little. She took her roomba and turned it on. “There’s still time before sunset. I’ll be able to bring her back before it gets dark.” The latter’s stated, before jumping on her flying disk and preparing to fly outside, in search of their daughter. “Don’t worry, we’ll be right back.” Croix smiled, confident and then ordered the roomba to move. She speeded up on the path outside the fence, leaving Chariot on the doorway, with joined hands and an anxious feeling in her chest.

“She actually left to train alone!” Croix thought, her expression was very serious and she had to squint, due to the wind against her face. Akko’s stubbornness was incredible. The violet haired witch was flying through the little grove near their neighborhood, doing a slalom between the trees every now and then. Instead of flying above the woods, she kept following the path that led to a meadow uphill, a perfect place to practice with the broom. Luckily, the witch had guessed right: as soon as she exited the woodland, Croix noticed a short figure running down the field. “There she is!” The latter thought and jumped off the roomba, running towards the brunette.

Akko ran as fast as she could, holding the broomstick and preparing to jump. “Tia Freyre!!” The young witch casted the spell and started levitating. “Come on!!” Akko shouted, gritting her teeth, she had been trying for an hour and she didn’t want to give up now. Some seconds had passed and her broom was still floating, she couldn’t believe it. “I did it!” Akko thought, smiling brightly, but immediately regretted losing focus: suddenly, her broom went down, she fell on the ground, again and rolled for a bit, before stopping. The brunette stood up, her gaze on the broom. She felt so frustrated: why? She had almost did it! Then, the brunette heard a familiar voice calling her; when she turned around she saw her mom running towards her. Akko was happy to see her and approached the older witch. “Mom! Did you see that? I was flying, but then, I don’t know why I fell down ag-“

“Don’t you EVER run off without telling us, again! You hear me?!” Croix scolded her, with an angry look. Akko jumped, surprised by her mother’s upset tone. “I-I just wanted to train…I-I still can’t..” Akko replied, her voice shaking. The young witch’s lips were trembling and she as trying to hold back the tears. Croix took a deep breath, walked to her daughter and kneeled down. “Come here.” Croix said and hugged her tight. Akko’s eyes winded. The latter felt  tears fell down her cheeks and she buried her face against Croix’s shoulder “Forgive me, I didn’t want to yell. We were so worried about you.” The older witch stated, giving her a kiss on the head, she hated to see her precious child cry. “Please, don’t do that again, okay?” Croix said and smiled when she felt Akko nodding. “I’m sorry..” The brunette sobbed. “I-I train every day, but I’m still not able to fly!…what am I doing wrong? Why can’t I be like the others?” Akko cried, letting her frustration out.

“Listen…” Croix started, wiping her child’s tears with her tears. “You don’t have to be like the others, you’re my little angel and you’re great the way you are! Just look at you!” The violet haired woman said, noticing the dirt on Akko’s dress and the scratches on her knees. “You’re trying so hard and your mother and I are so proud of you. Don’t cry, we will always be by your side and help you. We’ll train together, too, how about that?” Croix suggested, smiling softly. Akko looked at her with her eyes red and wiped the last tears with her arm. “Yes!” Akko answered happily and throw her arms around her mom’s neck. “Thanks! Perhaps I could train with one of your roombas sometimes..” The young witch stated, grinning. “I think you should focus on your broom first. I’ll teach you how to use them, eventually.” Croix laughed, hugging her back. Then, an idea crossed her mind.

“Let’s go home. Your mom is waiting for us.” The latter’s said, patting her head and Akko nodded, cheerful. Croix picked her up and grabbed her broomstick, finally heading home on the flying roomba. When they arrived, Akko had to face Chariot’s scolding and tight high, as well.

The day after, Chariot found herself staring at a very strange scene: Croix was cheering their daughter, who was riding her broom in the garden, while the mechanic arm of the roomba hold the broomstick up and moved around. “Keep that position, you’re doing great!” Croix told Akko, who was practicing how to hold and sit on the broom correctly, while floating in the air. “Akko, what are you doing?” Chariot asked, chuckling at the funny scene. The little witch waved at her and smiled brightly. “I’m training on a Broomba.”

small clone wars headcanons that i have:

×after ever mission, ahsoka buys a new fridge magnet to stick on anakin’s prosthetic arm. (he pretends to throw them away but they both know he keeps every single one. he puts them on his and padmé’s fridge like ‘look my adopted daughter gave this to me!!’)

×the initiatives/younglings absolutely love the clones. because yeah masters yoda and obi wan and knight skywalker are cool and everything, but they can’t tell stories about the frontlines as well as the clones. plus the clones are just naturally cooler. rex has been used as a jungle-gym on more than one occasion.

×if you don’t think padmé’s handmaidens can kick your ass then you’re wrong. they’re trained fighters who can break your neck with just their thighs do not fight me on this.

×anakin has at least once referred to obi wan as his work wife.

×you are also wrong if you don’t think anakin cried the first time he saw padmé naked. because he’s never seen anything so beautiful.

×every time they’re on a planet with sand, ahsoka jokingly tries to get anakin to build a sand castle or make sand angels with her because she likes the look of horror he always gets.

×padmé is 5000% the one who taught r2d2 cuss words.

×the clones hold mass funerals for their fallen brothers after every battle. nobody has lost more family during this war than the clones.

×anakin has also at least once referred to ahsoka as his daughter. (ahsoka has two dads now: reckless dad and slightly less reckless dad)


Title: Excited

Pairing: Hotch x reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hey! Could I get a sort of smutty reader x hotch wedding night story? And then at the end she reveals she’s pregnant with twins?

A/N: Implied smut only, but still good in my opinion. Let me know what you think! XOXOXO

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“Sound the horns!” Inu No Taisho yelled from the top of lungs, his baritone voice echoing out into the halls, the servants stopping in their places to pay mind to their lord, “The prince has been born! Bang the drums, ring the bells, light the furniture on fire-!”

Dearest,” A chilling voice snaked out of the dark nursery, and the great Lord of the Western Lands went rigid, “Do you desire a long and painful annihilation?”

The new father collared a hand around his neck, surprised his head was still attached and smiled back at his beautiful wife. He cleared his throat, “It was a joke, my dear.”

“Then humor me and come hold your son.”

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What about Kuchel and Eren's first meeting in your dilf!Eren au? ^.^

wow. dilf!eren. i haven’t thought about that au in a long time. *puffs on bubble pipe staring wistfully out into the distance*

uh oh @cinnamonskull i feel it. i feel a disturbance in the dilfs.



“No, I can come in! Yes! No don’t call Chelsea, she doesn’t know what she’s doing–Kevin, she brought a customer a Phillips head when they asked for a screwdriver. Yes, I am on my way, I just need to–I need to find someone to watch my kid, Kevin. No. No please! I need this shift, I will be there, I just—I wasn’t asking for special treatment—asshole!” Kuchel snapped shut the clamshell phone and dug around in her purse for a cigarette.

“I have the tournament this Saturday,” Levi reminded her quietly.

“Fuck,” Kuchel hissed, pinching the bridge of her nose. 

“Did you forget?” Levi asked cautiously.

“No baby, I didn’t forget, I just—” Kuchel’s nails dug into her cheek. “I—I can’t take you. Is there a carpool or bus? I could get Kenny to—no he’s in Gatlinburgh for the month—and you can’t ride with Mrs. Lipski?”

“Mom, she doesn’t vacuum her car! Last time I sat on two Happy Meals!” Levi whined.

“Okay, okay! I just…” She pinched her lips in that nervous way she had. “Baby, I need this shift. We need this money. What about that Izzy friend of yours? Can her mother give you a ride?”

“It’s just Izzy’s dad,” Levi reminded her.

“Right,” Kuchel said distractedly. “What’s their number then?”

Eren seemed surprised to receive her call, but was cheerful enough.

“Sure, bring him over! He can stay the weekend.”

Levi hopped out of the car with his duffel bag the second she pulled up to the curb.

“Levi! Not so fast! This isn’t an after school hangout, if you’re staying with them the whole weekend I want to know these people.”

Levi walked to the door as fast as his short legs could carry him and was annoyed when his mother’s feet caught up with him.

“Hi!” Eren said cheerfully opening the door before Levi could knock. “You must be Kuchel, Levi’s mother. I’m Eren, Izzy’s father.”

Kuchel stared, her mouth fell open a little bit. But she found her voice.

“So nice to meet you! Izzy is Levi’s best friend and she is just a burst of energy in his life.”

“That’s a nice way of putting it,” Eren laughed. “She’s a spitfire, that’s for sure. C’mon in!”

Kuchel stepped into the two story house, craning her neck every which way.

“You have a beautiful home,” Kuchel said, eyeing the fireplace and mantel. “Your wife has a great touch.”

“Oh. Well that’s just me. I’m a contractor so…I need to be a bit of an advertisement for my business,” Eren shrugged, putting his hands in his jean pockets and leaning against a marble countertop that he’d installed.

Subtle, Eren, Levi thought.

Kuchel was looking a little too hard at Eren’s left hand, squinting her eyes and looking for a ring.

“Oh, you know what? I think Levi left something in the car, hold on,” she said, grabbing Levi’s hand and pulling him out the door.

“No I didn’t, Mom—Mom!” Levi insisted because Kuchel was pulling him out the door.

They got out on the front porch before Levi could shake her off.

“Mom!” he protested.

“You’re not staying there,” Kuchel decided.

“What? Why not!”

“Because there is no way a man that young and good looking is single. So he’s either a widower or he’s a sociopath,” Kuchel said, still pulling Levi along.

“Sociopath, definitely,” Eren said, having followed them outside.

Far from annoyed, he looked amused.

“Sorry, it’s just a little odd to me,” Kuchel said with a grimace that mimicked Levi’s own. “There’s no shortage of lonely divorcees in the area.”

Eren snorted.

“Ah, I see where Levi gets his blunt honesty from,” Eren said and Levi bristled, but Kuchel appeared flattered, smoothing out Levi’s hair onto his forehead. “Yeah, I’ve met the welcoming committee in the neighborhood. They’re always asking me to come over and give advice on where to put the pool or to fix their deck. Shirtless of course.”

“Can you blame them?” Kuchel asked, cocking her head to the side a slow grin spreading on her wan face.

“Mom!” Levi protested.

“But my daughter’s safety and happiness is my first priority,” Eren said in a more serious tone.

He and Kuchel seemed to be having some kind of a stare-off. Her squinting, grey eyes against his green. Kuchel and Levi could both smell a bullshitter a mile away and that’s part of why Levi liked Eren. No stank on him. All earnest sincerity.

Kuchel’s phone started ringing again. Probably Kevin. Fucking Kevin. She closed her tired eyes and rubbed at the bags under them.

“Look, Mr. Jaeger. I really, really need this shift. I just want to know that they’re not going to be drinking or watching porn.”

“No porn,” Eren repeated in agreement. “I’ll make up the guest bedroom so he and Izzy are on other sides of the house.”

“Yeah, I’m not so worried about that,” Kuchel said, her thin mouth a little crooked.

“Mom, just go already, you’re gonna be late—“ Levi said head-butting her side.

“Okay, come here.”

Levi couldn’t escape her hands as cupped his face and kissed his cheeks.

“Mom!” he protested.

“You be good, okay?” she asked, planting one more on his silky dark hair.

“Yeah,” Levi said, curling his fingers in her uniform shirt.

Hoping Eren wasn’t looking he closed his eyes and breathed in her scent quickly before letting her go and sprinting in the house up to Izzy’s room.

“He doesn’t really need me, does he?” Kuchel asked Eren.

“Don’t be silly, of course he does. He’s very independent, but that’s a good thing—“


“Whereas I am just the pizza ordering machine, apparently.”

“You be careful, she’s gonna break hearts,” Kuchel cautioned as she got in the car.

“Don’t I know it,” Eren grumbled, waving good-bye as the beat up car took several turns to start. “What kind of toppings, Pistol?”

“PEPPERONI! And—ew! Levi wants olives but I hate olives so only olives on half of the pizza!”

“Okay, pepperoni and pineapple,” Eren nodded.

“No pineapple!”

“Pepperoni, pineapple, and olives,” Eren agreed.

“You always do this! No pineapple! Levi tell him no pineapple!”

“Extra pineapple,” Eren continued as he dialed the number only to hear Isabel thump down the stairs to tell him off.

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dilf!Eren/pining!Levi masterlist (some links may be broken >_<)


“What wife qualities do you possess, (Y/N)?” Jin’s father asked you, putting his eating utensil down for a second to give you his undivided attention.

“I-Um,” You cleared your throat, setting your utensils down as well. “I-I can clean, cook, take care of Jin, and whatever he may need.”

“Mm?” His mother’s eyes focused on you instead of the bottom of her cup, “What about mothering? You’ll be a good mother for our grandchildren, won’t you?”

You mother laughed lightly, “Well, well, it seems they’ve got you now.” She pinched your cheek lovingly, “Her sister has a two children: one is about eight now, and she took care of him a lot—she was twelve or thirteen at the time. She was excellent with him, he even preferred her over me at times. Currently, her daughter is three. Of course, she took care of her too. Those two cannot get enough of her!”

“Good to hear!” Jin’s mother clapped, “I never doubted you’d have any other skills, actually.”

“T-Thank you..” You lowered your head, embarrassed at your mother’s actions.

“What specifically is she well at with children?” Jin’s mother asked.

“She can make them laugh like there’s no tomorrow, that’s for sure.” Your father chuckled, putting an arm around your mother as she continued to even more mortifying stories.

Your head was low in shyness, “Pst!” Someone whispered yelled across the table from you. You lifted your head a bit, “It’s alright, (Y/N). I know it’s forced, and you don’t exactly want to marry me..” He swallowed, “I won’t make you have children.”

“I’m just nervous, Jin-ah..” You rubbed your cheek, “I know your parents like me and all, but what about your sister? Don’t you think it’s odd her best friend is getting married to her elder brother? I know if I was her, I wouldn’t be so happy.”

“You’re worried about her?” His head cocked to the side, his utensil in hand. “I know she hated when I even talked to you when you would sleep over, but she can’t be upset about it—right? There’s nothing we could do, and this just happened—we had no clue.”

“I’m just worried about her feelings..” You pushed your noodles around, “She always said the ‘friends’ she had were just girls trying to get close to you—I don’t want her to think the same of me.”

“She won’t; I explained to her everything. She seemed to understand it well,” He sipped his water. You were still pushing around your food, and still didn’t have an appetite. It was quiet, except for the occasional rumble of laughs from the other side of the table where your parents sat. “M-May I ask why you don’t want to marry me?”

“Huh?” You looked up.

“Uh!” He covered his face with a napkin, “I-I was just curious. I’m not that I?” His cheeks returned to their normal color, and his eyes drooped a little.

“What? No, Jin.” You shook your head, “It’s not that I don’t like you-” You mentally smacked yourself on the forehead, “Not that I do!”

“I know what you mean,” He dropped his napkin slowly on the table. “Eomma?” He hesitantly butted in the adult’s conversation, “May I be excused? I need some fresh air, this is all getting me a little light headed.”

“Sure.” She nodded, turning back to your parents.

“Thank you.” He walked a short distance to the stairs, and to the balcony.

You know where he’s headed since you’ve slept over numerous amounts of times, and been all over the house; the only way else he’d be getting fresh air, is if he stuck his head out one of their windows—which is silly to think about, but highly unlikely. “Excuse me?” You lightly touched your mother’s shoulder, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Kim, may I use the restroom?”

“Oh, of course.” She smiled.

“Thank you.” You smiled back, walking away from the table and up the stairs. As you reached the peak of the staircase, you slowly walked down the hallway. Your heels clanked down on the wooden floor, and was the only sound. As you pass Jin’s room, you brush your fingers against his door. You finally reach the end of the hall, and spot Jin’s back silhouette staring off into the night sky. Your hand gently reaches for the doorknob, trying not to alarm him that you’re there. Stepping over the small drop of elevation on the concrete, you hear his slight sniffles. “Jin?” You lightly say, closing the glass door.

“(Y/N)!” He quickly wiped his nose with his sleeve, “What are you doing here?”

You sighed heavily, crouching down to his sitting position. “Firstly,” You pulled his arm down to his lap, “This is a dress shirt; please don’t ruin it with your boogers. Secondly, you left—why wouldn’t I follow you? You are my fiancé, you know.” You added emphasis on 'my’.

He smiled sadly, “You don’t have to act like this when they aren’t around.”

“I know,” You sat beside him carefully, “I want to. I don’t feel like I have to—I want to. It’s my responsibility to take care of you,” You looked at him in the eyes. His cheek bones were glistening with what appeared to be tears, since his eyes were a little red and puffy. The moonlight allowed you to notice this, “It’s okay.” You cooed, wiping his tears away with your thumb.

“I’m fine..” He breathed, but not pushing you away.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” You rubbed his shoulder. He didn’t say anything, and kept his eyes on the stars. “Tell me what’s wrong, baby.”

His muscles tensed, and he gave in. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I want to be happy with you, but you don’t like me. I-I like you, (Y/N)—I really do.”

Your face began to heat up, “Wow..” You breathed, “I like you too.”

“Wait, if you do then what’s the problem?” He looked at you in the eyes.

“I’m nervous I won’t be a good wife, or mother.” You answered, turning away from him.

“Jagi..” He cupped your cheek, and brought you to himself. “You’ll be a great wife—don’t even get me started on a mother. Please don’t think that about yourself,”

“Why would you say that? You don’t know how I would be—we aren’t married yet-!”

He silenced you with his lips, and held your face. You were stunned, but kissed back just as deeply as he did to you. He broke away slowly, “Did you not notice what you did-what you do? Ever since we started getting comfortable with each other, you take care of me. Remember that one time I didn’t go to school for a week, and you didn’t know? You came over just to help your friend with homework, and had no idea I was sick. You asked, and she answered..but when she went to the bathroom or somewhere, you came to check up on me. You made me soup, brought me water, tucked me in, and felt my forehead while she went to the store with her boyfriend for some things. Did you think I wouldn’t have fallen in absolute utter love with you then? Someone to take care of me when I’m not well,” He caresses your face, “In exchange, I provide her with all the finer things in life she deserves, treat her like the princess she is, and make sure she never lifts a finger when it isn’t necessary.” He kissed your lips tenderly again, “This is all I promise you, (Y/N). I’ll be a horrible husband, and you deserve more-”

“You’re just perfect, Jin.” You breathed a laugh, brushing some hair out of his face. “I’ll be the horrible one here,”

“Psh,” He laid back, “Yeah right.”

“Sit up.” You attempted pulling him up by his shoulders, “It’s a nice dress shirt; treat it like it.”

“So, you’re saying I look great in this? Because, I know I’m handsome.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes, not being able to contain your smile. “Just get up.”

“Give me your hand, then.” He stuck his hand out to you.

You listened to your future—very handsome—husband. Instead of doing as he said he would, he yanked you on top of him. “Jin!”

“Aw, is the baby afraid?” He laughed out of control, looking up at you.

“No!” You hit his shoulder, “You’re getting dirty, and lied!”

You lost your balance, and almost toppled over to his right. He kept you from your fall by grasping your waist, “Is it a bad time to try for that child?” He licked his lips.

“Yes.” You grinned, kissing his nose. “Let’s get downstairs.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He picked you up, standing you. “May I hold my lovely fiancé’s hand?”

“If you’re gonna lie about that too, then no.”

“I’m not.” His facial expression turned serious, “I promise.”

“Alright.” You groaned, slipping your hand in his.

“If I can compliment my future wife,” He started, as you began walking down the hall after he closed the door behind you two. “You look so..” He shut his mouth, and gulped scanning your body. “Great.”

“What were you gonna say?” You pressed on him.

“Beautiful?” His voice rose in confusion.

“Tell the truth, or I’ll have to punish you.” You shook you finger.

“Punish me?” He chuckled, “That’s coming from someone almost half my size.”

“My size has nothing to do with it, and just tell me already.” You insisted.

“I was going to say you look hot.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“You look sexy in that case,” You shot back at him.

“I do?” He smirked, “Well, you can see me all dressed up when we’re married. Don’t forget you get to see me in nothing,” He sang tauntingly.

“Oh, shut up!” You punched his arm.

“I bet you’ll look really good naked too.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Jin!” You growled, hitting him repeatedly.

“Gotta catch me if you can!” He ran down the hall, and almost went down the stairs. “I forgot—you’re wearing heels.” He pouted, walking over to you again.

“What are you-”

With one swift motion, you were in his arms bridal style. “You’re so beautiful..” He whispered to you, going down the steps. “I’m so glad you’ll be mine.” His smile wiped away the pout, and happiness filled his eyes instead of the tears from just moments before.

“You’re so handsome..” You said in the same way he told you, putting some pieces of hair to the side. “I’m pretty happy you’ll be caring for me.” You wrapped your arms around his neck as you two stared into each other’s eyes blissfully.

“My, my, my.” Someone said, breaking your loving moment.

“I think we’ve intruded..” Your mother giggled.

“How long have I been standing here, and why didn’t I fall down the stairs.” Jin snapped back.

“Only for a little while, and I’m glad you didn’t like you always do.” His father answered him.

“I’m just happy you two are going to be together—you look so adorable.” His mother touched her heart.

“I’m happy about it too..” Jin said so only you could hear.

“So am I.” You pecked his cheek.

Love Online - Chapter 10

This is a continuation of Love Online. You can find previous chapters linked here:  [ Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Chapter 3]  [Chapter 4]  [Chapter 5]  [Chapter 6]  [Chapter 7]  [Chapter 8]  [Chapter 9]    

Wedding Day

Claire woke early, glimpsing the faint light of sunrise falling across Jamie’s face, throwing his features into sharp relief.  He was so beautiful…ruggedly handsome, but there was still a softness to those beloved features.  He was at once strong, passionate, kind, and so very gentle.  He was, in a word, magnificent.

She got out of bed, wrapping a tartan throw around her as she looked out the window.  Outside, the sun had just barely risen above the horizon in shades of yellow, pink, and purple.  She marvelled at the majesty of it and the wonderful day it would bring, for today was her wedding day and she would finally be wed - legally - to her true love, her soul mate, her Jamie.

She heard a rustle from the bed and then heavy footsteps padding across the floor.  His arms reached around her, pulling her to him, as he kissed her cheek and rested his chin on her shoulder.  

“Good morning, love,” he said.

“Mmmm, good morning, baby.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  The sunrise.”

“Aye, it is.  A perfect start to our perfect day.  God, I canna wait to wed ye.”

She turned around and put her arms around his neck, leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss him.  It was then that she realized that he was still naked.

“Aren’t you cold?  You haven’t got a stitch on.”

“No, I dinna get cold much.  Particularly when I have such a hot woman in my bed.”

She smiled.  “You’re rather sizzling yourself, lad.”  She reached down and squeezed his arse appreciatively before releasing him and turning toward the bathroom.

“Where do ye think ye’re going?”

“I have to get ready for the big day.”

“The ceremony isn’t for another 12 hours, Claire.  Surely there’s time for us to…you know.”

“Yes, my love, but don’t you want to save that for our wedding night?”  She winked and smiled mischievously.

“Why should we wait?  I mean, we did it last night and we weren’t officially married then, were we?”

“Well…there’s something to be said for anticipation, don’t you think?”

Jamie wasn’t convinced, but he could see he wasn’t going to win this one.  “Aye, maybe so.  But even if I take ye now, I’ll still be burning for you after the ceremony.  It won’t make a difference.”

“I know, Jamie.  Believe me, I know.  But I think it would be even hotter if we wait until tonight.  You know, get each other revved up all day long and then tonight, BAM!”

Jamie chuckled.  “Alright love.  We will wait, but mark my words, I won’t make it easy for ye today.”

Claire shivered with excitement.  “That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.”  She grinned and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

He heard the shower start up and imagined the water streaming down her body, caressing her skin and winding its way into every crevice.  He would do the same to her later - with his tongue.  He smiled, then, already enjoying this little game they were playing.  Oh yes, she would be begging for it by the end of the day.

Once Claire was dressed, she kissed Jamie passionately, then said, “I’m going downstairs, love, to see if Jenny needs help with breakfast.

Jamie looked at her with longing.  “Aye, if ye have to.  I’ll be down once I shower and dress.”

“Don’t be long…”  She reached for his hand and kissed it languorously, looking up at him to see his expression.  Seeing his smoldering look, she gently nipped at one of his knuckles before releasing his hand and turning to leave.

He looked after her, stunned.  She was playing this game very well.  At this point, he didn’t know just who would crack first.  This was going to be fun.

After he was dressed, he went downstairs to find that Jenny had already set the table for breakfast.  There looked to be enough food to feed an army rather than just the family.  It looked and smelled delicious.

“Not bad!” said Ian, coming through the doorway.  “A man could get used to this!”

Jenny came in from the kitchen, saying, “Weel, don’t expect this every day, this is their wedding breakfast, after all.”  She smiled and winked at him.

Ian sat down just as Brian entered.  They all took their seats and began tucking into the delicious feast.  

“So, Claire, I didna think to ask before…where are ye going on yer honeymoon?” Jenny asked.

Jamie smiled and looked at Claire as she said, “Actually, I don’t really know.  Jamie is keeping it a secret.”  She looked at him and he grinned wider.

“Aye, there’s got to be some surprises, Sassenach.”

Jenny smiled at the pair.  “Oh, that’s so romantic.  I’m sure wherever it is, it will be wonderful.”

“Aye,” Ian said, “it wilna matter overmuch where they go.  It’s unlikely they’ll leave their room for several days anyway.”

Jenny smacked him on the arm.  “Ian!  Ye shouldn’t say such things in front of Da!”

Brian was laughing at this exchange, thoroughly amused.  “Och, Jenny.  Do ye not think I was young and in love once?  I ken how it is.”

“Da!” she said, scandalized.  

Now everyone started laughing in earnest.  Jenny tried to hold out, but she couldn’t help laughing right along with them.

After breakfast, Claire and Jamie took a walk around the grounds, ending up near the loch where the ceremony would take place.  

“This looks great, doesn’t it, Sassenach?”

“It sure does.”  She put her arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“I can’t wait to make you officially Claire Fraser.”

“Doctor Claire Fraser,” she corrected, playfully.

“Oh, forgive me, Doctor.  You know, Doctor, I have a certain condition that you could maybe help me with.”

“Oh really?” she said, knowingly.  “What are your symptoms?”

“Weel,” he said, then leaned to whisper in her ear.

As he spoke, her eyes widened and her face took on a shocked expression.  “Jamie!”

He smiled wickedly.  “Two can play at this game, Sassenach.”  He leaned to kiss her cheek before leading her back to the house.

After a late lunch, Jenny took Claire up to her room to start the preparations for the ceremony.  Jamie protested that he and Claire could get dressed in their own room.

“Nonsense.  Ye mustn’t see yer bride before the wedding.  It’s bad luck.”

After giving her an exasperated look, he acquiesced.  “Fine, but may I at least kiss her before you go?”

“Aye, one kiss and then we need to go get dressed.”

Jamie grabbed Claire and kissed her passionately, heedless of Jenny’s presence.  The kiss would have gone on and on for minutes, but Jenny pointedly cleared her throat - loud.  Jamie took the hint and let his beloved go, watching her ascend the stairs with Jenny, all the while thanking God for bringing her to him.  He smiled and his heart leapt with happiness.  Soon she would be his.  Forever.

In Jenny’s room, Claire was putting on her stockings as Jenny took Claire’s dress out of the closet.  It was a beautiful thing - ivory satin with lace and pearls, barely skimming the shoulder, with a sweetheart neckline accentuating her lovely decolletage.  The skirt followed her figure down to her knees before gradually flaring out, creating a very beautiful, sensual silhouette.  Claire knew that Jamie would love it.   

Jenny helped her into the dress and it fit perfectly.  After zipping her into it, Jenny stood back to admire her new sister-in-law.  “Och, Lord, Claire.  Ye are so beautiful.  Jamie is going to faint when he sees you.”  

She smiled and gave Claire a wink before walking over to the armoire.  She reached inside and pulled out a small box with a bow. As she presented it to Claire, she said, “Jamie wanted to give this to ye personally, but I didna want him to see ye before the ceremony.”

“A gift from Jamie?”  Her eyes misted at the lovely gesture.  She untied the bow and slowly opened the box.  She gasped when she saw the beautiful necklace of pearls and tiny gold rondells.  Inside the box, there was a small note.  “To Claire, my love, my life, my everything.”

A tear fell down her cheek as she was overcome with happiness.  “Oh Jenny, it’s so beautiful!”

“Aye, it is.  It’s our Mother’s, ye ken?”

“It is?  Oh, Jenny, this should be yours, then.”

Jenny took the pearls and began fastening them around Claire’s neck.  “No, Mam wanted Jamie to give this necklace to his wife.  Da has kept it safe for all these years for that very reason.  I have many things of Mam’s already.  This necklace is meant for you.”

Claire hugged Jenny fiercely, happy tears spilling down her cheeks.  “Oh Jenny, you are amazing.  I’m so glad to have you as my sister.”

They both cried together for a moment, then finally pulled back.  

“Ye have messed up yer makeup, Claire.  I’ll help you fix it.”

Claire laughed.  “I’m sure I look a right mess, don’t I?”

“No, you look beautiful, Claire.  And you are the perfect match for my brother.”

The two smiled together as they put on the finishing touches.

Meanwhile, Jamie had donned his own attire.  He was in full Scottish regalia, complete with a kilt in the Fraser tartan and a beautiful jacket and vest, accentuated with a coordinating cravat and a formal sporran.  He looked resplendent.

There was a knock at the door to his room and he said, “Come in.”

Ian and Brian walked in, both sporting their own Scottish attire.  Brian wore the Fraser tartan as well, while Ian wore the Murray tartan.  Both wore similar jackets that complimented Jamie’s.  They made a stunning trio.

Brian smiled warmly as he walked up to Jamie.  “Jamie, yer Mam would be so happy seeing ye like this, dressed as a true Scot, about to marry the love of yer life.  Yer such a braw lad.  You do honor to our family, son.”

Jamie smiled, eyes misting, and gave his Father a big hug.  “Thank ye Da.  It means a lot to me.  I know Mam will be looking down on us today.”  Brian nodded, his own eyes becoming glassy with emotion.  

Ian took his turn to congratulate Jamie.  “Jamie, I can’t believe this day has come.  We’ve known each other all our lives and I’ve never seen you look so happy as ye are with Claire.  I’m so glad for ye, brother.  I know ye will be very happy.”  

Jamie smiled and patted his friend on the back.  “Thank ye, Ian.  I’m honored that ye are part of the happiest day of my life.”

“Aye, I know it will be a great day for all of us.  Especially you, my friend.  I bet you’re looking forward to tonight when ye can *hmmmphh* with Claire.”  He grinned widely as Jamie nearly choked.  Jamie looked at his father and turned pink.

“Ian!”  Jamie said, unable to keep from laughing, despite himself.

“Och, Jamie,” Brian said, “It’s good to *hmmmphh* yer wife.  I highly recommend it.”

Jamie turned even pinker, then the three of them burst out laughing, unable to hold back their mirth.  

The time of the ceremony was upon them and the three men made their way towards the loch.  Jamie was happy to see all of the guests who had been able to attend.  Jamie and Ian stood in their assigned spots by the trellis, awaiting the start of the ceremony.  Brian had gone towards the small tent that was set up nearby, where Claire was waiting to be escorted down the aisle.  

“May I come in?” Brian asked before entering.  Hearing an answer in the affirmative, he entered the tent.  Inside, Claire stood next to a mirror, smoothing down her skirt and straightening out her veil.  Jenny and Claire’s best friend, Jillian, were fiddling with the short train on Claire’s dress.  Hearing Brian come in, they straightened up and turned to look at him.

“My God, Claire, ye look astonishingly beautiful.  Jamie will weep when he sees you, dear.”  He walked up to her and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek, taking her hands in his.  “Ye will make Jamie a wonderful wife and I’m proud to call ye daughter.”  

Claire smiled warmly and squeezed his hands.  “Thank you so much…Da.”

Brian beamed and leaned to give her a fatherly hug.  “Well, lass, are you ready to get married?”


“Weel, let’s get this show on the road.”  He smiled as she took his arm and then he escorted her out of the tent.

The music began with a beautiful string trio, interspersed with bagpipes.  Jenny and Jillian walked down the aisle first, followed by Brian and Claire.  Jamie’s eyes got wide and his mouth gaped open when he saw her.  He forgot to breathe for a moment.  Ian nudged his arm and he came back to his senses, taking in breath once more.  

When Claire saw Jamie standing by the archway, she, too, was in awe.  He was breathtaking in his Highland garb - splendid and magnificent.  She hadn’t seen him in a kilt before, and God, he looked amazing in it.  She couldn’t wait until after the ceremony, when they could slip away and she could…

She had to stop that train of thought as they made it to the archway.  Brian placed her hand in Jamie’s and then left the couple to continue the ceremony together.

The service was beautiful and so full of love.  Jamie and Claire said their vows and exchanged rings as they became one in the eyes of God and all that had assembled there.   They had tears in their eyes and smiled joyfully as the priest said, “I pronounce you husband and wife.”

Jamie bent down to kiss her, gently at first, then deeper as the love between them grew.  He had to force himself to stop when it was becoming clear that it had probably gone on a bit too long.  There were a few giggles in the crowd before the pair finally pulled back.  

The newlyweds walked down the aisle to joyous applause, ending up back in the tent to collect themselves before the reception began.  As soon as they were inside, Jamie was on her, kissing her deeply and passionately, feeling the curves of her body through her dress.

“God, Sassenach,” he said, breathless.  “Ye look so…beautiful and…sexy.”  His hands moved over her again and he marvelled at the feel of her.  

“Jamie…we have to…go…” she said, before briefly hiking up his kilt.  “Jesus!  It’s true, then…what they say about what’s under a Scotsman’s kilt.”

Jamie smiled.  “Och, aye, love.”

There was a bit more strategic squeezing before they finally broke apart and righted themselves.  

“Soon, Jamie.  Very soon.”

They made their way outside and down the hill to the clearing behind the house where the reception was being held.  The guests all cheered as the couple took their places at the head table.  Soon, the guests were served a wonderful feast of both English and Scottish fare.  The wine and whiskey flowed freely and a Scottish folk band played jaunty tunes as the guests danced.  

As the evening came to a close, Claire and Jamie danced to a slow ballad under the light of the paper lanterns that hung overhead.  When it was over, they kissed once more and made their exit, waving at their guests as they headed towards the house.

As they were about to walk into the house, Jenny caught up with them, out of breath.

“Ye are staying elsewhere tonight,” she said, smiling.

“What?” Jamie said.

“We have a surprise for the two of ye.  Follow me.”

They followed her to the front of the house, where they met up with Ian.  

“Ian, what is this all about?” Jamie asked.

“Ah, just a wee surprise, my friend.  Dinna worry, you’ll like it very much.  Follow us.”

He took Jenny’s hand and they walked ahead of Jamie and Claire, their joined hands swinging together happily.  Jamie looked at Claire and his eyebrows raised in question.  She shrugged her shoulders and the two continued to follow the other couple.  

They made their way over the next hill until they came upon an old cottage that hadn’t been occupied in many years.

“What is this, Jenny?” Jamie asked, confused.  “Why are we going here?  It’s the old gardener’s cottage isn’t it?”

“Aye, but we’ve made some…” she looked at Ian and smiled before looking back to her brother, “improvements.”

They opened the door to the cottage and Jamie couldn’t believe his eyes.  The old building had been completely renovated.  It was now appointed with all new furniture and curtains, the fireplace had been rebuilt with beautiful stone, and in the back room there was a huge 4-poster bed, piled high with fluffy pillows.

“Amazing, truly amazing,” Jamie said, eyes wide.

“We’re glad you like it.  We fixed it up to give you a nice private place to spend your wedding night,” Jenny said.

“Aye, and here ye don’t have to worry about making too much noise,” Ian said grinning widely.

Jenny poked him in the ribs.  “You’re incorrigible, Ian.”

Ian kissed her and put his arm around her waist.  “Aye, but ye love me that way.”

Jamie and Claire thanked them profusely for the wonderful surprise, then Jenny and Ian departed, leaving them alone to enjoy all of the delights that awaited them.

Jamie held her close and kissed her deeply.  “Come with me, Mrs. Fraser,” he said, as he lead her toward the bedroom.

The Wedding Series - Proposal

Includes: Luke / Calum / Michael / Ashton
Requested: yes / no

AN: I am really exited about this new series I’m writing and this is the first part of it. All of the parts are gonna be 4/4 and I’m planning on doing at least 10 parts. If you have some scenarios about wedding that you’d like to get included, let me know!

It’s Saturday night and you are at your friend’s house with your boyfriend Luke. Your friend is having a party for just few people. There are only be couple of your best friends and nothing too big going on. You are celebrating her and her boyfriend’s engagement. They are such a perfect couple and seeing her so happy makes you also smile every single time you hear her tell how happy she is with the way her life is going. That’s definitely the future you want someday with Luke. But maybe it’s not currently at the top of your wish list. You’ve been dating Luke less than a year now and you have never actually even talked about marriage or your future. You both like to live in a moment. You always say that you don’t even know what you are gonna do next week so why you should plan your life for the next ten years or so. It makes no sense.
The night is going so well and you have really fun time. It has been a while since you’ve seen all of the friends that has been invited. It’s so hard to find time when everyone would be available. All have their own lives in different part of the country and some even in different parts of world. Some have kids and jobs that make planning your future events really hard. So you really appreciate the time you have with these friends. And of course Luke in there too makes it really special. Luckily he doesn’t have tour going on now. The boys are working on their next album and even though it means long days at the studio, at least he is close to you all the time and you can fall asleep next to him. That’s your favorite part of him being home.
Like said, the night is perfect and you wouldn’t want to leave but when you start to feel like your eyes won’t stay open anymore, you tell Luke you’d like to go home now. He doesn’t argue your suggestion and after saying goodbye to everyone, you two head out to the summer night.
Your friend lives so close to your home that you don’t even feel like calling the cab. It’s really warm and beautiful so why not walk home? For few minutes you walk in complete silence ‘till Luke says, ”They were so happy. I don’t know if I have ever seen people smile so bright.” You wrap your fingers between his and tell him, ”I know right. I guess that’s what the engagement does. I think everyone with the ring in their finger has that same smile on their faces.” After that Luke stops and you turn to look him and see if everything is okay. Luke seems to be just fine. He bites his lower lip and says, ”Y/N, I really do love you. And I know that we haven’t been together that long but this time we have had, has been the best time in my life. I also know that this is what I want my life to be today, tomorrow and after 60 years. And so I’d like to see that smile on your face too.” When Luke gets down to one knee, you cover your mouth with your hand trying to figure out what is going on. You’ve never really talked about this and you always thought this is not something that you two would rush. But of course it’s not a bad thing! You stare at Luke when he opens this little dark blue bow with a beautiful golden and very simple ring in it. ”So Y/N, will you marry me?” Luke asks and you can see how his baby blue eyes sparkle in the summer night. ”Of course I will! Are you stupid?” you ask while laughing. Luke puts the ring to finger and stands up to lift you from  the ground and kiss you softly. There you stand in the middle of the road, Mr. Hemmings and becoming Mrs. Hemmings.

You head to the cinema with your boyfriend and your best friend Calum. You are actually quite surprised that he was willing to see a romantic drama with you. You are going to see ”Me before you” and you couldn’t be more excited. You’ve read the book and now that movie is out, you’ve been waiting for this so long. Calum must know too how important this is to you. Usually he wants to see action or comedy, but this time he didn’t even fight much. When you left the house you had to ask him several times has he understood what you are going to see but he just kept saying that he’s up to anything that you just want. And of course that just made you realize again how amazing your boyfriend is. Calum is such a sweetheart and you know that he likes to see that he had made you happy.
When you get to the cinema, you grab some popcorn and coke and try to find your seats in the dark. Nobody wants to see 15 minutes of commercials so that’s why you never get there too early. And also when you get in a little late it won’t be so crowded. The minus in being late is that your seats are almost right in the middle and you can’t see where you are going. So some toes may get crushed why you try to find the right place and not to fall. After saying thousand times sorry, you find the right seats and you are just in time when the movie itself starts playing.
The movie is just as good as you thought it would be. And staying true to your very emotional personality, the ending of the movie leaves you with tears and smudged mascara all over your cheeks. When the lights are getting brighter and you can see something in the room, Cal notices your face. He can’t hold it together at all and he just starts to laugh. ”Oh babe don’t cry! You know it’s just a movie” he teases you talking like you would be a little child. ”Stop it Cal! I know it’s just a movie but you know me too. I always cry. I am very emotional so take it or leave it”, you tell him and stick your tongue out to him. After that you get up and start walking down the stairs Calum following right after you.
When you get out of the room Calum pulls your wrist and stops your walk. You are standing in the hall where people are getting in and out and buying their tickets. ”Let’s go Cal. We are in the middle of everything and on their way”, you say and try to move but he won’t let you. ”It’s okay, I want us to be in the middle of everything. I want them all to see this”, he smiles and the expression on his face get the butterflies go crazy in your stomach. ”Calum what is going on?” you ask and look around you. No one has noticed yet that you two are stuck in the middle of the hall.  But when Cal starts talking and people around you can also hear what he is saying they start to pay more attention. And you know that when some one stops to stare, others want to see what is going on too. Calum has his goofy smile on his face that goes from ear to ear as he takes your hands between his. ”Y/N I love you and we are standing here in the middle of cinema because I want you to know that I am not afraid of telling people about it. I don’t care that everyone knows it. I want them to know!” he says and you can feel the tears starting to build up again. You can now see where he is going and you just try to remember every single second of it. ”We’ve know each other since we were just little kids. And we’ve also been dating for years now. Y/N you are my best friend and the love of my life and I’d like it to stay that way. So baby I love you and I would feel really honored if you’d be my wife”, he finally asks and takes the beautiful diamond ring from his pocket. Now the tears are already all over your face but it doesn’t matter. Your mascara is a mess already so who cares. When you scream ”yes” thousand times and jump to his neck, people all around you start cheering and clapping.. But to you in that moments there are just you and Calum.

As you open the door and step inside, you can instantly smell that your boyfriend Michael has been cooking. You kick your shoes out of your feet and throw the jacket to the bench next to the wall. ”Hi honey! It smells so delicious”, you shout from the hall and then rush to the kitchen so you can see what he has made for you. When you arrive you can see Mikey in his cute little apron that says, ”The cutest cook in the world”. You remember buying that for him on Christmas couple years ago. You’ve now been together for little over five years and in that time you have noticed that it is super hard for you to figure out something to by for him. No matter if it’s a birthday or Christmas or what ever, it always seems to be really freaking hard. So you just end up giving him something cute and silly that he does absolutely nothing with. But Mikey isn’t really a person who would write a ten page long letter about stuff that he wants or needs. He just says that he doesn’t need anything and that he already has all that he wants. So you’ve decided that if he doesn’t really say anything he needs or wants, you just buy him whatever you think would be suitable for that time. And you can tell that the apron he is now wearing, is one of the most used gifts you’ve ever gave him. He really is the cutest cook in the entire world.
”Oh hey, I had really short day at the studio and I thought it’d be fun to surprise you. So I made your favorite food. It has been a while since we had this. And of course for the dessert we have some chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream”, Michael tells you and grabs your hips from behind placing little kisses to your neck. Slight moan escapes between your lips and you can feel how e starts to smile knowing he has made you feel good. ”Is it gonna take long?” you ask and Mikey just shakes his head for the answer. ”Okay so I’ll just set the table for us so when it’s ready we can get right to it. I’m so starving! We had this really weird  soup at work and no one seemed to like it. Basically I’ve been whole day up just by the power of coffee”, you tell him. ”I’m sorry babe. But luckily you have me, the cutest cook in the world, who also happens to be the best boyfriend on this planet. So now you just set the table and I’ll be in there with the food in five”, Michael says and kisses you one last time before turning back to the stove.
When the table is set and the food is done you sit down in silence and enjoy the peaceful moment. Just the two of you and extremely good food. Mikey really knows what he is doing with this. Even though you take a little bit of credit to yourself. After all you are the one who shared the secret recipe with him. The night goes on really nicely and you have lovely time just sitting in there talking and laughing. Telling each other about your days and how things are at work. So simple but so much fun. It always gets you to relax to sit down and talk to Mikey. He has this special power that he can make you feel better just by being in there and listening. When you are about to move to the dessert Michael stands up and comes to your side of the table. He takes a little black box out of his pocket and as he opens it, you can see a gorgeous shining, silver ring that has multiple little diamonds in it. You just stare at it in a little shock when Michael says, ”I hope you enjoyed our meal as much as I enjoyed cooking it for you. Y/N you are the most important thing in my life and I would love to cook for you for the rest of my life. I love you so so much. Babe, will you marry me?” You take his face between your hands and press your lips against his so powerfully that Mikey seems a bit scared. ”Hell yeah Clifford! I’ll be happy to eat your chocolate cake for the rest of my life”, you whisper to his ear and watch him place the shining ring to your finger.

It is your and Ashton’s anniversary and you have decided to celebrate it with a little nostalgia. The first time you two met, was back in 2011 and you actually met when you were in the crowd in one of 5 seconds of summer gigs in a local club. You remember sitting right next to the stage and thinking the whole time how hot that drummer guy was. You were with you best friend and she still remembers to tell the story how she had to listen to you all night. Telling her how cute his curls were and how talented drummer he was. Even though at that time you actually had no idea about drumming and if Ash was exceptional talent or not. He was just smoking hot and hit his drums in the right beat. And then when he also started to sing, you remember letting out a little scream when was the first time he ever looked at you. He looked kinda worried if you were okay. But little did he know what that eye contact would lead in to. After 5sos were done, the boys joined the people in the club getting a lot of pads to the shoulders and also quite a few free drinks. You thought about going and talking to that cute drummer but you didn’t have to when he had also decided he wanted to find that girl who was screaming in the audience. And after that night, it has been quite a ride with some bumps on the road but after every bump you two have felt even closer and more sure about the fact that this is the one.
So now you are having your anniversary and you are back in that club you first met. On of your favorite bands is on the stage and you two sit down to the same place where he bought you his first drink. You make a lot of jokes how the things hasn’t changed a bit since the last time. Of course if you just ignore the fact that now Ashton is playing his drums in arenas that are maybe thousand time bigger than this one. Though Ash and the other boys always talk how fun the gigs in clubs were and how they have so different feeling in them. Both seem to be equally as good. When the band on the stage is taking a little break between the songs and talking something, you hear the singer calling out Ashton’s name. ”Tonight here in the crowd is my good friend Ashton ans hid beautiful girlfriend Y/N. I think Ashton has something to say so let’s all give it up for Ash!” You raise your eyebrows and ask him, ”You know these guys?” ”Yeah. We met maybe two years ago in the studio”, he says quickly and without any more explanation before climbing up to the stage with the band. You can feel how people are staring at you and just try to ignore them and see what the heck Ash is doing up there.
”Hi everyone, my name is Ashton and that gorgeous woman over there is my girlfriend Y/N. You know the thing is that we are celebrating our anniversary today and the first time we ever met was in this club. That night I was in here on the stage and Y/N caught my eye by starting to scream when I sang. Tonight I hope she won’t scream because I am gonna be singing again. Baby girl, this is for you”; Ash says and blows you a little kiss before showing a little sign for the band so they know that they can start to play. You can hear the first chords of your and Ashton’s favorite song which is ”I miss you” by Blink-182. You love to hear Ashton sing and you always ask him to sing for you when you are at home. But now when he’s on the stage and dedicating this song for you it makes it so much better. After the song ends and people all over the club start to cheer for him Ash points at you and one spotlight turns to you blinding you for a second. It doesn’t take long for your eyes to adjust and then you see him being on one knee on the stage. ”Y/N I hope you know how much I love you and that I will love you even more tomorrow. We’ve been together for a while now and I just think that everyday we make a better team than the day before. So baby girl, will you be my Mrs. Irwin?” People around you start to cheer and when you say yes, no one hears it. ”What?” asks Ashton to the microphone because he can’t hear what you just said. Finally you had to scream as loud as you can, ”Yes! Yes! Yes!” Now he hears your words and priceless smile appears on his face when he climbs down the stage to grab you to his embrace. ”I love you”, you says and helps you to put the beautiful golden ring to your finger. ”I know but I love you even more”, you smile and then feel his soft sweaty lips pressing against your mouth.

Dear Future Wife...#555*

It’s so new, but it feels so comfortable. You tell me what you’re wearing when you pick me up from the airport in case I can’t find you in the crowd. I can see your feet and I know it’s you before the escalator reveals both of us to each other. I haven’t seen your face in a few weeks. But things weren’t the same a few weeks ago. I should be a nervous wreck…but I’m not.

We marathon one of your favorite shows that I’ve miraculously never seen…the first few episodes shared in the living room while eating dinner. And when you suggest we watch some more in your bed, I don’t really know how to handle that information. I’m barely on the edge of the bed, but it’s already one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever sat on. Oh no, the pillows are heaven. And damn it. Now YOU’RE in it too. I take a deep breath as you find the next episode and look at me like I’m crazy for almost falling off the bed. We settle in. And I can feel how warm you are just from our knees touching through blankets and how you’re leaning ever so slightly onto my right arm. I should be a bumbling fool…and I am a little. But mostly I’m not.

Two episodes later, you’re curled up sideways and I have one hand tensely grasping your shoulder because I don’t know where the boundaries are and the crescendo to the cliffhanger is making me nervous. I genuinely love this damn show. And I love that you’re gauging my reactions to your favorite parts. But you’re just so damn adorable and I should be an anxious mess, but I’m still not.

We fall asleep mumbling about plans for tomorrow and I’m half awake for most of the night, not knowing how my arms and legs work anymore. You turn into me and nuzzle into my shoulder and plop your right arm over my torso and I silently tell myself, “don’t you dare move ever again” and I can feel your sigh sink you further into your dream. I should feel strange in a new bed with this beautiful nerdy incredible girl, but I can’t find the weird.

And in the morning when I realize I have fallen into a deep sleep against all odds, you stretch and reach for me. And when I feel your hand graze over my stomach because my shirt has ridden up and I gasp in surprise and you laugh into my neck…I forget how scared I thought I would be and all I feel is “I’m home.”

The Dog

Molly: You are being irrational here, Sherlock! Why can’t Hamish keep a dog? John said it will be good for his development and it really does! He speaks more lately, you see?!

Sherlock: You should have asked me first before bringing it home, Molly!

Molly: You were not here, Sherlock! Mycroft told me not to contact you. He said your case was sensitive and dangerous. You needed to focus and it’s just we having a dog, for God sake! If I knew that you will be so upset, I would have asked you first!

Sherlock: We will not keep it, Molly. You will take it back, no more argument.

Molly: Since when did you have the final say in this family, Sherlock. If you don’t give me a good reason, the dog stays!

Sherlock: Fine! If you want it here so much…fine, it stays! I’ll leave!

Sherlock stormed out of the house and slammed the door hard. Molly sat down on the stool, overwhelm by frustration.
A week later

Sherlock was on Mycroft’s private jet, heading to Japan. The elder brother needed him in a matter of international security. Sherlock had accepted the case although he doubted whether he could solve anything with his unfocused mind. He had not talked to Molly since their fight. He missed his wife and their children so much.

A female crew: Here is your tea, sir. Can I get you anything else?

Sherlock (answered without looking at her): No, thanks.

Without permission, the female crew sat down opposite to him. Sherlock barely gave her a glance.

Sherlock: I don’t appreciate company and I am married so you should stop whatever you are trying to do right now.

The female crew then seductively undressed in front of him but Sherlock did not care to look. He stated calmly as he looked out of the window and letting his mind flew back home.

Sherlock: If Mycroft paid you to do this, I will pay you double to leave.

Molly: Are you sure you want me to leave, Sherlock?

Sherlock turned swiftly to look at the female crew he had ignored and saw his wife standing there almost naked.

Sherlock: Molly?

Molly: They were right then, you have lost it in you. You should have recognized me since the tea.

Sherlock: Yes, I should have but my beautiful wife has fully occupied my mind so…

He could hardly contain his smile and reached out for her. Molly sat down on his lap facing him. The couple hugged tightly. Sherlock placed the light kisses on his wife’s shoulder, collarbone, neck and chin.

Molly: I miss you.

Sherlock: And I, you…very much.

Both: I’m sorry.

The two laughed then kissed deeply and passionately.

Molly: I talked to Violet (Sherlock’s mom). Why have you never told me about Red beard? You used to talk about it in your sleep but not anymore so I didn’t think that we,having a dog,will hurt you. I am so sorry.

Sherlock: Since we got married, I rarely dream about losing Red beard. I only dream about the good time I had with him.
You were right, it is irrational and wrong of me to prevent Hamish from having the lovely memories with his dog.

Molly: Oh…Sherlock. I love you.

Sherlock: I know.

Sherlock was rewarded with a fierce kiss on his lips. He groaned as Molly pressed herself against him.

Molly: There are about 8 hours before we land. What shall we do, Mr.Holmes?

Sherlock: There are plenty of things in my mind, Mrs.Holmes.



Written by - Tay

Words - 1.4k

Smut - No

Summary - You reunite with your ex-lover Luke years later

September 1922

  His hands trail down your body caressing and feeling every part of your soft and silky skin with his calloused hands. Every kiss is filled with so much love and passion. This wrong. So wrong. But  he doesn’t love her, not like he loves you.. The way your name falls from his lips so effortlessly is like he was made to say it. The way you felt so secure and valuable in his arms. You have never met her but how he describes her isn’t the way you describe someone you love. 

 “I love you more than anything Y/N” he moaned against your neck. And those were the words that would keep you coming back, that would allow you to make sense of this immoral situation. He loves you. Although those same words drove you into a hostile state, you removed his body from against yours. 

“If you love me so much why are you marrying her! Why her? Why?…” you whimpered. He sighed seeing the tears in your eyes.

 “Because my love, I cannot marry a poor woman while trying to live out my life as a rich man.”  He didn’t want to hurt you, you could tell by the remorseful look in his eyes, he had.

 “I should be going” you said gathering the clothes you had shed around the room.

 “Y/N please stay” he begged. You gathered every ounce of courage you had to say “It’s me or her, choose.” 

He looked up at you and stayed silent not to say you were surprised but you certainly felt inferior, you just didn’t have a position in his lavish and decadent lifestyle.

 “I will always love you Y/N” he voiced

 “As will I” you whispered so he could just barely hear you. And with that you left and put an end to this relationship.

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