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So you’re going to a Halloween party

It’s the weekend of Halloween. You have your wig. You have your outfit. You have your youth. It feels…eternal. It feels like you’re gonna live forever.

You fools. You complete and utterly ghoulish fools. Nothing lasts forever. Hold on to the memories while you can. Take some damned pictures, slap on some stickers, and then post ‘em to your Tumblr.

Just tap the photo post type

It’s the blood-red icon.

Choose the photo you want to use

Try not to show your friends you took so many pictures of pumpkins. It’s weird.

Smash that sticker face

There are limited edition Halloween stickers made by Tumblr Creatr Laurène Boglio (@boglio) in there now. They’re scientifically proven to make your photos 10% spookier.*

Put that jack-o-lantern on your photo

You’re obsessed with pumpkins. It’s so fitting. You can rotate and scale the size of your stickers. Put ‘em anywhere. Make ‘em any size. Cover your weird friend’s face with the pumpkin, if you want.

Feeling this

A gravestone can liven up any picture. A touch of tasteful alien is an amuse-bouche for the eyes. Your dreadful photo is now an All Hallows’ Eve masterpiece. Congratulations, you fleshy, mushy, sinewy skeleton.  

The Zodiac Signs When Remembering Something Embarrassing

Cringes obviously: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

Makes weird noises: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Slams head against wall/desk/hard surface: Aries, Leo, Scorpio

Face freeze while internally panicking: Aquarius, Pisces

All of the above: Gemini


Our boy who always eat food from convenience store and room service finally get exposed to real food ^0^ And he even tried to sing to mess with Nobu :O XD (x)

And here’s for anyone who want to hear the song Yuzuru mimicked XD

Interrogation (Jughead x Reader)

927 Words

You were sitting in your usual booth at Pop’s Diner, revising some maths equations while you waited for your routine chocolate milkshake to arrive. You usually did this, as you didn’t like studying at home. You preferred noisy surroundings, as it motivated you to keep focused. Whenever you were studying you never invited anyone to sit with you at the diner, not even Jughead, your best friend for four years; so you were surprised when he sat down across from you.

You looked up at him with a questioning look, Jughead usually only popped up randomly when he was interrogating people, “Hello,” you greeted him.

He didn’t reply, just watched as your long awaited milkshake was placed on the table by a nice waitress, and stole the cherry off the top.

“You’re lucky I don’t like cherries,” you said to him, knowing he already knew that, “Is there a reason to your sudden appearance during my study time?”

He finally spoke, “Something tells me you’ve been keeping information from me.”

You raised your eyebrow, while you took a sip from your milkshake.

He elaborated, less interrogative now, more caring, “You’ve been acting weird around me lately, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

Although your heart skipped a beat in panic, you kept a straight face. You realised lately that you’ve actually grown feelings for the boy with the dark brown locks. You hadn’t realised but it has made you hyperaware of everything you did around him, careful not to be too flirtatious in case he picked up on it. You couldn’t bear the thought of ruining your friendship.

“Y/N?”  Jughead clicked his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry, I just,” You tried to find an excuse, “I’ve been stressed about school, that’s all.”

He squinted at you in disbelief, “I know when you’re lying Y/N, why won’t you tell me what’s wrong? Have I done something?”

You took another sip of your milkshake, debating a reasonable answer, “It’s not that I won’t, it’s that I can’t. And no you haven’t done anything.”

“You know you can tell me anything, you’re my best friend,” Jughead told you.

You looked up at him and nodded, “I know, but not this.”

“Fine, I’ll leave it alone for now but I will get an answer, don’t you worry,” Jughead said and with that he got up and walked out of Pop’s, leaving you to your study and thoughts about the boy in the crown beanie.

You were lying in bed later that night, scrolling mindlessly through your phone, when you heard a knock at your window. You jumped when you saw a silhouette outside, but then looked a little closer to see the facial features of none other but Jughead. You put your phone down and walked over to the window to open it to let him in.

“Hey,” Jughead greeted you, climbing up the ladder he somehow found, into your bedroom.

You shook your head at his antics, a smile of amusement on your face, his weirdness will forever be surprising, “Hey.”

“Mind if I stay for a bit?” He asked.

“Sure,” you said, walking back over to your bed to lay down.

Jughead slipped off his shoes, walked over and laid down next to you. You both were just laying on your backs, staring up at the ceiling in a comfortable silence.

You spoke up, “Is there a reason you came to my house at 9pm at night?”

“You still haven’t told me what’s wrong,” He blatantly answered.

You sighed, “Right.”

He turned his head to look at you, “Please? Can you tell me what’s wrong? I feel like I’m not being a good friend by not knowing.”

You turned your head to him as well, staring into his eyes, those eyes you’ve grown to love, “I already told you, I can’t.”

He looked annoyed all of a sudden, “Whatever, don’t tell me then.”

You sat up, surprised by his annoyance, “Juggie, c’mon, I’m not keeping it from you to hurt you, I can’t tell you cause…” you sighed, “I-I just can’t, please don’t be mad.”

He sat up too, annoyance gone, replaced with a mischievous look, “Fine, I’m just gonna have to tickle it out of you.”

Your eyes widened in panic, you hated being tickled, you hated it, you were the most ticklish person ever, but before you could react, he’d already started on your sides.

“Jughead,” you laughed, “Please,” another laugh, “Stop!”

He didn’t oblige, you fell back, trying to get away but he stopped you by straddling your hips. He moved his hands up to your neck, tickling you feverishly and deviously, giving you no mercy.

“How,” laugh, “am I supposed,” laugh, “tell you,” laugh, “when you’re,” laugh, “doing this!” You choked out.

He stopped, hands placed softly on either side of your neck and somehow his face had gotten closer to yours.  He looked at you expectantly, waiting for the answer he so dearly wanted. Out of habit your eyes flickered to his lips, and when you looked back up there was a look of realisation on his face. Panic filled you, realising how obvious you had just been, but you thoughts were silenced when you felt a pair of lips on your own.

Jugheads lips.

Jughead was kissing you.

Your eyes fluttered shut, melting into the kiss. It was everything you had imagined and more. After a few moments, he pulled away. You opened your eyes to a smiling Jughead, and you smiled back.

Then he kissed you once more.

Power Cut IV

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Pairing : Yoongi x Reader
Genre : Fluff, slight angst, Hybrid!au
Warnings : mentions of sex

Summary : Yoongi is the cat hybrid you once adopted at an adoption center. You took care of him as best as you could months following his adoption but he still has not erased the distance he voluntarily puts between you.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 5

“Hum…Okay, but what the fuck is that shit?…”

Groaned the sleepy hybrid in his deep raspy voice. His soft black fluffy ears twitched at the sound of the video you were running on your laptop. Lazily laying on the couch, Yoongi was rubbing his nape with a yawn, eyes glued to the screen of the laptop on the coffee table with a slight frown. A smile etched the corners of your lips, a content sigh soon crossed them.

“ASMR. You know, like doctor Jung recommended. I think it’s a really good idea.”

Yoongi gave you a skeptical look, his eyes flickering back to the screen. Of course, at the memory of the last medical checkup, your thoughts wandered to the image of your naked hybrid. You shook your head, trying to think of something else to avoid any pervy thoughts pry further into your mind. Horny, you had been lately but you knew now it was not the right moment to be. Especially with your hybrid around.

“Doc Jung? “

You nodded at his words, eyes still glued to the laptop screen. You distractedly tapped your laptop with your fingertips as you crossed the hybrid’s usual stoic glance, feeling a bit flustered of the pervy thoughts still within your mind while Yoongi had no idea of why your glance seemed so avoiding nor why your lips suddenly parted. You nibbled on your bottom lip, your eyes into his deep dark ones. Yoongi eventually sighed, gazing into the distance.

“That guy is really weird. Always smiling and stuff. I don’t trust him. He also looks like a hippie.”

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Aliens do not understand our idea of fun and they just don’t know what to do with us when we’re bored. I mean, come on, we do some pretty bizarre stuff when we’re bored. I’m not talking balancing-things-on-your-face weird (don’t lie, we know you’ve done it.), I’m talking straight up strapping-knives-to-a-roomba-and-promoting-it crazy. Aliens quickly learn that a bored human is one of the most terror-inducing things in the galaxy.

En’thaar was going to his quarters for a bit of rest before evening-meal. It had been a busy day. He had finished analyzing the results from the tests on Veshra, summarized the results and wrote the exploration report for the captain. He even got a chance to read some of the updates in the fleet. En’thaar had just passed the central commons when he heard shouts. Immediately recognizing the source, he tensed up and doubled back. Bracing himself, he walked through the door… and froze.

“…wha?” was all he could manage.

A group of humans had gathered in the middle of the room, sitting in a rounded shape on the floor. In the middle of the group was one of the ship’s mobile cleaning units. En’thaar’s upper limb muscles relaxed a bit when he realized it was the same as any of the other cleaning units on the ship, except for a stack of small papers on top of it, or at least it appeared to be. Word had spread throughout the fleet about a group of humans on one ship that had taken a cleaning unit and attached knives to it. None of the stories said for sure which ship it was. En’thaar wasn’t sure if the stories were true or not. Honestly he thought it was too crazy to be true.

‘But not too crazy for our humans to try.’ He thought to himself, shaking his head.

One of the humans looked up. “Hey Enth!” He smiled, half-waving.

“Greetings, Human-Max, everyone.” En’thaar nodded. He looked around the room at the others. Cassie, David, Ana and Max’s twin brother Ben all smiled and said hello.

“You’re just in time to see David lose!” Max grinned mischievously.

“Yeah, yeah, get on with it already!” David rolled his eyes, an action En’thaar learned humans use to express annoyance or exasperation.

“Truth or dare?” Max asked, barely able to contain his glee.

“Truth, obviously. I’m not taking a dare from you again after that incident in Shar’lan’s quarters.” All the humans turned to look at Shar’lan. En’thaar hadn’t noticed her standing there earlier. She did not look pleased.

“Uh, right.” Max cleared his throat, awkwardly. “So, we all know how you met Cassie. it was your first day on the ship, you were soaked, aliens didn’t know as much about humans, etc.” Maxed waved his hand. “So, my question is… when you first met Cassie, how did you really feel about kissing her?”

The group broke into a chorus of ‘oohs’ and laughter. En’thaar noticed a slight pink hue to Cassie’s cheeks.

“You win.” David glared at Max, picking up the top paper from the cleaning unit as it rolled by him.

“Mix two parts hot sauce, three parts habañero juice… and six parts kunjar nectar.” He shuddered then glared at Ben.

“The habañero juice is for flavor.” The chemist smiled cheerfully.

En’thaar closed his eyes, imagining the flavor such a formula would have. He had never tasted hot sauce or habañero juice, but he had heard plenty about them from the humans. As for kunjar, he was more familiar with the plant than he would have liked. The humans compared it’s scent to that of rotting meat that had been sprayed by a skunk then soaked in rotten eggs.

“If I may interrupt…?” En’thaar asked hesitantly.

“Sure, what’s up Enth?” David asked gratefully.

“What are you doing?

“Playing truth or dare.” Ana answered.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I can tell you about it later.” Cassie added. Grinning, she turned back to David. “Cheers.”

David looked at the mix in his hand and sighed. En’thaar winced as David drank the gruesome concoction.

“Ok Cassie…” David started. His torso jerked and he quickly covered his mouth. He closed his eyes for a second and swallowed, shuddering. “Truth or dare?” He choked.

“Oh no you don’t. I pick dare.” Cassie replied, hands on her hips.

“I dare you to kiss Max or Ben,” David said, regaining his composure. A small, weak smile played on his lips as he glanced over at the brothers. “Whichever one you want, there really is no difference.”

“Hey!” The twins protested as Ana laughed.

“I’d rather kiss a grogin!” Cassie snorted, grabbing the mix from David and downing the rest of it in one go.

En’thaar watched in horror as he moved closer to Shar’lan. “What… why are they…?” He whispered.

“I gave up figuring it out space hours ago.” She replied. “I just know they find it to be fun.”

En’thaar pondered this for a moment then imitated a human shrug. “I suppose it could be worse.”

Shar’lan agreed. “Yes. They could be putting knives on it.” She gestured at the cleaning unit.

“Wait…” Max froze, holding Ben in a headlock in one arm, a new batch of the revolting drink in his other hand. “Putting knives… on a roomba?!” Max’s eyes widened.

Ben broke free and grabbed the cleaning unit. “Beat ya to it!” He yelled, running out of the room.

“Hey!” His brother shouted, right on his heels. The rest of the humans laughed.

Shar’lan shrank sheepishly, smiling at En’thaar. En’thaar squinted at her, his lips forming a straight line.

He rolled his eyes, turning back toward his quarters. “Starmaker help us.”

What does that make you? (Bowers Gang x Reader x The Losers Club)

A/n: This is just an experiment since it’s my first time writing for the It movie! I was almost done until I got a similar request to my idea! Hope you enjoy! Requests are open!

Requested: The reader Defending The Losers Club by The Bowers Gang?

Summary: You and your friends are excited for the summer break, that’s until fucking Henry Bowers showed up at your door step!

Warning: None really! Just swearing!

As usual, you and the losers club walked out of the hell hole that is considered a school. The only thing you guys wanted was to end this year without seeing ANY of the bowers gang assholes! Although it was possible to escape them, your friends were his #1 target! You just needed to find a way to switch his target and get your friends out of his trap!

You weren’t exactly apart of the Losers Club because you were 15 and they were 13-14! The only thing that sucks is Henry is in one of your classes! You were at least happy at the fact the boys don’t need to see his ugly ass mullet face till the end of the day!

“Oh my fucking god! This is the best feeling EVER!” You squealed the last part. You were all standing in front of the school so you wouldn’t see Bowers!

Richie just stood there fixing his glasses half the time.

“Try tickling your pickle for the first time!” You all stared at him blankly!

“You have a cat right?” Eddie asked.

“Yeah why?” He replied obliviously to Eddies question.

“That’s the only pussy you’ll ever get!” You all started laughing because it was so obvious.

“Y/n?” Bill called out for you.

“Yeah?” You replied back with a questioning look.

“We all want you t-to know that y-y-you are like a b-b-big sis-“

“SAY WHAT? I NEVER SAID THAT!” Richie yelled. You cocked your eyebrow up and he turned to look in another direction while fixing his glasses.

“Keep talking and I’ll make you one eyed Richie!” You threatened him jokingly while the others laughed. “You were saying…?”

“R-r-right! Uhm… you are like a s-s-sister and a b-b-best friend for us! Y-you are always here for us!” Bill said through his stutter. You looked around and everyone nodded.

“Aw! I love you guys too! Especially you Richie!” You winked at him which caused him to blush.

You, Eddie and Bill were walking in the front while the other 2 were at the back. You heard a thump come behind you and you all turned to face Stan and Richie laying on the ground.

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM HOCKSTETTER!” You demanded Patrick to move away from Stan! He looked at you and smirked.

“And what will you give me back for that princess?” He questioned. You flipped him and heard someone burp loudly behind you! You turned to see Belch grinning at the fact he got Eddie to gag.

You just stood there with disgust all over your face. It’s weird because all of them are there except for He-,

Before you can finish your thought, someone slapped your ass and guess who? It was fucking Henry Bowers! You looked at him, fuming. You just stared at him while he smirked at you and walked forward leaving all of you in shock.

“You s-s-suck Bowers!” Bill yelled out! Eddie looked at him with surprise and you knew for a fact he’s had enough of Henry and his asshole friends.

Henry and his gang slowly turned around and looked at Bill!

“Did you say something?” He asked walking towards you guys. Bill moved behind you because he, himself knew he was a little too confident.

“Yeah! He did!” You spoke up, moving a little forward so Bill and Eddie were slightly behind you. Everyone around you was looking at you as if you were crazy. Henry tilted his head to a side with a tint of anger.

He moved towards you keeping a good amount of distance. He lunged towards you to grab Bill but you got in the way and pushed Bill back.

“STOP!” You yelled in Henry’s face. You can hear Patrick laughing in the background and that just did it. You lost control. You looked at Patrick with anger.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP DICKHEAD!” You yelled at the top of your lungs towards him, making him stop. Henry moved right in front of you now and was looking down at you.

“Watch yourself Slut!” Henry said. This wasn’t the first time he called a girl a slut or a whore!

“Move.Away!” You said trying to keep calm. You were looking down because you were slightly getting back to reality.

“The last time I checked, you were the one sucking dicks!” He said out of the blue. Everyone but him and his wannabe gang knew you were a virgin.

“Okay! And you fuck and harass thousands of girls! What does that make you? HUH?” You yelled out instantly regretting it! He moved right to your ears and whispered,

“I haven’t fucked a girl like you yet? Wanna come to my place?” He questioned, slightly chuckling at your reaction.

You moved right into his face this time.

“You wanna know something Bowers! It’ll only take me a second to go up to your dad and tell him all the shit you’re doing! Remember that! And it’s perfect timing as well, since he’s right around the corner!” You said winking at him. He moved back a bit. He looked at the boys with anger and frustration!

“Leave them alone Bowers! Go pick on someone your own size!” You said to him in a low, serious tone.

“I’ll definitely stop messing around with them!” He said with a smirk. Why the fuck is he smirking at me? Whatever! As long as he stops.

“Thank you!” You said to him with a kind smile.

“Oh, don’t thank me too early princess! I meant, you’re my next target!” He said winking at you and grazing your cheeks with his finger. You looked at him in aw!

He kissed your cheek and walked to the car with a straight face. You couldn’t process what just happened. The boys moved in front of you and looked at you worriedly.

“Are you okay? What did he say to you?” Eddie asked.

“Huh? Um… yeah I’m f-fine! He just told me he’ll stop bothering you guys!” You said with a slight smile on your face.

They all huffed in happiness and that’s where your life started getting real.

That’s the end of the story peeps! Tell me if you want a part two!!!

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