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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4

It’s amazing to see how much we can create together, my amigos. Here’s part 4.

  1. “Look, I might be evil but even I have standards.”
  2. “Do your parents know you’re dating Death?” “No, I promised we wouldn’t get back together after he broke up with me the first time.”
  3. “Wait why am I naked and covered in cheese?”
  4. “Good god, that cake is fuckin stale and dry mate!!” “Just like how you are recently? Gee, thanks.”
  5. "There is always time for a high-five.”
  6. “Karen, what would ever posses you to find me here.”
  7. “Oh my god, put that man down! Come on, let’s go get you some REAL food.”
  8. “A demonic sugar glider?”
  9. “People always say they never thought they would be here but I absolutely did.”
  10. “And I thought I was a bit weird. But you! You are insane!”
  11. “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)
  12. “One day, darling, you and I are going to conquer the Universe not just our world.”
  13. “Did you seriously think they wouldn’t notice when their humans went missing?!”
  14. “Well, maybe next time you should consider that not everyone wants to be woken up at four in the morning by a- what IS that, anyway?!”
  15. “Now, how exactly did your foot get stuck in the barrel?”
  16. “I hope you realize what you’re doing. This forest never ends, you know that, right?”
  17. “You can’t just kill someone and then make it all better by saying sorry!”
  18. “Why the fuck is my cat levitating?!” “He said he wanted to feel what flying was”
  19. “You’re trying to tell me you killed three men…with a microphone?”
  20. “Hang on, are you a John Wick fan?”
  21. “IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING!” “And?” “ I have a strict no murder rule until eight. Call me then.”
  22. “I did realize you were going to be naked the whole time”
  23. “Ok, I understand you like animals, but you can’t just bring a tiger into the apparent without asking!”
  24. “I…I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”
  26. “I gotta go, I left my toaster in the oven!
  27. "Why is there a gaggle of fancy buisness men on my front lawn?”
  28. “Can you please stop referring to me as ____! That’s not my name!” “Then what is?” “I don’t know!”
  29. *Sarcastic* “Yeah, sure. I won’t at all mind being your footslave.” “Oh, goody! I knew you’d agree!” “Wait, what?”
  30. “When are you going to give up on this whole ‘evil’ thing?” “When it stops being so much fun!”
  31. “You didnt say to KILL the man!” “WELL I DIDNT SAY NOT TOO”
  32. “Mum, Dad… I’m gay.” “That’s nice, honey, but now is not the right time!”
  33. “Take a look at your soul and consider your life choices! Oh wait, that’s right! You don’t fucking have a soul!” “Oh, god, just go drown in a bathtub of syrup why don’t ya?”
  34. “I kindly ask you to please quit making your heart stop. It’s creeping me out!” “So… Y-You were sleeping in a coffin” “Yeah I’m used to it” “Are you a vampire or what?! How can someone get used to sleep in a coffin?” “No I’m used to sleep I never said that I’m used to sleep in a freaking coffin!”
  35. “Darling I love you, more than I can ever express in words…. But please stop teaching chickens necromancy.”
  36. “I wanted to know why you stole souls, not your melodramatic backstory…”
  37. “I really wish that old white man would stop rubbing his nipples at me”
  38. “You know it is written: Do not summon Satan, right ?”
  39. “Look around, what is this?” “My room?” “No, this is pathetic.”
  40. “I’ve been a professor for 20 years, and yet still my greatest secret hasn’t been revealed–I can’t read.”
  41. “Our souls don’t belong in these 'human’ bodies, every one of us is implanted here from another galaxy, and this has been the case for a thousand years. No one knows what 'actual humans’ are like without us inhabiting them.”
  42. “Did you just create a portal in time and space to pull another version of yourself into this world so I have to deal with another annoying idiot?” “No but thanks for the idea.”
  43. “You’re bleeding?!” “Nah, I’m frolicing in a field of flowers - yes I’m bleeding!”
  44. “Let me get this straight. I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for piloting a spaceship?”
  45. “It’s the weekend! Let’s hit the town! See a concert, redo our wardrobes, get high, start a crime ring, I don’t know.”
  46. “Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!”
  47. “This is clearly your first time. Stop screaming already, you’ll wake the neighbors!”
  48. “Has anyone seen the outdoors?” “What the fuck is an outdoors?”
  49. “Why do I feel like this again, I thought we were done with this?”
  50. “Look, as much as I like to hang out with you, I’ve gotta go and save the earth. Toodles!”
  51. “Have you seen?… oh shit”
  52. “Two questions: one, how many matches do you have, and two, where do you keep your socks?”
  53. “Because fuck surveys, that’s why!”
  54. “Stop yelling out the window or the koalas will rip your face off!”
  55. “I guess when I heard 'Night of Debauchery’… I didn’t picture muffins on your pajamas.”
  56. “Honey, you can’t keep throwing people to the pit of pain and despair just because they don’t like choc mint ice cream.”
  57. “Oh, no honey, put that back…”
  58. “It’s going to be too late, you know. It’s always too late.”
  59. “Hey, so, uh… I’m in trouble…” “What did you do this time?” “I got stranded in Wales….. again…”
  60. “OK, but… how do we get the dog out of a hole in space in time exactly?”
  61. “Aren’t people supposed to grow instead of shrink ?”
  62. “Wait. You’re aroused?” “Why would that surprise you?” “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  63. "I pay your taxes”
  64. “No, ____. We did not raise our hamster like this.”
  65. “You can’t run from your own shadow(s), what makes you think you can run from theirs?”
  66. “You adopted… a dog?” “Mate, that’s not a dog.”
  67. “And at this moment, he decided to punch himself in the face.” “Narrator, listen, I know you’ve been with me my whole life, but you’re a huge jerk.”
  68. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a portal BEFORE we ended up here?”
  69. “Is that…the Mona Lisa.” “…Yes…” “What did I say to you about stealing priceless artifacts!?” “…That I had to take you with me next time.” “Exactly!”
  70. “Yes, I agree, magic is pretty cool. But did you really have to use it for THIS?”
  71. “Despite the fact that was epic, you’re still suspended”
  72. “Chill, dad it’s not what you think it is!” “Well it looks like you’re making out with the demon your grandma banished to cellar…WHY IS HE IN YOUR ROOM?”
  73. “If you truly love me you’ll let me-OH FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST STAB ME!?”
  74. “Spoon”
  75. “What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a Million worlds.The ___ and the ___ have all but exhausted the the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is…“
  76. ”… I’m going back to bed. You brought it here, you can deal with the mammoth yourself.“
  77. "Is the food supposed to be moving?”
  78. “You mean to tell me that in the two minutes I was gone,  you bombed a minor country,  got married to a stripper,  and assassinated a world leader?!”
  79. “Is that a unicorn???? EATING MY BEEF JERKY?!”
  80. “Do I get to dream about you again tonight?”
  81. “Well now I have to change clothes AGAIN!”
  82. “All of this was because of a… OF A PLUSHIE?!” “Well…Yeah?” “Great, how are we going to get out of jail now?!”
  83. “So…you gonna tell me why my brother is upside down and why you’re wearing my purple thong?”
  84. “Did you really have to burn down another Cracker Barrel?”
  85. “Sir, that’s impossible, you can’t do that.” “IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE?!?!”
  86. “We need to invade Portugal.” “…Sure, why not?”
  87. “Did you divide by zero?! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US ALL”
  88. “Stand down, Milady, this is a matter between gentlemen with mustaches.”
  89. “Next time you get arrested I am NOT paying your bail” “That’s a lie and you know it.” “….”
  90. “I thought you were dead.” “So did I”
  91. “John dont flush the dog down the toilet”
  92. “What did I say again about resurrecting dictators??”
  93. “Cucumbers are NOT pets… what do you mean, you ate him??”
  94. “Are you and God seriously fighting right now? And what happened to Satan?”
  95. “Are ferrets supposed to be blue??”
  96. “I’m the protagonist? Well I guess that explains why I look like about a thousand other people.”
  97. “Why do I do this to myself?”
  98. “Stop eating your tortilla chips with ketchup. It’s unattractive.”
  99. “How do you eat an entire cheese wheel in one sitting?”
  100. “Why are God and Satan moving in with us?”

Let’s make one more ‘100 Dialogue Prompts’ list together. Leave a comment with your prompt below. Don’t forget the double quotes “”. And as always, only one prompt per amigo! Also, here is your random Dutch word of the day: pindakaas

His//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by jjaenyoung

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary:Jaebum becomes possessive over you after he becomes jealous.

Author’s Note: This is some pure ass smut enjoy

WARNING: dirty talk, slight daddy kink.

xoxo Sara

You got up early one morning with the intentions of getting ready and making yourself look presentable.  You were meeting an old friend for the first time today and you wanted to make sure you looked nice. You slid quietly out of your bed, doing your best not to wake up your boyfriend. You knew he would need as much sleep as he could get due to his busy schedule as of late, and you didn’t want to interrupt his dreams. You sat by your mirror and hummed softly as you did your makeup, entertaining yourself while managing to not wake him.

You got dressed and headed out of your room, making sure to close the door as lightly as you could behind you, when you heard him stir in your bed. You heard his soft groans that he let out every morning circle through your usually silent apartment, making you smile to yourself as you reached the living room. You heard the door to your room open.

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pairing: lin-manuel miranda x reader

prompt: lol u both try to surprise each other at the same time

warnings: swearing, fluffy (v sweet!!! you might get a toothache!!!), suggestive ;)))))))) 

words: 1,783

a/n: i !!! love !!! this !!! i’m gonna do a laf one like this kinda soon. pls feel free to leave requests! i love the ones you guys have been giving me xoxoxoo lemme know whatcha think/like/want 

Masterlist         /         Prompt List

“Three cream, two sugar, please.” You told the barista looking up from your phone. You smiled slightly when your eyes returned to the screen. Lin was up and retweeting his favorite Tobillo photoshops. Checking your watch, you realized you were 30 minutes early to work and decided to enjoy your coffee at the cafe; sitting down at a rounded table.

You thought for a minute before setting to work, cropping a photo of Ariel with Tobi’s face before sending it in. Lin almost immediately quoted it, saying:

Bahahhaha this is why I love Y/N. Aren’t you late for work?

You instantly smiled, tweeting back:

@Lin_Miranda I’m early actually

He fired back:

@Y/N that’s a first ;)

You rolled your eyes. A moment later, you had a text from Lin.

from: lin

i miss u :,(

to: lin

pls don’t make me cry i’m in public

from: lin

i’ll be home soon!!

to: lin

you told eliza that too and then you went off and fucking killed urself

Lin laughed aloud, causing a few people in the sound room to look up to him. Blushing feverishly, he texted back.

from: lin

true. but i guess that makes it a good thing that i modeled you after jefferson and not eliza. who else would be so…

You laughed at Lin’s teasing remarks. Still, you wished he were hear to tell you them in person. Biting back, you responded:

to: lin

you’re so full of yourself

from: lin

you would be full of me too if i were home

You immediately check over your shoulder to make sure no one saw that, cursing yourself as your stomach twisted and a blush flooded the back of your neck. You squeezed your legs together as you responded.

to: lin

how many days till you’re home?

from: lin

just over a month

from: lin

so far to many

You sighed, picking up your coffee and heading to work. Long distance sucked. You missed him constantly. It’s not like you were mad at him for committing to Mary Poppins; the opposite, actually. You had never been so proud of your boyfriend, you just wished that your job allowed you to see him more.

Still, when he posted a picture of himself at the BAFTs, you couldn’t help it when you bought a plane ticket for the following Saturday to surprise him.

That night in Europe, Lin FaceTimed you off his Mac, instantly greeting you with a smile.

You couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes from working so hard. It was late, too: maybe 11. Lin usually didn’t stay up much later than nine, but he really wanted to see your face after work today. He was in bed, the computer on his lap, dressed in boxers and a blue tee.

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as you saw his face. The two of you talked every day, but you only FaceTimed once or twice a week as a result of your schedules.

“I miss you,” the two of you said at the same time. Lin threw his head back in a laugh, a giggle escaping your own lips as you poured yourself a glass of water.

“Tell me about your day,” Lin said.

You instantly fueled his request with stories of weird encounters at the hospital you worked at. Lin listened endearingly to each one. He told you about how much he was learning and how happy he was. Throughout it all, however, he never made it past five minutes without telling you how much he loved you.

As it two in the morning for him and eight for you, he yawned.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, babe. Get some rest,” you said. He went to argue but sighed when a yawn interrupted him.

“I love you,” he said.

You smiled, “I love you too.”

Across the ocean, Lin hung up the FaceTime and grinned to himself. He was beyond tired, but despite his mind’s need for sleep, he went onto Delta airlines and booked a flight to New York for next Saturday.

The weekend came sooner than you expected. Maybe it was your excitement to see him, but before you knew it, it was Friday evening and you were packing a bag and setting an alarm for five a.m.

Lin was doing the same in Britain, adding your favorite sweatshirt that he had forgotten to leave for you at home. He smiled to himself, thanking the front desk man as he left the building.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday,” Lin said, practically skipping to the cab outside.

You drove yourself to the airport, working your way through customs before settling down on the plane. This time tomorrow, you thought, you’ll be in his arms.

Lin boarded his plane, the grin never leaving his face. He was so close to being with you, he couldn’t wait. This time tomorrow, he thought, you’ll be in his arms.

You didn’t get as much sleep as you were hoping to one the jet, but you immediately felt rejuvenated at the thought of being with Lin in just over an hour.

Lin on the other hand, managed to sleep the entire way. He walked sleepily off the plane, slugging his backpack over his shoulders. JFK was huge, but he knew it like the back of his hand, weaving in and out of people to get through customs. Lin was was speed walking towards the parking lot where his Uber was waiting. He kept his hood up to avoid too much attention, grinning to himself when he saw the same model of your car.


That was your car. He double checked the license plate, confirming it was yours. What were you doing at the airport? Did you forget to tell him you were leaving the state? Even then, you always texted him before your flights. He checked his phone, making sure it wasn’t still on airplane mode. Nothing. Hoping you weren’t in the air, he called you.

In Europe, you had just walked into his apartment complex, waving to the bellman as you walked up the stairs.

“I’m surprising my boyfriend,” you explained. The man nodded, ushering you forward.

You felt your phone jolt. Lin.

Grinning, you answered the phone, “Hello?” You asked innocently.

“Where are you right now?” He asked suddenly. You almost laughed.

“Why don’t you open your door and find out,” you smirked, leaning up against the wall outside of his apartment.

“What? I’m not home,” he said.

Your brows furrowed, “It’s like, ten at night. Where are you?”

“Where are you?” He questioned.

“I’m, uh, outside your apartment,” you mumbled.

You heard him groan, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You frowned slightly before he continued, “I’m at JFK.”

“What?” You almost shouted, quickly lowering your voice to avoid waking up his neighbors.

“I was trying to surprise you.” He said lightly, making your heart ache.

“I was trying to surprise you too,” you smiled.

“I love you,” you both said in sync. Giggling, you asked what to do.

“I have to head home on Sunday, so if either of us fly home, we’ll barely get any time together,” you sighed.

You heard Lin huff, “But I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” you sighed.

“Okay, uh - go down to the front desk and I’ll call and tell them to give you a key to my room. You can stay there, and I guess I’ll just go to the house.” Lin reasoned.

You nodded, “Okay. Will you water the herb garden?” He chuckled before agreeing.

“I love you, thank you for being so perfect,” you said.

“I love you more. I’ll see you in a month, mi reina,” He said before hanging up.

He hit his head against the seat of the Uber he had gotten into, groaning.

Monday came quickly, Lin had given you a few restaurants to go to, a museum to visit, and even had you stop into his office to meet a few people. It was amazing, but didn’t make it any less lonely.

Lin took the day to himself, walking into your favorite cafe with a grin on his face. He spent most of it at home, just hanging out. The only thing that would’ve made it better was you.

On your flight home, you were honestly a little pissed. You were tired and hungry and a little unsatisfied, for lack of better words. Both of you had made these grand gestures, and neither of you were able to see each other. It wasn’t fair. Snuggled up in one of his sweaters you had stolen form his closet, you tried to sleep until you landed.

to: lin

landed. thanks for a fun weekend :/ love u

You unlocked you car and climbed in, immediately jacking the heat. February in New York was not warm. Shivering slightly, you started your trek home. It wasn’t more than a 45 minute drive, but it felt shorter than usual.

Shutting the garage, you walked into your house, throwing your keys onto the counter. You glanced at your watch: 4:36. You weren’t particularly hungry, but got some popcorn to eat while you watched some TV before dinner.

You trudged into the living room, the bowl of popcorn in your arm as you checked your phone for texts from Lin; nothing. He was probably in the air -

“Hey, Y/N.”

You jumped, your popcorn falling to the floor and littering the carpet. Your head snapped up to see him. Lin. Sitting on the couch, criss cross applesauce.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

Lin smiled as he stood up, “You didn’t actually think I’d let you go without seeing you, right?”

The tears in your eyes welled up and you thought your heart might explode it was beating so fast. You sprinted the last few steps across the living room, nearly collapsing on top of him. He caught you, burying his face in your neck, holding you in his arms.

God, I miss you.” He sighed. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing the tears to stop.

“I love you so much,” you laughed lightly, backing away just enough to see his face. One of his hands left your back to brush away a stray tear before bringing it back to hold you as tightly as he could.

He smiled as you took his face in your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. You could feel his grin against your mouth as you tanged your hands in his hair, tugging slightly when he nipped your bottom lip.

He pressed his forehead to yours, “I love you too, mi reina. I love you too.“

Yours, Unfaithfully [Chapter 2]

Originally posted by jacksonisjbssin

Chapter 2 of Yours, Unfaithfully.

Series Genre: AU/Angst/Smut

Chapter 1

The rest of the evening you went through the motions, smiling through the pain as countless guests congratulated you on your upcoming nuptials.

You wished you could leave. You wanted to hate your parents for separating you from the one person who understood every part of your heart, mind and body, but you couldn’t. They had given you everything under the sun and in their own way, you knew they were doing what they thought was best for you.

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Setting: Infirmary, Deep Space 9

Garak: What–? Doctor, I really got to stop waking up in your sick bay this way. The neighbors are beginning to talk.

- Marvel-Paramount Comics ST: DS9, Vol. 1, No. 15, March 1998

Read through this short comic tonight, the equivalent of a 25-minute episode, and afterward HAD to scan in some panels. Like this one…

saeranshoe  asked:

It may have already been requested but rfa v and saeran helping mc with a period of bad depression and like they like self harmed/ tried to kill themselves (totally not a self indulgent ask hides in the darkness) thank you so much for your work

oooh what a good time for me to write this, in the middle of my depression wave :0 this actually was a good rant for me, thank u for the request! -Green💚

Warning: Mentions of self harm/attempts of suicide 


-it was just a normal day. that’s how they all start, right? 

-you and Yoosung had actually just came home from a date

-nothing bad actually happened. It really was a great day. 

-so why were you in the bathroom in the middle of the night, yoosung just in the other room, cradling yourself and sobbing your eyes out? 

-you don’t know. you dont know you dontknwo you do n t k n oww 

-god it all just hurt so bad. you don’t know what hurts, but it was throbbing 

-you feel like your whole body is struggling against you and you’re about to burst out of your own skin. 

-so you desperately get up and tug open drawers, not even aware of all the noise you were making

-you finally found some scissors at the bottom of one of the drawers. you cut yoosungs hair with this occasionally because hairstylists cost too much. 

-you’re able to dig the blade deep into your hip only once by the time the bathroom door slams open

-when that door open, so did all the realization and the buzzing pain in your side

-you don’t even look at yoosung, you drop to the floor, throwing the blade away from you and cry 

-there’s so much blood

-yoosung doesn’t really know how to act, because everything is happening so fast 

-but the two of you are in each others arms and crying so loudly you’re scared you’ll wake the neighbors 

-he’s petting your hair with shaking hands, telling you with a watery voice how he loves you and whatever you need he’ll get it, he’ll do it, anything for you, so don’t leave him.


-most likely the two of you are doing it together

-that was a horrible joke oh my god ANYWAYs

-Saeyoung was actually out on a mission for his agency let’s just pretend he didn’t quit yet

-and you’ve just grown numb without him around the house let’s also pretend saeran isn’t here okay 

-you miss him a lot. like. way too much. but there’s something else. 

-and you can’t even think straight as you’re walking out the bunker and out towards the road

-you doubt any cars will come but you lay down on the road and look at the sky. hopefully you’ll get hit while looking at the clouds change shape.

-happy thoughts :)

-your mind is cloudy and the world is hazy you really don’t notice the car coming towards you

-you jump when you hear the screech of breaks and you’re suddenly too aware of how close you were to dying

-and when you see your redhead come out of the car, you break and curl into yourself.

-more than anything, you’re ashamed. guilty. ashamed he saw you like this, in this state. 

-Saeyoung is more confused than anything because it hasn’t clicked in his head fast enough that you were there hoping someone would run you over, but when he’s hearing you sob saying how you were sorry and you just couldn’t take it anymore, it does click. and now he’s crying too. oh god he’s crying so much

-he brings you back in the bunker, and barely is able to get you into the bedroom before he collapses. 

-he’s holding his head in his hands and just crying all by himself, with you there infront of him. 

-he’s crying for you to never leave him, that he’s sorry, that he’ll be better, just don’t leave him

-don’t leave him


-committing suicide was too easy in his penthouse

-you were all alone all day. it was so easy. so so easy

-those pills were just mocking you, so you finally took action and downed the whole bottle

-ha. take that, pills. you finally beat them and their stupid game. you finally won

-but did you really?

-little did u kno,,, Jumin came home early that day! Hooray…!


-you hear him call out for you and out of instinct you turn around, slam the bathroom door and lock it. 

-of course he hurries over and he asks what’s wrong

-and you kind of just

-look down at the empty bottle in your hands and you realize you’re going to die. 

“Jumin… I think I’m going to die.”


“What?! ___, princess, are you alright?! What happened?! Open the door-”

“I took all the pills. I just… they’re all gone. I took all of them..”

- “____, honey, what pills?”

“I-i don’t really know? The title is hard to read… it’s the ones the therapist gave me..”

-the knocks get louder and more desperate

-without really thinking about it you open the door and suddenly you’re being dragged through the halls of your home with Jumin ,,

-jumin crying

-jumin crying?

“Honey, why are you crying?” 

“___, you just tried to kill yourself. I don’t want that. I don’t want that ever, ___.”




-she walked in on you struggling to breathe while hanging in the air. your noose is the bed sheets

-she screams for what feels like the first time in her life. She’s never been more terrified then in that moment.

-Jaehee, if anything at all, is a quick thinker. She get’s up on the bed and quickly rips the sheets from the ceiling, making you drop down to the floor, gasping for air

-she tears the sheets off of your neck and shoves you into her, making you fall ontop of her and she doesn’t care

-her hands are gripping on your hair and back so tightly, and they’re moving all over you so fast like she’s trying to convince herself you’re still there 

-she’s sobbing so bad and eventually her hands make it to your face and she’s kissing you all over


-you have a low enough self-esteem as is

-being with zen really doesn’t raise it any higher

-he tries, he really does, but it makes you feel that much worse knowing that his efforts will never be enough for you. 

-the comments will always get to you. the looks will always burn you.

-so maybe you should just do him a favor for once and just leave?

-you’re mindlessly cutting yourself in the mirror, not really thinking about anything other than dying and how you should run the blade a little deeper this next cut

-when you hear Zen come through the front door, you don’t really know what to do. So you sit still, frozen on the tile of the kitchen of course you have a mirror in the kitchen there’s a mirror in every room 

-you don’t try to hide it. maybe when he sees you like this, he’ll finally get the idea that you aren’t worth it and you don’t deserve him. that he should leave you in the dust like you deserve. 

-you make eye contact with him in the mirror, and his smile immediately drops

-good. you don’t deserve that either, that beautiful smile. you don’t deserve to look at him.

-Zen basically glides to you and forces your hand into the kitchen sink, spraying cold water over your wrists. 

-you flinch at the feeling as he’s suddenly rubbing disinfectant over your cuts

-he hasn’t said a word, even as he’s began to bandage your arm. you don’t say anything either. 

-when you’re all patched up, that’s when Zen finally takes a big breath, and you prepare yourself for the heartache when he breaks up with you. why would he want someone so obviously broken?

- “____, I love you. I’m not a liar, don’t think I am. I haven’t lied to you once since I’ve met you. I love you. I love you way too much to let you go. So don’t. Don’t go, okay? We’ll…. we’ll work on this. Together. Because you’re not alone. I’m here. I’m always going to be here.”


-this h u r t s 

-you could never be like Rika. V would always have her in his heart, and you thought you could accept it. But that feeling. that feeling you could never truly earn V’s full love just because you weren’t who he wanted you to be stung more harshly than the water running through your nose

-you were drowning yourself in yours’ bathtub. 

-it was ironic, no? didn’t V say that’s how Rika died? by drowning?

-ha. maybe this will make him love you more? 

-your vision finally starts to go hazy and black when all the sudden everything is white and cold

-you’re gasping for air suddenly, and you look around you

-but. no one is there.

-you curl into your naked body in the tub, and you sob

-you couldn’t do it. you couldn’t do anything.

-by the time V came home, you were still in the cold water, holding yourself and shivering. 

-he couldn’t really know anything was wrong, other than the fact you were horribly cold, and you needed to get out of the water and warm up, honey!!

“V, I tried to kill myself.”



- “I tried to drown myself in the tub and it never worked, I kept coming out last minute. I guess… I was hoping you would find me. But you didn’t.” 


-n nn ooo o oo my ba b ab yyyy y

-Saeran had been a tad bit more… difficult to handle, lately. 

-Saeyoung had noticed you struggling, so even he was trying to help a little more, even with the small amount of time he had. 

-it was actually Saeyoung that had found you bleeding out in the bathroom, and it was Saeyoung who brought you to the hospital for emergency treatment.

-and it was Saeran who was called by his brother to inform him of your state. 

-it was Saeran that punched the wall. Cried his eyes out and rushed over to the hospital 

-he couldn’t understand it at first. why? why would you do this to him? why would you try to leave him?

-he almost wanted to get angry at you. but he couldn’t. he couldn’t do that when he knew it wasn’t your fault. it was his.

-you were fast asleep in the hospital bed, and Saeran wasn’t surprised. Apparently you had a very exhausting day. 

-so he held your hand, and refused to leave your side until you woke up. And when you did, he had gotten his act together and greeted you with a smile. 


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

You are a freshman in college who moved into your NYC apartment with your best friend. Yet, what unexpectedly came with the apartment were the two rowdy boys next door who were from London, where one would steal your heart, despite how much you hated him. 

Three Words

You get nervous saying those three words to Tom. Part two of Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover.


Peter gets hurt again after a night of crime fighting for the thousandth time and you tell him the truth.

New Beginnings

You’re having a long day until a familiar face comes and interrupts your lunch break and surprises you.

Not Done with You

Your movie plans with Peter finally arrived but something else was on Peter’s mind, which left you wondering the entire time if there was something more important. Part two of New Beginnings.

Finally, At Peace

You finally get some answers even if it unsettles you at first, but in the end you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Part three of New Beginnings and Not Done With You.

Foe Turned Friend

You were agitated after a long day of classes and studying for the most stressful exam yet. Your day didn’t end as badly as you thought it would when you received a cookie from your neighbor downstairs.

Wake-Up Call

It’s the next morning after Peter gave you the cookie late last night. It starts with an early wake-up call but definitely worth it after the exam is over. Part two of Foe Turned Friend.

Snowed In

Your university closes down for the snow storm headed your way but you find yourself alone, or so you thought, on campus.


You’re petrified of spiders and your attractive RA becomes your knight in shining armor when it comes to defeating the threatening spider.

Not So Bad After All

You had a bad start to your morning when you woke up late to class and had to board a very crowded bus.


You get stuck with terrible group members so you and Peter have to deal with it, but Peter unexpectedly catches you off guard.

First Time for Everything

Tom surprises you with American football tickets and you become his personal football teacher during the game.

Say Yes

You get dragged to this party by your best friend having to babysit her, but the one person you thought wouldn’t be there, is.


You work at a 24-hour photo store and couldn’t help but ask the boy who came in late at night about his photographs after you developed them.


It’s only been a few weeks since you met Peter Parker, but you both had become close to each other quickly. However, a small incident leaves Peter exposed right in front of you. Part two of Photographs.


You were running late to your unknowingly cancelled class and you meet a new face who shares his past with you.


You kind of lose touch with reality when you’re up really late studying for finals until Peter comes around and suggest to take a break from all your hard work.


You thought your time back home was going to be the best time, but a sudden disruption in Mother Nature throws you back into a position you never thought you would be in again.

We Don’t Talk Anymore

You and Tom feel the same months after your break up, but both of you are assuming that the other person has moved on. 

Unspoken Words

You’ve seemed to move on two years after Tom left to London until someone catches you by surprise at the annual fraternity party. Part two of We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Friends or What?

After an estranged friendship and relationship you finally find out the truth of why Peter was so secretive when you split up.

Off Guard

You’re a plus-size girl, you always were. You were bullied throughout school, but you were happy that changed when you went to college. You also started developing a crush on one of your close friends. You were caught off guard when you spend a night with him.


You’re a contestant in a drama competition and when things don’t go the way you want them to, Tom, your boyfriend, is there to comfort you.


This wasn’t supposed to happened between you and Peter Parker. In the classroom, you both had feelings for each other, but in the streets, you were practically enemies. What happens when the person you hate the most, becomes someone you care deeply about?


You figured out Peter’s identity, which sends you into a state of confusion of what you should do. Ignore his secret or face it? Part two of Vigilante.


You have a deep crush on Peter Parker, little did you know he would be your next project when your uncle, Tony Stark, asks you to help with Peter’s new Spider-Man suit.


You thought you would have an ordinary TA for this semester, but were you wrong when the TA looks like he came out of a film.


After your humiliating coffee spill with your TA Tom, you had to face him in his office hours when you needed help on a paper. However, things take a turn when you both have a common interest. Part two of Daydreaming.

Good For You

Tom had a bad day at work and thought you should treat him right for the night by looking good for him.

After Party (NSFW)

After Tom’s win at the award show, you decide to surprise him with some fun in the hotel room.

Ciao Adios

You’re tired of Tom’s game and it’s time to say goodbye to your relationship after you had given him multiple chances.

Undone (NSFW)

He had rules. You never questioned them, until he disobeyed his own rules. This is the time where you both undid each other.

Unraveled (NSFW)

After the rule was broken, you didn’t know what the status of your relationship with Tom stood. It worried you until one night. Part two of Undone.

Blind Date

After plenty of failed blind dates, there’s one that finally works out, thanks to a stranger.

Something New (NSFW) 

You’ve been putting it off, but you finally asked your boyfriend about something you’ve been wanting to try.

Day One

You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Day Two 

Part two of Day One.

Day Three

Part three of Day One.

Day Four

Part four of Day One.

Day Five

Part five of Day One.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Characters- Min Yoongi x reader

Type- Smut (did you read the title? lol) major daddy kink here folks :)

Word Count- 1060

Request- Can I have something based of Marilyn Monroe’s “My heart belongs to daddy” ;) Something smutty with Yoongi cuz you know he’s my suga daddy and my heart belongs to daddy U 3 O - @whitefoxgirl

A/n- @whitefoxgirl‘s heart really does belong to daddy. I’m going to hell for this hehe

Originally posted by taeguk

Sitting at the dinner table, you may have been flirting with an old friend who sat across from you. Next to you, Yoongi-your boyfriend- was getting annoyed, which you didn’t notice. Yoongi was good, almost too good, at hiding his annoyance. So when you arrived at his apartment, you were confused by his pissy mood.

“Dinner was fun. We should get together with them more often.” you flopped down in chair at the bar.

“Yeah sure.” he sat across from you, scowl on his face.

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Forgotten (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by two anons: “could you do a imagine/fic about grayson being really busy with youtube and work and his girlfriend being hurt about him not having time to hang out but also feeling conflicted about being mad at him since its his job and he loves what he does?” and “could you make an imagine about Grayson forgetting a date because he was out with his friends or something?”
Word Count: 1,347
Warnings: None.
A/N: I felt like these two requests could go together, so anons, I hope you enjoy this xx

Lately it had been weird between you and Grayson. You had been busy with school and he had been busy working on creating bigger and better things with Ethan. At first it was fine, you had seen each other maybe two, three times a week, spending every spare moment together. But when you graduated, you began feeling like you had to see more of him.

He had been getting busier, which resulted in you seeing each other once a week, and if you were really lucky, twice a week. You never expressed your thoughts to him though, because it was after all his job and he loved what he was doing. You never wanted to be the one who put a stop to that, you loved him too much.

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Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: He has been out late at night, and you didn’t know why…until someone had texted him

Word Count: 2002

Warning: eh, the usual cursing 

Originally posted by nochus

Once again the spot on the bed next to you was empty. You sighed and placed your hand on the cold mattress where he was supposed to be. BTS was given a well-deserved break, so you knew he wasn’t at the dance studio or the company. He wasn’t at the dorms either because you had texted the boys asking for Jimin and they said that they hadn’t seen him since their break started a week ago. You didn’t know where he was and you were worried. And this wasn’t the first time either. He’d been out late for three consecutive times this past week and this night was the fourth.

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Late Nights - Finn Bálor


Drabble #62: “If you can’t sleep.. we could have sex.”

Requested by: @nickysmum1909

Tags:  @thiickreigns | @x-fivefoot | @m-a-t-91 | @flawlessglamazon|@weirdchickennugget | @rocketgirl2410 | @leaundra1|@littledeadrottinghood | @theelitevillian | @weirdchickennugget|@helluvawriter | @nickysmum1909 | @princess3733 | @reigns420 | @ambrosegirlforever | @alexahood21 | @mrsamberlopezgoodanoai | @alexispoo | @nickysmum1909 |

Originally posted by finnfreezedemon

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This is you first thing in the morning, huh? Ha! I knew it.  All your neighbors wake up next to a pretty wife or girlfriend they can fuck, but you only  have your hand to fuck. They all know you wake up naked and masturbate first thing in the morning. The girlfriends and wives are all giggling over their morning coffee, knowing exactly what you’re up to right this minute. Ha!


Originally posted by whithoutmoonlight

Collab with @texts-from-bts

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Yoongi opened the door to his hotel room and let you all in. 

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said taking off your beanie and throwing yourself on the bed. 

“But now we have goodies~” Hoseok sung dumping all the items he grabbed onto the bed. 

“I got band t’s if anyone needs any!” You said grabbing one and walking to the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower! Order some food while I’m in there yeah? I’m starving.“ 

“Y/n it’s 4 in the morning… what place is going to deliver?” Jin peeped up.

“Then someone go get foood!” You cried out. 

“I’ll go, I’ll go…” Jungkook offered, “Jimin give me money." 

"Say please punk." 

"Please punk." 

"Fucker.” Jimin handed him some money. 

“Yeah yeah, I’ll be back in a bit. Let’s see what I can get with 15 dollars.” Jungkook crumpled up the money and shoved it in his pockets. 

A couple minutes had passed when you heard knocks on the bathroom door. “Who is it?” You said not knowing if you were loud enough because of how tired you were. “Hello?” You walked closer to the door, about to grab the knob.

“Hey I was wondering-” Jimin had opened the door as you walked toward it, smacking you on your forehead causing you to fall back. "Oh my god! I’m so sorry!-“ he looked down at you and shrieked. 

"Get out you piece of shit!” You pulled a towel on top of you. 

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t think you were naked! You just got in there!” He screamed from outside the door. He turned to the other boys that were just staring at him. They all turned to look at each other and started laughing at him.

“Fucking A,” Namjoon laughed, “gotta see her naked before I did.” Jin slapped him on the shoulder also laughing. After the laughing fit and a couple hits at Jimin, you came out, clean and angry but spotless nonetheless. 

“One of you fucks want to go?” Hoseok got up to take a shower. 

“I took one of the shirts you got.” He said. 

“It’s okay.” You put your hand on his shoulder as he passed by you. 

“You didn’t get any shirts your size? That shirt fits you like a dress.” Namjoon stated. 

“Good, that way I don’t have to waste clean pants.” You told him. “Anywho where’s Jungkook?” You sat on the bed closest to the front door, in between Jin and Namjoon. 

“Not here yet. Idiot probably got lost.” Jin said. 

“So what’s up with all of you? Why did we rob the place?” Yoongi finally spoke up. 

“Just cuz,” You shrugged. “We don’t have money and we thought it’d be fun. Now look at all the stuff we got.” You said grabbing all the cds and pulling them towards you with sparkles in your eyes. “We’re gonna have music slappin for days." 

"Ahh I see… a gang of trouble makers. I guess I would fit in with you gu-” Yoongi spoke until there was pounding on the door. He got up to open it. It was Jungkook. “Woah what the fuck happened dude?" 

"Where’s the food Kook?” You asked not seeing the commotion. He walked inside and that was when you realized some shit happened. “Wait babes what the fuck actually happened?!” You yelled standing up and running to him to look at his face. “Your face… it’s all beaten up. Were you hurt anywhere else?” You started shifting his shirt around until you spotted a big red spot near his ribs. “Damn that’s going to turn into a bruise…" 

"These shitwads jumped me. I don’t fucking know why! It was complete bullshit! There was three of ems! How is that shit even fair?! They took the fifteen dollars and my fucking phone! Can you believe that?!” He laughed angrily. “I just want to sleep yeah?" 

"Take a shower first kookie… or at least a bath okay? Also were they driving a car or something?” You said. 

“After they were done I seen em hop into this green shitty ass car with a shit ton of stupid stickers that didn’t even make sense… I mean I was probably a bit gone with the head trauma and all but still. Anyway I’ll go shower.” And as by magic Hoseok came out in perfect timing. 

“Woah the fuck happened?” He asked him but instead of answering he just went into the bathroom. 

“Lil homie got beat up.” Namjoon answered. 

“And I say we get revenge.” Your mouth widened into an evil grin. 

“Put some pants on and we’ll go find them fuckers car.” Jimin said. 

“Stay here twat. You’ve had enough fuckeries for one day. I’ll bring you back a souvenir or somethin. Come on Joon you’re good at breaking stuff." 

"Hey!” Both Jimin and Namjoon yelled. 

“I’m kidding. Now come on… also I’m not putting on pants. I refuse. Hand me my cardigan.” And with that you guys were off except for Jin, he stayed behind to make sure Jungkook was fine. 

“I think it’s that one?” You pointed to the car. “I mean it’s the only shitty green piece of crap we’ve seen and I’m sure Kook didn’t walk far." 

"It is!” Jimin pointed as well. “There’s the stupid shit stickers!" 

"Perfect,” you smirked, “you all know what to do." 

You all went up to the car and looked at it for a moment, "This needs more design, don’t cha think?” Yoongi sarcastically said as he pulled out his keys and started keying the damn thing all over. You looked around for anything sharp. Luckily you found a nail. 

“And these tires look way too pumped, a lil less air would do the trick.” You started popping all of them. 

“These stickers are meaningless. Joon help me scratch these shits off.” Jimin said scratching some off but leaving the messed up layers there. 

“Does this car really need windows? I mean, they obviously need oxygen in their brains if they’re messing around with just anybody.” Hoseok took his jacket off and wrapped it around his hand. With a kiss to his fist and a some force he broke the backseat window making the alarm go off. 

“Fuck! Hobi?!” Namjoon yelled. 

“Shut the fuck and go start the car! All of you!” He stayed behind to take a peek in the car. Oooh these fucks aren’t playing around I see. He grabbed a bag of what looked like fucked up weed and some watch he found on the floor of the car. “Oh! There’s Kooks phone!” He said to himself, “and a wallet I see… $600? Why’re these fuckers stealing from a poor boy what the hell." 

"Hey! Who are you!?” A man shouted from the steps of his house. 

“Hey keep it down. You don’t want to wake your neighbors.” Hoseok laughed as he kicked the backlight and ran towards the car. You held the door open for him. “Come on y/n! Let’s go!” He yelled. 

“One second!” You grabbed a big rock from the side of the rode and jumped in.

“Why the fuck?” Namjoon asked. 

“Yoongi make a u-turn!” You demanded and he did as he was told. You threw the rock at the car making the windshield window crumble into bits before the very eyes of the man looking distraught. “Don’t you eva fuck with us! You fucking piece of shit!” You all laughed all  the way back to the hotel. 

“Nice shot and I’m real sorry about earlier okay? I really didn’t mean to.” Jimin said to you. 

“Look, don’t worry about it okay?” You put your arm around his neck as all of you walked back to the hotel room. “Helloooo fuckers. Introducing the most badass crew in town. Here catch!” You threw Jungkooks phone at him. “Aaand we also instead of the fifteen dollars, we got six hundred dollars. Mmm you’re welcome.” Jin and Jungkook just looked at you guys in confusion. 

“H-how?” Jungkook questioned. 

“Don’t worry about it. But we have a small problem. We have to skip town. Book it. Dip. Leave the premis-” Namjoon was speaking but was cut off by Jin.

“Wait, what the fuck. Why? How bad you guys fuck up?" 

"Well you see we may have actually totally wrecked the douches car. It’s a mangled mess and speaking of cars pretty sure the dude got an eyeful of Yoongi’s.” Hoseok spoke up. 

“What am I going to do with you guys?” Jin sighed, “I’m sorry Yoongi we’re going to have to leave your car behind somewhere." 

Yoongi just nodded his head in response, "Hey don’t worry about it. Shit was a piece of junk anyway. I was waiting for the day it broke down on me." 

"I guess now is a perfect time to go get the truck. Hopefully it’s not ransacked. I have valuables man.” Jin spoke. 

“Jin, your pink sweater is not a valuable. Alsoooo I’m too tired to go get it. Can’t we just wait here?” Jimin whined. 

“Here I have a plan,” Yoongi intervened, “You can take my car to get your truck and once you get to wherever the hell you left it, you can leave behind mine. Let me just get my stuff out of it." 

"Okay, sure. Thanks." 

Yoongi left the room to go down to his car. 

"Now you idiots don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. Hobi, don’t let Namjoon and y/n rip each others heads off. And Namjoon, please for the love of god, just go to sleep. That’s all I’m asking from you. Okay?” Jin sternly asked.

“Okay fine,” he folded his arms and mumbled, “it’s not like I saved Jungkooks phone or anything." 

"Joon you scratched off stickers.” You popped his bubble of him helping. 

“Yeah but I didn’t do it well so some of it was still on there! You know like how there’s stubborn bits left! Yeah I did that on purpose.” He pouted, laying down and rolling over to face the other way. 

“Oh my god. Just two and a half hours please?” He sighed, walking out of the room. 

“Hey guuuuuys~” Hoseok called, pulling out the bag of weed he found, “Who has paper?" 

"I do.” Jungkook answered, passing one to Hoseok. 

“Now we’re just gonna have fuUun!” Hoseok exclaimed. 

“Oooh can I get in on this?” Yoongi asked as he walked in the door. 

You all sat in a circle on the floor in the middle of the two beds passing the joint around until the majority of you got sleepy. Namjoon, you and Hoseok shared one bed while Yoongi let Jungkook and Jimin share the other bed with him. Everyone fell fast asleep, even Hoseok who was curled up next to you. You patted his hair as you looked down at him. You jumped when you got startled by a voice. "Can’t sleep?“ Yoongi asked. 

"Nope, you either?" 

"Nah. The weed was good but I just haven’t dazed." 

"Hmm tell me a story, maybe then I’ll sleep." 

"I don’t know any stories." 

“Tell me about how you got that scar on your eye." 

"Oh. Okay. Uhm well I guess it all started when I was still living with my parents. They would always throw parties so there would be lots of drunks at the house. People I didn’t even know and I’m sure my parents didn’t know them either. I have a sibling, Jiheun. My little sister. Sweet girl. Maybe you’ll meet her one day but for the time being she’s with my grandma who lives across the country. Anyway some man stumbled into Jiheuns room but I didn’t know until I heard screaming, blood curdling screams. I ran as fast as I could to her room and she was hiding under her bed like I taught her to if anything happened. God she was so scared. The man was trying to grab her. Idiot didn’t even realize I was in there until I stomped on his spine. He got up and tried attacking me but all he could do was ram me into the mirror closet. The mirror shattered everywhere. On me, on the man, even on my sisters hand. The guy basically knocked himself out so I grabbed Jiheun and got our asses out of there as quick as possible. My parents didn’t even ask where we were the next day. They didn’t even ask about the closet or the damn man. We ended up sleeping at a friends house. We eventually went back to our house but only to grab our stuff and leave. So yeah… that’s how I got my scar on my eye. By a fucking mirror… you still awake?" 

"Yeah… wow. You’re a hero." 

"Just had to do what I had to do. You should go to sleep now okay?" 

"Okay.” And that’s what you did, knowing that you really were surrounded by good people. 

You woke up feeling someone on you. You knew it wasn’t Hoseok because he was in front you. The only other person it could have been was Namjoon. One of his arms was under your head and the other laid on your waist. You grabbed on to it but he pulled you closer. You could feel him breathing against your neck. Suddenly you felt something rise behind you, his cock. “Joon? Joon. JoooOOooon.” Why is he such a heavy sleeper? You reached back and grabbed onto his nose while also covering his mouth. It seemed to do the trick seeing as he pushed your hands away. 

“What the hell y/n?” He sleepily asked. 

“You’re all up on me. What else was I supposed to do?" 

"Say hey. Ya know, wake me up normally?" 

"Look here you piece of shit, I tried, but your dick is all up on me and you wouldn’t wake up when I called your name!" 

"Who’s dick was all up on you?” Jimin slowly got up, rubbing his and yawning.

“Namjoon.” You answered. 

“She’s lying. I wouldn’t never put my baby near her." 

"Then why is ‘your baby’ up and about?” You laughed, pointing at it. 

“It’s not!” He covered it with his hands and rushed to the bathroom. 

“What’s with all the talking? Jesus.” Jungkook woke up. 

“Joon got a boner for y/n!” Jimin laughed while throwing himself aside. 

“I did not!” Namjoon yelled from the restroom. 

“Damn guys! I could hear you from down the hall.” Jin finally arrived with a tray full of coffee. “Hurry up and take your shit down to the truck. We gotta go.” He started by waking up Hoseok and taking his own bag down. 

“Hey Yoongi?…” you pushed him a little. “Yoongi?” You poked his cheek but he still didn’t wake up. “Man what the heck. YOOOOOOOONGIIIIIII!” You yelled which made him jump of the bed, hitting his head on the wall. “Oooh shit.” You laughed, jumping off the bed, and rubbing his head. “I-I’m sorry Yoongi. I tried waking you up delicately but you wouldn’t budge." 

He looked up at you and froze a bit, "Oh uh it’s okay. I’m fine. Hopefully I don’t get a concussion haha." 

"Okay cool. Okay come on everybody! Up and at em!” You grabbed some clothes to changed into and headed to the bathroom. “Joon hurry up!" 

"Shut uuuuup! My baby needs time and care." 

"Ew.” You looked around the room to find a places to change. Oh whatever. “Hey, no one come into the closet. Imma change.” You went in and changed into some leather pants and one of the long sleeve band shirts you stole. “Alright I’m ready. Anybody need help?" 

"Can you take my stuff down to the truck?” Namjoon asked from in the bathroom. 

“What do I get from it?" 

"I got you head phones." 

"Fine.” You all brought all the stuff down to the truck, except for Namjoon that is, and were ready to go. It was Jin, Jimin, and Yoongi in the front with Jungkook, you, Hoseok in the back. Namjoon being the last person down had to also sit in the back. 

“Okay everybody ready?” Jin asked. 

“Wait! Play this!” You handed him a cd. 

~The world is lazy 

But you and me 

We’re just crazy 

So when I’m with you, I have fun 

Yeah when I’m with you, I have fun~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long ahh but i hope you enjoy okay? okay!

future kids 3: 05

paring: jiminxreader
length: 801 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids

hoseok | yoongi | seokjin | namjoon | jimin | jungkook

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Your eyes shot open feeling the pain down around your abdomen, you weren’t in labor, you couldn’t be because it was too soon. Or was it? The baby was viable now it would be able to survive. Pulling yourself up to rest against the back of the bed, you pulled your t-shirt up showing the growing bump of twenty-eight weeks. Your light on the bedside table was still emitting light which meant Jimin hadn’t come home, you didn’t dare to look at the time because you knew it would be early in the morning.

You looked curiously down at your bump wondering what the pain was for, knowing all too well that throughout your first pregnancy you’d be in pain somewhere. It happened again. This time you were able to see a foot poking at your side. She was kicking. Your heart fluttered knowing that she was really in there, of course, you felt like that when she started moving. It was different this time you saw her with your own eyes doing it.

“I know you’re in there, you should save some of them so appa can feel too.” You smile down at your bump, Jimin wanted to be very much a part of everything in pregnancy. Attending hospital appointments, birth classes and reading all the books. He was more prepared than you were, all you had to do was deliver the baby.

Your eyes drifted to the doorway hearing someone entering the apartment, Jimin was home. As he walked into the bedroom his head turned sideways in confusion. “Why are you sitting like that? Are you in labor? Why didn’t you call sooner? I’ll go get the hospital bag,” You chuckled at Jimin’s panicking state, which switched immediately. He wasn’t as ready as you thought he was.

“No, she’s kicking.” Jimin’s eyes become much softer after hearing this, he sat down beside you on the bed. Picking up his hand you moved it to where she had last kicked and waited for a few seconds, “She was just doing it before you came in.” You frowned a little, she was doing it before. Why not now?

“Are you sure? She isn’t kicking anymore.”

“Give her a second.” You hoped she would do it again, you were silent for a couple more seconds until she did it again. You looked up to see Jimin’s whole face flood with happiness like the time he first saw her on the ultrasound screen. You could see the love that he had for her all just in his eyes. “She really kicked…” You could also see that he was in disbelief. “She’s really in there?”

“Yeah.” You whisper smiling back at him.

Jimin yawned slightly as you stroked his hair lightly, “How many songs did you do? To make you this tired?” You spoke in a soft voice to him, since it was the early morning you didn’t want to raise your voice in fear of waking up the neighbors.

“Only a few. I did sleep on the way to the broadcasting station. There’s still some filming left to do.” You nodded your head in consideration for his busy schedule, well it sounded busy to you. Filming for something and then going to practice. Then again he has done a lot more. “I’m going to wash up.” You watched him as he moved himself to the bathroom before settling yourself back down into the bed.

You weren’t sure exactly how much time passed before he was lying next to you, he leaned his head on his, “Ah, wet.” You chuckle a little, you could see him smiling in the darkness. “What were you filming for?”

“A cooking show. What did you do today?” He murmurs softly.

“I visited the lady at the coffee shop, she was so surprised at how far along I was.” You smile remembering her shocked face but it soon turned to happiness, she was a good friend to you and Jimin. It was the place the two of you could go to comfortably without many people recognizing Jimin.

“We should go together next time.” You nodded your head in approval. Jimin kisses your lips effortlessly finding them in the darkness. You closed your eyes knowing he would still be awake after you’d fallen into sleep, it was his alone time enabling him to think about things he wasn’t able to throughout the day.

As you were about to fall asleep, you felt it again, “She’s kicking.” You mutter interrupting Jimin while he was in mid thought. He moved his hand across your bump, you pulled his hand to where she last did it. This time you left your hand covering Jimin’s. “Are you just going keep your hand there all night?”

“Yes,” Jimin responds with a smile on his lips.

Jakob Chychrun - Bubble Butt

anon request: Hi! Can you write a Jakob Chychrun imagine of how y/n is going to pick him up from the airport from a 2 week long trip and that’s the longest they’ve been away from each other so when he gets off the plane and sees y/n he runs to her with open arms and she thinks he’s coming in for a hug but instead at the last second he ducks down and hugs her ass and starts kissing it and saying how much he misses her FAT ass lol thanks!

anon request: Can u write a cute imagine about Jakob chychrun ?

okay so i decided to put these two together and i’ll make it a fluffy one i hope you like it!!

request are open:))

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two weeks. two weeks i haven’t seen jakob, not counting the late night phone calls and the face timing, but still two weeks was a long time for us. i was going to pick him up from the airport today, i was leaving our house to go right now. it was only a half hour drive to the airport.

once i got there i sent jakob a text and he replied right away saying they have already landed and he was near the starbucks. obviously. i managed to find my way to the starbucks when i felt my phone buzz.

‘turn around’

  • jakob️

and so i did what i was told and saw the familiar blonde with the biggest smile on his face. i ran to jakob with my arms wide open going in for the hug. i eventually closed the gap between us my legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck.

“i miss you so much jakob” i said tucking my head into his neck even more than it already was. i could feel his face form a smile as he placed a kiss on my head, “i missed you too y/n” he squeezed back and began walking with me attached to him like a koala.

i eventually hopped down and we began walking to the car hand in hand. “how long do you have off?” i asked once we arrived to the black mercedes that i drive here, but it was jakob’s. “i think four days” he smiled taking my hand in his.

“that means four days of cuddling!” i laughed and ran ahed getting in the drivers seat of the beautiful car. after putting his bag in the trunk jakob joined me in the car. “i get the aux cord then” he smirked and i groaned loudly because i hate his playlist.

he made me roll down all of the windows and he blasted his horrible rap music so all of arizona could hear it. we got a few dirty looks from some elders and some young girls kept their eyes on jakob as they crossed the street which made jakob laugh as he continued rapping to the song that was on the radio.

we were almost at home this car ride feeling much shorter than the one to the airport because of the man child in the passenger seat. “do you wanna get some food?” i asked jakob already knowing his answer would be yes, i turned into the mcdonald’s drive thru.

“hi welcome to mcdonalds what can i get for you?” the girl on the system asked. i thought for a moment, “can i get a jr chicken, large fry, ten pack of chicken nuggets, and a iced tea?” i said my head sticking out the window. “yeah, is that all for today?” she asked.

“no, one more order” i said and let jakob stick his head out the window. “hi, can i get a big mac, an oreo mcfleury, and a large fry?” he said. “yeah, your total will be $18.38, you can pull up to the first window” i nodded although she couldn’t see me and pushed jakob off of me and slowly drove up to the window.

i reached for my wallet but jakob grabbed my hand and pulled out his wallet. “what kind of boyfriend would i be if i let you pay?” he asked and handed a twenty dollar bill to the worker. “a fair one, jakob you pay for everything” i playfully hit his head and he gave a fake hurt gasp.

“you guys are cute” the worker smiled at jakob and me. i blushed and he smirked and wrapped his arm around me, “thank you, she’s not a big fan of me though” he kissed my cheek but right before i pushed his face away laughing. i took the change from the girls hand and drove off to the next window with jakob yelling a thank you out the window.

“here you go have a great day” the boy handed the two bags of food out the window and we drove off, jakob yelling thank you out the window, once again. it was only a 5 minute drive home, once we arrived home.

“i vote a movie” jakob said throwing himself down on the couch and patting his chest as if telling me to come cuddle. “i wanna eat” i pouted holding up my mcdonald’s bag. “first half cuddle second half feast?” he asked with a puppy dog look on his face. i groaned loudly and gave in walking over to jakob and laying on top of him.

my head was rested on his chest as we were both focused on the movie on the tv. jakobs fingers were rubbing small circles on my back. “you know what i missed most while i was gone” he said blinking away from the movie.

“what did you miss most?” i asked lifting my head from his chest and locking our eyes. jakobs hands moved lower until they were resting on my butt. “your bubble butt” he laughed and gave it a tap. i gasped and slapped his chest and sat on my knees so that his hands were forced to move to my waist.

“i do not have a bubble butt!” i said looking  back trying to see my butt. “that’s debatable babe, you can call it whatever you want but any guy would call that a bubble butt” he smirked leaning up to press a kiss to my forehead. i let out a loud sigh, “but no one else is aloud to say that because your my girl” he kissed my forehead once again which brought a smile to my face.

“if that’s you saying i missed you, well i guess i missed you too” i smiled and leaned down to press a kiss to his lips. “i love you” he mumbled against my lips. i laid back down on him and pressed a small kiss to his chest, then his collar bone, and i made my way up to his lips.

“i love you too jakob” i smiled and pulled him up laughing. “enough love and cute shit, i want mcdonald’s!” i shouted excitedly. “shhh” jakob laughed, “your gonna wake up the neighbors” he laughed.

I’ve Got You (part 9)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16,

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Under the Mistletoe

Sneaking out of the kitchen window of your fourth floor apartment building, you started down the fire escape. You had slipped off your shoes in fear that the metal clanging with your rubber soles of your boots would not only wake your parents but the neighbors you’d be passing by. Shuddering, you quickly tried to get to the bottom. The cold, snowy metal had made your bare feet numb and completely freezing.

When you had finally reached the sidewalk, you shoved on your boots and wrapped your scarf farther around your face and took off running towards the park. As you ran, you hoped that the circulation would return to your frigid feet. It was awfully cold in New York and the weatherman hadn’t predicted the extra four inches of snow that coated the already three inch roads. The snow was still falling and you started to wonder how on Earth you were going to be able to hide your tracks going back. 

Finally reaching Central Park, you slowed your steps. Your eyes searching for someone in particular. It was quite ridiculous, really, for you to be sneaking out and about in the middle of the night but you always had done so and tonight being Christmas was no exception. Shivering against the wind, you found a darkened figure illuminated by the Oak tree covered in festive lights. Squinting your eyes, you smiled lightly at the stance of which the figure stood. It could only be the very person you had come to see. 

Scrambling through the snow, you attacked the boy with a warming hug. “Credence!”

Still foreign to the affection you had been giving him for months now, Credence tensed up. “Hi, [Y/N].” But eventually, he placed a hand on your back and settled into your hug.

Looking up at him, still laced in a hug. You breathed, “I feel like I haven’t seen you days.” Frowning, your eyebrows knitted together, “She didn’t see you sneak out, did she? I’d hate for you to get in trouble because of me.” You pulled away from gently, studying his normal withdrawn expression. It had been days since you had last seen Credence. Mary Lou was a very strict woman and always took out her frustrations on him. It made you sick to your stomach to see him with marks tainting his beautiful skin. 

Credence always had a habit of avoiding your gaze. You weren’t sure if it was because he didn’t quite trust you or if it was because he didn’t know what to do when he would stare into your eyes. Mumbling out as he kicked a bit of snow, “I’d risk it if it meant I could be with you.” 

Your heart melted, warming your entire body in the shivering cold. Your mother had told you to stay away from the Barebone’s because of what they were, Salemers, and the last thing she wanted was for her daughter to be exposed as a witch. But as the days passed by, your interest for the Barebone boy became intoxicating until you finally mustered up the courage to exchange a few words. And as those days passed of you conversing with him, it grew to be a friendship that he could escape to. 

“I don’t think I’m worth all the trouble,” you bashfully stated, “but, I’d also risk the trouble for sneaking out to see you.” Although you wouldn’t receive pain as a punishment, you could only imagine what your mother and father would do if they knew you were involved with a member of the Second Salem Church. 

The two of you stood in silence for a moment, looking at the twinkling lights of Central Park before Credence whispered out. “Do you think I’m a f-freak?” 

The expression you wore on your face made Credence blush, “A freak?! No. Absolutely not! Why would you ever ask the kind of question, Credence? I would never, that is the farthest think I think of about you.” 

Shockingly to you, he held your gaze for a moment. His dark, hurt eyes gleaming under the Christmas lights. “I-I was just curious of what you t-thought of me.” 

Stepping forward, you cupped his cheeks, “What I think of you is everything opposite of freak. I like you, Credence. I couldn’t imagine spending my Christmas with anyone else.” You dropped your hands and hugged him tight. Flicking your wrist, your wand slid out from your coat sleeve and into your hand. Looking up without Credence noticing, you waved your wand and smiled as a Mistletoe appeared. “Credence,” you whispered. 

“Yes, [Y/N]?”

You pointed upward and took advantage of Credence looking up to stick your wand in your boot. “Do you know what you’re supposed to do when you stand under a mistletoe with someone?” 

Credence looked back down at you, his cheeks being tinted by a soft shade of pink. “U-um, e-er.”

Smiling, you leaned forward, breathing gently. “Don’t worry, I do.” Pressing your lips against his, you smiled into him as you felt him reciprocate the action. Pulling apart, you nestled into his tense body. “Merry Christmas, Credence.”  

engraved-in-the-moonlight  asked:

hi, mo! i love the list of prompts you put together for your drabble game! if it hasn't been requested yet, can i please have jaebum + #47? thank you <3

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“Meet me on the roof in ten minutes.” // 047 out of 050
Im Jaebum (GOT7)
*my apologies, this may have gotten lengthy lol

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  • Hartley: your combat skills leave something to be desired
  • Cisco: your personality leaves something to be desired
  • Hartley: your shirt is ugly!
  • Cisco: you snore so loudly you wake up my neighbors!
  • Hartley: well, you kick in your sleep!
  • Caitlin: wait, how do you guys know those last things about each other?
  • Cisco:
  • Hartley:

REQUESTED: “I was thinking some slight angst, mostly fluff where Credence gets flirted with and reader realizes they have feeling and gets upset, then blurts it when he notices and fluff ensues? Thank you!”

Warnings: some angst but ultimately it’s fluff, i also mentioned past abuse/scars

Word Count: 1,179

Okay, really this was your fault. It had to be. How could you have been so foolish, and how long had you been kidding yourself? You had convinced yourself that you had only wanted to be friends with him, that the conversations you loved having with him so much merely meant platonic closeness to you. Ever since you’d moved to New York and across from the Goldstein sisters (and consequently Newt, Jacob, and him), Credence had been the one who made you feel like the city could be your home. You’d both come from some shady and terrible backgrounds, and seeing his scars, so prominent on his pale skin, had made you realize you weren’t alone and that understanding was out there if you looked for it. And you had found it in Credence. And somehow you had managed to delude yourself into thinking that you only wanted friendship, nothing more, of course you weren’t in love with him, all because you’d been afraid of taking a risk and losing the best friend you had ever made.

And now here you were—at a relaxed bar setting, sitting by yourself and trying to drink your troubles into oblivion. It wasn’t Credence’s fault, really, that the handsome brunet had come up to him and begun chatting him up—Credence had absolutely no idea how breathtaking he was and how captivating his eyes were, surrounded by long eyelashes and the sharp angles of his face. So there he was, across the room, letting this guy laugh at whatever it was he was saying (that probably wasn’t that funny because, speaking objectively, Credence very rarely possessed a nature that allowed him to be outgoingly humorous) and tilting his face down toward the man so he could be heard better. Credence never once looked back at you, and you couldn’t be angry. How could you? It wasn’t like you’d even acknowledged yourself that you had feelings for him! How the hell was he supposed to know?

So you told yourself you were going to have one more drink before you went back home. Newt, Tina, and Queenie could spend the rest of the evening with Credence.

You did go home after your one more drink and spent the next few hours reading (sulking) by the fire. You flipped pages angrily without really reading what had been on the previous one and wished you could scream without waking your neighbors. It was around this time that someone knocked on your door, and when you opened it, a frowning Credence was standing in front of you. “You left so early.” That quiet voice again. You loved him. And you were mad at him for no good reason.

“Well, you were talking to that guy anyway. I wanted to go home and didn’t want to interrupt your conversation.” You sounded icy, even to yourself. You felt guilty but couldn’t take the edge out of your voice.

You wanted to comfort him when he flinched, but you were just so mad…irrationally so, but mad. “Y-Yes, I—He really was quite charming. I think he was flirting with me, and I was…a little baffled but also f-flattered.”

Your heart lurched at the slight tilt of his lips that hinted at the ghost of a smile, and you thought you might be sick. You had waited too long to say anything to him about how you felt, and now it was too late. Instead of being sad, though, you reacted more icily than you had wanted. You wished that you could summon up some tears or something instead of a harsh voice. “Well then, why don’t you go back to him? I didn’t ask you to come back here and see me.”

Credence looked truly hurt by this comment, and you wanted nothing more than to take it back. “Well, I—I mean, I would rather…” His eyes got what, if you didn’t know better, you could only call a playful hint in them. “Y/N, are you—Are you jealous?”

Your anger flared at the humor in his voice. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Goddamnit, yeah, I am, okay? I know I messed up and I know that I waited too long and I know that I missed my chance to tell you that I love you because I have been deluding myself all this time but yes I am jealous and I know I have no right to be and I’m sorry but I’m so angry, Credence, and it’s not funny, and—” You had been glaring at the floor, gesturing wildly in the passion of your emotion, when you felt Credence’s hand reach out and grab yours. When you looked up to him, he was blushing furiously and stifling a grin. “What, Credence?” Your voice had lost some of its fire. How could you stay angry at someone so adorable?

He glanced down at you with wide eyes, the honey-brown of his eyes softening. “Well, I—He was very attractive and kind, and maybe…” Your anger began to flare again, but Credence’s hand squeezed yours, signaling you to wait before you exploded again. “Maybe if I weren’t already in love with you.” Your eyes widened in shock almost comically, but you couldn’t stop your expression from looking absolutely ridiculous. “See, I thought that…you didn’t…want me that way, so I n-never said anything, to you, about it. And Queenie told me—earlier tonight—that you were j-jealous, and I—I told her she was crazy, but now I can see that I was wrong.” His voice was still quiet, but there was a smile in it. “You see—no one gets me like you do, and… Frankly, I don’t—I don’t get anyone else either, except for you. And I like how that feels.”

Now you were blushing furiously, grinning from ear to ear, and intertwining your fingers with Credence’s as he tugged you closer to him so that he could bring you in for a tight hug. You silently thanked Queenie for her gentle meddling as you buried your face in his chest and enjoyed the feeling of being small in comparison for a minute. “You’re in love with me.” You were trying to playfully mock him, but your voice came out muffled because of your tears and also the way you had pressed your face against him.

He got the idea though, chuckling softly at you. You relished the soft, dusty sound of it and that it was becoming more familiar. With a smile still in his voice, Credence admitted, “Well, I need someone who’s honest with me, and he laughed at my jokes. Even I know I’m not funny.”

You laughed at that, at the emerging of his gentle sense of humor, a short giggle that turned into peels of real laughter that had Credence laughing with you in his quiet but present way that he did. You found yourself saying, “Well, you’re a little bit funny.” And then he was kissing you, all affection and soft lips, and suddenly the night wasn’t so terrible after all.


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