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Request: For all members: You are close friends with someone else in TOP Media (Teen Top or 100%)

Request: Hello!!! May I request how the up10tion boys would be if they were jealous. (Like as in maybe you have a really close male childhood friend or sth) Also I really love your blog!!!! UP10TION NEEDS MORE LOVE

Thanks!! yes~ GIVE UP10TION MORE LOVE   

Jinhoo would probably be standing a few steps away from you while you talk with L.Joe but he’ll constantly be looking at both of you no matter what. He’ll let you talk and not butt in or anything but from the look he was giving you, you could already tell he was jealous.

Kuhn: From where you and Chunji were standing, Kuhn would be standing where he could see you clearly and you can see him too, his eye will only be looking at you while you talk to Chunji but when you look over Kuhn would give you signs to come to him.

Kogyeol: You guys would be in a group just talking to each other but then you and Niel just seem to be in your own world going on about something else, laughing and joking around. Kogyeol would of course take notice of this but then he won’t say anything much and just stand there next to you looking between you two with a force smile on his lips.

Wei would have this really unhappy look on his face and turn around and walk somewhere else while you talk to Chunji. He’ll walk by one of his members and just sit there frowning the whole time your talking.

Bitto: After 30mins of waiting for you to be done talking with Changjo and you guys still kept talking he’ll just walking up to you and leaning in quietly whispering ‘Hurry up and let’s go’

Wooshin would just walk off and find himself a quite place to calm himself too, anyone who tries to talk to him or anything he’ll just sit there and do nothing else, like he wouldn’t even care about anyone else and he’ll be really quite when you try to talk to him too

Sunyoul: He’ll just be standing there, inside his probably filled with jealousy but he wouldn’t show it, there's just a blank look on his face the whole time you talk.

Kyujin: Honestly he’ll be standing with his group of friend talking and laughing with them but when he glances over to you and you and Ricky are getting to close he’ll stop smiling right away and and his eyes will be glued on you two.

Hwanhee would be the most obvious one, cause his always so playful and outgoing but once his jealous it’ll all disappear and leave a frowning Hwanhee, he’ll probably try to nudge you gently to ask you to go now but when you really don’t get it he’ll literally just walk away before he get’s more annoyed.

Xiao: When you and Changjo are talking together only, I reckon Xiao would try to join both of you to talk but he just can’t seem to find the right moment and make everything awkward.

- V