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What You Take Of His - Riverdale Preference

So a few little innuendos but nothing too much and Serpent!Jughead with a little possessiveness. Requests are open Guys!


After Juggie became a serpent, he became more confident especially with you and you loved it. He was a little more possessive over you which meant your more frequent visits to the bar with him as you were a south born yourself, with his jacket around you and his arm on your waist tightly.


Now although it was the most cliché thing to give you as a footballers girlfriend but he loved letting you wear it and you loved wearing it as it always smelled of him and it let everyone at school, especially some certain footballers. Archie would often walk up behind you and drape it over your shoulders, adoring the sight of you basically drowning in his varsity jacket (and loving it even more when after a long night it was the only think you were wearing).


You liked teasing Reggie to no means. You were the only one who could get away with it without too much trouble and the only trouble you did get in was the mischievous kind with tickles or other home activities. You were a lot shorter than Reggie but you always, always found a way to pull his snapback from his head - whether that be by jumping or an occasional boost off of Moose, you always managed to end the school day with it on your head instead and him smiling down at you, secretly loving it (even if it did mess up his hair)


FP loved his flannels but you seemed to love them more. You had borrowed one in the event of not being able to find your own clothes and decided to keep it. It was a few more weeks before he realized at almost half his closet was gone and more and more of your clothes seemed to have been amounting up from nights. He didn’t mind too much of course (obviously you gave some back) but he would happily parade you around the bar in his clothes, showing you were his and you were his second in command.

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#176 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Meeting van at a family friends barbeque?” and “Van dating an actress and they are at a movie premiere but Van gets uncomfortable watching his girlfriend’s sex scene so they ended up fighting about it but the girl manage to convince him in the end. You know, make it as cute and fluffy as possible.”

It was good to be home and around people that didn’t want you to sign photoshopped portraits of yourself. There was time to lay around on your friends’ couches, smoking and listening to music. There was so much to catch up on. You could visit your family, make them marvel at your fantastic life, find out what they needed so you could spend all your excessive income on them. What else were you going to do with the money? Even the rainy weather felt good. You’d spent too much time in Hollyweird, and all you wanted was normality. All you wanted was to feel bored and to talk to average people and eat food made with love. It was good to be home.

Your mum’s friend was having a barbeque. Their son was back home. Like you, he was returning from worldwide adventures in stardom. His medium was sound though, where yours was film. You’d met Bondy only a handful of times. Your mum had become friends with his maybe five years ago, so he was already off touring most of the time. On the brief occasions you’d spoken him, you’d felt at ease. It was good to be reminded that weird didn’t have to mean bad. He was different to the rest of the world in a way that was charming and fun. It wasn’t an unsettling weird like half the people in the film industry. When you followed your mum into the front yard of Bondy’s parent’s house, he was sitting on the front steps. He stood when you both approached.

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patron-saint-of-smart-asses  asked:

btw list your top ten headcannons about me and tony stark. why??? i want attention. and fic inspiration

  1. You both have an “unspoken rule” that when life is overwhelming, you can go to each other’s office and just cry without judgement.
  2. Tony teases you about your height but you know he uses high boots.
  3. You leave random drawings on his chair all the time and he secretly puts it in a journal.
  4. Tony has a prototype armor for you in case of an emergency.
  5. Speaking of emergencies, you’re listed as an emergency contact.
  6. Tony fears of allowing you in too much because he never had a real family and he knows you’re the sibling he never had.
  7. Tony secretly packs your fridge with extra food and snacks for the kids.
  8. You cook him some homemade meals and leave them on his desk when he comes back from late night missions.
  9. He chooses to visit your family on Thanksgiving because he’s in the neighborhood and “forgets” to go to the big party he was headed to.
  10. When on a mission, Scarlet Witch allows you to see his nightmare visions, and you go into a depressive spiral for days - and Tony blames himself and it cause a lot of division within the Avengers.

chencholingpa  asked:

I can't help but like several of your posts whenever I visit your blog. You're such a wonderful and faithful woman and you inspire my faith! God bless!


Thank you so much! You are very kind 😊 I’m praying for you.

May God bless you and Mother Mary keep you under her mantle!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
María de Fátima

The Denny’s rule book: A simple guide

Denny’s is your local, friendly diner open 24 hours a day every day of the year. A place to relax and enjoy a breakfast at any hour, a fulfilling lunch or delicious dinner. All are welcome at Denny’s, and it’s your safest location, provided you follow this very simple guide for the nightly hours.

  1. Never close your eyes in a Denny’s parking lot. 
  2. Walk calmly to the door; you will hear sounds. Do not look behind you.
  3. Always make sure the door closes behind you, unless it was already open when you arrived, in which case do not touch the door.
  4. Never sit at the table farthest from the front door. Your server will sometimes try to seat you there. Politely refuse and ask for another table.
  5. If you see a table with two salt-shakers, walk past it; that table is taken. Sit at the table directly across from it instead. 
  6. Eat your pancakes. Box any leftovers; it would be a shame to waste food. It might attract something.
  7. Do not, under any circumstance, look into the eyes of your own reflection in the bathroom.
  8. If your server’s eyes turn black, do not panic; order a coffee with extra cream. Do not ask for a refill. Do not stare.
  9. Think you recognize someone who just walked in? Best to ignore it. It’s probably not what it seems. They will proceed to sit at the table farthest from the door.
  10. If you are walking past a Denny’s and you see yourself sitting in the corner booth through the window, keep walking. Do not eat at Denny’s that night.
  11. Did you tip? You better double check. It’s only polite to leave a tip.
  12. Do not ask questions. They will Notice.

Your local Denny’s is the perfect place for a delicious meal at all hours of the day. Hope you enjoy your next visit to any Denny’s Diner!

tips for RAMADAN:

• distance yourself from your smartphone and unnecessary sins at least for this month.
• read books about our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him)
• help your family in the household
• smile often
• avoid unnecessary discussions
• do small good deeds every day
• read Tafsir
• learn a new Sure
• train your Nafs
• visit mosques for Iftar, Sohoor
• pray Taraweeh in mosques
• avoid music, if it’s difficult for you, try at least to replace it with (halal) Nasheeds
• hear Quran as much as you can
• reflect the Quran on you
• talk every day to Allah
• give small charities daily
• be nice to people (even when they’re testing you, train your Nafs!)
• pray your daily prayers on time
• pray Sunnah
• make Dua for you and your Ummah
• help your mom preparing Iftar
• eat healthy
• try to work out for at least 10 min. after Iftar
• ask Allah constantly for forgiveness

may Allah let us reach the month of His forgiveness, goodness and mercy and may He accept our fasting and give us strength.
Allahuma Ameen

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

Viktor Nikiforov is a meme.

I’m not just talking about irl meta. I’m talking about in-universe, in YOI Russia and probably the rest of the world too, Viktor Nikiforov is a meme.

At some point, the Skating World’s Living Legend got a picture of himself cropped at just the right angle to offer no context and excellent memeing potential.

It’s probably a picture of him with the longer hair and it’s flying out behind him as he does an over dramatic lunge. There are probably several different versions of it. Someone put ‘Walk walk fashion baby” over it in red comic sans. Another post is circulating where the picture is posted below an audio clip of “I’M A BIRD MOTHERFUCKER I’M A BIRD.”

Mostly it’s a reaction image. One of the more popular ones is When your friends ask you why you always gotta be so dramatic 

The meme is an old picture and many people don’t even associate Viktor with it, given that his hairstyle and bodytype have changed so much since then. Sometimes he will be recognized as over dramatic figure skater, but only because the information is free to anyone who visits Know Your Meme.

Over Dramatic Figure Skater is a 2005 image of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov. The image is taken from a recording of Nikiforov’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien program at the 2005-2006 Junior Grand Prix Final. 

Sometimes Yuuri will watch Viktor do something completely ridiculous and the thought will strike, apropos of nothing, that he is literally married to a meme.


I updated Nordale during winter solstice !

Minor updates such as the apple trees that I removed or the secret beach, I did edit some others small details

Have fun in my little winter wonderland (ᵔ ᗜ ᵔ)



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@klanceweek Day 4: Welcome Home

“I thought you revoked that invitation to go visit your family?”

“Well I revoked the revocation.”

This is an old AU but it just fit this prompt too well ahaha.  Siren Lance taking Keith to go visit Altea because he wants to introduce his boyfriend to his family.  This scene would happen some time after the ending of my fic ‘the sea pronounces something’, feat. the most useless shirt and a bubblehead because I’m tired of drawing helmets.  Sorry it’s a little bit plain today, still resting up my arms a bit.

One Track Mind
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • John: *sitting in his chair, tapping his leg; bored*
  • Rosamund: *colouring; looks up* What's wrong, Daddy?
  • John: *raises an eyebrow* Have you noticed lately...your Uncle manages to make every conversation about your Aunt?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Really?
  • John: *nods* Watch *clears his throat; leans around his chair* hey, Sherlock? What time is that client due?
  • Sherlock: *still looking through the microscope* Four thirty. Half an hour before my wife's shift ends.
  • John: *gestures*
  • Rosamund: *happily* Ooh, lemme try *excited* Uncle Sherlock, on the way home from school, I saw a squirrel and- and it runned up a tree!
  • Sherlock: *looks up; smiles* That's nice.
  • Rosamund: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *softly* Molly likes to feed the squirrels. We go to the park especially *goes back to work*
  • Rosmund: *grins at her dad* That's love, bitch.
  • John: ...
  • Rosamund: *goes back to colouring*