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what books do you recommend for sculpting?

Well, that rather depends on what sort of sculpting you want to do. Some books I have personally found useful in my learning, however:




Really though, don’t take my word for it, go visit your local library physically and get to know the Art & Architecture section for yourself, you’re far better off that way than relying on me or the Internet. My sculpture education has been so informal and piecemeal that I don’t have a good resource base to draw from– only my limited, hands-on experience. But there are SO MANY books on anatomy and sculpture and how to sculpt, and all these wonderful obscure ancient ones that don’t even show up online. Go visit your library if you can, I guarantee you’ll come away with something useful that you didn’t even think to Google. I’ve discovered many, many sculptors that way.

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Seventeen Reaction (Your little sister has a crush on him she’s 5)

S.coups:He finds cute how your little sister has a crush on him everytime your little sister see’s him she wants him to hold her.He asked your little sister if she wants down and she said no. “Aww okay I’ll keep holding you”

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Vernon:He loved coming over to the house to spend time with you and your little sister having her crush on him she would run and hug him.He would play with your sister and have fun. “She is so cute I will continue to play”

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Wonwoo:He would come over like Vernon and visit you and your little sister he knew she liked him and he found it adorable.It got late and he knew he had to leave but your little sister hugged his leg and wouldn’t let go. “Y/n I guess I will stay the night for your sister”

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Mingyu:You both would stay at the house when he had free time to visit your little sister liked him.She had you help her make heart cookies that say Mingyu and she would give it to him. “So cute”

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Hoshi:Those tow would hang out all the time you would watch tv she liked him and you wouldn’t be mad you found it cute.You walked in to see those two cooking.Him wearing his apron and her wearing her apron. “Okay now princess stir it”

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Jun:She loved Jun she loved how you dated him that meant she could see him when you got to.He would be napping at your house your little sister would cuddle beside him and sleep.He woke up to see her. “She’s so cute”

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The8:She had her crush on him and she would always love to see him and that meant you would spend time with him sort of.Her favorite part is watching him dance.She also liked when he would tell her cute things. “I love you” It made her little heart flutter.

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Dino:She liked him for sure but she understands and would let you hang out with him but sometimes she liked to play with Dino.She sometimes would wanna learn Aegyo from him. “Then be this cute”

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Woozi:You might be dating him but she likes him her most favorite part is his hair when he changes colors. “Noona he looks like a pink plush”

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Jeonghan:Hair she could play with it and she could touch it but spending tim eis what she loved about it.She would ask if he would take her to the Kakao friend store and he would. “Yay more time with Jeonghan” “So cute”

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Joshua:He would treat her well he thought it was adorable how she has a crush on him.He would take her out places even for ice cream. “You got ice cream on your face here is a napkin”

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Seungkwan:He would be cooking with your mom and your little sister would be right there hugging his leg as every move he made.He smiled and cooked the food he then finished. “Come on princess let’s go wash your hands before eating”

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Dk:Your sister is full of energy and Dk is the same so they get along well she has her little crush on Dk and you found it cute.You left your sister at SM why you went to get some food.You came back to see them playing all the boys were there she was riding Dk. “Go we need to hurry Dk deer”

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....well, richonners ... the 7x12 countdown is in its final week ... it’s time to “say yes” to our end. are you ready? are you prepared? because i have an idea of how to prepare and how this might go, if you can handle it, read on to get some ideas on what to do and what to expect.

this is *not* for the faint of heart…*possible spoilers*, definite smut.  😘 😘

so … first off, get your affairs in order …. put in your notice at work, visit your momma, feed the dog, pay up your life insurance for the loved ones you leavin’ behind … ‘cause you’re gonna lose this fight. 

you. are. going. to. lose. everything.

get your will outta the way, cause we all gon’ die anyway, but most of us during this episode. the rest of us…right after losing all strength to go on.

now — make sure you get these things in place before 7x12 … don’t get scared, get prepared.

or…if you wanna go out in style, wear your best for the journey to the other side…

… my burial gown is lavender — you’ll see it further down in this post.

so … to cool off, stock up on these … 

or, double the effort with the water-bottle-spraying refresher … 

or … if it gets too hot, too fast, as is expected and natural with richonne, get the largest one of these you can get delivered, so you can cool down and delay spontaneous combustion (but, be careful now…or you may go up in flames even faster, depending on how fast and furious richonne’s lovemaking is kill’n you) …

now … if you can’t handle actually watching with your own eyes this kind of passion, best to just read about it — but, if you’re prepared to risk yo’self, just to witness richonne’s lubricant-inspiring and eye-candy lovemaking, then, this may help you cope.

 … in case you start fazing out during the sexy times …

… stock up on this … it may help …

or, at least make sure you’ve got someone who can do this…

…but, if you should straight suffer life-threatening effects from richonne’s hypnotic, mouth-and-between-your-legs waterin’ and heart-stopping love-making magic … if you start losing control of your bodily functions….such as this:

… or this … 

…. to finally this ….

…that leads to this….

then make sure you have the professionals ready — ‘cause now it’s time to save your life. SAVE IT!! … so you can live to almost die another day to watch 7x12′s “say yes” again…!

… and, finally …. a don’t go, bitch last ditch effort of this ….

…but, if even after all that effort to save you, you’re still leavin’ this life because rick made love to michonne soooo good, soooo damned thorough and so incredibly proper —  with rick arching his back and clasping michonne’s ass and hips to him while slam-thrusting her hard to get all the way up in that glorious pussy… her legs-over-his-shoulder, slammin’ their wet-smacking crotch together as rick is deep-thrust fuckin’ michonne before finally goin’ down on her …

… or michonne’s front and backwards rodeo buck-ridin’ her beautiful blue-eyed southern cowboy, curls-graspin’, deep-throat, out-of-breath kissing him, rolling around, legs wide open or tightly wrapped and locked around rick, mutual gasping and moaning … michonne licking, biting and tasting him before rick reverse slams the fuck outta her …. 

…. if all of that has blown your mind, your libido, your heart and your chances of survival ….  

then —- you bring in this guy … for your last rites…because i’m gonna tell you what’s going to happen to you at this point ….

… the richonne pleasure factor will be too much for you …. way too much for you to handle, so you’ll succumb to death for the visual witnessing of richonne’s love for each other and their breathtakingly perfect lovemaking. too bad. so sad. you’re dead. bye.

…you’ll wander off into richonne after-life paradise where previous richonners await your arrival…you’ll all sit around sippin’ tea and talkin’ about which richonne moment took your life, what’s happened since then, etc…

lol…for real, tho’….you thought you'd actually live through seeing all that richonne smut happening right before your eyes without suffering the consequences — you knew you’d never survive it.

 but you tried it. you tried it.

you weren’t alone in your demise, btw … all the richonne fandom went up in flames because of richonne’s true love and all the moments of affection, king and queen badassery and their supreme lovemaking. 

every last richonner — they’re all in the richonne landfill — where they belong. i’ll be joining them soon as i, too, did not survive this.

…this was your coffin…

…and all of our final resting place — at the richonne landfill of alexandria.

… then at last, off to my own funeral. 

so, ask me….was it worth it? 

hell. to. the. yeah, it was. imma do it again!! 


for those of us who don’t know how to quit….consider these “after-life” alternatives for another chance at life…consider the possibilities of:

a seance….with this creepy ass possessed lil’ gurl to bring you back…

or the ouija board … use at your own risk …

or…my go-to after-life method for getting back into richonne, literally….

… body-jumping a’la oda mae brown style. not exactly the same concept, but it’s worth a try. 

you see … i’m sooo going after rick … i’m cum coming for you, rick grimes … and i’m body-jumpin’ straight into michonne!

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hi mischa babes i know this is such an awkward ask and maybe it will take lots and lots of efford to answer to it but i will be so glad if you could answer because i have a problem; my house s already fully paid off but i have lterally nothing in it :( i want to have a house for a witch do you know some furniture, walls, carpets, decor stuff etc? also,,, I have been visiting your town 494394 times and i literally want to have everything there but idk what all this stuff is called :/

have you visited it’s a really great database of all ACNL items!

the creepy set is a nice one to get to sprinkle throughout a witch’s home. any furniture that has or can be customized to a dark wood (classic, alpine, etc.) definitely looks nice.

I’m a big fan of the cabin series with custom witchy patterns and the green series customized to dark green and the spiderweb tee for the cloth. (s/o to @gamerghoul for inspo on that one)

also fireplaces, bookcases, and lil witchy touches like the flask, fairy bottle, vinegar bottle, incense, pickle jar customized.. and a butt load of plants.

ofc those are just my preferences and you might want a bright, vibrant witch! just look through the catalog and experiment with different looks! good luck!

  • Male friend: My wife and I are coming to visit your city. Can you recommend anything for us to do?
  • Me: *gives a long list* Oh, and we can meet for a cuppa if you like. I'd love to finally meet the missus.
  • Him: ...I don't think that's a good idea.
  • Me: Why?
  • Him: I don't want her to get the wrong idea about us.
  • Me: You mean that we're friends? Friends who used to be so close that you called me your surrogate sister?
  • Him: Well, yeah, but you're a girl and she's a girl and she might get jealous.
  • Me: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? We're both female so naturally, we'll circle each other with our knives at the ready because you are quite clearly such a prime specimen of manflesh that no two women can share the space with you without being flung into a jealous rage?!?!?
  • Him: ...
  • Me: Ohhhhh. This is because you thought I was seducing your last girlfriend by being nice to her and helping her have fun, isn't it? I see. Totes your wife having issues. Totes. Definitely not you. Not at all. Nope. Nuh-uh.

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Sombra and her s/o deciding to adopt a kid headcannons?

  • You were the one who brought it up
    • Starting to get that desire for a family
  • She just blinked and asked for a little time to think about it
  • Eventually confesses that she thinks about adopting a kid some times
    • Someone like who was like her growing up
  • She was a gang member and a member of a terrorist organization
    • Going to have to go through several layers of faked documentation
  • With enough string pulling you finally get the okay on adopting
  • The two of you spend your time visiting orphanages
    • Meeting the children
    • Sombra tears up a little
  • You finally decide on a little girl
    • She was in her room fiddling around online
    • Sombra was enamored immediately
  • It was hard to wait for everything to fall into place
    • But finally she was with you

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Uh-kay. I have heard & read about what is happened now. We know now Sam is with MM and Cait is with Tony. Well, Im still wondering if Cait & Sam have their lives in UK/Ireland/Scotland or they share lives between their own countries or USA? If, I say well IF, Sam will get married with MM, what country he will choose to live? MM will leave USA for Scotland/UK ? Both have their family & friends. Long distance relationship can be hard sometimes... Anyways...

Thanks for stopping by Lovely Anon. I do believe this is your first visit to my inbox 👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎊🎈

Lol. Your ask leaves us with a lot to ponder. If you think about it, not a terrible prospect to have to figure out. Six months here, six months there. What I’d give to have to decide where shall I live for half the year. Seriously lovely Anon, let’s slow the roll on the transatlantic marriage talk, and take the pictures for what they are. Just pictures of two very attractive people who are most likely a couple.

Thanks again for stopping Anon. Come back anytime. 😘

Alice 🐇

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I was going to mention how much I like your latest Kylo Ren portrait, but then I visited your gallery at DeviantArt and realized how many of my favorite Kylo Ren portraits are by you. All so different and so stunning.

Thank you very much!  Ha ha, yes, I have painted more of that man than any other individual I think. My style  and approach has changed a lot this year, so it doesn’t surprise me that you say that they’re all different. Thanks again <3

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Coimetrophobia -Saito

Phobia Drabble Prompts

Coimetrophobia: My muse visits your muse’s grave 

The day was meant to be a happy occasion, filled with victory, and happiness celebrating the vampires’ victory over the humans. This day however was the exact opposite. The 1st progenitor stared at the grave emotionless. The pain hadn’t gotten any easier in the three hundred years he had been gone. 

Akihiko laid out a Purple Hyacinth  on the grave. His way of trying to make up to the other by doing this everyday. He knelt down and traced the ‘R’ on the headstone, reading ‘Rigr Stafford.’ The stone was chipping away, the letters slowly fading, looking just like another stone. Other vampires never came near this area hidden deep within a valley that was within mountains. The ravenette took the other’s ashes and burned it in a place only a few knew about.

Around this time, the male hated it the most. The moment he was faced with the memories of his son. The faulty seraph closed his eyes remembering flashes of the past. Of Saito talking to him, looking up to him like a father, and the faces he made when they met one more after he abandoned them.

But what haunted him the monster was Rigr’s face as the demon weapon through his chest. Akihiko could still remember the scent of blood lingering in the air, the younger vampire’s shocked face as he reached out towards Akihiko. No matter what Saito had done, he was still Akihiko’s child. He couldn’t bear to watch his suffer so he put an end to it. The sky turned dark as he hugged the smaller male in his arms whispering repeatedly in his ear, “I’m sorry.” as the life left Saito’s body.

Crimson scarlet hues open as tears fell down his cheeks as he realized he was too late. Screaming in pain, punching the ground the male shouted, “Rigr I’m sorry!” Hours went by as he cried his heart out punching the ground nearby as his bones were broken over and over again slowly healing. 

Gripping his trembling hand as he placed his forehead against the cold stone, he whispered, 

“I should have told you this long ago. I love you my precious בֵּן.”


warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


Please feast your eyes on the wonder that is Mr. Beef (aka Broccoli Salad)

(does anyone have any guesses as to which breeds he may be? He’s quite tall and has some marvelous speckles)