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only question on this final for college english is “is a future where a fursona is a legally mandated part of your ID a utopia or a dystopia”. teacher hasn’t blinked once for 45 minutes

What I don’t understand is why these Antifa/Communist/SJW assholes don’t just go and make their own country.

Like seriously, go away and do whatever the hell you want. We have no problem with that but I don’t see why you feel the compulsive need to drag everyone else with you.

It ain’t that hard to just buy an island and start your own utopia, if you’re so sure you could run it better.

Jim Jones did it and look how well that went!
…….oh wait.

  • Aries: What's the most dangerous situation you've ever been in? What'd you do?
  • Taurus: What does your ideal utopia look like?
  • Gemini: What's the one thing that you are always in the mood for?
  • Cancer: Who/what makes you the happiest? Who/what makes you upset?
  • Leo: What's something you'd loved to be asked but never have been?
  • Virgo: What's your biggest pet peeve?
  • Libra: What's more important, loyalty or your own happiness?
  • Scorpio: What makes you happiest, and what makes you angriest?
  • Sagittarius: What do you want your future to look like?
  • Capricorn: What's your biggest goal in life?
  • Aquarius: What's your biggest passion? How often do you speak about it?
  • Pisces: How do you define happiness?

Okay but everyone is focusing on the city of Omelas and the child and the festival but that’s not the point of the story. It’s called The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. Within the text, the happy people of Omelas go and visit the suffering child, and it is by accepting the the compromise that they are able to live so happily, and without guilt:

“Yet it is their tears and anger, the trying of their generosity and the  acceptance  of  their  helplessness,  which  are  perhaps  the  true  source  of  the  splendor  of  their lives.  Theirs  is  no  vapid,  irresponsible  happiness.  They  know  that  they,  like  the  child,  are  not free.”

But there are some which witness the suffering of the child and can’t bear to experience happiness at its expense. Those people turn and leave, going places completely unimaginable, and they always go alone:

“These people go out into the street, and walk down the  street  alone.  They  keep  walking,  and  walk  straight  out  of  the  city  of  Omelas… Each one goes alone, youth or  girl  man  or  woman… They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they do not come back.  The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.”

The story of compromise, of accepting the suffering of some for the pleasure of others, ends on the concept of rejection. The true contrast of the story is not between joy and pain. It’s between following societal expectations and being complacent in the face of oppression, and being guaranteed perfect happiness for it, or rejecting the idea and walking away from it, alone.

So what does BTS say? You Never Walk Alone.  When you turn your back on utopia, on the “good” life you were told to live, you don’t have to do it alone. When you deny societal expectations and live freely, you don’t have to do it alone.  When you reject complacency and instead walk into the unimaginable, you don’t do it alone. When you leave Omelas, walk ahead into the darkness, and do not come back, you don’t have to walk alone.

If we all put as much energy into loving each other as we do into the worship of deities, the utopia your God promises would have long since been realized on this Earth.
—  Journal Entry; Fall 2015

Okay, but where the fuck is Roo’s dad? Did Kanga just fucking show up with Roo one day? We know fuck-all about Roo’s relationship with his dad… if he even fucking has one. There’s no other kangaroos in the Hundred Acre Wood. Are Kanga and Roo from somewhere else with a fuckton of kangaroos? Are they secretly from the Hundred Acre Outback? Did Rabbit murder him over his interspecies love of Kanga? Is Roo bispecies? Is he the illegitimate son of Tigger and Kanga? Is that why he likes to bounce so fucking much? Where the fuck are the answers, Milne?! You can just expect everyone to fucking accept your stuffed utopia. I can accept fucking bottomless honey, but where the fuck is Roo’s dad?!

Scott: Oooh, @sinesalvatorem​ is really moving up in the world these days. She got a piece published on Medium!

Brain: You know that anyone can publish on Medium, right?

Scott: Suuuuure, you just go on living in your little perfectly egalitarian utopia.

Title: Forget Him

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Park Chanyeol


Warnings: Language - Hickies - Slapping - Alcohol - Dirty Talk - Oral


You slouched, face squished on the pillow to your side. Bottles of soju scattered by your side. Your legs tangled between the blankets.

“Shibal seki..” (fucking bastard) you chanted drunkenly. Quickly, your body jumped to stand on the couch. You raised your arm pointing to the imaginary Sehun in front of you from above.

“Seki shi-” you stopped, hiccuping. “No no, that’s wrong. It’s.. shiki.. se..bal?” You slurred dropping your arm and tilting your head.

Your phone chirped and you jumped, tripping over the back of the couch and landing harshly on the floor. Once you stood up, you picked up the device. Although your vision was blurred by the copious amounts of alcohol in your system, somehow you managed to read ‘Park Chanyeol’ on the screen.

“Park.. Chan-” *hiccup* “yeol.” You slid the green button to the side and flipped it on to speaker.

“Y/n?” The phone spoke. You gasped. “Chanyeol?! Are you trapped in there?” You tapped the screen.

The phone sighed. “I was hoping you weren’t wasted.”

“Chanyeol I’m gonna get you outta there!” You ran around your house screaming and opening drawers. “Y/n- no listen to me- hey-” Chanyeol hit his forehead, whining.

“I’m coming over, unlock the door.” Chanyeol said and the phone beeped.

“Chanyeol? Wait how are you gonna come over if you’re stuck in there?” You turned the phone around, furrowing your eyebrows.

A knock at the door startled you, you dropped the cellular and tip toed to the door. Once on your toes, you peaked through the glass. “Sehun! How’d you get hear so fast?”

“I live in the apartment right across from you, Y/n.” He sighed. You gasped, looking around.

“Y/n I can see you. Open the door.” You stood back to realize your peep hole was actually a glass screen door. You giggled and opened the door, hitting yourself in the face on accident.

“You look like shit.” The hit sobered you a bit. You rubbed your forehead. “Do I really? Cause I feel like it.” The slur in your voice said it all.

Your knees began to sway and you felt yourself gliding back, but a hand caught you. Chanyeols hand hooked under your knees and you opened your eyes to see he put you back on the couch.

“I’m pretty sure this is an illegal amount of soju..” he shook his head, tipping a bottle over to find it empty.

“Why did Sehun dump me?” You looked at Chanyeol, blinking as tears welled in your eyes. “Am I a drunk? Or ugly?” Do I have a flat chest?“ Chanyeols mouth opened to speak but he froze as you lifted up your tank top, looking at your breasts, then at Chanyeol. “Am I?” Chanyeol gulped, trying to pull his eyes off your chest but he just couldn’t.

For so long has he looked at you. The way your eyes sparkled. The way you smiled. The way your eyes squinted when you laughed, or when you laughed so hard you started to cry. The way you were afraid of strange things, like vacuum cleaners or the fences in front of jails. The way you always needed someone by your side.

He looked too hard. He looked at the way your eyes sparkled for Sehun. The way you smiled at Sehun. The way your eyes squinted when you laughed at a joke Sehun told. The way you wanted Sehun to hold you when you were scared.

The way you always needed Sehun by your side.

But Sehun left. He left like that meant nothing to him. Like you meant nothing to him. And that made Chanyeol so.. so.. angry.

Because you meant everything to him.

Chanyeol flew forward, pushing your shoulders back onto the couch. You stared up at him blankly. His eyes flickered from yours to your lips. You smiled and kissed him. You’d been waiting so long for this. For the feeling of his lips on yours. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted and needed.

Chanyeol kissed you roughly. The kiss tasted of beer and you and, god, did it make Chanyeol so drunk. You tasted so delicious. He never wanted anything more. His hands traveled up the tank top you lifted early, gripping your breast with the tips of his fingers. Your hands tangled into his coarse hair and you moaned into his mouth.

Chanyeol’s knuckles kneaded your buds. You moaned into his mouth. Your bare legs caressed his atop his pants and that’s when Chanyeol realized you weren’t wearing pants. He pulled away, breathing heavily and smirked. His hands flew quickly to your ass, lifting your hips to meet his. His hips grind against yours, letting you feel what you’ve done to him. He squeezes your ass, lifting one hand and slapping your skin.

“Bad girl.. from now on, why don’t you wear pants when your guy friends come over?” You nod and gulp. Chanyeol’s hands reach up to tear the tank into two. You watch him throw the pieces behind him.

Chanyeols head dives to your chest, his lips immediately engulfing one of your nipples. Your fingers grab his hair, grasping roughly as you squeal. His teeth bite and pull on the flesh. You can’t help but feel guilty.

Because here you are, your ex-boyfriends best friend attached to your chest. And even though you knew it was wrong.

God it felt so right. So good.

“Chanyeol.. don’t stop..” you moan. Chanyeols tongue glides to the dip of your stomach, leaving a strawberry hickey behind as he continues down. He quickly disregards of the restraining underwear and sighs.

“Beautiful.” He whispers, astonished.

His eyes are adoring, but the second he blinks, they darken. He stares up at you, straight to your soul. Chanyeols flicks his tongue on your clit and you hiss. His tongue presses flat and warm against your wet folds and he can’t help but relish in the sweet taste of you. Like cherry.

He towers over you once your eyes open, his cock being pulled from its barriers. Your drunken vision fails to see what you so badly wanted to.

He opened the drawer behind you, pulling a condom from the box.

He hesitates for a second. Flipping the condom over, he groans and tosses it aside. “It’s too small, I guess I’ll fuck you raw.” He begins to position himself. “They fit Sehun..?” You said, holding onto his shoulder as you felt the tip pressed to your entrance.

“Well, I guess not all of us are the same size?” Stars flashed before your eyes as Chanyeol shoved his whole length in. You choked on the scream you needed so badly to release. He paused, feeling you stretch to widths like never before. You fingernails broke the skin on his shoulders. “So.. fucking.. tight..”

He gasped and sighed loudly, falling into your neck. Slowly, he pulled out, feeling your walls shrink back as he did. He thrusted back in and you whimpered. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he rocked in and out of you. Soon enough, all you could feel was insane pleasure as his pace sped up. His gripped the arm of the couch with one hand and your hip with the other. Your fingers scratched pink lines up his back that would surely be there tomorrow morning.

His pace began to feel unbearable. Unknown sounds left your throat, his grunts in your ear. You were reaching pure bliss; heaven. His thumb reached over and pressed deeply into your clit. Your entire will was abandoned as you screamed his name at the top of your lungs. Strings were untied and you melted beneath his body.

With a few more thrusts, he groaned blissfully and pulled out of your dripping cave. Utopia spewed on your stomach and thighs - Chanyeol’s personal work of art. With heavy breath, he smirked.

“You have no idea how long I waited for that.” He shook his head in disbelief, chest rising and falling quickly.

“I think.. I do..” you creaked. Your voice was lost completely and you coughed. “Did I fuck my baby girl up?”

Chanyeol grinned and snuggled behind you, his sweaty body sticking to yours. He pulled a blanket over the two of you.

“I love you Chanyeol.” You whispered, squeaking a few times. He chuckled, kissing your neck. “Ahh, hush baby. Don’t break your beautiful voice.”

Jet Wolf and Act 21

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

It’s taken eight issues, but Mamoru finally proves that you CAN yell out something other than a Senshi name, and that it’s super meaningful when you do! Usagi still hasn’t used the names of her supposed best friends, but who’s paying attention to such unimportant details like that when Mamoru can express a feeling?


Floating in the inky black nothingness, Usagi sees a vision of Mamoru, running away from her with an adult Chibi-Usa on his arm. I suppose I should be happy she was grown but mostly I just want to sit manga Usagi down and have a very long lecture about literally everything.

She wakes up to find herself in a new dress, and my dislike for manga Usagi in no way makes this fact less fucking creepy and repulsive. She and Demande chat, and by “chat” I mostly mean “rough draft Usagi’s restraining order”. They kind of talk about the Black Moon Clan’s motivations, but it’s like trying to explain why we need twelve different versions of Coke. WE JUST DO BRENDA. Clearly the best part of this entire issue is when the Black Moon Clan turn into a deeply indie hipster band for one panel.

I’m pretty sure these guys were at The Crystal Ballroom last Thursday.

Seriously, their entire reasoning seems to be “We don’t like it when people live a long time”, and in fairness, genocide does address that problem.

There’s also this bit where  Demande indicates that Wiseman was like “Come to Nemesis my guys”, but we’ll come back to that.

Anyway, Demande does what we all know Demande does and fuck Demande by the way. Also it looks like Saffir and Rubeus are hanging out in the bedroom too? IF YOU WERE AFRAID THE MANGA HAD LOST ITS EDGE AT MAKING UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS WORSE ALLOW ME TO REASSURE YOU

Back at the palace, Endymion has a suddenly flash that several pages have gone by without him explaining something. Horrified, he quickly begins to tell us about Nemesis, and manages to spend about three pages on what is functionally “I dunno”. OH BUT WAIT BECAUSE HERE COMES MY FAVOURITE PART



I don’t now how much more detail we’re going to get on this, but Endymion shows literally zero problem with the situation, just being “Yeah, she stopped growing up nearly a thousand years ago, but have you seen me do THIS??” before phasing his hand through his own head and making spooky “OOOOoOOooooOOooo” noises. He then goes on to say that he’s sure it’ll all work out okay because “her destiny is to protect this planet”. I’m once again reassured that free will for the characters in the Sailor Moon manga is alive and well, and that Usagi’s words a few issues ago weren’t remotely lip service.

But Endymion hasn’t yet begun to explain! Endymion could only be worse if he added “Well, ACTUALLY” at the start of each new topic. From here we go into backstory on Nemesis and Wiseman, and for a guy who keeps insisting they didn’t know shit for centuries and never saw this coming, Endymion sure knows a metric fuckton about the hows and whys of these people.

I don’t know how much of this is accurately translated, so I’m not going to rant about it too much specifically. Suffice it to say that my version has Endymion claiming that Wiseman “revived crime”. Then NQS showed up, said “stop that”.


Point being, I really hate this fucking storyline.

Back to Usagi, who is understandably not doing so well. She worries about Mamoru, LIKE A LOT, and the concludes that the ginzuishou isn’t working because she’s been worried about Chibs stealing Mamoru away, and did I mention I hated this fucking storyline?

Then Usagi finally remembers she has friends! Wassername, and Whozzit, and Sleepy, and Doc!


  • Total times Usagi calls them Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus: four
  • Total times Usagi calls them Rei, Ami, Mako, and Minako: zero you fool of course it’s zero
  • Total times Usagi calls him Mamoru in the same stretch of story: six
  • Total times Usagi calls him Tuxedo Kamen in the same stretch: zippo

Anyway, Rei, Ami, and Mako wake up for a second, do nothing, and maybe die, but who cares.

Over to Chibi-Usa, who reflects on the time she’s spent with Usagi, and then the time she didn’t spend with her mother. Kids are awful little bastards and I don’t understand why exiling THEM doesn’t appear to be an option. She literally says (per this translation), that “The only one [my mum] loves is my papa”, and you know, it’s good that Chibi-Usa is on my side in spirit, at least.

Then flashback!Chibs steals the ginzuishou, gets her mum nearly killed, and runs away to see Pluto, as you do. Theeeeennnn I THINK Chibs gets pissy because Pluto smiles at Endymion? And maybe this isn’t a flashback now? SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANYTHING’S FLOWING HERE LIKE I’M SURPRISED THERE’S NOT A LITTLE BUNNY HEAD IN THE CORNER SAYING “I can draw this dress I saw in a fashion magazine or I can make my plot make visual sense. Fuck it, just watch the anime.”

What/when/however this is happening, Wiseman finds Chibs, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing that I can say with complete honesty that it’s not the creepiest thing that’s happened in this arc.

The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 1

So this is my new series! I’ve been wanting to share this for quite a while but I’ve always been very shy. 

Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 5,570

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8 CH 9 CH 10 CH 11

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“His face was sleek and his eyes were the same as the day you first met him, gentle, but with something unidentifiable.”

You knew your father was not a good man. He was the kingpin of his “business” in which he sold drugs, murdered, and manipulated politics. When you were five you asked him why he did all this. I get to make the rules as I see fit, sweetheart, is what he said. It made sense to you, life is easier when you have control over everything. What he said right after shocked you more and has stuck with you ever since: I’m making sure that your world is perfect.

And it was, you were never hungry, you lived in a beautiful mansion, and you had every luxury you could ask for. You knew your father was not a good man, but he was a good father. You knew your father was not a good man, but boy it felt amazing to be rich. Your mother and father barely missed dinner with you and were extremely loving. If you ignored the fact that your utopia was built by blood you seemed like an actual family. Your mother and father loved each other so much too, it warmed your heart when they would go out to a fancy restaurant, because even though they didn’t take you, they acted like a young couple that were infatuated with each other. How lucky they were to be in love like that, since their marriage was arranged. Your father wasn’t the man that organized the business first, it was his great-grandfather. That old man passed the business down to his son, your great-grandfather, who passed it onto your grandfather, who passed it onto your father.

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Why, if all say communism is utopic, and idealistic, do they fight against working towards it?

Many argue how to achieve communism, or how to come close to it, and there could be many different paths towards it. 

Why not work towards these paths, instead of discrediting it as science fiction, when we know humanity can do things that were once thought impossible?

Why fight something you believe to be utopic? Why fight something you believe would benefit all to such a degree that paradise would be accessible to all?

Why work against what you believe to be a utopia, instead of attempt to work towards your said utopia?

anonymous asked:

How the fuck is the elimination of politics centrist? Are you really that entrenched in your imaginary leftist utopias?

guy who believes in “technological nomadic civilization” telling me my ideology is imaginary

Are you a...

Astral or Yuma person?
Keyshipper or Sharkbaitshipper or Foilshipper?
Kaito/Kite or Shark/Ryouga person?
Galaxymastershipper or Mentorshipper?
III/Trey or IV/Quattro or V/Quinton kind of person?
Vector or Nasch person?
Rio or Kotori/Tori person?
Xyz user or Fusion user?
Galaxy-eyes or Hope/Utopia?

leave your answers in the tags! I’m curious to know!

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Your tone is OUTRAGEOUS and I cannot listen to it any longer! You're an insolent child who refuses to give respect to his elders, you should be spanked! I am submitting a request RIGHT NOW to the upper house to investigate your previous card game related ventures, because there have been ALLEGATIONS of you not playing fair, Seto-kun! I refuse to duel you until you're cleared of these suspicions! And also I will be ill next week! - SD

Excuse me? If there’s one person who has always played fair in card games, that’s me! You’re going too far with your accusations, Dadwin! It is not me you’re seeing parading around casting magic and cheating my way into tournaments. But sure, come at me with all you’ve got! Go ahead and investigate me. You’ll find nothing!