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okay so a) your sims are sososo cute im in love and b) i wanna start up a simblr but i dont have any good inspiration for a name :( do you have any tips or anything that could help me with this process?

Thank you! My first simblr url was vicky5ims’ so you could always go that route and have ‘sims’ somewhere in the url that way people can easily tell you’re a simblr. Any alteration of the word ‘pixel’ (ex. pxel) is also very popular. I changed my url to Meisiu because I wanted something more original.
Here’s some random words relating to TS4 you could use in your url: 

(My personal favourite is Ambrosia and I’m not a fan of long urls or urls with numbers) Many people change their url frequently so don’t feel restricted to the one you choose. 

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nickname: Vale
height: 1.63 m
last thing I googled: The late show with Stephen Colbert Youtube
fave music artist: Keane
song stuck in my head: Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart
last movie I watched: Big Hero 6
last tv show I watched: Downton Abbey
what are you wearing right now: pajamas
when did you create your blog: December 2014
what kind of stuff do I post: Everything I like
do you have any other blogs: I have a sideblog, @modena-volley
do you get asks regularly: nope
why did you choose your url: it’s my favourite gym skill, created by Aliya Mustafina
gender: female
hogwarts house: -
pokemon team: -
fave color: violet
average hours of sleep: 7
lucky number: 16
fave character: Seth Cohen from The O.C.
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1
dream job: high school teacher
following: 364

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Rate my blog?? 😁💀


Theme: no, sorry :( | it’s okayy | i like it | i LOVE it! | i have a tumblr crush on you omg

Content: nope, i’m sorry | it’s fine | uuh i like it | YES! LOVE IT | i got a new tumblr crush omg

Music (if you have a music player): not my style | it’s okay :) | good taste you have! | YES YES YES | okay dude i want to marry you

URL: could be better, sorry!! | it’s ok :) | i liiike it! | OMFG YAS | can i kill you so i can have your url? i LOVE it!

Your blog is definitely one of my favourites! love it <3

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 nothing. just ash

-star sign:


-last thing I googled:
the weeknd - angel

-fave music artist:
the weeknd? placebo? idk

-song stuck in my head: 
jungle by a boogie

-last movie I watched:

-what are you wearing right now:
 a grey shirt with pajama bottoms

-when did you create your blog:
 remade this month but originally came about 5 months ago

-what kind of stuff do I post:
 my aesthetic and my thoughts?

-do you have any other blogs:

-why did you choose your URL:
 my favourite face mask at the time was black sugar and charcoal so


-hogwarts house:

-Pokemon team:
 mystic? I’m going by Pokemon GO but I deleted the app a while ago

-fave colour: 
black blue red

-average hours of sleep:
 I’ll say 6-8 hours

-lucky number:
 idk but I like the number 4

-fave characters:
 glenn rhee

-how many blankets do you sleep with:

-dream job:

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today I went on a tour of the UN w my little brother who's in middle UN at school and he was so excited it was fun

oooo that sounds so cute!! i find its so lovely to enjoy other peoples excitement ((i also realise that sentence made me sound like a 90 year old grandmother))


  • your url!!! is possibly one of my favourite things on this planet 
  • i also love adam parrish so i am glad there is someone i share this love ((but lets be real who couldn’t love this boy))
  • your themes match!!! this makes me ridiculously excited 
  • i just love your theme in general it simple but so!! nice to look at idk i love

your blog is one of my fav literature blogs literally all your posts are gold!! i cant do your blog justice but yes!! so much love 


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Hey, it's nice to meet you! I really like your posts. I'm new to Tumblr, but I'm thinking of going by Dust or Miles for now. I like all colors, but in my experience I've found that you can never go wrong with blue. I have quite a few ships from all sorts of shows and even some novels, but if you just mean Stranger Things then I'm definitely all for Mileven. My favorite flavor is bubblegum ice cream! My parents never let me get a dog, but I'll still pet one if I see one.

Hey there! Thanks so much and welcome to Tumblr! I’m fairly new as well. I just adore your username/URL—it’s great. Blue is also my favourite colour. There are so many shades that it can basically mean anything haha, but I am partial to darker blues. Since my blog is mostly Stranger Things, yes—all for Mileven (shocking!) but I also love the OT3 & wish I could improve on my writing of their relationship. Bubblegum ice cream omg! I haven’t had that in years, but you’re right—it’s so good!! My favourite is definitely pistachio or maybe mint chocolate chip. So good to meet you 💜  talk soon!! 



Thank you so much guys! I was meant to do this when i hit 6k but my life all of a sudden got really hectic and it all sort of went down the drain :) I’m like less than 2 months away from my 1 year anniversary which is CRAZY as hell and i couldn’t be more happy. This post is just going to be me celebrating some of my favourite blogs <3 

A-C –> arthurdrvill arsenalroy arrows-and-fairytales amellrickards amellthirst amelliwood  aaronswarner aubvi aarontaylorjohnson asheathes anthfan allenssnows brianconners bratvaolicity badassraziel barry-and-iris blondefelicity badassraziel barryallens belledearie bitchwitharrow colinodonorgasm canariesatom captainsamell caitlnsnow cophines contrasts cityofolicity chriservans chinaprincess

D-F –> dumplingnooona dust2dust34 diggo26 dickbarbaras doe-eyed-girly-evil eddiesthawne effie214 emillybett felicitysmock felicitycaitlin felicity-smoakqueen felicitysss felicityswoak felicityssarrow fuckyesolicity fadedcolours fieryheart-s forever-erica flicitysmoak flash-smoak-and-arrows fyeahfelicitysmoak

G-K –> griffinsclarke greenarrcw gibbinwes grantsgustins greensarrow grant-gust hummelssmythe haynesrickards irisweststan justolicity jemmasimmuns jbuffyangel justintaylor justanother90sbaby kirayukimura katyswartz kcntclark klarolicityswan

L-N –> lydia-martin lushcola laurelances laurelcastillo ladymalfoi ladyhacksaway littlegirlinvisible lieutenantsmoak lissmoaks leagueofolicity laurelsfelicity ladybranson mondler-addict marcguggenheim machawicket mogirl97 no-one-seesyou-likeido nikkibeckettcsm

O-R –> oliverqueens ohlicity olicityalways olicitylovely olicitykisses olicitycaps ohliverfelicity ohlverqueen owenselliot princesconsuela prettysmoak pansexualsmoak pegicarters queensarrow queenwithsmoak queenmerlyn queenlythea queerfelicityy rosetyleres redpendreaming remember3x20 rewriteolicity ronnieraymonds

S-V –> stevenrogered stilinksihales smoaksolicitys smoakamell smoakinamell smoakingriffin smoakingbillionaires smoakingarrow sentence-fragments sarcasticfina saralances sunshinesmoak stehpenamell tommymerlyns thearoy vanessayves

W-Z –> whitecanarys warnerism wittyfelicity waldafrey wandas-maximoffs westallenss werescoyotes willgorki wifiandbow wondertwinc

+ blogroll (I HAVE A FEELING I FORGOT PEOPLE SO IF I DID FORGET YOU :( then let me know please and sorry!)