your url gets me every time

relatable BPD things
  • i need to go get food. but im talking to my fp. i could just go get something and come right back but they might go offline in the 47 seconds it takes to grab a bag of chips
  • *doesnt talk to fp all day, doesnt feel like shit* mental illness where? ‘,:) *fp comes online* FUKC WHER EWERE YOU I LVOE YOU SO MUCH I MISSED YOU PLS DONT LEAEV MEA GAIN FUCK
  • sigh. im horny. NO im sex repulsed. no im horny. no im sex repulsed. no im ho
  • im sad *looks at knife* damn u look fine today…. 
  • my fp has only talked to me once this week so you know what that means! its time to CUT! YOUR! FLESH!
  • *changes URL and theme every time i get a new interest because that interest is my personality now*
  • *scrolls to the bottom of discourse post so i know which opinion to have*
  • i want attention *gets attention from person ive splitted on* no not you
  • hell
Thank you!

I honestly have no words. There exists no word or phrase that I can think of that can properly express how grateful I am for each of you. Thank you for being here; whether you’re an active follower or lurker, or whether you’re here for my art or writing or shenanigans, I just wanted to thank each and every single one of you. You’re more than just a number to me, and seeing your URLs pop up in my feed brings me so much joy.

Feel free to strike up a conversation with me at any time as I’d love to get to know each of you more. <3

somethinuniqueandwitty  asked:

Good morning 💚💖 I just wanted to ask if you get access to got7's Japanese releases (and if so, how bc it's blocked for me :// )


It is restricted for me too but I use to unblock it!! it works every time and for every kind of blocked video (this sound like an AD placement Lmao)!! but yeah Just copy and paste the youtube URL and your good to go!! Hope I could help my love!!

anonymous asked:

the cutest thing you find abt each member?? and your url reminds me of minseok and wow how HE RUINS MY LIFE EACH AND EVERY DAY WITH HIS EXISTENCE

Minseok - the way he looks at fans or at his members, his face is so innocent and full of love I feel like melting

Junmyeon - his soft selfies and his giggles

Yixing - when he gets shy 

Baekyun - when he wrinkles his nose and throws that cheeky child like smirk

Chanyeol - when he runs with small steps beside his legs being longer that time

Jongdae - his eye smile and cute complaining 

Kyungsoo - when he looks around with his big eyes and his face is a mix of awe and concern lol

Jongin - when he cracks a joke and he laughs with his whole body

Sehun - when he is around Junmyeon 

Paying 5 million bells for letting me visit your town 500 times!

Looking For: Someone willing to keep their gates open for hours to let me visit loads

Offering: every 50 trips to your town you will recieve 500,000bells

URL: thecrossingqueen

Ask/IM Link: IM ONLY

Friend Code: 0318-8313-4184

Note: Through IM we can respectfully discuss if I will pay the bells to you before or after the trips have been done to eliminate the chance of either one of us getting scammed :o x

wally-iris  asked:


@stydia bri is my life i love her and HELLO HER FUCKING URL!! one time she offered it to me and i said no it’s okay you keep your url

@stefan-salvatores becca !! a lovely content creator and lover of scott mccall. super amazing okay!!

@drspenceyreid MADDIE MY HONEY PIE!!  i adore her so much holy heck just give maddie all your love

for every 🎊 i get i’ll recommend a blog!

Hello and welcome to my Secret Santa’s fifth edition! So it’s almost that time of the year again! And I’m super excited :D

How does this work?

It’s actually pretty simple :) You reblog this post, and then you send me a message. Every person who does that, gets assigned a Secret Santa. 

I will reply to your message with the url of the person whose Secret Santa you’re going to be (example: you get bananaurl456 = you send nice messages to tumblr user bananaurl456.).

Starting December 1st, you will message the person you were assigned everyday. You can ask them about their day, tell them about yours, comfort them when they’re sad, tell them how amazing they are, talk about movies, books, tv shows, art, music - anything! 

You don’t have to send messages everyday if you’re busy, but you should send at least one message every three days.

If you’re feeling creative you can make them a playlist, write a poem, draw/paint something or whatever you feel like doing, but that’s not necessary.

You do all of that anonymously*.

You reveal yourself on (December 25th), but then again - it’s up to you, you can stay anonymous.  AND YES. When you participate, someone else will get your url = You will get your own Secret Santa!

Also you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to join! Anyone who wants to spread love can join :).

*you can sign your messages with “-Secret Santa”.

Rules (please read):

  • Reblog this to enter, you can enter till Dec 1st
  • TO GET AN URL MESSAGE ME SAYING: “i want a secret santa url” (SEND ME AN INBOX, NOT AN IM). Please only send your message once, don’t worry, I will get back to you, I just need some time
  • You don’t have to follow me but you might want to for updates (for example, on Dec 1st, I’m gonna remind you to start sending messages)
  • YOU HAVE TO TURN ON YOUR ASK BOX and allow anonymous questions. It’s very important! (You don’t have to do it now if you don’t want to, you can do it on Dec 1st)
  • PLEASE do not participate if you’re not gonna send messages, you’re just gonna make someone sad that way
  • If you change your url after you’ve signed up please let me know

If you have any questions you can message me here (x), I will be tagging all Secret Santa related things with #ss16.

Please take part and have fun xx

tagged by @rosegoldspock​<3 ily bee thank u <3

  • nickname: Avi but it’s a super old one
  • star sign: virgo
  • height: 5′ !
  • time rn: 10:04pm
  • fav music artist: it’s a tie between chance the rapper& princess nokia !!
  • last movie i watched: jurassic park
  • last tv show i watched: bob’s burgers
  • what are you wearing rn?: my robe, lil mermaid pjs and a crop top
  • when did u create your blog?: november of last year?? i think?
  • what kind of stuff do you post?: my art, aesthetic, star trek/wars
  • do you have any other blogs?: @lasharkk​ is my sketch dump/personal/whatever tf blog !!
  • do you get asks regularly?: kinda? usually it’s art requests and ppl being too nice to me (ngl it scares tf outta me every time i see smth in my ask)
  • why did you chose your URL?: bc it means precious in vulcan& i liked it ~
  • gender?: female
  • hogwarts house?: ravenclaw
  • pokemon team: mystic
  • fav color: pink/peachy nude colors <33
  • average hrs of sleep: 5-6? depends
  • lucky number: 9
  • fav characters: if we’re just talking abt star trek then tos jimberly kirk is my absolute (and even tho ive only seen like 3episodes of TNG i know i would die for deanna troi)
  • how many blankets do you sleep with?: 2?
  • dream job: a job i enjoy and make money with !! like honestly it’s not much to ask but@ the same time it is
  • followers: too many !! not rlly tho

I tag: @gayhura @goldkirk @jackfryst @logicheartsoul@menecio if ya babes are feelin it ✨

ipooped2day001  asked:

Hey now hey now. When I saw your post I couldn't just stand on the sidelines. Idek you, but I know you're a brilliant and extremely creative (chemistry, right?) student, who is gonna do great things some day. Ik exactly how you feel, and I'd say talk to someone before taking medication, I've been thinking the same. Id write more but ya know, characters are numbered. So just know your work is amazing and you are even more amazing. And you are not alone. Love ya sig. Your stories inspire me.

Thank you… i see your url around in my notes often and it makes my eyebrows do that concerned look when i see it, but that’s beside the point, thank you. i’m just depressed. every now and then i get struck with this sudden realization that i am not where i want to be, but then i never do anything about it because i feel like i’ve already invested too much time and money to turn back, and i force myself to keep going. 

lmfrnk  asked:

i voted!! could i get a playlist pls?

yes! i’m having a hard time to not just put 5 frank songs every time so i’m gonna take inspiration from your url and here’s aggressive frank stuff:

8th grade - pencey prep
hell all-american - death spells
5th period massacre - leathermouth
why is love so disastrous - death spells
give me liberty but give me depth
i’m going to kill the president - leathermouth

vote for my new url for a blograte / promo / playlist

remvsjohn  asked:

This is for the Harry Potter blograte! So I have no idea if you like Broadway musicals, but this isn't the typical musical. I definitely recommend the entire Spring Awakening soundtrack, it's so amazing!

Thanks Madison! I’m late to the party but I do low-key enjoy Broadway musicals. Low-key but whatever, I cherish every single time I get to watch a musical :D

And yess I’m just listening to Spring Awakening soundtrack & omg Lea Michele!!! I’m looking forward to her new music <3

Aesthetic / what your blog reminds me of:
House: Ravenclaw / Thunderbird
Blood Status: Hald-Blood
Patronus: Ibizan Hound
Hogwarts Subject: Charms
Your best friend: Neville Longbottom
URL: troll | dreadful | poor | acceptable | exceeds expectations | outstanding
Icon: troll | dreadful | poor | acceptable | exceeds expectations | outstanding
Theme: troll | dreadful | poor | acceptable | exceeds expectations | outstanding
Posts: troll | dreadful | poor | acceptable | exceeds expectations | outstanding
Overall: troll | dreadful | poor | acceptable | exceeds expectations | outstanding
Compliments + advices: Your icon & theme are adorable <3 For advices, have you considered creating blog pages e.g. About Me & Tags?

P.S. Blacklist ‘blogiversary stuff’ to hide these.

Anniversary Extravaganza!

Kyouko Kirigiri protection squad 2k16

Omg guys. Since this post has gotten nearly 200 notes already when I’m posting this, I will make one for Kirigiri and Asahina too!

Same as in the other one. Every time this gets reblogged, Kirigiri’s chance of surviving Danganronpa 3 will increase! And I will write down your url, to post it after the series ends and show how much support we had.

(and again, I tag @weebish-fish and @shsl-succ because they helped me.)

Naegi version / Asahina version / Hagakure version

sonofprodigy  asked:

cough you should totally do sonofprodigy whoever that is lmao cough <<;

Send me your URL ; Accepting

Thoughts on the character: god fuk this guy am i right. Sephiroth is the worst KILLING AERITH AND SHIT. Its not like this guy has like DEEP problems and you’ve developed them so PAINFULLY. And every character I possess is INVESTED IN YOU.

Have you interacted before: it’s like 2 years of knowing you I can’t get back i cannot believe

Favorite part of portrayal: if you hurt me 1 more time I s 2 g. I hate the messages of “don’t think about” that you FUCKING SEND ME EVERYDAY.

One piece of advice: FUCK OFF.

A verse (mine or theirs) I want a thread in: FFXV with me gdi

Thoughts on the mun: i literally hate that you’re my best friend ur the worst person 

yahjiminie  asked:

every time i see your url it reminds me of sunshine and everything that's good in the world!!!



send me an ask telling me what you think of when you see my url/my reputation

Dear fandom,

I never usually get involved in this sort of thing but I feel like I have to say something. Over the past few days, I’ve been saddened to see an abundance of disgustingly awful, anonymous messages being sent around.

If you are someone who is sending hate to other shippers, it has got to stop. The name calling and personal attacks have got to stop. The slurs and insults have got to stop. It. Is. Not. Okay. It’s cowardly, vile, and despicable. You do not have my support. You do not speak for me. You do not speak for this fandom. 

People tend to forget that behind every url is a person, a person who can be hurt by your insensitive, ignorant words. And people are being hurt by this complete and utter lack of any semblance of human decency. Real people are getting hurt over fictional characters. How ridiculous is that?! It’s heartbreaking, and it’s simply wrong.

Once Upon A Time is a show about family, love, hope and acceptance. It’s a show about forgiveness, redemption and treating others graciously.. messages we’d all do well to take to heart. We should be using this fandom as a way to spread and practise those inspired messages, not as a platform to spread hate. I can only speak for myself, but I truly hope my fellow fandom friends echo this same sentiment. And many beautiful people do. I see that every day I’m here. 

OUAT is *just* a show. But the fandom? The fandom is filled with incredible, wonderful, real people. People with boundless creativity and imagination, with stories to tell. People we should be fighting for. 

We are all shippers but, first and foremost, we are all people.. and a person is so much more than just their ship. I know that we’re a very passionate group, who hold strong opinions about the things we love. We’re never all going to agree on every aspect of the show and that’s perfectly okay. We don’t all have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. But the very least we can do, regardless of ship or character preferences, is have the common decency to treat each other with kindness and respect. 

If you’ve been affected by anonymous hate, of any kind, I just want to extend my sincerest apologies and send you a massive hug. Keep doing what you do and loving what you love - don’t let the nasty minority steal your happiness and crush your spirits. The only way they’ll truly ‘win’, is if we start acting the way these bullies do. Don’t let them. And remember, for every one person who tries to tear you down, there’s so many more who stand against them, alongside you. You are not alone.

I’m going to step off my soap box now because I’ve rambled for far too long, but if there’s one thing I’m trying to say it’s this: please please try to find some compassion and treat each other like actual human beings. Kindness is a beautiful thing. 

With love,

A fellow Oncer and human being

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I’ll choose when this post gets a good amount of notes, good luck loves! I love you all xoxo

It’s nearly Halloween.. and I’m nearly at 1500 followers.. so I thought it’s about the time to make another follow forever! 

(as always - pls excuse the professional banner, lmao)

I wanted to let you guys know that I love all of your blogs, I think they’re amazing.

It doesn’t matter if I reblog from you frequently or only from time to time - it all depends on timezones and stuff. If your blog wasn’t fab I would not be following you hun.

This is a list of literally every single person that I follow right now. A list of 500+ amazing blogs. Including the fy/daily/network etc. blogs that I follow, as I’d like make sure that people running these blogs know that I am SOOOO grateful that I get to be up to date with my fav idols thanks to them. 

It took me an hour to write out all of these urls, gosh!

I’m not going to point out mutuals, favs or whatevers, simply because i think it’s quite upsetting if you see people around you getting highlighted when you aren’t. At least I get upset in cases like that, so yeah. I love you guys equally. <3


@164cmwoozi // @19940106 // @1kon7 // @2jaepg // @4obi // @4wallsfx // @7oshua // @94218 // @94lounge // @95joshua // @95kv // @98ju //


@a-superb-mess // @absuholute // @acciomyungsoo // @ahjuicy // @angelic-junmyeon // @arxcia // @asdfghjiyong // @asdfghobi // @asstheticsuho // @awksxuce // @awoozing //


@b4ngt4nboys // @babygyujin // @backstagepabos // @bae-hope // @baehkkyun // @baekby // @baekhyun-ah // @baekingacake // @baekoffhyunnie // @baekstreetbyun // @baeksdestroyedanus // @baexiian // @bambamscloud // @bang-tan // @bangingbangtanboys // @bangtan // @bangtan-hoseok // @bangtan-tv // @bangtanghoul // @bangtanhoney // @bangtantwerkteam // @bangtrashsyd // @banhsoo // @banqhim // @beaglemoonbyul // @bemyibo // @bisexualmon // @bisforbaekhyun // @blockbcrew // @bo0seungkwan // @bobbyteam // @bombom1a // @boononkwan // @boysbewoozi // @bts // @bts-trans // @btsabs // @btsbff // @btsgifs // @btsthough // @bumkangsung // @bumsthetic // @bwiseoks // @bwiyomi // @bxngtans // @byunbunnie //


@camera-seventeen // @chahunty // @cheolyans // @cheonjaes // @chimchicken // @choi-min-no // @cinnaminroll // @cnbluecl // @cowjimin // @cup-of-exo // @cutebaeks // @cypherlovertaetae // @cyphertae //


@daenso // @dailyexo // @dailygot7 // @darklordseokmin // @dawnlus // @dayvixx // @defsouljb // @derpchann // @dimplay // @dkjpg // @dohdoro // @dy0new //


@elaysium // @erase-twomelodies // @ethereal-baek // @everythingbobby // @exo-love-in-my-shineeworld // @exo-wufan // @exobtsvines // @exofriedbaekon // @exohd // @exosmamawolf //


@feministjunior // @fiftyshadesoftaehyung // @flamingpuppy // @flamingdinopuppy // @forevershiningshinee // @forjimin // @fuck-bangtan // @fuckhaja // @fucking-kpop // @fuckyeah-gotseven // @fuckyeah-mblaq // @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae // @fuckyeahxiumin // @fxcameback // @fy-exo // @fy-got7 // @fy-jinhwan // @fy-taekook // @fy-winner // @fydokyungsoo // @fyeah-infinite // @fyeahbangtaned // @fyeahjunghoseok // @fyeahluhan // @fyhoshikwon // @fyifan // @fyjjong //


@gdragon-fan // @ghostjaes // @ghostlyseokmin // @gimmethat-realfact // @girigay // @go2bedjungkook // @goddammit-you-guys // @goojunhow // @gossipforjosh // @got7 // @got7–af // @got7-ijb-imjaebum // @got7-scenarios // @got7archives // @got7europe // @got7gifs // @got7jacksonwang // @grandpaimjaebum // @graveyard0rbit // @grimhoseok // @guhwe // @guojeu // @gwiyo-min // @gxlden-maknae // @gyus-gottheorangejuice // @gyuwoo // @gyuzizis //


@hanbeenah // @hanbindoors // @hanbingsu // @hanbinji // @hanbins-mic // @hansouleater // @hauntedcoups // @hayisgf // @hbi-n // @hearteyes-wonhao // @hehooh // @hhobi // @hila-vitkutin // @himchan-stop // @hobihop // @hobilu // @hobisoo // @hoetaeseok // @holdmehoseok // @holyfuckmark // @holykimjiwon // @honkjoshua // @hoonsgf // @hoseoh // @hoseokeleton // @hoseokjung // @hoseokslegs // @hoseoktagon // @hoseokwhy // @hoseoxk // @hoshiiro // @hoshisghost // @hoshitv // @hosijak // @how-to-bangtan // @hugtae // @humans-of-seoul // @hwan-tastic //


@i-adore-17idiots // @iamthatgirlyouknew // @igiveuponfindingadecentusername // @igot-scenarios // @igot7-love // @igot7-loves // @igot7lemons // @igotjiminie // @ihaveathingforexo // @ikon-climax // @ikon-global // @ikondashian // @ikonfess // @ikonis // @ikonope // @ikonwiener // @imissblockb // @imjaesbum // @inclestellar // @inrcle // @inspiritddww //


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reblog this and i'll put your url in a jar

i’ve been feeling super awful recently so every time i feel the urge to do something self destructive i’ll pick out a url (or several) and message whoever it is about anything from the weather to pick up lines to stories from my childhood and everything in between.

hopefully it’ll keep me distracted and cheer me up a bit bc i’m tired of feeling like this all the time