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Morning Rush

“Kids, I’m not gonna say it again, let’s go”, Shawn yells while zipping up each lunch pale. He looked down at his watch and sighed, they had fifteen minutes and they need fifteen hours!

“Daddy! Jax keeps hiding my stuff”, your youngest daughter, Summer, yelled down to her father.

Shawn, whom the stress was really piling on today, rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of frustration, “How does Y/N do this”, he whispered before pinching the bridge of his nose, “Jax! Give your sister her stuff! And where’s Cecilia? And Hunter”, he referred to your high schoolers.

“Right here”, Cecilia said while tapping away on her phone.

Shawn’s eyes went wide as he looked up at the sight of your daughter in a mini skirt and a crop top.

She saw his expression and spoke, “Mom lets me wear this”, she shrugged.

“The hell she does! Go change, now! And while you’re at it, grab your siblings”, he shook his head and she made her way upstairs.

“What Dad”, Cecilia’s twin brother, Hunter, sighed dramatically.

“We need to leave”, Shawn sighed again, “Your mom is gonna kill me.”

Hunter let out a laugh as Cecilia made her way downstairs with only Jax, “Got ‘em”, she said, still on her phone.

“Where’s Summer? Give this to me”, Shawn snatched her phone and put it on the counter, “Summer? Baby are you okay”, Shawn called to your youngest.

“No”, she cried.

Everyone’s eyes went wide as they looked up the stairs.

“What’s wrong”, he asked uneasily.

“Mr. Unicorn is in the toilet”, she sobbed as the other kids started laughing.

“Guys”, Shawn started while looking at his other three kids, “I’m coming! The rest of you, in the car now”, Shawn told them before running up the stairs.

“There we go baby, let’s just put it in the washing machine and dryer for a bit”, Shawn opened the washing machine, tossed it in, and got it started, “Now let’s go”, he washed his hands before grabbing his youngest daughter’s hand again and leading her down the stairs.

He opened the car door and buckled her in as Cecilia was face timing someone, “And her 'Mr. Unicorn’ got stuck in the toilet or something”, she rolled her eyes.

“Who are you on the phone with”, Shawn asked while sitting the driver’s seat, buckling up, and starting the car.

“Mo–”, she began.

“Shawn Peter Raul Mendes!” He winced as you yelled into the phone, “Put your Dad on, now!”

Cecilia passed the phone to Hunter, who passed it to Summer, who passed it Jax, who held it up for Shawn.

“Yes babe”, he asked while giving his attention to the road.

“If I get another call saying that the Mendes kids’ are late again, I will lose it”, you said while rubbing your temples.

“I think you already lost it”, Shawn mumbled as your kids busted into fits of laughter, a smile painted Shawn’s face at their reactions as he waited at a red light.

“Shawn”, you stated calmly into the phone, “I am coming back tonight. If I come home to messy rooms, kids, a dirty house, everyone, undid laundry”, you groaned at the thought, “Everyone is grounded! Including you Shawn!”

Shawn pinched the bridge of his nose as everyone soon followed, they got it from their dad.

“A-alright babe, love you”, he tried to keep a smile on his face as he hung up and the phone was handed back to Cecilia.

“Well”, Shawn pulled the car into a U-turn, “Looks like the Mendes kids aren’t going to be late again, they’re taking a 'sick day’”, he announced as fits of 'woo hoos’ and 'yays’ erupted through the car.

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the 'i love you' prompt #29 + boyfs (or pinkberry! i'm not picky)

[The way you said “I love you.“ + 29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey]

Chloe quite honestly didn’t think prom would be this absolutely exhausting, but back when she first started thinking about prom, she also didn’t think she’d end up with the weirdo group of friends she currently is watching tear up the dance floor. Of course, ‘dance floor’ is questionable. They’re in the school gym and there’s strobe lights. A banner. Middle Borough High magic right here. ‘Tearing up’ is also iffy, but everybody is having a blast anyway. She watches Rich and Christine krump (probably) to whatever pop song is blaring over the speakers while Jenna snaps pictures on her phone next to Jake, who’s just doing this in-place shoulder shimmy to the beat of the music. A little to their left, Michael, one of the more decent dancers among them, leads Brooke in a fast paced swing.

Brooke laughs and smiles and dances as her dress swishes with each twist and turn. Chloe knows she’s probably watching Brooke with a look in her eyes that everybody would not hesitate to tease her over, but the only one sitting with Chloe is Jeremy, and he’s too busy doing the same thing for somebody else.

They’re all ridiculously lovestruck teenagers. In another life, Chloe would scoff at the concept, but here, now, watching how Brooke’s eyes crinkle with each giggle, how her hair frames her face, how she looks like she’s having the time of her life. Well–

Chloe didn’t know it could feel like this.

The song ends and the strobe lights calm down a bit, dulled to a dim purple, and everybody knows what that means. A slow song starts to play, and Chloe maybe feels her heart flutter a bit when she sees Brooke walking towards her, face flushed from the upbeat dance just moments ago.

“Hello, beautiful,” Brooke holds her hand out. Her dress is yellow and her hair falls around her face. Everything about her is bright. “Wanna dance?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Chloe says, faux haughty against the butterflies in her stomach. After years of being friends, Chloe would figured she’d at least get used to how effortlessly stunning Brooke is, but obviously the world is against her. Dating Brooke is like reliving that first oh each and every time.

“Well, I know dancing isn’t your thing,” she says.

“You are, though,” Chloe tells her.

So Brooke takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor. There it is again. Oh. She’s really something, isn’t she?

Brooke is right when she says dancing isn’t Chloe’s thing, but what they’re doing isn’t really dancing. It’s this slow step-and-sway like the kind you see in movies. It’s not dancing, but when Brooke pulls her close with a hand on Chloe’s waist, she thinks that this is pretty nice. They step, they sway, and Brooke leads. Soft, subtle pushes and pulls in one direction, then the other. Brooke has an easy, content smile on her face.

“What are you thinking so hard about?” Brooke asks, trailing her eyes up to look at her.

“Something sappy,” Chloe says. “If I said it out loud, my reputation would be done for.”

“As if you actually care,” she laughs. “Come on, tell me? I swear I can tell you something sappier.”

“Feel free to go first, dear.” Chloe dares her, expecting nothing from it, except maybe a cute pout. But again, the world is against her.

“I love you,” Brooke says.

And Chloe’s heart stutters in her chest.

One step. Sway. Take a breath. That’s the first time she’s heard that from her. Step. Sway. Breathe.

“You don’t have to say it back,” Brooke leans in, her face against Chloe’s neck. Every word she says brushes against her skin, electric and alive. “But I just wanted you to know. And I also wanted to say it for myself. I love you,” Then again, slower this time, “I–” she says, “–love you. I love you,” she says. Each iteration drags across as if the words have no rush. As if they have all the time in the world, right here, in between these steps and sways. “I love you,” she says, and Chloe feels dizzy with it. With the possibility that maybe, they do have time. The possibility that they’ll make that time. The possibility that she’ll keep hearing this for a lot longer. “I–”

Chloe pulls back and lifts a hand to cup Brooke’s face. She leans in, presses a kiss to Brooke’s head, and says, “I love you too.”

Brooke tips her head up and, for a moment, she just looks. It’s the kind of look that demands the vulnerability that Chloe is willing to give so easily, happily drowning in Brooke’s gaze. When she breaks into a smile, it’s sunshine. All of Brooke’s smiles are, but this one is soft. The kind of light that filters past the blinds. The kind that dapples over sheets in the morning. The kind Chloe wants to spend all day in.

“I can’t believe,” Brook says. “We said our first ‘I love you’s at prom.”

“Your fault,” Chloe tells her, leaning in to peck her on the cheek. “You got duped by the prom magic. We’re living the stereotype now. High school sweethearts, and it’s downhill from here,” she jokes, laughing a little when Brooke rolls her eyes.

“Not on my watch,” Brooke sticks out her tongue and Chloe thinks she’s perfect. “We’ve got so much more to do.”

“Yeah,” Chloe says. Step. Sway. She takes a breath, and she believes her. They’ve got all the time in the world. “Yeah, we do.”

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My friend is gay af and he likes topping boys with pretty faces and what he calls "nice muscles and male curves". ALWAYS. I showed him some of the pics of Jikook from this week. He said they are both hot and clearly something is going on. He said this about the pic of Jimin and Jungkook laying on each other on the floating unicorn: "That boy on top of the other better be getting d at night because he wants it". No lie. I was laughing so hard.

your friend is a hero. not one we needed, but one we are glad came. honestly though, this made me laugh omg. the “because he wants it” killed me. like, i’m not saying that jikook are real, but if multiple outside sources say they think they’re dating or doing something  at least, then um, i just follow the rules. i don’t make them. haha. (for real though, your friend is hilarious). 

The Calling Adventure

Pairings: James Sirius Potter x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1.3K

A/N: This is the first time I’m writing about the next generation of Harry Potter and this feels so weird, haha. I actually don’t even know if there’s anyone interested about this but oh well, I hope you like it x

Nick Robinson as James Sirius Potter

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“Y/N! Y/N wait for me!” you heard familiar voice calling after you as you were rushing down the corridors, trying your best to get to the class of the care of magical creatures in time.

Smile rising to your lips you saw James Sirius Potter, one of your best friends running after you, bright smile on his face.  

“Hey Jace,” you called out, as you leaned gainst the cool stone wall, waiting for him to catch you up. “Hurry up, we are late.”

“We are not going,” he chuckled, his dark brown eyes twinkling brightly as he got to you, clearly out of breath. “I have to show you something.”

Slight frown crossed your face, yet you couldn’t stop the soft laugh from escaping your lips as you saw his purely childish excitement. “I bet it can wait an hour, Hagrid is going to kill us if we cut his class once again.”

“Y/N, he won’t,” James laughed, rolling his eyes, “he loves us.”

Laughing, you shook your head. You knew that he was right. The two of you were indeed Hagrid’s clear favorites. It might have had something to do with the fact that James was Harry’s son, and Sirius Black, Hagrid’s old friend, your grandfather. Not that it mattered.

“Okay, yeah you might be right,” you admitted, as you rolled your eyes with smirk on your lips, “but I heard there is a unicorn, a real life living uni-“

“Believe me when I say, this is way more better than horses with horns,” James chuckled, wrapping his hand around your wrist, “just come on, Y/N, please.”

“But unicorns are the coolest thing in the whole universe,” you whined playfully, rolling your eyes, “as well as in the alternative universes.“

“Cooler than us, huh?” He kicked his eyebrow, smirking.

“Oh shush,” you laughed, starting to follow him along the corridor. “But if this magnificent thing you have to show me isn’t as cool as you’re saying I swear I’m gonna –,” you stated, yet your sentence got cut short as he pulled you suddenly into a small cabinet of cleaning supplies, locking the door after you.

“James what are you –“

“Hush,” he whispered, excitememt coloring his amused voice. The darkness of the cabinet made it impossible for you to see him, but it wasn’t hard for you to imagine the brightest of twinkles in his eyes.

“If this is your pathetic try to get to snuggle with me, J, oh I can assure you that it ain’t working,” you kicked your eyebrow with a smug smile.

“Oh sweety, it wouldn’t take this much effort,” he chuckled playfully, as he laid his hands on your waist, “I know it kills you to keep your hands to yourself whenever I’m around.”

“Well I’ve heard that at least McKinnon couldn’t handle that,” you laughed, pushing him further from you. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you are shagging with her.”

“Wait, what? I’m not, it was just one time thing,” James rushed to say, his voice bright of embarrassment. “And who even told you about it?”

“Albus –yes, your little brother,” you kicked my eyebrow, “I spilled my pumpkin juices all over his cloak as he told me. He sound pretty anxious, I think he’s still shipping the two of us together.”

“Well, he isn’t the only one,” James laughed brightly, “Lily tried to send you a Valentine’s Day card –with my name on it. It was pink and had glitter and unicorns on it. Plausible I would say.”

“Unicorns and glitter?” you sighed dramatically. “She knows me better than you do, I’m offended.”

“Hey, my card was the best of them all and you can’t say otherwise,” James cooed. “Roses are red, Violets are blue – come on, go on.”

Laugh escaping your lips you rolled your eyes. “I would do me, and you should do too.”

“If you require,” he chuckled, pulling you closer to him from your hips.

“Oh shut your big mouth, Potter,” you laughed, pushing him playfully further from you.

You had known James since you were – well, since you were born to be exact. His parents, Ginny and Harry were good friends with yours, since your mother is the daughter of Harry’s godfather Sirius. You and James had been best friends as long as you could remember, but not in the he’s like my brother – kind of way. That would have been way too messed up taking into account your type of humor. All he was, was the even better than the best friend you could ever have – type of best friend of yours.

Yet, notwithstanding the fact that you felt nothing towards the other, for many people – considering your little siblings, that seemed to be very hard to accept. Even some of the teachers, especially McGonagall and Hagrid, seemed to love the idea of you and James ending up together. You loved him, you really did, but only in the friendliest way possible.

Slight gasp escaped your lips and you pressed your eyes tightly shut as a bright light, coming from the tip of James’ wand, lightened up the small cabinet.

“Are you ready?” He chuckled, his voice higher than usually from excitement. You opened your eyes carefully, trying to adjust to the light.

“That depends,” you frowned, yet laughed brightly as you saw the twinkle in his brown eyes. “Okay, show me the magnificent thing that made me abjure the unicorns.”

James rolled playfully his eyes, as he pulled a dirty and clearly ages of old piece of parchment out of his pocket, the glint in his eyes turning brighter each passing moment.

You glanced at the dusty piece of paper in his hands, rising your eyebrow. “A piece of parchment,” you questioned, lifting your hand to his forehead, gasping dramatically. “Darling, I think you have a fever.”

Rolling his eyes once again, James pushed your hand away. “Oh, shut up Y/N/N,” he mumbled, a small laugh running from his lips. “Ready?”

With slight frown on your lips, you nodded your head, watching as James moved his wand to point towards the parchment.

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good,” he whispered, nipping his bottom lip between his teeth. As soon as he had said the last words, black ink started to appear to the piece, forming slowly coiled words and detailed patterns.

“Look at it,” James chuckled, handing the parchment to you.

“Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present the –,” you read out loud, stiffening, as your eyes saw the headline. You felt your jaw drop and lifted your head to glance at James with widened eyes.  

“The Marauder’s Map,” he nodded, smiling brightly.

“No,” you breathed out. “No way, James – Can’t be. Can’t – Is this the actual, the real one, the real Map? The Marauders Map?”

James’ smile grew even wider as he nodded his head. “Dad sent it to me today,” he then chuckled, pointing at the moving names on the map. “This is unbelievable, look at it – we can see everyone. Look, there’s Hagrid – oh and there really was an unicorn out there, you were right,” he laughed, without knowing, that in that moment you couldn’t have cared less about unicorns.

You forced your twinkling eyes away from the map to lift your head to face him. “But why did Harry decide to give this to you now?”

James shrugged, smiling smugly. “I guess he thinks I’m finally mature enough to have it.”

“Wow, what a mistake,” you smirked, laying your sight back to the map. “This is –”

“I know,” he chuckled, before frowning deeply, lifting his finger on your lips to keep you quiet. “Shush – can you hear that?”

You frowned, shaking your head in confusement. “Hear what?”

“The adventure calling for us,” he kicked his eyebrow, smirk taking over his lips.

“Oh no, Jace, that was so not smooth,” you bursted into bubbly laugh, shaking your head. “You can’t ask, if I can hear the adventure calling for us – especially when the only sound I hear is your annoyingly loud breathing.”

James rolled his eyes, yet couldn’t fight back the bright smile taking over his face. “Oh shut up and take my hand Y/N – we have the whole castle to explore.”

The Last Unicorn Sentence Starters

“Don’t listen to ME. Listen!”

“And here I thought I’d seen the last of them.”

“You’re mine. Even if you kill me, you’re still mine.”

“You were out on the road, hunting for your own death.”

“You deserve the services of a first-rate wizard, but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for a second-rate pickpocket.”

“Take me with you. For luck. For laughs. For the unknown.”

“Magic is magic, but the real thing is us.”

“Oh, god, I’m engaged to a Douglas fir.”

“Where have you been? Damn you! Where have you been!?”

“You don’t even know where we’re going!”
“You think that matters to me?”

“Come on, old man. I’ll write you a reference.”

“Trouble me. Please, trouble me.”

“Nothing has ever made me happy.”

No Sex, No Problem

Anonymous said: Can you do a dean x reader where they have been in a relationship for a while but they haven’t had sex and dean always thought she was just nervous about it but then he starts thinking that the reader doesn’t like him as much as he thought and so the reader has to find a way to come out as asexual to him and like write about his reaction and what Sam and Cas do

A/N: I’ve never met an asexual person (nor am i one) so I couldn’t write this one from a personal experience. I did do some research so I could portray the asexual!reader correctly, but i apologize if i got something wrong about asexuality. But thank you anon, this request allowed me to learn something new so I appreciate it. :)

Word count: 1969

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: asexual!reader


“Could you pass me some olive oil?” You asked Dean, adding the finishing touches on Sam’s salad.

“Yeah, here you go.” Dean passed you the olive oil and got back to cutting up the chicken.

Dean and you were currently making dinner for Sam and yourselves. The three of you decided this morning that you deserve some rest after finishing three cases in a row, so you will stay at the bunker for the next couple of days. Sam was happy he’ll finally have some time to read for pleasure, Dean was excited about working on his baby and you were more than glad to catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing on.

You finished Sam’s salad and with that the whole dinner was done. The roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, salad for Sam and pie for Dean. You were quite happy with the results, unable to keep the smile off your face as you carried the plates and cutlery to the dining room where Sam sat. Dean was carrying the plate with chicken and mashed potatoes in one hand and pie in the other. As you set the last plates on the table and went to sit down, you felt Dean’s hand gently squeeze your butt. You turned around and saw him looking at you, giving you a wink before patting your butt and sitting down. You sighed internally, knowing what was coming later in the bedroom. Dean’s not very subtle when it comes to sex- it’s quite obvious when he’s in the mood. But you always shut him down, trying not to hurt his feelings.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love him. You do. You’d risk your life for that man, for god’s sake! It’s just that you don’t feel sexually attracted to him, or anyone for that matter.

Whenever you rejected him, Dean would always say it’s not a big deal. He thought you were nervous about sex so he doesn’t mind going slow. He didn’t have to say it out loud, but you knew he wanted you to tell him what are you really thinking, hoping he could figure out what to do.

Sam, Dean and you finally sit down and have dinner.

“The chicken’s great. Y/N, did you make it?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. I did it how my mum taught me to do it. Apparently it’s an old family recipe. It’s great, right?” You asked. Sam nodded in agreement, enjoying his food. Next to you, Dean was scarfing down his second piece of chicken. He hummed while eating, giving you a thumbs up when he saw you looking.

As you finished eating, you stood up and begun collecting the dirty dishes and leftover food. Sam stood up and stretched.

“Man, I’m beat. I’m gonna head to my room, maybe get some casual reading done or get some more sleep.” He said. “Thanks for the dinner, Y/N. You too, Dean. I really miss home cooked food while we’re on the road.”

“Don’t worry Sammy. Now that we have a kitchen I wouldn’t mind cooking every now and then.” Dean told him. “Y/N can help, if she wants.” He looked at you.

“We’ll see, babe.” You told him, saying ‘Good Night’ to Sam and picking up the dirty plates.

“Hey, I’m just going to unload baby. I won’t stay up late, I’ll come to bed soon.” Dean told you as you were leaving the dining room.

“Okay, don’t worry about it.” You told him, blowing him a kiss.

When you put away the chicken leftovers and finished doing the dishes, you headed back to your and Dean’s room. You took a shower and got dressed into your pajamas- Dean’s shirt and some cute boxers. As you walk into your room, you come face to face with Dean, who seemed to be waiting for you. He gave you a small smile.

“Hey, beautiful.” He said lowly, slowly approaching you and wrapping you in his arms. He kisses you, pulling you closer to him. You brushed your fingers through his hair, lightly pulling the soft strands. Dean groaned, lowering one of his hands to your hip while the other was tangled in your hair. He gently stroked the revealed skin on your back before gently pulling your shirt up.

Suddenly, you stopped kissing him and gently but firmly pushed his hand down and stepped away from him. Dean backed off and wiped his mouth, slightly confused.

“Sorry Dean. I just, I’m not in the mood… for that.” You said, apologetic look in your eyes. You see his shoulders slump slightly.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s okay. We don’t have to do anything.” He said, seemingly calm but you could see he was getting frustrated about the constant rejection. “Let’s just go to bed.” He said, heading to his side of the bed.

“Dean, wait!” You said, grabbing his hand and not letting him walk away any further. “Let me explain. Please.”

Dean turned to face you. “Look, if you’re nervous about sex, just tell me. We can take things slow, or gradually work towards it.” He said, exasperatedly.

You sighed. “That’s kinda the thing, Dean.” You started slowly. “I don’t want to have sex. At all.”

“What? But you said you weren’t a virgin.” He said, trying to make sense of what you’re saying.

“I’m not. I had sex once, but only because I didn’t want to disappoint the guy I was in a relationship with at the time.” You said. You knew you were gonna have to tell him the truth someday, though you didn’t know it would be so soon. But, you were ready. You were going to tell him the truth and let him decide how he wants to go from there. You were done lying and making excuses.

You took a deep breath and continued. “I never felt sexual attraction towards him or anyone else, and for a very long time I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought I was broken. But after doing some research, I discovered that I am asexual.” You breathed, happy that the truth was out. The discovery was ground breaking for you, you remember being extatic to find out you were completely normal, that there were others like you and that you weren’t alone.

“Oh. So what does that mean?” Dean asked, glad that you told him what was really going going on with you.

“I can have romantic feelings and love, and I do- trust me. We can make out, I just don’t have the desire to have sex.” You explained. “I understand if you want to break up.” You said after a few moments. “I’m sorry that I stringed you along for such a long time.”

Dean looked at you like you were crazy. “What? Break up with you?” He embraces you, hugging you tightly. “There is no way in hell I’m breaking up with you. Are you nuts? I love you.” He said, kissing the top of your hair. “I’m glad you told me. Now I feel like an ass for being so annoying with the sex and everything.”

You pulled back lightly so you could look him in the eyes. “So you’re not mad? You don’t think I’m a freak?”

Dean smiled and gently kissed the corner of your mouth. “Sweetheart, I could never be mad at you, especially because of your sexuality. I meant it earlier, I love you. Nothing can change that. Also, there’s no chance I’d ever think you’re a freak. I mean, this isn’t nearly as unusual as some of the things we see on a regular basis.”

You let out a relieved breath, a small laugh escaping your lips. You hug him tightly, kissing his neck gently.

“I want to come out to Sam and Cas tomorrow.” You said. “Do you think they’ll think I’m weird?” You asked Dean after pulling away from the hug.

“They won’t mind, trust me. They won’t change their opinion of you and they won’t think you’re weird. They are chill dudes. I know Sammy’s probably nerd out and do his research, while Cas won’t care. For all he knows, you could be a friggin’ unicorn, as long as you’re not planning on killing someone.” Dean assured you.

Now that the whole thing was over, you realized how tired you were. You grabbed Dean’s hand and pulled him to the bed, where you got under the covers and scooted close to each other. Dean put his arms around you and you tangled your legs together. Dean gave you a small ‘Good Night’ kiss on the lips and the two of you closed your eyes. Soon enough, you fell asleep, comforted by each other’s closeness and warmth.


The next morning, you woke up as usual and walked into the kitchen where Sam, Dean and Cas were. “Morning!” You told the guys, giving Dean a quick kiss on the lips before going to the fridge and grabbing milk for your cereal. You sat at the table and ate, listening to the guys talking about some movie.

When you finished your breakfast and put the bowl in the sink, you turned to Sam and Cas.

”Hey guys? can you go to the library? I have to tell you something.” You told them.

“Yeah, sure.” Sam said, confused a little. But, none the less, he and Cas got up and left the kitchen.

“I’m nervous.” You said, turning to Dean. He embraces you and puts his chin on the top of your hand.

“Don’t be. I’ll be there with you the whole time.” He assured you one last time before letting you go, following you to the library.

When you get there, Sam’s sitting in a chair and Cas is leaned against the table. They seemed to be talking about something but quieted when you walked into the room, stopping a few feet before them. You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down.

Apparently you didn’t notice you’ve just been standing there in silence for quite a while because Sam cleared his throat. “Is something wrong, Y/N?” He asked cautiously.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. There’s something important I want to tell you.” You take a deep breath before speaking up. “I’m asexual.”

There was a moment of silence which Sam broke a few moments later. “Wow. Thank you for trusting us and telling us. I figure Dean knows?” You nod.

Cas looked slightly confused so Sam turned to him and explained what asexuality is. “Uhm, asexuality means that the person feels no sexual attraction, but that they can still  feel romantic feelings.”

“Oh, I understand.” Cas says, thanking Sam for the explanation.

Dean approached you and held your hand, giving you a proud smile.

“Y/N, I’d just like you to know that I support you no matter what. The fact that you’re asexual doesn’t change my opinion of you, you’re still the same badass hunter and an amazing person.” Sam says, his eyes shining warmly.

“Well, asexuality isn’t as uncommon as it may seem. You shouldn’t worry, you are not alone. And I know that my Father loves you very much no matter what your sexual orientation is.” Cas says, a small smile gracing his lips.

Sam and Cas embrace you in a hug, Dean joining them. They hug you tightly and their warmth surrounds you, bringing tears to your eyes. They pull away and you sniffle a bit.

Dean takes a hold of your hand and kisses it. “See? I told you everything would be alright.” He says, softly kissing your lips and hugging you once again. You nuzzle his neck and wrap your hands around him, his hands gently stroking your back. Sam and Cas look at each other and smile, quietly leaving the room and letting you enjoy your sweet moment.

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#3 Leave me alone (OtaxMC KBTBB) #9 I'm pregnant (SoryuxMC KBTBB) #6 Don't choose him, choose me (EisukexMCxSoryu KBTBB) #49 Take me instead (SoryuxMC KBTBB) & #31 He's not yours (EisukexMCxSoryu KBTBB). Sorry, u don't have to do them all at one time


Sometimes you can’t decide. Sometimes you can love two people at the same time. Looking between Eisuke and Soryu made your heart break. They were best friends once, but now you had torn them apart. Eisuke had walked in on you and Soryu in a comprimising position, completely naked and devouring eachother with the same passion that you had once shared with him. “Whatever is going on between you pair ends now. She’s mine.” 

“You don’t treat her properly. You don’t cherish her enough.” Soryu’s voice was full of venom as he slipped back into his shirt, his hand never leaving the small of your back for even a moment. “You don’t deserve her.” 

“No more than you do. What kind of life do you think she’d live with you Sor? Huh? Do you honestly think she’d be safe in your arms?” Eisuke’s voice was equally as angry, neither seemed to particular care for your opinion. 

“I’d keep her safe. I would never let anyone hurt her, and unlike you I wouldn’t be the one to hurt her.” Soryu retorted. Both their gazes settled on you. “____ don’t choose him. Choose me.” 


“_____ I love you. I’ll make it up to you I swear. I’ll never mistreat you again.” 

“Eisuke’s lying. He can’t help it, he doesn’t know anything different.”

“Neither do you Sor.” Eisuke retorted angrily.

“I… I’m sorry Soryu…I love Eisuke more.” 


“I’m pregnant Soryu.” You said. After all that had happened between the pair of you, rejecting him for Eisuke and the affair, the words had taken a lot of courage to say.

“Is it mine?” He asked, uncertainty brimming in his eyes, and above that hope. He wanted the baby to be his, then you had a reason to be with him and not Eisuke.

“I don’t know yet. I won’t know untill we can find out how far-” 

“How far along you are. I get it.” Soryu let out a sight and looked to floor. “Have you told Eisuke.” 

“I have. He - he thinks it’s his.”

“We’ve made a mess of this haven’t we?” Soryu says and all you can do is nod.


“It’s not yours Eisuke. The dates…none of them work out.” You say to Eisuke calmly. Soryu put hand on the small of your back again as his ex best-friend glared at him. You felt Soryu’s other hand snake around your back and settle possesively on the swell of your child. “The baby…the baby is Soryu’s… It has to be. He’s the father, not you.” 

“…I’m sorry Eisuke.” Soryu says softly. 

“Your not sorry. You’ve won. Go ahead take her. Take my family.”


You had left with Soryu that night to build family together. It was Saturday and Soryu had taken you out shopping for baby supplies and as you had sorted through clothes and cribs you felt a bittersweet sort of happiness. Every so often the baby would kick and Soryu would put his large hand over your belly and smile softly as the child moved underneath it. You had always dreamt of this, except in your dreams it had been another man’s hand and another man’s child.

You loved Soryu, but you had loved Eisuke too and for the life of you, you couldn’t work out which one you loved more.

“Let’s go for something to eat huh? You need to sit down and rest for a while, we’ve been walking all day.” Soryu took your hand and led you out of the baby store. “-and give me those bags you’re in no condition to be carrying them.”

You didn’t think to argue. As you were walking down the street hand in hand four masked men drew the both of you into an alleyway. Soryu put up a fight, but they took his gun away and punched him in the face, bloodying his lip and brusing his eyes. It took three of the men to restrain him, that left you with the leader, his slimy hand resting on your belly.

“Get your hands of them.” 

“She’s about ready to pop. Going to be a daddy soon are we Mr Oh?” The man sneered as his hands moved to the bags on the floor. “Look at all this baby stuff…were you both out shopping? A lot of pink, you having a little girl?” 

You nodded as the tears streamed down your eyes. 

“If you hurt either of them I swear-” 

“You swear what? You going to hurt me? I’d kill them both before you got the chance. You should never have meddled with the Fire Unicorns Mr Oh.”  You shivered as a metal knife finds its way to your belly. Soryu shook with fury. 

“Take me. Take me instead. Let them go free. My woman has done you no wrong.” You cry out as Soryu offers himself up. The cruel leader laughs and sticks his knife through Soryu’s stomach, the father of your child crumples to the ground in his own blood as they run away. “Come here…let me see you.”

You rush to his side and put pressure on his wound. He smiles. “Sor…” 

“Shh…I’m glad you’re both safe.” He sighs, you reach for your phone. “Don’t call the ambulance… too late for me. Just let me look at you. I want yours to be the last face I see - so beautiful…our daughter will be…she will be too..” 

You phone anyway. “They’re on their way… just hold on…you’ll get to see how beautiful she is…she needs you…she needs her daddy…stay awake.”

“Go back to Eisuke…go back to him…I want her to have a father… I want-” Soryu was pale now, blood pooling out of him at an alarming rate. You take his hand and put it on your belly where the baby is kicking. “Tell her I love her… tell her everday that I loved her more than anything. I love you both… I love-”

“Sor… don’t speak like that. I love so much and I can’t lose you.” Your crying as Soryu’s hand goes still on your belly. “She’s kicking can’t you feel her? Sor!”


“Daddy ‘Suke, are we leaving yet?” Kayo asks Eisuke sweetly, her little hand reaching up to fit inside of his perfectly. She adores him and he adores her, even thought she looks nothing like him. She has Soryu’s hair and his eyes…She’s so perfect. You quickly gather the flowers into your arms.

“Yeah we’re leaving right now princess.” Eisuke smiles at you warmly. He lead the pair of you out into his limo. Kayo settles on Eisuke’s lap, having a silent staring contest with him. “Your other daddy was good at staring contests too you know. He’d beat me at them all the time. You get that from him.” 

“I wish I could meet my other daddy.”

“He loved you so much Kayo, the last thing he ever felt was you kicking his hand…he’d feel you moving a lot when you were in mummy’s tummy. It would always make him smile.” You told her softly, running a hand through her hair. “He’d cherish you so much if he had gotten the chance.” 

“I’ll cherish you for him.” Eisuke kissed her temple softly. 

The three of you walk through the graveyard and as you approach the mafia boss’ grave you hand the flowers over to his living legacy. With teary-eyes she places them at the grave. “I love you too daddy…” 

I’ll do the Ota one later thanks for the request! 

Dialogue Prompts

1) “What are you drinking?” “The tears of small children.” “I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not.”

2) “Don’t bother apologizing.” 

3) “Do you think she’s going to kill us?” 

4) “Just let me hear your voice.” 

5) “Please call me back, it’s important.” 

6) “This is stupid.” “You say that about everything!” “Well maybe everything is stupid!” 

7) “Turn around and look at me! Stop pretending like you aren’t this person!” 

8) She laughed, “I am not some antihero with a tragic past, there’s nothing to fix here because I’ve never been broken. I’m just a bad person.” 

9) “And here I was thinking you loved me.” 

10) “Why are there no unicorns? Why is that where magic draws the line? Like we can have dragons and wizards and all that, but unicorns? Nah, that would be completely ridiculous!” 

11) “You’re very, um violent about this, aren’t you?” “I prefer the term ‘passionate’.” 

12) “What are you on?” “You don’t want to know.” 

13) “Why am I here?” 

14) “I … I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.” 

15) “Do you know how stressful it is to lose your small cousin who’s name is Marco in a crowd? I spent an hour looking for him and everyone kept yelled back ‘polo’!” 

16) “Don’t try to stop me, just give up already. I am not someone you can fix.” 

17) “Who the hell do you think you are?” “Death.” “Oh … “ 

18) “Don’t lie to me.” 

19) “Sometimes I wonder why I bother speaking, no one ever hears me.” 

20) “I never meant to hurt you.” 

anonymous asked:

Hi:) can you do EXO's reaction if their gf snorted when she laughed? Please and thank you :)

OMGOSH I’m laughing so hard over this HAHAHAHAH xD

Thank u so much anon! u made my day!

Xiumin: *Oh gosh did u just—!!!!” *dies of shame*

Luhan”Oh bae … why in public”  *hiding his face bcs u snorted in front of his friends/family/exo/sm/lee soman xD"

Kris/Yifan: “not agaaaaain~” “seeing u happy is good but—-“ bf yifan jus can't 

Suho: “oh dear lord did u snort???” second hand embarrassment  

Lay: “omo babe u r soo cute!!” cute laughing like the healing unicorn he is

Chen: “LOL Girl u r killing me” second though “why didn’t I record this!!!”


Kyungsoo/D.O: *when he hears u laugh" “hahaha..” -  then suddenly u snort- “uh? did you just …? lol" 

Chanyeol:(ft baekhyun) *pls imagine urself as baekhyun*  "OH MY GAHD BAE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA”  laughing so hard that he can’t help his derp face

Tao: diva Tao can’t find this funny  “ewww so gross!! what was that!!! ughhhhhh thank god u r pretty!!” 

Kai: after he listens…. “CHOKES”

Sehun: “what the f* was thaaaat”  lmfaoooo *best moment ever in your relationship*

Thank u so much! I hope u like it ^-^


It’s fine, as long as i understand that’s all it matter! Here you go!


D.O: *Start judging him hard!* * start talking to you* OH really, he’s your ex? NO wonder why you broke up with him…You see i am way better right? 

Suho: *start talking to the Ex* I really can’t handle your stupidity. How…like how…how can you let someone perfect like her go? You’re crazy…

External image

Chanyeol: * waves at the EX* Hello dumb dumb… Nice to meet you i am    ( your name)’s new  GF… i know you’re jealous of me…

Kai: * starts talking to the EX* I think something is wrong with your brain..

Like how can you let someone sexy like her go?

External image

Sehun: Hello dummy! * just can’t help laughing because how dumb the EX is) Why are you so dumb?

External image

Baekyun: * start talking yo the EX* I am disgusted by you…


Tao:* girly side off, scary side one*  * pulls the EX closer to him* Let me tell you something, if you ever hurt her again, i’ll put you to your death.

External image

Chen: I’ll kill you if you ever appear in my face again!!!

Lay: *start taking to the EX*  My GF does not like to see your face, so i should use my unicorn power and make you disappear forever!

External image

Xiumin: * judging the EX* You’re really a idiot…

Luhan: * talks to the Ex* No wonder why she broke up with you and stay on my manly side… It’s because you’re really not manly like me… i am discussed.. 

Kris:  * talks to the EX* I am 1000% done with you… you know what? You’re her style and i am! * feels proud*