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Unexpected (Ethan x Reader)

Requested : Yes, by the wonderful @kissdolan, thank you so much for requesting this

Summary : Ethan is chasing after a beautiful model until he notices her average, photographer friend. 

Word Count : 2665

Warnings : Fluff, very cute Ethan

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How they’d text you [BTS]

Disclaimer: Of course this is just my personal opinion but enjoy.

I feel like Jin would not use predictive text, although he wouldn’t be completely punctual he wouldn’t shorten words unless he was tired or a little busy. He’d definitely be a regular texter, though, mostly sending you funny pictures or jokes he’d come up with. If something particularly funny happened that day you’d be the first to know. He’d definitely send you little cheesy paragraphs when he’d particularly busy and felt as if he needed to remind his princess/prince he’s still thinking about them. Also anything you said that he found cute or funny would most likely be shared with the boys, whether you liked it or not.

Yoongi probably isn’t big into texting and certainly wouldn’t be one to start a conversation, I doubt he uses predictive text either. He’d probably only text you to ask you to come over or to grab him something while he’s busy and even then he’s more likely to call you than text you because he loves to hear your voice, not that he’d ever admit it. He’d text you asking about your day from time to time when he’s really busy and remembers that somewhere his significant other is on their own probably thinking about him too. So to show he cares he might on that occasion send a text first. Definitely not afraid to doubled or triple text you if he’s not busy but is 100% a slow replier either way.

Hobi, on the other hand, is probably big into texting, if he hasn’t seen you that day he’d want to know absolutely everything about how you spent it. He’d ask for pics of what you got up to and would definitely send random selca’s because he knows you like to see his bright smile when you didn’t get the chance to see it in person. I can completely see him as the person to send you links to websites he found interesting or funny because he wanted to share it with you, and when he’s finished with a dance he’d send you a video so you can see what he got up to whilst he wasn’t by your side. Unlike Yoongs he’s probably a speedy replier.

Namjoon is the type of person to leave you on read for about five minutes before actually replying, or will by typing for ages only to respond with a few words. Will, 100% send you good morning texts every day because he’s awake before you and wants to remind his Jagi that they’re loved and appreciated, they’re the first thought and the last thought. At random points, usually late at night, he’ll send you deep questions and although you’re tired you’ll always enter long debating sessions with him because he’s not always the quickest responder so you use this opportunity to get speedy replies. Plus deep joon always brings out sides to him he usually leaves in the dark so no matter how much you think you know him, 2 AM texts usually make you reconsider.

Jimin is the one guy to respond within seconds of you sending the message until you’re actually texting him something important, then it’s Russian roulette with the read recipient. When its been about two minutes and you’re still standing in the shop waiting for a response to your question of whether he wanted a bag of sweets or not it’s then that you have to call him and hope he’s not in the middle of dance practice. Chim is the go-to guy for selca’s though because he’ll give them to you before you’ve even asked, most mornings will start with a sleepy Jimin selca and a good morning to which you have to respond with your own pic otherwise he feels it’s unfair. He’ll be the guy to send a million x’s and be pouty if you send even one less than he did.

Tae is probably the most frequent texter out of all of them, emojis are a must and even if he’s got nothing to say your phone will be blowing up with pointless things that make you smile. Your chats are like an Instagram feed as you get sent pictures of his food, outfit of the day and of course sleeping members. If something funny, bad, good or even low-key boring happened within the last few minutes he’s typing the ordeal into your chat. He’s probably like Jimin, replying within moments and when you’ve failed to do the same unhappy emojis will cause you to do so. Heart emojis are usually sent after most texts but he always forgets to so quickly sends one after he remembers and you’re probably the one to say good morning because you know he squeals and gets all happy about it. Will definitely text you even when you’re sat right next to him.

Kookie is probably the laziest replier of them all, he loves texting you though because when he’s on tour or not with you for longer than he thinks necessary he’ll pull up your chat and scroll through all your old messages. He’s probably got millions of screenshots of conversations between the two of you that he had meant to send to the rest of Bangtan but got distracted and never got round to it. He’s got the first texts he sent you still saved in his phone and has a special folder for the cute things you’ve sent just in case they’re too much effort to find. He definitely sends you multiple pictures he found funny or relatable and will only send selca’s when you ask for them. Will be super sassy over text but in person, he’s a little shyer around you because you make him turn into a little school boy all over again. 100% will use the ‘send nudes’ meme to try and get them out of you.

Living with anger issues I can’t work on
  • I get angry at technology A LOT
  • When people tell me how to feel the only thing i feel is ANGER
  • I’m not gonna calm down because your voice is whispered and kind
  • i’m still angry
  • there are some days where i don’t want to here a single person’s voice.
  • if you try to tell me something you found on the internet i will get extremely impatient
  • i fucking hate when i’m being so unfair but i don’t know how to not be unfair
  • there are sometimes i really want to cry but i can’t because I’M ANGRY. 
  • I am a total ass to everyone and everything 
  • i’m a pacifist but even i wanna throw a bag of bricks at your face when you tell me how i’m supposed to react

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Hi! I'd like headcanons on The bosses (Tsuna, Byakuran, Dino and Xanxus) madly in love with an underpaid government official


admin adelheid


  • Tsuna scowled as he watched you from his phone to where he had Shoichi set up a private link from the security camera now permanently aimed at your desk. You were working too hard again. In addition to this the group of bitches you call your coworkers had dumped their weekend duties on you all of them thinking you had no life of your own.
  • Who the hell did they think they were?!
  • Didn’t they know that you’ve been struggling to put your little brother through school all on your own because you don’t have parents anymore? Didn’t they know you did volunteer work for the local shelter whenever you have free time?
  • And even if you didn’t have all that, you still had the right to your free time!
  • He knew all this because he made it a point to remorselessly have everything about you investigated ever since your letters came to his attention. You had sent his office several letters asking him to not tear down the building where the shelter was.
  • At first Tsuna had laughed at this and threw your letter away. He had been thinking of building a casino on the property and no pathetic little mouse was going to make him change his mind.
  • But the letters came everyday over and over for three months straight. In twos and threes and even fives. It irritated the hell out of Hayato but it made Tsuna curious so he ordered you found and investigated.
  • At first he thought your life was pretty pathetic. You reminded him so much of himself it wasn’t even funny. He wanted to tell you off so badly that he walked in the shelter pretending to be a homeless person so he could humiliate you and give you a piece of his mind.
  • But as soon as he started ranting bitterly you surprised him by actually listening to his insults and smiling in understanding and telling him you understood that life was unfair sometimes so it was okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be tired. But while being all that he should eat first so he could have enough energy to be mad or try again. Then you served him dinner.
  • Tsuna forgot what he was supposed to say and gawked at you like a caught trout.
  • From then on he watched over you, fighting with his twin emotions of hate and respect.
  • He watched as you worked hard all day and come home to kiss your little brother on the head tenderly whenever the poor brat fell asleep on his desk studying.
  • Watched you when you thought you were alone and crying because you couldn’t make ends meet before jumping back up from it with pursed lips telling yourself everything was going to be alright.
  • Tsuna’s respect turned to admiration. Before long it transformed to obsession. It wasn’t long before he was forced to admit that he wanted all you had to offer for himself.
  • He sent you flowers everyday much to the astonishment of all your coworkers since all knew you didn’t have time to date. Those flowers then evolved into sweets of the most expensive kind.
  • No return address of course since he had watched you long enough to know you’ll just send them back.
  • He watched the security guard come over to your desk and put a cup of coffee by your elbow to which you responded to with a dazzling smile. Tsuna almost broke his phone.
  • What the fuck were you so happy about? It was just some goddamned coffee! Tsuna wanted to hit the security guard in the face for being so presumptuous with you! The only person allowed to make you smile like that was him!
  • Tsuna arranges for you to meet him in one of his more legitimate offices and he glories in the smile you give him when he tells you he won’t give the property over to the government but it can stay as it is.
  • He’ll seduce you with other charitable works and make you his escort to galas and charity balls.
  • He’ll set your brother up for scholarships.
  • Any coworker who harasses you will now be met with an unfortunate little accident or suddenly develops a desire to flee from the country.
  • Afterward you’ll ‘accidentally’ find out the reason your life has become so easy lately was because of him.
  • After confronting him about it he then makes his move and officially ask you out. Because he wants you. And he was not going to let you go.


  • He gritted his teeth when your dick of a boss slid his hand over your ass again and you flinch. Byakuran already knew you couldn’t afford to lose this job because you weren’t exactly rich and no one else was going to support you. He observed as you jerkily manage to make an excuse to get away from the odious pervert that was the DA who was prosecuting him.
  • Byakuran had not been very happy that the DA managed to gather enough loopholes to get a judge to actually get him to come in for questioning. It was a good thing Kikyou had been reliable enough and managed to get all of his alibis in order but he was still pretty angry. The Gesso Boss knew the DA was too incompetent to gather all that evidence on his own so he had his staff investigated.
  • And he found You.
  • The smart legal assistant who had put together enough evidence to almost put him behind bars.
  • Initially he wanted you immediately annihilated but he wanted the affair dealt with as flawlessly as possible. Also he wanted you to experience terror and harassment at the hands of his men. So he had you followed and observed. What he found out aroused his curiosity and amusement.
  • Running away from home from an abusive father and an indifferent mother you put yourself through school all on your own. You became a legal assistant to pay for all of the student loans.
  • You don’t make enough money to pay for your bills sometimes so it would be no ordinary thing to see your electricity being cut off or for you to gorge on cup noodles.
  • Byakuran was not a merciful or compassionate man. He was no Sawada Tsunayoshi in that respect. It would have been so easy for him to ignore your plight and torture you some more since it looked as if no one would actually miss you anyway. However…
  • He also noted how you keep on being sexually harassed by your male bosses at work. How you do not get along well with your coworkers because they’re jealous of you. But most of all, he couldn’t help but notice that despite all these trials and tribulations you keep on doing your job perfectly and to the letter. Working over time without pay just so you could comply to your boss’ wishes.
  • Your quiet strength and your defiance of your lot in life gained his respect. Plus it was more than obvious that you’re practically running the DA’s office behind the scenes.
  • You had the makings of a queen. His queen.
  • He smirked as the beginnings of a plan formed in his devious mind.
  • During his trial he managed his lawyers to defend using a strategy that discredited the DA and forced you to come to the stand and act as witness.
  • Of course you couldn’t lie so you had to admit that you were being sexually harassed by your Boss. Byakuran gets acquitted and as planned, you lose your job.
  • Yes, he just got you fired.
  • He then swoops in and kidnaps you so he can persuade you to officially go out with him.
  • Of course you’ll refuse out of principle but the Gesso has a long reach.
  • He’ll just keep on getting you fired from any other job you try to get into until you agree to what he wanted.


  • He met you one night when you saved him from being ambushed. He had ditched his bodyguards in favor of indulging his favorite escort’s naughty suggestion to do the naughty in a darkened alleyway.
  • Just as he was about to engage in battle while his date fled into the night a loud whistle from right behind his enemies sounded off into the night and distracted his assassins. Dino then found himself being dragged away by your hand and hidden behind a dumpster.
  • It was obvious you didn’t know who he was nor did you ask him who he was. When he tried to reward you you declined and left as soon as his bodyguards arrived.
  • As his men and his li’l bro’s subordinates spread their wrath over the poor fools who had dared try to harm him Dino used this time to find you. To learn everything there was to know about you and your life.
  • He found you working in a post office. Dealing with stamps and other useless gibberish. Hidden from the world from the moment your shift started to the moment it ended.
  • It wasn’t as though your coworkers were bad. In fact, they adore you. Especially your very divorced male boss who seems to enjoy checking up on you seemingly every other hour with that perverted look in his eye much to Dino’s distaste.
  • The spy he placed in the postal office to keep an eye on you also reported the man had offered to make your work load lighter to which you steadily declined not wanting to take special favors from anyone. Dino had to respect that. He knew too many women who would jump at the opportunity.
  • Suddenly, you find yourself receiving flowers at work every day. Not just any kind of flower, though. These are top class bouquets. The card on the bouquet only read, “Thank you.” so you really have no idea who to send it back to even if you wanted. Dino had his spy record everything secretly through a special nano camera so he could watch you open his presents.
  • Before he knew it Dino found himself looking forward to watching you receiving his gifts. Every single gasp and smile and worried frown made him grin and chuckle.
  • It was like falling in love with an actress through a movie screen.
  • He loved hearing your voice, he loved every single gesture. He loved watching you engrossed in work and the kindness you showed another man had made him scowl in possessive anger on more than one occasion.
  • The flowers evolved gradually into chocolates and other expensive sweets and for the life of you you have no idea where they were all coming from. Dino’s obsession for you grew.
  • Your reactions were endearing. There was a little fear on your face but there was also a delight at the thought that someone would think of you in such a way. He felt a little flutter in his chest every time the thought that he had placed those expressions on your face himself came to his mind.
  • He oversaw your security; he knew where you lived. He made sure his men followed you home to ensure you were safe round the clock.
  • So when he heard your boss had followed you home one night he felt his blood turn cold and he personally rushed to your house just in time to find the bastard on the verge of raping you.
  • He had been beyond fury. He beat the pig senseless for even daring to touch you! He would have killed the man had you not thrown yourself at the blonde don and asked him to stop. To leave everything to the police and that it was going to be alright.
  • The one that caught him and brought him back his sanity was the realization that you were comforting him rather than the other way around. Dino couldn’t stop himself from turning around and holding you close finally allowing himself to feel relieved nothing had happened to you.
  • It was right then and there that he had realized it. He’d fallen in love with you.
  • After he secretly took care that your boss’ body was never found he officially invited you to dinner. He had pulled out all the stops and made sure all the presents he had sent decorated the intimate little spot in the fancy restaurant he had reserved for the evening.
  • You realize he was the one sending you presents the moment you walked in. He watched as amazement crossed your face and Dino reveled in your admission that you had never forgotten him. That you had always worried about him since that night when the two of you met.
  • That evening Dino decided on one absolute truth.
  • He was going to make you his wife.


  • Xanxus glared at the fucking idiot you were laughing with from the shadowed alcove of this cheap restaurant that student PE teacher had taken you to.
  • Usually he would be kicking back in his own mansion being the bane of his subordinates’ existence. But instead he was here keeping an eye on things because how dare you go out with someone else?!
  • He knew it was unreasonable but goddammit he can’t help it! Don’t you fucking realize you belonged to him?!
  • This was fucking crazy! He had been personally stalking you everywhere you go (not that you go out much)!
  • Making sure those brats you call your students didn’t fucking worry you so much.
  • Secretly paying all your utilities for you under the guise of a fucking long lost friend of an equally long lost fucking relative who decided he had a debt to pay by taking care of you.
  • He was being a general creep all together and you don’t even fucking know it because he had no idea how to approach someone so untainted and innocent.
  • And he had Squalo to blame for everything.
  • The shitty shark decided the Varia Boss should be evaluating new recruits this year so Xanxus would stop bitching about how lame Squalo’s picks have been these past couple of years. He wouldn’t normally allow the damned shark to bait him like that but the swordsman basically challenged him. That maybe Xanxus was just afraid he would pick a pussy who would die on the first mission.
  • Of course, Xanxus’ response to that was a bullet to the brain to which his right hand man had dodged and got away from with merely singed hair. An act that Squalo had translated from his Xanxunese dictionary as a ‘Yes’.
  • With Squalo as his bodyguard Xanxus arrived at the recruitment hub with a growing amount of irritation. He was about to enter the building when he heard you calling someone’s name.
  • Curiously, Xanxus turned and saw you approach a brat from behind and grab his arm. You looked so out of place with that cheap skirt and blazer in this flashy part of town that he couldn’t help himself. The brat tried to shake you off but you called his name again and pleaded. Your words made Xanxus stop and stare at you in wonder.
  • You told the kid he needed to come back to school. You told him there was nothing in the Mafia that could promise anything good for his future. The Mafia was nothing but loneliness and darkness and cheap thrills and that at the end of the day, he would just feel empty. That killing someone― harming someone would just turn his soul into a black hole that will never be filled no matter how much he tried loading it with glory.
  • Xanxus watched as the kid shouted at you to shut up and pushed you to the pavement forcefully. He saw your hands bleed as you scratched them on the hard pavement but still you got up and chased after the boy and continued to plead with him.
  • Telling him that he was a good boy; a great student. That you would do everything to help him.
  • The brat wavered for a moment but then his eyes hardened and again he pushed you away before running into the members only bar where the recruitment was supposed to take place.
  • He watched you shed silent tears of despair. Saw the blood smear across your chin as you wiped them away with your injured hand before you pursed your lips and attempted to follow him.
  • At which point Xanxus stood in your way telling you to back down. That it was the boy’s decision to make not yours.
  • But you practically broke what was left of his heart when you told him you were the boy’s teacher and that he was just sixteen. That your student was too young to make these rash decisions for himself.
  • The emotions in your eyes were so strong, the anguish on your face so real that Xanxus couldn’t doubt how sincere you were. Before he could stop himself he told you to wait there, got in the bar and then started throwing all the recruits under eighteen out the door, bellowing at the little turd bags to not come back until they’re fucking legal.
  • All Squalo could do was gape at him like a dying salmon. But when you turned your grateful eyes on him Xanxus couldn’t care less anymore. From then on out he ordered Squalo to only take recruits who were old enough to make a fucking decision and not just loaded with the bullcrap his recruiters injected in their empty little heads. He could see Squalo was still astonished but he saw his Boss’ point. Although there were undisputed talents in the younger brats the Varia wasn’t exactly known for their patience training them to act more mature. They had other Famiglia who dealt with shit like that. Varia Quality meant you shouldn’t be so easily manipulated by others as well, after all.
  • The smile you gave him was crippling and Xanxus found himself looking for ways to approach you ever since.
  • At school he would find an excuse to talk to you while he ‘inspected his territory’ (though legally it was Cavallone land, not that Dino would mind).
  • You look up at his approach with an open and respectful smile despite the fact your other coworkers were already inching away from the both of you.
  • He walked you the fuck home whenever he could especially when you had to stay at work late checking all those goddamned papers.
  • So why the fuck was some vanilla douchebag on that table with you touching his knees to yours, basking in the presence of your smile and not him?
  • Why the fuck is this mother fucking nobody paying for your drinks instead of him?!
  • The straw that broke the camel’s back came when the fucker dared tuck a lock of your loose hair behind your ear.
  • Xanxus saw red as he broke his table in two and approached the table. You eyed him with confusion but all he did was drive a fist into your date’s skull before grabbing your wrist and dragging you out of the restaurant leaving your poor coworker to bleed to death.
  • Struggling, you demanded he let you go but as soon as he reaches an empty alleyway he crushes you against the wall with his body and kissed you with insane, desperate want.
  • He didn’t care if he wasn’t worthy of you anymore. He’ll kill any man who dares touch you. He’ll empty his guns into the skulls of anyone who takes you away.
  • You fucking belonged to him.

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jimon + 25 pls i'll give u anything

25. librarian/avid reader au

Simon doesn’t have a problem. He doesn’t, whatever Clary tells people. It’s just. He works in a library okay. And he loves books, he really does, but it’s also a place of quietness and solitude and honestly, it can be a bit boring. So clearly he has to come up with ways to entertain himself. And annoying the living shit out of the blond blue-eyed stud muffin named that comes in every Wednesday is just one of the ways to do that. It’s not a problem. Or a crush. Shut up Clary.

“You get prettier every time I see you,” Simon tells Jace. The only reason Simon knows he’s named Jace is because it’s on his library card, because Jace has never offered him this information freely. Whatever, they’re getting there.

“Fantastic,” Jace deadpans, “Maybe in a few weeks you can crown me Miss Library.”

And that’s the thing. In the beginning, it was fun to tease Jace because he would just glare at Simon a lot and it was kind of hilarious to get a rise out of him. But recently Jace has started replying with his own snarky come backs and Simon has found himself liking it even more. True, it is kind of unfair that Jace gets to be both pretty and funny, but Simon will live. Probably.

“I’ll get you a nice crown and a sash,” Simon says, taking the books from Jace’s hands. “That’ll be all?” Jace mumbles something, and Simon raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me, what did you say?”

“Your number!” Jace suddenly shouts, causing Simon to stumble back slightly, “I would also like your number,” he adds, a lot more quietly, and Simon gapes at him.

“My number.”


“For, like, my cellphone.”

“Yes, preferably.”

“So you can call me.”

“I’m pretty sure most people just text nowadays.”

“Oh,” Simon says, staring at Jace with wide eyes.

“So?” Jace eventually asks, shuffeling his feet, which Simon absolutely does not find cute. “Are you?”

“Am I what?”

Jace laughs, “Are you going to give me your number?”

“Oh!” Simon says, and quickly scribbles his number down on an old receipt, before handing it to Jace, who smiles softly before walking away.

“You forgot your books!” Simon yells after him, when he notices the stack still in front of him.

“I was never here for the books!” Jace yells back, making Simon laugh.

Yeah, maybe SImon has a bit of problem after all.

Kol Mikaelson - Difficulties

Prompt: Hi, I don’t know if you are flooded with messages but take your time because I love your imagines and yeah. Could you write one with Kol and the reader being friends and she’s in love with him while he’s with Davina and they start arguing and all and she blurts out that she loves him and he gets really angry at her? But then he goes to apologise and it’s all cute and angsty? If they get together or not is your opinion but thank you :)

You had known Kol for quite a while but what’s worse is that you’d loved Kol for even longer. There was something about his roguish grin and the way his eyes twinkled in mischief that made your heart ache. He’d invited you round to his house as he often did but lately it had only been to talk about Davina and any other time that you’d been with him, he’d blown you off to go see her. They weren’t official yet but you knew that the announcement would come any day now. It hurt to see him feel this way about someone else and what hurt even more is that you loved the fact that he was happy.

“Anyways, Y/N,” He smiled, standing up and abandoning the conversation that you had started. “I have to go meet Davina. You can ask Nik to drop you home.”
“Wow.” You laughed humourlessly, shaking your head at how stupid you were being.
“What?” He questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.
“Nothing.” You said bitterly before standing up, beginning to walk out the room. He grabbed your wrist, stopping you.
“What’s gotten into you?” He asked. You couldn’t help but snort at his complete obliviousness, trying to quash the anger that threatened to bubble inside you.
“What’s gotten into me? Seriously, Kol?” You replied before shaking off his hand and walking out of the room.

He appeared in front of you, stopping your exit.
“Get out of my way, Mikaelson.” You whispered.
“What’s wrong with you, Y/N?” Kol asked, his wrath rearing it’s ugly head.
“You can’t consistently blow me off for Davina! I don’t care that you love her Kol-” That may have been a lie. “I don’t care that you’ll never pick me over her, the person that’s clearly completely and utterly devoted to you-” Again, most definitely a lie. “I care about spending time with you and whenever we do, you’re always talking about her or ditching me to see her! Today you were actually going to leave and make me ask your psychopath of a brother, that you hate, you drive me home?”

“What are you even trying to say?” He began to shout, his expression turning murderous.
“You complete bonehead!” You erupted, walking around him towards the stairs.
“Don’t walk away from me.” He countered, his footsteps following you as tears began to cloud your eyes. You spun around quickly, glaring at the vampire around 6 feet away from you.
“You know what, Kol? Just go to Davina. You don’t care about me, you make that perfectly obvious when you leave me here on my own. I love you, Kol, I always have. So please, please go visit the beautiful witch that has captured your heart.”
With that, you turned on your heel and left, both relieved and saddened to not hear his footsteps behind you. Rebekah had heard the whole thing, dragging you into her room and saying nothing as you sat there, sometimes crying but mostly just trying not to fall apart. She’d left much later, needing to feed.

You sighed, placing the note you’d written to her, thanking her, on her bed. You decided that it would be best to just go home in case you saw Kol later. You opened the door to the room to see Kol outside, facing the door but clearly not making any effort to make you aware of his presence. There was silence for a few moments as you avoided his eyes, his gaze fixed on your face.
“How long have you being standing there?” You asked softly, breaking the silence tentatively. He didn’t reply, only looking at the ground before you sighed, trying to walk around him and leave like you’d meant to.

“I do care about you, Y/N.” He whispered, stopping you with his arm blocking your exit.
“It was unfair of me to make you feel bad for loving her and I’m sorry for that.” You replied, looking to the floor.
He chuckled, your eyes darting to meet his incredulously. Not even Kol would find this funny. When you met his eyes, you couldn’t convince yourself to look away.
“I don’t love Davina like that my dear. She’s my best friend.” He smiled. You felt your heart drop.
“Here I was thinking that I was your best friend.”
“You’re so difficult.” Kol commented before you felt his lips press against your own. You didn’t respond at first, not until his hands cupped your face, pulling you closer.

Rule Breakers

Originally posted by sanellycarmen

Pairing: Negan x daughter!Reader, Carl x Reader
Word count: 1,518
Warnings: Swearing

Part 4 of Gonna Marry That Boy

After the two of you pulled away from Carl’s, Negan went straight to meet the Saviors. He wasn’t even going to make you work this off. Worse. You were stuck, sitting around, listening to them bullshit. Until whenever they decided to get home to their women, or to head out drinking. They were like your weird extended family, and you liked most of them…but this was pure torture.

Finally, two hours in, you’d had enough. “I get it! Good fucking God, dad!” You whined.

Negan shot you a look. “Watch your fuckin’ language.” He told you, earning an eyeroll. “And I don’t think you do.”

Dwight smirked and shook his head. “You’re lucky you’re his daughter, and not mine.”

“I know.” You replied. “Because then I’d look like you.” Watching the annoyance roll across his face was so worth it.

“Hey. Respect your elders, young lady.” Dwight snapped.

“Excuse me?” There was no way in hell that you’d let that dipshit act like he was all high and mighty. “I give respect where respect is due. I fail to see how you’ve earned my respect.”

Negan chuckled, shaking his head. “That’s my girl.” He smirked, looking proud. “She’s right, Dwight. Just like I taught her. Respect is earned, not just fuckin’ given.” His gaze went to you. “You hungry, princess?”

“I’m bored. And I’m sure my clothes smell like old bikers now.” You pointed out.

“I’ll get one of the girls to give you a ride home. Before you gut Dwight over here.” He laughed, getting up.

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Send me a line and I’ll write a drabble!
  • “This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”
  • “Oh yeah, you really told him, didn’t you?”
  • “… you mean that?”
  • “When were you going to tell me about ___?”
  • “I guess I was running from something. Maybe I was running back to you.”
  • “You were too good for them.”
  • “What do you mean we accidentally had sex?”
  • “Why does the end of summer mean the end of us?”
  • “I have to sleep with a picture of you nearby, to remind me that you really are coming back.”
  • “We are in the middle of a PTA meeting, can’t this wait until we get home?”
  • “It’s a good thing you are cute.”
  • “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”
  • “I hate when you lie to me, no matter how sweet you make it sound.”
  • “At least stay until the morning.”
  • “…..did you just call me baby?”
  • “You should not be telling me, your boss, about that.”
  • “It’s a privilege, to be able to love you.” 
  • “I know it’s late, but I’m still in love with you, even after all this time.”
  • “I can’t believe your sister didn’t tell me about you.”
  • “You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.”
  • “I can’t believe I married a blanket hog.”
  • He’d give you the world, just don’t ask him to.”
  • “Sing me to sleep?”
  • “I thought you were dead.”
  • “I’m starting to remember why we got a divorce.”
  • “So, when are you taking them to the BONE ZONE.”
  • “You sure have a funny way of being romantic.”
  • “I find it a little unfair that you are both funny and good looking.”
  • “I’m marrying you, I think my life is set.”
  • “I have a feeling that you are going to change my life.”
Look after you

Taron’s sick and Y/N ditches her work to take care of him because she’s a little overprotective and she catches the flu afterwards

A/N: sick taron makes my heart squeeze painfully. look at the gif for fucks sake. And i wouldn’t mind getting sick and stay in bed all day with taron david egerton ha ha hi hi ha ha hoe


It’s a one winter Thursday night in March and I have been facing the computer screen since I came and sat at my desk in the studio this afternoon to work on the piece our design team leader has been pressing us about which is the logo we’ve been brainstorming for the past couple of weeks. My hand starts to burn, given that it has been moving and working throughout the day and I can’t help myself to stop for a while to take little breaks; rotating my wrist, popping my knuckles and stretching my fingers and pinching its tips to ease some tension.

This is what I’ve been waiting for after 2 years of passing out my portfolios to big graphic design companies around the city, the chance of being accepted and working in a big company with a great team. Taron couldn’t be any happier when he heard the big news. He picked me up in a massive bear hug and spun me around until we knocked the coffee table and the flower vase in the middle. He whispered how proud he was of me and how he was excited for me. I held him tight as he kisses my hair, thanking him for being there every step of the way. We celebrated that night with pizza and movie marathon (I insisted we watch chick flicks, which he would mostly refuse and argue with me but he chose not to because he said it’s my reward. So I did a little victory dance until he interrupts me and said to just get on with it before he change his mind.)

I smile instantly when I saw my phone lighting up with his name on the screen as I’m debating whether to add an outline on the letter and which color should I blend with it..

“Hey babe.” Never removing the smile etched on my face as I push myself away from my desk.

“Hey.” Taron says in a ridiculously low tired voice, drawing out the words slowly. “How’s my Y/N?”

I can’t tell but his voice seems a bit off, something seems wrong about it so frown just a little bit.

“It’s been tiring but it’s going brilliant, actually. Don’t wanna lose the job you’ve been claiming for ages, so gotta work hard.” He chuckles softly then says, “Right.”

“So how’s my boy doing tonight?” I ask him cheerily.

“I’m–okay, I’m doing good. I made you dinner, if you want it’s in the microwave. You can just reheat it.”

There is something really different about him right now.

“Okay babe–are you okay? You seem a bit off.” I say carefully as my frown deepens.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m–i’m okay. I was just checking up on you. I’m sorry if bothered you, erm, I’ll see you later, yeah?” He says in that ridiculous slowly voice.

“I’m halfway through with this then I’ll be home really soon.” I added “Sure you’re okay baby?”

“Yeah. I’m okay. Love you bye.”

“Love you.” then he hangs up.

I stare at my phone then at my unfinished work then back to my phone until I decided, fuck it, i am going home now.

Something’s up and I need to be home now.

I’ll just tell Lauren that something came up and I have to head home as early as possible; she’ll understand it. I silently thank God because I’m halfway through with my work.

This is very unconventional for Taron. He never sounded that tired and resigned like he was a couple of minutes ago and he’d normally greet me with his cheery and lively voice once I picked up the phone.

He would just sound like this when he is sick.

I barely screw the cap of my pens and gather my things unceremoniously and make my way out since everybody went home and I’m the only person left in this studio.

It’s not that Taron can’t take care of himself when he is being sick like this but I have seen it with my own two eyes. Sure he can manage to get out of the bed and make himself a cup of tea but that would take him ages because he has to muster up all his energy before he could get himself one. He just looks so helpless and vulnerable and I can’t take that when he’s being like this. Call me overreacting but I’m an overprotective little shit when it comes to him. That isn’t a bad thing, is it now?

Embarrassingly, I sort of like it when he’s like this because he’s all cuddly and needy and whiny like he wants to be held all the fucking time and instead of being annoyed at how childish he sounds like, you’ll just give up and let him be.
While thinking how he is coping up right now, I gingerly press the gas harder and drive faster and surprisingly I ended up in our flat in no record time.

I call for Taron’s name softly as I step inside to the familiar scent of vanilla scented candles Taron has been keeping lately and the cozy ambiance of our flat. “Taron?”

The only answer I got is the deafening silence that envelops the place.
I start to get worried all over again.

It only takes seconds for me to find him, as a pathetic cough comes from the direction of our bedroom. Taron is curled up on the bed as he softly whips his head at the door, trying to sit up when he sees me. I stride over to the bed and crouch down at his side, keeping a hand on his shoulder to keep him lying down.

“It’s okay. I got you.” I gingerly brush the hair out of his forehead as he closes his eyes.

“Oh baby.” pushing my eyebrows together as I take in Taron’s form. Taron’s normally sunny and giddy face is replaced by extreme paleness except for his nose and cheek spotted with red flush. Taron’s usually green/blue eyes are unfocused and glassy as he looks up at me and pulls the cover up to his chin as he shivers lightly from the bed.

It’s not that he didn’t catch a bug before but everytime I see him in a state like this my heart squeezes painfully. “Oh, T.”

I  gently press a kiss at Taron’s heated forehead. He makes a contented sigh at the cool touch and I gently run a finger to his hair. “I wish I’d known you’d be sick like this again.”

“Your job is more important.” He says with his eyes close, his voice raspy.

“You are more important than everything. You know that, right?” I murmur, stroking his eyebrow. “I need you to know that, yeah?”

Taron gave me one of his Taron smiles, that looks so happy and innocent yet so fucking sexy and I’m amazed that he still looks breathtaking even with a fever. “Yes. I know.”

I stand between the dresser and the bed as I remove my clothing, my back facing Taron.

“I don’t think I have enough energy to have sex with you right now.” he says teasingly in a low raspy voice.

“I wish we could but next time.” I say, laughing as I pick up a jumper and sweats from the dresser. I put them on and grab another blanket from the dresser and I stride again at Taron’s side to remove the duvet and tuck him on with it. I pull the duvet back up to him again then I crouch down on his side and say, “I’ll be right back.” I start to stand when he whines and grabs my wrist weakly, “Where are you going?” he asks.

“I’ll just get you something to ease up the pain. Be right back.” I try to move away but he grips my wrist harder, giving me his best puppy dog eyes, “No. Stay.”

“Baby, I’ll be back before you know it, okay?” I say as I loosely brush the hair away that sticks from his forehead and kiss him lightly on the lips. I don’t care if I also catch a flu. We’ll be stuck in bed together, that’s for sure.

I disappear to the bathroom to get the medicine box and make way to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice and a hot soup. After a few moments, I return to the room with a tray laden with orange juice, a bowl of steaming soup, paracetamol, water, and a bottle of vitamin C. Taron squints a little at it, trying to figure out the things in my hand.

Settling the tray on the nightstand, I sit down on the edge of the bed. "I have taken the paracetamol a while ago.” He says as I help him sit up with an arm around his shoulder. “That’s okay, babe. If you don’t feel like having the soup, you can just take little slurps but you need to drink the juice and the vitamin C, okay?” He nods and I feed him the soup until he shakes his head no.

He accepts the cool glass of orange juice from my hand and takes a few sips. I hand him the tablets and he downs them with a grimace. I hum in approval, “Feeling a bit better now?”

“Yes, I think so.” He says, leaning his head back against the headboard. “You’re so sweet. I love you.”

I take the glass back and help Taron settle down again, climbing on the bed next to him.

He faces me and I peck his lips twice. His lips are cold from the juice. “It’s all good.”

We stare for a little longer then I say “You’re very pretty.” He closes his eyes and chuckles, Goddamn it. How can he look really pretty even if he’s sick. It’s so unfair.

“I have a flu Y/N, I’m really sure I look pretty shit right now.”

I lightly run my fingers through his scalp and say, “That’s the thing, it’s pretty unfair how you still look pretty even if you’re pretty sick.”

He finds it funny how I’ve used ‘pretty’ multiple times. He looks at me funnily and chuckles deeply as he hugs me tighter to him “Okay, you’ve made your point pretty clear.”

“I pretty sure did.”

When our laughs die down. We stare at each other again then he says “Thank you for being here, Y/N. I love you.”

I unconsciously run my thumb over his eyebrow. It seemed to relax him. “You know that I’d do anything for you, yeah?”


He leans to kiss me and he tastes like orange juice. He pulls away quickly “Shit. I’m sorry. I forgot I’m sick. You’re probably gonna catch the flu-I’m sorry, shit.” he rumbles weakly and regretfully.

Giggling, I cup the back of his neck, quickly leaning in to kiss him again. Running my tongue on his bottom lip asking for entrance, he obliges and we snogged for a while. “Are you ready to cuddle with me tomorrow all day?”

“How about your work? I thought you haven’t finished it yet?” He asks me, a worried expression on his face.

“It’s halfway done. Just a few touches and it’s all done”

“Won’t Lauren get mad at you?”

“No she won’t.”

He sighs loudly and says “Okay.”

His eyes are starting to get droopy as he stares at me. “Go to sleep, Taron.”

“Okay. Goodnight Y/N. I love you.”

He hugs me tighter to his flaming hot body (no pun intended) and I settle my head on his chest.

“Goodnight, Taron. I love you.”


It’s still snowing outside when I woke up. I shiver lightly not because it’s cold but I’m feeling really cold, like it’s a bad case of getting chills. And then the room starts to spin when I opened my eyes. My muscles hurt and everything. Every part of my body seems to hurt and I can barely move.

I moan loudly, feeling like shit and the arm wrapped around gently on my waist gets tighter.

“Guess we’re stuck in this bed all day?” Taron mumbles. His voice laced with sleep.

I laugh lightly and say, “Guess we are.”

Taron kisses my hair, “Go back to sleep, Y/N.”

I answer him by pressing my body further to his warm body. Feeling content with the boy I love the most.

Another boy defends you during an argument

A/N: This was a request and it’s pretty bad, I’m sorry! 

Masterlist | Request


You don’t know how the fight started. Like many arguments this one began over something stupid and quickly turned into a shouting match, wild accusations being thrown around. You’ve never seen Michael as furious as he seems to be in this moment. His hair is a mess, his eyes shooting daggers and his voice raised louder than you’ve ever heard it. He’s a terrifying sight.

“If you think so little of me, why are you still with me?” You shoot, the desire to hurt him growing stronger with every passing moment. “I have no idea! All you ever do is hold me back and I’m beginning to think this relationship was a bad idea.” Tears pool in the deep reserves of your eyes but you blink them back, determined to show no weakness.

Before you can retort with a snarky comeback the door to the dressing room swings open and the Ashton walks in, upset clearly written over his puzzled face. You assume he’s heard the beginning of your argument. You try to block his listening ears and shift your gaze back to Michael who’s ears seems to be leaking steam.

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anonymous asked:

I really love your guides to ONS!! Also do you know any good Gureshin fanfics?

Oooooh, come here you little shipper! I’ve read pretty much every completed Gureshin longer than 7k words (and some shorther ones) so yes, I have something to suggest you.

First of all, one shots: 

This. by Seredemia, 5080 words ( you could say that it’s just Guren’s thoughts after he spent the night with Shinya, but it’s honestly so much more? There are flashbacks (both from canon and made up) from the light novels, and it becomes this really sweet inner conversation where Guren wonders how his relationship with Shinya changed and how much he means to him. And Seredemia is just a great writer.

orpheus and lyra by oeuvre, 1080 words ( normal high school AU. The two dorks are in love, they don’t communicate enough, and everyone is leaving for college soon. A little bittersweet but I loved it.

Lethargy, by DeyaniraSan, 9654  words ( Warning for depression here. This is a long journey into Shinya’s angsty thoughts. It analizes how he feels in different situations, starting from when he’s quite young to the hypothethical aftermaths of the final battle between humankind and vampires. It enlightens perfectly the whole “Guren being the sun” thing. Since Shinya is my favourite character (I know, you could never have guessed it) i loved this one. Happy ending!

Guren Still Doesn’t Know the Meaning of the Flower He Saw That Day, by KUROKOSEXUAL, 9468 words ( Guren is a pilot, Shinya is a florist who works in an airport. Once Goshi takes Guren to Shinya’s shop and things happen. Funny and sweet.

Pyreflies, by KUROKOSEXUAL, 11260 words ( this is one of those emotional scarring where Shinya goes through hell (in quite a literal sense here) in the Hiiragis household (there is some Kureshin too and hinted dub-con so don’t read if that kind of thing triggers you). Guren goes to the forest one night and gets lost, there he meets Shinya who helps him to get out and tells him he’s a spirit. When they meet again at the Hiiragis household Guren is a little pissed.

Creatures of the Darkness cannot linger under the Sun, by DeyaniraSan, 19399 words ( Shinya feels sick after a duel with Kureto, he goes to Guren’s house for help. After some really cute moments where Guren threatens to kill Kureto, Shinya asks him to read something to him to distract him from the pain. The story they end up reading is strangely similar to theirs, which leads to some awkwardness but mostly a confrontation on what is going on between them. Really light angst, but it’s really nice.

Everglow, by embrisch (flightlesswish), 10862 words ( reincarnation AU, a series of universes where Guren and Shinya find each other over and over again. I liked this one because all of the AUs are so good? You’ll want to read whole stories about each one of them, I swear. 

Letters, by kiafeles, 13780 words ( set in canon. Again, the two idiots are in love but they don’t communicate. Also thumbs up for Yuu in the background and Mito knowing everything because Mito is just great like that.

At the beginning by jestwane (transience), 2225 words ( set after the end of the war, Shinya leaves to search for his parents and Guren follows him, and learns about Shinya’s past. I particularly loved this one because Shinya’s characterization is really on point.

About the unfairness of attractive teachers, by Aki_no_hikari, 2811 words ( Guren, a graduate, ends up being Shinya’s professor. This one is nice, is funny, and there is no angst, so thumbs up.

sugar, by parkers, 3130( Shinya is Yuu’s kindergarten teacher. SO MUCH FLUFF OH MY GOD.

Long fics:

count the seconds of dark matter, on your left hand (take my body, take my body), by pharadoxly, two chapters (10304 words)( first of all, this one is really fucked up so READ THE TAGS and check if there is anything that can trigger you. I don’t even know how to describe this, a good summary could be “the Hiiragis are shit and Guren and Shinya fall in love. They also try to survive”.

Choose Me, by Emma (KarasunoShugoshin), 9 chapters (22339 words)( Shinya is in love with Guren, Guren is in love with Shinya but he’s still crying over Mahiru, so Shinya ends up with Kureto, and Guren has to get him back. WHY DON’T THESE TWO IDIOTS JUST TALK FOR GOD’S SAKE

Uncompleted ones:

I’m Right Here, by Seredemia, for now 16 chapters and 81379 words ( AAAAAH MY FAVOURITE I probably don’t even need to tell you about this one because it’s possibly the most popular in the fandom. Modern AU in which Guren and Shinya meet at a supermarket trying to buy chicken nuggets and then end up bumping into each other over and over again. Young MikaYuus and implied non-con so careful (we’re talking about Ferid btw)

Somnia, by Seredemia, for now 6 chapters and 32123 words( Gureshin here is more a sideship to MikaYuu but ehy, it’s a fantasy AU with dragons and a knight Shinoa, what more do you want?

I also have these bookmarked but I haven’t finished reading them yet so I can’t give you a comment (but they seem nice!):

A Eulogy for Tragedies by rimacchi:,

No Place To Call Home (Until I Met You) by holdingontoyou:,

 We’re Going Home by Murakamirai:

Well, I’m sorry this turned from “I have a few fanfictions for you” to a whole long ass fic rec, but ehy, someone had to do it. Also thanks for the compliments, and I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: As an anon pointed out I made one of my usual idiotic moves and copied the same link in the last three shots but it’s corrected now. Also, I forgot to say but everyone is free to add their suggestion and if an author doesn’t want his fic on this list, just tell me and I’ll remove it right away!

I’ll Be Damned (Steve x Reader)

Request: A Steve x reader please where the reader is a college student majoring in history so the two and Bucky are always fangirling over the 1940s and one day te reader is listening to frank Sinatra and Steve confesses his feelings to her? Thank you!

Words: 1,494

Warnings: None

Ugh I’m sorry, I was originally going to post at the beginning of this week but I got slapped in the face with school and failed to do so. Four more weeks till I am stress free! 

“Steve?” Your feet shuffled throughout the empty halls of the tower, your fingers clutching onto a thick book with pieces of paper sticking out of it. “Steve Rogers?”

You peeked into one of the living spaces and pulled a face when you didn’t see the spangled captain you were looking for. “C’mon, I have a question.” You mumbled, sweeping your feet around the next corner.

“Tony? Have you seen Steve?” You peeked your head into one of the labs, Tony was hovering over a table and Bruce was scribbling down whatever seemed important.

“Nope,” Tony looked up with a sly smile. “Why? Anxious to your boyfriend?”

Your cheeks flushed and you shook your head. You wished you hadn’t pulled your hair out of your face because Tony will use the excuse of seeing you blush as another reason to tease you relentlessly about Steve. You set down the book you were holding on a table next to the door and pulled a face.

“I just have a question, that’s all.” You turned around on your heel quickly, why had you even decided to ask him in the first place? Of course he would pester and tease you about this for a least a week, per usual. Tony was like the tower gossip, always teasing about relationships and he always knew everybody’s business. He had no problem sharing everybody’s business with everybody else, there was no privacy in this tower.

“He’s been living under a rock for the past billion years, what could he possibly know that I wouldn’t?” Tony called out after you.

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Hope is the thing with feathers

Summary: Marinette finally manages to work up the nerve to confess to Adrien but unfortunately things don’t end up going as she hoped. Luckily Tikki and her family are there to help her get back up.

Pairing: One-sided, Unrequited Adrienette

Status: Complete / Oneshot

Notes: Thanks to @tryingtofindthegreatperhaps for being my beta

“‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson

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A late night PSA.

Okay, I know it’s late but I had to work all day and have only just gotten back to the computer. I’ve literally been steaming about this all day, and I hope you can all tell how serious I am here.

If anyone has bothered to read the rules page on literally any of my blogs, you will know that I am a sex repulsed aromantic asexual. It’s come to my attention just this morning that certain people in the RP community are EXTREMELY a-phobic, to the point of having an entire blog practically DEDICATED to hatred directed at me and people like me.

So I’m going to make this post now to avoid any further confusion.

If you:

  • Don’t believe that asexuality and/or aromanticism are real
  • Don’t believe that ace/aro people belong in the queer community
  • Believe that the A in LGBTQIAP should or does stand for “ally”
  • Believe that acephobia doesn’t exist
  • Believe that ace/aro people are faking it
  • Believe that ace/aro people are “practically straight”
  • Believe that ace/aro people don’t face discrimination

You can fucking unfollow me right now.

Here’s a convenient list of all my blogs so you can even do it all in one fell swoop!

Please. Unfollow me. I even included my inactive blogs. I even included my personal and my art blog. You can unfollow all of them. Look how nice I am, arranging them all so neatly for you.

“But I really like your muse(s)/timeline(s) and I want to RP with you!”
I don’t care. Unfollow me.

“But you’re cool and I want to be friends even though you’re aro ace!”
That sucks. Unfollow me.

“I think you’re being a bit unfair.”
No the fuck I’m not, and I still don’t care. Unfollow me.

If you are ace/arophobic in the slightest, unfollow me. Blacklist me. Block me. Lose my contact information. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to RP with you, I don’t want to see you. I am absolutely livid, in case you couldn’t tell, and I’m not playing around. I don’t think you’re funny, or cute, I just want your toxic bigoted ass out of my life.

I’m not calling out anyone in specific, but you all know who you are.

Now, on the other hand, if you don’t know much about asexuality and/or aromanticism, and would like some friendly explanations, I would be absolutely thrilled to provide it.

Expect to see this post a few times because I’m not letting this go any time soon. Thanks for reading.

busyasabree  asked:

You and Patrick really do have a great rapport which is so cool to see in a married pair, how have you hidden him from us so long. (So happy to have your Podcasts I love hearing your thoughts on stuff!)

Aw thanks! Even though I’m pretty open online, I try to be careful about how much I share. In the past I’ve been really hurt by people making unfair assumptions about our relationship, so I pulled back. There are also a lot of weirdos online and I didn’t want to subject him to harassment or put his career in danger. Like the time someone made a fake Facebook profile to harass Pat and accused me of cheating on him. It was bizarre. Pat thought it was funny (cause it was so ridiculous), but I was really upset. Then there was the time someone re-edited a video of us celebrating our anniversary and used it to promote an interracial porn site. Yeeeeah. That goodness we got it taken down, but I was freaking out. And don’t get me started on people contacting my boss to tell them I’m a “racist”. So yeah, after all that I just did my best to keep him offline as much as possible. 

I still feel a twinge of nerves whenever we upload an episode, but I’m working on finding a balance because he’s awesome and I like being able to share a little of him with you all. Anyway, thanks for the support! 

anonymous asked:

baekhyun is still problematic, he done allot of problematic shit.

Haters always say he done allot of problematic shit, but when people ask you what he done some of you say “everybody says he is problematic” and refuse to tell us anything, or you just tell us things that have no proof at all. Baekhyun is not that problematic that this fandom make him out to be. Most of the time fans take things out of context and adding salt and pepper making things to the extreme, and then you go on and on that he’s the most problematic member in EXO that everything he do is problematic, but you never come to realise the amount of salt you have added and how much the original content have changed after too much salt been added. 

Some of you saying that Baekhyun teases his member that he bully people, but none of you seem to realise that the member do the same to him. There’s member who hit him jokingly, if I have to be honest, if Baekhyun hit Kyungsoo like he do to Baekhyun you will be telling him to die, but when Kyungsoo done it to Baekhyun Kyungsoo will get allot of praise. Don’t you realise you guys are the one who is bullying him? Gossiping, threatening, calling him names are all bully. You guys are always unfair on Baekhyun, allot of people only call Baekhyun out for laughing at Kris at EXO Showtime Episode 4, but for some reason the member who brought it up and the other member who laughed got away with it and it turns out “Because it’s Baekhyun, he’s the loudest so lets just call him out”. 

And whats funny is that none of you are able to show any reliable sources to proof your right. Some people said he made autism joke but none of you even knew if this was legit, and there are also allot of korean-speakers saying this was a mistranlsation, and then there are people going on that he called someone slut but when I ask for a source or a video none of you were able to show them to me and some of you turned up to me saying that it was a mistake but never apologised. Allot of you just spread stupid things without considering how much damage this can cause to another. People always complain that Baek stan defending him, but then you don’t realise how much wrong things and damage you guys have done to Baekhyun. 

Baekhyun is not the most problematic person in this planet, fans are the one who claimed him as one, its people like you who are spending too much time looking fault from Baekhyun just to give yourself more reason to hate him. Tbh, I feel really bad for you that you only spend time to look for things to hate rather for things to like and enjoy. 

I’m telling you this now, Baekhyun may be the talker, the mood maker that he always smile and that he always look happy and bright but that doesn’t mean he won’t feel hurt with all the things you say about him. He can feel sad inside and still show you his happiest face. He is a professional artist who don’t bring his emotion on stage unless it was too hard for him to hold it in. Don’t pick on him just because he’s the mood maker or that he’s always looked happy. 

You think you are doing something for your bias, but lets get this straight, if your bias saw you do this to Baekhyun his team mate, his friend one he consider as brother he will be fucking pissed I honestly don’t think your bias will like seeing his own fan bashing his own friend. You are not smart calling Baekhyun out, you are not a tumblr justice, you are a fucking bitch who’s spending too much time grouping up on people and spreading things to damage peoples reputation. Why don’t you go spend your time with your bias rather than the members you don’t like. 

First Kisses

The second the firewhiskey had been brought out Albus knew something was going to happen. Not necessarily something bad but something. They’d just defeated Gryffindor in the most important Quidditch match of the season. Albus grinned, he could already feel James’s wrath. He was pulled out of his thoughts of his brother by his best friend, the Slytherin chaser, Scorpius Malfoy.

“You see the match Al?” Scorpius slurred, a huge grin plastered across his face.

“Of course.” Albus smiled. “You know I’d never miss a match.” Though Al had no interest in playing Quidditch he still loved to watch. “You did pretty well.”

“Pretty well?” Scorpius asked insulted. “I was bloody brilliant! Practically won the match for us!” A few of the other, slightly less sloshed, Quidditch players snorted at that but, because he had lead them to a spectacular victory, let him have it. “Albie,” Scor said and hooked his arm around Al’s shoulders. “You look good.”

“Thanks,” Albus said dryly and tried to pull away from his intoxicated friend.

“No, I really mean it Albie,” Scor insisted. “Your eyes…”

“What about my yes?” Al asked defensively.

“They’re all…” Scorpius made a bad impression of an explosion and waved vaguely. “You’re gorgeous.”

“Not funny Malfoy.” Albus shoved him lightly. “And unfair, I can’t even be mean to you becau-” he was cut off by a pair of warm, overly wet lips on his own. He tried to pull back but Scor’s hold on the back of his neck was firm. When the other boy let go his bottom lip lingered slightly on Al’s, making him open his eyes sluggishly.

“I think I might be in love.” Scor said and it seemed as if he’d sobered up some. “Been waiting to do that for a while.” He licked his lips as if he could still taste Albus there.

“Well,” Albus said seriously. “Maybe you shouldn’t wait so long next time.” He cracked a smile and Scorpius blinked as the other’s meaning set in. Ablus rolled his eyes before leaning forward to snog the blonde senseless to the cheers of their housemates.

J’s gonna kill me. Albus thought but then he realized, he didn’t care.

Happy Birthday, Liz!

An OT4 Email Chain Drabble

To Liz aka @cuethetommo in observance on the eve of the most important day of the year, Louis’ birthday. Oh, yeah, and it also happens to be close to yours as well, I hear? Right, right. Here I shall share with you a few emails from the now infamous ot4 email chain. Some events may be inspired by a certain Squadron. *cough* dickets *cough* Hope you have a great day, my friend! All the love xx

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Subject: Hack this ya arseholes

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