your ugly sister

iKON: as shit my mom says

Hanbin: “I swear if you don’t pick up your dog’s shit from the floor I’m gonna wipe it all over your face” 

Bobby: “What do you mean? No in this family we only drink Voss water” 

Junhoe: “What do you want for dinner- wait, hold on. Did you SEE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING?!” 

Jinhwan: “No what I’m saying is that your sister looks ugly today.”

Yunhyeong: “Okay everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and tell me if my shoes look good with the dress because if they don’t we’re not going out tonight” 

Donghyuk: “Look. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just telling you that maybe you shouldn’t eat as much rice as you do.” 

Chanwoo: “What does ‘shade’ mean, Sky? No I’m serious what does it mean because Greg from work said he ‘threw shade’ at me but i didn’t get it”

-also pray for me i deal with this on the daily

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ok what are some good Films about girls ? im in such a Mood lately and i cant stand men (Whats New)

don’t worry, i got u. Films About Girls: the duke of burgundy, girlhood, death proof, mustang, drop dead gorgeous, girl interrupted, respire, appropriate behavior, obvious child, carol, the keeping room, sucker punch, gravity, tangerine, bachelorette, another earth, it follows, short term 12, matilda, wetlands, ever after, spring breakers, american mary, mulholland drive, the bling ring, welcome to the dollhouse, charlie’s angels, charlie’s angels: full throttle, juno, 10 cloverfield lane, stoker, victoria, ghost world, all cheerleaders die, kill bill, riding in cars with boys, the sweetest thing, john tucker must die, the devil wears prada, imagine me & you, jawbreaker, the house bunny, romy and michele’s high school reunion, sisterhood of the traveling pants, lucy, young adult, carrie, raising helen, the holiday, dick (1999), black swan, death becomes her, thelma & louise, mermaids, the to do list, nancy drew, uptown girls, queen of earth, hanna, amelie, bridesmaids, room, thirteen, josie and the pussycats, mad max: fury road, jennifer’s body, heavenly creatures, legally blonde, the craft, for a good time call, the descent, stick it, with every heatbeat, high tension, fish tank, zero dark thirty, freeheld, brooklyn, aquamarine, welcome to me, the lifeguard, two days one night, ida, freaky friday, the virgin suicides, sunshine cleaning, mistress america, pariah, panic room, bring it on, the heat, but i’m a cheerleader, under the skin, whip it, ginger snaps, mosquita y mari, the summer of sangaile, kumiko the treasure hunter, sugar & spice, now & then, marie antoinette, frances ha, melancholia, selena, baby mama, my summer of love, crimson peak, miss congeniality, the piano, never let me go, life partners, addicted to fresno, tracks, 13 going on 30, violet & daisy, your sister’s sister, coyote ugly, bloomington, troop beverly hills, byzantium, palo alto, blue is the warmest color, jackie brown, daydream nation, the help, d.e.b.s, itty bitty tity commitee, 88, cake, still alice, wild, heathers, mean girls and clueless

Stop calling me ‘Ducky’. I’m not 'Ducky’ anymore. My acne cleared up years ago, I got rid of my braces in college. I wear contacts, I use make up, I did years of physical therapy to correct my pigeon toes, and in case you haven’t noticed, I learned how to condition my hair. I am not your hopeless ugly little sister anymore, I am not an ugly duckling. I’m a swan.

My sister doesn’t like that I play otome games because she thinks they’re a waste of time and money. These are some of the things that she tells me and my reactions. (I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of them right now)

Sister: You should stop playing those games and get a real boyfriend

Sister: They’re not real

External image

Sister: Those games are so stupid

External image

Sister: That’s just a waste of money

Sister: They’re not even cute

Sister: Haruki is kinda ugly

External image

Sister: Your obsession is getting out of hand

External image

Sister: Oh Spencer, if only there was someone out there who loved you. Maybe then you’d stop playing those dumb games

(feel free to add on)

Shameless Fanfic Relay: Lip

Previously on Shameless Fanfic Relay: Carl

“Who the fuck are the Livers?” Mickey asked again when they were back in the car. Lip was purposefully ignoring his incessant questions but Carl was merciful enough to throw him a bone.

“Nah, man, his liver family. Like, the family of the dead dude who gave Frank his liver.”

“Oh, perfect. So we can thank these people for Frank’s second chance at life? I got a few things I’d like to say to them.”

“Well, if you had gone through with your plot to off him the first time then their kid’s liver would’ve gone to a more deserving recipient,” Lip said accusingly. Mickey was always Mr. Big Talk but when it came down to it he could never pull the trigger (a character trait which didn’t surprise Lip in the least), and Lip was sick of him running his mouth if he wasn’t going to back it up.

“Yeah, I’m sure your bleeding heart is just so fucking concerned about the person who missed out on that liver.” Out of the corner of his eye Lip saw Mickey shake his head and quite possibly roll his eyes, but he let it go. “So, what, Frank’s tight with these people?”

“Kind of,” Carl answered from the backseat. “Stays with them sometimes. Or sometimes they throw him out on his ass.”

“Usually depends on how horny the wife is,” Lip threw in.

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