your ugly sister

BTS reaction to your family calls you ugly

taethelion said:

Can you pls do a reaction where BTS witnessed you being called ugly etc. by your family? (This has recently happened to me, and it’s been putting me down) thank you 💕

Hi beautiful~thanks for requesting !’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .And remember not to let anyone drag you down ,cuz you are beautiful no matter what and you’ll never happen again .. you’re unique ! .

Jin :

You were showing Jin something on your phone while you sat together on the couch in your parents home, you were not very pleased that you had to look after your younger brother. 

 "Ugly, I’m bored" your little brother appeared .You could see that Jin was not pleased with him calling you that .

“You shouldn’t call your sister ugly, how would you feel if she called you that” he shifted awkwardly. 

 "Ok" he left without another word  .

“You’re beautiful” he kissed your forehead .

Suga :

“Hey ugly” Suga’s face turned sour as soon as he heard your sister calling you that .

“How about I call you ugly?” You and your sister were taken back ,Suga wasn’t able to stand other people calling you names no matter if was a joke. 

“You really shouldn’t let her call you that” he pulled you closer to him and held your hand .

“Ugly is not a word for you” .

J-Hope :

As soon as your the word ugly slipped out of your cousin’s mouth Hoseok frowned. He didn’t lie that he was teasing you but he didn’t want to seem out of place so he just smiled at you .When you two were on your way home he stopped abruptly ,caught your wrist making you turn back .

“I hope you don’t listen to him ,jagiya your very pretty” he peaked your lips and pulled you in for a hug ,making sure that you knew how beautiful he thinks you are .

Rap Monster :

You sat at the table talking with your sister, she was becoming annoyed with you .

“Why are you so ugly?” Namjoon stopped playing on his phone and looked up at your sister .

“Don’t call your sister ugly, haven’t you hear that if you call your sibling ugly you’ll break mirrors if you step in front of them” you chuckled , he didn’t want to seem rude ,but in the same time wanted to deliver his message . 

“You two are meant for each other” you sister went to her room ,Namjoon stood up, slung his arms around you and placed a kiss on your temple .

“Your sister needs glasses because she can’t see how gorgeous you are” .

Jimin :

You and Jimin were walking in the park together after a date .

“Hey ugly” you turned around to see your brother .

“Why does he call you that?” You shrugged and waved your brother ,Jimin wrapped his arm around your waist and and gave you a peck on the lips .

“Don’t worry about him I think you’re gorgeous” .

V :

You and Taehyung were sat on the floor playing a card game with your two cousins. 

“Its your turn ugly” Taehyung pouted ,wrapped his limps around you and pulled you to his chest .

“Don’t call her that” he squeezed you playfully .

“My beautiful jagiya” he kissed the top of your head, while trying to take a peak at your card .

“Hey!!” you pushed him off of you while laughing .

Jungkook :

You were sat next to your grandmother and Jungkook, parents were having a get together. 

 "I always thought that your sister was the prettiest sibling" Jungkook cocked his head to the side and you just laughed it off, not wanting to be disrespectful .As soon as you were alone Jungkook turned to you .

“You know that she’s wrong” he took you hand into his and caressed it with his thumb .

“No matter what people say you’ll forever be beautiful in every single way” .

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I love them


According to the translations these two brother-in-laws were bickering about fighting i mean what else can they talk about but then i read this:

Okita: Then let’s make it simple! YOUR SISTER IS UGLY.

Kamui: Back at you!


There are so many things I can say about this but I’m gonna make this brief

Okita: Then let’s make it simple! YOUR SISTER IS UGLY.

Sougo did not need to say that.. at all. Out of all alternatives he decided to mention this. Although there could be three things he could mean by “making it simple”.

1. He was trying to start a different argument

2. The whole thing was actually about Kagura

or 3. He’s really off topic

4. He always needs to get Kagura’s constant attention

He’s said things like this before but never so explicit

and in front of Kamui too. That’s what makes this 10x better

Kamui: Back at you!

When I read this the first thing that came in mind was Mitsuba so I was all “y o U d i   D   n O t   j uS t  G o  t hEr E ” but this is Kamui we’re talking about, he can say or do whatever he wants. Either this or he’s trying to affend her and Sougo saying they’re both ugly. Honestly I don’t think he’s aware that Mitsuba existed all fourth wall breaking aside.


Kagura is just so precious

Also I can’t tell if she’s telling Kamui to take back what he said or for Sougo to take back what he said, and from what I remember, I don’t think she ever told Sougo to take back something he’s said.

and what made this better is she hit them both with building debris as Gintoki studied them from afar

Wife: 1 Brother-in-laws: 0

iKON: as shit my mom says

Hanbin: “I swear if you don’t pick up your dog’s shit from the floor I’m gonna wipe it all over your face” 

Bobby: “What do you mean? No in this family we only drink Voss water” 

Junhoe: “What do you want for dinner- wait, hold on. Did you SEE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING?!” 

Jinhwan: “No what I’m saying is that your sister looks ugly today.”

Yunhyeong: “Okay everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and tell me if my shoes look good with the dress because if they don’t we’re not going out tonight” 

Donghyuk: “Look. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just telling you that maybe you shouldn’t eat as much rice as you do.” 

Chanwoo: “What does ‘shade’ mean, Sky? No I’m serious what does it mean because Greg from work said he ‘threw shade’ at me but i didn’t get it”

-also pray for me i deal with this on the daily

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ok what are some good Films about girls ? im in such a Mood lately and i cant stand men (Whats New)

don’t worry, i got u. Films About Girls: the duke of burgundy, girlhood, death proof, mustang, drop dead gorgeous, girl interrupted, respire, appropriate behavior, obvious child, carol, the keeping room, sucker punch, gravity, tangerine, bachelorette, another earth, it follows, short term 12, matilda, wetlands, ever after, spring breakers, american mary, mulholland drive, the bling ring, welcome to the dollhouse, charlie’s angels, charlie’s angels: full throttle, juno, 10 cloverfield lane, stoker, victoria, ghost world, all cheerleaders die, kill bill, riding in cars with boys, the sweetest thing, john tucker must die, the devil wears prada, imagine me & you, jawbreaker, the house bunny, romy and michele’s high school reunion, sisterhood of the traveling pants, lucy, young adult, carrie, raising helen, the holiday, dick (1999), black swan, death becomes her, thelma & louise, mermaids, the to do list, nancy drew, uptown girls, queen of earth, hanna, amelie, bridesmaids, room, thirteen, josie and the pussycats, mad max: fury road, jennifer’s body, heavenly creatures, legally blonde, the craft, for a good time call, the descent, stick it, with every heatbeat, high tension, fish tank, zero dark thirty, freeheld, brooklyn, aquamarine, welcome to me, the lifeguard, two days one night, ida, freaky friday, the virgin suicides, sunshine cleaning, mistress america, pariah, panic room, bring it on, the heat, but i’m a cheerleader, under the skin, whip it, ginger snaps, mosquita y mari, the summer of sangaile, kumiko the treasure hunter, sugar & spice, now & then, marie antoinette, frances ha, melancholia, selena, baby mama, my summer of love, crimson peak, miss congeniality, the piano, never let me go, life partners, addicted to fresno, tracks, 13 going on 30, violet & daisy, your sister’s sister, coyote ugly, bloomington, troop beverly hills, byzantium, palo alto, blue is the warmest color, jackie brown, daydream nation, the help, d.e.b.s, itty bitty tity commitee, 88, cake, still alice, wild, heathers, mean girls and clueless

Fire&Ice [Yoonseok Fic] Part. 2

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COUNT → 6908

GENRE → Fluff + eventual Smut. Royalty AU / Fantasy AU

PAIRING → Yoongi/Hoseok

SUMMARY:   Yoongi is the prince of a cold kingdom, visiting his neighbor country to form an alliance, and marry the princess. The problem is, he is in love with his best friend Jimin, and has to make him fall in love with him. After discovering that Jimin gets jealous of him being around with prince Hoseok, he decides to set a plan in motion. Is not like he’s going to like being around Hoseok…right?

N/A: Basically Yoongi is in love with Jimin, but meets Hoseok and uses him to make Jimin jealous, but ends up falling for Hobi.

Yoongi needed a shower. A cold shower to be specific.

He told to himself he needed one because he was dying of heat on this forsaken country. Even if they had the dinner on the gardens, it was way too hot for his own liking, the moon felt as if it was just another sun and was heating everything under his shadow. And the torches around the gardens didn’t help at all cooling the place. But to be honest, the reason why he needed a shower was because he could still feel the leg of the fire prince against his crotch.

It was unexpected, he wanted the kiss just to make Jimin jealous, and was expecting the prince to kiss him quickly, barely touching his lips, but instead he did…that. It was a surprise, and Yoongi hated himself for thinking about it too much, he wasn’t here because of prince Hoseok. He was here for Jimin.

But still he wondered. How fun could Hoseok be?

Right now the prince was seated again on his table next to his sister, he was eating quietly while his sister talked. Odd. Before the kiss the prince was the one carrying the conversation. Was he thinking about the kiss? Was he in need of a cold shower as well? It was impossible to kiss like that and don’t feel anything, right? Yoongi couldn’t be the only one with a growing erection.

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Have we noticed that, whenever notables like Meryl Streep, NBC or Isaac Marion say or do something Trump doesn't like, suddenly they're "poorly rated", "overrated" or "low-selling". I bet he was the kid in the schoolyard who's comeback was "Oh yeah? Well, your sister's ugly" when other kids taunted him.

You know it! He only knows a few phrases. I wonder if he’s even literate, to be honest.

Stop calling me ‘Ducky’. I’m not 'Ducky’ anymore. My acne cleared up years ago, I got rid of my braces in college. I wear contacts, I use make up, I did years of physical therapy to correct my pigeon toes, and in case you haven’t noticed, I learned how to condition my hair. I am not your hopeless ugly little sister anymore, I am not an ugly duckling. I’m a swan.

My sister doesn’t like that I play otome games because she thinks they’re a waste of time and money. These are some of the things that she tells me and my reactions. (I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of them right now)

Sister: You should stop playing those games and get a real boyfriend

Sister: They’re not real

External image

Sister: Those games are so stupid

External image

Sister: That’s just a waste of money

Sister: They’re not even cute

Sister: Haruki is kinda ugly

External image

Sister: Your obsession is getting out of hand

External image

Sister: Oh Spencer, if only there was someone out there who loved you. Maybe then you’d stop playing those dumb games

(feel free to add on)