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People say I'm too young to know if I'm ace, but I've had probably 5 romantic crushes (I'm only 14 btw), and none of them had anything sexual about them. Some of them may just be aesthetic and platonic attraction. And because I've already had these crushes, if I was allo, I would have other types of crushes, too, right?

You’re not too young to identify as ace if you feel like that is the best fit for your experiences. You’re definitely at an age where your peers are likely to be beginning to feel sexual attraction, and it’s absolutely possible for you to know that you aren’t. Whether or not that may change as you get older is largely irrelevant to how you identify now–if ace is the best fit, you should feel welcome to use it. It might be permanent or it might not be, but right now is what matters. Labels exist to help us understand our feelings as we experience them.


Got7 Imagine: Got7 as your older brother
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  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • Older brothers au, how cute! But you can’t fall in love with your older brother, you know what I’m saying (;
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The all-rounded, highly sensitive older brother

Mark strikes me as the type of older brother that you’d look up to. He probably is your role model because he’s so all rounded and good at almost everything he does. He’d be the chic older brother that is normally quiet if you don’t interact with him. Depending on his mood of the day, he can either be really playful and poking fun out of you, cooking 6 meals a day and force you to eat with him or plain out just not seeing him for a week cause he’s locked up in his room poking at his phone. However, He’ll also be the type of older brother that lends you a hand when you need it. Mark will be the first to notice if you’re not being yourself, first to ask what’s wrong, first to offer help and encouragement. He’s one that sticks alongside with you until the end. 

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(Imagine you as JB,the younger sibling in gif^)


The authoritative, father-like older brother

Jaebum would definitely be the type of older brother that you respect 1000%. He’s the older brother that keeps you in line (strictly) and also probably represents the father figure more than your actual father. Jaebum would be the type to nag at you to clean your room, forces you to change when you wear something too short or too little for the weather, and hell he’ll be scolding you if you do anything stupid or dangerous. However, Jaebum would also be the type of brother that coos at you if he makes you cry after he lectures you or something. Jaebum gets his point across but the second he sees your eyes water, he instantly hugs you, pats your head, mumbling to you how the scolding is for your own good and wouldn’t let go until you stop crying.


The brainiac, wise older brother (Occasional sassy older brother)

Jinyoung seems to be the type of older brother that you’d seek help from. He’s the older brother that you will instantly go to if you get stuck in your studies, or you’ll go talk to when you need some life advice and guidance. Jinyoung would be helpful in translating difficult equations into simple language and probably the type to listen to whatever you are struggling with and logically help you analyze things and provide possible solutions. However, Jinyoung would also be the type of older brother that occasionally sass and high key roasts you just because he simply can, probably only does it when you annoy him or when he’s feeling playful. (People say the more proper a kid is, the bigger their hidden mischievous side is)

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The high-key hyper on crack, positive older brother

Jackson is clear to be the type of older brother that you’d play and joke with 24/7. He’ll be the type of older brother to distract you from your homework, wakes you up because he’s awake and most likely to drag you out at 3 AM in the morning to get food. Jackson would be so noisy to the point where you’d shout at him to shut up because you’re revising or working and he’ll be quiet for less than a minute before resuming to a louder noise level. However, Jackson will also the type of older brother that’s your sincere number one cheerleader and 1000% supportive of whatever you do, probably tends to also boast about you because he’s just so proud of his younger sibling.

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The Tom & Jerry older brother

Youngjae is the type of older brother that you’d get in trouble with. He’ll be the older brother that you’re not afraid to piss off and you usually do it by pranking him or scaring him. He’ll always remember whatever you did and get back to you when you least expect it. Youngjae will probably fight over the computer with you because you have the need to trash in K-pop and he’ll just so happen to want to play a game AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. However, Youngjae would probably also be the type of older brother that will stand up and take the blame/ responsibility when you both really get in trouble with your parents. If you do get punished, he’ll offer you some of his snacks to cheer you up.

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The jokester older brother

Bambam is definitely the type of older brother that you’d cringe at (Behaviour wise). He’ll be the older brother that probably dabs at you as good morning, pokes fun at you when you are trying to concentrate, makes hella funny faces and blurt out really bad jokes out of nowhere, and definitely the older brother that says the most inappropriate jokes at the wrong timing e.g. in a huge family gathering, or when you have your friends over. However, Bambam also the older brother that is surprisingly very dependable, he’ll be serious and acts like the older sibling when he needs to be responsible and good depending on the people around him and the situation.

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The doting, mellow older brother

Yugyeom looks like the type of older brother that is wrapped around your finger. He’ll be the type of older brother that spoils you rotten, the type to protect you from literally everything and anything, buys your favourite food from the convenient store on his way home, allow you to test makeup on his face or try out nail polish on his nails and probably watches k-soap-drama with you every weekend. You’d probably bully him from time to time and he’ll just chuckle at how adorable you are, finding it completely amusing. However, Yugyeom would also be the type of older brother that just watches over you gently, despite the fact that he dotes and spoils you so much, he would never go over to the point of being patronizing.

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VIXX as older brothers please TT^TT If its too much can u do ken and ravi and maybe hyuk?

Older Brother!Ken

  • let’s you sneak out with him at night to go to parties because like hey he’d rather be at the party too to make sure you’re ok then to have you wander off by yourself 
  • probably asks you to cover for him all the time and you’re like ok sure but like where are you going and ken just shrugs like nowhere but ill text you so don’t worry
  • ruffles your hair a lot and when you complain he’s like hey hey im your older brother im allowed this right to messing up your hair
  • would take the blame on himself if you ever got in trouble because he’d rather have your parents be mad at him then at you
  • let’s you borrow his clothes 
  • probably has a motorcycle that he picks you up from school with 
  • but also steals your lunch like half the time because he keeps forgetting to go by his own 
  • is overall really cool and your friends all have crushes on him cuz he’s kind of a wild card image and ken probably jokingly flirts with all of them much to your embarrassment 
  • but he’s also really watchful over you and would literally put himself in the line of danger if it meant protecting you
  • also gives good piggyback rides 

Older Brother!Ravi 

  • gets worried about e v e r y t h i n g 
  • wants to know how you’re doing in school, if you’re making friends, if you’re eating and sleeping on time
  • texts you three times a day around the clock to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • if you as much as mention that someone at school or work likes you he’s going to like appear out of thin air and be like “who is it? where do they live? they’re not getting near you.”
  • the point is he’s protective to a point where it’s a little too much
  • but that’s because you’re the most precious person to him because above all else you’re his younger sibling it’s his duty to protect you from anything and anyone 
  • gets into an argument with you at least twice a day but for your own benefit because no-no you shouldn’t be going out past midnight shouldn’t you be studying or something??? and you’re like ravi you’re not the boss of me and he’s like i know im not but do you think mom and dad are gonna let you go out??? no, i didn’t think so
  • but he really is a good brother that if you have any problem you can come to him and he’ll do his best to help you solve it
  • will stay up with you for hours to help you with homework or an essay or even with personal problems 
  • has an affinity for buying you like small toys all the time from tours or whatever and you’re like im not 5 ravi and he’s like ok but you are in my eyes
  • refuses to let vixx (esp ken) near you

Older Brother!Hyuk

  • he’s older but he might as well be younger 
  • eats all the snacks in the house and leaves nothing for you
  • when you’re watching a movie and you wanna change it to something else, hyuk just takes the remote and dangles it above your head and is like “if you’re short, you don’t get a say in what we watch.’
  • probably plays pranks on you and like records your reaction with his phone to put on Facebook like he just seems like the type to do stuff like that
  • but as much as he enjoys tormenting you with his jokes he’s always there to cover for you much to your surprise every time
  • all he does is say “oh yeah i told them you were at school, you owe me.”
  • has beat you at every video game you two have ever played
  • if he needs you to cover for him instead he’s just like “remember when i said you owe me.”
  • probably thinks your room is his room 79% of the time so he just falls asleep wherever and you’re like oh my god
  • but is still big and wide and if anyone ever gives you problems he just picks them up by the neck or something and smiles like “do we have a problem? or should i squeeze my hands a little harder until you leave my sibling alone.” 

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I have a couple questions regarding transitioning. First, how late is "too late" for a complete transition m -> f? I ask this because I heard it was extremely expensive, and can take years of awkward phasing to for a complete change, and I'm currently a college student. If things go well for me, I'll be in my late 20s at my earliest before I can begin the process, and I don't want to go through all that trouble if the end result isn't "passable". That's my biggest fear.

Second, how “complete” is a complete transition? I heard that it’s possible to transition completely in that regard, but I don’t know exactly how far medical science has come in this area. What is the end result of a m -> f genital operation? Is it possible to make your body produce female hormones rather than male hormones? In short, is it possible to become no different than “natural born” women?

Finally, I’m afraid to come out to my friends and family. My family is fairly liberal, so I know they would accept me, but a part of me remains afraid. I don’t exactly know how they will react, and I’m afraid of the small chance that they’ll reject my coming out. It’s impossible for me to take steps to transition unless I do come out, I know, but I’m afraid. I love my family and friends more than anything else in the world, and I don’t want risk losing them.

(I want to apologize for being so straightforward. I’m also sorry if I was igorant in asking any of my questions. I don’t know a great deal about transitioning, but I recently decided to take steps to learn. I’m also sorry if I asked too many questions. You are literally the first person I’ve ever confided in, and it would mean a lot to me if you could find the time to help me.)

Hello! Thank you for writing. I can imagine it was very scary for you but I am glad you did :) I can really identify with how you feel, before I came out I had a lot of the same anxieties and concerns.

It sounds like you have two main concerns:

  1. can my body look/function how I want it to?
  2. will people accept me as a woman?

I’ll start with the body stuff.

It sounds like your desires for your body are the things that society tells you ‘being a woman’ involves:

  • Vulva (clitoris, labia, vagina)
  • Breasts
  • Produces oestrogen
  • Able to bear children

Firstly, there isn’t such a thing as ‘too late’ when it comes to transitioning. I believe I read somewhere that the average age for women to transition is about 40, but really no one else has a right to decide you are ‘too old’ to transition no matter how old you are. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to transitioning when you are younger rather than waiting. There isn’t really a ‘perfect time’ to transition.

Regarding what medical science can do for you, here is what you can expect, assuming you can get access to it (money, location and oppression based on sexuality, race etc. might affect your ability to access some things).


  • You can have a working vulva, with a vagina that can be penetrated and a clitoris that can be stimulated by touch/pressure. Appearance and function vary a little depending on the surgeon and patient.
  • Most people cannot tell the difference between a vulva that was surgically reconstructed and one that was not. I’ve heard stories of gynaecologists not being able to identify a surgically reconstructed vulva. All vulvae are a little different to each other anyway.
  • The vagina itself (the ‘hole’) might not be quite as deep, or as sensitive as the average natal vagina. Most surgically reconstructed vaginas have a depth of between 5 and 7 inches. I think most people think the difference in depth is fairly negligible. You WILL NOT have a g-spot inside your vagina to my knowledge, but you will still have a g-spot in your anus if you had one there before (your prostate doesn’t get affected by surgery).
  • THERE IS A SMALL RISK that you might end up losing all or some sensitivity in your vulva during surgery, although I think this is quite rare.
  • You WILL HAVE TO dilate your vagina regularly, which means putting a device called a dilator (kind of like a dildo I think?) inside it to keep its shape and depth. If you don’t dilate your vagina I think it would close up eventually. Current medical science can’t get the body to stop treating the vagina as a wound and trying to ‘heal’ it.
  • I think I heard somewhere that the angle of the vagina was a little different, it doesn’t have quite the same curve to it. I don’t know if this is important to you. If it is I suggest you do some more research.
  • The vulva is constructed usually from your penis/scrotal tissue but if there isn’t enough ‘material’ sometimes they use some of the tissue from your bowels (inside your anus). I don’t know much about this but I know it’s not as ideal as using genital tissue.


  • Your testicles produce testosterone. There are drugs you can take that stop them from producing it, or that stop your body from receiving it. Usually this is in the short term (up to a few years typically) until you are able to have some form of surgery to remove the testicles (either having a vulva constructed or simply having the testicles removed which is called an orchidectomy). The reason this is a short term thing is because those drugs are not particularly healthy to take long-term.
  • Your body most likely does not, and will never, have a way of producing its own oestrogen/progesterone. If you choose to transition a doctor will do blood tests and stuff to check this is the case. There is a chance you have an intersex condition that causes you to produce your own oestrogen/progesterone but you will most likely need to take more in drug form anyway.
  • Post-surgery your body would no longer produce any ‘sex hormones’ and you would need to take oestrogen either as a pill or in a gel (there might be other methods of taking it I don’t know about). Usually this is a once-a-day thing.
  • Progesterone is not typically prescribed by many doctors but some do prescribe it upon request. There is a lot of debate as to its usefulness and what effects it has. The people who claim it is useful claim it improves breast growth and the ability to put on body fat in certain places. I think someone said once it also increased their sex drive but I might be misremembering that. You would have to do your own research and make up your own mind about progesterone I think as it is outside my knowledge.
  • The effects of oestrogen and testosterone upon your body are quite complicated and perhaps not best detailed here. Assuming you have already been through a ‘testosterone puberty’ your body will probably have already been affected by testosterone (voice deepening, facial hair growing, facial structure changes), but the older you get the more pronounced some of those effects will become (things like hair loss, darkening and spread of body hair, skin tightening). Stopping the flow of testosterone will stop that process but won’t reverse some of the effects.
  • Oestrogen WILL make you grow breasts but they might be a little smaller than others’. Breasts come in all shapes types and sizes but because testosterone tends to make your chest broader you might find average-sized breasts look a little smaller on a broader chest.
  • Overall I think it’s best to think of hormones as creating subtle changes because although sometimes people have great results from them, there are some things they cannot change and some people don’t get very dramatic changes when replacing their hormones.


  • Genital surgery of almost any type will make you sterile. Your testicles produce sperm so if you remove them you won’t be able to produce it anymore.
  • Taking hormones suppresses your fertility but there is still a chance of you being able to produce fertile sperm, so you still need to have protected sex to avoid a chance of pregnancy.
  • Taking drugs to stop your body producing/receiving testosterone makes you almost completely sterile.
  • Current medical science is not capable of allowing you to bear children. Your body will never produce eggs or have a uterus capable of incubating a fetus, unless you were born with a body that could already do that.

Firstly, there isn’t such a thing as ‘too late’ when it comes to transitioning. I believe I read somewhere that the average age for women to transition is about 40, but really no one else has a right to decide you are ‘too old’ to transition no matter how old you are. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to transitioning when you are younger rather than waiting. There isn’t really a ‘perfect time’ to transition.

Because of what I said about testosterone having more and more effect as you get older, it is likely that the longer you wait to stop that process (either through drugs or surgery) the more visibly trans you are likely to be. However, on the reverse side, I think younger women tend to be held to a much stricter standard of femininity than older women, so as you get older things might get a bit easier from that perspective. Also most young people have less money/ability to earn money, 

Cost wise it depends what country you are in because some countries have nationalised healthcare where you can get treatment for free. Other countries I think generally genital surgery costs about £10,000 which you could convert to your local currency, but it’s difficult to say how much a ‘transition’ costs because transition means different things to different people.

Moving on to the “will society see me as a woman?” part…

This is a very complicated question. A lot of trans people put a lot of effort into being seen as women by everyone they meet, or at least by strangers, with mixed results. It’s impossible to give a yes or no answer because a lot of it depends on how much time you spend learning/practising certain skills (the kind of skills this blog is about teaching/improving) but it also depends heavily on things outside your control such as your age, what hormone levels you had during puberty, your genetics etc. etc.

There will almost definitely be a period of at least a year while you are transitioning where you will be visibly trans. Some people do manage to avoid this usually by a combination of luck (because their genetics had given them characteristics people perceive as feminine) and through incredibly careful planning and skill.

I am going to open this question up to followers to supply more information and their experiences if they wish, and will tag their responses #anon1. you can go to to view all the responses.

Good luck anon and I hope things go well for you. If there’s anything I missed or if you want to ask followup questions please do!

this pdf is a good explanation of how surgery is done in the uk, which is similar to the US and many other countries.

With love,


be your teenage dream tonight

reposted from my old blog (peacockgege) // requested by kpopgame-strong:

Could you do a scenario where youre Kris ‘ little sister but Chanyeol likes you and wants to date you??

[ Chanyeol is a freak. Chanyeol likes to eat his fries with mustard and he claims his favorite food is school cafeteria mac and cheese. Chanyeol likes to sneak up on people and bite them. Chanyeol Park once brought last year’s yearbook with him to a tutoring session and counted with you all the pictures that he photobombed. Chanyeol Park in glasses and a cardigan and his guitar makes you want to kiss him. ]

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Who else remember this? It was when Jack or Seán won that shoutout contest from Felix. He was SO happy and couldn’t believe it. He talked about how he was so great full and how he never thought it was going to happen until it did and he also said that he knew that he would NEVER get over 1 million subscribers on the channel. Well I’m sort of glad he was wrong, because he now has over 10 million people who support him and his channel, and I couldn’t be happier to say that I am one of those 10 million people. He also says that it’s not just his channel but, it’s OUR channel. I’m glad that he made it out channel and that it’s not just his because that makes me feel even more safe inside this community. And yes I know it’s probably weird but, I feel safe in his community, I feel like I can talk to anyone across social media that watches him and they care more then anybody else I could talk to. Also the reason I feel safe is because, I don’t get judged for being me, I can be my geeky,childish,nerdy self and people accept me for who I am and don’t bully me like they have in previous communities that I’ve been in. So I’m happy that I found Seán’s videos because they have helped me through a lot also, and sorry for rambling but when I talk about this I could talk about it for days.

Oh and Seán if you do come across this I just want to thank you, for uploading everyday,for being you and not letting anyone change that, and for being my hero and like the older brother I never had but I wish I did. I wish I could thank you in a better way but I know that I will probably never meet you so, the best I can do is to type it and hope you see it. Also Seán please don’t ever listen to anybody’s negativity towards you because, your happiness brings me happiness and your sadness brings me sadness. And I love it when your happy because it helps me get through whatever I’m going through. So mainly just in the end, Thank You.

* Also for people who don’t know who I’m talking about it’s @therealjacksepticeye *