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Simon Imagine - The meeting (mentions of Joe Sugg, Dan and Phil, etc)

REQUESTED:  “Hi!! I have a quite different imagine request but one where y/n is a beauty you tuber who lives in america and has a beauty release or something like that “think zoella” and her and Simon have been dating for a while and he surprises her at her product launch party”

The minute I entered the room a giant smile erupted over my face. Everything looked beautiful. The polished wooden floors were sprinkled entirely with glitter, sparkles and confetti, leaving my heels completely covered in a coating of shine. Over every wall were photos, polaroids, all from the several shoots I’d done in the past few years building up to this very moment. Pastels and neons, metallics and glitters, the entire room screamed colour, and it was very reflective of the way I felt in this very moment. I could not believe the job that had been done, and as I thanked everyone I was ecstatic; nobody could have done a better job of promoting the launch of my first ever beauty range.

It wasn’t long before people started arriving. I stood at the door for a while, welcoming those I had not yet met, admiring the clean city streets of London whilst I did so. The entire atmosphere was worlds apart from what I was used to back in LA, and I couldn’t help but feel like I knew which one I preferred. London was smaller, more comforting, less dramatic - there was a definite home vibe to it, and it was massively enjoyable.

“You must be Y/n, right? This event is incredible congratulations!” 

I turned around at the mention of my name, and was instantly greeted face to face by Zoe Sugg, the woman who had inspired me most to construct this event. I felt the blood rush from my face.

“Oh my gosh, Zoe! Thank you so much!”

“Aw it’s okay! Come on, let’s go inside, you shouldn’t be missing out on all the fun!”

I complied politely, taking her arm and walking through the hallway towards where my event was taking place. Inside everybody had arrived. There were youtubers everywhere, taking photos, vlogging, testing out the products lined up along the stands and tables. Zoe turned her head towards me.

“Have you tried anything from the sweet table yet?”

“There’s a sweet table?” I asked, astonished. Her face softened into a humoured smile and I couldn’t help but feel envious of her beauty.

“Yeah, I thought I as much. I know when you’re planning these things it’s hard to actually experience them. Let’s go get food!”

She tugged on my arm slightly, taking me in the direction of where three tables stood consecutively. Each one was decorated in different types of confectionery; jars of brightly coloured sweets, plates of cupcakes, bowls of marshmallows and chocolates. I picked up a mason jar of pink lemonade as Zoe pulled me over to her group of friends.

“Y/n, I want you to meet Alfie, Joe, Louise, Dan and Phil. Guys this is Y/n, the creator of this event and it’s products.” 

I was greeted with a chain of hellos and hugs, and it occurred to me how attractive the British vloggers truly were. I sipped on my straw to suppress my nerves as I made small conversation. I had met so many lovely new people tonight, and yet still there was one left; Simon Minter. I had met him over twitter, and skype, and facetime and Snapchat and every other social media currently existing, however face to face was still yet to happen. Despite our lack of actual human interaction I felt hugely attracted to the boy, something that was no secret to my fans and followers, who had been tweeting me since sunrise asking if today would be the day of our meeting. Secretly I had been hoping for months that it would - I was desperate to see him, hear his voice without the robotic alterations, touch him for the first time. Even my managers were keen, set on the fact that the presence of someone with that large of a following would do nothing but good for the sales of my products. However, realistically, a place as pink and glorified as this would be no place for a fifa youtuber. I tried to shake this thought in order to keep up my high spirits.

“So Y/n, what made you decide to host your event in London, why not LA?” Dan asked with genuine interest. 

“It’s where most of my following is,” I smiled. “And I’ve always wanted to visit anyway, so it seemed to make sense.”

“Ah. Yeah it’s a decent area!”

“Does that desire to visit correlate in anyway with a certain Fifa youtuber? Someone who’s name perhaps rhymes with Dimon?”

I blushed as everybody laughed at Joe’s comment. “There is that, I suppose. May I ask how you know of mine and Simon’s interactions? Big fan of my Q&A’s?”

“Well of course Y/n!” Joe laughed, a flirt of light hearted mockery laced in his voice. “Although it definitely helps that I’ve been blessed with the privilege of playing cards against humanity with the Sidemen, so I’m pretty clued up on the extent of your relationship, actually.”

My face heated as I squirmed. “I won’t ask anymore on that one!”

“Probably for the best.”

The conversation continued for a while. Louise complimented me on my dress, Dan and Phil quizzed me on my life and I tested out some of my scrubs and moisturisers on Joe’s face. As I l talked, my eyes turned to Zoe and Alfie, who were whispering just beside me, Alfie’s eyes down at his phone. I raised an eyebrow as Zoe looked up at me.

“You know what Y/n, I think you and I should go and take some photos in the photobooth.”

“Um, sure..?” Her spontaneity threw me off slightly as she took my arm once again, speed walking me out of the room. There’s a photobooth too now??

“And here we are!”

I admired the golden machine, my name sprawled on the side in large, sparkly letters.


“It’s pretty, isn’t it.” She smiled. “And talking of pretty, you look amazing, so get your bum in there first!”

I smiled. Someone like Zoe was impossible to say no to. She watched me eagerly, Alfie not far behind as I pulled back the red curtain..

“Oh my God!”

Sat on the swivelling stool inside was none other but Simon. He looked outstanding, all clad in a black and white suit, his collar opened slightly missing a tie. His hair was still red toned, and it looked surprisingly good as he climbed out of the machine and picked me up off of the ground. 

“Hello Y/n.”

His voice sent shivers down my spine. It was much deeper than what I was used to, although still just as soft and comforting, especially whilst blessing the syllables of my name. My cheeks ached from grinning.

“Simon! I didn’t think you’d be here!” 

“Why would you think that? I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I didn’t exactly think face masks and bath bombs were your thing, funnily enough.”

“Hey, you don’t know my lifestyle.” He joked, and I smiled.

“Very true, I don’t.” He released me from his arms. “But I’d like to.”

“Well, if ever there was a moment I was more sure of wanting you to find out, I think it’s this one.” My cheeks heated for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight as Simon held me at arms length, his eyes scanning up and down my body, focusing on the curves of my silky red dress. “You look..incredible, Y/n.”

“And you, Simon.”

We stood for a second, just watching eachother. I paid particular attention to his eyes and their deep blue pigment. He looked younger in real life, his face fresher, a lot brighter without the dim of a computer screen in front of it. I felt zoe touch both our arms.

“Right you two love birds, let’s go back to where the party’s at, come on!”

We both grinned as her and Alfie shuffled ahead.

“11 million subs just touched my arm. I’m gassed.” Simon whispered, and I hit his arm playfully.

“Aren’t you used to it? You live with the KSI.” I quizzed him as we walked along.

“Oh trust me Y/n, 15 million subscribers touches you in a very different way.”

3 A.M. (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

394. “It’s 3am and you’re the only person in McDonald’s right now and why do I have to work the night shift”

A/N: Okay, so this is the first fic I’ve ever posted online so be gentle, please lol. I really have been meaning to write this for a long time, but it took some self-convincing. Anyways, here it is and enjoy! I do take requests about anything to be honest so ask away!


You were bored. Scratch that, you were dying from boredom. Why did you have to work the night shift, rather why was there even a night shift? It’s currently past midnight and the only customers you’ve had since midnight are junkies without money. You were resting your head on your hand and leaning over the counter. You sighed heavily and stared at the clock, watching the minutes pass by. You wanted nothing more than to wash the grease off of you and to lay down in your bed watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

Just then, the bell hanging above the door chimed. A customer at this ungodly hour of the night? You instantly recognized who the customer was. He was wearing a flannel with a striped T-shirt underneath. He wore big glasses and had brown hair and plastered on his face was his big shit-eating grin. The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman. But he was also your friend, so maybe he can tell you some of his stupid jokes to cheer you up. 

“Why are you here? Seriously, it’s 3 am.” 

“Is that how you talk to paying customers? Honestly, I’d like to speak to your manager.” 

“Go ahead, she’s probably in bed asleep considering she left 3 hours ago. What do you want, Kleinman?” 

“I just wanted to visit my best friend slaving away her youth in a shitty fast food chain restaurant. Are you seriously the only one working?”

“Afraid so. There’s no point in me being here.” 

“You’re right. Let’s ditch it and go to my house.” 

“Isn’t that a little suspicious? You know, a girl actually wanting to be at your house at 3 am?” 

“Fuck off. I’m trying to save you from this hellhole, but if you’re going to act like that-” 

“Look, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I can’t just leave.” Jared looked around the restaurant. Literally he searched every corner of the dining area and came back. 

“That’s funny, I don’t see anyone else here. No manager to force you to stay. C’mon, live a little (Y/N).” 

“I appreciate the sentiment, Jared, but seriously, I can’t go. Maybe another night.” 

“Alright, I guess I'll tell everyone to come in, then.” 

“Everyone?” Jared smirked and dialed a number on his phone. 

“Yeah, man, she said she can’t leave. Alright, come on in.” 

He shut his phone off and you stared at him in confusion. Just then, you heard a couple car doors slam shut. The bell chimed again and in walked Connor, Zoe, Evan, and Alana. 

“Guys, what the hell are you doing here?” 

Zoe answered you, “Since you couldn’t leave work, we decided to come here to try and convince you to hang out.” 

“But you guys can’t stay unless you buy something.” 

Everyone “checked” their pockets for money, meaning that they didn’t actually look for the sake of getting you to leave your job. Connor spoke, 

“Aww man, we don’t have any. Guess you’ll have escort us out and then ditch this place.” 

“Alana, you’re going along with this?” 

“I know, it seems so out of character, but Fridays aren’t fun without you, (Y/N).”

You wiped your hand on your face and looked at your friends’ pleading faces.

“Okay, okay, fine. I’ll leave. But if I get fired, it’s on you.” 

Jared clapped your back, “Aaand we can help you find a new one. One that doesn’t make you work a night shift at 3 am on Friday nights.” 

You locked up the restaurant. You had changed clothes before leaving and even put on some deodorant because no one likes lingering McDonald’s smell. Everyone else had already piled in Jared’s car. Jared hung back with you. You turned to him, 

“So, you’ve dragged me out of work to hang out? We could’ve done this another night, you realize.” 

“Now what kind of friend would I be if I let my best friend in the whole world out to dry working?” 

“A normal one..?” 

“Good thing I’m not normal. Unless you’d rather be in there with all the grease fuming up into your hair-” 

“No! I-I’m happy that you came and got me.” 

“That’s what I thought. I mean who can resist the insanely cool Jared Kleinman?” 

 You two began walking to his car as you said, “Oh, definitely not me, Jared. My life would be too boring without you.” 

You were joking when you said that, but you knew deep down that it was true. If it wasn’t for Jared, you’d still be at work, bored out of your mind. Jared always came to the rescue, whether it was getting you to ditch work or to even chase off creepy guys who were flirting with you. You couldn’t imagine your life without him. 

You got in the passenger seat while Jared got in the driver’s seat. He smiled at you as he turned on the radio. He plugged in his phone and began playing Cupcakke’s Deepthroat. You and the rest of the gang started shouting the lyrics, except for Evan and Alana who were terrified at the horrid lyrics. 

Jared pulled into the parking lot of a park. Everyone got out and ran around like kids. You laughed at Connor and Evan who were recreating the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic at the top of the slide. The night was filled with many pictures and snapchat videos of you all just goofing off and having the time of your lives. You saw a tree at the back end of the park that seemed sturdy enough to climb, so you raced towards it. You reached up to the lowest branch and hoisted yourself up. You grabbed onto the next branch and sat upon it. You leaned back against the trunk and watched your friends run around.

“Hey, you better be careful up there. You don’t wanna end up falling out of it like Tree Boy over there.” 

“I’ll be fine, Jared, I used to do this all the time when I was younger.” 

Jared hoisted himself onto the branch that was next to yours. He faced the trunk of the tree and leaned against the other branches. You smiled and averted your gaze, blushing. Thank God it was dark out. 

“Hey, thanks for bailing me out.”  

“What are awesome friends for, amirite?” 

“Man, I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” 

“In all honesty, you’d probably be better off. I mean, you could lose your job by being here.” 

“So what? If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be there and not here… with you.” 

“(Y/N) (L/N) if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were flirting with me.” 

He smirked as you sighed. Then you grinned as you said, 

“And what if I am?” 

It was his turn to blush. For once, Jared was speechless. He just laughed awkwardly as you chuckled. 

“Okay, okay, calm down there. I know I’m irresistible, but no one can tie down this loser.” 

“Pfft. Whatever, Kleinman. You’d jump at the chance to get with me and you know it.” Jared just smiled and avoided your gaze. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Hey, I’ll race you to the slides!”

“Oh, you are so going down!” 

You and Jared jumped from the tree and took off running for the slides. You had taken a shortcut under the jungle gym and climbed up to the top. You jumped over the side of the bars. You stopped him in his tracks. 

“I win!” 

“Damn, you got lucky.” 

“I sure did.” 

You smiled as you kissed his cheek and immediately went down the slide. He stood there in utter shock and then chased after you. After an hour, Jared drove everyone to his house and passed out in his living room. You and Jared had somehow ended up in a cuddling position throughout the night. Your face was in his chest and his arm was draped over your waist pulling you in closer. 

You woke up to the smell of him and grinned. You hesitantly sat up and looked at your surroundings. There were your best friends in the whole world passed out on the floor in the living room of the guy you had been crushing on since 6th grade. You reached around for your phone and picked it up. You looked at the pictures from the night before and reminisced about the fun times that happened only hours ago. You saw the picture of you on his back with him holding your legs and your arms wrapped around his neck. You were both smiling and laughing. You cheesed at the photo. 

“That might actually be the gayest photo of me.” 

Jared was up. You, jokingly, pushed him away. Pretty soon everyone woke up and it was time for everyone to leave. They all, once again, climbed in Jared’s car as he dropped them off one by one. You were the last one to get dropped off. Jared walked you to your front door.

“Thanks for everything. Seriously, that was the most fun I’ve had in awhile.” 

“Glad I could help. Seriously, if you ever need me to bail you out again, I’m one text away.” 

You smiled as you turned to go into your house. Jared’s hand on your wrist caught you by surprise. 

“Jared, what th-” 

He cupped your face and crashed his lips onto yours. You, mindlessly, grabbed onto his flannel as you kissed back. He pulled away as he rested his forehead against yours. You both smiled as he pecked your lips. 

“Sorry, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“You can do that whenever you like, I won’t complain.”

You both laughed as he started back to his car.

“I gotta run, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“We’re hanging out tomorrow?”

“Well, I just now decided that we are going to a movie tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 7.”

“Well, aren’t you assertive.”

“You love it.” 

“You’re damn right I do.” 

He chuckled and kissed your hand before leaving. You walked into your house and sat down on the couch. Your mom came in and scolded you about getting fired because you went to hang out with your friends. Apparently, the security cameras were on. 

After your mom was done, you sent a text to the group chat with everyone in it. 

To: Tree Squad🌲 

Guys, I just got fired!!! 


Oops! Sorry! 


Well, you didn’t need that job anyways!




Oh my god! I’m so sorry! We didn’t mean to! 


Haha, relax, Hansen. I can just find another one. 


McDonald’s fucking sucks anyways. Have you guys seen this meme? 


Jared what the fuck 


That’s disgusting


Honestly that’s just in poor taste Jared 


I’m really starting to think that that can’t even be considered a meme 




See? I’m funny! (Y/N) is the only one that gets me! 



(In a separate text) 


Hey, sorry about your job. I’ll definitely make it up to you. 


You already did 


Well there’s more where that came from.


Just then he sent a picture of your face in his chest from this morning. You smiled. 



You should definitely take more naps at my house. It’s like hella cute and all that gay shit 


 Thank you once again insanely annoying Jared Kleinman :p

Q&A Confessions // Conor Maynard

Word Count: 1808

Summary- You and your best friends film a Q&A, and it doesn’t exactly go as originally planned.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; School is starting soon, ugh! I’m trying to finish all these imagines by Tuesday, because once school starts it’s going to be hard to write. I’ll do my best to keep uploading, though. Feel free to keep sending requests as well, they just won’t be posted as frequently.

Requested; Yes.

req; Sorry I accidentally sent it before finishing it 😂 Can you write an imagine where the fans ship the character and Connor, and they secretly like each other but Connor thinks she has a crush on Joe because they’re inseparable, so he gets surprised and becomes speechless when she turns to him and asks him “When are you going to ask me out?” in a Q&A video they film with the squad after reading a fan’s question about that.


You laughed as Joe reminisced with you a childhood memory of the two of you back in primary school, and entered his flat, where the boys were already situated. You’d planned a night in with all the boys, but Caspar, being the klutz he was, managed to drop the case of beers you’d bought for the boys and smashed all the bottles. To say everyone was mad at Caspar was an understatement, You and Joe, being the ‘heroes’ of the group, had volunteered to run out to get last minute replacements, and you’d just returned.

You and Joe had known each other since birth, your mother being old friends with his. You were quite close with Zoe as well, the three of you considered yourselves as siblings, even if you were in no form related to the Suggs, you may as well have been, because you and Joe were basically twins in everything you did. From starting school together, to starting your YouTube channels together, and everything in between. You had common interests, talents, and overall were the same people, but opposite gender.

The fans knew this, and despite shipping you and Joe for some time, and being shut down by the two of you saying how you considered each other siblings in a Q&A, had finally moved on. Joe was returned to be considered for his previous ships, Jaspar and Joeck, while you hadn’t been shipped with anyone for awhile. Until recently, that was. Conor had asked you to sing a song with him for his channel, and to say the fans enjoyed it was an understatement. The new ‘buttercream’ ship was created, Y/N & Conor. Even the other boys shipped the two of you, and you didn’t mind at all.

You liked Conor, you really did. His voice was incredible, his sense of humor endless, his protective nature with Jack and Anna was heartwarming, not to mention he was really damn hot. The problem was, he seemed very uninterested or unwilling to be in a relationship. More often than not, you’d find yourself and him shooting flirty comments back and forth, but it never became much more than that. It was unfortunate, but it was life.

“Alrighty boys, now that we’ve got some refreshments, we have a video to film!” You announced, holding up your beer. Cheers were passed around, and the group situated around the couch. Conor, Joe, You, Jack, and Josh were sitting on the couch, while Mikey, Oli, and Caspar were sat in the front of the couch, on pillows, in between the gaps between your legs. Byron didn’t want to be in the video, but he said he would pop in occasionally. He started the camera for you, and with a wave, left the room. You all bid him goodbye, and you smiled as you were surrounded with your best friends, doing what you all loved to do.

“Alright, everyone! Welcome back to my channel!” You started, smiling brightly and waving, doing your typical intro. “Today I’m joined with a few losers, you might know them.” A bunch of “heys!” followed, and you smirked. “Just kidding. You may know these boys; Conor, Josh, Joe, Jack, Mikey, Oli, and Caspar!” You said, pointing to each one as you introduced them. “Byron couldn’t make it today, but he’s here somewhere. Anyways!” You said, clapping your hands together, making Joe and Jack, who were both next to you, jump. “Jeez, Y/N!” Joe said, putting a hand over his heart dramatically.

“Anyways!” You repeated, ignoring them. “We’ve all tweeted, snapchatted, and posted on our Instagrams, telling you guys to ask us questions using the hashtag askthebuttercreams, and today we’re going to be doing a big Q&A!” You said, proudly. “Let’s get right into the video, because this one is probably going to be very long because there are so many of us, but I’ll probably spend at least 3 hours editing so it’s a reasonable video.” You did a quick transition, and began the questions.

So far it had been going smooth, you all took turns asking and answering, you only being asked little questions like how you met, and little questions for certain buttercreams. Nothing terrible. “Alright, I’ve got the next one!” Jack announced, smirking. He scrolled through his twitter and picked a random tweet. You looked at him with raised eyebrows, waiting. “Lovingthebuttercreams96 asked, Why haven’t Joe and Y/N began dating yet? Come on, their chemistry is undeniable!” He read, frowning. You sighed, Jack said “Sorry, should’ve read it first.” “It’s fine, we should’ve just assumed it would be here. I’ll just edit this in between stuff out.” You said, repositioning yourself to prepare to answer. You failed to notice Conor’s immediate frown and discomfort, as he sent a glare Jack’s way, but recomposed himself when you began to answer.

“Okay guys, We’ve said this a bunch of times. We love you all, but please, Joe and I will never be in a relationship. I do not fancy him in any way shape or form, nor does he for me. We’ve discussed this personally, and we are basically siblings. I’ve grown up with both the Suggs, and they’re my second family. I could never see myself in a relationship romantically with Joe.” You said, side-hugging Joe and leaning your head on his shoulder. “It’s true, Y/N and I are basically the same person, everyone, including ourselves, think we’re twins. We may come from different families, but the way we grew up, we may as well have been twins. We appreciate your support, but it’s not happening.” Joe added, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

While this was being explained, Conor instantly felt guilty. He’d always had a massive crush on you; he could easily say he’d never felt anything for anyone like the way he felt when he laid eyes on you. Every time felt like the first. He got butterflies just watching you do simple things like vlogging or talking to him. He always thought he never had a chance, though, because of the undeniable chemistry with Joe. He’d known you said multiple times how it wouldn’t happen, but he couldn’t help but believe you fancied Joe. Now, he just felt stupid.

“Okay, I guess it’s my turn, and we’ll end the video after because this is already going to take me hours to edit.” You said, and the boys nodded in agreement. “Let’s see..” you muttered, scrolling and tapping on a random tweet. You smirked when you read the name of the twitter account, and locked eyes with Conor, a mischievous grin on your face. Jack and Joe both, in sync muttered a quick “ooooh.” “Oh god.” Conor said, pulling a terrified face and showing the camera. He sat up straight, with perfect posture. “I’m ready for my closeup!” He said, in one of his weird voices.

You laughed, and shook your head. “Alright, Conor. This question is from ccoonoorrmaynard. Wow thats some good spelling. Anyways, they ask, “Why haven’t you asked out Y/N yet?”” You froze, your cheeks flaring, you were not expecting that. Clearly, none of the other boys were expecting it either. Jack’s jaw almost hit the floor, Mikey was sweating (but then again, he always was), Josh looked like he had to pick a side, Caspar looked oblivious (as per usual), Oli had wide eyes, Joe looked at you worried as he knew about your crush on Conor, and Conor, you didn’t know how to describe him. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

You were bright red, and you wanted to cry. Obviously Conor didn’t like you; he’d never shown any interest, and you’d just humiliated yourself. “Nevermind.” You muttered, standing up to leave. “I’ll film an outro later.” You said, tears blurring your eyes as you ran out of the room. “Good going, Conor.” Joe said, standing up angrily. “What?” Conor squeaked, shaking his head. He’d zoned out, and now you were gone. “Conor, what the hell? That was your chance!” Jack said, stunned at his brother. “She doesn’t like me back, she was just reading a question.” He said, defeated. “You’re a bloody idiot, you know that? She’s liked you since you met!” Joe exclaimed, slapping a hand over his mouth after. He knew you were going to kill him when you found out he’d told. “Really?” Conor asked, surprised.

“GO!” All the boys yelled in sync, pointing to the balcony where you were crying. He sighed, and did as instructed. “Y/N?” He asked, warily stepping out. “Go away.” You said, but your voice cracked, and Conor instantly knew you were crying. He ran over, and spun you around so you were facing him. His heart broke at the tears running down your cheeks. “It’s nothing.” You muttered, mortified. Conor frowned at the heartbroken look on your face. “You know, I haven’t got the chance to answer that question, yet.” He said, unsure of himself. You looked at him, confused. “What?”

“I haven’t asked you out yet because I’ve been nervous.” He blurted, mentally cursing himself. He probably sounded like an idiot. “You? Nervous? You perform in front of hundreds and thousands of fans while you sing, you post videos online and you’re scared to ask me out?” You asked, ludicrously. “Yeah?” He said, suddenly very confused at your reaction. “Conor, I’ve liked you forever, and we’ve been flirting since day 1. How could I reject you?” You said, amused at how oblivious this boy was.

“You weren’t THAT obvious..” Conor defended, but as he looked back on his conversations with you, he realized it was quite obvious. “Oh.” He said, as he realized how stupid he must’ve looked. “Well, um, Y/N, this wasn’t quite how I was planning to ask, but..” He started, and you shook your head with a smile. You grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down into a sudden kiss. He was surprised, but wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, kissing you back passionately. You pulled away, leaning your forehead against his. “Yes, I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Yes mate!” “Go Conor!” “How do we always manage to save his sorry ass?” You laughed at the boys, especially Jack’s last comment. “Now that that’s settled…” Joe said, winking at you. “C’mon boys, we have a video to finish, and I have a feeling it’s a Nando’s and football night?” You suggested, earning more cheers. As you all re-situated yourselves, Jack and Conor switched positions on the couch and Conor had an arm around your waist, while Joe had one around your arm. You finished the video, and spent the night leaning against Conor’s chest, watching football with Nando’s, with your favorite boys in the world, and you wouldn’t change any of it for anything.


Summary: Hanji takes a break from work.

Read here for notes.

That was a record long meeting. It started in the morning and only when Hanji looked out the window she noticed, the sun was setting. No wonder she had a hard time reading the documents.

“We can continue this later. All of you are dismissed.” she ordered as she rubbed her tired eye. “Moblit, put it in the reports our discu…”

Hanji realized her mistake. There was no Moblit.

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Emergency (Connor)

Summary: Connor calls you for emergencies

Warnings: Angst maybe, fluff at the end

A/N: Enjoy


Connor Murphy was a person who’d you’d never thought would want to have a friend. You had only talked to him a couple times, most of those being for a pencil or pen. But when the two of you were partnered up for a science project, that’s when you started talking to him more. Of course, you didn’t have full blown conversations with him, but you would ask him about his day, and talk about school.

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She’s the tear in my heart

I’m alive

A weak smile was plastered on your lips as Noah freaked out over the fact he got a study session with Zoe. Audrey gave you a sympathetic look while you sipped on your coffee, letting the liquid scald your mouth. It left a bitter taste on your tongue; that seemed to perfectly match the constricting feeling in your chest. You’ve completely and utterly lost your chance with Noah, now that Zoe was in the picture. She seemed to have caught Noah’s interest more than you. Even if you have known him for a much longer time and was there whenever he called. Out with the old, and in with the new. You watched sadly as Noah rushed off while calling out that he’d text you what happened later.

You laid your head on Audrey’s shoulder while she wrapped an arm around you. The mug burning your hands, but you couldn’t be bothered to set it down. The sensation didn’t at all match the uneasiness that clutched your stomach. I guess now it’ll be the Bicurious, Romantic, and the EX- Virgin. Study session always, a l w a y s led to something else.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.”

You waved her off trying to pretend the aching in your chest was normal. Her hands rubbing your arms gently in an attempt to sooth you. You loved her for trying, but this was a pain you could only really conquer on your own. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love again with someone who feels mutual. You almost felt like throwing up at the thought of having to hear Noah exclaim about how he finally got laid.


It had been hours since you last heard from the boy that made your heart pound. You found yourself laying on your bed, classic horror movies playing as you drowned in your thoughts. Clad in a large shirt and underwear considering being home alone meant pants were not allowed. A half diminished bowl of popcorn laid abandoned on your nightstand. Pillows seeming to become your best friend, covered in tear stains and cuddled in your arms.

Kudos to him for finally finding someone he genuinely liked. Maybe you two weren’t meant to be, hell maybe you were supposed to be the crazy friend that lived with fifty cats. You fought back a giggle at the thought of you living in an apartment always covered in cat hair and showing off pictures of them like they were your babies. Too bad you wouldn’t have a certain blue eyed beauty beside you in that journey. Of course he’d be there with his wife that unfortunately wouldn’t be you. You could almost see Audrey trying to set you up with anyone she came across. Bless her soul.

You quickly shook your head trying to get rid of the depressing future in front of you. Jesus, you sounded like a typical love sick teen. You almost wished this could be a romantic movie or book. Where you got the guy you loved and lived happily ever after. Even if you did get Noah, the Lakewood slasher would probably ruin it the moment it started. You bit back a snort at the thought, what start? The imaginary one that you hoped and prayed would come true? Yeah right. This wasn’t a fanfiction or fairy tale. You jolted as Audrey snapped her fingers in front of your face.

“You dead?” She joked as the killer on the screen slashed the girl that resembled you.

Rolling your eyes, you replied bitterly, “Oh, ha ha.”

Audrey gave a look before pausing the movie you didn’t even realized was nearly over. She shuffled to sit on her knees in front of you, adorned in shorts and a tank top. After the fiasco at Grindhouse, she had decided a girls night would be effective immediately. Tubs of empty ice cream cartons were left around the disastrous room. You sighed before turning to face her, pout forming on your lips.

“Stop pining after him, he’s an idiot to realize the gem he has in front of him.” She demanded.

Your gave her a desperate look. How were you supposed stop pining after a guy you have loved for years? It wasn’t like you had a switch that you could turn off. It was much harder than that. You sat up, holding the pillow in between your legs and squished it against your chest. A whine spilling past your lips as you rested your chin against the pillow.

“How? How do I just stop having feelings for one of my best friends?” You hissed out.

Audrey went quiet at the remark and sighed. You knew she hadn’t thought about how, only that you needed to try to. You leaned forward resting your forehead on her shoulder as she ran her fingers through your hair. God, if only she was your biological sister. She was already your honorary one. Noah would be your honorary brother if you didn’t happen to be deeply in love with him.

“I mean who wouldn’t fall for him? He’s the hot dorky kid that seems to always brighten your day.” You chuckled dryly.

It was true. Noah Foster always seemed to be able to cheer you up whenever you were down. He’d either say something incredibly stupid and make him look like he regretted his entire life. Or he could be sweet and bring you something you loved like candy. Hell, just hearing him ramble about a new horror movie made your lips twitch into a smile. Almost everyone knew you loved Noah, except Noah himself.

You sighed as Audrey mumbled soothing words shaking you from your tragically wonderful thoughts. You both froze as a rather loud knock pounded against the door. Automatically, you sat up and gave Audrey a frightened look. The booming knock sounded again making you scramble out of bed. Fingers grasping a baseball bat you kept in your room ever since the killings started. You ignored Audrey’s hisses to come back as you padded down the stairs. Bat held in your grasp tightly as it shook slightly. Heart pounding louder than the knocks that echoed throughout the house. You swallowed harshly before swigging the door open, arms raised to fend off whoever would dare to try to scare you.

“Hey, hey!” Noah almost screamed out, hands coming up to protect his face.

“Noah? You nearly scared me to death.” You gasped out, dropping the bat to smack him on the arm.

He grimaced before stepping into your house, shutting the door behind him. Your eyebrows furrowing as he looked confused and distressed about something. His fingers running through his hair, a nervous habit he’d had for as long as you could remember. His toes bouncing as his lips seemed to be mouthing something. You crossed your arms feeling slightly flustered as his gaze flickered to your exposed legs.

“Just spit it out.” You mumbled.

Noah’s paced as his mind attempted to throw out a proper response. You felt yourself become more anxious while each second passed. You rubbed your upper arms nervously as Noah took a shaky breath.

“Zoe and I kissed-”

You felt your heart drop as the words spilled from his mouth. Oh, o h. He’d come here to tell you that he’s in love with her. You swallowed back the sobs that formed in your throat. Trying not to laugh hysterically at the idea that he came here to tell you he loved you. Tears burning your eyes while you bit down on your lower lip.

“And during that I realized she isn’t who I wanted. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see Zoe, I saw someone else that I wanted to be kissing.”

Your stomach squeezed uncomfortably. Teeth nibbling at the tough nails on your fingers. So he was telling you he had fallen for someone else. Someone that wasn’t Zoe or you. You weren’t sure if you were relieved or even more depressed. Yet another girl you’d have to compete against.

“It was you, Y/N.” He breathed out.

You sucked in a harsh breath as your eyes snapped to his in disbelief. This had to be a dream. He couldn’t possibly be saying you were the one he came to gush about. Your fingers fell from your lips as you stared at him. Eyes searching his worried ones to try to figure out if he was messing around with you.

“What?” You whispered.

“You. I realized the person I really wanted was you.”

His thumb swiping over your bottom lip, releasing it from it’s imprisonment of your teeth.  Fingers sliding into your messy hair as his thumb brushed against your jaw bone. Other palm holding your hip as he pulled you against him. You stumbled towards him, chest connecting with his. Your hands resting on his shoulders as you steadied yourself.

“What are you-”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as your words got caught in your throat. Breath hitching while his nose brushed against yours. Bright eyes staring into yours before fluttering close insyc with your own. Lips hesitantly meeting the others as grasps tightened. Fire sparking throughout your veins. Mouths moving against each others in a passionate kiss. Fingers sliding up his shoulders to bury themselves in the hair on his nape. He tasted like peppermint and popcorn. Making your tastebuds tingle. Every emotion and pent up feelings being poured out by just a simple human contact. You shivered as his thumb brushed against your cheek bone making goosebumps appear on your bare skin.

“Finally, Jesus Christ.”

You both jolted back in embarrassment as Audrey smirked at the pair of you. Her bag hauled over her shoulders as she patted your back before leaving. Startled and flushed, your gaze hesitantly met the pair of eyes staring at you. He let out a breathy laugh before pressing his lips against yours once again. Intended to never let you slip out of his fingers.

She’s a tear in my heart

i’m on fire.

Visiting // Joe Sugg

Word Count: 1361

Summary- You visit your brother and his girlfriend, and unfortunately, her brother, with whom you don’t get along, also comes to visit.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This one is kind of Platonic, it could be Romantic but it was written in the form of a platonic relationship; solely because if Zoe and Alfie got married then like their siblings together, idk I thought it would simply be better written like this; but hey, it’s an imagine; take it how you want!

Requested; Yes! I only have two more imagines, so if you’d like more, please do send in requests! (You don’t have to use the prompt requests if you don’t want to, you can send in your own x)

Can I please request 41 and 20 with Joe where you are Alfie’s sister x I love your writing!!;

41. Take notes, sweetheart.

20. It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!


You sat in the train station, scrolling through your Instagram feed while you waited for your older brother, Alfie, to come pick you up. You were visiting him and his girlfriend Zoe in Brighton, whilst currently you were living in Oxford for uni. You got off for break, and you’d already seen Poppy recently, so you decided it was only fair you visited Alfie next. He said he’d be here in 5 minutes, 10 minutes ago. You sighed, your brother never was the best for being on time.

Finally, you got a text saying ‘here’. You looked up, and low and behold, Alfie and Zoe were walking towards you with smiles on their faces. You got up, grabbing your bag and walking over to them. You immediately pulled Alfie into a hug, and Zoe shortly after. “It’s so good to see you guys again.” You smiled, and they gave each other a look. “What?” You said, frowning. This couldn’t be good.

“Well, it just so happens that this week was the only week that we could all hang out, and well..” Zoe started, glancing uneasily at Alfie. “Joe’s with us.” Alfie said, simply. Your face contorted into one of annoyance. “Seriously, Alf?” You said, resisting the urge to roll your eyes. They both knew you and Joseph didn’t get along. You’ve met several times, both of you tried to get along, but you just never found a connection.

“Well, where is he then?” You said, clearly ready to get it over with. “Right here, princess.” Joe said sarcastically, walking up behind Zoe. “Joseph!” Zoe scolded, slapping her brother upside the head. You and Alfie snorted at the look on his face. Joe opened his mouth, probably to insult you. “Great. Let’s go.” Alfie said, before anyone else could speak and/or argue. Zoe agreed, and you all made your way to their car.

As you were leaving, you noticed it was raining. “Do you guys have an umbrella?” You asked, hopefully. You were wearing your new jacket, and you didn’t want to ruin it. “It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!” Joe cut in, rolling his eyes. You scoffed, “No one asked you, Joseph.” Zoe kindly handed you her umbrella. “Thank you, Zoe.” You said, politely. She nodded, and walked out the doors with Alfie, you and Joe following behind.

You got out to the car, climbing in. Because it was their car, it was you and Joe in the back, and Alfie and Zoe in the front. The drive was pretty quiet for the first few minutes, it was getting a bit awkward. “Hey Alf, remember when we used to do Carpool Karaoke?” You asked your brother, smiling at the memory. “Oh my gosh! Yes! You and Pop were so much better than I was!” Alfie laughed, you joining in, and his eyes widened as an idea popped in his head. “Joe and Zoe are great singers as well, you know.. How about we do some Carpool Karaoke, 2017 edition?”

You were a bit hesitant, but gave in. “Sounds good with me.” “Great!” Zoe exclaimed, excitedly. Joe grumbled a “Fine.” Joe leaned over the seat, so now he was close to you. “Take notes, sweetheart.” You looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Is that a challenge, Joseph?” You countered, smirking. He smirked back, sticking out a hand. You took it, and you two shook on it.

Alfie and Zoe played a few songs, some the Sugg siblings sang, some you and Alfie sang together. Eventually, before you knew it, you’d forgotten all about your little ‘contest’ with Joe, and you began fully jamming out to the music blasting through the car. By the looks of it, Joe had forgotten as well. The two of you didn’t even notice Alfie and Zoe stop singing, you two were so into it. The couple in the front were exchanging smiles with hints of smirks in them, not that you bothered to notice.

As you pulled up to the Zalfie residence, you were almost completely out of breath. Zoe and Alfie grabbed your few bags, and by that, I mean Zoe opened the doors while Alfie insisted on carrying all of the bags. You decided to attempt to make amends with Joe at this point; there was no harm in trying.

“You’re a good singer, Sugg.” You teased, following him up the steps into Zalfie’s house. “Not bad yourself, little Deyes.” He shot back, but a smile was present on his face. “What is this? Are we actually getting along?” You gasped, putting a hand to your heart as if it was the most dramatic thing in the world. “It seems we are!” Joe copied your actions, looking bewildered.

The two of you burst out laughing. Little did you know, both your siblings were in the next room over smiling at eachother. “I told you they’d get along eventually.” Zoe whispered, as they heard you and Joe firing back and forth comments and jokes. “You know how stubborn they both are, it could’ve been potentially disastrous!” Alfie said, raising his hands up in defense. “Yeah, but that’s why they’re going to get along so good.” Zoe countered, walking into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

You were seeing Joe in a new light. You’d never thought anything of him other than Zoe’s annoying little brother, (even if he was older than you), and you only saw the qualities you didn’t like; his childish attitude, his stubbornness, his sass. Now, it was like seeing a new person; playful, sarcastic, and still childish, but it was different. It felt different, anyways.

He too, felt something different between the two of you now. He always saw you as the girl who he’d probably eventually have to welcome into his family. Just a nuisance. Now, he wasn’t so sure. You two had never really bonded, never felt any connection other than a forced attempt at one. Now, it felt like a real friendship was forming, and both of you knew it.

You dismissed yourself from Joe and helped Zoe cook dinner. You two chatted about random things; makeup, Zoe’s new lines, and somehow you ended up on the topic of Joe. “So, you and Joe are finally getting along nicely, then?” Zoe asked, smirking at you slightly. “Yeah, it seems a bit odd. It’s just like, one minute, I see an annoying boy who I’m basically being forced to hang out with, but the next, he’s a fun loving hilarious prankster who I genuinely want to spend my time with. Does that make any sense?” You asked, realizing you were rambling. “If it makes sense to you, that’s all that matters.” Zoe smiled, and the two of you finished dinner.

In the next room over, Joe and Alfie were having an identical conversation. “So, finally being nice to my sister now, are we?” He asked, giving a knowing look towards Joe. “Yeah, something just feels different between us. I can’t explain it, really, but she seems like a new person now. I probably sound crazy, or am making this up, but before she was just your sister who I had to make friends with, but now she seems like a true friend; I wouldn’t mind spending time with her, honestly.” Joe said, meaning every word.

Your relationship may have had a rough start, and you two had no idea where you were going with this. Platonic, Romantic, it didn’t matter. You both knew that you’d have a bigger part in each other’s lives than you did before. You were happy, not only because you both made a new friend; but you felt like you were connecting with Zoe and Alfie as well. 

You may have only been there for a week, but at least it was going to be enjoyable for all four of you rather than having a tense atmosphere throughout the entire week. Also, now, if they ever wanted to take that next step, you wouldn’t be holding them back with your grudge against the other’s sibling. In the end, you had a new relationship, and you were going to cherish it; no matter what it became.

Angeles: Some New Kill

Summary:  Jensen Ackles is infatuated and intrigued with Supernatural’s new recurring guest star from the moment he meets her. It eventually leads to a steamy night in a hotel room during a convention weekend – but Jensen has no idea that Y/N is hiding secrets that have followed her from the moment she signed her first contract.
Part One: Some New Kill
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1705
Warnings: None. 

A/N: No Jensen in this chapter, but he will be in most if not all chapters going forward. 

Your name: submit What is this?

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And A Teaspoonful Of Love

A CSSS gift for @killiancarstairs! Again, Merry Christmas, Zoe, and sorry that I’m so late. Also, Happy New Year. It’s been a pleasure talking to you!

summary:  The first Christmas Day dinner at Emma’s and Killian’s new house, and Killian and Snow get into a fight over the perfect recipe for Christmas Pudding. Will this end well? 3,3k words of pure family fluff, as the title indicates.

rating: T

read also on and ao3.

Snow’s voice is more than just a little stern. “You are not putting that in my Christmas pudding,” she says firmly, “that’s disgusting.”

Killian can’t believe it. “What are you talking about?” He gestures vividly in the direction of the huge bowl his soon-to-be mother-in-law is protecting with both hands held over it. “You can’t make a proper pudding without–”

“Watch me!” she cuts him off.

He tilts his head. “I’m not planning to. If we’re serving a pudding on our first Christmas in this house–”

She narrows her eyes. “Listen, pirate. Let me tell you how it works in my kitchen–”

“With all due respect, Milady,” he interrupts dryly, “this isn’t your kitchen.”

Snow gives him one of her legendary eye rolls. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he replies, “and still, the only way to do this right–”

“Please,” she snaps, “who are you, masterchef of the Enchanted Forest?!”

Killian is taken aback. “Master-what?”

She snorts. “Boiled mackerel is all I say.”

His expression is only a little wounded, but he wouldn’t be Killian Jones if he didn’t have an adequate comeback. “Your daughter has never complained about my boiled mackerel – or anything else, for all that matters.” He can’t help but smirk, to which Snow raises her chin in that stubborn gesture Emma has definitely inherited from her, like the stubbornness itself.

“That’s what you think,” she fires back.

That throws him a little off track. “What does that–”

Before he can inquire any further, Emma rushes into the kitchen, obviously alerted from her Christmas decorating by the rash voices of her mother and her pirate fiancé. “Guys!” she exclaims. “Really?

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Last Christmas

“Y/N! Oh my God I am so glad you came.” Zoe said as she hugged me tight and I hugged back.

Zoe invited me to a Christmas party at Zalfie’s and well, right now I’m kinda having second thoughts.

“Oh and don’t worry, Joe’s not here yet.” She whispered.

“Thanks, Zo.” I smiled.

We finally went inside and Alfie welcomed me with a tight hug just like Zoe did. Oh they’re so compatible.

The whole gang is here too. Oli, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi, Louise, Dan, Phil, even Tyler and Connor.

I tiptoed near the kitchen where Connor is standing. “Piggy back ride!” I said as I hopped onto his back.

“Why?” Connor asked dramatically and I laughed.

Even though he lives in LA, Connor Franta became one of my best friends. We experienced long distance friendship before we met at playlist live. From then on, we always hangout every time he visits London or every time I visit LA.

“Oh God I missed you.” Connor said as he put me down. “Nice sweater.” He added.

“I missed you too, Con. Please stay here forever.”

“I love you but I’m leaving next week.” He pouted.

“Ugh.” I frowned.

“You shouldn’t be here by the way.” Connor joked but I’m pretty sure It was half meant.

“I know. But this party is very important to Zoe. I don’t wanna disappoint her.”

“Oh Zoe Sugg. Can’t wait for the other Sugg to be here.” He gave me a teasing look.

“Stop it, Con. I moved on okay?”

“Psh. Yeah right.” Connor paused. He smiled as he stare at the door. “Speaking of the younger Sugg.”

I gave him a confused look before I turned around and saw Joe and Caspar entering the house.

I stared at Joe for a moment as he greeted everyone with his adorable smile.

He slowly scanned the room as he walked towards the living room. And that’s when our eyes met.

I quickly looked away.

“Moved on huh?” Connor asked sarcastically and he smirked.

I looked down and suddenly, all the memories from last Christmas flashed through my mind.

I hate that I remember. I wish I could forget what he did last December. What Joseph Sugg did to break my heart last Christmas.

I’ve been madly in love with him since like the 2nd Grade when he told me that I’m the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I knew it was a joke. But it still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

It started as a simple crush. Then it grew up as a confusing, lovely, hurtful, exciting, amazing feeling. Maybe this is the thing you call love.

Fortunately, we both got into YouTube and decided to move to London. We’re not in the same flat but we’re just a short walk away and that’s great for us.

Finally, I decided to confess my feelings for Joe last Christmas. And it didn’t go quite well.

Last year, on December 25th, Christmas eve, I gave him a little present. A watch and some kind of love letter. I know, old school right? I thought it was a great gift.

But the very next day… he gave it away. I saw him with a girl at the mall. She’s wearing the same watch that I gave to Joe. They looked so happy and sweet.

Tears started falling down from my eyes as I stare at them. Joe noticed me from afar, he stared back at me with concern and surprise in his eyes. I automatically ran away.

Later that day, I discovered that the girl was Joe’s girlfriend. I remembered asking him about her once and he said that she’s nothing but a close friend. He lied.

Well… I cried.

Tragic right? Wanna know what’s more tragic? We haven’t really had a descent talk after that horrible incident. And for almost a whole year.

“Y/N. Sugg alert.” Connor said.

“Shit. Hide me.” I responded while panicking.

“No time. Just act cool.”

“Cool? How can I–”

Caspar interrupted me with an excited shout “Connor!” He ran towards Con and gave him a cute little hug.

“Hey, South African slut.” Connor joked.

“I missed you too, Coffee guy.”

Caspar turned his attention to me and he then gave a tight hug. “Can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed you so much, Y/N.”

“Caspar, I’m two blocks away.” I giggled as he let go.

I then saw Joe smiling awkwardly behind Caspar. He looked at Connor and greeted him.

“Y/N’s here too, Joseph.” Connor said.

Joe looked at me wearing a half smile. “Hey, love.” He said.

“Hi” I smiled back nervously.

God, I missed him.

Connor spoke again. “Come on, Caspar. Let’s go see Tyler.” He then took Caspar’s arm and pulled him away from me and Joe.

Connor winked at me before he walked towards the living room where everybody is just chilling.

The air was filled with nothing but silence when Joe finally spoke. “Merry Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas.” I greeted back. This is just so awkward. We’re like 25 inches away from each other.

“You look really cute in that jumper.” He said as he gave me a cute little smile. Not sure if he’s blushing or its just freakin cold.

“Thanks.” Awkward.

“Though the reindeer one is my favourite.” I noticed him moving closer.

“I think this one is the best.” I pointed at the white snowy jumper I’m wearing.

“But you look like a bear.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Yes.” He stared at me for a moment before he spoke again. “You’re a really cute bear.”

I looked down as my face warmed and I unintentionally smiled. I realized that for a moment, we became our true selves again. We had a normal conversation. A conversation that is similar to our past conversations. Hilarious, nonsense, but meaningful at the same time. I missed him. I missed our old friendship.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Zoe shouted from the living room.

Joe and I looked at each other and I spoke. “You playing, Sugg?”

“Of course I am.”


The gang sat down and formed a small circle for our truth or dare game. Connor’s sitting on my right and Zoe on my left. Unfortunately, Joe sat in front of me. I can’t stop looking at him. And apparently he can’t stop looking at me too.

I have a bad feeling about this. The last time I played truth or dare with these guys, I ended up smelling Alfie’s foot. It was a horrible experience.

“Caspar!” Tyler Called. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Caspar answered proudly.

“I dare you to kiss Marcus on the forehead and act like a married couple.” Tyler laughed.

“That’s pretty easy.” Caspar then sat in front of Marcus. He took his hand, his lips reaching for Marcus forehead. He made a kissing sound and Marcus gave him a jokingly disgusted face.

“You’re so gross.” Marcus said as Caspar’s lips touched his forehead. Everyone laughed.

Caspar sat back to his place and said “My turn.” He quickly looked at Joe who’s on his right. “Joe, Truth or Dare?” Caspar squinted his eyes to give Joe the intense effect.

“Dare Sugg of course!” Said Joe then everyone cheered.

Caspar gave him an evil look. “Joe, you’re so dead.”

“Bring it on.” Joe responded competitively.

“I dare you to…” Caspar grinned. “Call the girl you like and tell her what you want her to know for a long time. Tell her what you feel.”

Joe’s eyes widened and everyone else “ooooed”

Connor and Zoe looked at me teasingly. They quickly looked away so that no one will notice. They knew I hate it when they do that.

Alfie spoke “What you’re gonna call your girlfriend?”

“Oh my God Alfie, where have you been? Joe doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore since like last year.” Said Zoe.

“They broke up on December 26th. After Christmas awh.” Louise added.

“Do it, Sugg.” Caspar said.

Joe sighed and took his phone from his pockets. I saw him scroll down through his contacts.

I noticed Caspar looking at me and I raised an eyebrow. He mouthed the words “Get ready” and I just stared at him with confusion.

When suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket. My ringtone plays and everyone stared at me. Some of them are smirking, some of them are just confused.

I took out my phone. My eyes widened as I saw the name “Joseph Sugg”. I looked at Joe and he was staring nervously at the floor.

My heart is now beating faster and faster. At first I was hesitating but then… I decided to finally answer the call.

I put my phone closer to my ear. I again looked at Joe without saying anything. He then looked at me and I quickly looked away.

“Y/N…” Joe almost whispered. “Hey uh, it’s really weird talking to you on the phone when you’re like 18 inches away from me.” I finally got the urge to look at him again.

“So Caspar’s dare is to say what I really feel to the girl I like which is by the way is you if you can probably tell. In fact I’m in love with you. And uhm I just wanna say that… I’m sorry.” I felt tears ready to fall from my eyes. “I’m sorry for last Christmas. I’ll never forget that day when I saw you at the mall. Tears were pouring down your face. Hurt was clear in your eyes. I tried to follow you but you were so fast. I tried to call you when I got back home but you were not answering. I tried my best to move on but I just can’t.” And that’s when my tears fell. “All I want for Christmas is you to forgive me. I love you and I regret not saying that for a long time. Oh and uhm, may I just say… You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

I ended the call without saying anything, slowly putting my phone down. I wiped my tears with my hand as I stare at Joe who’s also staring at me, his eyes full of sadness and pain. And so was mine.

“My turn.” Said Joe. “Y/N, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” I answered nervously.

He stared deeply into my eyes before he asked “Do you still love me?”

My breathing almost stopped when I heard him ask that question.

I paused for a moment before I answered “Yes.” I bit my lip as more tears fell from my eyes.

Joe smiled and everyone applaud. I even heard Zoe gasp with excitement.

“My otp is now real!” Tyler shouted and we all laughed.

Where We Belong (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Y/N has a devastating past. Her husband, Jensen, not in her life anymore, leaving her and her daughter, Roma, alone. As a school counselor, she sees many interesting kids at the elementary school she works at, but as a working single mom, she has trouble keeping up with her daughter. That is until her daughter’s new best friend, Steve, and his father come into the picture. Bucky Barnes, a newly divorced father, finds much in common with Y/N and with their similar history, it sparks something in them that they didn’t know they would ever experience again, but will they listen their hearts or do what they think is best to avoid being hurt again.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Language

Words: 3,268

A/N: Finally part 2 is here! Did not really edit so excuse any mistakes, but guys I’m so proud of this. Y’all have no idea. GIF and pictures aren’t mine.

Part 1

After a quick drive, I finally make my way to the school and enter the parking lot to see that there was barely any parking. The only parking spot available was from a familiar black SUV, which I park next to. Not really thinking anymore about the asshole that almost hit me earlier, I make my way into the main entrance. I greet the front receptionist and start my way towards Roma’s class. On my way, I see the principal, who is also my close friend, Tess, and stop by to say hello.

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Surprise (Tronnor Fluff)

Connor’s POV

It is VidCon 2016. Troye and I have been dating for 2 years, we are constantly Skyping and traveling to see each other. I haven’t seen Troye for 2 months and currently craving his touch while on a plane ride from Minnesota to Anaheim. Troye doesn’t think I’m coming until Wednesday, 2 days from now, but I thought it would be good to surprise him and all my other friends.

~~after the plane ride~~

I get into the taxi with my luggage, telling the driving where I’m staying. The whole ride to the hotel my legs are jittering and I keep looking at my phone, non stop counting down the minutes till I see him. It’s 2:03 am, 5 minutes until I get to the hotel. 5 antagonizing minutes of waiting to have him in my arms.

Once at the hotel, I quickly pay the taxi driver and unload my luggage from the trunk. I run/walk into the hotel, waving at some crazed fans while on the way in. At the front desk, I spew my information at the concierge, eager to get to the room Troye and I are sharing. He’s probably asleep and it’ll be cute to surprise him by waking up next to him in the morning.

Troye’s POV

2 days, less than that actually. 2 days until I get to see my wonderful boyfriend, God i miss him…
“Troye. Troye Troye!” Someone yells snapping me out of my gaze, I turn and look at Zoe, the voice I’d heard. “Troye, it’s your turn.”

“Ahh okay, never have I ever missed someone as much as I do right now.” I say sadly. I chorus of ‘awww’s erupt from around my hotel room.

Tyler hugs me to his side. “Awww bud, only 2 days and you get to see him.”

“Yeah.” I whisper and hold back tears.

“We will come back to your turn, little Troye.” Zoe says and calls on Dan.

I look around at somewhat 15 youtubers around my room, missing the most important one of them all. I glance down to my phone seeing if Connor has texted me, I know the time is ahead in Minnesota and he’s probably asleep but still.

The time says 2:09 am on my phone and I sigh knowing we should all head to bed in 20 minutes or so.

I listen as Dan says, “Never have I ever shit on someone’s couch.”

Tyler laughs and puts one finger down, “Daannnn. You said you wouldn’t bring that up.” And everyone starts laughing. I hear my hotel door opening though I am too busy laughing to look up. It isn’t until everyone goes quiet that I wonder who it is. Suddenly two hands cover my eyes and I jump.

“Who is it?” I whisper. The person shuffles around, the room is silent. Then, I feel two lips press to mine. I know those lips. Connor. I bring my hands to the side of his face pulling him closer to me. His lips brush against mine and I wrap my arms around him, pulling him to lay down on the floor on top of me.

We pull away from the kiss, laughing and everyone has adorable looks on their faces.

“Connie.” I say pulling him to me and nuzzling my head in the crook of his neck. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Tro.” Connor says and hugs me back tightly.

“Alright friends, I think that’s our cue to leave.” Alfie laughs.

“Wait, let me hug everyone first.” Connor says and climbs off of me. He stretches his hand down and helps me up.

I smile and watch Connor hug everyone in the room as they leave. I selfishly want him back in my arms but I shove that to the back of my mind as I say goodnight to everyone.

The last people to leave are Zoe and Alfie. “I knew about this the whole time.” Zoe laughs.

“It was a great surprise.” I say and smile at Connor talking to Alfie.

“You really do love him don’t you.” Zoe whispers.

“More than anything.” I whisper back. “You have to love someone a lot to be in a long distance relationship.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” She says. “Well goodnight my Troye Troye. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

Connor’s POV

I hug Alfie after finishing up our conversation and he leaves with Zoe.

Troye and I both knowingly begin to get undressed. And when we are down to our boxers, Troye nods me over to the bed.

I lay down next to him and pull him into my chest. I kiss the top of his head over and over again. “I’m so glad you’re here… I love you.” Troye whispers.

“I love you too, so so much.” I say. I bring my hand to the back of his neck, playing with the little trail of hair that’s there.

We stare at each other for a moment, taking in each other’s breath and eyes. The sexual tension slowly increasing, us both thirsty as hell for not being with each other for so long. I adjust my grip on the back of his neck and forcefully pull him into a kiss. My lips are closed and he flicks his tongue across my bottom lip. I deepen the kiss in answer to his silent question.

He continues kissing me with increasing force until he flings his leg over my waist to straddle me. He pulls out of the kiss slightly panting. I watch as his dark eyes roam over my chest and he bites his lip, letting it ping back into place just as my heart pings from lust.

He takes his hands and runs them down my chest and stomach, starting at my shoulders and ending at the waistband of my boxers. “I missed you, Connor.”

“Trust me, I missed you too Troye.” I reply and my heart flips as he leans back into another kiss.

the stoner au: the petting triangle

content warning: drug use

  • so after the night of ihop hell root decides her and shaw are friends now
  • you smoke together you’re automatically friends
  • root doesn’t make the rules she just follows them okay
  • so root will just like. randomly show up in shaw’s dorm
  • how does she get there? who knows
  • sometimes root doesn’t even know
  • so root hears a rumor from zoe that it’s shaw’s birthday
  • so naturally root has to go all out
  • gotta impress the bae
  • she has to get The Good Shit
  • harper wont do this time. she has to go directly to the machine and harold
  • so root takes her motorcycle across campus to the little house that finch and john share because they’re married or something
  • and johns taking a post-work weednap with his head on finch’s lap and finch is running his fingers through john’s hair and its very pure and gay
  • root texts finch to let him know shes there and he tells her to just come in to not disturb johns nap
  • root isn’t a dick /all/ the time so she’s quiet
  • she starts to explain to harold about shaw’s special bday gift and he’s like “don’t fret, root. i’ve been preparing for this for ages. or rather, She has”
  • root has never loved the machine more.
  • TM hooks her up with the Good Shit
  • so root pays tm and of course smokes a bowl with harold before she goes (it’s only polite)
  • they’re having a good time and happily petting finch’s service dog, bear
  • bear licks johns face a little and he wakes up and indulges in a little wake n bake before he gets up and goes to study for his psych test
  • harold gets up to follow him and root’s like “hey harry, if you’re gonna be busy for the rest of the night…”
  • harold sighs. “yes, root. you can take bear”
  • root does a little dance and thanks him profusely and skips off with bear
  • before remembering she took her bike.
  • she’s too stoned to be bothered though. abandons her bike at rinch’s and lights a joint and makes her way back to her place, head bobbing to the sweet jams blasting through her earphones
  • she makes it back to her dorm a little before nightfall, ruffles zoe’s hair on the way in
  • "i know that look, root…what’s in your backpack?”
  • zoe makes grabby hands but root lifts the bag above her head.
  • “nope. not today zoe.
  • "but rooooot. sharing is caring!”
  • “not today, zo. it’s for sameen.”
  • zoe grin deviously. and proceeds to tease root like theyre in middle school.
  • “OOOoooooOOO /sameen/.”
  • root is suffering.
  • “zoe stop killing my buzz and swap rooms for the night. go make gross eyes at joss.”
  • “oh /i’m/ the one making gross eyes????”
  • “…zoe get out or i’m going to change all of your grades to f’s and delete your final paper for your business comp class.”
  • zoe scampers out pretty quick after that.
  • she grabs joss and they go sneak off to have sloppy makeouts somewhere. joss thinks they’re gonna study for french.
  • neither of them are wrong.
  • root picks out her nicest drug rug and second nicest pair of cargo shorts
  • (she’s trying to play it cool)
  • she debates on the weed socks and decides to go for it
  • it IS shaw’s birthday after all
  • got be Fancy
  • she knocks on shaw’s door and rocks on her heels a little bit
  • "give me a second, you’re early”
  • root leans awkwardly against the wall
  • practices a few different poses for the Maximum Cool Effect
  • and shaw opens up the door and she’s dressed for like. clubbing.
  • root feels a tad bit under dressed.
  • shaw’s like “i thought you said you wanted to go out?”
  • root’s a little speechless because punk!shaw in leather pants does things to her
  • “i thought i said…hang out. i can change?”
  • shaw looks at root’s socks. root crosses her legs uncomfortably.
  • root does not look thrilled at the idea of going out to a club.
  • shaw gets it.
  • “nah, it’s fine. clubs are overrated anyways.”
  • “are you sure? it’s your birthday…”
  • shaw shrugs. “if we put on loud music and drink it’s the same thing anyway. and it’s free.”
  • root starts to smile a little.
  • “and” shaw continues “if your socks are any indication, you brought party favors?”
  • root beams and starts to bust open her backpack in the middle of the hallway and nerd out about weed
  • “jesus root get inside first” and drags root in by her shitty ass drug rug
  • once they’re both inside root starts to unpack everything
  • “put on some music while i change, i’ll be right back.”
  • shaw accidentally on purpose doesn’t close the bathroom door all the way
  • “you heard the urban floral ep?” root asks, squinting intently at her ipod
  • “yeah, it’s good shit. go ahead and put it on”
  • root turns automatically at the sound of her voice and wow that’s some real life sameen shaw skin right there
  • shaw could totally bench press her and root’s 110% okay with that
  • shes too gay for this
  • she makes herself blink a few times and loads the bowl she picked out extra special for shaw’s birthday
  • shaw get the first hit and the party is On
  • they’re about two bowls in and shaw’s feelings pretty gosh dang good
  • “sam, you ready for part two of your birthday gift?”
  • “root. root. i don’t put out on the second date. okay that’s not true but i’m /really/ high right now.”
  • “oh. that’s not. um.”
  • shaw just blinks at her innocently.
  • “you don’t have to worry about that, sweetie. it’s a different kind of gift. you like dogs right?”
  • “who told you???”
  • “…you just seem like the type.”
  • “i LOVE dogs. i love dogs more than people. dogs don’t /lie/ root.”
  • “that’s probably true. here, sit tight for just a sec. lemma get bear.”
  • “nOO don’t /leave/.”
  • “you can come with me, sam.”
  • of course, shaw demands another piggyback ride even though they’re just going next door.
  • they come back with bear and shaw is immediately obsessed with petting bear
  • root decides she needs to catch up to shaw’s good vibes so she opens the window and smokes a bit more
  • dramatically puffs little rings out the window to keep it all outside and away from bear because getting animals high is not cool
  • “you good for now, darlin’”
  • (the dank memes make root’s accent pop out more)
  • “mhmm. come pet bear with me.”
  • “don’t mind if i do!”
  • they end up in a petting triangle of love and everyone gets nice head scritches and pats
  • “root. i know we’re both really high right now. but i think i really like you. and your dumb socks.”
  • shaw pauses a second. “maybe as much as i like dogs.”
  • roots gay and high but she can read a cue.
  • she leans in over bear. very very gently kisses shaw on the corner of her mouth.
  • leans back real quick. waits.
  • “not in front of bear, root.”
  • root blinks.
  • “besides, you missed.”
  • shaw shoves bear in the bathroom. “i’ll be back in half an hour buddy.”
  • and then proceed to kiss root’s dumb socks off.
  • literally. root loses them in shaw’s room.
  • after they calm down a bit and decide to not take things any further that night, shaw lets bear back in
  • they all pile together on shaw’s bed and cuddle and fall asleep and it’s pure and gay a good
You Know That I’m Not Telling the Truth

Paring: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji (Implied)

Setting: Modern AU; Psych Crossover

Rating: K


Notes:I absolutely loved this because Psych is one of my favorite, favorite TV shows. I’ve been watching it from day one and I still haven’t watched the last season cause I don’t want it to be over ;-; That being said I had such a hard time coming up with something for this. Levi is stern but he’s not hot tempered like Lassie is and my modern AU Eren is normally goofy but he’s not arrogant like Shawn can come off (Armin would probably be a good Gus though and just always done with Eren’s shit lol and Mikasa is a good mix for Juliet) So I tried to blend as much as I much as I could so they were still true to their characters but still have the fun of the Psych character banter.

If you’ve never watched Psych the pretense is basically lifetime slacker Shawn is incredibly good at picking up small details no one notices/photographic memory and putting assumptions together to come to a deduction, things he learned from his father who was a cop. Shawn uses the ability to pretend to be a psychic and solve cases for the Santa Barbra PD. Also if you’ve never watched it please do yourself a favor and do so. The whole series is on Netflix! The title comes from the theme song :3


The Sina Police Department was always full of people, activity and noises. It was loud with people talking, shuffling papers around, people unhappy about going to booking or holding cells, and just the bustle of the other officers. It took Mikasa a little bit of time to get used to just how busy this department was from where she worked as an officer in Shigansina before she was promoted to detective. Even from her spot sitting at her desk, her eyes scanning over a few case files and the busy day going on all around her she could still pick up one sound that was more familiar than all others: the distinct sound of sneakers on the tile.

Lots of people wore sneakers in the department, that wasn’t unusual. What made this sound stand out was the way the shoes sounded as they got closer, there was an air of carefree confidence in each step and they almost always had smaller softer footsteps trailing behind trying to keep up.

Mikasa found a smile pulling at her lips the moment she saw hands pressed up against her desk. “Good morning, Eren,” she said looking up to see the now familiar head of messy brown hair, bright turquoise eyes, tanned skin and toothy smile that always took her breath away as much as she tried not to let him get to her.

“Morning, Mik. How are we this fine day?”

“Just looking over a case,” she said, gesturing her hand down over the papers in front of her.

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"Fan and Nerves" Luke/4 (Imagine - Requested)

Today was the day you would hopefully meet your idols. You were spending the holidays in Sydney with some family friends and it just so happened that your favorite band was doing a small meet up. “Small” because they literally tweeted that morning that they would have a meet up in the City if anyone wanted to come. So here you were outside a random building with other 5SOS fans waiting to meet these four amazing boys to come take some pictures.

There were about 200 or so fans chattering away and you could feel the tension rising up as it was getting close to 1 pm which is when they said the meet and greet would start.

“So what girl are you?”

You turned and saw a girl about the same height as you in a Green Day shirt.

“Sorry?” you asked being a bit startled.

“I’m an Ashton girl,” she said with a warm smile.

“Ohhh right sorry, Luke girl. My name’s (Y/N).” you replied, offering out your hand.

“Zoe.” she smiled as she shook your hand.

“I like your shirt.”

“Thanks (Y/N). Hey I bet you 5 bucks they’re gonna be late.”

“Your on.” you laughed.

After a couple of minutes of talking with Zoe that was full of laughter, someone screamed.


The crowd started going wild and screaming but instead Zoe raised an eyebrow at you. “That will be 5 dollars." You playfully rolled your eyes and handed over 5 dollars.

"IT’S MICHAEL FUCKING CLIFFORD!” a voice yelled. Everyone turned to where the voice came from and a large black car drove past on the other side of the street. You looked a bit closer and saw Michael sticking his head out. You couldn’t believe it. It was actually him. He was waving his hand to everyone of course causing everyone to wave back but before anything else happened several large body guards came up to the crowd carefully asking for everyone to form a line. Thankfully everyone cooperated. Both you and Zoe ended up in the middle giving you sometime to sort yourselves out and not look like a complete mess.

“I can’t believe we’re actually going to see them, let alone get a picture with them!” Zoe fangirled with the brightest smile.

“I know this is absolutely crazy!" and as soon as those words left your mouth the four boys made their way out of the car. 

"HOLY SHIT.” Zoe yelled amongst all the other screams.

However you were just frozen. Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael were all smiling and waving as they walked towards the fans. You payed careful attention to Luke. He was wearing one of his black tank tops and black shorts as it was summer in Australia and his sunglasses. When they crossed the road he took his sunglasses off showing his gorgeous blue eyes. Everything about this moment was perfect. They all then disappeared from your sight when they stood in front of the line.

“All these heads I can’t see over.” Zoe mumbled.

“It’s okay, it will all be worth it.” you replied still in awe.

It had been 40 minutes and you were next in line. Both you and Zoe agreed that you would go up together as you were too nervous to go by yourself. Your legs started to shake as you were looking at the two other girls who were before you in the line now make they’re way up to them. Michael was closest to the left, then Ashton, then Calum and then Luke was the furthest to the right. The two girls hugged each boy from left to right and you could see the boys and the two fans talking to each other. You always admired how 5SOS treated their fans. Soon they settled on a ‘superhero pose’ and smiled for the camera.

“Next!” the lady taking the photos shouted. You stared at her as the two girls retrieved their camera. Zoe slightly pushed you forward.

“That’s us.” she whispered. Oh my god that is us you thought. You took a deep breath as you walked to the lady and handed her your phone with the camera app on and Zoe followed in your footsteps. Confidence is key (Y/N), confidence is key you repeated in your head when you started walking up to Michael. He opened his arms out wide and you embraced him into a tight hug.

“It’s lovely to meet you!” he smiled pulling back from the hug to look at you. His eyes lit up.

“Hey Luke it’s that girl you like!” What on earth was he talking about? You turned to Luke and his face was bright now looking at the ground as Calum was laughing and giving him a pat on the back.

“He was checking you out before.” Michael winked. “When we were crossing the street he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. I’m surprised you didn’t notice. Probably too caught up in his oceany blue eyes.” he teased.

You could feel the heat immediately rush to your cheeks. You quickly looked down trying to cover it up and pushed a piece of hair behind your ear.

“I can see why he like you, you’re cute.” you looked slightly to your right from where the voice cams from and it was Ashton. Did Ashton Irwin just call me cute? Was it true Luke was staring at me? Soon your thoughts were interrupted and Ashton pulled you into a hug. You looked back at Michael and saw him and Zoe chatting which instantly warmed your heart. Both you and Ashton pulled back.

“I’m so glad I get to finally meet you, you’re such a talented person.” you smiled up at him. .

“Aw thanks.” he giggled, showing his dimples. You then took a few steps to Calum.

“Hi!” He yelled cheerfully also pulling you into a hug. “Thank you for coming and waiting.”

“Oh thank you for doing a meet and greet.” you said walking back a few small steps. “I’m just glad I came to Sydney these holidays.”

“So is Luke.” He smirked and as soon as he said that Luke lightly pushed him aside so he was now in front of you.

“Hi, I’m Luk- wait shit you probably already know that, or not I don’t know.” he said starting to play with his feet.

“Yeah I know.” you laughed.

“Hey um sorry about the boys. Uhh what’s your name?” he asked now biting his lip ring. 

“(Y/N)” you responded giving a friendly smile.

“So do you live around here? Sorry, that sounded kind of creepy. ”

“No I’m just visiting.” you said sadly.

“Oh cool! Do you like it? Maybe I could show you around or something. There’s some nice restaurants around here.” you knew where this was going and gave a light giggle.

“This is Luke trying to ask you out on a date.” Calum butted in. Luke glared at him and he clearly got the message and went back to talking with Jessie.

“So um yeah, would you like to go out sometime I’m free tomorrow night, or is that too soon?” he asked nervously scratching the back of his neck.

“Tomorrow night sounds great.” you laughed.

“Oh wow, can I like- uhh get your phone number so I know when and where to pick up?” he asked handing you his phone.

“Yeah! Of course” you said as you grabbed his phone. You opened his contacts and wrote your name and number. “Here.” you smiled returning his phone to him. He stared at his phone like it was a miracle.

“If you guys are done now we’d like to take a photo.” Michael said to the both of you.

“Silly faces!” Zoe yelled. You pulled a face as the lady took photos on both of your phones.

“I’ll see you tomorrow night then?,” Luke asked, praying you wouldn’t change your mind.

“You definitely will. And Luke, you don’t have to be nervous,” you smiled, kissing his cheek. Luke’s face when bright red as his band mates surrounded him.


Kylie’s interview with Allure Magazine August 2016

#WhoIsKylieJenner? -  People think that since we have a reality-TV show and I show so much of my life that they know who I am. But on Snapchat I show people what I think they want to see"—luxury cars, mansions, her family. That’s not me. It’s a projected image. A brand. I’m not a different person. I just don’t show all of me. I usually don’t show my true personality to the world because when you open yourself up so much, there’s more room for people to say things about you.

When asked about being famous: I know I don’t want to be famous forever. There’s gonna be a time where I feel comfortable, I’m at a good place in my life, and I just stop. 

When asked about future: I want to do normal things like start a family. I don’t necessarily have to date someone who’s famous. 

About her first kiss: We were in the front yard of my best friend Zoe’s house, just me, Zoe, and Matt. He was one of the hot ones in fourth grade, and yeah, I definitely had a crush on him. Zoe was like, ‘Just do it!’ It was an innocent peck. Right on the lips. And it was funny and awkward, probably like every other first kiss.

About true happiness: I can’t remember what it’s like not to be famous. So I’m able to appreciate what true happiness is all about. A new car, that’s not real happiness. That lasts a month. That’s short-term happiness. Happiness, she explains, is being with your friends.

About Caitlyn: When we were younger, me and Kendall would run into [our dad] fully dressed in women’s clothes. It was a secret. I just told Caitlyn 'You should do what you want in your life.’ I’m just happy that she can live her life as herself now.

#9 - He Likes You but You're Taken by Another Band Member

wow the title is a mouth full. i was kinda too tired to do the other boys, so here’s a calum one. also, hope you have your mind programmed to read (y/n) as your own name because there’s gonna be kind of a lot of it -Zoe

Requested: No.

Pt. 2 is here

It was so cliche. The boy falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. He thought it only happened in those cheesy films that automatically go to DVD. But of course, it had to happen to him.

                                            Months Before

Calum sat with Michael and Luke, waiting for Ashton to arrive with (y/n). The guy’s had heard Ashton go on and on about her, so they were all excited to meet her. “Think she’ll be hot?” Michael asked the boys. Luke shrugged,”Surprised if not.” Calum nodded in agreement. None of the guys knew how Ashton did it, but he always managed to get the prettiest girls to go on dates with him. It was unbelievable. A small click was heard signalling that Ashton and his girlfriend were there. Calum could hear a few soft mumbles and a soft chuckle afterwards. Then walked in Ashton and shortly after, (y/n). True to previous history, she was hot. No, actually. She was stunning. Calums eyes traveled up her body. Her long, strapless summer dress fit her figure perfectly. His eyes wandered to her face. A wide smile was planted on her face and her eyes gleamed with happiness. She had a confident demeanor, but the nervous twiddling of her fingers gave away a different attitude. All in all, (y/n) was perfect and Calum was screwed.


“How long until they’re back?” (y/n) asked while pausing the video game. “Not sure. Better be soon though. I’m starving,” Calum said. Ashton, Luke, and Michael had gone to get some food, leaving Calum and (y/n) alone. The two would’ve gone, but they were in the middle of an intense battle of Gun Game. “I’ll be right back,” (y/n) said,”I’m thirsty. Want anything?” Calum shook his head,”No, I’m fine. Thanks though.” She nodded and went into the kitchen, meanwhile Calum was having a civil war inside his head. Okay, now is the time. We’re alone. The boys won’t be back until a bit. I can do this. I mean, it may or may not ruin my friendship with (y/n) and she could very well end up telling Ashton, which would also end my friendship with him, but I can do this. I can do this. Calum stood up. I can do this. He took a few steps towards the kitchen. I can do this. He peered around the corner and looked into the kitchen. She was kneeling in front of the refrigerator door, scrummaging through all the drink options. I can’t do this. Before Calum could manage to walk away, (y/n) called out. “Hey, Calum!” He turned on his heel and walked into the room. “Yep,” he said, trying to calm his nerves. “Where’s the Arizona Tea?” (y/n) asked, looking up at him. “Check the cupboard. Luke refuses to have it put in the fridge.” (y/n) gets up and checks the closet, finding the tea on the middle shelf. “Yes! You are a lifesaver Mr. Hood,” (y/n) laughs while holding the bottle of tea to her chest. “Must really love the tea?” Calum says as more of a statement. He knows it’s her favourite thing in the world. And he knows that her favorite colour is (colour) and that she is obsessed with Evan Peters from American Horror Story. In the end, he probably knows more about her than she does. Which is slightly stalker-ish, but he is a young boy in love. With his best friend’s girlfriend. Shit. “Erm- (y/n)?” Calum asks in a whisper. Both of his hands are in his pockets, trying to hide the fact that they’re shaking like mad. “Hm?” He looks down at his shoes, unable to meet her eyes. “Ilikeyou!” he blurts out. He takes the risk to look up at her. She looks confused and her head is tilted. She reminds him of a dazed puppy. She giggles,”I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to repeat that. It’s like you’ve turned into Kid Flash.” Calum takes a deep breath in and repeats the same words, but this time slower. “I like you.” (y/n) rolls her eyes,”And I like you too, dufus.” She sets the tea on the counter and grabs a glass from a cabinet. “That’s not…that’s not what I meant,” Calum said. She pulls the cap off of the bottle of tea and starts to pour the tea into the cup. Once the tea hits the brim, she stops. “What do you mean then, Cal? she asks while putting the tea into the fridge. “I-I like you. I like like you. From the first moment you walked through that door, I knew I was screwed. And not only are you taken, but you’re taken by Ashton. My best friend. So here I am, keeping this secret in to the point where I’m about to explode and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I…I just thought you should know.” Silence devoured the room. A staring contest between the two seemed to last for hours. Finally, (y/n) spoke up,”Cal…I- I. Calum-” The front door swung open to reveal Ashton, Michael, and Luke holding a few bags. “We’re here…hey, what happened?” Ashton asked while setting down his things. (y/n) shook her head,”Nothing, we were just talking. What’d you get?” As Ashton talked, (y/n) looked at Calum. We’ll talk later, she mouthed.

hope you enjoyed xxx-Zoe