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RFA High School [dating] HCs Secret Kisses

Something a bit more… exciting? Hope you all enjoy this 4th installment to the RFA High School HC series. (1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th)



  • All the time.
  • Everywhere.
  • It legitimately scares you sometimes.
  • He’s the type who will hide in the girls bathroom stall just to kiss you.
  • He’s very into private kisses, though, so never in the halls. which you probably would’ve preferred to this torture help jk
  • The scariest place you’ve kissed was in the principal’s office when you were waiting for him to show up
  • He got that look on his face that you knew very well by now
  • “Hey, [y/n], want to kiss?”
  • Then he sat in the principal’s chair and waved you over
  • You couldn’t just refuse him, so, thinking it would be just a quick peck you approached him
  • But he went all out
  • When you were close enough to touch he grabbed your arm and yanked you into his lap hot damn
  • (Luckily he released before the door opened.)
  • When the principal walked in Jumin looked so smug at your flustered appearance
  • “[y/n], are you alright?”
  • “Heh.”
  • “Y-yes, sir… Thanks for asking.”


  • The little boy is not into secret kisses at all.
  • You’re the one who often has to go get him to do it. 
  • Luckily you have office aid at the same time as he does
  • When you both go out to deliver notes to teachers, you smile at him and he obviously gulps
  • Then you tug him into an empty classroom 
  • He’s a blushing mess even when you kiss him chastely
  • You can feel his terror of getting caught through how tense he is poor baby
  • One time you were in the Chemistry lab and the janitor walked in
  • He tugged you down behind the lab table so fast you swore your neck hurt weeks later from the whiplash
  • The janitor then proceeded to empty the trashcans at each lab table,
  • And you and Yoosung had to quickly move to keep yourselves out of sight
  • You thought it was exhilarating, but the poor blonde boy couldn’t stop shaking…
  • There was another time when you were caught, but the teacher just laughed it off at Yoosung’s super red face


  • She has access to the teacher’s lounge. Hehe
  • She’ll sneak you in and you’ll have these super languid slow make out sessions on the meeting tables or couches
  • One time there were brownies left from the meeting that morning and you fed each other through your mouths
  • She’s always somewhat honest to the teachers when she makes excuses to get you out of class
  • “Excuse me, may I borrow [y/n]? There’s a package needing her attention at the front office.”
  • Nobody questions it because Jaehee’s got connections
  • At first you were really surprised at how much Jaehee loved kisses, 
  • But then you realized how good of a kisser you were and all the saltiness you had over her making you miss your super important biology test disappeared
  • And that’s when your Baehee addiction began


  • If you thought Jumin was bad… help me
  • This boy will never be satisfied. 
  • Secret kisses? Screw them. Who cares if anybody sees?
  • In the hallway he’ll see you and just run over, kissing you “casually”
  • *muah* “Hi, babe.”
  • It’s super overwhelming at first, but you get used to it sorta
  • The only problem is when the student council sees you…
  • And, oh your luck, this year they’re working on limiting PDA
  • “It’s the Student Council President! Run, [y/n]!”
  • This is when Zen takes your hand and pulls you into a closet to finish what he started
  • There’s footsteps outside and Zen whispers in your ear…
  • “Don’t make a noise, princess. They’re right outside…”
  • You love his sexy voice, but you don’t appreciate him provoking you into getting in trouble with the student council 
  • They spread rumors like wildfire and your reputation would be ruined in an instant
  • Next year you get onto the student council and shut down their PDA restrictions


  • This boy has it all down. 
  • “You want to kiss me at school? Such a bad girl/boy. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”
  • And oh he does
  • He makes a f*cking schedule
  • Between first and second period? Janitors aren’t even at school yet. Use their room
  • Between second and third period? The route outside isn’t used much. Use the corner in shadow right by the door.
  • Third and fourth? Behind the bushes
  • When he first started you were so surprised       
  • “Seven, what are you-”      
  • “Shhh…” *chu*     
  • “…”       
  • “What the hell are we doing in the copy room?!”      
  • “You said you wanted to kiss me?”       
  • Then, after an entire week where you didn’t go a single period without a kiss from your beloved red-head,       
  • He stopped.
  • Just outright stopped.    
  • You were walking to your first period expecting Seven to grab your arm out of nowhere like he usually did     
  • When he didn’t show, you went to class feeling odd.    
  • All that day your frustration grew until it snapped after 7th period.       
  • You decided to ditch your 8th (don’t ditch kids) and went to find your sneaky bf. *smirks*
  • …(Let’s just say that if you want to know more, I’ll need a fanfic request because this is getting waaaay longer than I expected.)


  • If you’ve managed to capture emo fuzzball’s heart, congrats.
  • It’s one spartan task.
  • Once you have, though, you become his life
  • Especially physical attention
  • He may not act like it, but he is absolutely addicted to your kisses
  • And all the hair pulling 
  • So when you bring up the subject of kissing at school he becomes so flustered
  • “W-w-w-w-w-what??? Are you serious? Who the hell would want to see PDA at school…” he grumbles but his pouty face is adorable
  • “Nobody will, Saeran. That’s why they’re clandestine kisses,” you say, pinching his cheeks.
  • He reluctantly relents, and for the first few days it’s you taking charge
  • Then, one day he surprises you with a yank on your arm
  • And you’re suddenly in the supply room of the IT program
  • It’s completely dark besides the blinking lights of the machinery around you
  • His eyes glow
  • For a moment you’re Oh so scared
  • But then his lips meet yours and you just melt
  • It’s hot inside the room because of the machinery, and it just keeps getting hotter
  • You feel his tongue on yours and omg this might get slightly R-rated
  • But only slightly because Saeran’s really into taking it slow

A little drawpile done with @gt-flufftimes, @tollestsmoll, @smolbearking, and featuring @dont-stop-belibean from the devil may cry series! As u can see we’re all a buncha goofs :v

I’m a bit nervous about posting my doodle on the top right tho, it’s one of the first times I’ve tried drawing mouthplay ;;;;;; (Avert ur eyes Archie)


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Leaks of light paint the bedroom floor …landing on my face and forcing me to open my eyes and acknowledge a new day… I sit up in bed… the covers slip off exposing my breasts and the hickies that now adorn my collarbones… I turn my attention to the sleeping figure beside me… Holy Shit… I just spent the night with Kim Namjoon… I watch him sleep… his almond eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open… he looks so serine… I smooth his tousled hair… I can’t believe he’s really here… Any moment now I’ll be waking up in my apartment… I’m probably running late … by the time I get there Jimin will have drank my coffee…. Shit I get out of bed….beside me Namjoon stirs… I pad over to where my dress lays crumpled on the floor… from the pocket I retrieve my phone… I have 3 messages and 6 missed calls from Jimin ….he probably thinks I’m dead… I pick up Namjoon’s button up and throw it on before padding into the bathroom… I close the door behind me and call Jimin…he answers on the third ring… “Y/N! Are you okay? Where are you? Did you go back to his house? Did you get laid? …”Jimin honey you’re asking questions faster than I can answer them” I reply… “Yes I am okay and right now I’m in his bathroom which should answer your last two questions… “ Jimin takes a moment to process this new information….”cat got your tongue?” I ask… “Omg you had sex with Kim Namjoon?!” he asks surprised… “Yup” I reply… he squeals like a school girl…”So was he good?” Jimin asks voice sultry…I press my thighs together still sore from last night… “Yes” I squeak …Jimin squeals once more…right as I am about to say something witty the bathroom door opens… Namjoon steps into the large bathroom his eyes settle on me… “There you are” he sounds relieved to see me… I smile at him and turn my attention to the red head on the other side of the phone… “Jimminie I’m going to have to call you back” I say “Is he there?” Jimin asks… “Yeah, I’ll see you at work okay, you too, bye?” I hang up and turn my attention towards the adones before me… he’s wearing briefs that outline the tent in his pants…his hair is a tousled mess and his eyes hold carnal promise… “Who was that?” Namjoon asks …”Oh my roommate” I reply… Namjoon closes the distance between us and wraps me in his arms… I can feel the heat from his skin through the thin fabric of his shirt… “I borrowed your shirt” I say peeking up at him…. “It looks so much better on you” he replies before kissing the top of my head and burying his nose in my hair… he feels so warm wrapped around me….

The morning is easier with Namjoon there… we shower together his front pressed to my back… he shampoos my hair…”hmm” I hum in approval… “You like that don’t you baby” he coos in my ear… I press myself against him… When we come out of the shower Namjoon wraps me in a large robe… “I should text Jimin so he can bring me some clothes” I say…Namjoon’s grip on me tightens… I can feel him tense… “Who’s Jimin?” he asks voice cold… “My roommate” he loosens his hold on me and I turn myself towards him… I press a kiss to his lips and just like that our argument is over… When we do make it to the office I go in first… “Am I going to be in trouble?” I ask “Do you want to be in trouble?” he asks with a wink… I kiss him goodbye and step out of the car… inside Jimin is waiting for me… “Hey!” he says wrapping me in a hug… “Did you bring what I asked for?” I ask him once we pull away… “yup right here” he replies handing me a shopping bag… I run into the bathroom and lock the door behind me… I shuffle out of the dress I wore last night and put on a blouse and pencil skirt Jimin brought me… “Thank God you have good fashion sense” I say when I step out… Jimin pokes his tongue at me and we step into the elevator… “So what now?” he asks… “Now we go to work” I reply… “You know what I mean” he says turning towards me and placing a hand on his hip… “I don’t know Jimin” I answer honestly… “What if it was just a one night stand” …”y/n honey this man has pictures of you on his walls. You’re practically engaged” he says… I look at my feet… “Hey “ he says tipping my chin to look at him… “You’re beautiful” I wrap  my arms around Jimin he hugs me back … we don’t realize the doors are open until I hear someone clear their throat… Jimin and I pull apart…Namjoon is standing there looking at us pointedly…  

“Y/N can I see you in my office please” Namjoon orders… Jimin and I look at him then at one another… “Good luck” the red haired boy whispers before scurrying off towards Jungkook’s desk…  I get up from my chair and smooth my skirt over my hips…I can feel Namjoon’s penetrating gaze following my hands… I look up and he clears his throat… my heels click on the tile floor as I waltz into Namjoon’s office… my heart is beating a mile a minute …my nails are carving half-moons on my palms… I can feel his breath on my neck as I wriggle past him… he walks in behind me and closes the door making sure to lock it … he briskly walks towards me… before I can react his hands are grasping my hips and his lips are crashing against my own… he pulls me flush against him… I can feel the bulge in his pants pressed against my belly… I wrap my arms around his neck and deepen the kiss… our tongues fight for dominance but Namjoon wins… he begins to grind his hips into mine making my legs shake …. I can feel my arousal pool in the pit of my stomach…”No” I say pushing  him off of me …I take deep breath to clear my head and then look up ….Namjoon is staring at me his eyes are wide with shock and outrage …he’s still panting… “We’re at work” I say pointedly… Namjoon’s jaw clenches and he stalks towards me one more time… I back into his desk but refuse to back down… “Are you scared your boyfriend will hear you?” he asks…the venom in his voice hurts me more than his accusations… “What boyfriend?” now I’m the outraged one… “That red headed asshole” he retorts…”the one who had his paws all over you” …I look at Namjoon for a moment… he can’t be serious…before I can stop myself a laugh breaks from my lips… he doesn’t know that Jimin and my roommate are one in the same… Namjoon closes the distance between us…he grips my wrists tightly and lowers himself so he’s eye level with me… “You think this is funny?! His tone of voice is clipped and I stop laughing… I look at him with wide eyes… “We spend the night together and you have a fucking boyfriend?” …. My jaw hits the floor… Jimin my boyfriend? “I told you Jimin is my roommate!” I say raising my voice a few octaves … Namjoon looks at me then crashes our lips together one more time… this time his lips ravish my own… I can feel his tongue pushing its way into my mouth…one of his hands grips my wrists while the other pushes my skirt to my hips … he tears through my underwear…I can feel the cold air on my moistened sex… Namjoon places one of his knees between my legs… The arousal pools in my stomach… he slips one slender digit in… my slick walls welcome the friction and I stifle a moan… Namjoon bites my lip… “I want to hear you” he orders I pull on his hand to let me go…he tightens his grip…”Do you think you deserve to touch me after how bad you’ve been?” he asks… his voice is velvety and dark…he inserts another finger and I can feel myself clench on the digits as he presses them on the roof of my hole… I whimper… “First you make me jealous of some printer boy and then you raise your voice at me” he utters all the while pumping his fingers inside of me… “I’m going to fuck you right here right now and it’s going to be for my pleasure not yours” I can feel the tears well in my eyes… God I’m so hot for this… my needy core growing wetter… Namjoon removes his fingers and I whine at the loss of contact… he clears his desk dumping everything onto the floor… I clench my thighs together eager to feel him inside me once more… Namjoon releases his grip on me …he removes his tie and binds my wrists…he angles me so my torso is laying on the desk and my legs are hanging… I should be upset… I should demand he untie me…instead I comply and wrap my legs around his waist… he slips into me easily and starts moving fast and deep not giving me any time to adjust…the pain gives away to pleasure and I bite on my cheek so that I don’t scream… he pounds into me hard making my back hit the desk… my walls clench around him …”If you cum I’m going to punish you” he says between pumps…I try to bring my body to heel… I can’t cum .I can’t cum I repeat this mantra in my head… I can feel myself getting close… Namjoon’s thrusts get sloppier as he nears his own release… I feel a mix of anger ,shame and relieve when he comes to a halt …his seed filling me up…

My chest is heavy and my legs are weak… he pulls out of me and kisses the top of my head….Namjoon’s mood has changed yet again… “Untie me please” I whisper… he complies and rubs my wrists…. I keep my head down to mask the tears… I don’t know who I hate more in this moment Namjoon or myself… he wraps his arm around my shoulder and I push him away… “I’m calling in” I say voice monotone… “What?” he asks …”I’m going home” I say jumping off of the desk and pulling my skirt down to my knees once more…”Okay” …”I’ll come by after work” he says sweetly …but I don’t look at him… I walk out of the office without giving him a second look…I can feel a few people stare at me…they probably think I got fired… I walk to the elevator and press the button for the first floor… I keep my head down… What the fuck just happened? ….did he really just fuck me on his desk? …I can feel my lower muscles clench at the memory of him filling me up… hot tears spill from my eyes and I walk out of the BTS office building … I walk past people on the streets until I don’t recognize my surroundings… “Excuse me, are you okay?” I deep voice asks me… I peek up at him… the man is a little taller than me …he’s blonde and has the same almond eyes as Namjoon… only he’s white like porcelain and slender like a vine… “I umm…” I say unable to articulate words…our eyes are locked on one another until I brake the silence…“Who are you?”  I ask…”I’m Min yoongi and you are?“…


"OMG please stop talking!"-S.W.

“You guys don’t even understand. Like ive never had a girl as good as her" I hear Sammy say as I walk down the stairs, and my ears perk up in interest. “Bro you’re crazy” I hear a voice, I suspect as Nate, say. I stop in the hallway and listen in on their conversation. “Dude I’m serious. She feels so good around me, like I think I’ve found the one.” Sammy says, and I feel my face flush in embarrassment. He better not be talking about our sex life. “Yesterday, she did this one thing and let me tell you. oh my god I thought I was going to die” He continues, and I clear my throat, okay… I’ve heard enough.
“Hey babe” I say, making myself known as I sit on his lap, kissing his cheek. "Oh hey babe” He says, pressing a kiss to my lips. I smile into the kiss, deepening it slightly before pulling away. “What were you guys just talking about?” I ask, wondering if he would actually tell me the truth.
“Oh just how good you are in bed” He says, not hesitating, and my mouth drops. "Sammy!” I say, smacking his chest as my face heats up. “What? These are my friends, they have to know what theyre missing and what they’ll never have.” Sammy grins at me, kissing my cheek.
I roll my eyes at him “Youre such a horny teenager” I say, crossing my arms.
“Oh come on don’t be mad, I was just letting them know how good it feels when you swirl your tongue around m-“ "OMG please stop talking!” I yell, interrupting him, and put my hand over his mouth to stop him from finishing his sentence. My face probably as red as a tomato by now. “Shut up or im not having sex with you for a month” I threaten, and his eyes widen, Nate and Derek bust out laughing.
“So embarrassing” I mumble