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Ignis x reader smut drabble

Ignis tastes absolutely exquisite against your lips…warm, soft, and just the right of pressure to show you just how much he needs you. He moans again, and you greedily swallow it, vibrations from which make hast throughout your body and hit you directly in the core. You take advantage of his current vulnerability, threading your fingers through his tawny hair as your tongue makes its home inside of his mouth, exploring and snaking its way throughout it. Hunger and eagerness took over you, wanting to take in all of him, wanting to watch him become undone underneath you. You capture his tongue in your lips, giving it a slight suck before jerking his head back, eliciting a gasp from him as you found that delicate area between his jaw and neck. That’s when you strike, biting down and laving your tongue repeatedly against his flesh, relishing every buck of the hips and every utter of your name. It was a wonderful sight to behold, the normally stoic strategist succumbing to every touch like he’s been deprived of it for years.

You continue your journey down his lithe body, peppering his chest with kisses taking his nipple into your mouth and rolling it against your tongue before attentively taking it within your teeth. Ignis’ hand found ownership amidst your hair, unable to decide whether to pull you off or let you go even harder on him. It didn’t matter regardless, as you had already moved on, lips trailing towards the light trace of hair leading down to your goal. You briefly part ways with Ignis as another mouth captures yours in a deep kiss, the other pair of lips already slick and well-used. The taste and smell of Ignis was all over Gladio, and you ravish his lips once again, unable to get enough of him. The both of you descend down down conjointly, and Ignis stifles back another cry as you and Gladio return back to your endeavors.

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What about a scenario where Quartet Night comes back from a tour and Ranmaru has a make out session with his s/o and then they get interrupted by Ai and Reiji?

It was a swift kiss saying “hello.”

Or at least it was supposed to be.

Your hands threaded through your boyfriend’s silver hair, kissing, sucking and gasping, neither of you wishing to let go. Their tour ended a day back and you had a chance to finally meet Ranmaru today afternoon.

His lips pressed on yours again and you were lost. It was deep, longing. You gasped when you felt his palms brush through your breasts, pinching the heightening nub.

Your open mouth was now his to explore. He snaked his tongue in, reveling against the warm feel and taste of you, enough to make a man double over with insanity. He traced your bottom lip with his teeth before nibbling at it harshly and using his tongue to sooth the jab of pain.

“God…_____….” He growled against your mouth and you whimpered softly in response. He kissed you again, his fingers tracing your cheekbones, neck and collarbone, his tongue soon following that path.

“Ranmaru…” You gasped and his lips found yours again, you met your tongue with his, matching stroke for stroke hearing a rumble in his throat indicating his pleasure.

You heard a low whistle.

And pulled away immediately, your cheeks flushed and breathing heavy.

“The hell?!” Ranmaru whipped his head back to find Reiji just eyeing the two of you, the flush in your cheeks and Ranmaru’s tousled hair screaming out the obvious. Beside Reiji was Ai who would have looked unimpressed except for the little widening of his pupils showing his surprise.

“Well…it’s just Ranmaru and ____.” The cyan haired idol stated. He stood straighter.

Reiji chuckled darkly, his eyes with a teasing glint. “Haha~ Indeed! Its just them–WAHHHH RANRAN WHY ARE YOU THROWING THAT BOTTLE AT ME?! WHAT IT IT HIT?!”

“WHY ARE YOU HERE HUH?!” Yelled your boyfriend as he chased Reiji down, two more bottles in tow.

You heard a “LEARN TO FREAKING KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER” from your boyfriend and Reiji replying with a “IT WAS OPEN” down the hallway and you straightened, brushing your hair to its normal state with your fingers.

Ai raised an eyebrow at you. “Well, isn’t this nice?”


“Ranmaru and you. Just lock the door next time.” Was what he said before leaving you in the empty room.

“You two stop!” You heard Ai say from the distance and you sighed, a smile on your face. The place’s back to normal eh?

Dirty Laundry - Mark Sloan

Send me a song and I’ll write you a thing

That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain’t my shade of pink

And I can tell by that smell of perfume, it’s like forty dollars too cheap 

And there’s a little wine stain on the pocket of your white cotton thread

Well, you drink beer and whiskey, boy, and you know I don’t drink red

You weren’t one to accuse anyone of anything. Ever. But, when your boyfriend came home from the hospital that he was employed at, you couldn’t help the thoughts that accumulated inside your head. You examined Mark carefully as he grabbed a beer from the fridge. The perfume smell wafted through your nostrils, causing you to wince. 

“What’s the matter, baby?” He chuckled. You bit your tongue. You didn’t want to start the confrontation without solid evidence. You faked a smile quickly. 

“Nothing.” You walked into the living room and sat on the couch. He followed your actions, sitting beside you. There, you got a good look at the marks on the collar of his dress shirt. It made you wonder why he wore a dress shirt in the first place. You narrowed your eyes. The color and shade of the lipstick is something that you knew you’d never wear. And that perfume smell made you want to gag. Shaking your head, you stood up. And that’s when you seen it. The red stain on the bottom of his shirt. At first, you thought it could’ve been blood. He did work at a hospital. you thoughts strayed to the dress shirt again and the reason behind the entire thing. 

Found it over in the corner 

Wadded up on the bathroom floor 

You shoulda hid it the closet

You shoulda burned it, you shoulda lost it

About 10 minutes after he got home, Mark finally went to shower. Everything was out of your mind at that point. You assumed you had no reason to suspect that Mark was actually cheating on you. So you ordered take-out. When he was done in the shower, you excused yourself to use the bathroom. Just moments after closing the bathroom door, you saw the same shirt stuffed behind the sink. Or sort of stuffed behind there. You pulled the fabric out of it’s hiding spot, examining it closer. You wanted to know if the wine stain was actually wine or if you were overreacting. Bringing the cloth up to your face, you breathed in the stain. You got a whiff of the cheap perfume as well as a wine scent. You were certain now. Marching out of the bathroom with the shirt in your hand, you stood in front of Mark. 

“You shouldn’t have hid it behind the sink, dumbass.” You shoved it into his arms. 

Now I'ma hang you out to dry, dry, dry 

Clothespin all your secrets to the line, line, line

Leave ‘em blowing in the wind, just say goodbye to you

All those midnights sneaking in “I’m late again, oh, I’m so sorry" 

All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry 

You locked yourself in your bedroom, drowning out the excuses coming from the other side of the door. You didn’t want it to happen like this but you were going to do something about it. You were going to let his secret out of the bag. Your conscience begged you not to ruin Mark’s career and his name but then your mind wandered again. Those nights that you stayed up waiting for him only for him to show up hours later. 

"I’m so sorry” He’d say over and over again. “I lost track of time at the hospital.” You couldn’t believe how naive you were. You knew now that he was meeting with this lover of his. A tear slipped from your eye but you wiped it away. He wasn’t getting the satisfaction of seeing or even hearing you cry. You picked up the phone and dialed Meredith’s number. Surely, she’d get the message to those that would care. 

“Hello?” A groggy sounding Meredith picked up. 

“It’s Y/N. I need to tell you something." 

If the neighbors get to asking, I won’t cover nothing up

I’ll tell 'em every little detail, how you drug me through the mud

I’m gonna string your old button-down and slide it on the porch

Just in case you get the nerve to come knockin’ on my door 

"He cheated on you?” Derek asked, showing up on your doorstep the next day. Mark left for work and you were beginning to wonder why Derek was here. You nodded proudly. You didn’t mind if people knew. In fact, you encouraged them to tell. 

“How’d you know?” You smirked to yourself, letting Derek in the house. 

“The whole damn hospital knows about it.” He rolled his eyes. When he noticed your smug expression, he began questioning you a bit. “That doesn’t upset you? At all?” He asked. You shook your head, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“I don’t want him back here and I want him to feel how I’ve always felt in this so-called relationship.” You walked to the window by your front door, opening the curtains. “Have you noticed my decor?” You smirked again, showcasing Mark’s dress shirt hanging from your porch. Derek opened his mouth to speak but you stopped him. “It’s only temporary, Shep.” You paused again. “But, seriously, make sure he stays away from my house.” He never did bother you again and you didn’t mind it either. Although you missed his company sometimes, you were not a girl who was 'okay’ with being cheated on. It seems that Mark didn’t quite see the importance.

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I really love your Batman, and every time I see your URL, I want to read the thread. SO GOOD <3

[ dude SAME i’m always reading your threads and bruce is constantly narrating or rolling his eyes with affection and sometimes i make the mistake of reading our threads in public and grinning like an idiot and it’s ridiculous and i adore your clark being my bruce’s clark so much please don’t leave his frustrating stubborn ass okay he loves you so much even if he’ll never really properly say it ]

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❗❗ Hey, please DO NOT buy from Milkybread’s online store. (twitter: @milkybreads_ , tumblr: milkybreads )
Their most recent product is a set of haikyuu acrylic stands, and the Bokuto one in particular was blatantly traced from another artist’s work. Most of their drawings were in fact traced from works of other artists, including oldxian, gusari, etc… They have been copying for over a year and the line was crossed when they started MAKING PROFIT from something that was TRACED. 
When someone direct messages them to stop copying, they brush it off with excuses that their style is just “ mixes of other artists [they] adore too…” Clearly their drawings are traced and they don’t even remove them. 

It is really upsetting to see someone with over 4k+ followers on twitter and tumblr get away with tracing art.

Like, in the US, most obese people are POOR, because unhealthy, high calorie, high fat, high salt foods are actually much cheaper than healthy foods. Our food system and health system are fucked and bizarre. I can get a cheese burger from McDonalds for less than a bag of carrots.

You are fighting the good fight when you said this @fandomsandfeminism, but I just need to correct this bit of misinformation so you can continue fighting with the right facts on your side. [source thread; cw fat phobia]

Poor people, and especially poor people of color, are indeed more likely to be fat than their richer and/or white counterparts. But the reason is not because “unhealthy” food is cheaper. 

Food insecurity is one important reason that poorer people are fatter. But the processes by which food insecurity leads to fatness has less to do with the types of foods people eat and more to do with the metabolic changes that result from cyclical starvation. [source]

 Also, the stress of social oppression changes people’s biochemistry in such a way that becoming fat is more likely. Stress hormones tip the balance towards growing the fat organ, even when food is scarce and people are malnourished. [source]

And being fat actually offers protection against many of the diseases that are caused by the stress of oppression and poverty – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and others. Once people develop these diseases of social oppression, being fat is actually a good thing. [source]

 Also, white supremacy is based in part on valuing a thin body type that is more common among white people of European ancestry, whereas many of the racial and ethnic groups that are marginalized under white supremacy also happen to be fatter, or at least, prone to fatness under certain circumstances. Old timey racists basically latched onto fat phobia as a means of further oppressing and excluding the people they wanted to oppress and exclude. [source]

So basically, poor people are fat for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with the cost of McDonalds. That is actually just a fat phobic myth that allows privileged people to “blame” poor fat people for their body size and the poor health status that is incorrectly attributed to that body size. It’s easy to avoid responsibility for social oppression when poor people are just fat and sick because they make made food choices, am I right? Yuck. [read more]

I know you wouldn’t want to perpetuate that type of harmful and abusive ideology, so it’s a good idea if you – and all of us – stop spreading that myth around!

how to know you’ve been into the sims 2 too long
  • 2-f0r-u
  • no pictures just a download
  • WCIF this?????????? pls respond
  • pimpmysims
  • simsurbania
  • “talkies”
  • CEP 1.0
  • xmsims
  • pleasantview high by katzombie on
  • jd-movies allmenus on cheat
  • T$R drama
  • “i crashed. brb reinstalling and wiping all my data”
  • raonjena
  • emo/edgy/goth sims
  • face 1
  • “leaving testingcheats on too long will crash your game!”
  • simswardrobe
  • pronupsims
  • that one pearl necklace and bracelet
  • noukiesims2/wicked nouk family
  • photoskinned hairs 
  • lianasims2/annamariasims 2
  • the booty
  • sims 2 exchange stories
  • german sims exclusives
  • BBS threads
  • the ford download pack
  • sims 2 store
  • thehontry1 hacked kids drama
  • numenor’s mods
  • grunge phase
  • adelevk
  • the insimenator mod
  • “weird things you noticed in your game” threads
  • artsy photos taken ingame
  • everyone using those loft windows from AL and nothing else
  • belladonna high school from garden of shadows
  • even older: american high school ii from modthesims
  • neon recolours
  • pescado
  • anime hairs
  • simbology inteenimator
  • marvine
  • hair recolours that don’t match any other known textures
  • bodyshapes
  • the launcher still fucking working
  • “my disk got scratched”
  • pre-pets or post-pets
  • collection files having to go into the collections folder
  • “joined union”
  • uberhoods
  • livejournal. everyone had a fucking livejournal. or dreamwidth
  • rosesims2 centaur mesh

Honestly just a point of “continuity, what is continuity?”:

  1. Why didn’t the Legends team know about Flashpoint if they can track aberrations across history? Eobard changes the timeline and they’re there the next day or before it even happens, but they don’t notice Barry changing the timeline for months and flipping it back? And are their memories from pre- or post-Flashpoint?? 

  2. I know that the Legends crew typically ‘fixes’ their mistakes when they mess with the timeline, but literally so did Barry. He saved his mother, and then she died again in the same way on the same night. Why did his ‘fix’ result in such drastic changes (literally erasing Digg’s child????) whereas their changes result in… no long-term negative effects. Until now, with Martin having a sudden daughter. But I mean, you can’t tell me that a throw-down with a nuclear man at the White House during Reagan’s era wouldn’t have some noticeable downstream consequences? Or the time they busted out of the Pentagon at the start of an episode? 

    Even Barry going back a year and letting the team know about time travel much earlier, not to mention resulting in a reformed Hartley, didn’t have any other downstream consequences for the team that we noticed. So why did him re-fixing the night of his mother’s death to exactly how it played out the first time have as much trickle-down as it did?

(in other news, I’m starting to wonder if the hypothesis that Eobard’s been playing with events in Barry’s life / with his friends and family might be actually be accurate? that or we’re just supposed to accept that time travel works very differently depending on what’s convenient… might be the case)

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TT!! So i love your threads about Fenrir and Remus, i have a little bit of a problem though? Basically, I can't work out what Fenrir's feelings are towards Remus. (I'm autistic, so I find it hard to work out people's intentions/feelings, this isn't you or your acting ability, it's just me and the way my brain works) Could you explain how he feels about Remus? Is it a perverse kind of lust?? it feels a bit like it. or is it an obsession with a kid who's broken and self-loathing. Thank you!!

(( OOC: I haven’t really made it entirely clear, I’ve kept his feelings a bit ambiguous, so no stress. ;) I’ll explain how I see it more thoroughly.

Fenrir is the type of person that isn’t affected by anything… he does not have the ability to feel empathy or guilt. When it comes to “morality”, he doesn’t see the world the same way as other people.

Fenrir doesn’t live with the restrictions/limitations that come with having a “conscience”. He finds manipulation and destruction to be amusing. Life is a game… and his goal is to outsmart and overpower “inferior” minds. 

Because of these tendencies, Fenrir gets bored easily. People are predictable, their emotions and their reservations make it easy to determine how they will react in any given circumstance. It’s no fun to manipulate “normal” people, because the results are usually the same across the board. 

Remus is not “normal”. Remus is a werewolf, living and functioning in wizarding society. He has friends, he has support… and he’s probably the only werewolf to have ever attended Hogwarts (seeing as accommodations were made specifically for him when he arrived). Instead of embracing his curse (like Fenrir), or rejecting it and falling into madness, Remus has learned to work around his lycanthropy and find a place in the wizarding world. He’s a rarity. 

When Fenrir finds someone interesting, he zones in on them. All of his energy goes into “playing” with the people that catch his eye… and he can’t bring himself to stop until he “wins”… whatever his end game may be. 

Fenrir doesn’t have the ability to feel “love”… he doesn’t love Remus… he doesn’t care about Remus… he’s obsessed. He wants to “dismantle” Remus. He wants to see if he can break him… take away the qualities that make Remus unique. He wants to have complete control over Remus’s will… he wants to win. 

In a way, it is a form of lust… but not in the usual sense. 

That’s how I see his relationship with Remus. )) 

Shaking and rapidly exhaling, don’t crush your wings
against the weight of your own mind
they were so perfectly, pleasantly, patiently crafted
like the way you use your hands to delicately
thread and rewire and repair
they are like instruments the way they touch everything and leave a frosted glaze
I always know when you have been because
you leave nothing behind
like you want to be invisible
and you go
you forget your afterglow
—  Virgo
What We Find

August, 1996 - Remus Lupin’s flat

Tonks: Look, I can either make myself look like your postman and trick you in to letting me in…

Tonks: What the -

Tonks: *shaking Remus awake*

Tonks: Have you been like this the whole time?

Tonks: Merlin’s sake, Remus.

*Remus protests weakly as Tonks heaves him off the floor*

*They are both silent as she works*

Tonks: Remus, you can’t live like this.

*Remus frowns as he hears her rummage through his kitchen*

Tonks: *handing him a piece of chocolate* You’ll feel better.

Tonks: Hey…

Tonks: I’m not going anywhere.

Tonks: Of course.


And my love is yours but your love’s not mine

So I’ll go but we know I’ll see you down the line

And we’ll hate what we’ve lost but we’ll love what we find

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

The Art of Falling in Love

Originally posted by minhyunq

Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, highschool!au, badgirl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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hi!! can i request a daddy kink smut w namjoon and reader? she posts provocative selfies on her instagram while namjoon is on tour,and once he comes back from tour he punishes her for it. blasian reader please ❤❤ thank you!



“Namjoon- “Your shaky voice was cut off by a loud cry once the whip hit your flustered skin again. Your bound wrist twisting behind your back as you looked around in the darkness.

“What’s my name?” Namjoon asked harshly jerking your head back with his fingers threaded in your hair so tight you knew you would have a headache. Not answering him quickly enough you received a slap on the clit by the black riding crop that he had.

“Master! Or sir.” You whimpered out feeling your clit throb from the slight pain.

“And did master tell you that you could talk?” He asked playing the crop between your chest and the chair only to let his finger slide down and pinch your clit not letting it go.

“NO! NO NO I’M SO SORRY!” You cried out trying to move from him.

“Stay still!” Namjoon commanded his voice booming and you flinched pressing yourself against the chair as more tears fell from your eyes and soaked up the blindfold that was on your eyes. “You’ve been such a bad slut. I wasn’t even gone that long and this is how you act. It looks like you won’t be cumming at all tonight.” Namjoon growled pulling his fingers back from your clit only to grab at the crop and strike your clit again. Whimpering softly, you bit on your bottom lip to stifle your cries of protest not wanting to anger the male anymore. “Now. What did you do?” Namjoon asked you once again for what seemed the tenth time or so that night. His middle and ring finger plunging back into your wet pussy. He thrusted them fast and hard against your G-spot curving his fingers and making a come hither motion inside of you that had your bound legs shaking against the chair. Chin resting against the chair you tried to find your words in your muddied mind but all you could think about was how good it felt and this was the worst punishment ever. “You better fucking start talking or this pussy is going to be so sore you won’t be able to sleep any other way but on your back.” Namjoon threatened and you snapped out of it nodding your head.

“I- I posted provocative pictures on Instagram while you were away and that was very naughty.” You whined out squeezing around his fingers. Namjoon jerked your head back biting harshly on your shoulder blade causing a silent cry to fall from your lips.

“Did I tell you to squeeze around my fingers?” He questioned swirling his fingers inside of you and you shook your head as much as you could.

“No sir!” You cried brokenly feeling your body become weaker from his ministrations.

“Then why are you doing it?” He questioned pulling his fingers back, as much as you wanted to react you knew it would only be worse if you did.

“I’m sorry sir! I wasn’t thinking. It won’t happen again.”

“Good slut.” Namjoon let your hair go to slap you across your cheek moving to stand in front of you. His hands reaching forward to pull on your nipple clamps causing your body to make the faintest of trembles that you covered up because you knew he hated when you moved without permission. “Now, once again. Why did you do it?” Namjoon asked in his cold cryptic tone. You hated this side of him the most because despite his harsh treatment you were fucking dripping against the seat and this shouldn’t be happening.

“I didn’t think…” You searched for answers but you didn’t want to say the truth to him or he would punish you more.

You couldn’t believe you were in this position right now. It felt like you had been in this chair for over hours, your pussy felt sore already from minor slaps and touches. He picked you apart and ruined you bit by bit. Why? Because you were a bad girl that’s why. Namjoon had went on his wings tour and you were happy no doubt you were always so proud of the boys’ success but you were needy and you both had barely had time together. But you tried to bear it all for him. It started off innocent of course, one night when you were needy you went to Instagram posting a picture of yourself in a sports bra and shorts with the caption ‘missing daddy’. You were a natural beauty, you had a lot of followers based off your looks alone and then the others came to look at you for the amazing art work you did because you were an inspiring tattoo artist. And a lot of people replied of how they would take care of you and be your daddy or even mommy if you were into those kinds of things. It had made you feel wanted. Craved. And some part of you felt like you were being sneaky because Namjoon didn’t have an account. Or so you thought. You ended up posting more photos, first over the course of weeks and then every few days and every day. Shedding more and more clothing until you were showing a bare thigh or a full mirror photo of you with wet hair and a short towel around your body showing the full curves of your breast and your hips. Sometimes you showed pictures of you in lace panties or see through shirts that showed some of your nipples but not your full breast. And Namjoon, sneaking on his Instagram account that only his members knew he had, he saw everything you did. You didn’t even make your page private and that is how you got caught. No one suspected you and Namjoon to be dating so the comments didn’t piss him off that much because you said you had someone. But it was how you teased him, how you tried to talk down on the male while he was gone. Namjoon had been full of rage on stage. He couldn’t do anything to you and that pissed him off. He just wanted to fuck you in the most sinful ways that should be unspoken.  The fact that he couldn’t put you in your place but his cock throbbed every time he saw your photos it drove him up and down the walls. So, maybe yes, he did lie to you as if he had a flight delay due to weather. Why ruin the surprise? He even went so far as to pay off people who saw him and told them to keep the hush down even his loud mouth friends and managers. Once he got home you were completely oblivious to what was going on. Dancing around in your thigh high polka dot socks and pink tank top that belonged to him. Namjoon had packed a bag and he knew on the ride over there what he would due to you.

Watching you prance around and how your body moved he couldn’t help feel the same anger that slowly wound up in his system from your latest post of you in that outfit shirt lifted up by the inside of your thigh with the captions ‘daddy will be gone for one more night. Who wants princess to entertain them?’. Growling to himself and to your shocked figure that turned around way too late he pinned you down not saying too many words. You could sense his anger rolling off his body so you tried to fight him away but it didn’t work. He wrestled you on your stomach, dragging his bag beside him to place the blindfold on your eyes. Next, he started to undress you though you squirmed and tried to get away from him. He bound your wrist together behind your back. Letting you squirm on the floor he went to get the punishment chair from the corner of the closet pressing it down to the middle of the floor. He picked up your squirming body making you straddle the chair with the back facing you. He pressed your legs on either of the back legs of the chair binding them down as well. That was how your torture started.

The only words you are allowed to speak are sir, and no or yes besides explaining yourself when I ask a question.” Yeah, he was pissed but instead of you listening you were disobeying talking to him and telling him you didn’t know who he thought you were but to let you go and how you didn’t do anything. He didn’t talk back, moving to grab at some toys in the bag. Whipping you and playing with your wet pussy he made sure you got broken back in line. He had placed nipple clamps on your breast, hitting your skin with the riding crop he marked your light skin with bruises.

“Y/N.” Namjoon said your name and that was enough to make you jump out of your jumbled thoughts.

“No?..” You questioned not knowing what he had said and that was a wrong move on your part. Clicking his tongue Namjoon bent down grabbing at one of his favorite ruby red candle. He moved towards the bathroom shutting the door so that he could run the water and strike the match in order to surprise you. Letting the candle melt a bit he stayed in there for some time causing you to become nervous. Your tears were drying up against your skin and your breathing was becoming regular once again. Until the door opened.

Out came Namjoon with slow steps towards your body. He walked behind you trailing his finger down your spine slowly causing you to shudder and groan in pleasure. He grabbed at his belt from his black bag folding it and striking it across your ass cheeks. Yelping out you quickly stifled your cries once again drawing blood as you bit down on your bottom lip. “You know your safe word.” Namjoon reminded you. Though he was punishing you he didn’t want to break you to the point you were terrified of him or in extreme pain. He just wanted you to obey. You shook your head no telling him that you could handle what he gave to you. Namjoon chuckled it was one of the reasons he loved you, because you were able to handle anything he gave you. Licking down towards your ass crack he circled his tongue around your puckering star before he pulled back groaning at your taste. He tilted the candle against the top of your back pouring the wax on your skin. You bit your bruised lip harder to keep down the crying pain of the stinging from the hot wax on your skin. He poured it in a straight line letting it run down your back. And then going back over the lines he started to mark his name with the wax across your shoulder blades. He moved back walking around on your right side, pouring the wax onto your right thigh and then your left thigh. Once you were covered with wax, he blew out the candle sitting it down on the dresser.

He gripped at the whip rolling his neck flicking his wrist to crack the whip against your skin. He broke the hardened wax across your body causing you to become sticky and full of red whelps. He cracked the wax on your thighs dropping the whip onto the floor before he grabbed his belt standing behind you. “Count.” He commanded as he started to strike your ass cheeks one by one.

“One. Two. Three!” You cried out arching your back, your pussy was leaking and soaking out the chair under you because despite the pain shooting up your back you loved it. Namjoon kept it up spanking your ass until he reached twenty licks on each reddened cheek. He got on his knees kneading the warm skin. He bit into each of your cheeks spreading your ass wide with his large palms. Licking from your clit up to your ass he repeated that step twice. He moved to lick up and down your slit flicking your clit harshly. He moved to bite on your pussy lips gently. Instead of going for your pussy he went to your ass shoving his tongue into your tight asshole he moaned stretching you out. His tongue sliding in and out of your hole he tongue fucked your hole until it was wet and you were trying your hardest not to clench around his tongue. He pulled back rubbing your ass cheeks not praising you though he wanted to.

“Since you want to clench so much. I got something for you.” He moved to grab at two weighted balls watching you with hooded eyes. He had to pat his erection slowly trying to calm it down. He moved to crouch behind you, pressing one ball against your pussy he slid it inside of you slowly. Once it was inside of you he grabbed the other to press it against your asshole sliding it inside of you as well. “If you don’t clench around these they will fall out and I will punish you more.” He warned smirking as he bit the inside of your thigh.

He stepped back looking at your body all red and abused for him. It was such a beautiful sight. A canvas to paint after a long tour and he knew after this you wouldn’t be misbehaving for a while. He slowly stripping himself from his baggy skinny jeans and lose fitted V-neck dropping his boxers last. He moved in front of you petting your head he slapped his cock against your face rubbing it over your lips before his hand slapped your left cheek and his free hand gripped your hair. “Mouth open.” He commanded and you followed instructions opening your mouth for him. Namjoon gripped at his cock giving it a few pumps until his precum was oozing out. He let It press against your tongue and slid down your tongue into your throat and disappear. He moaned out sinfully dimples popping out as he gritted his teeth. Slowly he slid himself into your warm wet mouth moaning once again at how it felt to be in the space. He grabbed at your hair tighter rolling his hips forward slowly. Your tongue moved up and down his shaft and against every vein you could find. Your mouth being stretched out by his warm thick cock that was sliding up and down your wet tongue. He built up his speed every few thrusts until he was pounding into your mouth. He groaned looking at you, he pushed as hard as he could squeezing his ass cheeks to bury his cock into your throat. He slapped at your cheeks turning the skin red smiling down sadistically at you taunting you.

“My dirty little cum slut. My dirty little whore. Daddy’s fucktoy. Daddy’s dirty vixen. All mine. All fucking mine. Every ounce of you. This warm little mouth. That tight little pussy and asshole.” He looked down at you pinching your nose to cut off your air. He built up his speed slamming into your mouth balls hitting your chin. He could see the spit falling from your mouth and going down to your chest and your nipples. You were ruined and a slut and he needed you now. Namjoon kept pinching your nose pushing his hips forward he held himself down against the back of your throat. You struggled for oxygen and you felt your airway closing. Swallowing around him you choked lightly becoming light headed. He watched your body slowly go limp and he pulled out of your mouth letting your nose go. You gasped for the air sucking it in as your chest heaved for it. Namjoon bent down undoing your legs from the chair he picked up your body laying you on the bed. Moving to plug in your favorite vibrator he got onto the bed in between your limp legs pressing them down. “Sorry princess. No cumming.” He pushed your legs wider taking the weighted balls from your pussy and your ass but you had to relax and be still for him to reach deep and get them out.

You were dreading it already. Namjoon aligned his wet cock with your entrance pushing inside of you ever so slowly to get the feel of you once again. A soft moan left your lips as he felt you up and you could feel every inch of him inside of your tight pussy. He started to thrust into you with slow but harsh thrusts. Slapping his hips against yours with every snap. He gripped at your hips first, dragging you down onto his cock. He continued to snap his hips forward burying himself inside of you to the hilt feeling every ounce of your wet walls. He knew he was going to be close to cumming, just feeling you alone was enough to make him always loose his mind. Turning on your vibrator he pressed the messaging head against your clit looking down at your body as one hand kept a tight grip on your hips bruising the flesh.

“Who do you belong to?” He asked pounding harder into you.

“You!” You whimpered out.

“Who am I?” He asked winding himself into your pussy fucking you into the mattress pounding deeper into you.

“Daddy Namjoon! My master! Fuck my everything!” You cried out once again sobbing as the vibrator lulled against your clit causing your stomach to tighten up. It felt so good, your pussy hurt in a good way. Namjoon was fucking you thoroughly pushing against your spot your hips connecting as he got rougher. He leaned over you dragging the vibrator up and down your clit moaning as he watched your body quiver and your pussy tightened up against him. Namjoon was close to the edge but he knew if he came inside of you, it would tip you off and you would cum as well. Namjoon pulled out of you moving to your mouth opening it back up as the toy stayed against your clit and he took the vibrations higher.

“Daddy!” You cried out shaking as your orgasm got closer. Namjoon gripped onto his cock stroking it fast and hard over your mouth shooting thick white ropes of his cum on your face and into your mouth bucking his hips to ride out his orgasm.

“Swallow.” He commanded after he unloaded himself into your mouth pressing the vibrator harder against you and you nodded your head cleaning your lips and chin as best as you could swallowing the bitter cum. He moved back to turn off the vibrator watching you shake as you came down from your orgasm. You were sobbing against the sheets frustration and anguish welling through your body. Namjoon slowly untied you and took of the blindfold. He shut off the toy and put it beside the bed smiling down apologetically at you.

“I wish I could let you cum, but if I reward you then you will always be a bad girl when I’m away and people will always want what’s mine.” He said softly leaning down to kiss away your tears and then kissing your forehead. “Princesses that are bad don’t get cummies or kisses on the lips. Now, daddy is going to bathe you and clean up the room and tuck you in for the night while he sleeps on the couch. In the morning if you apologize correctly I’ll see what my tongue can do for you pretty pussy. Understood?” He asked softly rubbing your hips softly. And though you hated it you wanted to scream and cry you knew he would leave if you acted out more.

“Yes sir.” You said softly and he picked you up with a soft understanding smile carrying you into the bathroom.

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Could you please do a peter parker headcannon when the reader is blind and he does cute touchy things with her and lots of fluff? Thanks

(I drifted away from this being about touch because it just started to flow nicely the way I took it, sorry! If you want me to do more headcanons about touch, feel free to request again)

Peter’s fingers threaded through yours carefully, squeezing your hand reassuringly as he always did. You could tell that he was smiling.

Cool grass tickled your cheeks as you lay in the park next to your boyfriend. You could tell that it was a beautiful day, because the sun was warming your face and you were with Peter. Any day with him was a beautiful day to you.

You were aware of Peter lying down beside you, and smiled softly when he rested his head against your shoulder. The smell of him dominated the sharp sweet smell of the grass you lay on, and your smile widened.

“Tell me about your face again,” you requested, tilting your head slightly to the side so that your cheek was pressed against the top of Peter’s head. He chuckled, the sound bubbling from his lips. It was a sweet sound, and reminded you of the taste of lemonade.

“I told you last night,” he replied, but you could hear the smile in his voice. “Have you forgotten already?” he teased.

You nudged him playfully, and he kissed your cheek gently.

“I have light skin, and a thin nose,” he began. “It’s crooked because I broke it a couple years ago, and I love when you bump your nose against mine when we’re kissing. I have really dark brown eyes, and you make them sparkle whenever I look at you.” You could hear the grin in his voice, and you buried your face in his neck in embarrassment.

“You’re so soppy,” you told him, your voice muffled. He wrapped his arms around you and shifted his head so that your head was tucked under his chin.

“Tell me about my face,” you mumbled.

Peter froze; you hadn’t seen your reflection since you were really little, and whilst you knew how you generally looked, you had never asked anyone for the details before.

“You have beautiful (eye colour) eyes, and you look adorable when you screw them up when you laugh,” he told you, speaking carefully now. You could feel that he was examining your face, trying to find the words.

“You have a little spot on your chin at the moment, but it doesn’t look bad, don’t worry. You have a tiny scab on your lip because you bit it, and you have a little bit of dust on your cheek.”

You felt him rubbing your cheek gently, and you frowned.

“But those are all bad things,” you replied in confusion. Peter leaned down and nuzzled his crooked nose against yours.

“They’re beautiful to me,” he whispered.

Tell Me Your Troubles (Part One)

(OOC: Thanks so much to the lovely @the-moon-and-stars-my-love for being such a wonderful Jamie. I’m so glad we are finally posting this thread after talking about it for like a month!! hehe anywhoo hope you all enjoy! <3)

Jamie: Tell me your troubles

Remi: I couldn’t talk to Siri about this anyway…

Jamie: That’s because Siri is an actual mess. She thinks she’s slick, but she’s really not.

Remi: Here’s there thing…

Remi: So that’s saying something…

Remi: *Muffled voice* It’sSiri

Jamie: Oh for merlin’s sake, Remi. Of course I’m okay!

Jamie: Okay so, first things first…

Jamie: Let’s get one thing straight.

Jamie:  So I’ll give Siri the same speech later. Don’t you hurt her, Remi. Don’t you dare. If this doesn’t work out between you two….I’m gonna have to choose…

~To Be Continued~