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I am yet to write with you, but your Dorian is so beautifully written I absolutely adore him ( albeit from the sidelines lmao ) and honestly your threads are always such a pleasure to read because you phrase everything carefully and it's obvious that you put a hella lot of effort into your writing ( which pays off because it's such a joy to read your things <3 ) my friend you are an incredibly talented writer and I love seeing you on my dash <3

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[ Those are big compliment(s) and i’m just flabbergasted tbh]


Awkward Anime Episode 8.1: Kimi No Na Wa - The Red Thread of Fate

Director Makoto Shinkai was asked on numerous occasions when promoting his 2016 phenomenon Kimi No Na Wa about the inspiration behind the unusual connection of Mistuha and Taki, answering each time with the inclusion of a phrase that peaked my interest: The Red Thread of Fate.

“In Japan, there is always this talk about the red thread of fate that links two people together and that is where the idea came from.” 

The Red Thread of Fate is an East Asian belief originating from China which says that the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. We see a red thread or cord as a massive symbol of the connection between the two timeline-crossed lovers throughout the entire film, yet there is never a need to explain the meaning behind this.

There was no need in delving into this as the people of Japan are aware of this belief in which the myth says that everyone’s pinky finger is tied to an invisible red thread or string that will lead him/her to another person with whom they will make history. Unlike the Chinese, the belief among the Japanese people is that this red thread is not limited to couples and that the two people will have an important story regardless of the time, place or circumstances.

Makoto Shinkai made sure that this connection was indeed the main plot as he has stated on many occasions about how “The main theme here is these two people have met and then meet again at the end”. Yet the additions of the comedic body-swapping and the “once every 100 year” comet was just as important as the main theme. These three elements make this into truly a remarkable film.

The flawlessly animated skies with the comet seemingly running across the horizon was a perfect way for Shinkai to tell of the connection between Mitsuha and Taki. As the animated feature rolls on, we see skies lit up with stars to emphasise the effect of this natural phenomenon, but we know that it was indeed a method for showing the braided ties which links our two main characters.

According to the Chinese Legend of the red thread of fate, the deity in charge of the red thread is believed to be Yue Xia Laoren(Yue Lao), the old lunar matchmaker God, who is in charge of marriages.

Strings are resembled from the shooting stars, a deliberate method by the Writer turned Director to symbolise the linked teenagers. The main focus from the start of writing in 2014 was the connection between the protagonist and romantic interest and every element that was put forward in this animated feature were cleverly used plot devices, from the body-swapping to the natural disaster.

Makoto Shinkai did confirm that the 2011 Earthquake in Japan was where the idea of using the comet as a blockbuster element originated from. While doing research in early 2014, he discovered that the specific Earthquake to hit Japan in 2011 is said to come approximately every 100 years. The story teller wanted that something to really enhance the plot and keep the audience on the edges of their seats.

“I thought that that a regular natural phenomenon could be the narrative tool I needed to tell the story”

All of these elements produce to me not a romance, but that of a story where one desires a certain life, that feeling of being in a normal town with normal friends and a normal family. Though what is normal? By saying “normal” I do not mean at all a “perfected” lifestyle where everything you dream of is your reality. We humans wander through life working and striving for something. That something, is familiarity. The feeling of yeah, this is my simple life and it’s natural.

Mitsuha throwing her red thread to Taki on the train clearly shows the dedication Director Makoto Shinkai put into researching to create a masterpiece. The circumstances of the main characters challenge the strength of that bond fate created. Time passes, personalities change and grow, but the one and indeed only one constant, is that Red Thread of Fate. The labyrinth of encounters and shared stories the two go through to only always be a thread away from each other.

“This is a story centred around the romance of Taki and Mitsuha, I wanted a symbol that connected the two of them.”

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You started the crop top Yuuri revolution. How do you feel?!?!

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sdjgfljkhgf THANK YOU SO MUCH,,,,, ;v;


you can thank every wonderful person that joined in too!! they’re the ones who helped to spread the crop top yuuri appreciation <3



!!!! thank you so much ;v; crop tops are amazing, I love them hahah

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Send one of the following to ask the mun:

🍐 - How many ships have you considered but rejected for your muse?
🍊 - What are your favourite genres of threads? Fluff? Angst? Etc
🍎 - If you had to chose a new faceclaim for your muse, who would you pick?
🍋 - Does your muse complain about things to you? If so, what?
🍌 - What drew you into the fandom in the first place?
🍉 - If you considered a time travel thread, when would your muse go?
🍓 - What’s your sweetest rp experience so far?
🍇 - Have you even encountered any partners that threw a tantrum at you?
🍒 - How many friends do you have on here?
🍍 - How many drafts are you stalling with this meme?
🥝 - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
🍅 - Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity for your muse or another?
🍆 - How much sin appears on your dash every day?
🥒 - Are you thinking about reviving old muses? Who?
🥕 - What do you think about the current theme trends?
🌽 - Is there a fandom you’re too intimidated to join?
🌶 - Do you find your muse attractive?
🥔 - What’s the dumbest mistake you’ve made in rp?
🥜 - What’s the nuttiest thread you’ve ever had?

Oath of FaceApp

So I recently discovered this free mobile app called FaceApp that lets you run photos of faces through A.I. filters.

And since I have the stomach flu today, I thought I’d take my mind of puking by downloading art from the first five Gatewatch “Oath” enchantments, and running them through various filters.

The four filters I used for these collages are:

  • Young/Hollywood
  • Smile
  • Old
  • Gender Swap

Hope you like them!! Feel free to add your own to the thread!

Down To Mephisto’s Cafe PT. 5.5

She Has A Girlfriend Now

After the song…

Pansy: So…you’re gay, then.

Ginny: Yep

Pansy: You have a girlfriend?

Ginny: Yeah…. she’s kind of a bitch though.

Pansy: Hmmm… I just know what I want.

Ginny: Me.

Pansy: Do you wanna dance?

Ginny: You wanna skank?

Pansy: *appalled* Is that what it’s called?

Ginny: *pauses*

You know, we could just go makeout instead.

Pansy: Lead the way.


Bts Reaction To Overstimuation

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Seokjin knew he was screwed the moment you unzipped his jeans in the cinema. But when he came he didn’t expect your soft hands to keep pumping his cock.

“Jagi, w-hat are you doing?” He whimpered, fingers clutching your shoulder. “S-stop.” He threatened as he now bit you. Seokjin could see clearly the smirk upon your face as you looked at the screen. It started to hurt, he wanted it stop, but he was so close and at the same time he wanted to let go. He couldn’t take it.

“Fuck, meet me out by the car in five minutes.”

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He pushed your head further down and you gagged, unable to take it this far. “That’s it, be a good baby and take it.” He chuckled. Your nails dug into his thighs, ‘fucking sadist’ you thought, surprised when he came with a moan of your name. Yoongi tried to tug you up, in retaliation you sucked harder, taking his cock and choking when it hit the back of your throat.

“What are you doing?” His head tilted back, jaw slack and his fingers threading through your hair.

“It’s like you just want to be punished.”

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“Y/N, don’t do that, you can stop now-Ah!” He interrupted himself with his own moan, fingers clutching the sheets as you milked every single drop of cum out of him. Not stopping when he whined in protest, kicking his legs up. You hummed and his thighs shook, whimpering as you started pumping the shaft and massaging his balls, mouth wide open and ready for his second load.

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

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“That’s it flower.” He smiled as he watched you lick the tip of his cock, hand pumping it and mouth ready for his cum. He came, covering your face in his liquid, you squeezed your eyes shut and waited until he’d completely finished. As he let out one last moan, you dove back down on his cock, sucking and taking it straight so it hit the back of your throat. He gasped, trying to pull you up but too weak to move and stop you.

“Listen sweetheart, I’ll count to five and I expect you to stop by the time I’m done.”

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He was so incredibly sweet and you felt as if you never wanted to stop tasting him. Jimin let out the most sinful whimpers as your tongue licked at his tight hole. “Please,”

“Please what, Baby?” You pulled away, taking in the sight of his arched back and perfectly round ass stuck in the air as he turned to look over his shoulder, so pretty and innocent.

“I want to cum.” He whined and you smiled, nodding at him signalling for him to let go. He whimpered as his cock leaked out his cum, staining the bed sheets and making him feel so dirty. You smirked as he fisted the sheets and scrunched his eyes shut, you reached over to grab his cock and pumped it, watching as he arched his back further, whining you to stop but bucking into your hand nonetheless.

“Please, Mommy/Daddy, stop!”

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“Yes, oh my god!” Taehyung bucked his hips up, moaning loudly as you bounced on his cock.

“Are you coming, honey?” You asked, leaning down to kiss his neck. He nodded furiously, covering his face as he filled you up with his seed. You kept bouncing, not caring for your orgasm anymore, but only wanting to see his face when he released and the deep groans that escaped him. He whimpered, trying to hold your hips down but failed when the friction was too much.

“Please keep going~”

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He lay with his legs pressed to his chest, hands holding his thighs while you spread his milky ass cheeks and kneaded his soft flesh. “F-fuck, more please!” He whimpered shamelessly as he got so close to his high. Jaw slack and mouth open as your fingers wrapped around his cock and you mouth latched to his hole. Tongue shoved in and brushing against such a sensitive spot.

The stimulation from both ends was too much and he felt his stomach lurch inside and before he could control it he came. But you didn’t stop, he gasped in sensitivity, pushing his hips up but screaming ‘no’ over and over again.

“I can’t, please, I can’t do it again.”

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Multiverse Lovers - Part Two -Stiles Stilinski

Title: The Happenings of Beacon Hills

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 8,436

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Public Sex, Jeep Sex, Fingering, Hand Job, Making Out with Stiles because who wouldn’t?, Feeling, Sexy Massages, Dirty Talking, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms

Notes: Prepare your holy water, because it’s about to get real. 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The jostling of the moving car bumped you left and right, the almost inaudible chug of the engine the first sound you could make out. Your eyes clenched tightly, a small stream of sunlight hitting them through the window. Your mind was slow to process what was going on and where you were, the worn leather of the seats making your back sweat profusely.

Wait, you thought to yourself, your eyes cracking open to stare at the roof of the vehicle above your head. Why am I in a car? The last thing I remember was falling asleep on the roof…

You sat up startled, glancing around at your surroundings hoping to figure out where you were and what was going on. A million thoughts were running through your mind, none of them making any sense. You glanced out the window in front of you, watching the trees pass by. You were in a moving vehicle, make and model unknown, person driving it most likely having kidnapped you.

“Glad to see you are finally awake,” the driver spoke. You glanced at the person, meeting their eyes through the rear-view mirror. The male’s honey brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, but more than familiar to your well-trained eyes. “Did you have a good nap?”

Your mouth fell open, not believing what you were looking at.

Stiles Stilinski is right in front of me. What the fuck?

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What’s in your bag beard - Albus Dumbledore Edition

Dumbledore: I heard there was this new trend at my school, that everyone shows what they’re carrying around every day. Since I am the headmaster, I thought I should join in.

Dumbledore: They taste like liquid Sugar.

Dumbledore: Let’s go on.

Dumbledore: Another thing that’s very important to me:

Dumbledore: Music can be quite useful to ease up a tense situation.
I want to introduce you to someone.

Dumbledore: Obviously, a school as big as Hogwarts needs a lot of money, so it’s always good to have a Niffler or two with you.
Let me look for more.

Dumbledore: What the fuck is this?

Dumbledore: How could I forget about this?!


Dumbledore: Baby shoes. Not at all for nostalgic reasons

Dumbledore: Look how tiny they are!

((OOC: Dumbledore out.
In the usual Sami-style I’m late to the party. But you know? Save the best for last ;) Luckily my thread will probably not be the last of this series
Anyway special thanks to @kapitan5o​ for having this amazing idea! And my admiration to everyone who did this so far, y’all were incredibly creative!
Now I’ll shut up))

reminder that rp isn’t an obligation. take your time. be selective and private if you want to be. breathe. take it one day at a time, one draft at a time. roleplaying isn’t a race. your threads will still be there when you’re ready.

what a girl likes

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Prompt: #3 off of this prompt list: “Arcade games and pizza, hell yeah.” “What, are you, five?” “Oh, that reminds me. I need to call my mom and ask if she can pick me up.”

Requested by:

Warnings: spoilers, swearing

Word count: 1,615

Notes: Steve Harrington is the light of my life I need you all to know that.


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❗❗ Hey, please DO NOT buy from Milkybread’s online store. (twitter: @milkybreads_ , tumblr: milkybreads )
Their most recent product is a set of haikyuu acrylic stands, and the Bokuto one in particular was blatantly traced from another artist’s work. Most of their drawings were in fact traced from works of other artists, including oldxian, gusari, etc… They have been copying for over a year and the line was crossed when they started MAKING PROFIT from something that was TRACED. 
When someone direct messages them to stop copying, they brush it off with excuses that their style is just “ mixes of other artists [they] adore too…” Clearly their drawings are traced and they don’t even remove them. 

It is really upsetting to see someone with over 4k+ followers on twitter and tumblr get away with tracing art.

Instagram Voting Results! :)

(( OOC: Hey peeps, the results are in! 

Thanks to everyone who followed me on instagram! You guys helped me reach my goal (and surpass it). You guys are lovely, and now here’s a little something for you! 

1st place: 

NSFW Wolfstar Thread 

2nd place: 

Continuation of “A Choice With No Regrets

3rd place: 

Sirius / Remus reunion post Azkaban (Full Remake of the canon Shrieking Shack scene)  


“What? I don’t like him, he’s my best friend!” Wolfstar Denial Thread


Now here’s one more question for you… What do you want to see for the NSFW thread? 

Leave your suggestions… and I’ll pick the one that I like the most. ;) 


Summary: You’re on pain meds, and won’t stop running your mouth.

Word Count: 876

Warnings: swearing, talk of drugs, implied smut, mentions of leg fracture

A/N: Just a small drabble-ish piece that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while :) It’s been hard for me to write part 3 of Fading because I haven’t been in the mood to write angst lately :/

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Sam gestures to you with a nod of his head, referring to your current state. You rest your chin on your hand, propping your elbow up on the table as you stare directly at a water bottle, facing the living room.

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Oscar Predictions 10/19/17

Best Picture

1. Dunkirk

2. Call Me By Your Name

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

4. The Shape of Water

5. The Post

6. Get Out

7. Darkest Hour

8. Lady Bird

9. Mudbound

10. The Florida Project


11. Blade Runner 2049

12. I, Tonya

13. Phantom Thread

14. Baby Driver

15. The Disaster Artist

16. Coco

17. The Greatest Showman

18. Downsizing


Best Director

1. Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk)

3. Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water)

2. Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name)

8. Martin McDonaugh (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri)

5. Steven Spielberg (The Post)


6. Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049)

7. Joe Wright (Darkest Hour)

8. Dee Rees (Mudbound)

9. Jordan Peele (Get Out)

10. Paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread)

11. Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)

12. Sean Baker (The Florida Project)


Best Actor

1. Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour)

2. Daniel Day Lewis (Phantom Thread)

3. Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name)

4. Jake Gyllenhaal (Stronger)

5. Denzel Washington (Roman Israel Esq.)


6. Tom Hanks (The Post)

7. James Franco (The Disaster Artist)

8. Joaquin Phoenix (You Were Never Really Here)

9. Andrew Garfield (Breathe)

10. Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman)


Best Actress

1. Frances McDormand (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri)

2. Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water)

3. Meryl Streep (The Papers)

4. Saorise Ronan (Lady Bird)

5. Margot Robbie (I, Tonya)


6. Jessica Chastain (Molly’s Game)

7. Emma Stone (Battle of the Sexes)

8. Kate Winslet (Wonder Wheel)

9. Judi Dench (Victoria and Abdul)

10. Jennifer Lawrence (Mother!)

11. Annette Benning (Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool)


Supporting Actress

1. Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird)

2. Allison Janey (I, Tonya)

3. Melissa Leo (Novitiate)

4. Mary J. Blige (Mudbound)

5. Lesley Manville (Phantom Thread)


6. Tatiana Maslany (Stronger)

7. Holly Hunter (The Big Sick)

8. Kristin Scott Thomas (Darkest Hour)

9. Octavia Spencer (The Shape of Water)

10. Michelle Pfeiffer (Mother!)

11. Hong Chau (Downsizing)

12. Bria Vinaite (The Florida Project)

13. Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman)


Supporting Actor

1. Willem Dafoe (The Florida Project)

2. Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name)

3. Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri)

4. Jason Mitchell (Mudbound)

5. Michael Stahlberg (Call Me By Your Name)


6. Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water)

7. Ben Mendelsohn (Darkest Hour)

8. Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water)

9. Idris Elba (Molly’s Game)



1. Blade Runner 2049

2. Dunkirk

3. The Shape of Water

4. Darkest Hour

5. Mudbound


6. Wonderstruck

7. Phantom Thread

8. The Post

9. Mother!

10. The Florida Project


Original Screenplay

1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

2. Get Out

3. The Shape of Water

4. Lady Bird

5. The Post


7. The Big Sick

8. Phantom Thread

9. Darkest Hour

10. I, Tonya

11. Coco

12. Baby Driver

13. Dunkirk

14. Downsizing


Adapted Screenplay

1. Call Me By Your Name

2. Mudbound

3. Blade Runner 2049

4. Molly’s Game

5. The Disaster Artist


6. The Death of Stalin

7. Last Flag Flying

8. The Beguiled


Art Direction

1. Blade Runner 2049

2. The Shape of Water

3. Darkest Hour

4. Dunkirk

5. Mudbound


6. The Post

7. Phantom Thread

8. The Greatest Showman

9. Beauty and the Beast

10. The Beguiled

11. War for the Planet of the Apes



1. Darkest Hour

2. Phantom Thread

3. Mudbound

4. The Shape of Water

5. Beauty and the Beast


6. The Beguiled

7. Blade Runner 2049

8. The Greatest Showman

9. Mary Magdalene



1. Dunkirk

2. The Shape of Water

3. The Post

4. Baby Driver

5. Darkest Hour


6. Blade Runner 2049

7. Mudbound

8. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

9. Get Out

10. Phantom Thread

11. Call Me By Your Name

12. Detroit

13. Star Wars 9


Sound Mixing

1. Dunkirk

2. Blade Runner 2049

3. Baby Driver

4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5. The Shape of Water


6. Detroit

7. Darkest Hour

8. The Greatest Showman

9. Wonder Woman

10. War for the Planet of the Apes


Sound Editing

1. Dunkirk

2. Blade Runner 2049

3. Baby Driver

4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5. Detroit


6. Wonder Woman

7. War for the Planet of the Apes

8. The Shape of Water


Animated Feature

1. Coco

2. The Breadwinner

3. The LEGO Batman Movie

4. Loving Vincent

5. Ferdinand


6. The LEGO Ninjago Movie

7. Despicable Me 3

8. Cars 3

9. Captain Underpants

10. Some Foreign Shit


Visual Effects

1. Blade Runner 2049

2. War of the Planet of the Apes

3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

4. Wonder Woman

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2


6. Alien: Covenant

7. Spider-Man Homecoming


Best Score

1. Dunkirk (Hans Zimmer)

2. Blade Runner 2049 (Hans Zimmer)

3. The Shape of Water (Alexandre Desplat)

4. Darkest Hour (Dario Marianelli)

5. The Post (John Williams)


6. Phantom Thread (Jonny Greenwood)

7. Three Billboards (Carter Burwell)

8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (John Williams)

9. Mudbound (Tamar-kali)

“His Wedding” Part 10

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 4774

Warnings: implied smut, angsty af, FLASHBACKS again bye 

Author’s Note: read and enjoy while it lasts, bc this part is the last one i will be updating until November :) but i’ll tell you guy the story is nearing its end

ps. the grammar in this part is fucked up bc of the flashbacks and i didnt bother correcting it 

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

The first time Bucky met you, he never thought he’d be so infatuated with just your laugh alone. It was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard, making him forget the whole world and put all his focus on that beautiful sound that echoed from your chest and delivered into his ears like a symphony. Like a gleeful morning in the season of spring; like birds humming on a sunny day. It was like music to his ears. Hell, it made his heart sing with joy and he just loved to see you laugh. As if that was all he was finding for a reason to live, as long as you’re happy, it made him happy.

Since that day, the very first day – he took upon himself to make you laugh. Even the slightest opportunity was enough and if he was the reason why your day got even better, then it just made him even prouder. And he kept that promise; even if it was the simplest thing in the world, he stuck to it until the day he held your heart.

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How to find your working energy’s color

Whether you need to cast a circle, mingle your energy with your wand, or charge an object, it can sometimes be hard to visualize it. The easiest way to work with your energy is to see it! So here’s a very simple exercise to find your energy and to work with it! I promise when you see the color of your energy, spells become a LOT easier! 

Get comfy, close your eyes, and take a slow, deep breath in. Hold it for 3 counts and then slowly exhale. Do this 3 times (or as many as you need to relax) before letting your breathing fall into its natural rhythm.

Imagine you’re in darkness. It’s comfortable, warm, safe. As you float there you see a line*. Go to it. This is your thread of energy, follow the thread, touch it, if you want. You will be lead to where it came from, your main energy pool**. This is YOUR personal energy. Get to know it, bask in it a little. When you’re read, slowly open your eyes. You are now ready to cast magic! 

Anytime you feel you can’t cast, or it’s hard, just use this exercise to find your energy again, we all lose sight/feel sometimes! 

*The line will be different for everyone. Some see it as yarn, some as a neon light, some as mist, etc. The color is also different for everyone, as is the thickness and brightness. Occasionally your color will change! Not all the time, maybe never, but sometimes it can! Mine was purple for the longest time, and now it’s blue!

**The shape of the energy pool is different for everyone. Mine is a massive pillar. A friend of mine’s is a sphere, and still another’s is a puddle on the ‘ground’. So don’t worry if yours ‘looks right’. 

Blessed Be!