your thought is unnecessary

Am I the only one who is still waiting for the episode in which Jake and Amy move in together and absolutely hilarious chaothic situations take place?

Cause it was kind of a big relationship step for them last season but now I have the feeling that we’re not even gonna see that happen

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Just now coming across your posts about people and relationships, so sorry if I've missed you talking about this: what are your thoughts on people saying monogamy is forced and unnatural/unnecessary? I feel like it's ok if people don't want to be in relationships atm or ever, but to say that monogamy is bad FOR EVERYONE seems kind of like an excuse to treat people like shit/be selfish just because that individual isn't ready to commit...

I tend to be a person who minds my own business and has my own opinions. So I don’t really care what people say monogamy isn’t a good thing, because it’s good for me. So there is no further explanation necessary

What you don’t know is that I still giggle–fourteen months after you broke up with me– whenever I tell people stories about you. Stories about how we were as a couple and how we were as friends. You also don’t know that not a day passed without you popping in my head. I wanted to talk to you so bad even if it meant relapsing of feelings possible for me. I don’t really care anymore. It happens. It will happen. And I am done. I am done getting hung up on you. I am done telling stories about you to people who constantly remind me that all I am holding on to are fading memories of a person who does not exist anymore and a love that  is long gone. I am done losing sleep and getting consumed by the unnecessary thoughts of you and your lingering ghost.

You will probably never know any of this, but I am done. I am done fighting for a love that will never be good enough for you.

—  is this good bye?

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dude holy shit im so sorry that you got that anon??? it makes me really sad that some people feel the need to drain the fun out of stuff for people. that was super unnecessary of them. personally, i love seeing your thoughts about op stuff!!! i have a lot of fun reading your theories and headcanons and i dont think theyre annoying or that you sound pretentious in them!! ignore that anon pal this is ur blog!! you can post whatever you want!!

y’all are so sweet wtff…..thank u so much for taking the time to send this message!!  i really do wonder their end goal there was like….it’s not as though i’m gonna STOP doing something harmless that i enjoy and have done for years just because one person doesn’t like it or w/e lmao.  thank you very much again though, and this was hella reassuring to know!  as “un self aware” as the anon may have thought i am, i do often worry that my wording makes me sound overly pushy/elitist/annoying etc (especially since like i said in my last answer, most of my long posts are written late at night on a whim…) so i’m rlly happy to hear you don’t think so….. ;o;

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You genuinely inspire me to be a better human being and keep on healing and growing and working on my self and being a caring person. Love and care are never unnecessary, and even thought you have your own weaknesses you help others with theirs, and that makes you such a strong and beautiful person. It may sound silly, but I'd like to be that emotionally strong. I admire you and your blog💞

this means more to me than you’ll ever know. thank you for your beautiful words, sweetheart. i promise ill keep them with me. inspiring others is all that i ever wished to aspire to. thank you, lovely.

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I don't know how much you focus on nutrition, but what are your thoughts on vegan dog foods?

I think vegan dog foods are unnecessary unless your dog has SEVERE allergies or protein intolerances. I feel that if you cannot handle the thought of feeding your pet correctly according to their dietary needs that may conflict with your opinions, you should only own a pet whose dietary needs coincide with your belief system.

You both entered the venue, your trembling hands in his. It was your first ever prom and never did you expect that Kise Ryouta would be your first ever prom date. Your heart raced at the thought of it, the uneasy feeling in your stomach being an unnecessary bonus. Your discomfort was pretty evident and it made your date worry as he looked at you, a pout eventually drawn out of his face.

“(l/n)cchi, is everything alright?” he asked, forehead lightly pressed on yours. 

“I-It’s just that, the eyes of so many people are on us. It’s making me nervous,” you stammered. 

The pout on Kise’s face was soon replaced by one soft smile. In all honesty, it was already enough to lighten up your mood. It was so beautiful and you didn’t blame the other girls - and boys - for envying you. After all, Kise Ryouta was the one who asked you to be his prom date - it actually became the talk of the campus for days.

“It will be fine. This is our night. Let’s make the most out of it!” he beamed as he gave you a comforting squeeze on the hand. 

And you didn’t know why, but you just believed in what he said as the both of you made your way to the dance floor before dancing to each and every song the DJ dropped for the night, treating each dance as if it would be your last. 

(kise ryouta for anon)
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How not to confess to the boy you like: Lance’s unnecessary bitterness edition.

Keith can hear your thoughts, Lance reminds himself. Stop thinking! Stop thinking about how freaking attractive that jerk is! He’s not! He has a stupid mullet, that’s probably really soft and silky and I really want to run my fingers through it. And he’s always pouting but his rare smiles light up his face and make his blue eyes shine like—Holy quiznak, what is wrong with me?!

People are so full of bull.

They think that because they have the right to an opinion that means they also have the right to force everyone else to listen to it and not have it challenged. 

So basically they think they have the right to make you listen to their shitty opinions on any subject, at any point, at any time. 


Nobody makes you come to a blog and read a post, that’s your call. You don’t like something I post, cool, that’s your business. Unfollow/don’t ever look at my blog again. 

Stop acting like me saying I don’t care about your bigoted and unnecessary thoughts on something that doesn’t concern you is infringing your freedom of speech. 

It’s not, it’s infringing on this weird control thing you have going on where you need me to hear you tell me what you think of what I say and me personally or else. 

I see right through you. And you’re creepy as hell.

Get a life.